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Playlist for 29 April 2009 Favoriting | The Swine Flu Upskirt Panty Shots Hour

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Funkadelic  Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow   Favoriting Title Track 

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Brainticket  Brainticket   Favoriting Cottonwoodhill 

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  0:11:07 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Sex Bomb   Favoriting Generic Flipper      0:20:40 (Pop-up)
MC Solaar  Nouveau Westerne   Favoriting Rebirth of the Cool Vol 3 

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  0:30:47 (Pop-up)
Serge and Brigitte  Je T'aime Moi Non Plus   Favoriting Initiales BB 

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  0:34:33 (Pop-up)
Serge Gainsbourg  Valse de Melody   Favoriting Historie de Melody Nelson      0:38:42 (Pop-up)
The Verve  Bittersweet Symphony   Favoriting Illegal Art Exhibit Companion CD 

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  0:40:02 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Sinfonia Agridulce   Favoriting Soy Sauce    *   0:45:05 (Pop-up)
Tom Jobim & Elis Regina  Aguas de Marco   Favoriting Elis & Tom 

Click for the full size image
  0:48:58 (Pop-up)
Pizzicatto Five  Thanks You   Favoriting This Year's Girl      0:52:16 (Pop-up)
Les Innocents  Colore   Favoriting Un Monde Parfait      0:57:24 (Pop-up)
The Rutles  Piggy In The Middle   Favoriting Meet The Rutles 
  1:09:25 (Pop-up)
Beatles  Piggies   Favoriting White Album      1:13:34 (Pop-up)
Sebadoh  The Freed Pig   Favoriting Sebadoh III 

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  1:15:30 (Pop-up)
Black Sabbath  War Pigs   Favoriting       1:18:28 (Pop-up)
Lou Reed  The Blue Mask   Favoriting Title Track 

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  1:27:42 (Pop-up)
          1:35:21 (Pop-up)
James Last  Mexican Hat Dance   Favoriting       1:40:32 (Pop-up)
White Strpes  China Pig   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:41:35 (Pop-up)
Al Jazzbo Collins  The Three Little Pigs   Favoriting       1:43:08 (Pop-up)
Pink Floyd  Pigs On The Wing   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:46:59 (Pop-up)
Moondog  Pigmy Pig   Favoriting H'art Songs      1:49:31 (Pop-up)
John Loudermilk  The Asiatic Flu   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:51:37 (Pop-up)
Waylon Jennings  Ain't No God in Mexico   Favoriting       1:53:46 (Pop-up)
Dale Hawkins  Little Pig   Favoriting       1:56:21 (Pop-up)
Angry Samoans  I'm a Pig   Favoriting 31 Garbage-Pit HIts 

Click for the full size image
  1:57:54 (Pop-up)
Primus  Pork Chop's Little Ditty   Favoriting Pork Soda      2:00:12 (Pop-up)
Plasmatics  A Pig is a Pig   Favoriting Beyond the Valley of the Plasmatics      2:01:29 (Pop-up)
Sadis Euphoria  Lake of PIgs   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:05:20 (Pop-up)
Captain Beefheart  China Pig   Favoriting       2:06:00 (Pop-up)
Tom Waits  Filipino Box Spring Hog   Favoriting Mule Variations 

Click for the full size image
  2:10:04 (Pop-up)
Morning 40 Federation  God Help Me   Favoriting Trick Nasty      2:13:17 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Jet Ear Party   Favoriting Title Track 

Click for the full size image
*   2:17:37 (Pop-up)
Pigbag  Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag   Favoriting       2:26:18 (Pop-up)
Green Jelly  Three Little Pigs   Favoriting  
  2:30:04 (Pop-up)
  1976 Swine Flu Propaganda         2:34:54 (Pop-up)
Brigitte Fontaine and Areski  La Grippe   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:35:55 (Pop-up)
Ferrante & Teicher  Mexican Hat Dance   Favoriting       2:39:49 (Pop-up)
Elvis Costello & The Brodsky Quartet  Swine   Favoriting       2:42:10 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  Piggled   Favoriting       2:44:22 (Pop-up)
Miss Piggy  I WIll Survive   Favoriting       2:45:18 (Pop-up)
Queen  Mad The Swine   Favoriting       2:47:10 (Pop-up)
  Pandemic Flu Song         2:50:45 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am annie:

good morning ken!!
  9:02am fishmonkeystew:

Awwww, yeah, Ken. Nice start.
  9:02am annie:

is it enough for swine appreciation day?
  9:03am Starman:

WOOOO, Free your mind and your ass will Follow. What a great way to start the morning.
  9:04am Lizarnder Dave:

Where's the pork?
  9:05am BSI:

Free your swine...
  9:06am John from Oslo:

  9:07am Parq:

Free your mind and your respiratory system will follow.
  9:11am Ken:

Hi everybody! Still getting settled! Damn that Nachum and his Israeli independence day special!
  9:11am BSI:

Flu Your Swine and your Turntable Tonearm Will Wander Amelessly...
  9:11am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Happy Swine Flu Scare Everyone
  9:12am Pieter:

Good morning Ken
  9:13am Bad Ronald:

Having a lovely swine wish you were here!
  9:14am dc pat:

hey you can plug that face mask into your computer...
  9:15am Ken:

Exactly DC Pat!!
  9:15am Hal:

I really think you should put uyour mask on Dave.
  9:16am BSI:

literal computer virus?
  9:17am Ken:

Swine / Pig / Mask requests PLEASE!!
  9:18am Chris:

Piggy In The Middle -Ruttles
  9:19am BSI:

Surrealist Waltz, Pearls Before Swine...

uh, i can do better 'n that, the coffee just arrived.
  9:19am dc pat:

war pigs, disguises -- the who (sort of about masks)
  9:20am annie:

pigs in a blanket!
  9:21am Bad Ronald:

Lou Reed - "The Blue Mask "
  9:21am Jed:

sbb yeah
  9:21am dei xhrist:

a recording of the recording that you used as opening music for your first radio show
  9:21am RSTVMO:

corned weeney?
  9:21am Jøe Steele:

If we cure swine flu, won't that turn it into bacon flu?
  9:22am BSI:

