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Playlist for 29 July 2009 Favoriting | Today's Programme

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Jaqee  Pink Drunken Elephant   Favoriting Kokoo Girl 

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*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Basement Jaxx  Good Luck   Favoriting Kish Kash      0:04:05 (Pop-up)
Noonday Underground  London   Favoriting  

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  0:08:19 (Pop-up)
Quiero Club  Quiero Que Me Quieras   Favoriting Rudo y Cursi OST    *   0:10:40 (Pop-up)
Hildegarde Knef  Ich Wart Auf Die Nacht   Favoriting Funky Frauleins 

Click for the full size image
  0:13:22 (Pop-up)
Mayor Jeremiah T Healey & Family  God Bless America   Favoriting We Wish You A Merry Chistmas      0:24:47 (Pop-up)
Swamp Dogg  God Bless America For What?   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:28:06 (Pop-up)
Mayor Jeremiah T Healey & Family  The Way You Look Tonight   Favoriting We Wish You A Merry Chistmas      0:34:48 (Pop-up)
Bryan Ferry  The Way You Look Tonight   Favoriting As Time Goes By      0:40:02 (Pop-up)
Vicky Leandros  wIE sICH dIE mUHLEN dREH'n iM wIND (Windmills of Your Mind)   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:43:38 (Pop-up)
Nurse With Wound  The Penis Fruit Loop   Favoriting An Awkward Pause      0:46:56 (Pop-up)
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs  Gimmee Some Truth   Favoriting Under the Covers Vol. 2 

Click for the full size image
*   0:56:57 (Pop-up)
John Lennon  Bring On The Lucie (Freda People)   Favoriting Mind Games      0:58:55 (Pop-up)
Hank IV  Smile Away   Favoriting DOG: A Best Show Tribute To RAM (V/A) 

Click for the full size image
*   1:02:44 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Johann Georg Albrechstberger / Munich Chamber Orchestra 
        1:06:51 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Carry Bag Man   Favoriting The Frenz Experiment 

Click for the full size image
  1:14:21 (Pop-up)
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson  Kidney Stew Blues   Favoriting Mercury Blues & Rhythm Story 1945-1955- Midwest Blues      1:18:43 (Pop-up)
California Ram  The Pay Off   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:21:45 (Pop-up)
Jim Leonard  Bye Bye Blues   Favoriting Super Saw      1:24:11 (Pop-up)
Steinski & Double Dee  The Payoff Mix (Lesson 1)   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:30:13 (Pop-up)
Esoteric  Swords to A Fistfight   Favoriting Serve or Suffer    *   1:34:45 (Pop-up)
Kruder & Dorfmeister  Speechless   Favoriting The K&D Sessions 

Click for the full size image
  1:38:48 (Pop-up)
Ruth  Mon Pote   Favoriting Poutre Apparante Sampler for WFMU/Bimbo Tower (V/A) 

Click for the full size image
  1:54:09 (Pop-up)
Nagorny Karabach  Der Krieg Ist Aus   Favoriting Kleine Exkursion      1:58:16 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power  Take You Slow   Favoriting This is Ming Beat: A Tribute to Sexton Ming 

Click for the full size image
*   2:02:42 (Pop-up)
Oblivians  Oh How To Do Now   Favoriting Barristers Ninety Five 

Click for the full size image
  2:04:57 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Get The Glory   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 

Click for the full size image
  2:07:32 (Pop-up)
RIAA  I Dont Give Paper Mache   Favoriting Dirt Bacharach      2:12:03 (Pop-up)
Sarah Michelle Gellar & Cast  Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime   Favoriting Southland Tales OST 

Click for the full size image
  2:15:12 (Pop-up)
Mike Patton  El Huron   Favoriting Crank: High Voltage Soundtrack 
  2:18:35 (Pop-up)
Esoteric  Yellow Beat   Favoriting Serve or Suffer 

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*   2:20:18 (Pop-up)
Mochipet  Do Geese See God   Favoriting Bunnies & Muffins 

Click for the full size image
*   2:29:10 (Pop-up)
A&E  green   Favoriting Oi! 

