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Playlist for 10 March 2010 Favoriting | Marathon 2010 Week Two with Meghan McKee

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Artist Song Album Approx. start time
2 Many DJs  Human Fly   Favoriting   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Johnny Boy  You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve   Favoriting   0:04:19 (Pop-up)
Brigitte Fontaine  Le Magnum   Favoriting   0:10:38 (Pop-up)
Cobra Killer  Goodtime Girl   Favoriting   0:18:07 (Pop-up)
RIP Slyme  Nettaiya   Favoriting   0:22:33 (Pop-up)
Dan Deacon  Crystal Cat   Favoriting   0:39:41 (Pop-up)
Von Sudenfed  The Rhinohead   Favoriting   0:43:18 (Pop-up)
Etienne Charry  Prinsen   Favoriting   0:48:06 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting   1:03:31 (Pop-up)
Steinski  Jazz   Favoriting What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective  1:08:37 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Robbin Banks (Doin Time)   Favoriting   1:14:19 (Pop-up)
The Billy Nayer Show  The American Astronaut   Favoriting   1:34:49 (Pop-up)
Camera Obscura  Lloyd I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken   Favoriting   1:36:10 (Pop-up)
New Radicals  You Get What You Give   Favoriting   1:39:52 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Puliukko   Favoriting   2:00:13 (Pop-up)
Uknown  Queen Medley   Favoriting   2:02:19 (Pop-up)
Flipper  Ha Ha Ha   Favoriting   2:26:01 (Pop-up)
Roky Erickson  Dont Slander Me   Favoriting   2:28:13 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning Ken and Meghan! Ken, I'm really looking forward to your DVD!
  9:08am Ne-guh-tor:

Ken! Dropped my full pledge on Jason yesterday. I might squeeze out a small one for you. Jeez...
  9:12am ginger tim:

Ken, tell 'em about Prize Accounts so they can spread their love around & play the Marathon like a proverbial slot machine!
  9:12am Meghan:

good morning Dan B! another fine fine morning!
  9:13am RH:

I mentioned this on the Talk's Cheap comments yesterday, but I'll say it again. I think you guys should have a free iPhone app with the 32k stream, but charge a couple of bucks for the full-featured version. REVENUE STREAM!
  9:18am Torbjørn:

Aerial tram operator signing in !
However, born in 1984 and starting that position in 1985 doesn't sound too good.

You nailed my name, guys .. youre norwegian is getting better.
  9:21am John from Oslo:

Torbjørn, fett!
  9:22am Joe Steele:

If WFMU isn't on, I may just decide I DON'T WANT to break for pedestrians anymore.
  9:23am seang:

This marathon is absolutely EPIC! We can do this! I've lost my mind over this!
  9:24am Ne-guh-tor:

Alright, goddamnit! I will pledge another $180 Ken, but you have to deal with my wife! I'm gonna bust it up and send it to you in two payments. Is that OK?
  9:24am MD:

  9:25am Dan B From Upstate:

Torbjørn is a fantastic name. I wish I had a nice Norwegian name. It's so much cooler than Dan.
  9:26am bennett4senate:

write emails to your family! take advantage of your (hopefully good) family relations and have them drop some bucks on the fun91.
  9:28am Ne-guh-tor:

Hey, can I add my pledges from yesterday and today and maximize my swag? How doth I do this?
  9:28am Torbjørn:

Dan; well, thank you. I quite enjoy my name myself, actually ..
John From Oslo; Ja, vi må spytte inn litt nå som dollaren er så lav og WFMU trenger pengene så sårt .. jeg har noen sparepenger på lur om det skulle vise seg at maratonet kommer til kort på Søndag.
  9:29am John from Oslo:

Hi Dan - ever heard of the Norwegian artist "Odd Nerdrum" or the composer "Fartein Valen"?
  9:30am Dan B From Upstate:

@John from Oslo, Actually, I haven't. I'm gonna' have to look them up when I get home from work tonight!
  9:31am Hugo:

Hi, compatriots. I'm Norwegian, too, but the name is a latinized version of an old Norse word. Or so the dictionary tells me ...
  9:37am Torbjørn:

@Hugo, cool.
I consider all expatriates to be Norwegian undercover agents in waiting, just sitting it out before springing that big, big Norwegian world domination trap.
Brouhaha, it will be beautiful !
  9:37am john:

thanks for the job, i have updated my resume and my email sig
  9:38am Joe Steele:

I'm jealous of several of these job titles.
  9:39am JcityJensen:

the premium prize should be helping Ken broadcast from the rowboat
  9:39am still b/p:

Titles come with pensions? Gym membership? Cosmetic surgery coverage? Parking space?
  9:39am dc pat:

by the way folks, the wfmu iPhone app rules. Forget earphones and it's like listening to a transistor AM radio station.
  9:42am Joe Steele:

Do you have the Mayor Healy CD?
  9:44am CheriPi:

Nice to know that there's another Cincinnatian listening & supporting the only Freeform station in tha nation.
  9:45am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning! Where's Cecile?
  9:47am messica:

Bob Dylan & Xmas together... That is torture. Meghan will know why.
  9:49am Richard C:

Anyone know who the "usual suspects" will end up being when WFMU hits about $1.1M?
  9:49am Meghan:

ha! Yes I know you have a thing for Dylan!
  9:50am jaypee:

@dc pat, you're right! I often listen to WFMU whilst still in bed and I experienced a feeling of nostalgia as if I was still a kid hiding under the covers listening to a battery powered radio.
  9:51am Hugo:

Torbjørn, I suspect my name is a result of the Viking expansion throughput Europe back in its time. But that was a while ago. But it's a funny fact to consdier that there are probably more Americans of Norwegian extraction than there are Norwegians. But as far as invasion goes, that one was decidedly low-key.
  9:53am PMD:

If I pledge and pay online now via Paypal, will my comments be read on the air?
  9:54am Cecile:

Yes, I've done it about 3 times around.
  9:54am Joe Steele:

Yes, PMD. Provided the printer doesn't jam, it comes through real-ish time.
  9:55am seang:

Norwegian too! I think there's a Giere farm out in Oslo somewhere
  9:56am Hugo:

@John from Oslo: Of course, the former is a painter in a very naturalistic mode; the latter a somewhat inaccessible contemporary composer.
  9:56am dc pat:

jaypee: yeah that's what I mean---I had decade confusion when I first tried it. By the way, I use to be jaypee too.

Don't forget, Vikings, all the Irish people over here are probably Norwegians too.
  9:57am Joe Steele:

I want to be X-Ray Burns when I grow up.
  9:57am Odin:

Was that Norse invasion low-key.... or Loki?
  9:59am Joe Steele:

Isn't Olive in charge of the daycare center?
  10:00am Vicki:

that would be WFMU DJ Charlie, hello Charlie!
  10:00am Cecile:

The pit bull has been known as the "nanny dog" in the past.
  10:01am PMD:

OK, fine. Done. Sigh. Ken's email was so pathetic, I had to pony up. Again. I paid immediately, so hopefully I'm still up for iphone...
  10:01am Cecile:

genghis jung? Hola!
  10:02am Eduardo:

  10:02am Cecile:

what's my title again? I know I'm a NCO of some kind, which would make my poppa proud.
  10:04am fishmonkeystew:

Ken, what happens if you can't wrangle up all the dough? More fund drives?

Cecile, I completely believe that about pit bulls. I have one who is the biggest doll. Though, she is a great enemy of squirrels.
  10:05am 108574:

Give a man a liposuction and he'll be slim for a day - Teach to liposuction and he'll be slim for the rest of his life. So pledge generously to WFMU - The leader in self-liposuction education. I did, and I feel lighter already.
  10:06am Cecile:

the war between dogs and squirrels is ancient and mysterious.
  10:07am Jelly donut:

  10:10am PMD:

fishmonkeystew, I think Ken fires everyone and the computers burn and crash so no online listening.
  10:11am ?:

Maybe the one-week supplemental autumn marathon caused some people to figure they'll have another chance laer, when they feel less worried about money.

Don't blame me, I mouse pledged last week!

Step up, you people at desks and cubicles with money coming in every week/month. 30 a month on your c/c is not going to change your life!
  10:12am Käaren:

Another Norwegian :) Do I dare say lutefisk?
Great Show Ken and Meghan!
  10:13am Meghan:

kaaren Kaarenland! Norway is definitely being represented today!
  10:14am Andy in Berlin:

It occurred to me that one reason you might be behind in the pledges is that you're not playing enough Jerry Lewis.
  10:15am minnesota jeff:

? - I was thinking that maybe the span of time between this marathon and the emergency marathon could have an impact, people arn't justifying giving when they just gave 3 months ago. Plus people tend to get laid off after christmas.