Butthole Surfers, "mexican caravan" mixed with a loop of Isabella Rosellini's "he put his disease in me... he put his disease in me...."
  9:24am Parq:

Laurie Anderson's "Language Is a Virus"?
  9:24am dc pat:

huh, I just put my coffee on my laptop power adapter to keep it warm...never thought of that before...
  9:25am dei x:

Jøe, I just can't come up with a good response to your zinger.
  9:25am Swami:

BSI spot on!
  9:26am Janet H:

i'm tryin to wake up here....oh yea hello!
  9:27am JCityJensen:

Coffee and Flipper! SWEETTT
  9:27am annie:

music please!
  9:29am Oak Ridge Backs:

My whole effin' system's on fire, Elviral!
  9:30am Star Man:

I've seen this whole Swine Flu thing before. It was the movie Outbreak
  9:31am PMD:

Mornin' all. good to know I only missed 2 songs and it's a half an hour in.
If you have a USB facemask, wouldn't the spammers transmit the virus that way?
I'd like to hear some Porky Pig mixed with something appropriate.
  9:31am Jøe Steele:

Hmm, Stephen Malkmus' album Pig Lib does not have any pig realted song titles on it.
  9:32am UB40:

Dead, dead swiiiine...
  9:33am dei x:

pigface - symphony for taps
  9:33am Star Man:

How about "Three Little Pigs" by Green Jello
  9:33am jan:

ah oui- ce matin programme est bon.
  9:33am Michael:

WMBR, the M.I.T. radio station, had in the mid-'80s a "Do your own 'Sex Bomb cover' contest...I don't know if any compilations of the results still exist, but I'll ask a few people there.....
  9:34am Bad Ronald:

Wottabout the Bonzos - "Jollity Farm"?
  9:34am Jim:

"You Can't Poison a Pig" by Pig in a Can?
  9:34am John from Oslo:

I hear the cottonwoods whisperin' above,
"Tamiflu ... Tamiflu ... Tamiflu's in love"
The ole hooty-owl hooty-hoos to the dove,
"Tamiflu ... Tamiflu ... Tamiflu's in love"

Does my lover feel
What I feel
When he comes near?
My heart beats so joyfully,
You'd think that he could hear

Wish I knew if he knew
What I'm dreamin' of
Tamiflu ... Tamiflu ... Tamiflu's in love
  9:34am You called?:

be-dee be-dee be-dee that's not ALL, folks!
  9:35am listener mark:

good morning ken
why is it called swine flu?
should it be called mexican farm factory flu?
  9:35am Ken:

That my friends is the pic that got me banned from flickr (brigitte). go figure.
  9:36am ume:

"state of emergency" - the living end
  9:36am -max-:

Found this odd thing from 2006 about wearing surgical masks - "Pandemic Flu Song" on YouTube:
  9:36am G.:

It's a mutation. Flu remix. Refried flu.
  9:38am PMD:

Oh, I like those stockings!
  9:38am listener mark:

ken, one of your cartoon pics got me in trouble at work. A cartoon of a naked women on a bed, I forget how long ago.
  9:39am dc pat:

BPPbbblllltthh!! That pic just made me spit out my coffee!! Jeezus H. KEERIST!! Now I'm awake.
  9:39am bbell:

Who is the censor at flicker? . . . brigitte looks pleasant enough.
  9:39am dale:

there was that great Warner Bros cartoon about the Big Bad Wolf and Three Little Pigs here the Wolf wanted to join their jazz combo. Have no idea where to find.
  9:39am Bad Ronald:

Oh My God... Knickers!!!
  9:39am Jim:

And didn't Wesley Willis do a song called "Hog Lady" or something like it?
  9:39am JCityJensen:

it should be called smithfield flu
  9:39am Some Guy:

My pants got really tight during that last song
  9:39am NSFW:

That Ken.
  9:40am Jøe Steele:

I've seen worse on flickr. By worse I mean better.
  9:40am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Hey Jim, Yes he did
  9:41am Lizardner Dave:

Todays Programme: "The Swine Flu Upskirt Panty Shots Hour"
  9:42am Some Guy:

Can you get Swine Flu from eating pork products?
  9:42am still b/p:

Please to be mashing Peggy Lee's Fever and Filipino Box Spring Hog, Tom Waits.
  9:43am dc pat:

ok, now we need a pic of Sofia Loren--preferably holding up a can of olive oil...
  9:43am Jim:

Last suggestion: anything by Durocs.
  9:44am dc pat:

something by Rhythm Pigs??
  9:44am dale:


maybe your personal assistant can record some of the audio...
  9:44am Flue Coordination Dept.:

Notice: For fussy people, we have Halal Flu or Kosher Flu as options. Thank you, and have a nice disease.
  9:44am bbell:

No, you can't get swine flu from eating pork; however, now that all of the good fat has been bred out of commercially produced pork it isn't worth eating anyway. Perhaps this is the pigs' revenge.
  9:45am some other guy:

some guy; no you cannot get swine flu from pork. it is a respiratory virus passed through air-borne water molecules, coughs. etc.
  9:45am BSI:

"Infected" by The The would be an idea, but only if played half-speed. It's better that way. Many things are better that way.
...wheeze, koff-koff...... snif......
  9:45am Will Smith:

Gettin' piggy widdit...
  9:46am Vicki:

this mexican song is lovely! give it to me now!
  9:46am Chris:

Been running at half speed for awhile myself.

Now I get the Bittersweet thing. This is teh funny.
  9:47am -max-:

Can't vouch for it, but there is a Flying Fish Sailors' song named "Flu Pandemic" available here:
  9:47am Song Interpreter:

And then you die. Get fucking used to it.
  9:47am Cecile:

Good Morning, Ken.
I love you.

