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Playlist for 14 May 2008 Favoriting | It's Donkey TIme!

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Werner Herzog / J Spaceman / Sun City Girls  Father Umbrillo's Broken Nation   Favoriting Mister Lonely - Music From A Film by Harmony Korine    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Steinski  excerpt from Nothing to Fear   Favoriting What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective    *   0:01:38 (Pop-up)
Mark Ronson / Dylan / DJ Yoda  You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine   Favoriting Half Hour Radio Mix (DJ Yoda)    *   0:19:36 (Pop-up)
The Herbaliser  Same As It Never Was   Favoriting Title Track    *   0:20:41 (Pop-up)
The Herbaliser feat Jessica Darling  On Your Knees   Favoriting Same As It Never Was    *   0:25:04 (Pop-up)
Anaphie vs Phlex  Caramba Caracho Ein Whisky   Favoriting Smashits (V/A)      0:29:43 (Pop-up)
Simply Saucer  Exit Plexit   Favoriting Half Human / Half Live 
remix courtesy of Cribley!
*   0:33:05 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
        0:36:49 (Pop-up)
Allman Brothers  Stateboro Blues   Favoriting Live at Fillmore East      0:48:18 (Pop-up)
Morning 40 Federation  God Help Me   Favoriting Trick Nasty      0:51:59 (Pop-up)
Wire  23 Years Too Late   Favoriting Read and Burn 03 
Listener Laraine's Listening Zone! Send me a pic of yours: ken at wfmu dot org . Make it interesting please.
  0:55:02 (Pop-up)
Hawkwind  Silver Machine   Favoriting Greasy Trucker's Party      1:04:32 (Pop-up)
The Cool Jerks  Osterdeich   Favoriting Ballroom Bash!    *   1:09:08 (Pop-up)
The Guards  Hullaballoo   Favoriting Boom Boom!      1:11:08 (Pop-up)
Improved Sound Ltd  Hit 'Em In The Face   Favoriting Electrick Loosers Vol 1      1:13:37 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Klaus Doldinger 
Sitar Beat   Favoriting       1:16:16 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Snow Day   Favoriting Rhapsody in Glue    *   1:22:58 (Pop-up)
Matmos  Mister Mouth   Favoriting Supreme Balloon    *   1:28:27 (Pop-up)
Mochipet feat Kutti MC & Evelinn Trouble  Paranoia Day   Favoriting Microphonepet 
Dei Xhrist's Listening Zone
*   1:33:10 (Pop-up)
Mathias Kaden et al via Wighnomy Brothers  Rhythma   Favoriting Metawuffmischfelge    *   1:37:59 (Pop-up)
Free The Robots  Jazzhole   Favoriting Breaks    *   1:50:19 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Excerpt from Your Mom's Favorite DJ   Favoriting       1:54:05 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Whithers in the Whist   Favoriting Rhapsody in Glue 
From Parq
*   1:57:45 (Pop-up)
Beatles  Norwegian Wood   Favoriting       2:15:04 (Pop-up)
The Reveries  Any Arms Won't Do   Favoriting Matchmakers Volume 1: The Music Of Willie Nelson      2:19:08 (Pop-up)
RSMKO  To Sir With Love   Favoriting The Encyclopediac 3 EP      2:23:56 (Pop-up)
Amy Winehouse  Wake Up Alone   Favoriting Back to Black      2:26:39 (Pop-up)
Like a Team  The Lonely Sea   Favoriting LIke a Team      2:30:15 (Pop-up)
Portishead  Hunter   Favoriting Third    *   2:33:02 (Pop-up)
J Spaceman & Sun City Girls  Blues 1   Favoriting Mister Lonely    *   2:37:05 (Pop-up)
J Spaceman & Sun City Girls  Musicbpx Underwater   Favoriting Mister Lonely    *   2:39:16 (Pop-up)
Lucky Dragons  Free Guys By The Sea   Favoriting Dream Island Laughing Language 
Hot Rod's Setup!
*   2:42:49 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Haruomi Hosono and friends 
Nostalgia of Island   Favoriting       2:45:31 (Pop-up)
Schlammenpeitziger  2-4   Favoriting Sonig Irregular Vol 1      2:52:23 (Pop-up)
Fleetwood Mac / DJ Yoda  Sweet Little Lies   Favoriting Half Hour Radio Mix (DJ Yoda)    *   2:56:46 (Pop-up)
Bill O'Reilly  Fuck It   Favoriting        
Bill O'Reilly  Bill's Producer Speaks!   Favoriting        
Bill O'Reilly  MSNBC Body Language Analysis   Favoriting        
Bill O'Reilly & Stephen Colbert  Stephen Goes Berserk   Favoriting        

