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Playlist for 16 July 2008 Favoriting | Attainting Public Property

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Wire  Circumspect   Favoriting Object 47    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Wire  Four Long Years   Favoriting Object 47 
*   0:03:18 (Pop-up)
Wire  Hard Currency   Favoriting Object 47    *   0:07:04 (Pop-up)
Die Radierer  Drogen Todt   Favoriting  
  0:10:37 (Pop-up)
The Workshop  Simply What I Want To Do   Favoriting Welcome Back The Workshop      0:17:59 (Pop-up)
Godfathers  Cold Turkey   Favoriting Hit by Hit 
  0:25:03 (Pop-up)
Lorette Velvette  Come On Over   Favoriting Rude Angel      0:29:01 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
He Needs Me         0:32:49 (Pop-up)
Negativland  Lying on the Grass   Favoriting Thigmotactic    *   0:38:59 (Pop-up)
Vert  The Familiar Girl   Favoriting Some Beans & An Octopus 
  0:40:59 (Pop-up)
Old Time Relijun  Veleno Mortale   Favoriting Catharsis in Crisis      0:45:14 (Pop-up)
DJ Chaos X (aka Eye)  Track 2   Favoriting Live Mixx    *   0:51:02 (Pop-up)
Die Reblaus  Marc Marcovic   Favoriting Smashits (VA Comp)      0:56:32 (Pop-up)
Sabrina  Boys   Favoriting Rebirth of the Fool 
  1:00:01 (Pop-up)
The Fall  50 Year Old Man   Favoriting Imperial Wax Solvent 
  1:08:12 (Pop-up)
Olivia New Ton Jon  Bermuda   Favoriting Jose ONTJ      1:19:20 (Pop-up)
Motorama  Black and White   Favoriting Psychotronic Is The Best!    *   1:21:33 (Pop-up)
Aguaturbia  I Wonder Who   Favoriting Love, Peace, and Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music (VA Comp) 
*   1:23:31 (Pop-up)
Neu  Fur Immer   Favoriting       1:26:20 (Pop-up)
GOA  Track 2   Favoriting 3 
*   1:36:17 (Pop-up)
Ted Weems & His Orchestra  Heartaches   Favoriting       1:39:37 (Pop-up)
Jim Noir  Tower of Love   Favoriting Title Track 
  1:42:24 (Pop-up)
Dif Juz  Re   Favoriting Soundpool      1:46:19 (Pop-up)
Student Teachers  Looks   Favoriting Marty Thau Presents 2 x 5 (VA Comp) 
  1:50:42 (Pop-up)
Nos Llamamos  Esa   Favoriting Self Titled 
*   1:54:27 (Pop-up)
Lizzy Mercier Descloux  Wawa   Favoriting New York Noise      1:57:49 (Pop-up)
Armando Travajoli  Sessomatto   Favoriting Easy Tempo Vol 1 
  2:00:30 (Pop-up)
Lydia Kavina & Howard Shore  Suite from Ed Wood   Favoriting Spellbound! Original Works for Theremin 
*   2:21:13 (Pop-up)
Hank Williams Jr.  Don't Give Us A Reason   Favoriting America (The Way I See It)      2:26:18 (Pop-up)
Me First and The Gimmee Gimmees  Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me   Favoriting Have Another Ball 
*   2:35:00 (Pop-up)
The Spoon and Candle Workshop  Freebird   Favoriting Seventies Mutation (VA Comp)      2:38:21 (Pop-up)
Hans Reichel  Oway Oway (too fast)   Favoriting  
  2:44:39 (Pop-up)
Anna Homler  Ooee   Favoriting Corne de Vache      2:47:18 (Pop-up)
Maja S.K. Ratkje  Wintergarden   Favoriting River Mouth Echoes      2:53:22 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am John from Oslo:

Wow, first here! Hi Ken, hi all! Sitting here in my brand new WFMU Tee! Yess! Now, weather; it is going to hit the 90s at 3pm in NY - Oslo is another matter...
  9:01am Mark:

First comment, morning Ken
  9:01am Mark:

  9:02am Lizardner Dave:

Hello Ken. Hope you are well this morning. Monday was Bastille Day. Any chance of playing the Rush song Bastille Day for us reptiles?
  9:02am John from Oslo:

haha, markie!
  9:03am Fantod:


  9:03am Mark:

Ya beat me John from Oslo
  9:05am John from Oslo:

Well, Mark - we're 6 hours ahead of New York...
  9:05am Doug:

I just saw Wire on the Box 1979 for the first time yesterday and my life was changed.
  9:05am Mark:

That must be it
  9:06am Ken:

Hi all. I am happy to report that we will be playing no Rush this morning. Although I hear that Geddy was awesome the other night at Jones Beach.
  9:07am swami:

About the pic: I never realized that David Byrne and Tracy Lords worked together.
  9:10am John from Oslo:

No Rush Ken, oh shoot! That means no
* Heart
* Bad English
* The Alan Parsons Project
* Van Halen
* Electric Light Orchestra
* Foreigner
* Triumph
* Boston
* Night Ranger
* The Smashing Pumpkins
* Giant
* Alan Parsons
* Asia
* Meat Loaf
* Supertramp
* Dream Theater
* Def Leppard
* Winger
* Europe
* Journey
* Queensrÿche

Either... hahah
  9:12am Ken:

Quite a little challenge you set for me there John! I think I could maybe fit in some Van Halen... or at least David Lee Roth. But save your songs for when we play "name a hit" in a little while.
  9:13am Lizardner Dave:

That is disappointing to the reptile community. I suggest you be particularly aware of snakes on your next visit to the woods Ken. We wouldn't want anything to happen to you out there
  9:16am dei x:

the fluffy bunnies and lil' squirrels will keep the snakes in check.
  9:17am cheri:

g'morn ken & everyone else,,ken i had ONE HELLAVA weekend, lots of fun. ohh ken now that i'm 27 i will keep miss b, & t.d.=)=)=)
  9:17am -max-:

I'm sorry, Ken. Running late today, but feel free to carry on without me. I'll be at my desk within the hour. See you at 7SD tonight!
  9:18am dl roth:

You have meddeled with forces of sweden Mr. Ken and you must play in honor of a Rush free morning- Thundermug, White Flame, Bob Seger System, Death and of course Fort Mudge Memorial Dump and dont forget Thunder Mother (thanks crotchbat) - no I have to go back to television!
  9:38am Dan:

  9:44am Blue Sausage Infant:

My money's on the GLOBAL FINANCIAL DISASTER outcome.

.......c'mon, global financial disaster!
  9:44am miss buxley:

ohhhh ken,are you gonna mangle soft rock hits of the 70s again this week??
  9:50am molerat:

Whoah. What's the source of that b&w animation next to the Godfathers track on the playlist?
  9:53am jeff:

>7/16/69, Apollo 11 blasted off from Cape Kennedy, Fla., on the first manned mission to the surface of the moon.

expecting huge space rock set mixed w/ apollo 11 transmissions!
  9:55am Ken:

Anybody got skype out there? Try me at wfmu.mainstudio
  9:59am dei x:

does anyone have a copy of the Chinese public restroom etiquette sign? I'm inspired to do create a similar animation on its principles. (Not that I will follow through.)
  10:00am andy in Berlin:

Hi Ken,

I just tried skyping you but all I could hear was the music.
  10:01am Ike:

When I went to (western) China, I was disappointed that I didn't see more signs like that Shanghai one. That's a riot. Some investigation reveals that "virescence" means plants, but what the frak does "don't random through street" mean?!
  10:02am dei x:

vi·res·cence –noun, Botany. State of becoming somewhat, though usually not totally, green, due to the abnormal presence of chlorophyll. I guess we really have to see the sign in context?
  10:02am Ken:

Andy, let's try that again when I go on mic!
  10:02am nic:

"don't random" = wander...??
  10:04am bw:

this sounds AMAZING!!!
  10:06am JJZ:

It's sad that outsourcing is so widespread.
  10:06am maria:
  10:07am listener jeremy:

skype rocks. i'd call, but i don't have my microphone! only headphones
  10:09am BW:

looking forward to tonight

  10:09am dei x:

listen to Ken, lying about his age...
JJZ, so that's what was going on with Sabrina...and Maria,
  10:16am Jim:

I was just laughing out loud in my office at the "50 year old man...what you gonna do about it?" line from The Fall (Mark E). I like the Fall stuff - not even in a funny way...but....
  10:16am Andy in Berlin:

Hey, Great talking to you - as sloppy as it was. Someone was trying to call me up on the phone at the same time. Should I apologize for making the obvious no-brainer request? NO! Can never get enough of the Fall, you know.
  10:17am Ken:

Any other skype users, call me at wfmu.mainstudio and you can be the DJ the next set break,
  10:19am cheri:

i know i'm late for this comment but i could relate to sabrina cause i'm just like her,,,,i need love & men!!!
  10:21am Ken:

Cheri - As long as you're in character, it's still one post per show por favor.
  10:21am Andy in Berlin:

Gee, Ken it looks like you're about to open up a black box here. Glad to have been there to help you throw the bolt.
  10:27am maria:

hah! I thought that was a Fall parody.. it was wasnt it?
  10:31am hjmaiere:

There's also "Olivia Neutron Bomb." I like the tune Alie(N)ation, but it might be a little contemplative for a Wednesday morning.
  10:35am JJZ:

Ken should do a radio play. He does voices, dramatic readings...
  10:36am innocent listener:

yer makin my stummick hurt
  10:37am BW:

don't forget the IPHONE lines

just rode past the one on prince street! estimated wait time 5 hours
  10:39am Lizardner Dave:

I've passed the iPhone lines for a week now and gotten a good hearty laugh every time. Apple geeks are like NASCAR fans who only root for Fords over Chevys or whatever. Except NASCAR fans woudln't stand in line for two days waiting for the next Silverado.
  10:44am JJZ:

Maybe they're looking to turn it around on ebay?
  10:47am John from Oslo:

Ah, Dusan Makajev's Sweet Movie ( the girl with the knife, and the guy covered in sugar)
  10:48am John from Oslo:

or I might me wrong...
  10:48am Ken:

Yay John!! You're the first one to name one of the films! Isn;t Sweet Movie great? I havent seen it in like 30 years though. Gotta put it in the queue.
  10:50am John from Oslo:

... and Montenegro by Makajev is also a scream - remember that remote controlled toy tank...
  10:52am james coburn:

groovy baby
  10:53am north guinea hills:

makajev's "sweet movie" is one of my all time favorites!
  10:56am John from Oslo:

oh, is it a name that film thing, well the one above is Bergman's "Det sjuande inseglet" - and above that hmmm metropolis?! and the one above that... is it the Fountainhead, Ayn Rand?! - oh, I'm guessing here...
  10:58am north guinea hills:

whoops, it's spelled, Dušan Makavejev, my bad!
  10:59am north guinea hills:

ok, the comment page doesn't like slavic accents and the ilk.....
  11:02am Tom:

Please someone tell me the source of the "groovy baby" sound clip. It is stuck in my skull and will never come out unless I learn more.
  11:02am Blue Sausage Infant:

I wanna be dancing horse-head man when i grow up.
  11:03am Ken:

Name a hit, any hit!!!
  11:04am Jonny B:

Last Train to Clarksville?
  11:05am Bad Ronald:

Do You Know What I Mean?
  11:05am Ghengis Jung:

It's not unusual
  11:05am John from Oslo:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  11:06am adam:

tim wink train whistle please!
  11:06am John from Oslo:

8 days a week
  11:07am Ghengis Jung:

Spirit in the Sky
  11:07am Vivian:

One of These Nights
  11:07am bb:

one toke over the line
  11:08am John from Oslo:

  11:08am Blue Sausage Infant:

  11:08am Lizardner Dave:

Tom Sawyer, of course.
  11:08am R. P.:

Time For Me to Fly
  11:09am John from Oslo:

  11:09am Lizardner Dave:

Failing that, "Get Out Of My Dreams and Into My Car" would be fine.
  11:10am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Puppy Love

(A picture for you:
  11:11am molerat:

"Can't... help it!" = Fritz Lang's M.

"My life's work is complete!" = Cabinet of Dr. Caligari maybe?