Good morning, board.
I am fond of you.
  9:47am Leslie:

awesome! Might this be available somewhere?
  9:47am L:

Love this! Much better in spaniard!
  9:48am Cecile:

Oh! Anything from Tall Dwarves "Throw a Sickie"
  9:48am Some Guy:

Those mexicans are giving us something that makes us sick. First its Tequila, then Carona, now Swine Flu.
  9:48am dc pat:

Yeah, this is sehr bitchin.
  9:49am Cecile:

  9:50am Ken:

Hi Cecile! This song is for YOU.
  9:50am Lyrics Guy Again:

Fim do caminho = End of the road. Fim da vida = End of Life
  9:50am dale:

maybe the net should be cast over chickens too. or mexican music.
  9:51am John from Oslo:

Thanks Ken, that version of Aguas de Marco is on my top ten list ; )

Espesially the laughing part is beautiful!
  9:51am -max-:

"Mexico" by Bob Moore!
  9:52am World Health Organization:

Brigitte, raising your skirt will not prevent the swine from being attracted to you, quite the opposite.
  9:52am JCityJensen:

ever catch the the trader joes version of this song :
  9:52am Cecile:

the laughing part makes it, John.
  9:52am Cecile:

Oh, hai, Ken - Chico Science, maybe?
  9:53am Cecile:

JCJ, I love that! It's really superb.
  9:53am Ken:

But you know what's disappointing? Elis would laugh in that same part every time she performed the song. Just like Ella Fitzgerald would always pretend to forget the lyrics to Mack The Knife.
  9:53am Cecile:

aw, thank you Ken.
  9:53am -max-:

"The Flu" by John McCutcheon available as a "listen" here:
  9:54am Janet H:

i want to hear Johnny Cash sings Jackson with Miss Piggy....
  9:54am fishmonkeystew:

Perhaps something by Made in Mexico?
  9:55am Cecile:

Hey, scripted Elis laughing is a whole lot better than a whole lot of other things.

I have been loving The Widow by the Mars Volta lately. The ultimate border band.
  9:55am Ella and Elis:

That's entertainment....
  9:55am Lizardner Dave:

The funniest part of this show will be when Ken gets to the end without playing a single pig song. Genius.
  9:56am l:

Great show so far!!
  9:57am dei x:

"I have the swine's flu and he has mine" - paraphrasing Eddie Campbell. Go read "The Fate of the Artist" and everything else he's done.
  9:57am John from Oslo:

OINK! if you love Ken
  9:57am Hmm:

Maybe he's just collecting playlist ideas for other people. If they want them! :-P
  9:58am BSI:

This whole thing has SICK PUP by BURIED DROOG in my head now (mega-underground Baltimore-area band, '80s) ... Ring any bells, fellow DC/Balto folks, ex-listeners to Steve & SKizz on WCVT?
  9:58am PMD:

And Lizardner Dave, you are likely correct.
  9:58am lee:

Green Jello, "Three little pigs" Cereal Killer Soundtrack
Jane Birkin, "La grippe," Rendez-vous
  9:59am Vicki:

great music you're playing... I want this one too!
  10:00am Ken:

Lee - which album is that Jane Birkin on?
  10:00am Ken:

No, I'm still getting settled! Pig music still to come!!
  10:01am lee:

on "Rendez-vous"
  10:01am -max-:

Oh, ye of little faith in Ken!
  10:03am dc pat:

c'moooooonnnnnn Sofia!
  10:03am PigVirus:

Someone called?

I've got Ken already, fuckers. Watch out.

Yes, I am called Andy in my other life.
  10:04am Maggie from Rock Tavern:

Squirrels before swine!
  10:04am Predictive Text Box:

Hey I have feelings you know.
  10:04am PMD:

I like it better when Ken mangles German, not French
  10:05am Some Guy:

Peg Virus Please, let Ken go. Take me instead dammit, take me
  10:06am Lizardner Dave:

@max - I have tons of faith in Ken, and I think it would be hysterical if he kept asking for requests here and not playing a damn one of them.
  10:06am cheri:

hiya ken,,whats cookin? i want to talk about the summer schedule,,are you going to keep monica & efd? i think you should get rid of pseu,,,,hope you get better ken,,thank you!!!!
  10:07am Cecile:

I am now going to have to write Brigitte Bardot/Joseph Goebbels slash fiction.
  10:08am Megan:

i always listen to ken's show for all the hot nazi gossip.
  10:08am esch oder anarchie!:

C'est Bonnie et Clyde!
  10:08am sugarwolf:

I bought that BB box set at the record fair a few years ago...
  10:09am -max-:

Another reason why I don't use Flicker. Censorship!
  10:09am Negator:

How bout a Clinic song. They wear masks. Return of Evil Bill.
  10:09am paul:

M.I.A. - "Bird Flu"? or is that too obvious?
  10:09am thelma:

Initials B.B. is pronounced "Bay Bay" as in bébé-- or "babe', Yes, she was married when she recorded it and she couldn't release it, until much later, 1980s, when she needed to raise money for the cause of animal rights.
  10:10am Vicki:

hope you get better soon, Cheri
  10:10am JCityJensen:

Seriously - WTF with the planes - whos the guy who set that up? Ever hear of photoshop?
  10:10am fishmonkeystew:

La Grippe by Squirrel Nut Zippers?

Hey Ken, ya still got that train whistle? I miss it.
  10:10am Jøe Steele:

You know 10's of thousands of people die from regular flu every year?
  10:10am paul:

ooh rutles!!!!
  10:10am Cecile:

any song about BBQ would work
  10:10am dei x:

Laurie Anderson does the same thing - capitalizes on the feeling of spontaneity by working it in to the performance. Why do we feel gypped at that - is it a last vestige of entertainment purity?
  10:10am Cecile:

Yeah, Joe. Ppeopel really underestimate it.
  10:11am cheri:

i liove the rutles they'are much better then the beatles..lolol
  10:11am belki:

cough, cough, .... oink, oink,....
  10:12am Maria:

One little post piqued the lonely swineherd,
  10:12am PMD:

fishmonkeystew - I was thinking the same thing - train whistle please!
  10:12am brigitte:

I will not shut up until stunning is carried out on animals (presumably pigs in this case) before their ritual slaughter.
  10:12am Brian C.:

Possible Pig tunes?
"Root Hog or DIE!!" by June Carter (on her 2 cd Keep on the Sunny Side comp)
"Do The Pig" by Merced Blue Notes from "Lux and Ivy's Favorites Volume 11" (link from fmu blog a while back)
  10:13am Jim:

I can't believe no one has mentioned The Beatles' "Piggies."
  10:13am trrrish:

It doesn't look like 'upskirt photography' to me.

