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Playlist for 06 May 2009 Favoriting | Pandaroo Loin Cloth Edition: Dedicated to Listener Cecile

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Luther Ingram  If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right)   Favoriting  

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Chi Lites  Have You Seen Her?   Favoriting       0:07:16 (Pop-up)
Big Blood  Heart of Glass   Favoriting  

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  0:08:34 (Pop-up)
Kevin Blechdom  Lazy   Favoriting Gentlemania    *   0:14:58 (Pop-up)
Cleaners from Venus  Mercury Girl   Favoriting Golden Cleaners 

Click for the full size image
  0:17:02 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Forests and Sands   Favoriting My Maudlin Career    *   0:21:54 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Katia, Tania, Paulina Y La Kim   Favoriting Pinata 

Click for the full size image
  0:26:20 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup      0:31:32 (Pop-up)
Los Super Elegantes  Dance   Favoriting Nothing Really Matters 
*   0:41:50 (Pop-up)
ESG  Moody (Soaced Out)   Favoriting A South Bronx Story      0:45:25 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda  Tracks 1-2   Favoriting Fabriclive.39 

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*   0:49:06 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  Snookered   Favoriting Bromst    *   0:54:21 (Pop-up)
The Buzzcoacks  Ever Fallen In Love?   Favoriting Single Going Steady      1:02:15 (Pop-up)
Soulwax / Salt n Pepa / Stooges  Push It / No Fun   Favoriting  

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  1:04:46 (Pop-up)
Fannypack  Hey Mami   Favoriting So Stylistic      1:08:21 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
ZZ Top / R Kelly 
        1:12:23 (Pop-up)
JG Thirwell  Node Wrestling   Favoriting The Venture Bros Vol 1    *   1:17:15 (Pop-up)
Akron Family  Everyone is Guilty   Favoriting Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free 

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*   1:21:14 (Pop-up)
Wooden Shjips  Aquarian Time   Favoriting Dos    *   1:27:38 (Pop-up)
Olivia Tremor Control  excerpt from Green Typewriters   Favoriting Dusk At Cubist Castle 

Click for the full size image
  1:33:30 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Thank You (Fallettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)   Favoriting Jet Ear Party 

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*   1:34:38 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  The Goose That Laid TheGolden Egg   Favoriting Toys 

Click for the full size image
*   1:48:31 (Pop-up)
Booker T. and no M.G.'s w/ Neil Young!  Warped Sister   Favoriting Potato Hole 

Click for the full size image
*   1:54:03 (Pop-up)
Jinx Lennon  Taxi Man Face   Favoriting Trauma Themes - Idiot Times 

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*   1:59:08 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Track Two   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ      2:03:33 (Pop-up)
Cex  Hotso   Favoriting Dannibal 

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*   2:09:38 (Pop-up)
Shrubbn!!  -73 degrees C   Favoriting Strikeroo Comp    *   2:13:11 (Pop-up)
DJ Vadim  That Lite feat Juice Lee & RJay   Favoriting U Can't Lurn Imaginashun 

Click for the full size image
*   2:17:22 (Pop-up)
Cassette Boy vs DJ Rubbish  From the Block (G-Form)   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:22:11 (Pop-up)
Bob Hund  Folkmusik for Folk Som Inte Kan Bete Sig Som Folk   Favoriting Self Titled Doncha Know 

Click for the full size image
*   2:32:26 (Pop-up)
Hanne Hukkelberg  Bandy Riddles   Favoriting Blood From A Stone 

Click for the full size image
*   2:35:14 (Pop-up)
Dragibus  Rossz Gyerekek   Favoriting Mascarade 

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  2:39:46 (Pop-up)
The Human  Corn Weenie Remix   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:43:17 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Suicidal Empire   Favoriting The Box      2:46:42 (Pop-up)
Jacques Brel & Louis Navarre  L'Homme De La Mancha   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:51:21 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:07am annie:

no comment
  9:08am john From Oslo:

We're still alive, thanks to Ken's eclectic aural inoculations last week!
  9:08am Negator:

  9:08am Ghengis Jung:

I've seen her!
  9:09am Pieter:

Morning Ken, morning all
  9:10am Ken:

Morning all! I haven't seen her. Yet.
  9:10am Jed:

wow, this is on e heavily played record...
  9:10am PMD:

Damn, wanted to be the first comment for my favoritest DJ on WFMU and the bestest ever station manager there is.
  9:10am BSI:

Just got in from a fifty-year soiree behind the eyelids... what did I miss?

.......ah! Big Blood...... it will be a good day.........
  9:11am dc pat:

why don't NPR news announcers clear their throats? They just try to talk through it--annoying as hell and another reason to listen to WFMU.
  9:12am listener mark:

morning ken
morning all
  9:13am Ken:

DC Pat - They use the cough button.
  9:13am -max-:

Ah, the sweet smell of Hump Day! Glorious, just glorious. Hoping to hear a little humppa before the next three hours is up, but I am here for the long run regardless.
  9:13am Ken:

I love you Cecile!!
  9:13am annie:

i gave up NPR years ago. annoying and milquetoast reporting. canned news, repetitive shows. .. no meat to the bones anymore.
  9:14am cribley:

i am greatly disturbed by that picture.
  9:14am dragonflyshards:

(it's much more professional to gargle while they talk)Hi Ken!Hi,All!
  9:14am Devin:

Mornin' ya'll's.
  9:14am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning Folks!
  9:14am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Good Morning everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day so far.
  9:16am annie:

ken, you did that indian picture!! i love that ,, there were others too.
  9:16am dc pat:

but they DON'T use the cough button--they try to talk through it and you can't understand what they're saying, I don't get it...FMU dj's cough, snort, and burp, the way things should be
  9:17am dc pat:

annie: you're right but in DC we don't receive any other radio basically...
  9:17am Ken:

Freddy - What;s the top selling item at WO Plumbing Supply for the last week? I need to KNOW!!
  9:19am John from Oslo:

Oh, let it be a Master Plumber's Toilet Plunger w/ 19" Handle
  9:20am Parq:

I'm with Anne -- totally over NPR. The clip Spazz uses as a drop-in -- pronouncing "Bo Diddley Beat" as if it had eight syllables in that smug "Even we're not above a little fun" tone -- tells you everything you need to know about that Cabernet-sipping bunch.
  9:20am dei x:

Hi all. Is anyone present an expert on resistors? I have a wiring project and I don't know how to determine what I need. I'm sure to get better expertise here than wikipedia. Also, EOP - do you carry the fabled NY sink pipes/J bends? Only regular U-bends in my area.
  9:20am Peanut Gallery:

I like this guy, but especially I like his hats
  9:23am Joe:

Ken, I like how you update your Facebook right after posting a picture that specifically bashes Facebook. It's like Newspeak, with pictures.
  9:23am dragonflyshards:

that's a pic i can sink my teeth into.
  9:23am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Honestly Ken, the best selling item in our store is a Survival Knife for some reason
  9:23am dc pat:

parq: Yeah, I'm with you, but DC=no radio. It's either that or 19th century, romantic classical music (PEEEYUUKE!)
  9:24am dragonflyshards:

survival's good...
  9:25am A West Orange sport:

Go ballcock! C'mon ballcock! Number 1, number 1! Survival knife??!! Awwwwww, DAMN!
  9:26am Parq:

DC, you think New York is rich with diverse, challenging radio? We *invented* the canned format. Babe, that's what the FMU 6-9 am webcast is for!
  9:26am dragonflyshards:

(i was rooting for a Y connector for a hose)
  9:27am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Sorry West Orange Sport, Ballcocks came in third
  9:27am doug from dc:

We do have WPFW here. Bobby Hill and Thomas Stanley do a good show of free jazz and hip hop on Thursday nights. I agree about NPR, though. But even I am not beneath sipping a little cabernet.
  9:28am Joe Steele:

I expected this show to be taken over by super intelligent swine by now.
  9:29am BSI:

True 'nuff about WPFW, but I still weep like a weenie over the swell & groovy radio lost over the years...

