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Playlist for 02 July 2008 Favoriting | Wharrya Gon' Doo Baou' Igh?

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Wevie Stonder  Brucie   Favoriting The Horse of Wooden Troy 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Psapp  High Voltage   Favoriting The Only Thing I Ever Wanted 
  0:03:27 (Pop-up)
Blanketship  Ramsey Denver   Favoriting Teen Sounds    *   0:07:52 (Pop-up)
Vert  Everything From Shells   Favoriting Small Pieces Loosely Joined 
  0:12:34 (Pop-up)
Twink  3 Bunnies In a Balloon   Favoriting A Very Fine Adventure    *   0:17:11 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Sitar Tah! 
Foyer   Favoriting Tah!!    *   0:20:53 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Wolf Kidult Man   Favoriting Impreial Wax Solvent 
Click the lederhosen for the large version
*   0:28:22 (Pop-up)
The Upper Crust  Tell Mother I'm Home   Favoriting The Decline and Fall of the Upper Crust      0:31:50 (Pop-up)
Von Sudenfed  Speech Contamination / German Fear of Osterreich   Favoriting Tromatic Reflexions      0:34:16 (Pop-up)
Rapped Youth  Ma   Favoriting Jaska & Ma 
  0:37:47 (Pop-up)
Xberg Dhirty6 Cru  Die Wichtigkeit   Favoriting Die Wichtigkeit    *   0:41:37 (Pop-up)
Die Purporrote Ente  Wo Hin Meine Wurst Gegangen?   Favoriting Rebirth of Fool, Vol. 3 (VA Compilation)      0:44:15 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  In Our Dreams / What's In Store   Favoriting Where's the Beat? Live in the WFMU Studios (VA Comp) 
  0:49:24 (Pop-up)
Rip Rig and Panic  Storm The Reality Asylum (12 Inch)   Favoriting       0:58:42 (Pop-up)
Astrud Gilberto  Bim Bom (Psapp Remix)   Favoriting Verve Remixed 4 
*   1:16:46 (Pop-up)
Ludus  Breaking The Rules   Favoriting Grlz: Women Ahead Of Their Time      1:19:51 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Katia, Tania, Paulina Y La Kim   Favoriting Pinata 
  1:22:11 (Pop-up)
Baccara (Viva Espana!)  Sorry, I'm A Lady   Favoriting       1:28:15 (Pop-up)
Allez Allez  Allez Allez   Favoriting Best of Allez Allez 
*   1:31:20 (Pop-up)
Health / Disco  Triceratops (Acid Girls rmx a)   Favoriting You Will Love Each Other    *   1:36:32 (Pop-up)
Ravi Harris & The Prophets  Lost Dragon of the Sahara   Favoriting Funky Sitar Man      1:41:19 (Pop-up)
Artist # 6  Track # 6   Favoriting Andy Votel Brazilika: Subtropical Sun Stroke Psych Out (VA Comp) 
*   1:45:33 (Pop-up)
Lord Sitar  If I Were A Rich Man   Favoriting       1:49:06 (Pop-up)
Mort Garson and Jacques Wilson  Upset Strip   Favoriting The Wozard Of Iz - An Electronic Odyssey 
  1:55:31 (Pop-up)
Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band  Clootch Hunt   Favoriting The War Between Fats and Thins      1:57:46 (Pop-up)
The Fall  50 Year Old Man   Favoriting Imperial Wax Solvent 
*   2:09:37 (Pop-up)
Doors  Bruce McCulloch   Favoriting shame-based man      2:21:14 (Pop-up)
386 DX  Light My Fire   Favoriting  
  2:24:33 (Pop-up)
gable  Puree HipHop   Favoriting 7 Guitars With A Cloud of Milk    *   2:28:23 (Pop-up)
Shawn Phillips  Get Ur Freak On   Favoriting Run For Cover (HotRod's 2008 DJ Premium) 
  2:30:07 (Pop-up)
Devo?!` How did this happen?  Gut Feeling   Favoriting       2:36:51 (Pop-up)
John Murphy  Ave Maria (Jackknife Lee Remix)   Favoriting 28 Days Later OST 
  2:42:14 (Pop-up)
wING  Ave Maria   Favoriting       2:49:27 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Listener Dave:

Hello Jersey City!
  9:01am listener jeremy:

