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Playlist for 13 May 2009 Favoriting | All Hail Omar

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Pope John Paul II  Vieni, Santo Spirito   Favoriting Abba Pater 

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Arcade Fire  Intervention   Favoriting Neon Bible      0:07:02 (Pop-up)
Quiero Club  Quiero Que Me Quieras   Favoriting Rudo y Cursi OST 

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*   0:10:39 (Pop-up)
Fugazi  Give Me The Cure   Favoriting       0:14:52 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  Guess I'm Falling In Love   Favoriting Another View 

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  0:17:28 (Pop-up)
NInian Hawick  Scottish Rite Temple Stomp   Favoriting Steep Steps      0:20:21 (Pop-up)
Los Super Elegantes  Fun With Animals   Favoriting Nothing Really Matters 

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*   0:23:40 (Pop-up)
The Magnetic Fields  I Have The Moon   Favoriting  

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  0:35:37 (Pop-up)
John Lennon  Jealous Guy   Favoriting  

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  0:38:03 (Pop-up)
East River Pipe  Hell Is An Open Door   Favoriting The Gasoline Age      0:42:04 (Pop-up)
Nirvana  Where Did You Sleep Last Night?   Favoriting Unplugged 

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  0:44:54 (Pop-up)
Patsy Cline  She's Got You   Favoriting       0:50:02 (Pop-up)
Rufus Wainwright  April Fools   Favoriting       0:53:27 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Favoriting  

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  0:58:09 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
        1:01:48 (Pop-up)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282  Green Eyed Lady   Favoriting       1:14:48 (Pop-up)
Queen of Japan  I Was Made for Loving You   Favoriting  

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  1:17:51 (Pop-up)
Go Home Productions  Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be Your Everything?   Favoriting       1:23:29 (Pop-up)
Cristina  Ballad of Immoral Earnings   Favoriting Sleep It Off      1:26:06 (Pop-up)
The Vaselines  Sex Sux (Amen)   Favoriting Enter The Vaselines 

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  1:30:02 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Johan Georg Albrechtsberger 
        1:33:34 (Pop-up)
JC Hopkins  Athens By Night   Favoriting       1:39:41 (Pop-up)
Home  Burden   Favoriting  

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  1:44:24 (Pop-up)
Bloc Party  This Modern Love   Favoriting Silent Alarm      1:48:56 (Pop-up)
The Cure  A Forest   Favoriting  

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  1:54:20 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting Soy Sauce    *   1:58:13 (Pop-up)
Cuca & Youth Brigade  El Son Del Dolor   Favoriting Red Hot & Latin 

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  2:02:54 (Pop-up)
Booker T and Zero MGs and One Neil Young  Potato Hole   Favoriting Title Track 

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*   2:06:48 (Pop-up)
Etienne Charry  Prinsen   Favoriting 36 Erreurs      2:13:13 (Pop-up)
Stereo Total  Ta Voix Au Telephone   Favoriting Paris-Berlin 

Click for the full size image. via Scottnot
  2:16:31 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  The Entirte CD in Music Scan Mode   Favoriting Together Through Life    *   2:25:33 (Pop-up)
Charles Manson  Cease To Exist   Favoriting Lie 

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  2:27:43 (Pop-up)
3Puen  Sugar Cookie   Favoriting       2:30:56 (Pop-up)
Caetano Veloso  Lost In The Paradise   Favoriting Self Titled 

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  2:33:54 (Pop-up)
Christian Astronauts  Loosenut Tells How To Take a Space Trip   Favoriting Beyond The Blue      2:37:36 (Pop-up)
Guiboratto  Take My Breath Away   Favoriting Atomic Soda 

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  2:40:02 (Pop-up)
Mu-ziq  Carpet Muncher   Favoriting Royal Astronomy      2:46:12 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:

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  2:49:08 (Pop-up)
Peter Blegvad  Bared Bard   Favoriting Downtime 

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  2:54:44 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am BSI:

I am ready fo r this, Ken. I am ready for this.
  9:01am Parq:

Pope Jay Pea Dos! Let's RAWK!
  9:02am jamesie:

just dont talk about the scandalous behaviour of British members of parliament please
  9:03am Ghengis Jung:

  9:03am Lizardner Dave:

The pope used to be a lead singer for one of those Native American pipe bands?
  9:04am Lizardner Dave:

Almost forgot. Good morning Ken and everyone.
  9:04am paul:

the pope used to be the lead singer for enigma?
  9:04am Ghengis Jung:

Hella Pope?
  9:04am Joe Steele:

Oi, Whats a scotcheroo?
  9:06am annie:

good morning everyone!!! morning ken!
  9:06am cribley:

I hope that the vast majority of members of parliament can show that they are in politics for public services, not for self service.
  9:06am BSI:

I think the pope is text-stalking me again...
  9:06am JC:

...upon this ROCK, I will build my mix.
  9:07am Parq:

It's neat that they got the bot to say "?" -- can they get it to say "and the Mysterians"question mark
  9:07am Lizardner Dave:

Wow, Arcade Fire! Oh shit, I'm probably unhip for liking this record, right?
  9:08am dei x:

I thought most people were in parliament for the funkadelics.
  9:09am Jeffersonic:

@Joe Steele: a highly concentrated, dynamic form of wonder food: a marvel of modernity.
  9:10am Elias:

The Pope just put a link to Ken's show on his Facebook page!
  9:11am wha?:

@BSI: He thinks he can control you.
  9:12am Devin:

Mornin' ya'll's.
  9:13am aandy:

Morning/afternoon! That particular pope was actually a mean goalkeeper in the sport you call soccer. Also he used to kick it with Julio Iglesias (Julian Churches)
  9:13am Loyal American:

I'm not surprised that English politician are showing their true moral colors. Thank Jesus we don't put up with that sort of thing here.
  9:14am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:15am jamesie:

We are all scum in the uk.
  9:15am BSI:

@wha? -- He'd better speak up. I've got a savage tribe o' Popes in my head, shouting instructions for damned near everything... Make toast, scratch your nose, kill kill kill, etc... all the usual stuff.
  9:17am PMD:

Mornin' all...
  9:18am Twitched On:

A scotcheroo gobbler named Ken,
Just ain't steady until he eats ten,
This DJ addiction,
Grants fans benediction,
We be Daniels in a damn tasty den!
  9:19am Cecile:

Morning, Ken!
  9:20am Ken:

Hi Cecile!! I love you!
  9:20am Billy Jam:

great show already Ken......You had me at Fugazi.......See U @ SSD remote this eve in Lwr Manhattan......looks like it will be perfect weather too!
  9:21am Cecile:

I love you too!

I was going to have you email me some tramadol, but I'm doing all right.
  9:22am annie:

oh, cecile i have to send you puppy pictures...good to see you here!
  9:23am Cecile:

good to see you too, girl!
  9:23am aandy:

Ken, is that Fugazi from the record or the remastered cd or something? It sounded much better than my cd :(
scum from the UK
  9:29am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Good Morning everyone. What's up
  9:29am esch oder anarchie!:

(212) 228-2828
  9:30am esch oder anarchie!:

= gagosian # you grumpy doofus!
  9:30am Magda:

Let em have it.
  9:30am Joe Steele:

I might have the adapter. Unless you mean 2.5mm
  9:30am TomTom2009:

I'll settle for just one mine female y adapter optional...
  9:30am helpful:
  9:30am Swami:

212 744 2313 Madison avenue address
  9:31am Ghengis Jung:

Hi Squeaky Chair!
  9:31am Devin:

More reverb on squeaky chair...
  9:31am F:

Gagosian 212.741.1111
  9:31am Joe Steele:

er...3.5 mm. You know what? I probably don't have it.
  9:32am Swami:

  9:32am PMD:

oops, should have said it here. the squeaky chair should have its own show.
  9:32am Jess:

Is Squeaky Chair at least comfortable?
  9:33am ?:

310.271.9400 Beverly hills
310.271.9420 Beverly Hills
  9:33am PMD:

Ken, I read how to teach your iPhone to swear. Add your favorite 4-letter words to your contacts list, a source for the predictive text database.
  9:33am dei x:

Here's a tip - find a office rental business and raid their dumpster. I have yet to score an aeron chair, but none of the ones I have salvaged have stains, tears, squeaks, or only roll in circles.
  9:33am dc pat:

huh..wha-? Where am I?

