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Playlist for 01 July 2009 Favoriting | Happy Canada Day

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Joy Division  She's Lost Control (BBC Live Version)   Favoriting BBC Sessions 

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  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Brainticket  Party 1 Conclusion   Favoriting Brainticket      0:03:39 (Pop-up)
Nurse with Wound  Thrill of Romance   Favoriting Huffin' Rag Blues 

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  0:09:47 (Pop-up)
Helge Schneider and the Firefuckers  Ebony and Ivory   Favoriting We Are The Firefuckers 

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  0:15:54 (Pop-up)
Larry  Hello from Larry   Favoriting       0:19:03 (Pop-up)
Jim Coleman  Assorted Weirdness from Jim Coleman   Favoriting       0:24:37 (Pop-up)
Roy Nathanson  Party   Favoriting Subway Moon 

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*   0:27:03 (Pop-up)
Anita Feldman & Michael Kowalski  Riffle   Favoriting Tellus The Audio Cassette Magazine Dance Edition      0:33:54 (Pop-up)
Ponytail  Beg Waves   Favoriting Ice Cream Spiritual 

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  0:35:51 (Pop-up)
Puffy  Track 8 - Sgt Tosh Mix   Favoriting PRMX - Puffy Remix Project      0:39:48 (Pop-up)
Tiga  SHoes   Favoriting Ciao! 

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*   0:45:09 (Pop-up)
Themselves  Track One   Favoriting Thefreehoudini    *   0:48:03 (Pop-up)
Evolution Control Committee  Don't Miss The Great Snatch   Favoriting Plagiarythm Nation 

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  0:50:50 (Pop-up)
Dokaka  Track 20   Favoriting Human Interface    *   0:54:46 (Pop-up)
Moby  Study War   Favoriting Wait for Me 

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*   0:56:39 (Pop-up)
The Crystals  He Hit Me   Favoriting       1:01:20 (Pop-up)
The Saboten  Goldberg Variations   Favoriting Exa Pieco 

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*   1:11:59 (Pop-up)
Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques de Pluie  He! He! He!   Favoriting Chuchmuchu    *   1:17:12 (Pop-up)
Lali Puna  Nin-Com-Pop (2LS Mix)   Favoriting A Number Of Small Things V/A 

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*   1:20:37 (Pop-up)
A&E  Green   Favoriting Oi!      1:24:07 (Pop-up)
Dave Van Ronk  Garden State Stomp   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:31:36 (Pop-up)
Harry Nilsson  Me and My Arrow   Favoriting Everybody's Talkin': The Very Best of      1:35:22 (Pop-up)
Dorothy Ashby  Afro-Harping   Favoriting Afro-Harping 

Click for the full size image
  1:37:10 (Pop-up)
Bubblewrap Holocaust  Best Plates   Favoriting Self Titled      1:46:06 (Pop-up)
Drawers  I Want A Jellyfish   Favoriting Nest      1:48:30 (Pop-up)
Csermanek Lakotelep  Ujabb Reszlet   Favoriting Munkak es Napok 

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  1:50:31 (Pop-up)
Csermanek Lakotelep  A Pek   Favoriting Munkak es Napok      1:52:44 (Pop-up)
Matmos  Z.O.C.K.   Favoriting The Civil War 

Click for the full size image
  1:55:51 (Pop-up)
G.O.B.  Mister Sandman   Favoriting       2:00:39 (Pop-up)
The Dirty Duck  Enter Sandman   Favoriting Live on the Stork Club 

Click for the full size image
  2:03:08 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
        2:08:12 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Katia, Tania, Paulina Y La Kim   Favoriting Pinata 

Click for the full size image
  2:17:57 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Away With Murder   Favoriting My Maudlin Career 

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*   2:23:57 (Pop-up)
The Beatle Barkers  She Loves You   Favoriting       2:27:46 (Pop-up)
Jim Coleman  More Assorted Audio Weirdness   Favoriting       2:30:15 (Pop-up)
Zarah Leander  Wo Sind Die Clowns   Favoriting  