  9:01am dei xhrist:

start 'er up!
  9:01am Jersey City!:

Hello Dave ...
  9:01am listener jeremy:

crap. looking forward to a spectacular wednesday!
  9:02am JJZ:

While I'm not expecting it today, I've always been a big fan of Ken's march-laden Independence Day spectaculars.
  9:02am Ken:

Sorry Jeremy! Loser!!
  9:05am Laurie:

Good morning, Ken.
  9:06am Negator:

Ken! Good to be here! Any way you could score something that could keep me awake? I'm dragging intense ass over here.........I'm not responsible!
  9:06am Listener Dave:

Perhaps the Larry vs. Julio vs. Melon Boy death match with Zatumba as referee then?

If not, maybe some Rush for us reptiles?
  9:07am Michael:

Inadvertent mash-up: I clicked on a link from Comicopia, a Boston comics store, without realising that it would open an mp3 (poor ui design). Their podcast started during "Brucie", and for about ten seconds I thought it was another part of the mix....sometimes inadvertency is teh best.
  9:07am Ghengis Jung:

Good morning Larry!
  9:08am dei x:

ooh, what Lysistratic picture will be next? I need to plan my day accordingly.
  9:08am Listener Dave:

Hello Larry.
  9:09am listener jeremy:

i fear that dragging intense ass is the next fad
  9:09am belatedly brennan:

First Comment! Wo-hoo!
  9:11am Ken:

I too am dragging intense ass this AM. No fourth of July special this year, sorry! But I do have an extra pair of tix for the Sonic WFMYouth concert on Friday. Who needs 'em? Who deserves 'em? Who can pick em up here in JC?
  9:11am Dickdong:

I'm picking up vibes of abstinence and self denial.
  9:13am Ken:

Damn Dickdong, you're clairvoyant!
  9:17am Doug:

Can I count on you guys for a bunch of song titles? I'm going to need a big pile to draw from in the near future. Fire when ready.
  9:18am listener jeremy:

i wish i could go. sonic youth is a definate favorite of mine. and i wish i could meet hotrod one of these days. but alas, this weekend it's not going to happen
  9:18am cubicle carl:

The devil dancing knocked me out of my funk. I think I see a jigger in background. He must have had a few.
  9:19am Laurie:

Kenny, I am so sad FMU is not going to broadcast the Feelies set. :(

This cheers me up, though:
  9:19am Listener Dave:

Random blog find.

Pics are interesting, haven't checked the tunes.
  9:23am A Jensen:

best name for a blog - is that clear
  9:26am Mr. Beale:

You've got to open your window and say:
Ken! We Need Some Flipper! FLIPPER KEN banana spilling FLIPPER Ken!
  9:28am dei x:

Doug, I think Cubical Carl just set you up with "the devil dancing knocked me out." And of course, "I supply the city/state/country/world with {condiment}"
  9:30am Michael:

Mr Beale, which app's window should I open? Some speech recorder thing?
  9:33am Negator:

"If it's Mark E. Smith and your grandmother on bongos, it's a Fall show"-Mark E. Smith
  9:37am ?:

whos the old lady - with the "music please" whats the deal with her
  9:38am Vivian:

And I'm fed up with the talk!
  9:39am Ken:

The "Music Please" lady was a JM in the AM listener who called to complain last March during the 2008 marathon. She was upset with all the TAWK!
  9:40am weiterso:

now, the dancing-satan is off the beat!
  9:40am ?:

crazy subway girl remix - ken - crazy subway girl remix
  9:42am Laurie:

Oh snapricots, it's my new favorite song.
  9:44am Laurie:

On second thought, it's not as good as "Super Super Super."

Zupa Zupa Zupa
  9:45am Laurie:

I changed my mind. This one is pretty Zupa. The end convinced me.

