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Playlist for 22 July 2009 Favoriting | Abbreviated Programme

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Artist Song Album Comments New
France  Track 1   Favoriting Poutre Apparante Sampler for WFMU/Bimbo Tower (V/A) 

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Nico vs Trance Groove  Reich Der Traume   Favoriting Title Track 

Click for the full size image
Little Axe  Dayton   Favoriting The Wolf That House Built 

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Clothesline Revival  Down in Arkansas   Favoriting Long Gone 

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Bessie Jones & the Georgia Sea Island Singers  Reg'lar, Reg'lar Rollin' Under   Favoriting Georgia Sea Island Songs 

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Zip Code Rapists  Che   Favoriting Sing and Play The Three Doctors     
Dave Kraft  You Can't Polish a Turd   Favoriting This is Ming Beat: A Tribute to Sexton Ming 

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Danielson  Monkberry Moon Delight   Favoriting Dog: A Best Show Tribuet to Ram 

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The King  Whole Lotta Love   Favoriting Return to Splendor 

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Led Snoopelin  Drop It Like It's A Whole Lotta Love   Favoriting  

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Nileppez Del  Nevaeh Ot Yawriats   Favoriting      
QP-Crazy  Kuroita! (J-Beeef Penis R&R)   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 

Click for the full size image
Happy End  Track Two   Favoriting Self Titled     
Crosby Stills Nash and Young  Country Girl   Favoriting Deja Vu     
Kazuki Tomokawa  TRack 2   Favoriting Itsuka Tooku o Miteita 

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Makugami Koichi  Oona o Wasurero   Favoriting Koroshi No Blues     
Predrag Delibasich  Happy Hobo   Favoriting The Season's Colourful Tones 

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Mochipet  The Erhu Song   Favoriting Bunnies & Muffins    *  
Kahondo Style  Tokyo Ondo   Favoriting My Heart's in Motion 

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Chapi Chapo & Les Petites Musiques de Pluie  A Bientot   Favoriting Chuchumuchu 

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DIY-Note  L'Equilibriste   Favoriting Assemblage de Pieces Comeldaiennes Du Plus Bel Effet     
Music behind DJ:
Johan Georg Albrechtsberger 
Ennio Morricone  Twist of the Spinster   Favoriting Malamondo 

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Seigen Ono  Roman Marching Band   Favoriting Commes Des Garcons Vol 2 

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Za!  Doble Cobra   Favoriting Macumba O Muerte 

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Bubblewrap Holocaust  Sizewise   Favoriting Self Titled 

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Listener comments!

  9:00am -max-:

First comment list poster. Can’t believe I got through.
  9:00am Dan B:

Good morning, Ken!
  9:01am BSI:

...whoops, wrong show!
  9:03am Ken:

Morning all! Yeah BSI, aint playin' no Amanda today!
  9:03am Ghengis Jung:

Bon Jour?
  9:04am Parq:

Se comprendo, BSI, I am champing at the bit to meet her too.
  9:04am jan:

what kind of car is that? I should get one. the chicks really dig it. Is the music currently playing on your program one of the LPs shown in the photo?
  9:04am John from Oslo:

Ah, time to switch from Anito O'Day to WFMU. A refreshing change of pace. Hi Ken!
  9:05am -max-:

Thank Buddha for large favors!
  9:05am BSI:

morning, sir Ken.
That bloke in the car with the chicklets needs to hold them albums with a bit more care, you betcha.
  9:06am Chris:

Hi Ken,

Is ther e a way to get ahold of this Bimbo Tower sampler? Everything I've heard has been pretty darn good.
  9:07am Cecile:

I love you Ken, earlier than usual.

