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Playlist for 03 March 2010 Favoriting | Marathon 2010 Week One with Billy Jam.

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Artist Song Album Comments Approx. start time
Bob Hund  Final Solution Ett Fall & En Losning   Favoriting 100 Ar Bakat 

Click for the full size image
Swell Maps  Let's Build a Car   Favoriting     0:05:05 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Super T-Bone   Favoriting Jet Ear Party 

Click for the full size image. Thanks Janet H!!
0:14:15 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  Bells   Favoriting Axes    0:19:14 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone  Gimmee Some (Mike Magini Remix)   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
0:32:16 (Pop-up)
Jaqee  Pink Drunken Elephant   Favoriting     0:35:36 (Pop-up)
Dokaka  I Wish   Favoriting  

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0:38:28 (Pop-up)
Felix Kubin & Coolhaven  There Is A Garden   Favoriting     0:50:47 (Pop-up)
Sharon Tandy  Hold On   Favoriting     0:54:33 (Pop-up)
QP Crazy  Kuroita! (J-Beeef Penis R&R)   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 (various artists) 

Click for the full size image
1:11:05 (Pop-up)
Yamasuki Singers  Aieaoa (A.I.E. Mwana)   Favoriting Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki    1:17:57 (Pop-up)
Adriano Celentano  Prisencolinensinaincuisol   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
1:20:04 (Pop-up)
Prisonshake  Eisbaer   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image. Photo by Anne Yen.
1:33:58 (Pop-up)
Die Radierer  Drogen Todt   Favoriting  
1:36:12 (Pop-up)
Crash  Vaughan's Ballad   Favoriting Poutre Apparente - WFMU Bimbo TPower Special    1:43:32 (Pop-up)
Matia Aguayo  Desde Rusia   Favoriting Ay Ay Ay 

Click for the full size image
1:56:18 (Pop-up)
John  CW Cyrus Corn Weenie Mix   Favoriting     2:00:59 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Agfers of Kodack   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
2:14:46 (Pop-up)
Gimmicks  Cigarette   Favoriting     2:18:27 (Pop-up)
Rocket Freudental  Beneluxus Europoort   Favoriting     2:20:49 (Pop-up)
Elekelaiset  Puliukko   Favoriting     2:33:26 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud and the Gospel of Power  Take You Slow   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
2:36:06 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting     2:47:25 (Pop-up)
I Wonder Who  Aguaturbia   Favoriting  
2:49:50 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am dc pat:

  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning Ken and Billy! Best of luck today!
  9:02am bw:

the greatest Station Manager!
  9:04am Snortley:
  9:05am Bad Ronald:

Good morning Ken and Billy. This is surely radio history in the making!
  9:08am Detroit Mac:

Morning all: Will be pledging today... sorry to say it will not be much as the piggy bank is empty (but my heart and bladder is full). Protect the WFMU Flowers.
  9:08am JJZ:

Better than Arthur Carlson?
  9:10am John from Oslo:

Morning Ken, happi pledging - any chance for a mindblowing DMT experience this marathon?
  9:12am bw:

Mercy Pledge!!!! come on people start calling!
  9:15am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey there Ken and Billy?! Happy 2010 Marathon to you both! I will most definitely pledge soon to keep WFMU, one of my beautiful homes running! LaterZzzzz!
  9:17am Irene:

A live version of Jonathan Kane & February's "Jet Ear Party" is on my premium CD. They played a great set on my show last May!
  9:20am Jeff from St. Paul:

So if Scharpling did $72,200 that means you are good for $144,400, right Ken?
  9:22am MD:

Good Morn to all...Rock on KEN!!!!
  9:22am PMD:

  9:27am Jeanne:

Ken, don't use your Iphone for your tunes...
electromagnetic is too strong...
bad for the brain.
Ken I supported you on Monday!
  9:29am seang:

  9:31am Vicki:

"WFMU Play Music that Does Not SUCK"
  9:33am Vicki:

"WFMU Play Music that DOES suck"
  9:34am Cecile:


Can't comment, gotta work, but RAKE IN THE BUX!
  9:34am JJZ:

Does the Adoption gallery get updated as people adopt things
  9:37am Ken:

JJZ =- Yes it does, but there is a lag of a few hours.
  9:37am Vicki:

excellent music you're playing
  9:42am SiHV:

i just burst out laughing at work. thanks a lot.
  9:43am Glenn L:

What Vicki just said.
Going right for the money hits
  9:51am JJZ:

Ah, never mind, I see mine in there, it just wasn't what I expected.
  9:52am R I S K Y!:




  9:57am Ken:

We can change it to you liking JJZ, just let me know.
  9:58am Peter:

Ken is the epitome of unsuckiness!
  10:00am Glenn L:

There are many many things that suck in this world.
Ken's not one of them.
  10:02am Stephanie Monseu:

That was STEPHANIE from the BINDLESTIFF FAMILY CIRKUS pledging a mlouse for Ken's ipod! geez, I gotta spit these marbles out.
  10:03am Kendall!:

No Ken definitely sucks. This music is ok though.
  10:03am Bert Yardbrush:

Suck or Unsuck, it depends on the context.
  10:03am dc pat:

everyone should ALWAYS fall back on Flipper
  10:04am loving fan:

i keep missing how much to pledge to be in the running for Ken's iPod! please enlighten me?
  10:05am Vivian:

Ken, post the recipe!!!
  10:05am Terry:

But are these scottcharoos vaygun?
  10:06am DF:

Mouse or higher for the ipod, I think
  10:06am Devin:

I wana see a picture of one of these scotcharoos...
  10:07am Bad Ronald:

Is that Bob Crane waiting to take calls on the big phone?
  10:08am Dave B:

Round IS a shape!
  10:08am Vicki:

it is most important to check packets to see if they cause anal leakage
  10:09am bennett4senate:

I donated on Monday to get my monies in early, to hopefully forestall Ken using the Bob Dylan Christmas album today, the most effective (and painful!) tool for fundraising
  10:09am Vicki:

there is also poo in the ground.
  10:10am John McCabe in LA:

hi ken and billy
  10:10am Terry:

Excellent. No animals or dirt were harmed in the making of. Just Ken.
  10:19am Richard Cleves:

Ken, please do me the honor of posting the picture of my garbage can that I just emailed you. It has over 20 years of WFMU bumpers stickers on it. I ride a bike!
  10:19am dc pat:

holy schlitz, the banana man is totally freakin me out!! Where'd that come from?
  10:19am Mark:

I think a mouse pledge is required to get in the running for Ken's iPod
  10:20am dc pat:

never mind, already found it...
  10:21am Jeff from St. Paul:

YES!!! Ken this is a great video/song!
  10:23am Bert Yardbrush:

Is that the special scotcharoo that fits in your shirt pocket?
  10:24am Detroit Mac:

1st saw the Prisencollinensinaincuisol video in Italy in 1998. If you want to know what English sounds like to an Italian who does not understand any English... this is IT!
  10:29am dc pat:

this is still my fave Japanese commercial:
  10:33am PMD:

I am a swag for lifer - part of it is to support Ken.
Just note that you have to choose the amount and then go to the next page to choose 'for life'. It's a little un-intuitive.
  10:38am Meghan:

Hmmm, i just pledged but didn't get to write you a comment... Can't wait to co-host for you next week!!!
  10:39am Dave B:

@dc pat - you might enjoy giga pudding!
  10:47am dc pat:

yep, pretty weird there Dave B, but still like Kikkoman the best--especially when the cat hangs himself because he chose the wrong sauce for his omelet.
  10:55am John Beekman:

John in NY - that's Hyena Sparerib to you...
Keep it going, Ken!

Pledge to support EAS!!!
  10:56am PMD:

Someone tell the loons it was only a test. They seem concerned.
  10:57am Mark:

The suicidal cat definitely elevates it to a higher level.
  11:03am Janet H:

Good Morning! me @ WFMU next week! Can't Wait!!
  11:04am Johnny Mercer's ghost:

Cyrus shouts you out....
  11:04am Dan B From Upstate:

I've always wondered where the audio from this corn weenie remix comes from. Can anyone help me out?
  11:05am Dan B From Upstate:

(I've prolly just embarassed myself by not knowing it, lol)
  11:05am Ken:

It's the opening scene from the movie "The Warriors."
  11:06am Sandy in Houston:

The Warriors!
  11:07am Dan B From Upstate:

I'll have to stick it in my queue. Thanks Ken and Sandy! :D
  11:09am Carmichael:

Yo dawgs, good morning and happy pledging. Me work. Me listen. Me pay later.
  11:12am Vicki:

come on people, if you haven't pledged and you're listening then what are you waiting for?
  11:13am Dan B From Upstate:

Hah! Called it. This was my best friend's wedding song a few years ago. I can't wait to tell him that the song celebrating his love is the worst pop song of the last 30 years.
  11:13am Andy in Berlin:

this is nothing - why don't you play some Jerry Lewis?
  11:13am Webhamster Henry:

The unscientific worst song contest:
  11:13am Vicki:

Ken! Play BONANZA!
  11:13am dc pat:

so this is the sucky music you were talking about
  11:14am Ella Fitzgerald:

I love this song!
  11:14am Therese:

You've got to stop this insanity!!!!!! Pledge, people!
  11:15am Carmichael:

The worst pop song of ANY decade is Racey's "Lay Your Love On Me". Unlistenable at any speed. Totally vomit-inducing. Shockingly sacharin-like dross. Suicide catalyst.

Consider this a request.
  11:15am Mike Kushmans:

  11:15am Jelly Donut:

oh god
  11:16am Meghan:

Ears bleeding.... oh thank god....
  11:18am Mike Kushmans:

Thats it, now I'm listening to Ken's show from 2-24-2010.
  11:20am grotto:

Awesome segue!
  11:20am PMD:

I thought it was going to be Poco. Or James Taylor.
  11:21am James Taylor:

What did I do?
  11:24am David Lee Roth:

What DIDN'T I do???
  11:25am Denise in Washington, DC:

I thought "Doggie in the Window" was a novelty song. Shows what I know.
  11:25am Stan Free:

Hey, that's my synth patch!
  11:30am paul:

collapsing ken buildings?
  11:35am DJ KEILI:

I LIKE THAT JASON MRAZ SONG! (not the scat part) It's cute...
I'm gonna bring it to Irwin's show today when I MC.
  11:36am Shawn:

Didn't know Ken was putting up his ipod! I AM SO EXCITED
  11:39am Night Ranger:

What, you're gonna play 'Sister Christian'? Cool!
  11:39am Night Ranger:

What, you're gonna play 'Sister Christian'? Cool!
  11:43am Zimmerman:

Merry Xmas!
  11:44am Barry:

....loving the show.....not that skat though, made me pick up the phone to get it stopped.....aaahhhh christmas Bob Dylan.....
  11:44am Janna:

Oh Jeeze!! GAH
  11:44am Jeff from St. Paul:

Are you sure this is dylan? Sounds like recordings from the first talking Alligator's christmas album.
  11:45am Janna:

Blood from our ears gets in the way of our dialing.
  11:46am Detroit Mac:

Here comes the story of the ARGGGHGGHHH!
  11:46am Meghan:

There should be a law about Xmas music being played.... EVER. Call people!!! Please make it STOP!!!!
  11:47am jk:

Ken: we love this christmas album!
  11:48am JJZ:

Eh, Christmas music now and then is nice. It'd have to be a week or two of it to particularly get annoying.
  11:48am jelly donut:

i want that ipod.
  11:50am ?:

yikes. put that Bob Dylan back on.
  11:50am Mal:

WTF?! What happenend to the Dylan?
  11:51am justin beaver:

Ken - the problem with this music is that it really cracks me up so hard- that it makes the morning go by faster @ work- silly bad music makes everything fun - you need to play Collective Soul over and over- to make people react
  11:57am jan:

I donated to your show as Jan. but was mentioned as Jane. I have Agape for you Ken. That idealized non sexual love.
  11:59am Shawn:

  12:00pm PMD:

Good for you DJ KEILI!!
  12:02pm BRONWYN C.:

  3:23pm listener jeff:

after show post alert!
I don't see the accuplay listing for the cherry bomb song after the sharon tandy song - if anybody knows who did it please post!

  1:36pm Dan B From Upstate:

@listener jeff: Ken says it's the Japanese band Olivia Newton John.
  4:04pm listener jeff:

Thanks Dan (and Ken)!
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