  9:47am listener jeremy:

ver is my VUUST!
  9:48am Patrick:

ken, whats with all the German music? you should be playing Spanish music in celebration of their great win!!
  9:50am Ken:

Spanish Music?
  9:51am Vivian:

Cheers to Espana! Germany looked passive during the final. No umph!
  9:52am dc pat:

GO DEUSCHLAND!!! we're number 2.....
  9:52am Doug:

  9:52am dc pat:

jeezus, forgot the T
  9:53am Ken:

Maybe Germany wouldn't have looked so passive the Spaniards hadn't spiked the German water cooler with Valerian Root. Or hadn't you heard? Damn Spanish cheaters,
  9:54am dc pat:

and the ref was obviously against the Germans...
  9:55am R. P.:

Saw Psychedelic Horseshit play a friend's house in DC last night. Killer show!
  9:55am Ken:

Against? That's putting it mildly!
  9:56am dc pat:

why didn't Psych HS play Black Cat?...
  9:58am annabelle clark:

happy summer yall, i dig german tunes,,oh btw my b-day is jul 12th, i'll still be young & sweet=)=)=)
  9:58am Patrick:

velarian root??? i would think that the smell would have given it away... the gremans got out played, dc pat, i think the ref was fair.
  9:59am R. P.:

No idea, but having them go on after midnight was rad. Talk about dragging intense ass today, though...
  9:59am Patrick:

yeah spanish music like a nice tango...
  10:00am Ken:

Aren't tangos Argentinian? Were Baccara from Spain? Now, THAT'S Spanish music.
  10:01am dc pat:

FAIR?? You call waving a finger at Micheal Ballack FAIR??? You call allowing a goal by Torres when Lehman wasn't ready FAIR???
  10:01am vicki:

I never thought the day would come...
  10:02am gene:

Yes.. Baccara.. def in need of "I can Boogie"..
  10:02am Vivain:

The Valerian Root must of made it's way to the Germans who were at the same bar with me watching the finals. They stood with the arms folded with no expression on their faces except for my friend who muttered in German.
  10:03am mila kunis fan:

ken please play some stuff by the rutles,,,thanks
  10:04am Parq:

Spaniard by marriage that I am, I have no sympathy for this sore-loser stuff.
  10:04am Listener Dave:

Y'know what's funny? It's hip to be into soccer in America because it's unpopular. I wonder if there are hipsters in say, Berlin who are into baseball for the same reason.
  10:04am Patrick:

Lehman wasn't ready, he showed up to the game not ready. the waiving finger ill agree with you...
  10:05am vicki:

it's called football
  10:08am JJZ:

I've not noticed any people who aren't foreign be into soccer, but perhaps my circles are different.
  10:08am Parq:

Vicki, this summer at least, it's called futbal.
  10:08am dc pat:

Association Football to be exact. Anyway...wish I'd been invited to that Psych HS party last night. That's probably the best way to see them.
  10:09am fred:

Vivian, you said there was a lack of umph, I say there is a definite lack of oompah. So I say this is all Ken's fault, the usual samples notwithstanding.
  10:10am Patrick:

im sorry dc pat i did not meant to bring up a sore subject, we both have the same name (i think) we should be friends, ill buy you a pint!

it would be ironic if Europeans where into to American Football, ironic, for sure.

how about DC United CRUSHING LA!!
  10:10am j:

EMPEROR tomato ketchup, ken
  10:10am Mr Beale:

The dollar buys a FLIPPER's worth, FLIPPERs are going bust, shopkeepers keep a FLIPPER under the counter. Punks are running wild in the FLIPPER and there's FLIPPER anywhere who seems to know FLIPPER to do, and there's no end to FLIPPER.
  10:11am vicki - do or diy:

made the mistake of doing a Football special on my show last year (or maybe the year before), and hardly anyone listened... including me
  10:11am mark:

emporer tomatot ketchup
  10:11am Laurie:

Emperor Tomato Ketchup
  10:12am christine:

ken, i'll take those tickets! we just moved to jersey city, so I think that seeing the feelies would be the perfect welcome wagon present...
  10:12am dc pat(rick):

  10:14am C:

I was at the horeshit show last night too. Sorry you couldn't make it Pat. From top to bottom it was just a great night of music. Fabulous Diamonds, Lil Howling Wolf and Palonious Bill (?) also played. Wolf is playing tonight at the Velvet and I'd definitely recommend that show. Not sure if I can make it out again tonight though.

