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Playlist for 20 August 2008 Favoriting | Live from Lake Owassa

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Artist Song Comments Approx. start time
Satanicpornocultshop  My Underwater Boy   Favoriting
0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Mum  Green Grass of Tunnel   Favoriting
0:06:15 (Pop-up)
Johnny Cash  Rowboat   Favoriting
0:16:22 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone  Take Me To The Water   Favoriting   0:19:13 (Pop-up)
Elis Regina & Tom Jobim  Aguas de Marco   Favoriting   0:21:48 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  In The Waking   Favoriting
0:28:29 (Pop-up)
PiL  Swan Lake   Favoriting
0:46:27 (Pop-up)
Laura Viers  Where Gravity is Dead   Favoriting
0:53:22 (Pop-up)
Zombies  She's Not There   Favoriting
1:00:48 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
1:01:07 (Pop-up)
The New Pornographers  Letter From an Occupant   Favoriting
1:02:23 (Pop-up)
Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnies  Swan Lake   Favoriting   1:06:14 (Pop-up)
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention  Let's Make the Water Turn Black   Favoriting   1:09:36 (Pop-up)
Meat Puppets  lake of fire   Favoriting
1:11:30 (Pop-up)
The Byrds  You Don't Miss Your Water 'til Your Well Runs Dry   Favoriting   1:15:56 (Pop-up)
Chipmunks  Row Row Row   Favoriting   1:24:50 (Pop-up)
Jim Carroll Band  People Who Died   Favoriting
1:34:16 (Pop-up)
The Mamas and the Papas  California Dreamin'   Favoriting
1:39:27 (Pop-up)
Queen  Killer Queen   Favoriting
1:42:38 (Pop-up)
SDS All Stars  March from The Bridge Over The River Kwai   Favoriting   1:53:33 (Pop-up)
Bobby Darin  Beyond the Sea   Favoriting
2:01:57 (Pop-up)
Caetano Veloso  The Empty Boat   Favoriting   2:04:11 (Pop-up)
Nini Raviloette  Suis-Je Normale`   Favoriting
2:07:59 (Pop-up)
De La Soul  Tread Water   Favoriting
2:12:29 (Pop-up)
Blackalicious  Swan Lake   Favoriting   2:16:38 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
The Ex & Getachew Mekurya 
Ethiopia Hagere   Favoriting
2:29:32 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  God   Favoriting
2:40:48 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am Lizardner Dave:

  9:02am dei xhrist:

how's the weather out there?
  9:03am SWAMI:

This show is going swimmingly . . .
  9:04am annie:

marnin' happy to be listening once again.
  9:05am dei x:

signal is fluctuating on Foobarrr (uff! well, now you have bait)
  9:05am Parq:

A lot of us desk jockeys are going to be soaking up the countryside vibes vicariously this morning. Pass the bug spray.
  9:05am Negator:

Mornin' Ken! Got any Glenn Frey? "Drug Smugglers Blues" would be kinda' nice right about now.......
  9:07am Negator:

Oh! You're on the lake! I'll hit you up for the Frey later.
  9:07am Ken:

Weathers great - its hard to type here =- very windy! Here's where I am:
  9:08am jeff:

bravo... remember, never get out of the boat. absolutely goddamn right. unless you were goin' all the way.

yr cordially invited to bcast from my central jersey screened in porch.

now... start the countdown until don't rock the boat?
  9:08am Lizardner Dave:

That satanicpornocultshop tune reminded me of the background music on those 9/11 coin commercials. You know: "tastefully struck out of pure 18 carat gold, this commemorative collectible will be one you can cherish forever at only $19.95".
  9:09am SWAMI:

I'm getting the vibe I used to get from that XTC album. . . the one with "Summer's Cauldron"
  9:09am Doug:

Wind-related typing accidents are dramatically up this year.
  9:10am Ypsi Doug:

Skylarking! What a great record. I read that they don't like it and they thought Todd Rundgren was a dick.
  9:12am Lizardner Dave:

Ken, I can see you there right under the "A". Looks beautiful. Did you shoot Fredo yet?
  9:12am frenchee:

oh, this is the lake show! Live the dream, Ken!
Some drop-outs during that first piece, tho.
  9:12am Torbjorn from Norway:

Hey, it sounds great !
.. well, Ken sounds like he got a cold, though.
  9:14am gumby:

If you put the towel over your head and computer screen only, you can still get a third degree sunburn on your back.
  9:14am Parq:

Hmm. I just checked the map, qv. He's not nearly as far from the metro area as I would have thought.
  9:15am Ypsi Doug:

We are witnessing radio history here I think.
  9:15am annie:

must be damn cold out there, eh?
  9:15am jan:

Are you really on a lake? There is a sunset or sunrise photo on thour page, but it's already after 9:00. show us the photographs from your location!
  9:15am cat:

What are you fishing,,Ken?
  9:17am Ypsi Doug:

Ken, can you take a photo of yourself?
  9:17am JCityJensen:

Sweet! Give the lake a big hug for me!

Bear Swamp needs to ATONE!
  9:18am Doug:

So, wouldn't it have been easier to just control the studio computer remotely for all of the music ... or is that what you're doing?
  9:18am doron:

he is really on the lake. its hard to do a whole show live from a row boat in the middle of a lake, keep an accuplaylist AND photograph/upload live pictures
  9:19am JCityJensen:

Oh Man! You gotta do this show again when the lake freezes over!
  9:19am annie:

ahhhh, technology
  9:19am Negator:

Ken, you should do a show from a bathroom in a subway OR The "Green Zone"!
  9:22am dei x:

despite 7SD, Kenny just keeps raising the bar. It's his own fault and we must abide!
  9:22am frenchee:

HA, Doron, Ken can do anything. But I bet he's being ably assisted by all of you computer-savvy staffers. Bravo to everybody.PS: A subway bathroom show would be good, a PATH bathroom show even better.
  9:22am jan:

photo forensics strongly indicate that the 2nd picture was made of the same lake and mountain as that shown above. It would help to see the some indication of the boat you are sitting in.
  9:23am Ken:

Sorry, these picks were all taken before the swhow started. I;ll post more pics of the show in progress tomorrow.
  9:24am Lizardner Dave:

All jokes aside: Love the show, love the concept. Thank you Ken.
  9:28am Parq:

Btw, I loves me madly this Regina-Jobim.
  9:30am gumby:

El lago es muy hermosa.
  9:31am Negator:

I have a huge crush on Vikki's work.
  9:33am cat:

me too..
  9:33am axlotl:

How did you get the lake into that little studio?
  9:35am JCityJensen:

beavers love LemonJelly!
  9:35am gareth:

who cares how he done it. this is the best show from a boat on a lake i've ever heard
  9:35am JCityJensen:

but the bass and sunfish love FLIPPER - go figure
  9:36am Lizardner Dave:

And rickets Larry! What about rickets???
  9:36am annie:

just when you think it can't get any better.... it does!
  9:36am TTTTT:

On a boat, in a boat-- radio! That's great!
  9:39am Negator:

Man! Put on Iron Butterfly and piss over the side of the boat, dude! All those fish do it, why can't you?
  9:40am n. ginere:

please lower the background music or raise Ken's volume!
  9:41am jon:

what is a scrimshare etching?
  9:42am Listener Dave from NH:

Fish listen to Iron Butterfly?
  9:42am Jacques Cousteau:

Brilliant show!
  9:42am Ghengis jung:

Too bad about the scrimshaw etchings...
  9:42am Pete:

That's a heckuva ocean going craft there Kenny! This is definitely big-time radio, Clearchannel can't hold a candle......
  9:43am vicki - do or diy:

morning ken! at the gym at the moment so only reading the screen rather than listening too... looks like it's all working....
  9:43am Ghengis jung:

Larry is freaking me out.
  9:43am JCityJensen:

the background music awesome! and SEADONKEY is an AWESOME boat name!
  9:44am jon:

There can't be enough room for a donkey.
  9:44am GP:

Pedal faster Ken...PEDAL faster!!
  9:45am Doug:

This is so cool
  9:45am dei x:

Tell Larry his Dutch uncle is not invited.
  9:45am chooch:

I hope Andy drops by.
  9:45am trent:

the SM58 is more "daisy" than "ken"
  9:46am Sarah:

DDaisy has lost her cute little speech impediment. That makes me a little sad.
  9:47am jeff:

dude, all sides off of the boat are the bathroom!
  9:48am Doug:

"The Sinking of the Titanic" .... "Shipwreck radio" ...
  9:48am Sarah:

Come on, Ken. Just piss over the side. Don't be so dainty.
  9:48am efd:

isn't there a record in the new bin right now by a band called the Sea Donkeys?
  9:48am charles:

It's pronounced DUN-KEY you guys! Like monkey!
  9:51am jon:

Don't go Larry!
  9:51am Listener David:

Hope you don't have any bananas on the boat...They're bad luck
  9:52am Lizardner Dave:

It's probably too much to hope for "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald", right?
  9:54am ?:

DUN-KEY how are you spelling that? Donkey? now im confused
  9:55am Lewis:

Another radio frontier shattered - loving the row boat show!
  9:56am Doug:

So, are there boats all over that lake broadcasting?
  9:58am GP:

D O N O T use that extension cord for backup power out there!
  9:58am gumby:

big ol' beautiful rattle snakes up there in north Jersey
  9:59am Ghengis Jung:

The song, she's not there!
  9:59am paul:

this show reminds me of OCDJ's last show... unfortunately he seems to have deleted all his archives, as well as any other information about him on the internet that he possibly could. that makes me sad. i miss dan.
  10:03am dc pat:

hate to be filled with doom but I predict disaster soon...
  10:04am GP:

Sweet oarlock
  10:04am m:

oh my god, you're right! that must have been recent -- i was just looking through ocdj's shows a month ago or so. very sad if they're gone forever...
  10:04am annie:

2 more hours and alow battery? you will HAVE to put on iron butterfly!
  10:06am jeff:

i would think poisoning & harassing bears is a crime in this state... not a family sport.
  10:07am Paul the K:

How about some self shots and some shots of the radio "equipment" on the vessel.
  10:12am -max-:

WOW!! Note this date and time: KEN PLAYS FRANK ZAPPA!!!? Never thought I'd see the day. Thanks Ken!
  10:15am Steve:

I was supposed to go boating with my father today... I'd kinda rather sit here and listen to Ken's boat broadcast!
  10:16am charlie:

zappa followed by the meat puppets - had the pleasure to see both - not together - god - i'm old
  10:17am jan:

iPod!? I was hoping that you would be spinning vinyl today
  10:18am JCityJensen:

tesla would be proud ken - damn proud

bears also like FLIPPER - FLIPPER also uses less battery power!
  10:21am Jacques Cousteau:

Odd set for a sailor. Keep up the catchy hooks.
  10:21am Ghengis Jung:

Has Larry returned, or did he see into the future? Or is Larry actually... no, I can't bear it.
  10:23am dei x:

I think Larry is closer to the Freedman family than particularly comfortable...
  10:24am TTTTTT:

Rowing power !?
  10:25am Lizardner Dave:

I sense Zatumba approaching the vessel.
  10:29am dei x:

  10:33am bwalker:

I close my eyes Ken, and my desk evaporates and I Join you in the boat!
  10:33am Gigantor:

Ivor cutler maybe? I don't recognize the song, but the voice sounds like him.
  10:34am gigantor:

People who died? Oh Ken and family, you rock! I haven't heard this in years!
  10:34am paul:

oh boy, Someone! i bought this Someone record for a dollar at the last WFMU record fair.
  10:34am Parq:

Is there a drowning in this Carroll song?
  10:35am ?:

ivor cutler from a lake?
i have hope for the world after all, shaky but i'll make it through the day, i think.
  10:35am PMD:

Darn, I just got here now. Can I swim out to meet you?
  10:37am gumby:

Does drinking drano count Parq?
  10:40am Parq:

Gum, if you drank Drano out on a boat, woud, the whole lake fizz up?
  10:40am paul:

the Beach Boys version is better.
  10:40am JJZ:

You should play the Osymyso version of California Dreaming, I like that one.
  10:40am Jeffersonic:

Hi Ken and Crew, didja bring any crappy old moldy records from the basement, to be frisbeed into the lake and found by future archaeologists?
  10:41am JCityJensen:

the lakeside tavern has awesome chili and JUMBOLAND is just Jumbo!

the great blue heron has atoned!
  10:42am Lewis:

chungking express...
  10:42am Gigantor:

Idunno, but this one seems to be skipping in a record-y way. perhaps it could be skipped across the lake.
  10:42am Rebecca:

Hi Harry and Ken. Beautiful day to be out on a lake!
  10:43am gumby:

No, it would empty, to China or something. That's what Drano does, silly.
  10:44am Swami:

Playing to the base, huh?
  10:44am Gigantor:

So what was that thing that sounded like Ivor? Was that the Chipmunks? Played realllly slow? Maybe Ivor recorded ALL the chipmunks songs?
  10:45am Mike:

My gawd, forget the fact that "California Dreaming" was created before I was born and I've had to endure it thousands upon thousands of times. It is a, uh, great song. It must be. I've had to endure listening to it thousands and thousands of times, completely against my will. I guess I'm dumb and missing something. I'll think about it in the next 24 hours when I'm forced to listen to it yet again.
  10:46am Fantod:

Ken's kids seem so much older suddenly.
  10:46am swami:

Though I have heard this song a ton of times, hearing it on FMU recontextualizes it. For some reason it sounds better here than other places.
  10:47am JCityJensen:

Bears eat people who listen to QUEEN especially guys named Harry or Barry who live near lakes....
  10:47am JJZ:

Because you work at a store called "California Mattress"?
  10:48am ?:

There are no other radio stations there is only WFMU
  10:48am ?:

there is only ken
  10:49am Mike:

My good friend was listening to Bohemian Rhapsody near Big Bear Lake and a cougar attacked him. Cougars don't even live in that area. Be careful of what you play.
  10:50am annie:

these lids live in the heart of a metro area and there is NO RADIO to listen to? wow.
  10:50am annie:

wait, i meant kids!!!! where are my glasses??
  10:54am JCityJensen:

here is a list of all the mammals in NJ from NJDEP - my fav is the Bridled Spotted Dolphin

Bridled Spotted Dolphin kill people who listen to QUEEN and VAN HALEN
  10:55am Lizardner Dave:

Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby and buy ourselves a snack!
  10:55am gumby:

"Comet it makes you vomit" I love this one!
  10:57am Ypsi Doug:

My mom frequently used to sing "Comet, it makes you vomit" to me when I was wee. I'd forgotten about that.
  10:58am gumby:

"So get some comet & vomit todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
  10:59am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Harry has his radio priorities right. Be glad, Ken.

In completely unrelated news, there's a nifty new plugin for Winamp that lets you route the input through VST effects. I'm using it to route the stream through NI Reaktor at present.
  10:59am SeaDonkey:

Yeah no more Queen please - I'll be at the lakeside tavern waiting for all Queen Fans
  11:01am dc pat:

play something off that new Ex album w/ Mekuria
  11:04am GP:

Miley Cyrus is cool..its the Disney marketing juggarnaut that is annoying..If you watch the Disney channel or Nick you can't avoid the push. Although I draw the line at the "Naked Brothers Band" ( a group of unsupervised, HIGHLY annoying kids that have no talent but somehow got a T.V. show and all of the associated marketing that goes with that)..Our daughters sound like are about the same age. I try to play a lot of alternatives for her , some she likes, most she just thinks are weird.
  11:07am C:

Pat. Were you at the Ex show at the Black Cat last week? Something else, right? As good as the band was, I thought the dancer stole the show.
  11:07am Parq:

My daughter is newly college-age, and I speak from experience when I say that pushing "good" music on them is counterproductive. No kid wants to think of his or her parents as a source of what's cool. Daisy and Harry sound like they are squarely in the eye-rolling and door-slamming stages, respectively. But not at all respectfully.
  11:09am Lizardner Dave:

Have we set the record for most playlist comments to a show from a boat yet?
  11:09am GP:

10-4 on that....Don't know why I started that rant.
  11:10am Fred:

Comet has been shown to be an effective decay-preventive dentifrice that can be of significant value when used in a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care.
  11:10am dc pat:

Yeah, I was there--I thought the show was the best I've seen in years. That dancer was fekkin wild--my spouse got freaked out by him.
  11:10am annie:

my son went from deep crushes for petula clark at ten to dep crushes on pearl jam at 15. i did my best to grok his need for it and i must say it really opened my eyes to the kids today. he is now 25 and well-adjusted.. whew!!
  11:11am Lewis:

for a long time Junior Brown was my daughter's (Harry's age) favorite. She is also an authority on Lee Hazelwood. But these days our tastes are diverging. that said WFMU has clearly shaped her musical opinions...
  11:12am Vicki - DO or DIY:

Bet Daisy and Harry are going to love everyone talking about them, ha ha. Hi Daisy and Harry :)
  11:12am dc pat:

for now my kids like Beatles, Kinks, Flaming Lips, Sonny Boy Williamson, Beach Boys, Clash, Ramones. They're completely uninterested in official kid music outside of Dan Zanes who is actually kind of good.
  11:12am annie:

at my cafe i played fmu alot and the kids loved it, the young 20s that is.. not eh teens, they just didn't get it.
  11:14am annie:

oh yeah right and he loved. loved, loveed the fat boys!!!!
  11:14am Steve:

Surf's Up KEN ! ! !
  11:15am Lizardner Dave:

Holy crap! A foot washed up in Ken's boat!
  11:15am GP:

Saw Dan Zanes live and actually had a very good time at the show...oh yeah..the kids do too!
  11:16am SWAMI:

PLUG 1! "Tread water"? Is the canoe sinking?
  11:16am SeaDonkey:

the kids will eventually find great music (hopefully) but like all kids they'll figure it out own their own. I'm sure all commenting here didn't dig at one point what their parents or others pushed on them (musically) but eventually you grow up into the big boy pants and realize how cool our parents actually are - at least that what i think of my donkey father and horse mother
  11:16am Steve:

We miss you Vicki. Please come back. Ken won't mind.
  11:17am JCityJensen:

is the foot covering a hole?
  11:17am Kris Kross:

Gotta play "Sailing" by the other Cristopher Cross
  11:18am Bridled Spotted Dolphin:

yeah de la! nice ken
  11:19am d:

"sailing" is a GREAT call.
  11:19am annie:

funny this, i used to listen to alot of coolege radio and my son hated it; really thought he might get it...
  11:20am annie:

ok i'm putting my glasses on......
  11:21am Kris Kross:

I know..It is a bit obvious..but maybe Ken has some weird mashup version
  11:21am Steve:

What's it all a boat?
  11:22am dc pat:

if I play anything w/ scratchy guitars, my son says "I DON' WIKE THIS SONG!!" that includes Woody Guthrie
  11:22am Vicki:

Ken's mic is slightly distorting
  11:22am la la la:

yr mike's a little hot ken....crackle crackle!
  11:23am GP:

I would hate Coolege radio as well...I wish some other presidents had radio shows! ;)
  11:24am BSI:

love me some "faith-based gambling"...!
  11:26am dei x:

I stopped trying to get my parents interested in quality stuff - but they'd rather have Andre Rieu, Huey Lewis, and Nylons over Kronos Quartet, Nina Simone, and Tortoise.
  11:28am annie:

  11:29am Lizardner Dave:

Tricky Trays aren't exactly gambling. They're a fund raising gimmick where people buy bunches of tickets used to bid on various items. You bid by placing your tickets in the cup/hat/whatever next to the item and you increase your chances of being picked by increasing the number of tickets you put in for any given item.