It's 'show and tell'
  10:13am dale:

do brigittes panties match the lining of her skirt?
  10:14am Hipsters:

Hey Jim: We programmatically abjure the obvious.

Until we don't. O:-)
  10:14am gumby:

Hogs on the Highway - Bad Livers
  10:14am buddy's guy:

every week a kid or two gets killed by stray gunfire here in chicago and now everyone is worried about the piggy swine kid dying...makes ya think...about pigs, guns and buying the proper breathing mask - thanks for the pic - im bringing it to wallgreens and asking for that specific type
  10:15am Old and in the Way:

Pig in a Pen
  10:15am listener mark:

excellent song
The official name is H1N1 virus.
Just wondering, if I drink a tremendous amount of Guinness Stout, would it kill the virus? It's worth a try, innit
  10:15am Bad Ronald:

nah, looks like lace.
  10:15am dc pat:

dale: they're see-through, hence the uproar?
  10:16am Pearly Sweets:

Sebadoh in the morning. Hot diggity.
  10:16am PigVirus:

Silly Humans. We viri are too small for the weave of masks to block. We work for dust and stuff. But if you are into placebos, be my frigging guest.

I pwn yr ass3s
  10:16am still b/p:

Pink Floyd Pigs should only be played if Traktorized.
  10:17am Nine Inch Nails:

Piggy; March of the Pig
  10:18am Josh:

Mudhoney: Touch Me I'm Sick
  10:18am Suicidal Tendencies:

Choking This Pig
  10:18am Tinsun:

How about Pig Pig with The King Khan & BBQ Show?
  10:18am Cecile:

Sonic Youth doing Touch Me I'm Sick is good too
  10:18am Feral Cat:

Please play 'Piggy Pile' by The Wet Spots!!!
  10:19am Chris:

Sick of Being Sick - Damned
  10:19am JCityJensen:

War Pigs ---> B.Sabbath- too obvious, right?
  10:19am Cecile:

  10:19am Cecile:

if by obvious you mean, it rocks, then yes.
  10:20am paul:

oh, can we hear some V/VM? they have about a million songs about pigs
  10:20am John from Oslo:

I'm so worried - Monty Python

  10:20am buddys guy:

the monks - Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy
  10:20am jaypee:

Yeah! Good MORNING!
  10:21am buddys guy:

twink Three Little Piggies
  10:21am JCityJensen:

bout pigs in zen Jnz.Addickshun = obvious?
  10:21am Star Man:

Time Will Tell on there power minds
  10:22am dc pat:

doesn't MDC have some pig-oriented tunes?
  10:22am Freddy:

Three Little Pigs by: Green Jelly
  10:22am esch oder anarchie!:
  10:23am buddys guy:

neil young - Cinnamon Pig
  10:24am esch oder anarchie!:

Mucky Pup - Little Pigs
  10:24am Cecile:

listener mark, a local brewery just emailed me and suggested stockpiling a weekly growler of beer to beat the flu
  10:25am Tinsun:

Or Papa's Got a Brand New Pigbag with Pigbag!
  10:25am Bill Domanico:

Pigs on the Wing by Pink Floyd
  10:25am Unclear on the Concept:

What's with this Sabbath song? Is this supposed to be some kind of anti-war protest or something?
  10:26am Negator:

Rainbow-Difficult to cure That's the band Rainbow.
  10:26am fectso (fxo):

dude, you coulda played "Waters of March" by Arthur Garfunkle, as well, but screwing with it.
Brainticket!, indeed.
  10:26am esch oder anarchie!:

Die Prinzen - Du musst ein Schwein sein
  10:26am buddys guy:

sarah palin and the pig faces
  10:26am JCityJensen:

"Cincinnati Dancing Pig" via Mr. lowflying Vic Damone?
  10:27am Black Sabbath:

Dunno, mate. Cut us some slack. We were stoned at the time.
  10:27am swinefreemexican:

oh, hi, Ken!

Finally I have the chance to thank you live. Fuck yeah! I've listenting to your archives for the last months and founded several pearls. 2009-2002. Thank you!

Greetings from Mexico (aka swineland)
  10:27am cheri:

thats funny i don't feel like a pig,,or do i
  10:27am dc pat:

that Bill Ward's a pretty kickin' drummer.
  10:27am War Pigs:

Yeah, you could say it is anti-war:

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of deaths construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait till their judgement day comes, yeah!

Now in darkness, world stops turning
As the war machine keeps burning
No more war pigs of the power
Hand of God has sturck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees, the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings
All right now!
  10:28am Ghengis Jung:

  10:28am Cecile:

Negator, Is that Joe Lynn Turner Rainbow or Ronnie James Dio Rainbow?
  10:28am fishmonkeystew:

Hey, look what I found!

St.James Infirmary?
  10:28am marty:

pigmy pig by moondog...... please
  10:28am Easily Persuaded:

Thanks, Porky. You really set me straight.
  10:29am Negator:

Joe Lynn. You know some stuff.
  10:29am Porky:

No more Tramada-meameamea, no more Tramada- peapeapea, no more Tramada-mea, no more of those dog pills for you, Ken.
  10:30am Cecile:

I do. I'm a metal fellow traveller, and my girlfriend LOVES Joe Lynn
  10:30am buddys guy:

that lou reed guy is soooo serious
  10:30am PMD:

Ken, where did you get that Porky pig thing you played??
  10:32am JCityJensen:

would the real piggy please stand up :
  10:34am hey!:

wouldn't it be great if everyone behaved as if their immune systems were compromised all the time.?
  10:34am Vince:

Look at this, easily cleans and picks up whatever the swine wanna's HamWow! You following me, CDC guy?
  10:35am Jøe Steele:

Wow, I need that text thing.
  10:35am Easily Persuaded:

You're right, I will resist badgering.
  10:35am paul:

the ad council are freaking geniuses
  10:35am steroided hamster:
  10:36am buddys guy:

didnt one of the jonas brths girlfriend send nude pics to him?
  10:36am Listener James from Westwood:

"Nudity makes me vomit." Who the hell wrote this, Tobias Fünke?
  10:38am dei x:

That's what you get for using Piggies for the soundtrack for your first radio show!
  10:38am buddys guy:

its andy breckmans favorite song, right?
  10:38am marcus:

haha, I love you space echo joking :D
  10:38am BSI:

...not if you were ALL THREE badger brothers.
  10:39am Jim:

Fripp and Summers, "I Advance Masked"
  10:39am Jøe Steele:

Oh by the way. you totally gave me tickets via Twitter the other day. (rock!) Does that mean I can't get anything else for a while?
  10:40am swinefreemexican:

A childhood classic: "Los Tres Cochinitos" (Three Little Pigs) by Cri-Cri
  10:40am Brian C.:

Cramps: What's behind the mask?
  10:40am Jøe Steele:

I'd say "It's The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" But I don't actually want to hear that.
  10:42am buddys guy:

bessie smith 'Gimme a pigfoot and a bottle of beer.
  10:42am Tony from Brooklyn:

Skeeter Davis? That's a good one
  10:42am Janet H:

Johnny Cash @ the Muppets singing "Jackson" with Miss Piggy....its on youtube....
  10:42am DMQ:

How about "A pig is a pig" - Plasmatics
"I'm a pig" - Angry Samoans"
"This little piggy" - Skrewdriver
  10:43am Cecile:

Listener James from WW: I think I love you.
  10:43am Martin:

How about "The Mask" by Dangerdoom?
  10:43am REM & Stipey:

"...and I feel swine."
  10:43am thailand listner:

i second pigs on the wing....

how about something of Antrax's "Spreading the Disease"? Either "A.I.R" or "S.S.C./Stand or Fall"
  10:43am Gigantor:

Hey, I don't see that anyone has requested Swine" by Elvis Costello, but then again, the comments keep refreshing, so it's hard to tell.
  10:43am BigDave:

I crave pig meat - Blind Boy Fuller
Filipino Box Spring Hog - T. Waits
Sad Pig Dance - Dave Evans
  10:43am Feral Cat:

How about Weezer, Pork & Beans or Pig?
  10:43am Cecile:

Down in Mexico by the Coasters
  10:43am Chris:

Carressing Swine - Died Pretty
  10:45am Cecile:

Something from Angry Red Planet's "Little Pigs, Little Pigs"
  10:45am DMQ:

or anything by Philly's own Pig Destroyer?
  10:45am uuee:

Badgers? We don' need no stinkin; Badgers!
  10:45am Parq:

Gigantor, use the "pause comment" link at the top of the column.
  10:45am dale:

close enough! but I wonder if 'jazzbo' is p.c. today
  10:45am JCityJensen:

Miss Piggy " Stereau Warm up" -

  10:45am Tony in Brooklyn:

Ken, If you can find the ep by Furious Pigs, the one to go with is "I don't like your face"
  10:46am doug from dc:

Death in June - "All Pigs Must Die!"
  10:46am Takattack:

I'm too lazy to check what people have already posted, so apologies if there is any duplicates here:

Piggy Bank Love - The Bonzo Dog Band
Year Of The Pig - Fucked Up
Pig Will Not - PJ Harvey & John Parish
Piglet - Arab Strap
China Pig - Captain Beefheart
Ergo Space Pig - GBV
Happy As A Dead Pig in the Sunshine - Kaki King
We Are The Pigs - Suede
  10:46am Cecile:

  10:47am swinefree mexican:

Green Jelly - Three little pigs
  10:47am paul:

Jazzbo Collins and the three pigs. I have not heard this sense I was about 10. My foather had a copy of this. Wixh I still had it.
  10:47am Janet H:

Tourniquet - If Pigs Could Fly
  10:47am DMQ:

Ramones - "I'm Infected"
  10:47am buddys guy:

pig man - amon duul
  10:47am postmanpaul:

ken, this 'pinky and perky' piggy live bbc recording is irreverent.
  10:48am Star Man:

Three Little Pigs
Artist: Green Jelly

Why don't you, sit right back,
and I, I may tell you, a tale.
A tale of three, little pigs,

Well the first little piggy, well he was kinda hick.
He spent most of his days, just a dreamin of the city.
And then one day, he bought a guitar.
He moved to Hollywood, to become a star.
But, living on the farm, he knew nothing of the city.
Built his house out of straw, what a pity.
And then one day, jammin on some chords,
along came the wolf, knocking on his door.

Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.
Little Pig, Little Pig, let me in.
Well I'm huffin, I'm puffin, I'll blow your house in.
Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.
Huffin, puffin, blow your house in.
Huffin and a puffin and I'll blow your house in!!!

Well the second little piggy, well he was kinda stoked.
He spent most of his day just in ganja smokin.
Huffin and a puffin down on Venice Beach.
Getting paid money for religious speech.
He built his shelter from what he garbage picked.
Mostly made up of old cans and sticks.
Then one day he was cranking out Bob Marley,
and along came the Wolf on his big bad Harley.


Well the third little piggy, the grade A student.
His daddy was a rock star, named Pig Nugent.
Earned his Masters Degree, from Harvard College.
Built his house from his architect knowledge.
A tri-level mansion, Hollywood Hills.
Daddy's rock stardom, paid for the bills.
And then one day came the old house smasher


Well the big bad Wolf,
well he huffed, and he puffed, all that he could.
And low and behold the little piggy's house stood.
"IT'S MADE OUT OF CONCRETE!" the little piggy shouted.
The wolf just frowned, as he pouted.
So they called nine-eleven, like any piggy would.
They sent out RAMBO, just as fast, as they could.


Well the wolf fell dead as you can plainly see.
So thats to end the story, for you and me.
If you still give a listen, you just may, here a big wolf or little piggy say.