Praise Allah for this here FMU thing and the web gods that bring it to me.
  9:29am Ken:

Freddy, can we order ballcocks online? I think I speak for everybody here when I say that I really wanna do my part.
  9:30am dragonflyshards:

Ask Dave Emory about super intelligent swine.
  9:31am doug from dc:

Yeah, since Bobby Hill took over as as program director, WPFW has been slowly improving. At least moving in the right direction. Too bad so few people showed up for the Guillermo Brown show he set up last week.
  9:31am paul:

  9:31am dragonfryshards:

  9:31am John from Oslo:

Mr Crapper invented the Ballcock according to Wikipedia;

A ballcock (also balltap or fill valve) is a mechanism for filling water tanks, such as those found in flush toilets, while avoiding overflow. It was invented by Thomas Crapper.
  9:32am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

You can buy ballcocks online, but my shop doesn't have a website. I believe you can find them on Amazon though.
  9:32am Bad Ronald:

El Kenejo Fresa!
  9:33am dc pat:

Let's summarize: everyone thinks NPR is bad. PFW is sometimes good. Parq, stop complaining. Not clearing throat = stupid. now back to Ken.
  9:33am Parq:

NOW what did I do??
  9:35am Ken:

Freddy, that defeats the whole purpose. We all want to buy our ballcocks from West Orange Plumbing Supply!
  9:36am Ken:

DC Pat - You're taking Kenny G's opera from last week too seriously.
  9:36am Lizardner Dave:

Just wanted to say that I've got a ton of work to do and won't be commenting today. Oh wait, I just commented. Shit.
  9:38am JCityJensen:

Swine free link!
  9:38am dc p:

Kenny G...wait till I get my hands on that mother--

Parq, I JUS KEEDING, mwah!
  9:39am doug from dc:

  9:39am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Ken, the store is located on 378 Washington Street Orange, NJ 07050. I'm open til 5
  9:39am BSI:

  9:40am dc p:

bacon flu

  9:40am Bad Ronald:

Bryce is nice!
  9:40am FCC:

Are you mocking us!!!!!!!!!
  9:40am PMD:

Freddy, if your store is in Orange why is it called West Orange Plumbing Supply?
  9:40am Parq:

DC, someone's got to cover it until Ike gets here.
  9:41am dc p:

panderingdemic -- typo...
  9:41am postswineflupaul:

bryce is nice bad ronald
  9:41am The FCC:

We can change your investigation status at any time, buster. So, you bertter keep your nose clean.
  9:41am PMD:

Ken, what stringy muscles you have.
  9:41am dc p:

right Parq--man, that guy keeps me alert...
  9:42am doug from dc:

The heine flu pants-demic
  9:43am Ken:

Mr FCC - No you can't! Check your statutes biatch!
  9:44am Ghengis Jung:

Ken, did you ever go by the name 'Slim Goodbody'?
  9:44am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

PMD, my boss thinks that Orange is a bad neigborhood so he named the store West Orange
  9:45am What!:

chicos y chicas! vamos a bailar!
  9:46am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

He thought it would be good for business
  9:46am -max-:

PMD: You have never been to that part of Jersey, have you?
  9:47am 127:

Holy crap, she just missed that kid
  9:48am PMD:

I have actually. I lived in Maplewood. I know Orange. And West Orange. I just thing it's funny to call it West Orange. Doesn't change the neighborhood it's in. Doesn't change the quality of the store/service. I guess maybe it changes perception...
  9:48am The FCC:

Ken - Wrongo, boyo. Much like the legendary Dean Vernon Wormer, we have a set of double secret statutes we use to dispatch insolent word pornographers such as yourself. Watch your back.
  9:48am 128:

holy crap, she just missed him again!
  9:49am BSI:

orange, west orange, etc.....
some of us prefer tangerines.
...not sure if it "Tangerine Plumbing Supply" would sell more ballcocks, but there's more vitamin-packed flavor in your typical tangerine vs. oranges.

