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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Etta James  At Last   Options various - Chess Rhythm and Roll  MCA  0:00:00 Pop‑up)  
Husker Du  New Day Rising   Options title cut  SST  0:02:33 Pop‑up)  
James Brown  Funky President (People It's Bad)   Options Star Time  Polydor  0:07:10 Pop‑up)  
The Off-Set  A Change Is Gonna Come   Options various - Psychedelic States: New York in the 60s Vol. 1  Gear Fab  0:08:58 Pop‑up)  
Twistin' Kings  White House Twist   Options various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 1: 1959-61  Hip-O Select  0:12:01 Pop‑up)  
Neil Young  Looking For a Leader   Options Living With War  Reprise  0:14:43 Pop‑up)  
Johnnie Taylor  I Could Never Be President   Options various - The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles Vol. 2  Stax/Fantasy  0:18:51 Pop‑up)  
Johnnie Taylor  I Am Somebody (Part 2)   Options various - The Complete Stax/Volt Soul Singles Vol. 2  Stax/Fantasy  0:21:02 Pop‑up)  
Otis Redding  Change Is Gonna Come   Options Otis! The Definitive Otis Redding, Vol. 1  Rhino  0:24:31 Pop‑up)  
Lynn Ahrens  The Preamble   Options Schoolhouse Rock! (Disc 3: America Rock)    0:28:22 Pop‑up)  
Lord Buckley  Gettysburg Address   Options His Royal Hipness  Discovery  0:32:00 Pop‑up)  
Johnny Cash  The Gettysburg Address   Options America: A 200-Year Salute In Story And Song  Legacy  0:37:26 Pop‑up)  
Simpsons  President's Song   Options Go Simpsonic with The Simpsons  Rhino  0:39:28 Pop‑up)  
Three Dog Night  A Change Is Gonna Come   Options Suitable For Framing    0:40:47 Pop‑up)  
John Wayne  The Pledge of Allegiance   Options America, Why I Love Her  RCA  0:43:32 Pop‑up)  
John Wayne  Why I Love Her   Options America, Why I Love Her  RCA  0:49:45 Pop‑up)  
Gruesomes  Buzz Off   Options Gruesomania  Ricochet  1:01:11 Pop‑up)  
Fuad and the Feztones  Valley of the Kings   Options Beeramid  Ricochet  1:02:59 Pop‑up)  
Cool Jerks  Bikini Zone   Options International Split with the Waistcoats  Soundflat  1:05:27 Pop‑up)  
Astronauts  Surf Softly And Carry a Big Board   Options Rarities  Bear Family  1:07:39 Pop‑up)  
Graham Day & the Gaolers  If There's One Thing I Can Do   Options Triple Distilled  Damaged Goods  1:09:53 Pop‑up)  
Robert Pollard  Faking My Harlequin   Options The Crawling Distance  Guided By Voices Inc  1:13:17 Pop‑up)  
El Orbits  The Love Boat   Options Live In Houston, Texas  Freedom  1:16:25 Pop‑up)  
Powerchords  Throwing Up   Options Think I'm Gonna  Screaming Apple  1:22:33 Pop‑up)  
Busy Signals  Look the Other Way   Options s/t  Dirtnap  1:25:00 Pop‑up)  
Nikki & the Corvettes  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy   Options 7"  Ramo  1:26:56 Pop‑up)  
Nodzzz  Highay Memorial Shrine   Options s/t  What's Your Rupture?  1:29:03 Pop‑up)  
Goodnight Loving  We're In a Place   Options s/t  Off the Hip  1:30:52 Pop‑up)  
Mystery Girls  I Don't Need You   Options Incontinopia  In the Red  1:32:29 Pop‑up)  
Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves  Your Nearest Exit May Be Behind You   Options title cut  8-Track Mind  1:35:30 Pop‑up)  
Love Me Nots  Give 'Em What They Want   Options Detroit  Atomic A Go Go  1:42:36 Pop‑up)  
Bungee Deth Fest  Shotgun Blues   Options Playing With Ourselves  Small Motiff  1:45:09 Pop‑up)  
Phantom Jets  I Can Tell   Options Phantom Jet Set  Screaming Apple  1:50:01 Pop‑up)  
Mike Rep and the Quotas  I'm Goin' Down   Options Songs the Grackles Liked  Columbus Discount  1:52:55 Pop‑up)  
Manikins  Without a Word   Options Crocodiles  Full Breach Kicks  1:55:30 Pop‑up)  
Matt Mayo  Here She Comes   Options Heavy Meds  Akashic  1:57:45 Pop‑up)  
The Priscillas live in the studio!  
Recorded Jan. 15. Engineer: Phil Wrecktor  
Jenny Drag - vocals; Guri Go-Go - the axe; Kate Kannibal - big bass; Phil Martini - traps  
  Oh Keiko       2:03:35 Pop‑up)  
  Timing       2:06:32 Pop‑up)  
  All the Way To Holloway       2:11:34 Pop‑up)  
  Jimmy In a Dress       2:13:10 Pop‑up)  
  Don't Follow Me       2:15:39 Pop‑up)  
  Y.O.Y.       2:21:46 Pop‑up)  
  Fly In My Drink       2:23:23 Pop‑up)  
  interview       2:27:29 Pop‑up)  
Sir Douglas Quintet  Nuevo Laredo (Spanish version)   Options The Complete Mercury Masters  Hip-O Select  2:39:03 Pop‑up)  
Arthur Conley  That Can't Be My Baby   Options More Sweet Soul  Collectors' Choice Music  2:41:01 Pop‑up)  
JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound  The Beat of Our Own Drum   Options Beat of Our Own Drum    2:43:35 Pop‑up)  
Lost Crusaders  I Wonder What Ever Happened   Options Have You Heard About the World?  Everlasting  2:47:03 Pop‑up)  
Vee Dee  Glimpses of Another World   Options 7"  Criminal IQ  2:51:01 Pop‑up)  
Sir Finks  The Ulrich   Options (Tres Mexicanos) Del Sur de Texas  Get Hip  2:58:07 Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