The Damned still got it folks. Go see 'em if you can.
  9:34am Joe Steele:

I know her.
  9:34am annie:

pmd- multi-tasking??
  9:34am still b/p:

Who has Arlo Guthrie's number, so he can tell this whole trash story later?
  9:34am Swami:

What time is it in London?
Gagosian London: 44.207.841.9960
  9:35am chris:

you are pretty damn funny
  9:35am Joe Steele:

WFMU needs to crash that gallery "Animal House" style.
  9:35am Officer Obie:

No!!! Not Arlo!
  9:36am chris:

what is that talkover music?
  9:37am C:

this reminds me of bette midler for some reason
  9:38am jamesie:

I just rang their uk office and the woman wanted to know who I was... did not really care anyway. UK Scum. I rest my case
  9:41am dc pat:

I like this JL song...even though the lyrics are kind of bmud.
  9:41am Listenerer David:

Get them to donate one Jeff Koons piece for the next Marathon. Threaten a boycott by WFMU listeners if they don't
  9:41am Joe Steele:

I played this cover back when I was actually in a band.
  9:41am dc pat:

HEY! He's coppin a feel!
  9:42am JCityJensen:

Hola Amigo s- Gente Joven y Viejo y Wierd - ver sitio web de la incómoda:
  9:42am Swami:

More London: 44.207.493.3020
Hong Kong: 852.2166.8162
Rome: 39.06.4208.6498
  9:42am dei x:

Next Koons series: 2000x actual size novelty/gag items
  9:44am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Mornin' Ms. Daisy. Can we get just some dry squeaky chair so we can add it to our own personal Foley/special effects libraries? @Swami: Try this link:
  9:45am my pants:

  9:47am John from Oslo:

just had an icecream, a slice of pizza and a bookshelf at IKEA. Now, I enjoy the enlightening sound of WFMU.
  9:48am chris:

OMG awkward families is priceless!
  9:48am Noel:

I've had several occasions to talk about this song lately.
Was Leadbelly the father or the grandfather of heavy metal?
  9:49am Vivian:

Hi all. I woke up this morning to find out that Koons' 'Baroque Egg with Bow' sold for 5.4 mill. Now, I consider myself pretty open-minded about art but I find buying crap for 5.4 million absolutely insulting.
  9:50am Ghengis Jung:
  9:51am Vicki:

I thought you were playing Blanketship there, but then realised you were just playing it slowed down
  9:52am Swami:

Golly Mickey, I still think I'm the best detective in the room.
  9:53am JCityJensen:

Holy Shit Ken es el hombre a revolver el vinilo!
  9:53am Ghengis Jung:

@Vicki I thought it was Blanketship also. :)
  9:56am stingy d:

  9:56am Cecile:

I love this song.
  9:57am jamesie:

High there Vicki!
  9:57am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

I just saw a trailer for what is going to be this summer biggest hit, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus starring Lorenzo Lamas, and Debbie Gibson
  9:58am Vicki:

Lovely that Blanketship now own the slowed-down-record sound...

Hello :)
  9:59am Negator:

Bought tix to see Camera Obscura last week!
  10:00am Cecile:

Freddy, that sounds like teh best movie ever.
  10:00am listener mark:

good morning Ken
good morning everyone else
  10:00am Joe Steele:

Would it be wrong to point out the blue devil guy kinda sort looks like you, Ken?
  10:01am Terry:

It's irrational how excited I am for Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus! I've watched the trailer about four times this morning. And counting...
  10:02am Cecile:

Now I totes need to get Renegade from Netflix.
  10:02am Janet H:

Hello KEN and everyone!!
Ok, I need my coffee this morning!
  10:04am Jim:

Ken, I'm afraid that you do still owe it to Mr. Dylan to play his new material.
  10:05am Magda:

I kinda feel that "I don't want you anymore" by the Lunachicks is fitting towards this theme.
  10:07am Joe Steele:

Everyone keeps telling me to vote Zimmer. I DON'T LIVE IN HOBOKEN.
  10:07am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Yay! Ken the new ID right.
  10:07am chris:

computer generated monsters = yawnfest
  10:07am dc pat:

are the Lunachicks still alive?
  10:08am Janet H:

i agree!
  10:08am Freddy:

Cecile, doesn't that movie sound awesome. Lorenzo Lamas is going to fight them both
  10:08am PMD:

Yes, live person. Get Larry to talk to him.
  10:09am trent:

ken um this is my fault.
  10:09am detroitdave:

Ken, your sqeeky chair sounds a lot like a coffin. AND STOP LETTIN THE LIMEYS CHUMP YOU!!
  10:10am Ms. Frome:

I'm sorry, it sounds like a squeaky door!!
  10:10am Joe Steele:

She sounds cute.
  10:10am trent:

i don't know if you should stop this or not stop this though
  10:10am Koons:

Yo man just burn it in the name of art
  10:10am Freddy:

Why doesn the woman with the pot on her head look so angry
  10:10am Vicki:

the new Dylan album isn't bad at all - unfortunately not in the way it was when he was younger, and a lot of the stories seem to be about his domestic life rather than the more interesting character studies that he used to do. But what the hell, must be crap to be told everything you did was better when you were 20
  10:11am What!:

I just work here. The in the box is supposed to smell that way, sir. We figured that any parking lot in New Jersey was a good place to dump the, sir.
  10:11am dei x:

Joe, she sounds inept - a gallery assistant's job IS dealing with this sort of thing.
  10:11am Vivian:

oh please, take some initiative! There are a ton of artists that can answer a phone better than you, sweetie.
  10:12am Help Line Veteran:

Ken - Exactly when do you start yelling Baba Booie, Baba Booie! I love it when you do that.
  10:12am Cecile:

WHAT? Get someone to get the damn box.
  10:12am JCityJensen:

thats the best answer ever!
  10:12am bw:


obviously Ken
  10:12am Trish:

Take and send photos of the thing, Ken
  10:12am Devin:

Why am I not suprised by the outcome of that call..
  10:12am Vicki:

take a photo of the crate and post it on the WFMU blog
  10:13am Joe Steele:

No comment! Oh snap.
  10:14am Negator:

WFMU Donation!
  10:14am Janet H:

Yes Photos!
  10:14am Mhm:

Just open it and sell it. That'll get you 8 new boosters.
  10:14am still b/p:

Can we work out a sublet on the crate? I don't smoke and don't have any pets.
  10:14am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

Ken, maybe the box is filled with Corn Weenies.
  10:14am trent:
  10:14am fishmonkeystew:

Ken, I have a friend who had a similar situation. After multiple attempts at having the responsible party remove the debris, he called the police and reported illegal dumping. That quickly solved the problem. Not sure if you want to get that nasty or not.
  10:14am Joe Steele:

Bring the crate to Battery Park, stand it up, cut a hole in it, make it a kissing booth.
  10:15am Negator:

When does the Jeff Koontz WFMU art auction begin?
  10:15am the sound of a million NY area blogs:

not a good time in the history of technology to make a "no comment at this time" by a major galllery
  10:15am ?:

charge the bourgeoisie snobby art gallery storage fee or rent!
  10:15am Laura L:

The Gagosian gallery assistant could not care less, it is YOUR problem, Ken, would you stop pestering an art gallery over something of theirs that could be worth MILLIONS if there's anything in that crate, fer crissakes, the nerve!
  10:15am What!:

I work down the street. I'm going to take a look, and if I can find a crowbar on the way, so be it.
  10:16am Steely Damn:

Dude, time to start threatening legal action- Traspassing for one, illgal dumping. GET MAD, DAMN YOU KEN
  10:16am trent:
  10:16am Vigilante:

I don't think we should call the cops. Just take a pile of crap from the station that you don't want and drop it off at the gallery front door.
  10:17am MAD MAD MAD:

  10:19am PMD:

I like Joe Steele's suggestion!
  10:19am listener mark:

save the crate. offer it as a premium during next year's fund drive.
  10:19am Vigilante:

Here is the gallery's email address:

Let them know what a greivous mistake they are making by ignoring this issue.
  10:19am Steely Damn:

Also, um, have these crates been opened yet, cause if it is a Coons in there, then I'd... quitely drop the subject until THEY called you and then act like the whole thing never happened
  10:20am krex:

heheheh sounds to me like it was an inside job!
  10:20am jamesie:

call the London number (Davies St), you will get a hilarious posh woman who could not be more rude if she tried.
  10:21am The Koons Crate:

I'm just looking for a nice home. Wont you adopt me?
  10:21am detroitdave:

Ken, don't get involved with some bullshit Jeraldo thing with "finding out whats in the box" . It probably wont even be a dead body, and you'd look foolish opening a box of shredded paper, dig?
  10:22am Vicki:

yes, please phone the London number - I want to hear this
  10:25am PMD:

I'm sorry, but that furry family is disturbing.
  10:25am still b/p:

crate = react
  10:26am Cloudy:

Take the box and replace with it an identical box full of muffins - how they will laugh
  10:26am Cecile:

Off to run a few non-strenous errands

Give 'em hell Ken.

still b/p genius
  10:28am Steely Damn:

Ken- has WFMU accumulated some old stuff - like old pledge drive mailers, etc, general office detritus ? you should fill the boxes with and ship back to the gallery
  10:28am listener mark:

I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part.
And we're just the people to do it.
  10:30am Steely Damn:

What Listener Mark said.
  10:31am Hippie:

Let's box up all of our bad vibes and send them to the gallery. Karma sucks you arty bastards!
  10:31am C:

i only wish andy were here. he'd definitely know what to do in this situation.
  10:32am trent:

EVERYONE - THIS IS MY FAULT - NOT GAGOSIAN OR JEFF KOONS - please direct all hate mail to
  10:32am BSI:

crate mail?
  10:33am Vivian:

Explain yourself Trent!
  10:33am annie:

that last episode of radio adventure drove the dog up the wall. ........... i love the pink suits!!!!
  10:33am Steely Damn:

For the next 7SD, can you crate Andy up in that with a tape recorder and deliver it to the gallery. Just make sure to punch a few air holes in the box first. Lost a hamster that way.
  10:34am trent:

  10:35am flu victim:

can i be buried in that crate?
  10:35am bw:

the photo of the family wasn't in the case????
  10:35am Jess:

Oooh, it's a donation from the gallery.
  10:36am cribley:

Colonoscopy DVD marathon premium!!!!
  10:36am PMD:

Ken, make up your mind. You want old crappy cars but not crappy art?
  10:37am DEvin:

Anyone email Jeff Koons?
  10:37am colonoscopy survivor:

Ken, It's not the procedure, it's the prep. MoviPrep. Mmmm ... bad
  10:38am ~L:

If it is on your property, isn't it yours.
  10:39am What!:

The crate is out on the curb. It IS a nice crate.
  10:40am stingy d:

uh oh... i found a new favorite store.
  10:44am stingy d:
  10:44am Steely Damn:

Colonoscopy DVD marathon premium!!!! With Andy's commentary bonu s track
  10:46am HotRod:

Mornin', Capt'n!
  10:48am Joe Steele:
  10:48am Ken:

Hi Hot Rod!
  10:49am Vicki:

it's like Little House on a Prairie in here
  10:49am GP:

Morning all...too many messages to follow..something about a crate? If it is on your property it is yours...simple as that.
  10:52am Ken:

Belated Hello to Janet!!
  10:54am Janet H:

The fuzzy family is scaring me!
  10:54am Lee:

but my body!
  10:54am PMD:

Janet, please put either Ken's or Andy's face on that scorpion sex photo. That'd be the best.
  10:55am Reader:

Check out the NY Times:

"The evening’s star was Jeff Koons’s “Baroque Egg With Bow (Turquoise/Magenta),” which went to Larry Gagosian, the Manhattan dealer who represents Mr. Koons. He paid $5.4 million, under its $6 million low estimate."