It used to be called a "Chinese Auction" but the Spanish basketball team ruined that for everyone.
  11:29am Ypsi Doug:

Shit, Dei X, my parents basically only listen to Rush Limbaugh and shitty smooth jazz, so your folks are doing all right.
  11:29am Jaysie-Waisie:

How bout some Christopher Cross?
  11:30am frequency:

Ween - the mollusk
  11:30am cd pat:

who produced this album? It's a really nice mix. A lot of the Ex albums are muddy..
  11:35am dc or cd pat:

  11:37am GP:

Ken, Hear you on the stream..could not hear Viccki
  11:38am Vicki:

I could hear Ken. That was surreal moment of the day
  11:39am Parq:

  11:40am Ike:

For a moment there, it sounded like Ken said, "My son ran off with one of my rowboat whores."

I love the sound of the water lapping against the boat.
  11:41am Vicki:

all I could hear was oars for a while
  11:43am GP:

Everytime I hear this Wax Audio Tract the better it gets.....This took some talent to put together
  11:43am Phil Rachelson:

great show Ken
I'm at my place in Shohola, on twin lakes
maybe I'll take my easel and canvas onn our rowboat and see if I can duplicate your feat in art
  11:44am jamais:

this 'offshore show' is a radio pirate's fantasy as "God" plays...freeform radio IS democracy, isn't it?
  11:45am Sean Daily:

Is that Wax Audio mashup of George W. Bush is available somewhere, Ken?
  11:46am jong:

Larry don't go!
  11:49am Vicki:

Daisy should DJ on fmu
  11:50am bb:

ah..that was great..i almost felt like i was on vacation
  11:50am Vicki:

he's still on skype, his battery hasn't gone!
  11:51am Parq:

Funny you should say that, Vik. I was just sitting here, wistfully thinking that someday, sooner than us midde aged crocks want to think about, she will.
  11:51am K K:

  11:51am doron:

by request...
  11:51am TTT-TT:

Fantastic! Hooray.
  11:52am PMD:

How about Don Ho - Tiny Bubbles?
  11:52am Vicki:

oh Ken's fallen off of skype too now
hey doron -
  11:52am GP:


Nice work!
  11:52am jan:

arrghh- christopher cross- I'd never have thought to hear this-
what next? Sai away Sail Away by....gosh I can't remember who
  11:53am PMD:

Sean Daily - go to their website:
  11:53am frequency:

this is good ipod music
  11:53am Bill:

  11:53am Lizardner Dave:

So Doron, how about some Rush while Ken's not looking?
  11:54am Vicki:

I'm afraid Sail Away is by Enya
  11:54am GP:

What is the most embarasing song on your Ipod or whatever?
  11:54am Vicki:

  11:54am jan:

Enya, right - well, Ken?
  11:59am Gigantor:

Great job, Daisy! Ken, you should giver her Kenny G's slot!
  12:03pm Parq:

Vicki, Doron, well done you as well.
  12:34pm Raj:

Missed it! IThis one is worth back-streaming.

Partial to "Sail On" by the Commadores.
  2:02pm Ken:

Whoa, thanks everybody, that was fun but more difficult than I expected! I just added a batch of pics (above) that were shot during the show.
  2:48pm cat:

  3:01pm Lizardner Dave:

Nice pics. Great show.
  9:06am mouse:

if you see my oar
  11:16am HotRod:

These pics are just wonderful, Ken! Amazing how much your kids look like you!
  12:00pm dei xhrist:

what better way to pitch WFMU to your friends than that last photo?
  4:31pm mary:

I am jealous of Daisy & Harry. Ken is THE coolest dad ever. Fab show.
  12:09pm johN:

Listening to archive. Luvin' it. My desk has almost become a sea donkey.
  9:14pm nondairykramer:

Excellent show, Ken. The only thing missing is "Swan Lake, Minnesota" by the Swan Lake Six.
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