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Playlist for 06 August 2008 Favoriting | Former WFMU DJ and international superstar Jason Forrest (formerly known as DJ Donna Summer) makes a return appearance as part of WFMU's Radio Greats Weekend live from Berlin, 10:45am to noon.

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Eleanoora Rosenholm  Musta Ruusu   Favoriting Vainajan Muotokuva 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Nurse With Wound  Ketamineaphonia   Favoriting Huffin' Rag Blues 
*   0:04:15 (Pop-up)
Brazilian Girls  Nouveau Americain   Favoriting New York City 
*   0:09:42 (Pop-up)
Doc Delay  Track 4, 5   Favoriting Eastern Block Party 
*   0:13:40 (Pop-up)
Rapped Youth  Jaska (DJ Hallituksen Remix)   Favoriting Jaska & Me 
  0:20:25 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
RIP Slyme 
  0:26:14 (Pop-up)
Wire  Circumspect   Favoriting Object 47 
*   0:33:50 (Pop-up)
Clinic  The Castle   Favoriting Funf 
*   0:36:15 (Pop-up)
Pram  Blind Tiger   Favoriting The Moving Frontier 
*   0:39:15 (Pop-up)
Sil Austin  Slow Walk   Favoriting Tease! The Beat of Burlesque (VA Comp) 
  0:42:30 (Pop-up)
Morning 40 Federation  Stinky   Favoriting Your My Brother 
  0:44:45 (Pop-up)
Moe Koffman  Swingin' Shepherd Blues   Favoriting Take It Off!: Strip Tease Classics (VA Comp) 
  0:49:53 (Pop-up)
Jaap Blonk  Krakatau   Favoriting 23 December 2003 Vijftig en een Half 
  1:00:13 (Pop-up)
Music Fur Allum  Os   Favoriting Twice 
  1:02:17 (Pop-up)
Yximallo  Peter Is Back   Favoriting Unpop! 
*   1:05:38 (Pop-up)
The Freddy McGuire Show  Dark Days Bright Nights   Favoriting Smiling Through My Teeth, Spring 2008, Curated by Vicki Bennett 
  1:08:21 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  God   Favoriting  
  1:12:01 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash  Pocohontas   Favoriting Unearthed sampler 
  1:16:15 (Pop-up)
Robert Wyatt  At Least I Am Free   Favoriting Nothing Can Stop Us 
  1:19:56 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Hosono, Yamashita and Sakamoto 
Nostalgia of Island   Favoriting  
  1:23:45 (Pop-up)
Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti  Suicide Notice   Favoriting Oddities Sodomies Vol 1 
*   1:30:43 (Pop-up)
Nurse With Wound  Crusin' For A Bruisin'   Favoriting Huffin' Rag Blues 
  1:33:19 (Pop-up)
Little Axe  Ride On   Favoriting The Wolf That House Built 
  1:41:03 (Pop-up)
DJ Donna Summer Live from Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg
Zany and DV8  Nothing Else matters   Favoriting  
  1:48:04 (Pop-up)
Donkey Rollers  the Fusion Of Sound   Favoriting  
  1:53:27 (Pop-up)
Broken Hookers  Dig this   Favoriting  
  2:05:59 (Pop-up)
Machines Don't Care  Soundboy Massive   Favoriting  
  2:08:31 (Pop-up)
Congorock  Hybro   Favoriting  
  2:10:52 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
DJ Donna Summer 
        2:16:53 (Pop-up)
DJ Vielo  BatiDa   Favoriting  
  2:20:37 (Pop-up)
Dj Mujava  Township Funk   Favoriting Warp!! 
  2:23:58 (Pop-up)
Les Princes Du Kuduro  Mwangolé   Favoriting  
  2:27:06 (Pop-up)
MDS  Warehouse Massika   Favoriting  
  2:32:20 (Pop-up)
T.Pazolite  Luv Lab Poison 22ate   Favoriting  
  2:35:01 (Pop-up)
Goblin  Deep Shadows (Film Version. Part 1)   Favoriting Profondo Rosso 
  2:43:19 (Pop-up)
Alec Empire  13465   Favoriting Generation Star Wars      2:44:39 (Pop-up)
Nathan Michel  Simple Animal   Favoriting The Beast 
  2:48:05 (Pop-up)
Thiazitch  Hippo Stroll   Favoriting       2:55:35 (Pop-up)
Tep  Petrole Blues   Favoriting       2:58:59 (Pop-up)
Krumble  Dead Clubber   Favoriting       3:02:08 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am Bad Ronald:

Morning Ken!
  9:04am Dickdong (UK):

'Morning Ken,
I know when your tongue feels that that in the morning. That must have been some night out.
  9:06am Ken:

<Dr Nick Voice> Hi Everybody!! </Dr Nick Voice>
  9:06am dei xhrist:

I'm intrigued with this morning's sequential images. (Comic Guy voice)
  9:08am Mr. McGregg:

Hello, it's your old friend Mr. McGregg, with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg!
  9:08am Matti:

Eleanoora Rosenholm -
the song is Musta Ruusu
a narrative of a serial murderess
  9:09am Bad Ronald:

<Mr. Burns voice>Excellent</Mr. Burns Voice>
(wrings hands)
  9:16am Ken:

Thanks Matti!
  9:16am Ken:

DJ Donna Summer (Jason Forrest) will be DJ'ing from Berlin today at 1045 until Noon.
  9:19am JCityJense:

  9:19am Andy in Berlin:

Where in Berlin is he?
  9:21am Ken:

Excellent question Andy? Prenzlauer Berg perhaps? Not sure..
  9:21am GP:

Ken, thanks for the Doc Delay I am awake!
  9:21am Andy in Berlin:

Oooh! Just down the street from me, sounds like
  9:24am JCityJensen:

I miss Berlin - Christmas is awesome in Berlin!
  9:28am axlotl:

Oh my god, just what does the foam rubber man have in mind?
  9:30am JJZ:

Maybe a trim.
  9:32am the different Daniel:

Wish you could celebrate in Berlin. Any Berliners out there? Let's organize a WFMU party in Berlin!
  9:33am Jim:

Hello. This show seems too poppy.
  9:33am jettepaque:

I used to work in a prison where the inmates regularly smuggled cellphones in to the jail by swallowing them. at least, i can't think of any other way they'd have ended up with cellphones in their intestines. one guy got caught becuase he forgot to switch it off before ingesting it and it rang. the x-ray was hilarious, the reason (ordering hard drugs from outside) not so.
  9:34am too poppy:

oh my god, it's too poppy, let's all change!
  9:37am dei x:

cell phones are getting smaller, but they're not that small *gack*. Maybe Dr Nick was... on call.
  9:37am Shlager Shane:

Yes, way too poppy. What's gotten in to Ken?
  9:40am Ghengis Jung:

Is that foam guy Larry?
  9:44am Jim:

I was just messing around.
  9:45am gumby:

I bet the foam guy/girl poops floaters.
  9:46am dei x:

what do you want on your tombstone?
  9:48am A Different Ken:

Jim, you may have been joking around, but you definitely hit a nerve. Ken is half the DJ he used to be. All this pop shite. What gives? I'm ashamed to share my surname with him.
  9:48am david from ks:

Beyond Science, Reason, and Orgasm.
  9:49am Bad Ronald:

Is that a tombstone on your hips or are you happy to see me?
  9:50am Cheri:

What would everybody want on their tombstone?
  9:51am dc pat:

"He tried his best."
  9:52am Ken:

"It's Not My Fault!"
  9:53am R. P.:

"I'd rather be in Philadelphia"
  9:54am Mike Harding:

My epitaph would read: "Told you I was sick"
  9:55am deader:

"what the f*** are you lookin' at?"
  9:55am -max-:

Good morning, Ken, fellow listeners, Dr. Nick, et al...
Tombstone: " WFMU Listener/Supporter/Volunteer"
Why be so down on pop? It's Ken's sandbox this morning. Play nice.
  9:56am Bad Ronald:

"Here lies the best Ronald ever"
  9:56am Mike Harding:

"Sorry I'm Late"
  9:56am PMD:

OMG! The photos are sooooo hilarious!
  9:57am gumby:

"I came, I saw, I left"
  9:57am dei x:

"My family survived war, emigration, poor healthcare, persecution, and genetic failures; it all ended with a rejected submission to 'Jackass'."
  9:58am Sean:

"Done Got Old"
  9:58am dc pat:

go see the Ex folks--best live show you'll EVER see
  9:58am paul:

i dont think the real donna summer actually made jason change his name... i mean he did just put out a dj donna summer album. he just changed it to jason forrest cause he was releasing an album on a more well known label
  9:59am Andy in Berlin:

Love the Hound! But hey, no Layla and Stacy?
  10:01am jon:

Don't get paranoid, Mr. Ken.
  10:02am Vicki:

yeah, pop music is crap

  10:03am Dj Donna Summer:


No- the real DS never sued me, it was just a rumor the media presnted as fact... Now, I just say "yes, she sued me", because it's more funny.... haaaahah
Talk at you in a bit peeps!
  10:06am Jim:

To Vicki: Yeah so I was just messing around.
  10:07am GP:

Relax everyone...Ken could always break out the Jandek and they we will all be in for it
  10:08am mp:

has unpop been released?
  10:13am tim:

I was waiting for 'God' to make an appearance. Go God! Go Ken!
  10:13am Vicki - DO or DIY:

this foam man thing is amazing! Where did it come from Ken?
  10:13am jon:

ohhh Godness!
  10:17am Bad Ronald:

  10:19am Mike Harding:

  10:19am Ken:

Vicki - I found it on a photoblog called but I might be misspelling it!! Egad!
  10:20am Wyatt:

Ah - the only thing better than Chic's version is mine!
  10:21am Dj Donna Summer:

Dude, do you want try this skype thing or shall I just call you instead?
  10:21am Listener Dave from NH:

It vaguely reminds me of something I might see on if he played with foam instead of old figurines.
  10:23am mp:

more specifically, has the Yximalloo album Unpop! been released or scheduled for release? if so, by what label? big yximalloo fan.
great pop show
  10:28am Dickdong:

Great Bear Swamp - where's that on google earth?
  10:31am north guinea hills:

that's too weird. i'm digitizing shit around branchville, nj for work right now... (i'm a geographer, go figure....)
  10:32am Lizardner Dave:

Hey hey from Helsinki!
  10:33am Parq:

A small but firm thumbs-up for pop here. Ma Cheri, my tombstone will read "Watch this space".
  10:34am Jim:

Why is everyone defending pop?
  10:34am R. P.:

It's spelled
  10:34am Trent:

F word coming up on Nww track 10!
  10:37am Dickdong:

<From: Jim

Why is everyone defending pop? >

Anyone can have an ice cream in August.
  10:38am stingy d:

yo ken!!!n the picture comments are incredible!!!!!
  10:38am Parq:

Ken, there's a Mt Pisgah in NJ? As DJ Dan B will tell you, there is one in the Adirondacks.
  10:39am joint X:

Pop is just a word with 3 letters.
  10:39am dc pat:

there's a mt Pisgah near Asheville NC
  10:42am Ken:

yeah, I gotta redo that google map again - it got messed up and I was a few miles off.
  10:42am Jim:

What I mean is, I didn't realize it was under attack and needed to be defended. I was joking around earlier.
  10:45am Pop:

Back off I'll defend myself!
  10:47am R. P.:

Pop spelled backwards is pop. But upside-down it's dod.
  10:47am paul:

JUMPING IS NOT A CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10:48am Droll:

JF/DS you are still soooooooo my favorite DJ! You are the TARKUS!
  10:48am rok:

last week i drove 700 miles in 10 hours listening to nothing but the berlin to rotterdam mixtape
  10:51am HotRod:

My heart is POUNDING!!!!

I haven't been this excited since Liz kicked off this year's marathon! HOLY FUCK!
  10:52am barney:

Poop has four letters, but only three different letters.

(apologies--I have a 1.5 yr old who likes both pop and poop)
  10:52am Dj Donna Summer:

  10:53am dan in falls church VA:

ok, the posted photo series, that's just awesome, i mean brilliant
  10:53am Listener Dave from NH:

I still can't get enough of the Bootybreaktranceclub mix.
  10:54am Dj Donna Summer:


Aww, thanks a ton for the love peeps!!!

OH, I fucking adore this Donkey rollers tracks
  10:54am rok:

  10:54am north guinea hills:

hey jason! long time, no see. hope you're ass kickin' is superbing your life. here's a big ngh hug for you!
  10:57am paul:

hey jason
im moving out of new brunswick! i'll be living in the bronx as of next weekend. wooo!!!!!
  10:57am Dj Donna Summer:

Awww, shucks peeps, such LUV!!!!

I know you folks are motherfucking down town with the JUMPSTYLE!!!!!!!!
  10:58am Ike:

I am feeling the POWER!

Ooo! NGH, how do I get a job as a geographer? Does it rock? Wait, I didn't ask that before, did I? Low brain memory cache.
  10:59am Jeffersonic:

I don't think they make that snack; "doo dads" any more, but if you see numerous boxes of them anywhere, you can turn them all upside down so they will read, "spap oop".
  11:02am Tim:

which german radio are you talking about? i am from germany and don't know one that random…
  11:04am Michael:

German radio sounds kind of good---but I don't know (but I've been told) that Berlin is German the way New York is U.S.American.

