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Playlist for 21 May 2008 Favoriting | Hillarypornocultshop

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Satanicpornocultshop  sake   Favoriting Takusan no Ohanasan    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      0:03:24 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Gary's Anatomy   Favoriting Rhapsody in Glue 
DJ Monica's listening post and hund, Butter
*   0:07:56 (Pop-up)
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra  The World is Gone   Favoriting The In Kraut Vol 3    *   0:13:45 (Pop-up)
Pharoah Roche  Swing a Right Hook   Favoriting Breaks (V/A Comp)    *   0:16:32 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Barry Admason 
        0:21:14 (Pop-up)
Supercar  Lucky   Favoriting Japan Not For Sale Vol. 3 (V/A Comp) 
Spaniel's Listening Post
  0:26:21 (Pop-up)
The Emeralds  Talk About Love   Favoriting Japan Nite 2004 (V.A. Comp)      0:30:49 (Pop-up)
Aguaturbia  I Wonder Who   Favoriting Love, Peace and Poetry - Chilean Psychedelic Music 
OK, here's equal time. Happy, fairness doctrine?
  0:34:10 (Pop-up)
The Dirtbombs  Maybe Your Baby   Favoriting If You Don't Already Have A Look      0:36:44 (Pop-up)
Stevie Wonder  Maybe Your Baby   Favoriting  
Melon boy remixes appearing soon...
  0:40:42 (Pop-up)
Qulfus  Mr Baby Postnman   Favoriting Motown Meltdown 
by Fatty Jubbo
*   0:48:18 (Pop-up)
Gold Chains  Human Pony Girl   Favoriting Straight From Your Radio 
By L Micahel Babcock
  0:52:47 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Fur Immer   Favoriting  
Laraine's Listening Post. Send me yours at ken at wfmu dot org
  0:59:19 (Pop-up)
Gordon Jenkins  The Conductor   Favoriting Seven Dreams  including the original Folsom Prison Blues, which Johnny Cash acknowledged and settles out of court for!    1:05:00 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash  Folsom Prison Blues   Favoriting  
courtesy Cribley
  1:13:08 (Pop-up)
Baby Gramps  Big Rock Candy Mountain   Favoriting Same Ol Timeously      1:15:24 (Pop-up)
Popeye and Olive Oyl  If I Were President   Favoriting  
Oh Blessed Day! My new Hillary Clinton painting!! Fresh from Tijuana!! SHe CAN'T drop out now!!!
  1:20:25 (Pop-up)
Sigh  A Sunset Song   Favoriting Hell Refuses: A Compendium of Unusual Metal (Brian Turner's 2008 WFMU marathon premium)    *   1:31:25 (Pop-up)
In Extremo  Merseburger Zauberspruche   Favoriting  
Brian's listening post - click for the large version.
  1:38:39 (Pop-up)
Pink Floyd / Alan Parsons  Atom Heart Mother Suite   Favoriting Atom Heart Mother      1:43:34 (Pop-up)
Matmos  Les Folies Francaises   Favoriting Supreme Balloon    *   1:52:43 (Pop-up)
My Bloody Valentine  Map Ref 41 N 93 W   Favoriting Cover Girls: Scott's 2007 WFMU Marathon Premium (V/A Comp)    *   2:01:36 (Pop-up)
The Breeders (Kim & Kelly Deal)  German Studies   Favoriting Mountain Battles    *   2:05:21 (Pop-up)
The Halfters  Keine Schraube   Favoriting 60 Jahre D-Mark 
by Brian C
*   2:07:34 (Pop-up)
Elohim  Pois des Pois   Favoriting A L'Aube du Verseu      2:09:18 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  C'est Bien Trop Tard   Favoriting Takusan No Ohanasan      2:11:50 (Pop-up)
Rokhausen  Track 5-10   Favoriting The Data Cloud Sessions 
JBM's listening post - click for the full insanity of it.
  2:15:31 (Pop-up)
Steinski  Nothing to Fear excerpts   Favoriting What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective    *   2:24:41 (Pop-up)
JInx Lennon  Fireplace-Itis   Favoriting Know Your Station Gouger Nation! 
Ann's listening post
*   2:25:59 (Pop-up)
Wighnomy Brothers  Caracas Soul   Favoriting Metawuffmischfelge    *   2:29:08 (Pop-up)
Odd Nosdam  Don't Come Down Here   Favoriting Pretty Swell Explode 
Margaret's Listening Post
*   2:36:07 (Pop-up)
Devendra Banhart  Lazy Butterfly   Favoriting Cripple Crow      2:41:45 (Pop-up)
Maskull  Working Hard For Your Love   Favoriting Maskull      2:45:12 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am JJZ:

Good morning.
  9:01am Bad Ronald:

Morning Ken!
  9:02am Bad Ronald: al
  9:02am Ken:

Morning all! A record for hitting the dump button, 2:30 into the show!
  9:03am Bad Ronald:

Ah yes the early morning dump!
  9:04am Listener David:

Don't you usually need coffee for that?
  9:04am dei xhrist:

The audio fun coincides with the arrival of today's work. Consarn it.
  9:08am Ken:

Dammit Dei Xhrist, get yer priorities in order!
  9:09am Listener David:

Wow! I don't think I've heard Vicky actually sing before on her own stuff.
  9:09am Vicki:

la la la
  9:14am Judge Judy:

you can't dance fast enough for the dump button...
  9:15am dei x:

BUTTER?! My first dog was Hieronymus (boxer), second is Thelonious (mutt). Other listener dog/pet names?
  9:16am Parq:

First dog was Maxie. Current dogs are Misty and Michy. On some sort of "M" streak.
  9:17am Ken (Terry Hatkin):

Current dogs: Rooster and Olive. Previous dogs: Dugan, Carson, Oliver, Terry. Isn't your porno name the name of your childhood pet and your mother's maiden name, which makes my porno name Terry Hatkin.
  9:21am sugarwolf:

I thought porno name was first pet + first street lived on...

I'm Lucifer Trail!
  9:24am Listener David:

First dog was Burton (after the snowboard). Current dog is Champ (he came with that name) Both American Staffordshire terriers
  9:25am Bubbles West 72nd Street:

I might as well be the one to kick off this inevitable thread of porn names. I predict approx 17 more "porn" names (first pet + street you live on) will follow in this here Comments of Ken's
  9:25am miles:

Happy Cooper or Happy Hershey, depending on the axiom.
Maybe one is porno name and the other is drag queen name?
  9:25am dei x:

As if my current name weren't suitable, I'm Rufus Schatte!
  9:25am Vicki:

Thanks Ken - yes, Rhapsody in Glue is available from
  9:30am Listener David:

That's one scary picture!!! Where's the Obama panting?
  9:30am Parq:

Maxie Pelechowicz -- nah, somehow I can't see that on the back of a DVD box. Better go with plan B - Maxie Slocum.
  9:32am seanh:

that's a glorious Clinton painting, capturing the raw emotional energy of her town hall clap, clap, point routine.
  9:33am jonathan:

troubles eastwood. i like.
  9:43am Bad Ronald:

Ajax E 12th
  9:44am Bad Ronald:

Return of Melon Boy!!
  9:44am Brian C.:

So sad, I can't listen today at work--I can only watch.
  9:46am Bad Ronald:

Staffies RULE!