.....and don't get me started on TANGELOS. Dem bastards is a sin against nature.
  9:50am PMD:

I prefer Clementine's myself...
  9:50am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

PMD, my boss is a white guy that is affaid of the hood
  9:50am PMD:

Damn those apostrophes!!!!! Always appearing where I dont' want them.
  9:51am Folk Singer:

Oh, mah darlin'
  9:51am Ken:

Let me just say regarding Kenny G's playlist comments opera last week: the evil Keny G eliminated the many, many positive comments that people (me included) made about comments and commenters. The man is a hater.
  9:51am John from Oslo:

Swine flu pandemic anagrams:

Wfmu Dispel Canine
Spain Decline Wfmu
  9:51am doug from dc:

As long as it's not Blood Orange. That's the real hood.
  9:52am dc p:

as annie pointed out last week, Kenny's a provoker. It's his shtick
  9:53am NB:
  9:53am dei x:

sing along to the Femmes!
  9:56am listener mark:

I'm anti-voker.
I don't know what that means,
I'm just looking for an argument.
  9:59am Ghengis Jung:

This new Dan Deacon record is GREAT!
  10:00am doug from dc:

I know. There rest of this album is kinda different, but this track sounds like Eno on steroids.
  10:01am What!:

I've heard this Dan Deacon song a few times and I like it. I alway think it's an old Eno track at first.
  10:03am Bad Ronald:

Buzzcocks hell yeah!
  10:03am jeremy the listener:

wfmu is my shtick
  10:03am dc pat:

Buzzcocks---FUCKIN A!!
  10:04am jeremy the listener:

actually this is the "The Buzzcoacks"
  10:04am Negator:

Pete Shelly is like Plastic Bertrand. They could write a hook!
  10:05am dc pat:

oh, yer right...dammit...
  10:05am Joe:

This song should be distributed to every living human upon the occasion of their 13th birthday.
  10:06am Joe:

This one too... for very similar reasons.
  10:09am somali pirate:

is this an unreleased track from the blue velvet soundtrack?
  10:10am BSI:

he put his disease in me...
  10:12am About Kenny Verdi:

Opera isn't fair. Opera is dramatic.
  10:12am dc pat:

this song is crackin me up--I love Fannypack.
  10:13am GP:

OH I'm awake..thanks Ken.
Morning all.
  10:14am Pearly Sweets:

Howdy doo, GP
  10:16am GP:

Pearly...<tips hat>
  10:16am The FCC:

We don't like for you to use the "W" word.
  10:17am JCityJensen:

  10:17am The FCC:

We are working on making "goddamit" illegal as well.
  10:18am jojo:

it's like dog backwards, can't wait to celebrate the big day
  10:18am Janet H:

Good Morning, Ken!!
  10:19am Ken:

Hi Janet!
  10:19am Mac:

Dear Mr Ken Whore:
Just missed a chance. My son totaled his car two weeks. All OK but already scrapped the wheels. Next time?
  10:20am dei x:

oh, Thirwell... short scrawny & scary. I saw him in Boston and couldn't come up with an opening line. I should have asked if I could buy him a drink when he was done with his bottle.
  10:20am Ron Burgundy:

Jazz Flute?
  10:21am What!:

Goodbye WXHD (sniff), hello WMFU. The signal up there is sooo good. Ironic that I can't hear WFMU at Exchange Place (three blocks from the studio) but you almost don't even need a radio to pick up WXHD when I'm being manly up in the woods in the middle on nowhere.
  10:21am Moose:

Venture Brothers is a good cartoon.
But SUPERJAIL! is the absolute best!
  10:21am Mac:

  10:21am GP:

Is this the new Jethro Tull?
  10:26am somali pirate:

i think i hate akron family because they seem like a happy family
  10:27am GP:

I guess Fear Factor has gone a bit too far...but that is kind of a good looking scorpion.
  10:28am Moose:

I can't pick up FMU too well here in downtown Jersey City either
  10:28am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

King of the Hill is the best cartoon
  10:28am sflu:

Everyone is guilty...of a little scorpion sex?
  10:29am annie:

i want a holiday here in the us that lets us get all crazy with coloured powder!
  10:29am Ken:

Just be sure to absorb the lesson from that French PSA pic - never have unprotected sex with an oversized radioactive scorpion.
  10:29am somali pirate:

i love the wooden shjjjjjips but all their songs sound lke sex bomb to me
  10:29am ?:

  10:30am ~L:

I love those Akron/Family guys! Where did you find the gymnastics nightmare video?
  10:31am somali pirate:

plus i can never remember if the j or the i goes first
  10:31am dei x:

Can you think of a better way to get crabs?
  10:34am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Annie, we do have a holiday like that. Its called Mardi Grai
  10:36am annie:

  10:36am Freddy:

Who put the picture up of me and the Scorpion
  10:37am still b/p:

  10:37am Arachnophilia:

Spiders know how to give head.
  10:38am Boris:

Who put that picture up of me and the lady?
  10:38am GP:

Waitng for the Little Miss Muffet jokes
  10:38am somali pirate:

in russia, spider eats you
  10:38am Janet H:

Thank You for playin Jonathan Kane!
  10:38am Swami:

This Kane tune is a great jam! Thanks Ken!
  10:39am Ken:

Everybody please thank and welcome Janet H for that very nice picture of the protesters wearing their Ken loincloths.
  10:39am GP:

still b/p you win!
  10:39am dei x:

excuse me, you should be putting at least five of those arms to work.
  10:39am Swami:

The visual? Not so much.
  10:40am Spider:

In nine months, she'll be octomillionmom
  10:40am Bronwyn C.:

That Jonathan Kane sounds mighty good--WAIT A MINUTE! IS THAT BAGPIPES?!? I love bagpipes as much as Stn. Mgr. Ken loves tramadol.
  10:41am dc pat:

you had to know Flipper was coming.
  10:42am JCityJensen:

  10:45am postmanpaul:

i'm i being ken freedmankovich?! yes!
  10:45am gigantor:

You hate the phone calls!
  10:45am The FCC:

You hate giving tickets to folks in DC for shows in DC.
  10:46am jeremy the listener:

you hate that the FCC always really really wants the tickets
  10:46am Lizardner Dave:

Thank you, thank you very much.
  10:46am FCC:

Little known fact. It stands for Freedman Catches Crap mwahahahahahahahaha
  10:47am raga:

fishmonkeystew flu
  10:47am Ken:

Gigantor wins! You want the tickets Gigantor? Hey guess what?! There's people calling for4 the tickets. But Im not gonna answer the phone. HAHAHAHAHAH!
  10:48am Gigantor:

Answer the phone, ken. Actually I don't want the tickets, and I totally guessed!
  10:49am Janet H:

I see you found a way of using that image, Ken.
  10:50am Ken:

OK Gigantor, then you must award the tickets to someone else by 1115.
  10:50am Lizardner Dave:

The calls are coming from inside the station! It's Nic Cage (and that movie had ANOTHER accident last night!)
  10:51am Ken:

Uhm,, I didnt see anybody thank Janet for her lovely picture of the protesters wearing their Ken loincloths.
  10:52am Ken:

Hi Bronwyn!!
  10:52am gigantor:

What were they tickets for again? I seem to be the only person that really tried, too. But I will award the tickets to someone if I can.
  10:52am Bad Ronald:

Thank you Janet, damn it!
  10:53am Ken:

The tix are 4 Danielson at Merc Lounge Fri May 15 730pm.
  10:53am jtm:

Thanks Janet! Great work!
  10:54am Janet H:

You're welcome!!....I try!
  10:54am Lee:

Ken's pic on loinclothes? Is this the sign of a new Kendemic?
  10:55am Moose:

Bronwyn? Where? HI
  10:56am Moose:

Oh, there she was.
(I took all my dog's tramadol, and another dog's too)
  10:56am Gigantor:

we have a winner, Ken. What do I do?
  10:57am Kathy C:

Thank you Janet, Too bad you didn't have a full monty shot of Ken to go on the protesters' loincloths. Will someone tell me how to send a picture in an email? I feel stoopid.
  10:57am PMD:

Janet, I love the placement of the nose. Though maybe you should use a photo of Ken looking up.
  10:58am somali pirate:

thanks janet - how about face masks with kens visage on wear that pandemic or not
  10:59am Ken:

Gigantor, you and your lucky weiner can email me at ken at wfmu dot org. i need the name address and email of the winner also.
  10:59am Janet H:

  10:59am GP:

Ken, are those available in the FMU gift shoppe?

Nice work Janet
  11:00am still bada/bing:

With or without that loincloth in place, you're still showin' a ________.
  11:00am Bad Ronald:

  11:00am HotRod:

  11:03am somali pirate:

ken kind of looks like actor jonathan price in that pic
  11:04am GP:

What are those dudes protesting anyway?
  11:05am gigantor:

Thanks, Ken! Email sent!
  11:05am Bad Ronald:

They're protesting salt and pepper goatees!
  11:05am Ken:

I think those guys were originally protesting Aussie Prime Minister John Howard.
  11:07am GP:

10-4 on that Bad Ron.

Thanks Ken for this Kid Koala track
  11:07am revroth:

Ken, no MGs on the Booker T record... backing band is the Drive-By Truckers + Neil Young
  11:09am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Wow! I haven't heard this Kid Koala song in a long time!!
  11:12am Janet H:

I have to say I enjoyed that Kid Koala if only I can hear The Drum by Slapp Happy!. Thanks!
  11:12am PMD:

I wonder if that gymnastic girl missed the little boy.
  11:12am BSI:

Hotso = ultra mega mas groovy, loincloth-man.
  11:12am John McCabe in LA:

I finely got up early enough to catch your show! set see if I can do math this early in the morning
  11:15am Janet H:

i think that gymnastic video is slowing down the playlist......

yea doing math in the morning is not fun....
  11:16am BSI:

  11:17am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

"Imma......RADIO...DISC....JOCKEY!!" LOL!
  11:17am ~L:

I think his left hand touches her as he goes under.
  11:18am BSI:

naw, seriously... that's the new, less-offensive name for the schwein-flu. Schools closed on account of a suspected case of Rooty-Poops... doesn't sound so bad, does it?
  11:19am dc p:

it's funny that little kids have absolutely no sense of what's around them. He flinches a little but keeps moving forward...
  11:20am Mark:

I keep expecting the kid to get hit
  11:21am Mark:

But he never does!
  11:22am Liz B.:

Keili says play "Fluffy" by Gloria Balsam
  11:22am -max-:

Hello Larry!
  11:24am GP:

Ken apparently they love you in Korea
  11:25am Z-lo:

  11:26am still b/p:

I would like to play the spoons on that From the Block cover. More spoons!
  11:27am Parq:

"Ken, They Love You In Korea" would be a good name for a movie. One of those feel-good youth market pictures.
  11:27am drone_chaparral:

@ gp ... same goes for brussels ;)
  11:28am annie:

anything new goin' on? i was outside walking the puppy up near the garden. anyone for ginger cookies?
  11:28am Janet H:

what about an after school special....
  11:29am texas scott:

ginger favorites!
  11:30am somali pirate:

in s korea you can hire a company to organize your protest for you - they do the music signs and will even coordinate the collors for you
  11:30am GP:

Annie..send some our way!