I recall hearing that Bob Seger did some songs for the Klan; anyone else heard this?
  11:06am Dj Donna Summer:

Seger is a red-blooded AMERICAN DUDE- not no pinko-commie calan member.. [sarcasm]

German radio- yeah, it's sort of awesome, but sort of shit
I thnk we were listening to Radio Fritz, maybe MotoFm
  11:08am GP:

DJ DS..I got a dance party goin on in my office right about now..
  11:09am north guinea hills:

ike, as nerdiliscious as it sounds, i got a BA and went to grad school for geography. and yes, you did ask before lulz....
  11:09am JJZ:

I do miss Donna Summer's show. It wasn't always my cup of tea, but it was always interesting.
  11:10am Dj Donna Summer:

  11:11am Dj Donna Summer:

I'm basically only wearing glowsticks at the moment over here in berlin!!!!!!


Who's got the drugs???
  11:12am Ike:

Aw crap, I have to go back to school AND go to grad school to be a geographer? Sheesh. Where did you get the BA?

I miss DS's show too! Must DL some DS for faster walking to evil workplace from Penn Station.
  11:14am Esopus the Dragon:

Donna's show wasn't allways 100% perfect. I remember that awful am gold set, And before Donna came up to speed on rave, that "Firestarter" The Prodigy track was spun. Barf! I love Donna anyhoo!
  11:15am Mickey Mephistopheles:

OK, Donna, please play at least one oldschool 200 bpm death & destruction gabber or breakcore track pretty please
  11:16am rokhausen:

i have some low-grade nasal snuff, jason, if that works
  11:16am north guinea hills:

yeah, i did my undergrad at university of florida, and went to grad school here in nyc at hunter college.

i do miss d&d, and watching donna dj/perform live...
  11:17am HotRod:

Oh man, Fat of the Land deserves some credit. And Music For The Jilted Generation is rave-TASTIC!
  11:17am bb:

wow, jason really sounds like jay leno via skype.

good to hear him.
  11:18am GP:

Sounds like Austin!
  11:23am Dj Donna Summer:

More Luv! Shit, I know tons of peeps writing in!!! DANG! KARL!! PAUL!!!!
  11:23am north guinea hills:

dude, dj vielo is so happening in mee noggin', yo!
  11:23am Esopus the Dragon:

I kind of think the Prodigy is corporate music. Music For The Jilted Generation has come up a lot, so rave on, it's cool. On Fat Of The Land, they became commercial s***.
  11:24am Dj Donna Summer:

Video for this track:
  11:24am Esopus the Dragon:

  11:26am Jeff M:

Oh, my. I just woke up, and this jangly clattery buzzy club magic might be too much for my nerves 'til I've been awake longer. But if I bail, I'll try hitting it later from the archives, and who knows, then it might be just the thing!
  11:26am Dj Donna Summer:
  11:29am Jim:

So... got any pop?
  11:30am Kyle:
  11:32am paul:

oh man........ nobody is ready for t+pazolite.
  11:32am Dj Donna Summer:


YES! ROCK!!!! Google image search?
  11:33am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and the rest of my East Coast friends.
  11:33am Kyle:

You know it
  11:35am Dj Donna Summer:


ANyone listening from Japan????
  11:35am Sean Daily:

Holy SHIT.
  11:36am HotRod:

Jason, I can picture you going nuts right!
  11:36am Esopus the Dragon:

No sleep! Ever!
  11:36am GP:

JEH SUS..I got meth teeth just from listening to that TP track...keep up the good work
  11:37am Dj Donna Summer:


That's what I'm fucking talking about peeps! We need this back on WFMU!!!! hahahahah!!!
  11:39am daniela:

trance trance trance.

lets get on it
  11:40am Droll:

Good thing I wore my brown pants for your show! If you could only do a 3 hour show I'm sure you could set a Notes-Per-Show record.
Clearly I'm out of practice listening to you, I'm already winded by TP.
  11:41am Mike:

DJ Donna Summer: What does "Hirsche Nicht Auf
Sofa" mean to you, as an English speaker translating German?
  11:43am daniela:

as an american??
okkkkkkk hirshe = hersey
nicht = night
auf = of
sofa = sofa.

hersey night of sofa.
  11:44am JJZ:

Ah, Goblin...
  11:44am Dj Donna Summer:

Yeah, TP is fucking XXXXXTREME!! hahah! But we like it that WAY!!!

