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Playlist for 02 April 2008 Favoriting | No Asshats

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Michael Kamen / Terry Gilliam  Ducts   Favoriting Brazil OST 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Rufus Wainwright  April Fools   Favoriting       0:00:27 (Pop-up)
The Dirtbombs  I Started a Joke   Favoriting       0:05:49 (Pop-up)
Aretha Franklin  April Fools   Favoriting       0:09:26 (Pop-up)
Bonzo Dog Band  Laughing Blues   Favoriting History of the Bonzos 
  0:12:52 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting American Hardcore OST      0:16:05 (Pop-up) / Lanz / Philips  (introduktion) fehlstartprinzip   Favoriting Schimpfluch-Commune Int.    *   0:19:55 (Pop-up)
Louvin Brothers  Don't Laugh   Favoriting       0:28:16 (Pop-up)
Takeshi Terauchi  Swan Lake   Favoriting Let's Go Classics 
  0:31:29 (Pop-up)
Foom  Soon   Favoriting       0:42:03 (Pop-up)
The Guess Who  American Woman   Favoriting  
  0:49:21 (Pop-up)
Titmachine  Now I Wanna Be Your Dog   Favoriting     *   0:53:08 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power  You Don't Need Sex   Favoriting Pleasure Before Busines    *   0:55:19 (Pop-up)
Gimmicks  Cigarette   Favoriting  
  0:59:04 (Pop-up)
Dirtbombs  Indivisible   Favoriting We Have You Surrounded    *   1:02:05 (Pop-up)
rx  My Generation   Favoriting       1:05:56 (Pop-up)
Japanische Kampfhorspiele  Der Angriff Startet   Favoriting Rauchen Und Yoga    *   1:14:26 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Queen Medley   Favoriting  
  1:16:53 (Pop-up)
Evolutions Control Committee  We Will Rock You   Favoriting Double The Phat and Still Tasteless      1:24:28 (Pop-up)
MC Patate  Pouta Poupoupouta   Favoriting Gatueay Blaster    *   1:26:09 (Pop-up)
When  The King   Favoriting Trippy Happy    *   1:28:07 (Pop-up)
Mochipet / Plankton Man  Mexican Pencil Box Mix   Favoriting Feel My China II    *   1:30:56 (Pop-up)
Romvelope  Rice Fever   Favoriting One Course Meal      1:35:03 (Pop-up)
MC Frosen Pine & DJj Ugh  You Can Touch This   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      1:38:48 (Pop-up)
Gudrun Gut  Monika in Polen   Favoriting Monika Barchen: Songs For Bruno, Knut & Tom 
*   1:50:26 (Pop-up)
Raymond Scott Quintet  Bird Life In The Bronx   Favoriting Ectoplasm    *   1:54:32 (Pop-up)
Pierre Bastien and Dominique Grimo  Marinella Parkinson   Favoriting Rag-Time Vol 2    *   1:56:48 (Pop-up)
S. Hazarasingh  Mast Baharon Ka   Favoriting Bollywood Steel Guitar (V/A)    *   2:00:13 (Pop-up)
Jon Rauhouse  Mannix   Favoriting Steel Guitar Heart Attack      2:03:14 (Pop-up)
Jerry Reed  Rockin' In Baghdad   Favoriting Here I Am 
  2:05:06 (Pop-up)
Terry and the Topics  Where's My Pussycat?   Favoriting Twistin' Rumble Vol. 1    *   2:08:01 (Pop-up)
White Shoes & The Couples Company  Senandung Maaf   Favoriting Self Titled    *   2:16:41 (Pop-up)
The Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor  All The Naked Heroes   Favoriting Self Titled 
  2:20:39 (Pop-up)
Nini Raviolette  Suis-Je Normale   Favoriting       2:23:05 (Pop-up)
Motet Em Re Menor  Beba Coca-Cola   Favoriting Verbivocovisual - A Poesia Concreta em Musica    *   2:28:20 (Pop-up)
Melted Men  Butter Roll   Favoriting Fangs a Lot      2:29:15 (Pop-up)
Alfred E Newman  It's A Gas   Favoriting  
  2:33:13 (Pop-up)
Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnies  Track 9   Favoriting       2:35:27 (Pop-up)
Ray Johnson & Bystanders  A Yellow Mellow Hardtop   Favoriting Heartattack! 1954-65 Wild And Crazy L.A. R & B Vol. 2    *   2:37:44 (Pop-up)
Wynder K Frog  Green Door   Favoriting  
  2:39:37 (Pop-up)
Veronica Elsea  Adogio   Favoriting The Guide Dog Glee Club      2:45:11 (Pop-up)
Roy Hamilton  You'll Never Walk Alone   Favoriting       2:49:25 (Pop-up)
Classic & 86  Ridin'   Favoriting  
  2:52:29 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am JJZ:

  9:02am david lee roth:

Morning Ken!

dirtying ducts is the name of the game in VAN HALEN scream ville!!!

props to JAM inthe AM
  9:03am JJZ:

I have to admit, I hate april fools day, but it was a nic e change of pace to listen to the other station.
  9:04am Ken:

Morning everybody! Boy did I miss us yesterday!
  9:05am listener dave:

I loved the joke right up until I tried to listen to FMU off the other station's page and none of the streams worked. Oh well. So I listened to WWOZ and KEXP instead.
  9:07am JJZ:

Hm. I listened to the other station's stream of WFMU without issue. I figured I'd stick with the unknown though.
  9:07am Ken:

I liked the joke until... i shall hold my tongue.
  9:14am dlroth:

Bonzo Dog Band sounds better with a little roth!
  9:17am dlroth:

I bow in your awesomeness ken i bow
  9:18am jonathan:

bless you, flipper.
  9:19am Bad Ronald:

  9:20am Negator:

Awesome prank! I saved the other station to favorites. I especially liked Difficult Music show except it seemed to go on all day. My gag yesterday was this: There is a guy in my office who is insane and on drugs for it. Anyway he's on vacation this week. So I went on the intercom and said, "Arthur Bonner debriefing and recovery session will begin in ten minutes in the conference room". My boss came by and told me never to do that again. I thought I was gonna get in big trouble. Still may...... HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! ha.
  9:22am pat:

brilliant prank--best I've experienced in years. Was it legal? Is the FCC going to come swooping down on you all like Batman and Robin?
  9:22am north guinea hills:

awwww shiiiiit, it's actually wfmu today,.... i was really digging on kjfc yesterday... good to know if jersey city implodes (and i survive), i have a plan B.....
  9:24am JJZ:

Eh, I've heard radio stations switch for April Fools Day before.
  9:26am JJZ:

And I don't think the FCC got involved.
  9:27am Ken:

So, what are your ideas for next year's April Fools Day broadcast? JJZ, you first.
  9:27am north guinea hills:

it was brilliant when the kjfc dj said, "this is wfmu" in the middle of a track and nothing else.
  9:27am Negator:

My boss also made me get back on the intercom and say "April Fools" so that no one would try to attend the"Arthur Bonner debriefing and recovery session" in 10 min.
  9:28am jonathan:

joe belock also announced, "this is kjfc..." very straight-voiced. good stuff.
  9:30am pat:

Seems like something the dickish FCC would want to make people pay for..
  9:30am JJZ:

I have to admit, I'd skip it, but I don't appreciate it as much as many.
  9:30am GUMBY:

Love the Louvin's, thanks!
  9:30am doron:

by any chance does anyone on here ever have any troubles getting wfmu streams at work due to firewalls or other issues? We have something we'd like to test out if anyone falls in that category....
  9:30am pat:

yeah and then a digital fight broke out on Joe's playlist. Hilarious..
  9:31am Ken:

We were doing our legal IDs and EAS/FCC duties so it's not an FCC issue at all.
  9:32am GUMBY:

What is an Asshat?
  9:32am Ken:

Gumby, I dont know what an asshat is, but you sir, are NO ASSHAT.
  9:33am pat:

Yeah but isn't it kind of 'fraud' for Joe to say "this is kjfc"? Anyway, it seems like aa lot of work for a joke, congrats! Asshat = some on who wears their ass as a hat. (I had to look it up)
  9:33am Negator:

I have an idea for next years april fools day, if I may?
  9:33am jonathan:

i, too, was thrown off by the asshat comment. i can picture it...sort of. must be a west coast thing.
  9:34am pat:

i.e., head up ass...
  9:35am -max-:

Good morning Ken! Good morning to all the Weds. morning listeners as well! And "Hello Sweden!"
  9:36am Dickdong (UK):

I hate to be pedantic but it's KFJC not KJFC. KFJC.
  9:36am Listener Dave: year. How about 24 hours of Kenny G reading the weather? Or no music and all news all the time with time checks?
  9:37am pat:

kfjc, just doesn't roll off the tongue like wfmu..
  9:40am montreal:

KFJC: too many mic breaks, too short mic breaks, show commercials?!
  9:43am Ken:

Yes, it's good to be listening once again to WFMU, Home of the Epic Mic Break. I actually liked KFJC's short mic breaks, but only for their brevity.
  9:43am tom:

next year swap streams with a KFC
  9:44am -max-:

I wonder what the Westcoasters thought of The Old Codge or Sharpling...
  9:49am montreal:

I actually remember some cbn show commercials being pretty good. got those carts lying around ken?
  9:49am GUMBY:

Sometimes an asshat i be. But at least I'll know where I stand, er sit or something. Thanks for clearing that up, I feel better already. Plus, I got some AM Louvin's for Groovin'.
  9:49am Charles:

Hey Ken, great prank yesterday! Unfortunately, the mp3 stream has been buffering out a lot since then (both 32 and 128K are affected but it might be my ISP). I've enjoyed what I've been able to hear of your show this morning, keep up the great radio!
  9:50am jtm:

IMO, WFMU got the short end of the stick yesterday.
  9:51am deaf listener:

The butthole surfer version would re-mash with the Guess who original so well. . .Ken - you rock my world (including Sweeden) -
  9:53am Ken:

Today's pictures are from my now defunct flickr account. I'm featuing my "spirals" collection today.
  9:53am Negator:

Maybe WFMU should transform into some sort of period piece next year. Something specific like a day in the life April 1972 with commercials and events and stuff. Could be hard. Would be fun to imagine radio 1973.
  9:54am Charles:

Negator has a great idea.
  9:54am JJZ:

Yeah, that's pretty good. maybe have something to fill up playlists on the fly.
  9:54am Bad Ronald:

I agree
  9:55am Ken:

Cool idea, Negator!
  9:55am montreal:

why defunct, ken?
  9:56am Negator:

If it were '70's you could get burt renoylds in.
  9:56am Ken:

Flickr cancelled my account because it generated two complaints. That's out of 170,000 views. SOme system they have. Rule by Heckler.
  9:58am Steve:

0.0000117647058824% of the people cant be wrong
  10:03am Ken:

Oh well, flickr's loss is your gain. I'll be incorporating pictures and slideshows into the playlist more in coming weeks. Although I'm off next week. The week after I hope to have a slideshow as part of each week's playlist.
  10:05am Charles:

That's very cool, Ken. Making some multimedia moves! I look forward to it. ^_^
  10:06am Negator:

Fuckin' Rx! or fuckin' RIAA?
  10:07am Nick the Bard:

In this day and age, how could anyone NOT know what an asshat is?
  10:08am Doug:

Re: Negator's suggestion, I (and I bet a lot of other listeners) would be willing to help produce some content for such a thing.
  10:09am Negator:

You could make it hard as you want: 30's or 50's with Jim Crow undertones.
  10:10am Doug:

I'm brimming with ideas. Don't do this to me at work.
  10:11am pat:

well now the joke is out! April Fools jokes aren't community projects people!
  10:13am JJZ:

My only idea at the moment is you could embrace the internet generation and do something like they do on MTV or the sci-fi channel where they broadcast comments along with it. You could use a text to speech generator. The problem would be monitoring hooligans for naughty words, so that's a lot of work, and pretty quickly ceases being fun, I'd bet.
  10:13am barbarella:

heeey yall--HAPPY SPRING!!!!!! i wanna wish everybody especialy ken PEACE--LOVE AND ROCK & ROLL!!!!!!!! LOVE YA ALL!!!!!!=)=)=)
  10:14am Charles:

Finally, I'm hearing the stream without dropouts. Too bad it's RealAudio. I hope your whistle recovers, Ken.
  10:18am Ken:

Nick, I of course know what an Asshat is, but a lot of other people here don't, so please explain it to them.
  10:19am Listener Dave from NH:

This Queen Medley really is one of the greatest things on the internets.
  10:19am tppppppat*****:

  10:20am Bones:

  10:21am Charles:

Ken, I think the Queen medley is by a Japanese band called VisioN.
  10:22am Al Driftwood:

Ninja Rhapdsody. It rocks.
  10:23am Negator:

I love Queen! Has there been a better male vocalist than Freddie?
  10:23am nh_dave:

All of these make me want to go back to HS and do a queen song in battle of the bands in some strange language. Perhaps a humppa version!
  10:24am Al Driftwood:

There hasn't.
  10:24am Al Driftwood:

First concert ever: age 14. Night at the Opera at The Beacon.
  10:25am Charles:

Sure there has. Norio Wakamoto.
  10:25am GROOOOOVY 70S CHICK:

i would REALLY LOVE to hear some fleetwod mac also k c & the sunshine band,,thank you
  10:26am Bad Ronald:

Queen did ROCK Live. Freddie a true showman through and through
  10:26am Ken:

Cheri - watch it. One per show.
  10:27am Roger Taylor:

i am wetting my pants right now- have to go home and change
  10:27am jojo:

i can put my DNS settings back to normal now that it is no longer april 1st
  10:27am Al Driftwood:

He inspired the immortal Regina Spektor
  10:27am Charles:

@Ronald - True.
  10:33am Parq:

Digging all the comments about yesterday. Also enjoyed going through yesterday's playlist comments, and even more so yesterday's Blather Box comments.
But here's something no one's addressed yet. What sort of comments did Belock, Scharpling etc. garner from our far less whimsical (IMHO) California bretheren's listeners?
  10:34am Bad Ronald:

I think Brian had to bounce at least one user during his show.
  10:34am Doug:

I honestly thought KFJC was a fake "crappy college radio" station concocted by FMU for a while.
  10:36am Nick the Bard:

An asshat is what they do, lets say, in the situation where you're riding your bike, and you're hit by a car and your skull is cracked open, they peel off a big equal chunk of your buttcheeks and graft it to the top of your head to keep your brain from getting damaged (well, anymore maybe).

Then they take it back off when your skull heals, but you've still got a soft spot, so you have to keep the asshat going to keep your brain from spilling out.

Now you all know too much O_-
  10:38am Ken:

Thank you for educating everyone, Nick. You can see an asshat procedure performed in the film "Master and Commander."
  10:39am JJZ:

Hm. The urban dictionary has nothing so complicated in their definitions. You should probably update it.
  10:39am GUMBY:

That's what I was thinking, like some turban with special medical voodoo magic.
  10:40am Listener Dave from NH:

JJZ - you should try Urbane Dictionary instead.
  10:40am Ryan:

Parq, i'm from KFJC land and i was happy to have good freeform radio to listen to on the way home from work for once!
  10:40am Wes:

Same here, Doug. I was more shocked that KJFC was actually a real station, and not a joke station completely fabricated by the FMU staff, than I was initially taken back by the April Fool's Day joke itself.
  10:40am Negator:

Master and Commander the XXX gay film?
  10:41am jonathan:

ah yes. i recall - now, thanks to nick - the asshat procedure being used in a film entitled "brain of blood."
  10:42am Bones:

why would a donkey need a hat anyway? >_>
  10:43am michael papish:

is DJ Ugh one of the dudes from Nihilist Spasm Band?
  10:46am Elias:

Everyone knows that donkeys in France wear lucky red hats.
  10:48am Doug:
  10:48am Mike W:

That was a mouthful, Ken

Keep that coffee steady now
  10:48am Parq:

Outstanding find, Doug.
  10:49am Nick the Bard:

They also used the procedure in Family Guy in that ep where Brian falls in love with the old lady opera singer. Kind of appropriate considering it's furry connections...
  10:49am nh_dave:

Add me to the list of confused 'this is a fake station' believers. The clue for me was the super fast station ID breaks and the like. Reminded me a bit of the station ID's between songs on the queens of the stone age album a few years back.
  10:51am -max-:

Zatumba! Now all is right with the world!
  10:58am Negator:

I have a Raymond Scott Quintet record on red vinyl.
  10:58am Ken:

Michael P - I was dropping in Nihilist Spasm Band bites on top of DJ Ugh.
  11:01am fcunmys:

The Bonzo Dog Band's 1967 album "Gorilla" has been reissued on import vinyl by Timeles Records From Luxembourg here in your cooler record stores in case you're interested.
  11:01am ssanderr:

can sum1 pls tell me whow these knds of muse sick are made? what kines of SW may bee? thnks
  11:02am JJZ:

I didn't notice that the streams changed for far too long. Was the noisy jazz part of Hatch's show? Now I need to check. I mostly recall coworkers complaining about people strangling geese so I turned it down.
  11:05am fcunmys:

Correction: Timeless Records from Luxembourg. And it's available at your cooler record stores in NYC. (i.e. Other Music, Rocket Scientist, Kim's.)
And yes- there are still some cool record stores left in the city-not everything's gone Walgreens-yet!
  11:06am michael p:

ah, gotcha. thanks ken. when listening to spasm band, i often feel like i'm going crazy. would have really thought i was going crazy...
  11:06am Vivian:

Good morning, joining everyone a little late...
Completely off topic, Ken, how was your trip to Atlanta? Any places of interest?
  11:09am Sean Daily:

I could make the obvious Rockin' in Baghdad/Rocking the Casbah comparison. But I won't.
  11:09am Ken:

Hi Vivian - Atlanta was great! I really liked the city. I didn't do too much because I was working most days. Missed the Soul Food Museum and the Wrestling Restaurant but I will catch those next time.
  11:10am JJZ:

Oooh, a wrestling restaurant.
  11:15am Kisseeface:

Anyone catch the Boredoms show at Other Music yesterday. Where they as awesome as they've always been. Is the record store still standing? Anyone???
  11:17am fcunmys:

Question: Do they serve Boston crab at a wrestling restaurant?
  11:17am Laurie:

Mischa Barton is almost as good at acting as Keira Knightley.