"And the moral of the story is, ' A band with no talent can easily amuse
idiots, with a stupid, puppet show."
  10:48am Cyrus:

Caaaaan youuu pig iiiit?
  10:48am JCityJensen:

Thanks Fatty Jubbo -
  10:49am fishmonkeystew:

Well, thanks for this PF, Ken! Ever hear the Les Claypool and His Flying Frog Brigade version? Purty darn good, I'd say.
  10:49am -max-:

Great pic choice for Pigs on the Wing!
  10:51am Parq:

Ken, call me sentimental, but I would rather have heard Dan Bodah's 2008 H&M version of this.
  10:51am Bill W:

great music to online-jobhunt to this morning.
  10:52am Webhamster Henry:

Pigmy pig puts me back to the old WFMU of The 90s.
  10:54am Kamil Antosiewicz:

Now this is what I call digging.
  10:56am danny:

mexican radio
  10:58am (mta) Tony:

















I hope you can find ONE amongst these to help... - Tony
  10:59am Brooklyn Bridget:

Clive Pig and the Hopeful Chinamen!
  11:00am Ike:

Wow, BSI, I had no idea there was ever anything good on that Towson MD station before it went smooth jazz.
  11:00am BigDave:

Ramones - Wart Hog
Also on Lou's Blue Mask is Waves of Fear, which fits nicely with today's "Oh shit, we're all gonna die" theme.
  11:01am Freddy:

Didn't that Zombie movie 28 Days Later start with some virus getting out and making people sick?
  11:02am ~L:

Because Egypt has had 26 deaths due to bird flu, they are getting ready to slaughter 300,000 pigs on pig farms to try to prevent the spread of swine flu. There is no pig justice.
  11:03am Parq:

Ike, the pre-smoothjazz format in Towson drove that guy to waste his family in that hotel.
  11:04am BSI:

Ike -- WCVT was taken over by hostile forces, like many decent college station. But circa '87, I heard tons of great underground stuff on that station: hardcore, spacerock, obscure proggy stuff, Cosmic Music Experience, etc...
  11:04am doug from dc:

F**k the pigs, man!
  11:06am Feral Cat:

Calm down creeps. Listen and request without typing a novel huh
  11:07am Park:

  11:07am (mta) Tony:





Just a few others to consider...
  11:09am PROCOL HARUM:

  11:09am fishmonkeystew:

The Captain! Ken, you're rocking the Swine Flu today.
  11:10am zoot:

and Bringing Home the Bacon from Procol Harum Grand Hotel
  11:10am GP:

What kinds of bugs are on those dudes!!!????
  11:10am Harlan Andreeson:

  11:12am dc pat:

AH! Tom, good one, Ken!
  11:12am Bryant:

"Filipino Box Spring Hog" doesn't get enough airplay. Karen in Sleepy Hollow is very happy about this.
  11:12am Ken:

GP - They're wearing caterpillars. It's the only thing you can do to stay safe from the swine fly.
  11:13am Pigzardner Dave:

  11:13am Peter K.:

"I'm a Hog for You, Baby," by the Coasters.

Also, there's a song called (I think) "Do the Pig," but sadly I can't remember who does it.

By the way, Beefheart to Waits is a brilliant segue. Did you know that around the time of "Swordfish Trombones," Beefheart became convinced that Waits was stealing his stuff? (I think he was right!)

Also, how about "Respect Yourself" by the Staple Singers? It includes the immortal line "Put your hand on your mouth when you cough, that'll help the solution."
  11:13am 441:

  11:14am Negator:

In the Colosseum off Bone Machine would work too.
  11:14am GP:

no,no no ...don't like
  11:14am postmanpaul:

ken, when i start to worry about the effects of chimney flue, i take a spoonfull of this immediately

am loving your shows the more i get to listen, particularly liked your 7secdelay 'fear and loathing in'... car ride with andy and his wife the other week. adios
  11:16am Cecile:

Peter K., Tom Waits borrowed heavily from him, i am completely convinced.
He has his own spin now, but I still have a warmer place in my heart for Don V.
  11:16am Cecile:

Peter K., Tom Waits borrowed heavily from him, i am completely convinced.
He has his own spin now, but I still have a warmer place in my heart for Don V.
  11:16am Cecile:

Oh, God Hates Us All by Slayter
  11:17am sticky:

nice segue again. i love that we can come up with 10 million suggestions and then ken just plays something better.
  11:18am Carmichael:

Good morning, Ken and board people. I'm not reading the whole damn board this morning; you guys are prolific.

Great set, and a rrrrrocket! start with Funkadelic. Maybe end it with some Swamp Dogg, just to make ends meet?
  11:19am Bronwyn C.:

So are the DJs all spraying the mic cover with, you know, something?
  11:19am dc pat:

yeah, yeah but the Captain stole from Howlin Wolf. Waits claims he didn't listen to Beefheart until his wife hepped him.
  11:19am Jim:

Don't tamper with The Magic of Ken.
  11:20am Carmichael:

I think they both stole from Lord Buckley.
  11:20am Cecile:

Hey, I know. It's all good.
I like all of them a lot for different reasons.
  11:20am Cecile:

that, too, carm.
  11:20am fishmonkeystew:

Ya know, regardless of who stole from who, they all had/have their own thing going in the long run. And it's all good.
  11:20am Feral Cat:

Yeah...hand washing will save you from certain death...yep. Up Skirt Pig Flu theme rules! oink Ken!!
  11:20am Carmichael:

Rockin' Pneumonia & the Boogie Woogie Flu.
  11:20am buddys guy:

i can believe that about tom waits and his wife...he didnt get weird until he met her
  11:21am Cecile:

  11:22am J-Mar:

Oh, I'm interested in the Kane tickets, but don't think I can make the trip from Nashville to NYC in time for the show....
  11:22am Alex:

It would be so cool to see Jonathan Kane. Any chance for those free tix?
  11:22am Cecile:

cool, buddys guy.
For once the girl has the more "out" record collection.