Click for the full size image
  2:35:02 (Pop-up)
Tabata's Human Insect  Track 10   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 

Click for the full size image
*   2:39:15 (Pop-up)
Mami Chan  Mon Pere Communiste et Ses Amis A La Patinoire   Favoriting Love and Beauty 

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  2:42:35 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Gefahrlich   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:45:57 (Pop-up)
Tim Wilson  Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:49:14 (Pop-up)
Hassan  Gay Goes West   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:51:59 (Pop-up)
48 Chairs  Psycle Sluts   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:54:22 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Nostalgia of Island   Favoriting       2:56:40 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Dan B:

Good morning, Ken! Happy Wednesday! :-D
  9:01am dei xhrist:

NH is listening
  9:03am Dan B:

Oh boy! More ladies an vinyl!
  9:04am Pizza Dog:

Greetings from Chicago.
  9:05am Michael:

Good way to start a somnolent Wednesday morning...
  9:05am Ken:

Morning all!!
  9:06am BSI:

Coffee is here.
I'm ready.
Bring on the weirdness... and the rain.
  9:07am John from Oslo:

Hello Ken and all! Enjoying the show with a cup of green tea.
  9:09am Joe Steele:

Yes, its Wednesday and Hudson County is awash in corruption. It's just the kind of chaos Ken thrives on.
  9:12am ozzy skateboard:

Hello Ken
  9:13am Ne-guh-tor:

KEN! Who'll be fillin' in during your absense? You should get Fatty to do a show. I know People Like us will fill in....
  9:13am BSI:

Please use the phrase "Jesus Christ" as a term of deep frustration, as many times as possible. They love that out the world.
  9:14am Janet H:

Good Morning I'm Here.....HI ALL
  9:15am Joe Steele:

Where you going? Jail? Is it that kidney thing?
  9:16am dei x:

I 2nd Fatty. His show is the soundtrack of the interdimensional dada circus we fail to admit to.
  9:17am seang:

what is WFMU doing with all the broken-down jalopies?
  9:17am John from Oslo:

Ken! Don't sell the other kindney!
  9:18am Cecile:

what is this about a Ken absence?
Why was I not consulted?
  9:19am PMD:

Mornin' all... Ken, I always look forward to your photos.
  9:21am Joe Steele:

Oh shit are you serious?

I didn't even know about that yet.
  9:22am Jabet H:

Ken I switched my work schedule to be here.....
  9:23am JCityJensen:

Are applejacks code for kidney?
  9:24am Janet H:

you can tell i'm still
  9:24am ?:

fruity dooos
  9:25am sugarwolf:

You can get a kidney for a box of Apple Jacks
  9:25am JCityJensen:

You know there is a rally right now in front of cityhall!
  9:26am Cecile:

  9:26am listener mark:

So, if I'm in Jersey City, and I see a man walking with a box of cereal, I should steal it from him?
  9:26am Peter K.:

I'm pretty sure The Times itself (that is to say, David Halbfinger) has been saying all along that it was Apple Jacks. I've never seen it reported anywhere that it was Froot Loops. What's your source? (By the way, this is the greatest rendition of "God Bless America" I've ever heard.)
  9:26am Ne-guh-tor:

Mayor Jeremiah knows how to insert some spoken word!
  9:27am ?:

fruity dooos from amway. they was hide my prizes
  9:28am Mickey Mephistopheles:

Aw, screw it, Ken. Use a box of Yogi Bhajan's Peace Cereal, vanilla flavored. Nothing like a good old religious cult to provide you with a quality box of cereal.
  9:28am Ne-guh-tor:

Is it true that Giuffria is backing him up on the God Bless America thang?
  9:28am BSI:

Just what does our criminal justice system have against good old fashioned, un-medicated capitalism? eh? eh?

HEY, lookit what I found in my Froot Loops (tm)! The toy surprises have gotten a lot better since I was a kid...
  9:29am ?:

  9:30am Bill W:

I can't believe the NYT told me it was Apple Jacks!
  9:30am Cecile:

heh, Giuffria.

Aw, yeah. Sing it Dog.
  9:34am Laurie:

It wasn't a box of Captain Crunch?
  9:35am PodSean:

Ha ha.
  9:35am frooty loops:

hey BSI for (tm) hit keys option + 2 or alt + 2
  9:35am PMD:

Where's Ken going to be???
  9:36am Ne-guh-tor:

Giuffria sounds ON in this session.
  9:37am Mark:

I must know who the keyboard player is accompanying the mayor
  9:38am Ken:

I'm going to be in and out of town for the next four weeks for a variety of work and vacation things. I hope to do at least one show from a canoe but I'm not sure... so this COULD be my last show for a month or so.
  9:38am Phil Lind:

TWO tracks off this cd? Sounds like Payola to me...
  9:39am BSI:

Hot damn, F.Loops! I've got a new toy!
High ASCII (or whatever the hell it is) rocks me like a hurricane!