My lord, this movie looks horrible. I think I have to see it
  11:18am Ryan:

**rim shot**
for fcunmys
  11:19am guido:

Where they are from? Jakarta? sounds like Brazil...
  11:20am fcunmys:

To Ryan - I'll try for nothing but net next time!!!
  11:21am Ken:

Yes, looks like they are from Jakarta.
  11:27am fcunmys:

Ken-Is that White Shoes track from the Minty Fresh reissue of their first album that was relkeased last year?
  11:27am another old man:

any chance we will get the Codger's show from last night in the archives? The one with Courtney.
  11:30am JJZ:

Ah, I like Butter Roll.
  11:30am Ken:

fcunmys - Yes it is, I think. Another Old Man - Yes, all of the real archives from yesterday and last night will be posted today.
  11:32am Doug:

This Butter Roll is the greatest goddamn thing I have ever heard
  11:33am Laurie:

Oh barf! Belching is so gross.
  11:34am Mike W:

I'm actually eating as I listen to this
  11:34am Parq:

Well, Laurie, he does have a pre-teen daughter.
  11:34am Dave DeMaw:

I'm feeling naseuous. Reminds me of Music from the Body by Waters and Geesin, only more intense.
  11:35am Mike W:

It was a buttered roll i was eatin'. no kiddin'
  11:35am TMC:

Oh! Ken! Easy on the gas or do I have to all Rolaids on your ass?????
  11:36am another old man:

Thanks Ken.

What, Me Worry?
  11:36am Wes:

Throw some rolaids this way, those biscuits and lemonade from breakfast aren't sitting right.
  11:36am Negator:

I eating lunch!
  11:37am -max-:

I heard that segue coming all the way down Broadway! Meaning, I approve!
  11:39am fcunmys:

To quote an ancient Chinese proverb: A Big wind comes from empty cave. No reflection on you ZaTUMSba!
  11:44am BillyJam:

hello Sweden, hello Ken. Welcome back! What were those two complaints on Flicker all about? Content or copyright or do you even know, do they tell subscribers or just pull the plug?m > Re April Fool's prank - I thought it was great in theory. Next year maybe have DJs do their regular shows but insert other (WFMU or non) DJ's mic breaks....
  11:45am onken:

rockin show..been tappin all the way thru work :)
  11:46am vivian:

Oh no the poor dogs again! Stop the abuse!
  11:46am Ken:

Hi Billy - The worst thing about Flickr is they dont even tell you what the complaints are about! The first one was about Brigitte Bardot's legs. I dont know what the second complaint was about, and that's the one that got my account canned.
  11:47am TTTT:

This song is Pavlovian for humans.

Must get up and check on dog, now. Sounds like she's whining about something or other.
  11:48am pat:

how could you complain about Brigitte Bardot's legs?
  11:48am Laurie:

Ken: The Mormons are onto you. Clearly.
  11:48am fcunmys:

Sounds like the Jingle Bell Dogs signing the Yeah Yeah song from the Four Insects. And yes I miss the Flintstones!
  11:49am Wes:

Wynder K Frog aka Mick Weaver, a British master of the Hammond B3, unfortunately his LPs are almost impossible to find, especially Sunshine Superfrog. He was shy on stage but he could tear up a B3.
  11:50am Sean Daily:

  11:51am stevie g:

  11:52am Parq:

Not including Bardot's legs on the playlist?
  11:52am fcunmys:

I'm sure glad Richard Nixon's burning in hell. Was that him I just heard denying everything?
  11:58am Pma:

last comment??
  11:58am fcunmys:

See you in two Ken. Once again another great one! Take care!!!
  11:58am Bad Ronald:

One more
  11:59am Ken:

Thanks everybody! Record number of comments this AM. See you in two weeks!
  11:59am Bad Ronald:

Thank You!
  12:00pm pma:

Damn you Ronald!
  7:38pm listener jeff:

I actually didn't get the joke and i accidentally hit a link at the bottom of their page that took me to wfmu home and listened to music as if the world was i don't know if i am a fool or just ignorant
  8:08pm Paul Elliott in Australia:

Fucking great show this week, diging Dirtbomb's version of the Bee Gees klassic.
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