I mouse pledged, but thats me. Maybe if there needs to be another Marathon it happens in the summer.
  10:16am Käaren:

I noticed! I guess FMU has a big Norwegian following? Great show today!
  10:16am minnesota jeff:

This Slew song is badass.
  10:17am Frank in VT:

Wikipedia never lies: Incidentally, the number of Americans of Norwegian descent living in the U.S. today (4.5 million) is roughly equal to the current[update] population of Norway (4.6 million)
  10:18am Norske:

Pass de ludefisk, ya!
  10:18am Andy in Berlin:

@ Minnesota Jeff - please let's keep logic out of this please.
  10:19am Cecile:

3 million of them live in Minnesota. :D
  10:20am Talking Heads:

Stop Making Sense
  10:20am Cecile:

Keep the lutefisk, pass the Enslaved and Immortal!
  10:21am minnesota jeff:

Yeah, this place is Norge central.
  10:24am Joe Steele:

I actually got my brother to pledge for Scharpling. Which surprised even me.
  10:24am Marge Gunderson:

  10:24am S.D.:

Apply Pretzel Logic?
  10:24am mike noble:

i like to imagine that jandek himself is stored in the jandek storage room.
  10:27am Andy in Berlin:

Meghan! Do a show about cursing!!
  10:28am grge:

don't panic, nick the bard, that's corey feldman you're thinking of.
  10:31am jaypee:

Woah! WOJB! I listen to that over the air on occasion!
  10:33am Hugo:

@Cecile, in the family one out of four actually likes lutefisk. I've never understood what's so great about it. But freshly cooked cod, for instance, yummy!
  10:33am Joe Steele:

I'm on it.
  10:36am Cecile:

I think it's just a food of memory. Much as this greasy spaghetti sauce in my area where I grew up became the stuff of legend. (and that I got a case of for christmas). Unlike lutefisk, though, with enough red wine, peppers, black pepper, and a thorough chilling in the fridge to get the fat off, the sauce is edible.
  10:36am seang:

WFMU should have a special WFMU Codpiece included in their Swag
  10:37am Golden Sours:

This movie is soo good.
  10:37am Cecile:

  10:38am MD:

Hey Ken I missed my Job title!!!! Mark from Astoria...I "uped" My pledge....Tnx...
  10:38am Cecile:

Sours, I love it. It's so strange and sweet and odd.
  10:40am Golden Sours:

Totally, Cecile. It is everything you could hope for for an outer space cowboy musical!
  10:42am paul:

i will never never never NEVER stop loving this song. i need to do it at karaoke again someday.
  10:42am Cecile:

I love this New Radicals song.
  10:43am chris in madison:

seven second delay and your show were the reasons i first fell in love with the station four years (and four mouse pledges) ago! these days the reasons to love it are more numerous than i can keep track of. keep it up!
  10:43am nakedfoul:

Sadly the platforms of the New Radicals were never adopted, a casualty of the go-go 90s. If only we had listened!
  10:44am seang:

yeah it's damn good--always thought it was World Party
  10:45am Cecile:

I am still rooting for Gregg Alex ander.
Seang, I thought it was Hall and Oates or Todd Rundgren.
  10:46am Vicki:

I love this New Radicals song too
  10:47am adamp:

torbjorn, odd nerdrum is a talented painter, have you seen the film o'horten?
  10:47am Cecile:

you should just play it again, Ken.
  10:52am Webhamster Henry:

Alt for Norge! -- signed, Universitetet i Oslo, 1976
  10:52am Golden Sours:

I'll second that!
  10:53am Webhamster Henry:

Ken, you have to dig out the Norwegian Folk dance record you used to play back in the 90s.
  10:53am Sandy in Houston:

What is a chip tester?
  10:53am listener jeff:

I am tickled d d d d pink k k k k to be the echo o o o o technician! ! ! ! ! !
I take my job b b b b very seriously y y y y y y
  10:54am paul:

i dont think i got that email
  10:55am PMD:

It wasn't sad Ken, it was pathetic.
  10:55am Torbjørn:

@adamp, not quite sure why you are referring to me regarding Nerdrum, some other guy was talking about him. Regarding Norwegian visual artists, I'm more a Kittelsen guy myself ( Regarding O'Horten,I've seen it. Pretty cool, although very much in the "traditional" Norwegian film genre ..
  10:57am Ne-guh-tor:

  10:58am Andy in Berlin:

@ Eric - Hundwirt?
  10:59am Sandy in Houston:

I hope they are chocolate chips.
  10:59am Jim:

Norge, kjempers fødeland.
  11:06am CheriPi:

At least we know that this Queen Medley is in Japanese
  11:09am jk:

Ken, how much do I have to pledge to hear more Bob Dylan?
  11:10am Ne-guh-tor:

Ken, my wife found out about my mouse pledge and now she's stabbing me with a butcher knife. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.
  11:11am Vicki:

there's some GREAT Queen on the Dynamite With A Laser Beam CD... (beware rude words though)
  11:11am Andy in Berlin:

Actually maybe Hundhirte is better?
  11:12am chris in madison:

the japanese queen medley is supposed to be punishment? gets my vote for next years premium!
  11:12am chris:

speaking of norway and addresses; my old one: weidemann sv. 13 trondheim 7014
  11:12am CheriPi:

Methinks it's hard to torture a Freeform listener... but that Bob Dylan will do it. I could listen to Ja-Queen all day
  11:13am messica:

Queen + Japanese = awesome! It was making my work day better.
  11:13am PamelaR.:

Ken: I didn't quite catch that job description you assigned me. Is there a Web page w/those assignments? Just wondering.... Yes, I know I can re-listen to the archive.
  11:16am Ne-guh-tor:

HEY! I wanna be The Stairwell Lurker :(
  11:16am efd:

That's a fine how-do-you-do.
  11:17am Vicki:

DJ Back packer!!!! HA!!!
  11:18am Doug in Canada:

Yeah! I'm "Chief Technologist, Analog Services" ... I think ...
  11:21am Joe Steele:

Check your e-mail Ken, I came up with maybe 6 more.
  11:21am Zubin and Shannon:

We love WFMU! Thank you for our job titles, they suit us PERfectly. Love, Zubin (Bollywood Attendant) and Shannon (New Wave Integration Strategist)
  11:22am Cecile:

  11:22am PeteW:

Good thing I'm already a professional chucking and boring machine operator.
  11:22am PMD:

I am something related to Trolls, but stuff goes in one ear and out the other. Alas...
  11:23am AnAnonymousParty:

I'll pledge if I can be the co-director of the Department of Redundancy department.
  11:23am Dan B From Upstate:

You know... this song still hasn't left my brain from last week... A real ear worm!
  11:24am Smooth Hits:

So chill, yet melted.
  11:25am north guinea hills:

i already moused, but this song really isn't that bad..., this ain't no kenny g material or anything.....
  11:25am Scatman Crothers:

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
  11:25am Schooch Smoochmeister:

Schooch on.
  11:26am CheriPi:

I-m-Dy-i-n-g-here! please pledge!!!
  11:26am PMD:

Ken, you are only hurting yourself.
  11:27am Boo Boo:

Ba djub de boochie doo doo.
  11:27am Golden Sours:

Dootdadootscha doot doo scooootch on over doot cha cha cha doot choo chooooooo
  11:27am Doublejnyc:

Jason Mraz is too kind. Try something really sh*tty like Michael Bolton or Kenny G. I remember when the Hound way back was playing Crosby Still and Nash over and over.
  11:27am Vicki:

DAve Soldier Most Wanted Song, Ken...
  11:29am Andy in Berlin:

That's it - the mellow sound for your mellow lifestyle
  11:29am Joe Steele:

Marathons hurt sometimes.
  11:30am Cecile:

It's business time, Ken.
  11:32am dc pat:

  11:36am Cecile:

  11:38am Joe Steele:

It's Chuck Norris' 70th birthday.
  11:39am Danne D:

Go Ken go! Meghan is doing a great job as emcee (though please Ken, don't make her title Host Ego Fluffer!).