...I was a terminal geek as a youngster, more of a Golden Grahams kid, but I respected Froot Loops from a distance.
  9:40am Janet H:

i'm happy b/c this might be my last one ...for about a month
  9:41am JJZ:

I like the unicode snowman. ☃
  9:41am Mark:

Wow Bryan Ferry's voice has changed
  9:43am still b/p:

It wuz Lucky Charms! Pink hearts, yellow moons, green backs! Magically meretricious!
  9:47am JCityJensen®:

This is the best cover of windmills© ever!
  9:47am BSI:

YASS! A prime Nurse With Wound moment.

I should've taken my Lucky Charms 30 minutes ago, for this one.
  9:48am Wolfgang Tiefensee:

But Vicky can't shake that Greek accent
  9:52am Bad Ronald:
  9:53am dei x:

sudden.. orgonic desire... to buy motoscooter...
  9:55am PMD:

I want cake now.
  9:55am bbell:

sudden desire for cake now, not corn weenies
  9:55am BSI:

  9:57am weiterso:
  10:05am Mark:

How is Dump's cover of Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey?
  10:10am paul:

ken, did you send out your marathon swag yet? people on the FOT board are all saying they got the best show swag, but i ordered a few different ones so mine might take a while
  10:13am dei x:

I've already seen a woof moo shirt, but it wasn't on me. Future pledges will be based on historic speedy swag delivery.
  10:13am Cecile:

those are the kind of politicians I like
  10:14am Cecile:

Isn't the stuff going out this week sometime?

Do you have something from the Singing Doctors? They should have a kidney song...
  10:16am Ken:

Paul - a lot of swag has gone out, but not all, and if you made a mouse pledge, that stuff is just about to be mailed out. thanks for hanging in there. it takes a long long time because we give away so much damn stuff.
  10:21am David:

I hate kidneys! Morning Ken!
  10:21am Cecile:

I am looking forward to it as I also have a bonanza coming from Siltbreeze, Amazon and The End Records. So it will be like Christmas in August.
  10:22am paul:

excellent! thanks
  10:24am BSI:

re: the swag, BSI birthday is in mid-august, so now that the spent $$$ is (almost) forgotten, it'll be like free stuff! I'll be woof-moo-ing all the livelong day!
  10:24am annie:

i really have been listening since 9. really really. well guy was here to fix the well, i have water finally. and, sorry to say, i found a very decent go server, so playing go now is occupying some of my attention. morning all!!! ken, i'll miss you. you'll be around to finally make that historical post on fb, i hope?? i keep waiting!
  10:25am John from Oslo:

You han have your and eat it
  10:25am shiro taniguchi:

Do not you put my tune today?
I met Tadatsu last week and spoke WFMU.
  10:25am J. Geils:

Geev eet to me?
  10:28am GP:

Morning Ken. Texas reporting in.

And a gratuitous early 90's version of a shoutout to everyone else: Whasupp!
  10:29am John from Oslo:

I had some nice eet with my cereal this morning!
  10:29am GP:

J Geils...Ren y Stimpy influence there.
  10:29am Janet H:

hi annie!
  10:30am AnAnonymousParty:

I don't know what I enjoy more, the saws or the back-up band.
  10:31am Ghengis Jung:

Ken! Wreckin' the decks!
  10:31am annie:

morning janet!!!! i can still poke, though!!
  10:31am Cecile:

hey, annie!
  10:32am Carmichael:

Good morning, Ken and everyone.
  10:32am annie:

morning cecile!! !!
  10:34am Carmichael:

Annie, Bryce mentioned that he still remembers our request for Tuvan throat music and will get to it soon.
  10:34am Janet H:

i like the payoff there a lesson 2?
  10:35am bbell:

good premium for next year's marathon pledgers: KIDNEYS, they get a very high premium in Hudson County
  10:35am Cecile:

It's pretty nice, actually. Good weather and I'm reasonably awake.
  10:35am annie:

carm that's great!!!! thanks for the heads up!!
  10:36am dei x:

hey lady, turn the drapes down, I can't hear the music! And yer skirt's causing a high pitched buzz!
  10:37am GP:

Annie, glad you got the water well working.