Listener comments!

  9:02am fern!:

first! GOOD MORNING KEN! off to a strong start I see.
  9:04am Cecile:

buenas dias
  9:06am Ken:

Hi Cecile, Hi Fern!
  9:06am fred:

bonjour Ken! Any chance we get to have Steinski back on the air in the near future?
  9:06am Parq:

Ferocious opener, el chefe.
  9:09am Listener James from Westwood:

Well, I know what I'm spending my stimulus check on.
  9:12am B.O. Riledup:

  9:17am Ghengis Jung:

  9:19am nh_dave:

I love Judge Judy samples
  9:20am dei xhrist:

Hello, I am caucasian, and I just can't understand this "ruff mix" music. It stirs things in me that I don't think my father would approve of getting stirring. My moms, however, is totally up with it.
  9:21am miss buxley:

g'morn ken----whuts cookin wit you???? i havnt heard from you in a while,,hope ur doin grooooooovy!!!!!!! miss you ken ,,u HOT STUD!!!! HUGS & KISSES=)=)=)
  9:26am Kroger Friday Afternoon:

We studied some soups for a bit...crossed paths a couple almost ran into me with your cart at the end of the aisle...I checked you out several times but alas chickened out in the end...your hair was pulled up, then let down...very attractive..I was wearing a blue shirt/Tigers ball cap..

Hopefully we'll cross paths again..
  9:28am Random conversation at 7-11:

I was just about to make a slurpee when you warned me about one of the flavors. we had a typical little conversation, but I should have asked you for your number... you had shorter brown hair and rollerblades. get back to me if you happen to ever read this!
  9:28am Cecile:

It's not a Wednesday morning until Watermelon Kid shows up!
  9:30am Mall food court (Last week tuesday):

I was eating subway and you were reading a book and talking on the phone. We made eye contact. I thought about saying something but i was to nervous because you were so beautiful. I hope you read this and email me back.
  9:31am Cecile:

Can you play some Shanel?
Or Shanel and Ian Oliver's "Bukovina" if you have it? Great stuff...
  9:32am Beautiful Blonde at Best Buy:

I was buying a digital camera today and while checking out there was a stunning blond on line ahead of me. You were wearing green pants and a while button down shirt, short blond hair. I am tall, black tshirt, jeans. Thought we exchanged a glance. Just wanted to see if you are out there.
  9:34am Mrs. Adams, I presume?:


I'm detecting some mutual attraction. Could it be my rusty radar?

I've got some situational baggage, but I find you very interesting. I don't want you to think I just want some recreational physical contact, though I certainly wouldn't pass it up. Because of my present family/financial situation I can't give you the commitment you have a right to.

If you are interested in what I can give at this point in my life, you know where I am.

Lunch sometime? Not at Denny's! Preferably a table for two.

To think this all started with a mistakenly placed blow to the head!
  9:34am Seen at dog park:

I saw you at the dog park the other day. Your pit bull was trying to consume a chihuahua whole, like a python. My Westie was choking on some bad jerk pork he'd found in the trash. You were wearing a look of total existential desperation and a North Face jacket. I was wearing an air of total panic, and some Marc Jacobs jelly shoes. Hope you are well, and that the legal fees didn't set you back too much.
  9:36am sqrl:

live harmonia please
  9:37am I can't believe I puked in front of you:

Coming home late Saturday night after some pretty serious partying, I found myself sitting on the subway across from you, the cutest boy I've seen in a long time. So what do I do? I throw up. Not a lot, just a little bit. But you definitely noticed, and you laughed. It wasn't a mean laugh though, it's more like you were laughing with me, and you gave me a look that said "it's alright." In hindsight this sounds like the perfect icebreaker, but I didn't talk to you for fear of "barf breath." Besides, I wasn't feeling like a brilliant conversationalist right then. If by any chance you read this, I'd love a second chance to meet when I'm not quite so nauseous.
  9:37am Parq:

Me: broad shoulders, steady job, 12 cases of Alka-Seltzer hijacked from CVS truck. You: sensuous, trim-waisted redhead with hot tub.
  9:38am dlroth:

This is for you ken and sweden and flipper
  9:39am IntangibleArts:

Holy effervescent space-crap! New Simply Saucer!
  9:41am brooklyn courier reporter guy at cupcake cookoff.:

you were covering the most important story of the day by far, perhaps even of our generation. i liked your glasses, you are very cute. i would like to make you a cupcake. my cupcakes had pie inside.
  9:45am Saw You at E-Mart:

I was at E-Mart buying a bucket of geoduck clams and some frozen shumai when I saw your face and reality cracked open and I fell into the swirling chaos of the abyss, past a ruined necropolis where glistening many-throated acolytes ululated wildly in the shadowy recesses of a moonlit grove, as if mocking the fate of man and his pusillanimous endeavors. You opened your mouth and it was full of stars. I tried to scream, but could not utter a sound. Slowly, the chorus of bat-winged faceless creatures descended.
  9:45am puss n deez:

i am a bad boy
  9:46am dei x:

If Lovecraft shops at E-Mart, then I will too.
  9:47am who put the dead bird in my mailbox?:

a) how did you get into my mailbox in the first place, it is locked
b) did you kill the bird
c) it died horribly, that much was clear
d) you're psycho
e) do I know you
f) if I do know you I don't want to know you
g) if I don't know you, what did I do to inspire you to put a dead bird in my mailbox
h) I don't know how to disinfect a mailbox from a dead bird, I'm worried about diseases and have used five different kinds of cleaner but still feel like the bird's still in there still and like my bills and my catalogues and my coupons have dead bird on them
i) it was a hummingbird, I looked it up - they don't even live in New York - this is so f*ing psycho, I can't believe this
j) are you the mailman?
k) I'm always nice to the mailman
l) the super didn't care when I told him what happened
m) the neighbors didn't care either
n) do you have some kind of problem with birds
o) don't put anything else in my mailbox
p) unless it's an apology
q) no, I take that back, I don't even want an apology
r) what am I supposed to do with this bird - it's in bubblewrap in a bag in a shoebox in the freezer right now - am I supposed to bury it - where? how? in a construction site where they've jackhammered through the concrete - where is a person supposed to bury things in this city?
s) I could drop it in the Gowanus canal, but that seems undignified
t) I could drop it in the ocean, but the ocean is so big and it is such a small bird
u) I could drop it in the toilet but it would probably get stuck
v) I hear this whirring around my ears every time I go to the mailbox and I'm pretty sure it's ghost bird, and I'm all "it wasn't me that killed you, bird!" but still the whirring doesn't go away until I get to the stairwell
w) am I supposed to eat it - maybe you were trying to feed me - don't you know I'm a vegetarian
x) if this was Ricky, I'm gonna beat your ass, mama told you stop bothering the zoo
y) if this was Gina, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, how many times I gotta say I'm sorry
z) I could drop it off the roof, maybe it will reincarnate while falling and I can start reading my mail again
  9:48am ?:

Actually, some of the squid I saw at E-Mart looked like Cthulhu.
  9:50am Ken:

Thank you Aesova, that will be quite enough.
  9:56am Cecile:

I have a little plush Cthulhu at home. It and the stuffed buzzard greet our guests.
  9:57am jonathan:

we live near one of h.p.'s homes in providence.
cthulhus all over the place.
  9:57am ?:
  10:00am Sue Simmons:

To Aesova + the other overly lengthy commentors:
. What the f**k are you doing? And don't tell me "It wasn't my fault"
  10:02am Cecile:

It was the reefer. It's always the reefer's fault.
  10:05am Ken:

Don't go blamin' it on the weed!
  10:06am IntangibleArts:

bless you for the hawkwind.
particularly for the super-sloppy rendition of SM...
this may be a great day after all.......
  10:06am Ken:

So who volunteers to remix Melon Boy for next week?
  10:06am HPL:

Yog Sothoth made me do it.
  10:06am Cecile:

If Billy Jam can, then I can too! ;D

who's singing the version of Silver Machine? It doesn't sound like Lemmy.
  10:06am IntangibleArts:

i gots PLANS for melon boy...
  10:08am Ken:

Yeah, it's not Lemmy, it's Brock - live in UK 1972.
  10:10am Cecile:

wow, I didn't know Ray Davies sang German that well.
  10:10am John:

Dang, didn't know anyone but me remembered Hawkwind! Excellent way to start the day.
  10:12am JJZ:

Ah, I love Hullaballoo.
  10:13am m:

this music is enhancing my chardonnay:
  10:18am JJZ:

This song is a favorite too, although I recall seeing it under a different name.
  10:20am Parq:

Aw man, I missed live Allmans *and* Hawkwind? Dang commute . . .
  10:23am PMD:

Crap! This is going to be in my head all day - even though you ARE messing with it. Raindrops...
  10:25am jneil:

Lemmy didn't sing on that version of Silver Machine, but it wasn't "post-Lemmy" - he played with the band for another 3 years after that recording.
  10:26am Cecile:

thanks, jneil.
  10:26am John:

PMD, ouch you're right! Ain't much that will get me to hit the mute button.
  10:30am dei x:

frog sing-a-long
  10:32am Judge Judy:

Ken, WTF are you doing mixing me over Matmos?
  10:33am giselle:

i just realized now that it's Judge Judy's voice..I was thinking it was Valerie Solanis or someone like that.. wow does Judge Judy sound like pure evil!
  10:44am ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho he he he he:

ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho he he he he
  10:45am Aesova:

Dear Ms. Simmons,

  10:46am Listener Dave from NH:

They had french fries back in Jebus times? I had no idea.
Who is this talking? It's brilliant.
  10:48am jesusescabdriver:
  10:48am Sue Simmons:

Apology accepted Aesova and I apologize for saying a word that is offensive to some viewers, uh listeners. It was a mistake on my part. Ken play more Hawkwind and not just Silver Machine. Do it. Dont make me mad.
  10:49am giselle:

I love this jesus thang!
  10:50am Listener James from Westwood:

Wasn't there some urban-vernacular "translation" of the Bible back in the Nineties? I recall Limbaugh getting his Oxy-addled ass in an uproar over some such thing.
  10:53am Bill O'Reilly:

I had that clip taken off YouTube and I will have WFMU taken off the air if you continue to play it liberal FMUers you
  10:55am dei x:

I'm listening in front of a monitor display, displaying my monitor, displaying another listener's monitor, waiting to see another monitor.
  10:56am Ken:

The Jesus thang was "God is for real, man" from the Waxidermy blog.
  11:01am Listener Dave:

Who wins in a fight: Bill O Reilly or Zatumba?
  11:04am lurdan:

monitors, funny
  11:06am jonathan:

this is the tune that elp used for that terrible xmas song.
  11:07am lurdan:

prokofiev would be amused
  11:17am Ike:

AAAAAAAAA! I'm not going fast enough, I'm going to get fired if I don't go faster, even though the system is slow, I must go faster faster faster faster faster faster!
  11:19am Listener Dave:

What does a yellow light mean?
  11:22am Cecile:

Do you guys have that Ned Sublette country record?
  11:23am Ike:

This Willie Nelson cover sounds like Beck with a mouthful of baked goods.