Janet you are reading my mind..I kinda miss the Afterschool Special.
  11:31am bbell:

Cookie baking and gardening are in my plans for today! After the show, of course.
  11:33am yay!:

the puppy loves ginger cookie dough, after i let her dig in the garden.
  11:35am Joe Steele:

You can get plenty of diseases from dealing with pooh you know.
  11:35am Janert H:

poor piglet!
  11:35am Brian C.:

how come I can't find the pic of Diaperman with a google image search? Ken, if you have it, can you post it on your playlist?
  11:36am ?:

pooh is poohflu phobic
  11:36am PMD:

annie, homemade ginger cookies? that'd be great!
  11:37am still b/p:

Just a little little peanut butter on your ginger cookies...will change your life.
  11:37am Poo Fighters:

This is a poo-free zone. Thank you for your co-opooration, and have a nice day.
  11:37am PMD:

Poor poor piglet. He needs to find his Tao now. Or a brown cow.
  11:37am annie:

yeah pmd- i can send you the recipe, too. OMG bp, what a great idea!!
  11:39am bbell:

Did you know that you can take a ginger tuber found in the food store and plant that? It will produce leaves, it is a tropical plant, so unfortunately it will not overwinter outdoors, Ginger is a carminative plant (good for digestion and getting things going in the lower gi tract.) Maybe your puppy knows that.
  11:41am Puppies:

Yes, we totally enjoy pooing.
  11:42am -max-:

Hansi! We have that comic book. A classic!
  11:42am annie:

very likely bbell. she is getting a raw food diet, so she only gets the dough... i love it too!
  11:42am Vivian:

bbell, how do you plant the ginger tuber? Soak the tuber overnight and then plant? How far into the ground?
  11:43am Pearly Sweets:

Annie's ginger cookie recipe is top-notch! I baked a bunch this weekend after she sent the recipe to me. They make every lunch time a smile!
  11:44am Martha Stewart:

Harumph. Don't you people need *me* for this?
  11:46am The Media:

We got over you years ago, Marty Baby
  11:48am Carmichael:

Good mornin, Ken and other people. Better late than never.
  11:48am GP:

Are they singing the MASH theme song?
  11:49am Janet H:

i didn't even eat breakfast yet...and you're talking about cookies.....wait, thats what i eat for breakfast all the time.... Oreo cookies though, but ginger cookies sounds good too!
  11:49am The Government:

Get off this line! I'm trying to make a call!!
  11:50am Pearly Sweets:

They make a good "I'm running late I need to grab something real fast" breakfast also. I did that this morning.
  11:51am Carmichael:

"Suicide is Painless", I believe written by Johnny .... Mann?

And thanks for playing Cleaners From Venus, Ken. An all-time fave.
  11:52am annie:

bagel sandwich with sausage, bacon, egg and cheese for me when that happens.
  11:52am Bill W:

Johnny Mandel.
  11:52am gigantor:

  11:52am another old man:

Johnny Mandel I think
  11:53am GP:

Cool thanks Carmichael.
  11:55am The Government:

Dave Mandl wrote it
  11:57am BSI:

Christos! I turn my back for one bloody minute & miss a corn weenie!
  11:58am -max-:

New 7SD tonight, Ken?
  11:59am doug from dc:

Is there a band named "Billionaire Suicides" yet?
  11:59am Ghengis Jung:

What about the magic FIREBALL!!!!?
  11:59am dc pat:

hey guess what! I think I have an intestinal virus. I'll see you all later...
  12:03pm Jocelyn Ozolins:

Ken: Did you know WFMU was mentioned on VSL (Very Short List) yesterday in regard to the Free Music Archive?
  12:11pm ?:

Kenny G is a bad influence on you Ken. Why can't you be more influential on Kenny instead of the other way around.
  12:12pm paul:

I'M A WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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