Ghenghis! Good to see you!
  9:07am anne:

good god, finally get to catch your show live. listening from tokyo, doing laundry, drinking sake.
  9:07am Cecile:

mornin' to the regulars!
  9:08am Cecile:

NICE, anne.

what time is it there?
  9:09am Laurie:

Hi, Ken.
  9:09am Ken:

Hi Cecile! I love you! Guess what?! I finally finished my marathon premium, the corn weenie sampler. And Cecile, BSI, Genghis and others are all on it. Should be coming your way very soon.
  9:10am Cecile:

Very exciting!
  9:10am -max-:

Corn Weenie?! Really, really?!!!
  9:10am Mark:

this is quite a track innit?
  9:11am BSI:

Bless you Ken, and all the Corn Weenies at sea.
Looking forward to a weeniethon of biblical proportions!
  9:11am anne:

hi Cecile, it is 10 pm wed. everything's kinda upside down. in about a month we'll be in brooklyn permanently where we will hopefully be able to tune in on the airwaves. til then, via sattelite and web. great though! psyched to be able to tune in at all.
  9:14am Joe Steele:

Good lord, check in 10 minutes late, miss a zillion comments.
  9:14am Cecile:

excellent! This show is a good song to wake up to, and to close the day with...

Happy and safe moving!
  9:15am Ken:

Sorry to report that I am only here until 11:15am today! And Seven Sec Delay tonight will be a re-run tonight. Must leave at 1130am for a secret mission.
  9:16am Joe Steele:

Will it be 45 minutes of dead air then?
  9:16am Dan B:

Ooh! Secret Mission... Sounds so... secretive!
  9:16am anne:

thanks Cecile. been moving a lot lately. and going to taiwan at the end of the week. any listeners from taiwan?

and Ken, hello and many thanks. any vulture sightings lately?
  9:16am BSI:

...put the nipple on the record?
  9:17am -max-:

What's with all the vinyl abuse images today?
  9:17am Parq:

@Joe: No, better. It'll be "Green Grass and High Tides" looped for 45 minutes.
  9:19am Cecile:

@Dan B
and missionary!
  9:19am jan:

I know what kind of radio the babe has got- It's a Grundig- it'll get short wave, Europe and stuff. Where's here record changer?
  9:20am Ken:

Yes, lots of Vulture sightings! So far this summer: Bears: 3, Fox: 1, Bald Eagle: 1, (Real) Beaver: 1, Deer: countless. Turkeys: countless Blue Heron: 3, Vultures: countless.
  9:21am annie:

and i,as well, will be leaving early. ken and i are on a secret rendezvous mission.. he will go to a meeting and i will go to walton.. we might be as ships passing...
  9:23am Joe Steele:

Spotted a turkey in Nutley last week.
  9:24am anne:

amazing! here, tokyo, very few wildlife as you can imagine. not even squirrels. not even rats! and i've been looking intently. lotsa mushrooms, cicadas, big butterflies. in taiwan i'm looking forward to geckos galore. ok, off to pick up laundry.
  9:24am Parq:

I work for the government. I see vultures all the time.
  9:25am annie:

i got a glimpse of our local coyote last week.....
  9:25am sugarwolf:

Deer spotting shouldn't count, that's like spotting a tree.
  9:25am jan:

I dunno. you are all on a different frequency, talking about flying birds and all of Ken's posted photos are about chicky birds. I'm beginning to see that if you have long playing records, that will attract the birds.
  9:26am Bad Ronald:

We got rabid raccoons here in NYC.
  9:27am Dan B:

I've seen a couple of turkeys so far this summer, but I live upstate. It's essentially the same thing as spotting a car in the city. I've also heard warning of a fox near my apartment, but I have yet to see this graceful, yet likely rabid creature.
  9:27am Listener zero:

A 7SD rerun? Hopefully a good one. I vote for one of the pre-9/11 marathon shows.
  9:27am JCityJensen:

morning all - got the peopppples - so gonna listen to the archive......

  9:28am Ken:

Agreed JCity, when a deer runs in front of your car and almost kills you, it freaking well COUNTS
  9:29am jan:

Should be a lotta crows flying round Tokyo. That's one of my strongest memories from spending a month there- crows perched on the electric lines, their caws sounding like groaning old men.
  9:29am annie:

dan- i live in delaware county. as a friend was driving me home one night, we came upon a fox in the road, stalking some creature on the asphalt. we stopped.. he ran, but boy was he gorgeous!!
  9:30am dei x:

Ahhg, stoopid job that
(a) allows me to listen to FMU with my office door closed
(b) download the podcasts
(c) force me to acknowledge co-workers during KEN's SHOW!
  9:30am Parq:

True, I see deer every time I go up into the mountains. But also true, I never get tired of seeing them.
  9:30am jeremy the listener:

i ate a bagel once, down in arkansas
  9:31am Parq:

I rejoice to say, I've never encountered a deer in the road.
  9:31am Joe Steele:

A couple months back, a turkey attacked me on a hike.
  9:33am fred:

Hi Ken,
Remember that Groupe Doueh gig Brian broadcasted from Instants Chavirés near Paris? Well that venue just got a big funding cut and are in serious trouble. They had to cancel all shows until the end of the year and they're asking for a show of support through online signatures over here:
There's another station connection in that Andy Moor told me he planned to play there with DJ/Rupture later this year, but now that show is one of the casualties.
  9:33am Trapper:

A young pigeon (with green baby-rings round the eyes) likes to sit on my fire escape in the mornings. He looks at me through the blinds.
  9:34am Joe Steele:

Incidentally, I brought a turkey sandwich with me today.
  9:36am Joe Steele:

Why couldn't they ask you on a day when your not on the radio?
  9:37am dei x:

I've seen 2 median turkeys (1 shall gobble no more), 3/4 inch yellow beetle (dead), lots of ex-skunks, possum, foxes, 3 live hawks. And here you thought NH was rural and naturey.
  9:37am Laurie:

I could actually send you some vinyl fetishism pictures.
  9:38am The Wild Album:

Rabid Raccoons,
From Wall Street to Broome,
Slim hope for survival...
  9:38am -max-:

Sweet and tasty revenge there, Joe S.
  9:38am triish:

moose is the really dangerous animal to meet on the road while driving toward them- the stilt-like legs, the massive body..
  9:39am Laurie:

Never mind, I just looked at my collection. They're so NSFW.
  9:40am annie:

i'm sure it's all relative, but i kept wishing to see moose when i was up in maine. none jumped out in front of me, neither were they sauntering slowly.. ..
  9:41am Dan B:

Great story. I've never seen a fox up close. One day, maybe.
  9:42am Bad Ronald:

Monkberry Moon Delight!
  9:42am Ken:

Hey Fred - email me info about the club's difficulties! Thanks
  9:42am Eric from WI:

Hit a hawk on the highway last week - cracked my damn windshield. I don't know what it was doing, must have been suicidal.
  9:43am paul:

  9:45am Mark:

Somehow I'd rather hear the original of this
  9:46am doug from dc:

The animal population in Fairfax is out of control, since they've learned to live among humans. I see deer, raccoons, groundhogs, possums, foxes and even a coyote once. I had two red foxes run right in front of me while I was standing on a wooden bridge one night in a park across the street from my house.
  9:46am Dan B:

Wow... I'm really looking forward to Tom's Premium...
  9:48am annie:

doug, hawks, too. are pretty adaptable..
  9:49am dei x:

Oh no! Poor Dogmo, poor Tom.
  9:50am PMD:

morning all, including Ken. will miss most of your show, alas. can't even catch up with the comments. hopefully your secret mission Ken isn't a suicide mission. Likely someone has already said that.
  9:50am triish:

Hawk swooping in for a small bite to eat maybe? A meadow vole or some other small scoop-able mammal
  9:51am jan:

It's a Fiat Spyder c 70's. Are you going to show what happens in the next scene?
  9:52am randy in NC:

Is that Tim Allen jumping into the car?
  9:53am Bad Ronald:

Looks like Tim Allen hopping out of the Fiat.
  9:53am Tim Allen:

  9:54am JCityJensen:

maybe next time ken for the fire!
  9:54am Polarity Ensues:

¡ʇxǝu uʍop ǝpısdn ʇı ʎɐןd
  9:54am Al Borland:

I don't think so, Tim.
  9:55am Mark:

You can't fool me this is Freebird
  9:56am postmanpaul:

hi ken, thanks for the zeppelin back flash.
  9:56am jeremy the listener:

  9:57am Cecile:

:( :( :(
I hate procuremnt of any kind. that is all.
  9:57am doug from dc:

I think I heard him say Satan and 666 this time.
  9:57am Mike:

Enough of this!
  9:58am paul:

there's no escapin it
if we
gotta live for satan
master satan
  9:58am pau:

the math question for the last post i did was 663+9. SO CLOSE!
  9:59am doug from dc:

No, more. More Satan.
  9:59am paul:

663+6, rather
  10:00am doug from dc:

669, the number of the sexy beast.
  10:02am BSI:

More Satan, please.
  10:03am Eric from WI:

I don't think he was complaining about the record, I think Robert Plant's satanic beckoning just led him to off himself.
  10:04am Parq:

Just catching the Led S pic before I head out. That was my favorite moment in the H&M finale too.
  10:06am Mike:

My hangover is better already
  10:10am Laurie:

Awwww. Kitty!
  10:16am PMD:

Hey, he sounds like a girl.
  10:19am Mike:

Hangover getting worse. isn't there a live version of this?
  10:22am Ken:

Mike. You're requesting LIVE CSN&Y?! Get a a grip on yourself, man.
  10:25am Mike:

I'm in an alternate hangover reality. Digging this Japanese stuff.
  10:25am John from Oslo:

nuns'n'vinyl - a whole new fetish unfolds
  10:34am Lizardner Dave:

I'm gonna have to catch Irwin on archive. I have to be in an all-afternoon meeting today. Damn.
  10:35am Ghengis Jung:

  10:37am Irwin:

Lizardner, Amanda requires you to call in sick between 3-6pm. The Power Child commandeth.
  10:43am GP: lamé is you..just sayin.
Good morning world.
  10:45am Lizardner Dave:

I'm already at work so calling in sick might look suspicious. I'll listen to the archive tomorrow and pretend that it's live. Maybe I'll even comment.
  10:47am Julieta:

i forget chemtrails and electropolution in my town listening this program my music blog
  10:49am Cecile:

Could you play some Billy Nayer Show?
  10:51am Shoulder Devil:

LD -- You could collide with a deer while you're out at lunch and be too shaken to finish the work day. Accidents happen...don't they?
  10:52am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and everyone. This must be the one millionth post of the show.

Cecile, you talking smack about procurement??? That's what I do for this fine County.
  10:54am Laurie:

I have some pictures of a naked lady with some My Bloody Valentine records.
  10:55am John from Oslo:

Nice Show!
  10:55am GP:

Carmichael, procure me some bailout funds would ya please? I have just declared myself a bank, so we should be good to go.
  10:55am Cecile:

I'll bet your one of the good guys, though. I don't want to get into gory details, but trying to buy or pay for anything at my work is like trying to play one of those crazy Japanese game show obstacle courses being blind folded.

GP, Carm is not a granting authority or agency...
  10:56am Cecile:

your = you're
  11:10am Ken:

Getting ready to run everybody, stay tuned for Maria! Thanks for listening and commenting.
  11:11am Dan B:

Good show, Ken! Have fun being secretive!
  11:15am Bubblewrap Picture Guy:

AM I pleasing you? Do you find me pleasing?
  9:27pm Hemaworstje:

greetings from the netherlands , glad to see y still kick some ass.
  9:27am Tom:

Wild Turkey Taunts Tenafly (CBS)
A wild turkey landed in Tenafly, and although he has ruffled feathers, some residents said their neighborhood is for the birds.
"It's crazy. He's a crazy animal. I don't understand it. He's just crazy," said Bill Slaughter, one of several delivery men who had to fight off the new resident who struts along Hillside Ave. and other streets along their route.
Neighbor Rick Martinez snapped photos as the turkey pecked at a postal truck's tires and trapped one mailman inside.
"He does not bother pedestrians. He does not bother any of us or cars driving by, for some reason. Only delivery people. I think they must have lost his package," Martinez said.
Though never in a hurry for waiting traffic, Tenafly resident Gary Zamchick said the territorial turkey tailed him one afternoon as he tried to post a yard sale sign.
"He would not let up. It looked like Road Runner. His feet were up in the air and he was doing the whole running thing," Zamchick said.
"They eat all my blueberries, my raspberries and anything they can find. And they have very big, you know, droppings," said resident Alyssa Bennett.
But despite the turkey troubles, most residents love the bird. Eileen Pepper tracked him down for a photo op, and has even written a book about her new feathered friend.
"My granddaughter calls it 'Shoelaces' so we have a story about 'Shoelaces the Turkey' that held up traffic," Pepper said. "It's actually kinda cool to see something wild, you know, in your neighborhood."
"It's been really fun having him on the block, we all talk about him," said Zamchick.
And it appears this neighborhood will be talking turkey for quite awhile.
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