Had 2 english - Lady Mirkwood Misbehaving and Sir Rudolph the Bat!!!!
  9:46am Happy Hawthorne:

- the only clinton i will ever vote for.
  9:49am Bad Ronald:

TX Happy I am crying over here!!
  9:53am JPL:

It sounds so much like Niel Hamburgerszuh
  9:54am JJZ:

It looks like Fatty Jubbo's melon boy is steaming.
  9:58am efd:

a little late to the porn name party, but it's so good I can't resist: Sam Golden ball!
  9:58am Bad Ronald:

"Melon Accomplished"
  9:58am Parq:

Ken, the chopped watermelon boy is sensational.
  10:01am Happy Listener:

Morning, Ken! Awesome images, great music, as always.
  10:02am Laurie:

Oh, Butter is so cute. I petted him once at the Record Fair a couple of years ago. :)
  10:03am Leslie:

You're hanging the Hillary picture in the WFMU studios, no doubt. No way your wife is letting you hang that in the house, right? If she is, I really want you to post photos of the rest of your decor
  10:03am mouth from the south:

Aguaturbia is in fact from Chile.
  10:04am Leslie:

I can't stop looking at the dancing "wrestler" guy. I can't concentrate on anything else. Why are you doing this to me???
  10:09am Some Guy:'s Thurl Ravenscrift (Tony The Tiger, The Grinch).
  10:11am Ken:

Leslie, the Hillary painting joins the rogues gallery known as the WFMU Velvet Gallery:
  10:11am BZ:

INCREDIBLE! Crescent City Prison Blues!
  10:11am toni d.:

g'morn ken---down to business,,,whuts happenin with trent?? i havnt heard him live in 2 weeks,,,is he ok i hope,,,and PLEASE keep the old codger on in the summer,,,dont let him go!,,,!!!!! i sure hope efd & scott wiliams & pseu will still be on the summer schedule,,,also PLEASE BRING BACK IRWIN!!!! THANK YOU KEN,,,LOVE YOU BABE,,PEACE--LOVE--JOY & HAPPINESS=)=)=)
  10:16am Cecile:

I want to scratch Butter's ears.
  10:17am Listener David:

It's Popeye!!
  10:17am dc pat:

Baby Cramps doing Big Rock Candy Mnt., what could be better?
  10:19am Cecile:

Popeye also sings with the black metal band Immortal. He goes under the stage name Abbath. ;D
  10:22am JJZ:

Ah, I always like this episode of Popeye.
  10:23am molerat:

Wow, nice find on the Olive Oyl.
  10:24am dc pat:

Did Popeye say "Presidenk"?
  10:24am JJZ:

Most of those are on the internet archive at, so that's one nice thing.
  10:24am Laurie:

McCain/Bluto '08
  10:26am Laurie:

I like Ms. Oyl's platform!

Also, "For she's jolly good female!" Someone start that chant at Hillary's next rally, please
  10:26am dc pat:

I bought the just released earliest Popeyes recently and they blow everything else away. Can't understand what Popey's saying half the time.
  10:27am Ghengis Jung:

Zatumba cured my lower back pain!
  10:28am Cecile:

ITA pat. I wish I lived in a workd where the lampposts bobbed up and down, and the birds sang weird little songs. With words.
  10:28am Laurie:

It compelled me to move... my bowels!
  10:30am Mark:

  10:30am Bad Ronald:

The real Popeye:
  10:35am Cecile:

Holy carp, it sounds like the Alan Parsons Project meets Bathory. It is unsettling.
  10:35am anne:

Hi Ken, Is the knitting factory broadcast this friday free?

Would you like that vultures painting with the WFMU tree that you saw in flickr? was that you who commented on it ? i can bring it on Fri to add to your collection.
  10:36am Beast of Baltimore:

Yum. Just the kind of thing that would delight Paul Brennan
  10:36am Ken:

Is that a dare, Cecile?
  10:36am maria:

I lllllove this song thanks for playing it Ken!
  10:37am Parq:

Hmm. Was it Family Guy or Robot Chicken that showed a doctor explaining to Popeye that his speech impediment resulted from a massive undetected stroke and his arms both had huge malignant tumors?
  10:38am Cecile:

Yeah, Ken. MASH EM UP!
  10:39am Jonathan Steinke:

That was "Family Guy".
  10:39am Cecile:

*crying at In Extremo*
OK, you gotta play Korpiklaani's "Happy Little Boozer" now...
  10:40am Leamington Spa Jim:

Endlich, etwas auf deutsch!
  10:43am Laurie:

Is this guy singing about his Zune?
  10:43am Hugo from Bergen:

Yeez, I used to live about 100 metres from where that picture was taken (of the black metal guy)!
  10:43am Laurie:

Hey Jim, are you involved with those Sound of Leamington Spa releases?
  10:45am spaniel:

the Hillary poster is truly magnanimous. i wish i had a blacklight setting on my monitor.

ken, i bought a pink floyd shirt at good will the other day. it's awesome.
  10:45am fishmonkeystew:

Man, I haven't heard Atom Heart Mother in years! Well done once again, Ken.
  10:51am ?:

No Laurie, my friend. I just live in there. Sounds of Leamington Spa were pretty interesting releases. THough obviously not as interesting as what has recently been excreted from this fine regency town:
  10:51am Bad Ronald:

Um OK thanks.
  10:52am Parq:

Well, someone had to say it.
  10:58am Laurie:

Cecile, you have to change your name to Cecil now. Or Saycil.
  11:00am Cecile:

As the kids say, Hell to the naw.
  11:03am Laurie:

MBV covering Wire? I love it!
  11:04am Greg from Detroit:

You should check out Dykehouse covering MBV covering Wire, too!
  11:06am dc pat:

Oh man, that rockin 1920's woman is killin me!
  11:06am Laurie:

Oh boy!
  11:06am dei x:

Dig up some Couch Flambeau or Renaldo & the Loaf for us, Ken! Then tell us stories of your various pooches in no particular order.
  11:07am Happy Listener:

I still wonder why Wire's "Map Ref" song chokes me up like a nostalgia overload.
  11:08am Bad Ronald:

Fleet week kicks off today here in NYC and the Navy's pulling into the harbor right now.
Ken - can you play anything for our boys at sea?
  11:09am Cecile:

play "dog show"
  11:09am Bad Ronald:

Oops, I mean Boys and Girls!
  11:09am Listener Dave:

Huh. I thought this Halfters song was Pere Ubu
  11:09am cribley:
  11:10am Laurie:

I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for EUROVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11:10am Ken:

Ann - Yes that was me on flcikr - please bring that on Friday - The Knitting Factpry remote is indeed free - join me there everybody, with Billy Jam and Clay Pigeon - Friday 5/23 3-6pm, 74 Leonard Street.
  11:12am Bad Ronald:

Cribley - is that a beer cozy?
  11:13am sugarwolf:

I'm going to try to pick up some sailors and bring them to the Knitting Factory on Friday.
  11:18am cribley:

Bad Ron - from

"Beer or wine can be used, you will want them to be warm. Surprisingly you will get quite drunk. Possibly you will be dangerously drunk so you should be careful. It is a good idea to mix wine at half-strength the first time you use alcohol in an enema.

Alcohol is absorbed much more quickly in the intestines than in the stomach, so you need to be really careful.

Using hard alcohol is NOT A GOOD IDEA. You can die from this.

It might be worth a mention that mixing drugs (alcohol in this case) and strange medical procedures can be a bad idea. "
  11:18am Gene:

"oh how ya doin' sailor? just got into port fine
do you know where i can get my rocks off? no i don't
do you know where i can buy a fresh pair of socks?
i thought you were gonna ask me about hot cock.."
Frogs - It's Only Right and Natural - Hot Cock Annie
  11:20am Bad Ronald:

Thanks Cribley - Now I know what I'm gonna do tonight!
  11:20am Laurie:

Wow, I need that enema stuffy.
  11:21am Ken:

I forgot to mention - sailors or anybody impersonating a sailor get a free WFMU T-shirt on Friday at the Knitting Factory remote.
  11:21am GENE:

wow.. this thing is getting a momentum.. perhaps AAA should be involved soon...
  11:22am Bad Ronald:

TX for the incentive Ken.
  11:26am FCC:

beware of dem curses in dis mix inc "asshole"
  11:27am dc pat:

thought I heard that too...
  11:30am Raj:

Ken, you mentioned on 7SD that "asshole" is okay to say on air in that context if I'm not mistaken....
  11:32am Ken:

Yes, asshole is more than "OK." It is in fact *required* by the FCC. It has to be used at least once every four hours.
  11:36am Laurie:

Ken, I left some treasures on your FB page.
  11:37am Bad Ronald:

The FCC has loosened it's asshole restrictions.
  11:37am Laurie:

Be forewarned, though, that Bill O'Reilly dance hit is NOT FCC-friendly.
  11:37am Bad Ronald:

  11:41am Raj:

We went from "dump" to "sphincter", folks!

(Will the circle be unbroken....)
  11:41am dei x:

Especially if you are looking forward to eating a salt water flounder. Say it aloud now as you gape at JBM's enviable platform.
  11:41am Sean Daily:

So is this show going to turn into the Night of a Million Assholes now?
  11:41am cribley:

on topic:

safe for work, but not safe if you want to ever eat chocolate again.
  11:41am Bad Ronald:

It seems that the anus has curiously been an underlying theme throughout the show's comments.
  11:45am Bad Ronald:

at the risk of getting booted -

Perfect gift for the rimmer in your life.
  11:46am HotRod:

"Ah yes the early morning dump! "

"The FCC has loosened it's asshole restrictions."

Bad Ronald, you are cracking me up!!!
  11:48am Bad Ronald:

TX HotRod - I can use the encouragement...
  11:50am Engelbert:

Am I the only one who thinks D. Banhart is insufferably whiny? I am? OK, never mind. Anyway -- great show.
  11:50am Laurie:

Did you all see the naked TATU video?
  11:52am Bad Ronald:

No Laurie. Is it on line?
  11:52am Devendra B.:

I think he's GREAT!
  11:52am Sean Daily:

"John Travolta version of 'Battlefield Earth'"? Dear GOD, you mean THERE'S MORE THAN ONE VERSION? Can the fabric of space/time withstand that much suckitude?
  11:52am Cecile:

I thought you were talking about Tattoo. I loved Herve Villechaize.
  11:53am Jeff M:

So yesterday when I woke up, the refrain

"Ohhhh... coprolites"

was repeating in my head. As if Desmond Dekker were singing it, you know to which tune. I guess the recentish news about finding more deposits of exceptionally ancient fossilized poo had filtered into my subconscious, and this is when and how it came back out.

The dreamworld's a kooky place, innit?

  11:56am A Flat Miner:

D. Banhart is so naturalismo, he's singing out his ass. Think of it as a methane field recording - just hold your nose when you listen.
  11:56am Jeff M:

So several of us have included our trusty canine companions in our listening-post pictures, EXCEPT for listener Spaniel. Significant?
  11:56am Cecile:

Opus or Opeth?
  11:56am Parq:

Ken, post a hi-res file of melon boy, the better to chop with.
  11:57am Listener Dave:

I have nothing to say! Nothing Nothing Nothing!
  11:58am Sean Daily:

I wonder if they like girls? All kinds of girls?
  11:59am dc pat:

hey, is "nuts" FCC approved?
  11:59am Bruce:

Ken, thanks for a great show. Do you offer double coupons?
  12:00pm Cecile:

Nah. If they're that insistent, they're probably overcompensating for something.
  12:00pm JJZ:

I'm reminded of my youth, playing Chipmunks albums at 16rpm on an old record player we had and hearing them in a normal voice.
  2:56pm sebastian in santiago:

aguaturbia are most definitely chilean.
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