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  2:34:53 (Pop-up)
Iggy Pop  Les Feuilles Mortes (Marc's Theme)   Favoriting Preliminaires 

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*   2:38:47 (Pop-up)
The Three Suns  Autumn Leaves   Favoriting       2:42:39 (Pop-up)
Bobby Maxwell  Ebb Tide   Favoriting  

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  2:46:05 (Pop-up)
Urichipangoon  Track 2   Favoriting Giant Club 

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*   2:49:06 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Lizardner Dave:

Happy Canada Day!
  9:01am annie:

good morning ken and all..
  9:04am Ghengis Jung:

  9:07am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:07am John from Oslo:

Thank you for the music, the songs Im singing
Thanks for all the joy theyre bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me

  9:08am joshua K:

How many Kens does it take to screw in a light bulb
  9:10am Bad Ronald:

Morning folks, just stumbled across the following:

CNN at it's best.
  9:10am John from Oslo:

One Ken do it
  9:10am paul:

show respect!!!
  9:11am sherri:

gooooooood morning!
  9:11am Vicki:

it's actually Nachum's job to change the bulbs, according to the WFMU DJ Tasks list.
  9:13am Bad Ronald:

Hey Ken - You need to add the .jpg extension to the big bike photo. getting a 404. Just sayin...
  9:14am Ozzy Skateboard:

hello, from FaceBook :P
  9:14am Ken:

Thanks Bad Ronald!
  9:14am joshua K:

Ken does not make mistakes, that 404 is really a statement about modern society
  9:15am annie:

morning ozzy
  9:17am Aussie Shampoowhore:

hello Annie, chuggin coffee here :)
  9:18am annie:

on my third cup, me' self
  9:18am 4play:

The 411 on the 404 won't matter at 4:20, 10-4?
  9:20am paul:

  9:20am Ghengis Jung:

Larry sounds... different.
  9:22am Vivian:

Maybe Larry is cutting back on the potatoes
  9:22am -max-:

Good morning Ken, Larry, et al. Tell Larry to stay away from those potatoes.
  9:24am Janet H:

morning all!
  9:24am Ozzy Skateboard:

I think Larry lost his Vicodin prescription.
  9:25am Irwin:

MJ didn't sing Ebony & Ivory. That was Stevie Wonder and Macca. No?
  9:26am JCityJensen:

Guten Morgen Ken y la gente!
  9:26am Lizardner Dave:

Just stole the MJ letter and put on FB. Thanks Ken!
  9:28am annie:

dave- please.. don't..... stop..
  9:29am joshua K:

don't stop till you get enough
  9:29am Janet H:

ok i live near mj childhood home....and people are selling r.i.p. t-shirts outside the home....
  9:30am PMD:

Mornin' all... Hope everyone is well. Thanks Ken in advance for a GREAT show. No pressure.
  9:30am annie:

morning PMD
  9:31am Parq:

Mayhaps Soul Makosa, or at least follow MJ's lead and swipe a piece of it?
  9:35am annie:

this reminds me of abby lincoln
  9:38am still b/p:

How do you like your hot dog?!
  9:39am Mark:

That's one crazy dog
  9:41am -max-:

I'd like to send congratulations out to Senator Al Franken.
  9:45am Parq:

I'm smart enough, I'm good enough, and gosh darn it, I'm a member of the United States Senate.
  9:46am joshua K:

This song sounds like a Tim & Eric sketch.
  9:47am paul:

supposedly madonna is the female voice in this song. not sure if its true or not
  9:47am max tundra:

sweeeeet summer sounds!
  9:50am PMD:

Holy crap. I almost choked to death on my tea when I read the batman thing.
  9:51am Joe Jackson:

If I can bite opportunity out of the apple of intense death attention to advance my commercial interests, I suppose sidewalk shirt hawkers might as well. But I want my effin' cut of that action.
  9:51am annie:

that's sick!! just plain sick!! how funny!
  9:53am Janet H:

that video is slowing everything down...or is it just me?
  9:56am Swami:

Maybe Joe Jackson should stick to writing jazzy new wave-ish songs instead of capitalizing of the King of Pop's demise. Do a follow up to "Look Sharp" instead. . . ghoulish Brit.
  9:58am Joe Jackson:

"Could I be much coarser if I triiiiiied...?"
  9:59am Joe Jackson:

I did, it's called "I'm The Man".
  9:59am Ozzy Skateboard:

does it strike you as odd that the reason given to ban Vicodin and Percocet is because you can OD of Acetaminophen? Ken is right time for dog painkillers now.
  10:00am Janet H:

Ken, play Lisa It's Your Birthday - Michael Jackson Feat Kipp Lennon from The Simpons
  10:00am Buddy:

For the Million Dollar Bonus Question for our Listening Audience :

What does Al Sharpton have to do with Michael Jackson?

We can't figure that one out either.....
  10:00am Janet H:

* The Simpsons
  10:01am Mr. Mickey Mephistopheles:

OK...obvious request related to the whole MJ theme that hasn't been touched yet, if you can get out to the library, and if you are so inclined, howzabout "Happy Hero" by Negativland?
  10:02am -max-:

Watch a good program on PBS last night that included Moby. "Musical Minds: Oliver Sacks examines how the power of music can make the brain come alive"
  10:03am -max-:

  10:04am krebstar:

that crystals sone was fin twisted
  10:09am Ozzy Skateboard:

When I think of a Junky, I don't picture someone dancing around doing the moonwalk. I thought they Where going to say he was on Meth, especially after that footage with the baby out the window.
  10:09am joshua K:

Al Franken's campaign as paid for with rape dollars
  10:10am PMD:

Ken, Andy will only let you be president if you deal with his email.
  10:10am Cecile:

Sure, but what's your claim to the British throne?
  10:10am joshua K:

WAS paid for. I ruined that post.
Shoot me now.
  10:10am PMD:

Oh, never mind. Got it. He'd be dead anyway.
  10:11am JCityJensen:

how bout some tackhead!
  10:11am dei x:

just tuning in... I can't get over jumpy dog. Is she in line for the presidency too?
  10:11am triish:

Thanks for the link. I notice the show is available online til the 7th. On a related note, how come a site like offers a wider range of video formats, including non-proprietary ones than so-called 'public television'
  10:12am Peter K.:

I seriously doubt that "He Hit Me (and It Felt Like a Kiss)" was brought up at Phil Spector's trial, since it was written by Gerry Goffin (words) and Carole King (music). Maybe if Gerry Goffin is ever accused of murder, the song will be entered into evidence at HIS trial.
  10:13am Parq:

Jumpy Dog for head of the President's Commission on Physical Fitness!
  10:16am annie:

i wanted to tell you before i forgot that i love larry's sex-change..
  10:16am Bad Ronald:

Bartender, a round of Bucket Babies on me!
  10:18am Ozzy Skateboard:

Don't throw the bucket out the window with the baby, please!
  10:19am Joe Jackson:

And try the wonderful new product I'm introducing in a partnership with my dog...Rex's Toasted Nuts!
  10:21am GP:

Morning all, I'm quietly listening over here in my small corner of the universe. Busy today..which is a good thing...I think.
  10:22am dei x:

damn, another Y-chromosome deficient beat me to a Larry takeoff? Crappers! Where am I going to take my atonal hallucinations now?
  10:34am Mark:

Hey wait a minute I think these are all towns in New Jersey!
  10:35am north guinea hills:

  10:38am Laura L:

Foetus hits the Big Stage, with Dancing
  10:41am Erin:

Love the timeline. I wonder if by 2054 there will be monorails / monopods crisscrossing the sky and taking us to our pre-programmed destinations. I sure hope so.
  10:43am wha?:

Be cheered, Ken. That's just the Harry Nilsson song my wife wanted to hear.
  10:44am triish:

  10:45am Ken From Hyde Park:

Hi. Did you guys recently turn up the sound level on the web stream? For the last few months, it seems like it hasn't been as loud. There are noisy fans at my workplace and with my laptop speakers at full volume, I had trouble hearing it. The level now seems to be about right. Or maybe it's just my own ears going bad.
  10:45am bikewobble:

  10:45am annie:

7: 42 pm
  10:46am GB:

  10:46am Ozzy Skateboard:

5:59 pm
  10:47am dc pat:

  10:48am GP:

Is this Mark E Smiths son?
  10:48am "Superfly" Plumbing Supply:

7:45 pm
  10:49am Ken:

The show is on from 6-7pm, and I can guarantee you it will happen in there somewhere.
  10:49am dc pat:

I love that P-bass/punk/fuzz sound.
  10:49am Ken From Hyde Park:

6:35 PM
  10:49am -max-:

6:66 pm
  10:50am Wm. B.:

Put me down for 6:27. Since I'm staff, you can give my t-shirt to a topless "forgotten man." P.S. my first math question added up to "911."
  10:50am Listener Dave from NH:

6:08 PM.
After the foreplay's done and the pre-formulated zingers dispensed, I figure that's about when the animal panic will set in.
  10:50am Janet H:

5:01pm central time
  10:50am wha?:

Andy's usually good for at least 10 minutes, but I've rarely heard his will to live intact past the halfway mark. I'm going to say 6:14.
  10:50am Wm. B.:

Second math question added up to "666"—no kidding!
  10:51am Cecile:

I'm tired and can't follow this show. I feel old.
  10:52am -max-:

I've got you on my wavelength, William.
  10:52am annie:

cecile. ,,, .. well, forget it.. :)
  10:54am Peter:

  10:55am Vicki:

can any of you film buffs help me? I am looking for feature films where there are scenes shot in cinemas - for instance Gremlins, The Blob... any suggestions? Thanks!
  10:56am Ozzy Skateboard:

I bid $1 Bob....
  10:56am jan:

Ken: will you make a musical tribute to the latest pop musician to pass- Fayette Pinckney, as reported in the times. She sang "when will I see you again" and did vocals for that great disco instrumental TSOP which was about the time when I began listening to WFMU.
  10:57am Ken:

Vicki - The best movie theater scene in ANY movie is The Tingler!!
  10:57am Feral Cat:

Morning music junkies!! Mulholland Drive has cinema scenes.
  10:57am Cecile:

oh, it's an Andy Breckman thing. got it.

Vicki there was this great Joe Dante movie I think it was called Matinee with John Goodman. Loosely based on the life of William Castle, the 50s horror movie impresario
  10:58am Vicki:

  10:59am dc pat:

the know, the boner in the popcorn scene...
  10:59am Vicki:

ah yes, the Tingler!!!
  10:59am Krys O.:

Ken, please play some old Van Halen or AC/DC. Sarah Palin loves it!

Palin said she kicks off with "old Van Halen and AC/DC" before going into country and ending with "mellow Amy Grant songs."
  10:59am still b/p:

Purple Rose of Cairo, if period films qualify.
  11:02am triish:

Vicki, 'We thought you was a toad!' scene in that soggy bottomed boys one.

uhh, 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'
  11:04am Vicki:

wow - what a resourceful place this is, thanks! I must remember to ask more questions in here!
  11:04am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and July people. That Mr. Sandman song kinda reminded me of the Circle Jerks' "Golden Shower of Hits."
  11:05am -max-:

Vicki: An American Werewolf in London (1981) John Landis film. (See you next Wednesday!)
  11:05am Ryan:

The Dirty Duck sounds better than James Hetfield
  11:06am Feral Cat:

Daffy Duck in my homeboy!
  11:06am GP:

Oh oh..the kids are gonna love this one. I need to find the mp3.....silly ducks.
  11:06am still b/p:

Lots of foreign possibilities, such as Cinema Paradiso, Amarcord..
  11:06am Vicki:

thanks Max - you mean tonight's show?
  11:06am Doug Horne:

Something wrong with James' voice on this version
  11:07am What!:

This - "Enter Sandman" by The Dirty Duck - is the greatest thing ever done, about anything, ever. I'm changed as a person.
  11:07am Bill W:

what would be longer, the Andy Breckman line of succession to the presidency or the falsely reported public viewing line for MJ's body at Neverland?
  11:07am Carmichael:

Unlistenable at any speed.
  11:07am Doug:

How long are they going to keep MJ's body around ... bury it fer Pete's sake ...
  11:08am Ryan: - mp3 of Enter Sandman here
  11:08am -max-:

SYNW shows up in every Landis film. Look for the poster in the movie scene in Amer. Werewolf. Inside joke thing.
  11:09am jeff:

i'm i the only one hoping enter sandman gets covered by a jacko impersonator? think it would rule...
  11:09am GP:

Ryan..thank you..I can't see the blog or anything else other than the playlist at work ( i know, weird), so I will check it out at home.
  11:10am still b/p:

For a funeral gathering or long viewing queue, some headline writer's gonna go for "Doing the Mournwalk".
  11:10am GP:

Please cease and desist allowing this comment to be seen.
Thank You
  11:12am GP:

Still b/p...copyright that now!
  11:13am Joshua Freeman:

Ken, I speak Hungarian very well.. please, let me help you w/your pronunciation!
  11:13am Parq:

Anybody know the subway stop for Bell House?
  11:14am jeremy the listener:

what's dial-up?
  11:15am Crispin Glover:

you're becoming respectable like me, Ken , RESPECTABLE LIKE ME!
  11:15am The Log Lady:

F or R train to 9th Street/4th Avenue stop is the closest to the Bell House
  11:15am Swami:

6:21 p.m.
  11:16am PMD:

Andy's will: 6:11
  11:17am GP:

  11:17am Lewis Gilbert:

  11:18am The Log Lady:

5:59 pm
  11:18am Augustine:

Andy's Will: 6:26 p.m
  11:18am forked tongue:

Hey Ken, here's a picture for ya, you betcha:
  11:19am Cecile:

  11:19am Lizardner Dave:

Is anything else by Mexican Institute of Sound this good? Just want to know if I should spend money on 'em.
  11:20am Carmichael:

Don't know what this is about, but put me down for 11:03
  11:20am PMD:

I think Andy will post it on Facebook at the exact time.
  11:21am PMD:

yeah, I like this Mexican IOS too...
  11:21am annie:

classic poster for a bathroom ceiling, positioned right above the toilet and readable if you are sitting: if you can read this, you are probably pissing on your left foot.
  11:22am still b/p:

GP -- copyright = invitation for the whole famn damly to give me a lawyerly beat-down...bury me under drifts of cease and desists.
  11:23am Ken:

Im asking people to guess the exact time Andy Breckman loses the will to live tonight during Seven Sec Delay - winner gets a WFMU shirt. TIme needs to be betwen 6 & 7pm EDT. One guess per IP number.
  11:24am C:

  11:25am Janet H:

Ken, did you get my email?
  11:26am Parq:

Andy still has his will to live?
  11:27am Vivian:

6:42 pm - Andy will lose the will to live.
  11:27am Ken:

Janet - I dont check email during the show. gotta draw the line somewhere!
  11:28am Ike:

6:19 p.m.
  11:28am Michelle:

Will to live will be lost at 6:14:30
  11:29am bbell:

another cinema scene or two for Vicki-
2 films that will haunt you if you watch them: Liquid Sky, and Wild at Heart (in the latter I believe the opening scene takes place in a movie theatre where the Nicholas Cage character beats a man to death in the lobby.)
  11:29am Ed Sullivan:

Ladies and gentlemen...The Beagles!
  11:29am Wm. B.:

Boy it really sucks when you're trying read the comments, and the page refreshes and you lose your place.

Vicki -- Lamberto Bava's Demons aka Demoni is set entirely in a movie theater and has some great scenes....
  11:29am lee:

Best cover version ever.
  11:29am Lizardner Dave:

6:12pm ET.
  11:29am Vicki:

ah thanks!
  11:29am JCityJensen:

  11:30am Carmichael:

At 6:18, Andy will suddenly smell sulphur and be escorted to eternity. A painful unbearable eternity.
  11:30am texas scott:

6:27 p.m. Andy's loss of said will.
  11:31am Cecile:

beatles barkers always make a brighter day
  11:31am GP:

Thanks Ken, more fodder for the summer roadtrip tape..guaranteed to make parents insane but yet again, the kids will love it.
  11:31am Feral Cat:

Barking dogs before noon...pass the dro uuummmkkkk
  11:31am Carmichael:

William B, hit the "pause comment auto update" link at the top.