  11:24am ross:

this song rules
  11:25am ross:

the one before this...
  11:28am Laurie:

Oh, Amy.
  11:29am Happy Listener:

Thanks again for providing a kickass soundtrack to my busy Wednesdays, Ken!
  11:31am Happy Listener:

My premium pack arrived Monday, the 50th anniversary shirt is much more impressive in person! ^_^
  11:33am Parker:

Who would win in a wrestling match-Amy Winehouse or Zatumba?
  11:34am Ken:

I dont think Zatumba would have a chance. He's a lot of bluster. Amy is the real deal.
  11:35am cribley:

That depends. Did Amy just do a line?
  11:35am Happy Listener:

Ahhh, thanks for the Portishead! I like about 70% of their latest release.
  11:35am fern:

The new Portishead is weird. I like it, but it's freaky.
  11:35am Listener James from Westwood:

lonely sea ---> hunter . . . very nice
  11:37am Ken:

Thanks James, coming from the true voice of Homer Simpson, your words mean a lot.
  11:37am dei x:

I was listening to it last night, specifically the track that sounds like Silver Apples.
  11:38am Happy Listener:

@dei x: I love that track!
  11:39am Listener James from Westwood:

I live to give! (opens beer @ 11:35 a.m.)
  11:39am Happy Listener:

"We Carry On" is the Silver Apple-y track.
  11:40am dei x:

Referring to Portishead. I can't think of any instance of Dan Castellaneta sounding like a table full of oscillators.
  11:42am Happy Listener:

Now you've given me a protools project idea!
  11:43am Happy Listener:

Thanks! I'm off.
  11:44am HotRod:

On This Day: May 14

1878 - The trademarked name Vaseline was registered by Robert A. Chesebrough.
1904 - The first Olympic Games held in the United States began, in St. Louis.
1942 - The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps was established.
1948 - The independent state of Israel was proclaimed by Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion, in Tel Aviv.
1955 - Representatives from eight Communist bloc countries, including the Soviet Union, signed the Warsaw Pact in Poland.
1998 - After nine years on NBC, the hit TV series "Seinfeld" aired its final episode.
1999 - President Bill Clinton apologizes to Chinese President Jiang Zemin for the accidental NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, six days earlier.
2005 - Pope Benedict XVI observes his first beatification by José Cardinal Saraiva Martins.

1885 - Otto Klemperer, German conductor.
1936 - Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Cassotto), American singer.
1944 - Filmmaker George Lucas, in Modesto, California.
1952 - David Byrne, Scottish-born musician.

1610 - French King Henri IV (Henri de Navarre), assassinated by François Ravillac, a fanatical monk.
1987 - Rita Hayworth (born Margarita Carmen Cansino), American actress.
1998 - American singer and actor, Frank Sinatra, 82.
  11:48am Parq:

Ah yes, Sinatra died during the last "Seinfeld". Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  11:53am Listener Dave:

Wow, we lost one of the greatest entertainers of the 20th century on the same day that the most overrated program in the history of television mercifully went off the air. That's whacha call irony, innit?
  11:53am chris london:

i saw amy winehouse around here shoreditch in london - not good. always looks f--ked.
  11:53am cribley:

He was probably watching.
  11:56am HotRod:

Hahaha!!! This shit is hilarious! Did I just hear the Seinfeld bassline for a second?

It's donkey time!!!
  12:05pm Ike:

"...the most overrated program in the history of television...." *Hallelujah*, brother!
  4:49pm ozzy skateboard:

thanks for Norwegian Wood
and just like this version now deconstructed
is the meaning. probally got off lucky.
goodbye norway! boo hoo....
  5:57pm fatty jubbo:

whoa. that jesus jive talk was amazing. Too bad Waxidermy hasn't posted the whole album...if you get the whole thing, pleeeaaase post it on thee blogge!
  11:59am uta:

OBRE or no OBRE,, I thank you for the teleprompter!!
  8:40pm Jeff M:

Hey, are the unfortunate retching sounds around 0:32 a little callback to Herzog saying,

"We are like vomit in the street outside of a seedy bar"

at the top of the show, or is there such a thing as listening too hard?

Yeah, I know, step AWAY from the internet connection, go outside and play.
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