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Playlist for 09 July 2008 Favoriting | Zatumba's Soft Rock Hits of the Seventies

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Vert  Gretchen Askew   Favoriting Some Beans & An Octopus 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Cristina  Is That All There Is?   Favoriting Doll In The Box      0:03:55 (Pop-up)
Little Annie Bandez and Paul Wallisch  Smile   Favoriting Peace (for Mom) (VA comp) 
*   0:08:57 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  Pussycat Giantess   Favoriting Rhapsody in Glue    *   0:11:34 (Pop-up)
Sun City Girls  Smile   Favoriting  
  0:14:57 (Pop-up)
Plastic Ono Elephant's Memory Band  Yang Yang   Favoriting New York Rock 
  0:17:56 (Pop-up)
The Fall  I've Been Duped   Favoriting Imperial Wax Solvent    *   0:20:47 (Pop-up)
The Ex  Waiting   Favoriting Where's the Beat? Live in the WFMU Studios (VA Comp) 
*   0:31:21 (Pop-up)
Me First and The Gimmee Gimmees  Rich Girl   Favoriting Have Another Ball    *   0:37:16 (Pop-up)
Slicing Grandpa  California Dreaming   Favoriting Spirits of Doug & W 
*   0:38:57 (Pop-up)
Mink Lungs  I Sell Love   Favoriting The Better Button      0:42:15 (Pop-up)
Brian Eno  Here Come The Warm Jets   Favoriting Here Come the Warm Jets 

Click on the chart for the full sized version.
  0:46:22 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  The Crystal Cat   Favoriting Spiderman of the Rings      0:50:12 (Pop-up)
Subtle  Exiting Arm   Favoriting Exiting Arm 
*   0:53:52 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Fur Immer   Favoriting       0:57:38 (Pop-up)
DJ N-Ron Hubbard & Small Change  RIch and Shameless   Favoriting The Rich and Shameless EP    *   1:05:12 (Pop-up)
  Zatumba's Soft Rock Hits of the Seventies    
  1:28:57 (Pop-up)
Roky Erikson  Don't Slander Me   Favoriting I Have Always Been Here Before      1:28:28 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  Between the Wolf and the Dog   Favoriting No Shouts No Calls 
  1:31:58 (Pop-up)
Viennese Seven Singing Sisters  William Tell Overture   Favoriting Smiling Through My Teeth    *   1:35:41 (Pop-up)
Virginia Belmont and Her Canaries  William Tell Overture   Favoriting       1:38:28 (Pop-up)
Geert Chatrou  Alla Turca   Favoriting Ornithology 
*   1:41:34 (Pop-up)
Dave Van Ronk  Jersey State Stomp   Favoriting The Coop #3      1:44:34 (Pop-up)
Cibo Matto  Artichoke   Favoriting Viva! La Woman 
  1:48:07 (Pop-up)
Blevin Blectum  Real Live Escargot   Favoriting Gular Flutter 
*   1:59:36 (Pop-up)
Blanketship  Ramsey Denver   Favoriting Teen Sounds 

Click for the larger version...
  2:05:01 (Pop-up)
Jack Palance  The Meanest Guy Who Ever Lived   Favoriting Palance 
  2:10:04 (Pop-up)
Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra  The World is Gone   Favoriting The In-Kraut Vol 3 
  2:14:20 (Pop-up)
Crippled Pilgrims  Down Here   Favoriting Down Here: Collected Recordings (1983-1985)      2:16:47 (Pop-up)
The Pastels  Noting To Be Done   Favoriting Sittin' Pretty 
  2:20:08 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Let's Get Out Of This Country   Favoriting Title Track      2:23:51 (Pop-up)
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven  There Is A Garden   Favoriting Suppe Fur Die Nacht 
  2:27:12 (Pop-up)
  Ducts   Brazil OST      2:30:32 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  2:31:07 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Chanson D'Amour 1   Favoriting Takusan no Ohanasan    *   2:36:46 (Pop-up)
Herzog  The Jungle   Favoriting  
  2:40:12 (Pop-up)
Brown Whornet  Track 10 aka Freddy   Favoriting Radio Ablum      2:41:16 (Pop-up)
Curtis Mayfield  Freddie's Dead (Instrumental)   Favoriting       2:45:41 (Pop-up)
Bertrand Burgalot  Sunshine Yellow   Favoriting The Sssound of Music 
  2:51:06 (Pop-up)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux  Torso Corso   Favoriting Des Jeunes Gens Modernes (VA Comp)    *   2:56:17 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Mark:

first comment
  9:01am JJZ:

Hot Damn!
  9:01am Listener Dave:

Hello Ken. Will you help me with my melons?
  9:03am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:04am -max-:

Greetings all! Hello Sweden!
  9:05am JJZ:

Oh, that animated gif is going to be really distracting.
  9:06am Drew:

Play avant-garde pop.
  9:08am captain qweefheart:

ken youre twisting my melon man
  9:10am Evelyn:

Play Misty for me...
  9:14am captain qweefheart:

joe le taxi
  9:17am Parq:

Ken, hearing that Cristina track again really took me back. Once more, I was standing out on the street, not getting let into Mudd.
  9:18am -max-:

No milk in the fridge at work...going caffeine-free, and damn the consequences!

I'm not responsible!!
  9:18am Jeorg:

just played this Yoko last week, must be in the air
  9:20am one egg:

those are the absolute worst lennon/ono halloween costumes ever
  9:21am captain qweefheart:

is it possable to create some sort of death ray with my microwave oven?
  9:21am apogee:

at least they didn't try to re-create the "Two Virgins" allbum cover
  9:21am Ken:

JJZ, I hope you appreciate that I took down the animated Banjo. For now...
  9:24am rex mundi:

octant - car alarms and crickets
  9:26am Mark E. Smith:

Wharrya gon' doo baou' igh''?
  9:27am Mark:

Love this version of Germ Free Adolescents
  9:29am pollyWanna:

F-kin great! Avianspek. I heard a piece using only the English portions of a foreign language learning tape, surreal
  9:29am Laurie:

I think I'm most disturbed by this broad saying, "Where's the beef?"
  9:30am Negator:

Evonne De Carlo sings on that new Fall song. I like it! Ken, play something off that new Sparks record since you have it. Thanks!
  9:30am Mark:

Singer on Ive been duped is reportedly Eleni, the keyboard player who is also Mark E Smith's current wife
  9:30am Laurie:

PS: Hi, Kenny!
  9:31am helpful:

I think Vert is pronounced "vhere" (rhymes with where) - as in "green"
  9:35am JJZ:

I do appreciate it. I wouldn't notice it as much if it weren't the first thing on the page.
  9:40am Swami:

Awesome. Mad and Awesome.
  9:42am Mark:

Oh boy, a new Me first and the Gimme Gimmes cd
Title track of the new Melvins is pretty good
  9:44am princess fiona:

gm all--thank ken you for playin RICH GIRL just for me,, i feel like a princess cause my birthday is on saturday=)=)=)=)
  9:45am JJZ:

I was hoping it was going to be a segment of covers of Hall and Oates.
  9:45am yesno:

This song is the alternative-est.
  9:46am nEGATOR:

The show today is ..................good.
  9:47am Bad Ronald:

ENO - Nice!
  9:47am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Please god no, growing up there was a Hall and Oats 8-track in the deck way too often.
  9:47am Parq:

Ah, one of my favorite Eno tracks. Perfect to accompany the last of my first cup of coffee.
  9:48am nEGATOR:

You sound tired. I'm tired, too. How do you make it through a show?
  9:48am joint X:

My bird is patiently waiting for her next phrase.
  9:48am Swami:

This will be in my head all day now. I'm not complaining. There are worse things than this Eno to have rattling around, like Hall and Oates.
  9:48am nEGATOR:

Go phil Collins!
  9:49am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Were any of you at the Sonic Youth show? How was it? There isn't an archive is there?
  9:50am Ghengis Jung:

I was just starting to miss Larry. I'm glad he's here.