And say Hi to Sammy Maudlin for me. He saved my life back in the 60s.
  11:32am richard kostalenitnz:

If only the Beatle Barkers did a Day In The Life.
I can hear it. It's a task for Kenny G - call him out of hiatus!
  11:32am bbell:

Ken- I heard Nilsson in the car, thank you, and I can't imagine how you can go wrong with Me and My Arrow, but what were you thinking of playing instead?
  11:32am Janet H:

but i was playing in photoshop during the show...
  11:32am Irwin:

Breaking news: "As newly anointed Minnesota Senator Al Franken prepares to take his seat in Washington, a new survey published today indicates that a majority of Minnesota voters can no longer remember whether or not they voted for him."
  11:34am Wm. B.:

Vicki -- Bogdanovich's Targets (starring the director with Boris Karloff) has its climactic scenes at a dirve-in....And thanks Carmichael, I often miss the obvious.
  11:35am Laurie:

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I just woke up.
  11:35am lee:

Pictures of Al Franken remind me of Heath Ledger's "Joker" character sans grease paint.
  11:36am annie:

i love this song. .....
  11:36am PMD:

Die Klowns sind en WFMU
  11:36am Freddy: Formerly of West Orange Plumbing Supply:

I HATE Clowns
  11:37am Carmichael:

This should be mashed up with Gov. Ahhhnold speeches.
  11:38am Freddy:

Clowns are demons of the Devil
  11:38am Yucko the clown:

Send in the fuc*ing clowns!!! <honk honk>
  11:38am Crusty:

Meet you anytime, anyplace!
  11:39am Carmichael:

Ergo, Andy Breckman is a clown.
  11:39am GP:

"Ze maakten hem razend! Nu is hij niet meer te stoppen!"

my new slogan to live by

Lee: I think I'd rather have the Joker than Franken..he is not a nice person from what I hear.
  11:39am Pipo:

is there anything more terrifying than a German clown?
  11:40am -max-:

I prefer clowns over mimes.
  11:40am jeremy the listener:

a german zombie clown?
  11:40am Freddy:

There is nothing more terrifying than a clown
  11:40am annie:

what was that david lynch movie where the guy played that clown song? i forget. but it was spooky..
  11:41am Laura L:

Iggy's doing an impersonation of Telly Savalas's performances on the Dinah Shore show?
  11:41am Freddy: Formerly of West Orange Plumbing Supply:

I hate people that paint themselves on color and then start doing the robot or act like statues
  11:42am Arthur C. Clark:

Yes, I wrote of the Overmime...
  11:45am Carmichael:

That idiotic Stephen King movie where Tim Curry was the evil clown.
  11:48am Carmichael:

Annie, that was Blue Velvet. Dennis Hopper urged Dean Stockwell to sing "The Candy Coloured Clown", which he did (Orbison's "In Dreams") using a worklight as a mic.
  11:49am annie:

woohoo! yes, ok, i have to watch that tonight. great flick!!
  11:50am still b/p:

  11:51am Janet H:

  11:51am Laurie:

That bike gif reminds me of the new DInosaur Jr. video.
  11:55am Yucko the clown:

His 50 year old buns have been around 15 year old weiners. <honk honk>
  11:56am annie:

ken, i knew your MJ tribute show was gonna be worth it!
  11:57am dei x:

yay, james kochalka before he became all kid friendly! I request the Magic Finger song!
  11:57am Carmichael:

2 minutes of tribute is about right.
  11:58am Cecile:

I felt pretty sad, too.
Especially dancing in the clubs to the Thriller album. Even the Whiz Kid mixed it in with the club hits. It was amazing.
  11:59am Janet H:

did you get my pict?
  11:59am Feral Cat:

Meowzzza Ken!!!
  5:25pm Viled Thang:

Late estimate of loss of will to live: 6:17 pm.
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