Mike- My deer can go anywhere it fukcing wants dude!!
  11:46am daniela:

DJ Donna Summer:
so here's the thing... i just came from the world music festivel in portugal and am really into that mix of trance electro and a little house to keep it moving but with different instruments like the digeridoo any suggestions??
  11:48am Dj Donna Summer:

Daniela- whoa.. Digeridoo! Whoa! Well, I'm sure there's soemthing! hahah! I do a blog that has a bunch a different styles of stuff on it- maybe check that?

(digeridoo trance? gotta be tons of that...
  11:48am foam man:

the deer is not on the sofa. glad you asked.
  11:48am Mike:

Trance meets digeridoo.
  11:49am paul:

i still need to buy gen star wars. and low on ice. and the one with the french title. damn i miss when alec used to be good.....
  11:50am Vicki - DO or DIY:

hi Jason :)
  11:50am Esopus the Dragon:

Paul- I need those Alec Empire titles too. Don't feel bad. I don't need Nintendo Teenage Robots though. He tends to be iffy.
  11:51am daniela:

thank you... i know there's a lot of trance with digeridoo but i mean good trance that's still different and keeps you surpised.

i'll look into your suggestions thanks again.
  11:52am mike:

i keep thinking these are jay leno samples
  11:53am dei x:

I second thatOHMY I just got a-skeered by the photo
  11:55am giraffe:

this show is unspeakable awesome, as are the sidebar pictures. Where are those foam-cutout pics from (I'm too lazy to read back, if someone already answered my question)
  11:55am andy in Berlin:

so how does it work with the music if he's on Skype - is that playing over skype as well?
  11:58am Dj Donna Summer:

Skype- yeah, I made the mixes and Ken Downloaded them, and teh rapping in all SKYPE!!

hey- I did't tell you folks you can feel free to email me or myspace me- and myspace I have a few sites, so just search Jason Forrest, Dj Donna Summer, or my label.. haha!
  11:58am Ken:

Donna Summer sent me the URLs for the tracks to download, and I played them from Jersey City. and then he was on skype via my laptop.
  11:59am Dj Donna Summer:

Thanks giraffe

Hey hey Vikx! I suggested you to a festival reciently in Berlin... did you get a booking?
  12:00pm R. P.:

Crazy fun set today, DS!!! Hope you get your show back.
  12:00pm Andy in Berlin:

got it. But could it theoretically work to play the music over skype as well?
  12:00pm Vicki:

hiii - no I don't think so...
  12:01pm JJZ:

Ah, I figured it was all via skype and Ken was just having a lazy day.
  12:01pm paul:

the music wouldnt sound so good over skype methinks....
  12:02pm JJZ:

No probably not, but I also didn't really think about it too much.
  12:02pm Dj Donna Summer:

Oh man, this is the TEP - he fucking RULEZZZZZZZZ

Vikx- was for a sound and video fest, oh well... never know about that shit, one day maybe.. who knows.. hahah

Skype- yeah, dnno
maybe with a better/faster server maybe
  12:03pm Vicki:

skype not much goody for bandwidth sometimes, makes people sound like robots :)

enjoying this music, Jason, already downloading some!
  12:03pm Andy in Berlin:

I've done a couple of interviews over skype and if you have a good mic, it sounds great - why not the music? Be interesting to try. We have dsl 16,000 here.
  12:04pm Dj Donna Summer:

Here's the Krumble, man, this guys doing fucking KILLER stuff... I've never met him though.

andy- maybe I'll come do the show from your place!!! hahah
  12:05pm Droll:

Thank you so much for coming back to blow the roof off. 160+BPM noise is like a missing food group on WFMU these days...
Puuhhlleeezee Uncle Ken, let JF/DS come over and play again soon! Puuuhllleeeezzeee!
  12:05pm Otis F:

you wouldn't think that this music would work to design and work by, but it does. My productivity is on the rise with conformed chaos.
  12:06pm Andy in Berlin:

you're welcome to come - but the place is a mess
  12:07pm Dj Donna Summer:

Awwww! Shucks yall! Thanks a ton for the support! Gotta see how it works out, but yeah, very pleased peeps still are down with teh Adv. D&D sound! AHH!

Ok, thanks Ken! Thanks, WFMU!

  11:31pm ozzy skateboard:

i laughed so hard when i heard Johnny Cash Pocohontas
the line give a thousand pelts to sleep with pocohontas and feel how she felt!
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