  12:21pm Sean Daily:

First comment! Woo hoo!
  12:24pm Inaugural Speech:

  12:31pm Adams:

i see fireworks! I hear the pageant and pomp and parade! ....
  12:35pm Bad Ronald:

Lord Buckley Rules!!!
  12:44pm Parq:

Hello to everyone else returning from the Innaug. broadcast. It was worth waiting for. But so is a Joe B show.
  12:44pm annie:

oh crap did i miss lord buckely??
  12:44pm Megan:

Joe Belock and Barack Obama are both the people's champions! Hooray for the new prez!!! See ya later Boosh + Dr. No!!! Good riddance!
  12:45pm annie:

i actually watched the damn thing, very moving
  12:50pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Can we appoint Bush to be the Janitor of Iraq or something and send him over there to live out his days? That would be cool.
  12:52pm annie:

ken, they should make him go clean up gaza.
  12:56pm annie:

i heard he made a blooper in his oath? true?
  12:57pm Rubble:

I don't even want to think about that dimwit anymore. Out with the old!!
  12:58pm tombom:

"At Justice Robert's prompting, Obama did not recite the oath of office as it is written in the Constitution, reciting the word "faithfully" out of order." thanks wikipedia
  12:59pm Todd 76%:

After the Downing Street memo, the absence of Iraqi WMD, Plamegate, etc., Dubya should be a janitor/inmate at a Federal Pen...
  12:59pm Sean Daily:

  1:01pm Rubble:

Actually the justice reading the oath for him to repeat had the blooper. ( Said 'to ' instead of 'of') Obama of course realized this, and had him repeat correctly, then he repeated, and added the faithfully at the end. Which I think was appropriate since the to and of affected the content, the faithfully is a qualifier.
  1:05pm Parq:

Some right wing think tank is already drafting papers on a law suit seeking a declaration that the oath as recited was invalid and that Obama is not president.
  1:08pm annie:

that would be close to the faction who believe that he is not a citizen and therefore not allowed to be even close to the office.
  1:11pm Parq:

Exactly, Annie. And the same plutocratic money will be behind it. And the same public judicial resources will be wasted dealing with it.
  1:12pm Bad Ronald:

Hah - "Surf Softly And Carry a Big Board" - That's punny!
  1:17pm Lizardner Dave:

So did the Dow hit 20,000 yet? Bin Laden surrender? No? What's taking so long, dammit!
  1:17pm Mr Frogtree:

I'm still feelin a bit verklempt, but glad to be able to be post-innaug with all y'all! Great set Joe!
  1:22pm oba:

yes, thank you, Ricardo Montalban as Armando the circus maestro
was instrumental in bringing about Ape-Human equality
by hiding and raising young baby Caesar !!
  1:22pm Glenn L:

I thought Ricardo M. was on the show that came on after Love Boat.
Oh dear, I'm showing my age.
  1:23pm oba:

he was, Gilligan's Fantasy Isle
  1:24pm annie:

i loved khan.. he was my favorite.
  1:26pm Joe's Wife of Questionable Memory:

That was my fault Joe, I totally forgot he was on fantasy island. To me it was like one long show!!! I hope I didn't just kill Captain Steubing.
  1:26pm Glenn L:

Smiles, Joe. Smiles.
  1:27pm Parq:

Ricardo M had no qualms about lampooning himself. Check him out as the evil Gutierez on the old animated superhero parody, "Freakazoid".
  1:28pm oba:

interestingly, The Wrath of Khan was a reprise role
first, Ricardo played Khan on the TV show
in the early 1960's, then for the early '80's
  1:30pm Glenn L:

Pretty sure Captain Steubing's (Gavin McCloud??)
been dead awhile. As well Tattoo Herve V.
  1:31pm oba:

yeah, right before Herve fell off the barstool,
he yelped, "De pain !! De pain !!"
  1:32pm Joe's wife of questionable memory:

I forgot Gavin McLeod dying, too!
  1:33pm oba:

and Gopher, isn't he a state senator or congressman ?

Isaac was the coolest
  1:33pm Joe B:

Parq, or in oneof the The Naked Gun films!
  1:34pm Joe B:

Gavin is alive!
  1:37pm Mrs B:

How about Lauren Tewes ( sp?) ! :)
  1:38pm GP:

Ike, if you are around, thanks for the Foobar 2000 advise.
  1:46pm GP:

Joe, rumor has it that you'll be having some lovely British birds on live today...true? I checked you "guests" list but like my wardrobe, it has not been updated since 2002.
  1:50pm Parq:

What kind of M&Ms did Herve V prefer?
  1:50pm Guv'nor:

GP, The place to go is Upcoming Special Programs, on the FMU homepage, to find out about upcoming guests on all the shows! Cheers, mate!
  1:54pm Glenn L:

I (for one) give up, Parq.
  1:56pm Parq:

De plain, de plain!
  1:56pm GP:

OK, just this once....
the plain, the plain...

(insert rimshot here)
  1:56pm GP:

Ha ha..JINX!
  1:57pm oba:

who was Herve V's favorite
Ohio band of all time ?
  1:59pm GP:

Thnx Guv'nor. I found it.
  2:02pm Glenn L:

Herve was a notorious alcoholic wasn't he?
I'll say Guided by Vices.
  2:03pm oba:

hah, no, and not DEVO either

Herve's fave Ohio band was ...

Great Plains ! Great Plains !
  2:07pm Parq:

Remember the episode where Tatoo asks the boss for cabfare? He says, "I'm a little short this week."
  2:25pm Glenn L:

I remember that one. I believe Mr.Rourke's reply was
"Tattoo, you wouldn't need a cab if you only had a Chrysler Cordova!
With the softest leather interior available anywhere!"
  2:26pm oba:

rich Corinthian leather, says Tesco Vee

heh, Herve's most dastardly was as Knick-Knack
in one of the Bond movies
where Herve actually tries to kill James Bond (Roger Moore ?)
  2:27pm Joe B:

Corinthian leather is a marketing term that does not actually indicate any particular type of leather. Montalbán confirmed this during an interview with David Letterman, admitting that Corinthian leather means "nothing." According to one reference, Chrysler's "Corinthian" leather was mass produced in a plant in Newark, New Jersey.
  2:28pm Joe B:

the above from wikipedia so who knows if it's true!
  2:29pm oba:

troo, true, but it *sounded* sophisticated and luxurious
  2:30pm Glenn L:

Just like on Fantasy Island.
  2:35pm Nasty Diggs:

Band sounded good!
  2:39pm efd:

Thanks for the plug! May I also add to the upcoming shows list- Thomas Function have three shows coming up: in-store at Other Music on Friday at 8:30 (yes, another Friday show!); at Cake Shop on Saturday; and at Mercury Lounge on Sunday.
  2:42pm Parq:

Okay, wait. My wife and I both remember the tag line as "rich" Corin. leather, but alll the obits had it as "soft", as does oba. Have we just got it wrong?
  2:44pm Rubble:

I though it was the FINEST corinthian leather!
  2:45pm Joe B:

also on wikipedia:
Although many misquote Montalbán as saying "rich Corinthian leather" or "fine Corinthian leather" in the commercial, he actually says that "soft Corinthian leather" is an available upholstery option for the car.
  2:50pm Parq:

Many thanks, Joe. Killer girlrock from the Prisc'es, by the way.
  3:13pm Ken From Hyde Park:

I second the compliment of the Priscillas. They had a good sound.
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