How about a Larry remix project?
  9:51am Ken:

The Sonic Youth / Feelies show was great! We'
re waiting to get approval from the band before posting the archive.
  9:53am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

I'm really sorry I missed it. I'm waiting with baited ears for the archive.
  9:54am Vivian:

What about the special WFMU/Sonic Youth t-shirts? Will they be available for purchase?
  9:55am Ken:

No, we're not selling the few that we have left over. Sorry!
  9:55am sonic youth:

i give you permission to post the archive (HA!)
  9:57am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

You want something besides money for the shirts?
  9:59am marina:

ken please play some monty python in honnor of my b-day thanks ever soo much
  10:01am Hall and Oates:

Play the damn original!
  10:04am maria:

offer them money or beer
  10:08am north guinea hills:

h00t! smallchange in effect!
  10:08am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

I usually bring cookies and coffee. Maybe if I offer to take out the trash?
  10:09am JJZ:

That's the spirit.
  10:10am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Crap, he did play it! Sort of...
  10:10am Hall & Oates:

That's more like it!
  10:11am Mark:

I appreciate having my stupidity more accessible to others
  10:13am Ken:

Go ahead - name a hit! Any hit!
  10:14am Mark:

You light up my life
  10:14am Tom in Dublin:

Eno chart doesn't include Roxy Music, Devo, or Talking Heads? How JV.
  10:16am Vivian:

Afternoon Delight!
  10:16am Nooooo!!!:

Muskrat love
  10:16am nEGATOR:

  10:16am Ghengis Jung:

Do you know the way to San Jose?
  10:16am one hot blonde:

band on the run
  10:17am Mark:

Thank you this is helping to exorcise 30 year old memories
  10:18am nEGATOR:

I'm strangely uncontrollably aroused. What sorcery is this?
  10:19am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

What the hell is the demographic of this group. You are all sounding a little old.
  10:19am tlacy:

Finally, a chance to say, "Hey, I love you." You really do light up a lot of lifes [sic], Ken!
  10:20am Listener Dave:

Rainy Days and Mondays
  10:21am Ghengis Jung:

  10:23am Mark:

Because we are old Karen in Sleepy Hollow, at least I am
  10:23am swami:

"Havin my baby"
  10:24am ?:

That's What Friends Are For always makes me feel like I'm at the dentist
  10:24am Ghengis Jung:

  10:25am Vivian:

Whats new pussycat!
  10:26am kat:

"I Really Want to See You Tonight"
  10:27am Listener Dave:

"Brandy" by Looking Glass
  10:27am Jeffersonic:

Hi Ken! For years I've been curious about the identity and background of those two fellows, (who must be twins) in that first photo you posted. Any info? They look like they could be midwestern farm types...
  10:27am Randy in NC:

Spiders and Snakes
  10:27am nEGATOR:

  10:27am R. P.:

I love what's going through ya...
  10:28am Vivian:

Weekend in New England!
  10:28am Swami:

If I were a carpenter
  10:28am Don Pubah:

Gypsies, Tramps and Theives....
  10:28am john:

lonesome loser
  10:29am Randy in NC:

Je Taime
  10:29am R. P.:

Alone Again, Naturally
  10:29am nEGATOR:

You should mix "Only omen bleed" with having my baby sometime. I think that would work smashingly.
  10:30am Ghengis Jung:

spirit in the sky
  10:30am nEGATOR:

Only women bleed with Having my baby.
  10:30am Bad Ronald:

  10:33am Zatumba:

My medley of the hits has come to an end. Please save your requests until next week.
  10:33am Jeffersonic:

"Sink The Bismark".
  10:34am Ghengis Jung:

Bitchin' set, Zatumba. You really wrecked the decks.
  10:34am nEGATOR:

Play some Loto Ball SHow. They kick ass. I saw them with Siver Apples last week.
  10:35am Jeffersonic:

Sorry Zatumba, my brakes failed.
  10:39am nEGATOR:

I have "mother nature's jewels" lady.
  10:46am fishmonkeystew:

Hey Ken, after reviewing the six degrees of Brian Eno I was surprised not to see the Talking Heads listed (now I'm second guessing myself-gotta go back and look again). Any thoughts?
  10:47am Ken:

Sounds like that Eno chart is in need of some updating!
  10:52am R. P.:

Eno -> Phil Collins -> Anni-Frid Lyngstad -> ABBA
  10:53am Listener Dave:

Hello Ken. Sometimes we all are in need of some updating. Do you ever feel like you need to be updated? I do. I've been feeling tired lately Ken. Do you get tired? I need to be updated. Need to.
  10:53am fishmonkeystew:

hmmm, if I get time later I'll whip out the ol' photoshop and see what I can do to update it.
  10:56am C:

what are these strings playing? it's driving me nuts!
  11:00am bb:

sounds like germ free adolescence ...
  11:02am UE:

Van ronk DID mention Cheesequake, but he didn't mention my favorite town, which is, Ong's Hat.
  11:02am C:

hmmm. i haven't heard of them. i must just be hearing things...
  11:02am vb:

it's Blevin actually :)
  11:11am SueB:

yes! Palance - i got this CD form FMU
  11:21am Laurie:

Oh, I love the Pastels.
  11:25am Laurie:

Ken! You're playing my favorites! Pop songs! Melodies!!
  11:25am yesno:

Ha, I just came over to comment that it sounded like the Laurie listener hour.
  11:27am Vic Perry:

Wow just tuned in and everything is so loverly....

hey, Eno-Frith-Residents

hey, isn't there an Eno-Plank-Can line?
  11:29am rhino:

  11:30am Laurie:

yesno, it's going to happen, I swear it. Probably after my vacay to Ptchfork Fest.

Do you guys think I should shout "305" or something when Torche opens for Boris?
  11:30am Vic Perry:

Hey, forget the respectable lines:

ENO-worked with Elvis Costello-played with Huey Lewis- HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS !
  11:33am SueB:

was it Brothers Grimm?
  11:33am Laurie:

Terry Gilliam's current project starred Heath Ledger. Yeah.
  11:34am atmanone:

gilliam is working on that movie that had heath ledger, the imaginarium of doctor parnassus, or whatever
  11:34am Happy Listener:

Terry's latest was Tideland, you might enjoy it.
  11:35am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Didn't you see Tideland with Jeff Bridges? He's working on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus right now. Terry Gilliam is a man truly cursed. If something can go wrong for him, it will.
  11:35am Philly Tom:

I was baffled by Tidelands...but maybe I am not so smart
  11:36am Vic Perry:

eno/produced devo/mark mothersbaugh/soundtrack to rushmore/with bill murray/in caddyshack/soundtrack song by: KENNY LOGGINS
  11:36am Laurie:

I liked Tideland. That little girl was hecka creepy.
  11:36am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

I luved Tideland.
  11:37am cribley:

  11:41am Ken from Hyde Park:

In the Poughkeepsie area this morning, the 90.1 signal was getting stepped on by the signal from WGCU. That turns out to be a station from Fort Myers, Florida. Is that possible? Some other stations, like 90.9, weren't coming in clearly, either. I'm listening on line at work now, so I'm in good shape again.
  11:41am weiterso:

  11:41am Laurie:

Oh, Werner.
  11:42am JJZ:

This song makes me laugh.
  11:42am Ghengis Jung:

Is this you singing, Ken?
  11:44am black-n-yellow:

Is Brown Whornet the same as Bill Cosby's superhero? Sounds like Kermit meets Barry White
  11:45am Listener Dave:

So how is this show going for you guys? I think it's going well.
  11:45am listener jeremy:

what the HELL was that?
  11:46am Listener Dave:

Would it be possible to post the whole Larry thing as an mp3 for listener remixing purposes?
  11:47am monica:

ken, you're the new king of disco sleaze. time to bust out the ethyl chloride rags!
  11:49am Ghengis Jung:

Yes, I second Listener Dave!
  11:49am Ghengis Jung:

The signal is strong!
  11:50am Parq:

Pretty much the whole Sonic Youth set, shot from assorted audience vantage points, is on Youtube. Just run "Sonic Youth Battery" as a search term. Of course, if you do, you'll be stomping on FMU's IP rights. Oh the dilemmas of copylefties in business . . .
  11:53am Laurie:

I was just wondering if this was the song about cocaine. Then I heard "granular lines of powdery white." QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED!
  11:55am Ike:

Hyde Park, that sounds like FM tropo. That happens occasionally in the summer during the day, but rarely can the distant ("DX") stations blot out the locals. I bet the local radio geeks were going nuts.

Back around 1996, before the wonder of net radio, I picked up WFMU from Maryland, the land of horrible radio, for a few lovely minutes.
  11:56am Vivian:

Where is Mr. Groovy?
  8:06pm mary:

Hey Parq, I always got into Mudd.
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