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Playlist for 15 July 2009 Favoriting | Organ Donor

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album New Approx. start time
Uvilov  Crack!!   Favoriting Self Titled  *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
The BeeGees  How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?   Favoriting     0:04:18 (Pop-up)
Circle X  Heartbreaker   Favoriting Poutre Apparente - WFMU Bimbo TPower Special  *   0:05:15 (Pop-up)
United Soul (U.S.)  This Broken Heart   Favoriting U.S. Music WIth Funkadelic  *   0:08:21 (Pop-up)
Cristina  Is That All There is?   Favoriting     0:13:25 (Pop-up)
Mary Hopkins  Those Were The Days (In Deutsch)   Favoriting     0:20:05 (Pop-up)
Genghis Jung  Now You Can Sing The Song   Favoriting     0:22:18 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
      0:26:42 (Pop-up)
Mochipet  Memories   Favoriting Bunnies and Muffins  *   0:30:19 (Pop-up)
Secret Circuit  Roll   Favoriting Milky Disco 2 (Let's Go Freak Out)  *   0:33:02 (Pop-up)
Hell  Silver Machine   Favoriting Teufelswerk  *   0:38:06 (Pop-up)
JG Thirwell  Thunder-Bro   Favoriting The Venture Bros Vol 1  *   0:42:22 (Pop-up)
MIke Patton  Organ Donor   Favoriting Crank: High Voltage Soundtrack  *   0:43:50 (Pop-up)
Boris with Michio Kurihara  Fuzzy Reactor   Favoriting The Limits of Control Soundtrack  *   0:45:54 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Space Junko 
      0:50:23 (Pop-up)
Fat Freddy  Frenesim de Canibalismo Ritual   Favoriting Exploratory Music from Portugal 04    0:55:21 (Pop-up)
Various  The Entire CD in Music Scan Mode, with Reverb   Favoriting Harps of Paraguay    0:58:43 (Pop-up)
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz  In The Waking   Favoriting Whithers in the Waking    1:03:42 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  A Nostalgiac Bummer   Favoriting Otarie    1:09:29 (Pop-up)
Claire and the Reasons  Obama The Rainbow   Favoriting     1:14:44 (Pop-up)
Blue Sausage Infant  Epiphany at Port Said   Favoriting     1:14:17 (Pop-up)
Edgar Broughton Band  Out Demons Out   Favoriting Demons at the Beeb  *   1:17:41 (Pop-up)
Reverand Craig Pringle with The Campbell Brothers & Jem Pagan  Hollerin'   Favoriting Sacred Steel - Live!    1:30:05 (Pop-up)
Funkadelic  Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow   Favoriting The Album That It Is On    1:35:57 (Pop-up)
When  Fellini's Hat   Favoriting Black White and Grey    1:45:08 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Recuerdos de Ypacarai / Mis Noches Sin Ti   Favoriting Maitei America: Harps of Paraguay  *   1:51:29 (Pop-up)
Jacques Brel & Louis Navarre  L'Homme De La Mancha   Favoriting     1:54:38 (Pop-up)
Lou Carter  Only A Room In The Cellar   Favoriting Louie's Love Song    1:57:16 (Pop-up)
Schwabbingrad Ballet  Moderne Welt   Favoriting     1:59:52 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Haruomi Hosono 
      2:05:19 (Pop-up)
Shiro Taniguchi  let's take a bath   Favoriting Daicha Ha Zou De Dekiteiru  *   2:10:00 (Pop-up)
Vert  Everything from Shells   Favoriting Small Pieces Loosely Joined    2:12:11 (Pop-up)
Wevie Stonder  Gagged and Bound   Favoriting The Horse of Wooden Troy    2:17:41 (Pop-up)
Unfair Compostion Consortium  Track 3   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666    2:30:35 (Pop-up)
KK Null  Theme Variation   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666    2:28:09 (Pop-up)
QP-Crazy  Kuroita! (J-Beeef Penis R&R)   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666    2:29:23 (Pop-up)
Braces Tower  Original Cold Scrubs   Favoriting     2:35:43 (Pop-up)
National Lampoon  Deteriorata   Favoriting     2:48:55 (Pop-up)
C.L. Campbell  Hey Mayor Daley Man   Favoriting     2:53:14 (Pop-up)
Talbot Tagora  Mixed Signals Through MIles of Pilgrimage   Favoriting Lessons in the Woods Or a City  *   2:55:55 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am -max-:

First playlist comment poster. Can’t believe I got through!
  9:01am Ken:

Hi all! Im sorry to report that I have no pictures today... sorry!
  9:03am annie:

you win max!!! morning ken, et al.
  9:03am Negator:

  9:04am Dan B:

Good morning, Ken!
  9:06am Ne-guh-tor:

Ken, please play all Bee Gee's songs the way you played that last one.
  9:06am postmanpaul:

hi there ken, and salutations officeionados, city slackers and annie.
we don't need no visual stimulation ken, only your good self!
  9:06am -max-:

Don't sweat it, Ken. We can conjure images in our heads to go along with your audio, though I can't describe what I'm seeing along with the speedy BeeGees...
  9:06am still b/p:

Did the Spee Dee Bee Gees ever play CBGB?
  9:07am Lizardner Dave:

No worries on the pics Ken, their absence means I'll click over here less frequently and get more work done.
  9:08am annie:

PMP!! word!
  9:09am ka'trish:

Maybe one day, Ken will not have any music recordings with him for his show and the still photos and gif animations will carry the radio sounds?
  9:11am David:

Crack! is the sound a heart makes when it breaks.
  9:12am Elias:

I ain't no Gemini.
  9:13am BSI:

that is all.
  9:13am postmanpaul:

annie, yeah i know, i've been inconspicuous by my absence!
  9:14am Lizardner Dave:

Best version of the best song Lieber and Stoller ever wrote.
  9:14am mouse and the purple skunk:

CRISTINA! The best. Your show is great. Wednesdays are great!
  9:18am annie:

it's always nice to see you here.. hope you are well and happy!
  9:19am GP:

Good morning Ken, Annie, PostManPaul, everyone, world...
  9:19am annie:

i love it when the classics are ransacked!!.. hi gp!
  9:20am Bad Ronald:

Those were bidets my friend, we washed our rear-ends!
  9:21am Ne-guh-tor:

  9:22am JCityJensen:

Dies ist ein wunderbarer Morgen für meine Ohren, dank Ken!
  9:23am BSI:

Oddly I've been in the middle of a corn weenie flashback for about 12 hours already...
  9:23am Sputnik:

you are the master
  9:26am C.I.C:

excellent set
  9:27am GP:

This is a brilliant remix.
Corn Weenie..indeed.
  9:27am David:

With "Hooked on Kenics", I can sing now!
  9:28am Myxtlplyk:

Where is the Corn Weenie CD promised with the marathon contribution?
  9:28am jeremy the listener:

good day to the great unwashed masses
  9:28am anne:

listening live from tokyo. hey there Ken, hey there everybody.
  9:31am Ken:

Myxtlplyk, I am mastering it this week. Sorry for the delay.
  9:31am Ghengis Jung:

The miserable failures are my favorites.
  9:34am weiterso:

Hi Ken,
don't forget Karel Gott is 70 now!
  9:34am BSI:

Good to hear my enterprising neighbors haven't run off with my WFMU goodies while I slave away at work.

Much better to have 'em late vs. not at all. ... At some point, the great ego of BSI will be sated with a wealth of corn weenies...
  9:43am Dan B:

I'm really loving this Venture Bros soundtrack. I think I'm gonna' have to pick it up...
  9:48am jan:

The first 45 miinutes of todays show is excellent!
  9:48am BSI:

nice spacey phasey goodness here, boris_michio thing...... goes well with headphones and magazine deadlines...
  9:50am Ne-guh-tor:

  9:52am Joe Steele:

The following 6 minutes were also very good.
  9:52am dicktater:

This is an SOS, my computer is processing so slowly I cant stream Ken, not even at 24KBS and Im on DSL (granted third world DSL, what is happening, I looked for the key to wind it up but there are no gears!!!
  9:53am David:

And this is very good
  9:53am Ne-guh-tor:

Anyone out there want their organs to go to an asshole?
  9:53am No Assholes:

Is it wrong that to suggest that murderers and rapists and wall street traders become organ donors?
  9:54am emily:

I, too, for the first time checked off the donor organ box and mailed it in today!
  9:54am ka'trish:

no livers to alcoholics!
  9:54am 108365:

ken, the skin is an organ. could it be transplanted? imagine your FACE on Randall Terry.
  9:54am wha?:

Ken, I got excited there for a second. You made it sound like the donation had already been made. I thought "What a mensch."
  9:55am gregory:

Be careful what you write in that box. they'll think you mean you don't want your asshole transplanted. everything except your asshole is going to go to some asshole.
  9:56am Lizardner Dave:

I really messed up. I checked the box that says you donate your asshole to an organ. Boy is my face red!
  9:56am BSI:

The greatest Furry Freak Brother!
  9:57am doug in dc:

You mean that box was for *body* organs? I thought I was donating my Casio.
  9:57am Ken:

Oh myGod Gregory! You're right! Anybody have some whiteout?
  9:58am Chris:

Will that Casio play a rim shot, Doug?
  9:58am David:

I mailed my asshole to the DMV today.
  9:59am wha?:

Big mistake, David. DMV doesn't need any more assholes.
  10:01am Chris:

Please hold, your call is important to us.
  10:02am Joe Steele:

I feel like I'm in a lobby of a very nice hotel.
  10:03am BSI:

I'll have a harp, I guess, if there's no Guinness, or a brown ale at least...
  10:04am David:

How about reverse effect next time?
  10:14am Dan B:

  10:15am BSI:

Many thanks Ken, my ego can live another day.
  10:16am jeremy the listener:

  10:16am GP:

BSI <tips hat>
  10:17am Webhamster Henry:

Au Contraire!
  10:18am coney:

corn dog just don't have the same ring to it.
  10:22am illy d:

you've played this dude before... he's blowin' my dome. wyld man, wyld!
  10:24am annie:

just so ya know, delaware county is still representin!
  10:25am Ken:

Thanks illy. Yeah, Edgar Broughton's amazing. This track recorded live in '72 on BBC1
  10:28am ozzy skateboard:

hello from Syracuse NY
  10:28am Mark:

I'm holding my own hand
  10:29am illy d:

I love cult hippies. Y'know, the dangerous ones. Not the patchouli, stadium parking-lot ones.
  10:32am ozzy skateboard:

YEAH , PTL baby!
  10:32am Laurie:

Good morning, Ken.

Have you seen this?

Everything Is Terrible is WONDERFUL.
  10:33am GP:

My legs is hollerin'
My arms is hollerin'
My whole body I S H O L L E R I N'
shout it out now....
  10:38am jeremy the listener:

i'm on such a spiritual high right now
  10:42am Carmichael:

Howdy Ken and fellow aural travelers.
  10:45am JCityJensen:

shout out to Space Farms!
  10:49am JCityJensen:

Ken you have to start spanking people on the head for 7SD!
  10:49am tim:

Yay Ken! Let's see that long-awaited DJ premium CD!
  10:51am Carmichael:

I'm getting all edgy waiting for Zamfir.
  10:53am oldie olson:

Hi there. I'm a really old person on super huge amounts of stomach medication, and this music is making me trip balls.
  10:54am BSI:

Awesome harpage. We need Amanda's vocal stylings here.
  10:55am Webhamster Henry:

Thanks for playing "L'Homme d Lamancha!" - one of my daughter's faves!
  10:57am sam l.:

Isn't Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow from the album of the same name? I'm 98 percent sure it's not on Maggot Brain.
  10:57am GP:

BSI- c.f.: Joanna Newsom
  11:03am Funkadelic Completist:

Funkadelic put out a record called The Album That It Is On? Holy crapoly! Time to research me up a copy on the interwebs!
  11:06am thelma:

Re Brel's: L'Homme de La Mancha --Jean-Claude Calon sang Sancho Panza, not Louis Navarre -- accdg to the liner notes writer for this CD (which I wrote).
  11:06am Carmichael:

Man, i skip off to do some quick collating and you manage to sneak in Jacques Brel. Damn you!! Damn you all to hell!!
  11:09am Wanda:

Youse guys is whores? You gotta room open? I'm a good earner, not a troublemaker, and I don't make a lotta noize when I'm onna job.
  11:09am David:

Is it OK?
  11:10am doug in dc:

Well, at least the guy who broke into my car didn't "despoil" it. I should consider myself lucky.
  11:10am BSI:

If there is no Tony Coulter, there is no life.
  11:14am Happy Listener:

'morning, Ken. Thoroughly enjoying your show, as usual.
  11:16am Happy Listener:

I'll be missing Tony Coulter, as well.
  11:17am Ken:

Everybody should say farewell to Tony tomorrow, from Noon to 3. Eithger leave a comment on his playlist or give him a call in the studio.
  11:17am ozzy skateboard:

good thing I burned a bunch of Tony's shows to cdr, I'll keep him always......:P
  11:17am Happy Listener:

Will do.
  11:18am Carmichael:

I will be sure to fax Tony my farewell.
  11:26am roguenkatz:

something tells me the cd skipping is not deliberate but it's hard to tell...
  11:27am jan:

cute-oh japanese song- I can imagine the campfire in front of which they are singing.
  11:28am Happy Listener:

it's enka-tastic!
  11:28am JCityJensen:

more terrible is your school:
  11:29am Happy Listener:

maybe even enka-tarded!
  11:32am Happy Listener:

Seriously, Ken? That's the title? Can we see?
  11:33am Carmichael:

I am hanging on the emotion of every word in this song.
  11:33am j-Beeef Penis:

I am finding myself severly mis-represented in this song.
  11:34am Ken:

Happy - I got it slightly wrong but now it's been corrected.
  11:34am Happy Listener:

Every word in this song is like hooks of banality, jabbing at my spine.
  11:34am Carmichael:

YES!! Now they rock!! YES!!
  11:35am Happy Listener:

  11:38am Ken:

OK Happy Listener, calm down...
  11:39am Carmichael:

I mingle interminably at Vietnamese restaurants for the music.
  11:42am paul:

pretty sure trent and hotrod have played coldplay. albeit probably also in mashup or remixed form.
  11:45am jeremy the listener:

nalcom seagull says "it'll all be fine, ken."
  11:45am SoundExchange:

Go ahead and fuck wid us. We pwn your assez. Youre goin down, dude.
  11:47am Ken:

Happy, you're cruising towards a banned IP, on volume alone.
  11:48am annie:

bad shit. worse video.
  11:49am Carmichael:

Doesn't the narrator mention, "For a good time, call Ken."?
  11:49am Marshall Stacks:

National Lampoon!
It's about time.
  11:49am Comment Reader:

speaking of texting us to death, happy...
  11:50am Parq:

Ken, are you running this at an increased pitch on purpose? I'm wondering what's going to be done with the time we're saving.
  11:50am annie:

this is a riot!! thanks for playing it ken
  11:50am David:

Who is Coldplay?
  11:51am foreign_listener_k:

Is this the mass market, speed compressed version of how the universe is still laughing behind your back?
  11:51am wikipedia:

Coldplay is the opposite of Hot Shit
  11:51am Laurie:

For a good time, I will call that number and ask for Ken. This song is full of good advice.

I'm going to go check the air in my tires now.
  11:52am Marshall Stacks:

That's the guy's real voice. Melissa Manchester on backing vocals, Chris Guest accompanying.
  11:52am Mark:

Wonder what is involved in a good time with Ken
  11:52am David:

Smouldering Loaf?
  11:53am bill:

y'know ken, speeding up yer Radio Dinner can give you indigestion...... just sayin'....
  11:53am jeremy the listener:

let's just say... it involves towers and amplification
  11:54am listener mark:

Great news about the signal booster, Ken. You have worked hard to get this far. Looking forward to better reception. This was a really good show. Thanks, BTW you really are a whore.
  11:54am Ken:

Yeah, I speeded that National Lampoon track up.
  11:54am Mark:

well I did write down the number
  12:01pm Ike:

I enjoyed this show from half-asleep nausea-ville. Everybody take your vitamin C, something nasty's going around.
  1:13pm shiro taniguchi:

Thank you KEN Again!!
Track 12 title is: let's take a bath:
Did Mr.Haruomi Hosono choose this??
I'm happy.
  11:37pm shiro:

Ken chose this tune.
  12:01am bubba:

get over it
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