You don't suppose.........
  10:55am Ken:

PMD, jesus. whose face do you think is on there now? colonel Sanders?!
  10:56am Janet H:

i was just going to say that is ken in that pict....
  10:58am dc pat:

non-silver hair throwing us off
  10:59am Colonel Sanders:

I say, I say son, now ya'll c'mon down fo some of our new crispy scorpion claws.
  11:00am detroitdave:

It's a rug dc, he doesn't want a relationship with the scorpion fer crissakes!
  11:01am -max-:

Ah, what's that? Have the loons have returned?
  11:02am Happy Listener:

Good Morning, Ken.
Ohaiyo bakayaro!
I've got the swine flu, caught it from the wife.
  11:02am Sting TNA Wrestler:

Scorpion make great lovers
  11:03am paul:

  11:03am BSI:

I know I've always had a certain "fear of commitment" whenever nine-foot super-hot killer arachnids are involved.
  11:04am Happy Listener:

I don't understand how they can get an accurate estimate of cases here when they're not swabbing everyone that comes in complaining of flu-like symptoms. It's a bit ridiculous, and I feel like the amount of cases isn't even an educated guess.
  11:04am Janet H:

Ken, any Jonathan Kane today?
  11:07am Happy Listener:

should have read: "and I feel like the amount of cases being reported isn't even an educated guess"
  11:10am Janet H:

I want to put Andy in a real picnic basket
  11:11am AnANonymousParty:

The more Booker T I hear, the more I want to hear.
  11:12am iluvtofu:

all guns should be equiped with noise would cut down on the amount of times police get called when someone hears gunshots
  11:13am GP:

10-4 on that AAP..and what a great name too "Potato Hole" insult...shut your potato hole!
  11:15am dc pat:

DAMMIT! Forgot to teach my kids gun safety!...
  11:16am iluvtofu:

are earplugs not kosher?
  11:17am GP:

I guess the earplugs that we worn for the last 100 years will have to be thrown out.
  11:18am boney m:

play covers on me
  11:19am iluvtofu:

ok mugsy make sure you use the noise suppressor on this job
  11:19am monica:

i like this stereo total track, sounds like "you make me feel like dancing."
  11:19am GP:

Forget Kosher this is WAY beyond that...she is firing a German made Walther pistol...crazy...
  11:20am GP:

  11:20am Janet H:

Thanks for Japanese KFC!
  11:24am frenchee:

Michael Savage is the most amusing of the right-wing radio guys.
My boyfren listens to him, and that scares me.
  11:24am BSI:

Oh Jesus Jelly Crap!
The scheme for Ken + Kenny G sounds phenomenal. PRAISE OMAR I brought my lunch today. These headphones shall not leave me.
  11:24am GP:

  11:25am iluvtofu:

no you are not obligated...please!!!!
  11:25am bb:

uncle bob's new record is good stuff, ken
  11:25am Vicki:

Ken - I responded about Bob Dylan - I Feel A Change Comin On is ok
  11:26am iluvtofu:

sounds very weak!!!
  11:26am gigantor:

I'm feeling less interested in hearing it after the MusicScan version.
  11:26am bb:

the voice hes using on together through life is truly, truly something
  11:27am meh:

dylan is a song and dance man
  11:27am Janet H:

I want to listen to Bob Dylan!!
  11:27am iluvtofu:

bob needs to clean his portable toliets
  11:27am Adrian in London:

Now play it backwards!
  11:28am bb:

its all good
  11:30am Lizardner Dave:

I actually have enjoyed all the albums of new stuff Dylan has put out from "Time Out Of Mind" on. Clearly I have no taste, I guess.
  11:30am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and Internetters. Charles Manson ....
  11:30am iluvtofu:

manson = the 5th monkee
  11:31am Parq:

  11:32am Janet H:

I wish I didn't live so far away because I want to go to the time have the picnic at my house.....we can make a bonfire too
  11:32am Vicki:

burn that CRATE at the picnic
  11:33am Magda:

will there be egg tosses or that race where you balance an egg on a spoon?
  11:34am BSI:

3Puen > Dylan
  11:35am ?:

what year is this from?
  11:35am Cool Hand Luke:

Do we get to eat the eggs afterward?
  11:36am Carmichael:

Is this the Arctic Monkeys?
  11:37am Andy:

Be careful of the spoon. In Vimhans, in New Delhi, there was a girl who had a phobia of spoons touching her body, even her clothes; she felt that she would swallow the spoon too.
  11:38am Parq:

BSI, you dang right.
  11:38am Marshall Stacks:

Ken, who scares you more, Dylan or Manson?