How bout that Ben Olsen?
  10:14am Bob:

Ken, I'm going in for surgery on Tuesday and seeing Feelies/Sonic Youth would help get in the proper frame of mind!
  10:15am Vivian:

Wait, did she just say 'You make my liver quiver?' Holy cow, what is that man's name?
  10:16am dc pat:

HOLY SHIT--Lil Howling Wolf??? Thanks for the tip!! What was this place all those bands played at? Somebody opening a club in their basement??
  10:16am James:

I tried and tried to get those tickets the day they were no avail. Technology bamboozled me...therefore I think I am deserving of them. I have lived in Jersey City for 5 years, down the block, so I could pick 'em up easy.
  10:17am j.:

Theres a band from NY called Twilight Shade. You should play their stuff. I'm pretty sure a CD has already been sent over to you guys at WFMU!
  10:17am Richard:

Anyone see "Dubwars" at the WFC last night? Pretty incongruous to see DJs spinning dudstep with security guards crawling all over the place! Awesome show though, props to R2River for pulling it off.
  10:18am Doug:

Tell me more about it Richard - who played? I have yet to see anyone besides myself spin dubstep in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and it makes me cry.
  10:19am Parq:

I, too, made a good faith effort to obtain those tix, and was stymied by an uncooperative server. I am the biggest FMU fan there is. I don't just listen to my 'thon premium CDs -- I melt them down and mainline them. I have named my kids Irwin, Kenny and Doug, and they're girls. I have the afternoon off, and can be at the fun factory before closing.
  10:20am kent goldings:

Vicki - I would love to hear your football show! Can you point me to the link? Thank you!
  10:21am fred:

I'm european (french) and I've been into american football for years (as in rooting for the broncos when they got crushed by washington)

And to all the people talking about emperor tomato ketchup, that brings sorry memories of the downfall of one of my junior high favorite bands (berurier noir), even though I since had the chance to befriend the original tonton Albert.
  10:21am R. P.:

DC Pat - never been to any of the shows at 611 Florida? There's another on Jul. 18th.
  10:23am Richard:

Doug - It was MC'd by MC Juakali with DubWar from NYC and Kode 9 outta London, the sound was a little distorted the bass cabinets couldn't handle the lows, unless it's meant to sound like that.
  10:24am listener jeremy:

rock and roll hotel in DC is a great venue as well. haven't been to the one on florida before. been to black cat a few times though
  10:25am Ken:

Vivian - The man with the Quivering Liver was Tina Turner.
  10:26am vicki - do or diy:

here's the playlist link for the Football Crazy show that I did in 2006...
  10:27am dc pat:

Nice, had no idea:
  10:27am Vivian:

I wanted to know who quivered Tina's liver, hopefully not Ike.
  10:28am gene:

YES!!! Baccara!! Awesome, thanks!
  10:30am dei x:

When she was good, she was very Kenny G, and when she was bad she was Kenny F. Or vice versa.
  10:31am sugarwolf:

yay Baccara! I love that this song sounds pretty much the same as "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" and "Parlez-Vous Francais"
  10:31am R. P.:

Sadly, it's all coming to an end after September.
  10:31am Laurie:

This sounds like a Eurovision entry.
  10:31am Ike:

What's this about liver? I don't like liver. But I bet Kenny G. does. Wait, wrong Ike. Never mind.
  10:35am sugarwolf:

Laurie, Baccara were Eurovision contestants. FOR LUXEMBORUG.
  10:35am Ken:

Speaking of Eurovision, has anybody seen "Dont Mess With The Zohan?" Its supposed to be about the Arab-Israeli conflict but it's really about achieving world peace through cheesy Eurodisco.
  10:37am dc pat:

That's the way it is with these rogue club, art spaces, etc... Anyone check out Signal 66 when it was still open?
  10:38am sugarwolf:

favorite cheesy Israeli Eurodisco - Dana International!!
  10:38am Doug:

Richard, it's not meant to sound like that - that sucks because Kode9 is fantastic. He's also really conscious, always writing about Deleuze and Guattari and shit. Kind of the DJ Spooky of dubstep; maybe even a bigger fruity philosophy geek (not denigrating, I have a weakness for that sort of thing).
  10:44am Listener Dave:

Hello Ken. I'm suddenly feeling tired.
  10:50am "Music Please" lady:
  10:53am gigantor:

Oh, if only Lord Sitar was a calypsonian as well!
Away, Goulash Man!
  10:55am C:

Ken, where can I find a download of this call? It cracks me up every time.
  10:55am Parq:

Gevult! Haben sie in dienen leben sehen? A hippie he was sounding like.
  11:02am A Jensen:

The world is a business, Mr. Ken; it has been since man crawled out of the slime.
  11:02am Ike:

Ken, has Larry's tape ever inspired other listeners to send in their audio commentary and encouragement to you?
  11:04am Negator:

Has anyone heard a song called, "My name is Larry". I used to hear it on the Dr. Demento show back in the late 70's.
  11:08am Parq:

Neg, that was Wild Man (nee Larry) Fischer, an L.A. burn out and street singer who was "discovered" by Zappa in the late '70s. He even has a holiday classic, "I'm a Christmas Tree", on Demento's Best Christmas Novelties collection.
  11:10am Negator:

Sweet thanks, Parq.
  11:10am Laurie:

Spain may have won the Euro Cup, but they lost Eurovision big time:

(You should play that, Ken. It's awful.)
  11:11am Ken:

Thanks Parq - A different Larry altogether. And Ike, I welcome and hotly anticipate receiving more audio letters from listeners which I will slow down by 30% and play on the air. Very groovy scene. Hm.
  11:14am cubicle carl:

This new Fall track is pretty good. Album is an import and does not seem to be on any download sites yet.
  11:14am Nathan:

Great pairing of image and sound with that Fall track.
  11:17am Ghengis Jung:

wasn't Mark E. Smith a 50 year old man in 1979?
  11:18am dc pat:

"Wharrya gon' doo baou' igh''?"
  11:20am Ghengis Jung:

DC Pat: "Wharrya gon' doo baou' igh''?"

Start selling t-shirts immediately.
  11:21am dc pat:

anybody watch that Mark E Smith documentary? Can't understand a thing he says...
  11:22am Laurie:

  11:24am Trish:

my thoughts exactly
  11:25am President Charly:
  11:26am Gigantor:

Yay! 386 DX!
  11:27am Ghengis Jung:

Mark E Smith and Keith Richards need to team up - maybe a late night TV talk show, or a reality show starring the pair as roommates?
  11:31am Ghengis Jung:

Was that a bad word?

(If it was, I didn't hear it)
  11:31am kamil:

gable's so stupid. i love him. i love her. i love it.
  11:36am listener jeremy:

  11:37am kamil:

ken, who's barking there in the studio?
  11:39am hjmaiere:

  11:39am dei x:

yay! I saw Devo Friday... talk about your fiddy yeah ole mans. Four words: hearing aids. On them.
  11:40am Mr Kite:
  11:40am dc pat:

thanks hjmaiere, now I can accurately whistle this for the rest of the day...
  11:43am bad day:
  11:50am listener jeremy:

ken i don't think i've ever told you this, but i really love your show. it's so twisted - it's awesome
  11:51am uta:

  11:52am listener jeremy:

still dragging intense ass btw.
  11:53am Listener Dave:

So how's this show going?
  11:55am R. P.:

I'm gonna drag my intense ass down to the smithsonian folklife festival now and see if I can catch some music from Bhutan.
  11:56am Swami:

Great show! Just so ill! Thanks Ken.
  11:58am listener jeremy:

  11:59am dc pat:

Say hi to my family R.P. Joe Ely played the other night--missed that too...
  12:00pm Listener Dave:

Hello Kenny G.
  12:00pm black cat:

Jeremy, you just can't win today.
  12:00pm Ike:

Just call it Banal Magic... wouldn't that work?
  12:01pm -max-:

I'll say it:

  12:01pm Listener Dave:

Intense ass-dragging magic?
  12:02pm John from Boulder:

My tickets groveling is that I'm a long distance fan and donor, who will just happen to be in NJ/NY this three day weekend! I'm also a Facebook friend. Also I nominated WFMU for an award it just might win!
  12:04pm bb:

im being left behind and now planless for the weekend..

and sonic youff tickets would likely make me feel a bit less neglected and so on...

really it would

and now on to the anal magic.....

you know, this forced renaming has dated my old story of kenny g...

so now im obsolete..and left behind....
  12:10pm christine:

i left the wire of highland park for these tickets...
  4:14pm Ken:

OK, I am giving TWO pairs of tix away cause we have more leftovers than I thought, and the lucky grovelers are Christine and Parq.
  11:16pm ozzy skateboard:

a pyschadelic trail mix this show was.
  8:37am Frank:

  11:04pm jtm:

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