  11:22am DEA:

Spray the microphone with paraquat.
  11:22am PMD:

Again, Ken, if you gave tickets to shows in DC... I'd be all over them
  11:22am Cecile:

You could play Nazareth's Hair of the Dog.
  11:23am Spider Pig:

Spider Pig, does whatever a spider pig does.
  11:23am Virginia:

I'd love to go, but I am 4 hours away.
  11:23am dc pat:

Exactly buddys guy.
  11:24am Ken:

Seven Second Delay archives are here:

email remixes and clips to me at ken at wfmu dot org
  11:24am dei x:

third time I've typed it, isn't Piggies dear to you because you used it as the intro to your very first, pre-WFMU radio show? The one where someone called in for some Rolling Stones and you played a sound effects album of an avalanche?
  11:24am Sensei_Rebel:

Hey Ken, if you've seen the daily Yahoo news headlines then you'd know Yahoo is run by a group of 13 year old girls.
  11:24am Virginia:

I second the emotion for ticket giveaways for shows in DC. Recognize and embrace the fact that you are a global radio station. Enough with only NYC promos.
  11:25am Jøe Steele:

That explains the avatars.
  11:25am Ken:

Dei X - You win!!!
  11:25am Parq:

Well said, Ken (re torture).
  11:25am dc pat:

3rd vote for dc tickets, dammit
  11:26am Cecile:

yes, Parq. It is true
  11:26am master rise ofthe pigs:

very graphic (u've been warned) torturing pigs :
  11:26am GP:

Whoah Parq, my lag time is making me see your comment before Ken mentions it...its like you are some kind of mind reader or something......
  11:27am doug from dc:

4th vote for dc tickets.
  11:28am PMD:

Yeah, I have a hell of a lag time.
  11:29am Vicki:

LED Sheep
  11:29am dc pat:

right you are Ken but it is unusual to bring this stuff out in the open so soon after it happened or is still happening. Usually the truth comes out only after the perpetrators have died of old age...
  11:30am Cecile:

Love this song.
Love that you're old like me and prolly got drunk to this song in Ann Arbor...
  11:30am (mta) Tony:

and my last suggestion is:

  11:30am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Thanks Ken
  11:31am dei x:

yaaaay! Stalking - the hobby that pays! Too bad I'm in frickin' New Hampshire and have to pass on tickets.
  11:31am Steve:

I haven't heard Green Jelly since my 8th grade dance.
  11:31am Danne D:

ah who can forget the big controversy that caused this band to change its name from Green Jello
  11:31am grubbus:

I was wondering how long it would take for you to play this Ken
  11:31am PMD:

Oh, love this song. didn't know who sang it (Green Jelly to clarify, since my comment won't appear for a few minutes)
  11:32am elvie:

  11:32am Scotta G:

Sensei_Rebel -- man, do I hear you re: the Yahoo "news" section. Its a block of insults. Then there's the "see what he said" drop-down, where they want you to further explore the story. Sheesh.
  11:32am Bad Ronald:

Mount Tushmore!!!
  11:32am GP:

This PIgBag sounds like something the Rice Mob would play.
For those uninformed:
  11:32am Virginia:

Ken - here are the phone numbers for the Black Cat (202.667.4490) and Iota (703.522.8340). I am sure they would hook you up with tickets. Get working. This is a brilliant idea of mine. Remember, you are a global radio station. You are bigger than the rest.
  11:32am Feral Cat:

Mt. A**whore...ha ha
  11:33am Carmichael:

I've never heard this song. Where the hell did you go to 8th grade?!?
  11:33am GP:

I swear without looking at the playlist, this sounded like Insane Clown Posse.....of which I'm sure they have some appropriate songs for today.
  11:34am grubbus:

Carmicheal the only thing better than this song is the video
  11:34am Steve:

This song was a big hit on MTV for a few weeks, which meant it fell quite easily into the DJ's playlist.
  11:34am Danne D:

man this was a staple on MTV back in the day
  11:35am Esaily Persuaded:

See you Ken, I have t go get a shot.
  11:35am Nick the Bard:

To bad it's the lame ass radio edit of Three Little Pigs :/

And in 8th grade, that was pretty much the only cassette I listened to for like, 4 or 5 months
  11:36am dc pat:

Iota!? Who cares about that? What about Velvet Lounge and Comet Ping Pong??
  11:38am BSI:

Iota, Velvet Lounge, whatever, it's all closer than Hoboken... Plus, if you can get black-and-white alien vampire fly woman over there to show up, I'm absolutely there. With a bib.
  11:38am dc pat:

Doug from DC can probably list off 10 great venues in dc to see bands.
  11:38am Virginia:

Velvet Lounge (202.462.3213); Comet Ping Pong (202.364.0404)
  11:39am doug from dc:

dc pat, the Velvet Lounge in DC doesn't have advance ticket sales. Strictly a stamp at the door. Not sure about comet ping pong, but i suspect it's the same. I think they'd have to stick with Ticketmaster-serviced venues.
  11:39am PMD:

I'd volunteer to call them (Iota, etc) for you Ken, but that would make me ineligible for tickets. I'd also suggest Jammin Java: Phone: 703.255.1566
  11:40am doug from dc:

but correct me if i'm wrong...i'm always up for free admission.
  11:40am dc pat:

thanks Virginia...

Oh doug, didn't think of that...duh.
  11:40am MystrM:

Pigs by Robert Wyatt
  11:41am Scotta G:

Ferrante and Tescher's piano genius !!! Yes!!! The early stuff was pretty wild.
Muted piano strings, etc...
  11:41am Carmichael:

These guys are just your style, Ken. Used to see 'em on Mike Douglas.
  11:42am buddys guy:

this little piggie went to mexico, this little piggie stayed home...
  11:42am Ralphine:

"I'm Wearing a Mask Because I Don't Want to Catch the Swine Flu on My Trip to Mexico"? Can't think of the group that did it, though.
  11:42am Feral Cat:

Bernie Madoff sound bites plus oinks would be pigtazzztic!!
  11:44am Jøe Steele:

I might just leave the PB&J in the fridge and go for a ham sandwich after the show.
  11:44am Scotta G:

How about the song "Makin' Bacon'" by The Rotters ?
  11:45am paul:

  11:45am paul:

how about "ice ice bacon" by the trotters?
  11:45am fishmonkeystew:

Seems like the Dow likes the Swine flu. Up 150 points.
  11:45am GP:

This flu is not Kosher...not Kosher at all....