(I thought Don Kirschner was the 5th Monkee?)
  11:38am BW:

  11:38am BSI:

AH! marvelous, always wondered where PTV got that Loose Nut clip
  11:39am fishmonkeystew:

Loosenut? For real? bwaahahahahahahahaha!
  11:40am bw:

Prepare to fire - loosenut's opus
  11:40am Vicki:

if any of you here live in London -I am (- People Like Us -) DJing at the Barbican next Thursday (21st) evening. End of advertisement...
  11:44am Negator:

Breakin' it down nasty style in my cubicle. THanks, Ken!
  11:45am iluvtofu:

ken - ive noticed some of the djs are showing clear disdain when they have to announce the alternate call letters
  11:47am Andy:

Disdain, dear listener, though you asked Ken and not me, is essential to contemporary democracy.
  11:48am iluvtofu:

democracy is such a bumby road indeed
  11:48am Ken:

Yeah, manyof the DJs express disdain when you suggest that they change their underwear too. So I'm not surprised..
  11:50am Freddy from: West Orange Plumbing Supply:

I don't like it when people tell me to change my underwear too.
  11:50am Vicki:

but that's because you ask several times a day and you do it with really angry robot style text messages, Ken
  11:50am iluvtofu:

yeah, but changing ones underwear is essential to democracy...
  11:51am Andy:

I prefer wearing vegetable leaves as a kind of long scarf covering my vitals, thank you very much Ken. You cannot go wrong with cabbage.
  11:51am Janet H:

Christian Astronauts is my Fav now!
  11:52am Parq:

Wait, so the call letters for the upstate station are now "underwear"?
  11:52am AJ:

I like going commado. It feels good to let everything hang loose.
  11:52am Virginia:

Where will you be holding the DC fundraiser?
  11:53am iluvtofu:

the call letters should be like underwear - optional
  11:53am Joe Steele:

"Imagine" was actually written by David Berkowitz.

  11:54am AJ:

hey do uluvtofme
  11:55am PCU:

Finish this line, "Tonight at the Pit, Everyone Gets________"
  11:56am Andy:

"Imagine" was actually written by Ravi Shankar
  11:56am Carmichael:

This is the type of music that I normally enjoy. Thank you, Ken.
  11:56am ?:

Tonight at the Pit, Everyone Gets a Life
  11:57am Andy:

"Thank you Ken." What about me? Am I chopped liver?
  11:57am ?:

Tonight at the Pit, Everyone Gets Mood Altering Substances
  11:57am Ken:

Andy. What kind of show should we do today?
  11:57am ?:

Tonight at the Pit, Everyone Gets A Sexually Transmitted Disease
  11:57am PCU:

?, you're a DOUCHE
  11:58am Andy:

Ken, I'm thinking...any suggestions, anyone?
  11:58am Peanut Gallery:

Wha' happen?
  11:58am ?:

Tonight at the Pit, Everyone Gets to Recite the Quadratic Equation
  11:58am Carmichael:

Tonight at the Pit, everyone gets to spit.
  11:58am Ike:

Is this what consumerism has come to? The economy is doomed:
  11:59am Ken:

how about a, "An irremediable geographical confusion."
  11:59am Hint:

Andy -- Try "show prep" -- you never know, crazier plans have wprked...
  11:59am iluvtofu:

a damn good show, like always
  11:59am Peanut Gallery:

I love the Bob Dylan record, look harder!
  12:00pm iluvtofu:

im detecting disdain in his voice
  12:01pm Andy:

As I said, disdain has a geological dimension
  12:03pm -max-:

Ah, the loons! They are making me feel a little bit better about not being able to make the picnic today, even though I work a few blocks north of Battery Park. Hope they plan another picnic soon.
  12:23pm Tsssk:

hey, you do realize that crate was left by Dietl Fine art right???
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