Ken, This mix is welcoming me to the show with open arms.
  10:38am annie:

well, well..... roughing it.. life is good, no matter how you look at it. the one thing i crave is a hot bath..
  10:38am stingy d:

this isn't on brick records by any chance is it?
  10:39am The Swordsman:

Hey ma, they're talking about me on the radio!
  10:39am stingy d:

also i don't approve of the twin peaks similarity involved in a house record.
  10:40am fishmonkeystew:

Kruder and Dorfmeister! There's a blast from the past.
  10:40am jan:

Yeah, was just putting my K&D sessions into iTunes the other day
and wondering what happened to them. Do you have an answer, Ken?
  10:41am Ken:

No Stingym, Esoteric is on Fly Casual Rekkids
  10:44am -max-:

Was that Julio I just heard? I've been wondering about him. Hello Sweden!
  10:45am stingy d:

yea i never heard of that... but i guess brick folded or something. thanks kem
  10:48am GP:

Don't buy the aluminum siding Ken, its a scam!
  10:52am Carmichael:

Hey, I like the scooter chicks on the rocks.
  10:55am Elizabeth:

Really liking this song by Ruth!!
  10:56am Joe Steele:

Cool band I found yesterday: Ben Franklin

Love the name.
  10:57am Pizza Dog:

Ken, you're freaking me out. Good luck.
  10:58am Janet H:

that doggy and kitty pict is sick!
  11:00am martin:

click it, Janet, you get bonus sickness
  11:02am Janet H:

that is just sick!
  11:03am Joe Steele:

Yet strangely compelling.
  11:04am Cecile:

I tell you, when I french-kiss a robot grasshopper, it never goes that well.
  11:04am Pizza Horse:

kissin cousins ova heeeeeeeerrrre
  11:06am BSI:

anybody have the artist's name for the kissy illustrations?

oh jeez, love the Monks cover.
  11:06am Carmichael:

Perhaps it's CPR-related?

Shit, I have to go to a stupid training class. STUPID class!!! I'll miss the rest of this show and all of Bryce.

Have fun everyone. Really really!
  11:07am David:

I hate having my kidney stolen. It never goes well, either.
  11:09am JIN:

  11:09am Master Kan:

When you can make me shudder and melt, Grasshopper, it will be time for you to go.
  11:10am Cecile:

@Master Kan...but call me...
  11:14am David:

If I downloaded their songs illegally, would they come after me?
  11:15am GP:

Love the sound effects profanity coverups.....
This has me cracking up. Dirt Bacharach..LOL
  11:16am stingy d:

"fly" with me right?
  11:17am stingy d:

this black guy rapping is sounds so confusing.
  11:18am GP:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
What??? Buffy..what?
  11:19am David:

Sarah makes me so....What about adult horniness?
  11:20am Cecile:

Fine, as long as you carry your Reno 911! Age of Consent wallet card.
  11:24am David:

I have it dangling from my wallet.
  11:25am stingy d:

david that's disgusting
  11:26am stingy d:

brush your teeth please do it! brush them every daaaaaay! the very best care will kepp them there and they'll never ever go away!
(dj qbert dids it)
  11:27am PMD:

HA! I know where you got one or two of your illustrations! Wow!
  11:28am David:

Sorry, I guess any use of the 'd' word makes it all wrong. I meant to say it is connected by a bungie cord.
  11:31am -max-:

I prefer near-palindromes myself.
  11:31am Joe Steele:

I'd be more impressed if the ENTIRE SONG was a palindrome.
  11:38am David:

Is Julie Doiron involved on this one?
  11:41am Janet H:

The USA Network Monk Forum is soliciting questions from fans to ask ANDY BRECKMAN for future video interviews ... what should I ask?
  11:43am Cecile:

Um, I'm not the one to ask.
  11:47am John McCabe in LA:

it's too early in the morning for me to be doing this
  11:54am Ike:

I love the Stalling Tape™. This is great show.

Hi, how is everybody?
  11:54am PMD:

Janet, ask him to tell a rape joke.
  11:57am David:

Is that a Dean Martin record on the floor?
  11:59am dei x:

The longer you're gone, the more we'll love your return.
  11:59am Cecile:

Ken, bon voyage! try to have some fun!
  2:12am mrcofffee:

<<Is that a Dean Martin record on the floor?

That's just the cover, the actual record is between her legs.
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