"The outbreak of swine flu should be renamed "Mexican" influenza in deference to Muslim and Jewish sensitivities over pork, said an Israeli health official Monday"
  11:46am Scotta G:

Sorry -NOT the Rotters, it was The Pork Dukes -" Making Bacon" from 77.
  11:46am Gonzo:

It's about time that you worked in the glorious pig diva.
  11:46am slimey:

beautiful ken
  11:46am Cecile:

  11:47am Jøe Steele:

Ken's pulling out all the stops now.
  11:48am -max-:

Yes, I will be having ham sandwich for lunch today! Not planned, just ironic.
  11:50am Hong Kong Flu:

I'm next.....
  11:51am dei x:

what's with the broad getting hassled by Linux?
  11:51am Gigantor:

Hey, is this going to become Theme Time Radio Hour?
  11:51am buddys guy:

wow so many songs with pig themes....never would have known...horses, yes, but pigs?!?!?! who'd figure
  11:52am Carmichael:

If you play any zany Mark Russell parodies, I'm outta here.
  11:52am lee:

Hoof & Mouth Sinfonia under quarantine?
  11:53am Jim:

According to a report on, "The Philippines' health department [has] urged people to avoid kissing and hugging in public."
  11:53am still b/p:

I will have Pig Newtons for dessert after lunch.
  11:54am Carmichael:

Whoa! This sounds EXACTLY like Pink Floyd.
  11:54am Gigantor:

According to a report on, "The Philippines' health department [has] urged people to avoid kissing and hugging pigs in public."
  11:55am buddys guy:

i wish shed just give in already
  11:55am RagnarR in SF Bay: this creepy robot internet guy trying to pick up on the girl or the pig?
  11:56am Cecile:

I thought you could snuggle with clothes on.
  11:56am buddys guy:

you know she will give in eventually
  11:56am GP:

Is this the creepy Stephen Hawking?
  11:57am doug from dc:

OK, here's the list of dc venues, with all necessary caveats:
Velvet Lounge (saw Psychedelic Horseshit there last night)
Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center (all Sonic Circuits events now, Jeremiah Cymerman this weekend)
Galaxy Hut (down to two nights of live music a week, but the excellent beer selection is always there, and good music)
Comet Ping Pong (extra credit for most improved)
Black Cat (still can bring it)
9:30 Club (very rarely has anything good, but when it does the sound system rocks)
DC9 (very rarely has anything good, and has same ownership as the Blowtel, but I saw Earthless there recently, so some points)
Big Bear Cafe (mostly alt-rock, but points for hosting Talibam! recently)
Jammin' Java (too bad so little good here, it's near my house)
State Theater (has prog rock, sometimes, Van der Graf Generator coming up, enjoy the two-drink *maximum*)
Rock'n'Roll Blowtel (Nazi d-bags, and no good music anymore)
  11:57am lee:

only at cuddle parties
  11:57am Carmichael:

A Pink Floyd/Stephen Hawking mashup. Cool.
  11:57am doug from dc:

Black Cat would be my recommendation for DC ticket give-aways, BTW.
  11:58am Megan:
  11:58am Chris:

Hey Doug, know anything about Solly's, like is ther eanything coming up in May....
  11:58am uh oh:

ass kicking about to commence
  11:59am Feral Cat:

Miss Piggy did it...she unplugged your immune system.
  11:59am JCityJensen:

the low flying plane is making the noise
  11:59am Happy Listener:

  11:59am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

I have Pandemic Flu Song on my computer Ken
  12:00pm BSI:

Love it. Kenny G causes chaos simply by walking into the room.
  12:00pm doug from dc:

chris, uh, yeah Solly's Tavern. I forgot the venue where I'm playing on May 17th! (forgive the shameless self-promotion).
  12:00pm Carmichael:

I'm there.
  12:00pm PMD:

doug from DC, can I be yiur faceboook friend so I know which shows I should go to and when they are happening? that's your purpose in life, right?
  12:01pm Danne D:

wow, I haven't been this moved since "Band Aid"!
  12:01pm Ghengis Jung:

Everyone at my office is standing together, singing, and swaying. This might be the last time we are all together like this, before we die. Those of us who live, we'll always remember this moment. When the world was still beautiful. Before THE SWINE FLU!!!
  12:01pm doug from dc:

PMD, I dropped out of Facebook. But look for DougfromDC on Twitter.
  12:01pm annie:

which flu song?
  12:01pm Vivian:

Everybody hold hands and sing
  12:02pm Megan:

This is what happens when CDC workders get drunk and cut loose.
  12:02pm Carmichael:

That was better than a Mitch Miller album.
  12:02pm Carmichael:

That was better than a Mitch Miller album.
  12:03pm GP:

This will be our version of Ring Around the Rosie
  3:04pm Ken:

Dei X, i need to get an email from you for the Kane tickets. Want them?
  4:03pm Mike J:

Dude -- Bad Livers, "Hogs on the Highway"!!!
  7:45pm Raj:

Woah, just read this whole DC venue thing on comments. What happened here?
  11:51am Bob Loblaw:

Sweet Jesus! Genius show.

The apocalyptic decrees of our news agencies surrounding the bacon flu bring to mind one of the finest visual sequences in one of the finer recent "man is dying"-genre filmes, Children of Men:
  3:24pm Sacha:

This is a couple of days late, but Bo Carter's "Pig Meat is what I Crave" would have been my suggestion.
  1:13pm Luis Vazquez:

Thanks for playing my "Pandemic Flu Song". I had no idea it would have such an impact. BTW, I do radio at times at WCBN - your old haunt. Below are the lyrics to the song:
I Can’t Help Catching a Deadly Flu
Lyrics by Luis Vazquez, copyright 2006
Sung to the tune of “I can’t help falling in love with you” by George Weiss - Hugo Peretti - Luigi Creatore

Economists say, surgical masks will do
So I can’t help catching a deadly flu
Public Health
Where the hell are you!
Help us prevent catching the deadly flu

Like a nasal flow, droplets in the air
H5N1 goes, airborne everywhere
Shake my hand, touch your eyes and nose too
And you can’t help passing the deadly flu

Cover up your nose, wrap with panty hose
Don’t you wonder why?
N95s in short supply?
Shake my hand, touch your eyes and nose too
And we can’t help catching a deadly flu
And we can’t help catching a deadly flu
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