Doomed = Seventh Seal?
  11:12am John from Oslo:

Give me the nigh - George Benson, Oh my godd - choking over here...
  11:13am Swami:

the streak
  11:13am swami:

  11:14am Blue Sausage Infant:

"the man who shot liberty valance" -- gene pitney

.......stone bloody classic, it is.
  11:15am swami:

I am woman. I'm not Lisa. I'm on top of the world (looking down on creation). I never promised you a Rose Garden
  11:15am bb:

was not was' "walk the dinosaur"
  11:16am GWP:

C O N V O Y !!! With reverb yet, just made my week
  11:18am pat madsen:

  11:18am jeff:

yeah! that's what i wanted blaring while outside doing yardwork!!!
  11:18am Mickey Mephistopheles, yet again:

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
  11:18am Philly Tom:

This a a ghastly reminder of how about Crimson and Clover, the most erotic pop tune of all time.
  11:18am dei x:

is the Student Teachers photo of James Coburn?
  11:19am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Scratch that last one. I have a better one: Run Joey Run
  11:19am Jonny B:

Backwards "8 Days a Week" made me smile
  11:19am Ghengis Jung:

I Love Rock and Roll
  11:19am PeekaBoo Revue:

Got any Fantasy by Aldo Nova?
  11:20am johN:

Experimental garage sale in chicago this weekend. I'm not involved in it, I'm just excited about it.
  11:23am Lizardner Dave:

Hello Ken. I noticed last week's programme still doesn't have a title. Are you having problems coming up with titles? I'm sure people here on the accu-comment-playlist-9000 could help with some titles.
  11:26am Mark:

yay Tim!
  11:28am Hank Sr:

can I please disown Jr?
  11:29am Hank Sr:

or at least make him use another name
  11:29am John from Oslo:

more rhyme than reason
  11:30am blue sausage infant:

in space, no-one can hear you TIM...
  11:33am Jonny B:

Is this Olivia Tremor Control playing in the background?
  11:33am dei x:

these boots were made for (christopher walken)
  11:37am Mark:

You've got a friend from this cd is pretty great too.
  11:37am R. P.:

Hey BSI! It's a Field Shaman.
  11:39am dei x:

ooh ooh crosses and fish heads from Static.
  11:42am north guinea hills:

freebird is getting me nostalgic for my homeland..... (jax, fla)
  11:44am Blue Sausage Infant:

shaman: it's a small world, eh?
  11:47am Ssiter Hairy Hymen:

praise jesus where can I get a copy of the free bird cover?
  11:49am Sister Hairy Hymen:

Holy shit its Yoko having a Orgasam
  11:50am annie:

it's amazing
  11:51am Sr Hairy Hymen:

the Orgasam ? or the tune
  11:52am annie:

hehe, well i guess it could be both... stuns me it does
  11:53am SR Hairy Hymen:

Both are good but better together. sorry I should be serious
  11:54am annie:

  11:56am SR Hairy Hymen:

This is one of the better radio show I listen too on line, other than my own.
  11:56am annie:

so now i'm waiting for meredith monk
  11:57am annie:

i miss doing radio
  11:59am Sr.Hairy Hymen:

I live near Albany NY or Id try to do a show here,
I do a few internet shows at, Mostly progressive and a show I call the Devils Oldies
  12:00pm annie:

i'm a big fan of hair-man-do on rpi
  12:00pm anna v.:

i'm waiting for diamanda galas
  12:00pm Sr Hairy Hymen:

this stuff is great after working all night. It makes me smile
  12:01pm annie:

leaves me tingling
  12:03pm Lizardner Dave:

Hello Kenny, will you be reading "Sports" today in honor of the all-star break?
  12:03pm Sr Hairy:

LOL this is wild, Hail To the Dj
  12:04pm SueB:

i am scared
  12:04pm maria:

too too schvitzy, really
  12:05pm Sr Hairy:

I want my arm licked, Is that so wrong?
  12:07pm annie:

after that i want a cold beer and a cigarette
  12:07pm bzul:

Oway Oway pic: Suddenly Last Summer
  12:08pm Listener Dave:

Goodbye Ken. Good luck in finding titles for your programmes.
  12:09pm Sr Hairy:

I want my arm licked, Is that so wrong?
  12:33pm audun:

who is john from oslo? im audun from oslo. hello.
  2:38pm Lizardner Dave:

Hello Ken. It's awfully lonely here now that everyone's gone to listen to Kenny G. Will anyone ever return here or is this programme locked for all time?
  2:44pm Ken:

Hi Dave - The show's not locked but it sure as hell is over! That's what happens to radio shows - they end!
  8:26pm frequency:

the signal was strong
  11:54am Triiish:

Great departure from 'Convoy!'
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