Long live FMU. Viva Ken!
  11:39am gerardo:

here i am , cecile! - waiting for your sign
hola de nuevo, ken, meghan,
hola, vicki! hola a todos!
  11:44am Cecile:

Armani Prive? I pictured Ken more a a Gaultier guy.
  11:47am Shooby Taylor:

You are breaking my heart.
  11:47am jk:

what about Shooby Taylor? Do you hate him too?
  11:48am Danne D:

I totally agree about Scat singing!
Cannot stand it at all!
  11:48am Ne-guh-tor:

I wanna see Ken scat! Sorry....
  11:48am seang:

I hate James Taylor too!! Cape Cod shite!
  11:48am Cecile:

I had to mute JT on the Oscars.
  11:48am dc pat:

alright, what does it take to get in the running for the iPhone?? I keep missing it. $75?
  11:49am messica:

I think Jimmy Buffet might be slightly worse then J.T.
  11:49am Shooby Taylor:

You just warmed my heart! Put it back together with tape and love. <3 u Ken!
  11:49am Ne-guh-tor:

I wish I could see Louis Armstrong scat.
  11:49am Tim:

The absolute worst James Taylor is his cover of Buddy Holly's "Everyday" it has scat singing AND a shitty reggae breakdown.
  11:50am Danne D:

Post Punk Quality Officer
I like that :)
  11:51am Danne D:

I might have to print up business cards with that.
  11:51am Cecile:

You could always add Sr. or Lead to your titles.
  11:52am gerardo:

what a surprise!. i've talked to any moor (the ex's guitarist) last year. he came to chile with dj rupture for a jem cohen's film performance. real nice guys!

( i wanna hear that jason moraz song by you, ken! . better than singin' 'steamroller', man ;) )

there should be a list of all these lovely job titles somewhere...
  11:52am Vicki:

you definitely need a wallpaper coordinator for each room
  11:53am Carmichael:

I just pledged, Ken. Good morning, everyone.
  11:53am Golden Sours:

I see your JT song, Tim, and raise you his cover of "The Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance"
  11:54am Ne-guh-tor:

Crappy Scatting Mobility Adviser
  11:56am Can I Be:

Shitty Reggae Breakdown Consultant?
  11:56am Carmichael:

Gosh, anything to do with Jason Mraz is ... like totally .... uh ... I got nuthin'.
  11:57am FCC:

Make it "shooty" reggae breakdown consultant and we can talk.
  11:58am gerardo:

hi, carm!
will we listen to ken's rendition?...
  11:59am Carmichael:

Gerardo, let's sing along WITH him!
  11:59am Danne D:

Soaking in abstentia? :)
  12:00pm gerardo:

yes, we will, carm - anyone joining us?
  12:01pm Golden Sours:

Belt it out!
  12:01pm paul:

wait. this man actually says "bestest" in the song?
  12:02pm HotRod:

  12:02pm Carmichael:

HEY HEY!! No "spoken word" versions, Ken. BELT IT OUT!!
  12:02pm PMD:

  12:02pm Andy in Berlin:

you should leave it to the professionals
  12:02pm Ne-guh-tor:

Faster! Faster! Higher! Higher!
  12:02pm Danne D:

Sorta a cross between Jason Mraz and Bill Mac
  12:03pm Smootchy Scootchbutte:

This is so poetic. Who wrote the lyrics?
  12:03pm bryan:

This is maybe the best thing I've heard in years. YEARS.

  12:03pm Andy in Iowa City:

I already pledged a Mouse, but this may warrant a little more. So funny Ken!
  12:03pm PMD:

It's our godforsaken right to be loved???
  12:03pm Ike:

Uh oh, I don't think that my job title was properly random. Sigh. Can't I be the Newfound Sobriety Specialist?

Go Ken go!
  12:03pm still b/p:

*raises cigarette lighter*
  12:03pm Carmichael:

Pathetic. Totally pathetic.
  12:03pm Shooby Taylor:

  12:03pm Torbjørn:

This is relevant to my interests.
  12:03pm Eminem:

Give it some attitude, white boy.
  12:03pm Janna:

Kermit the Frog?
  12:03pm Alex:

He's channeling The Blizzard Man!
  12:04pm jaypee:

ugh.. I just eviscerated my own eardrums.
  12:04pm PMD:

Does scat nibble your ear?
  12:04pm Joe Steele:

This is awful, but I continue to support WFMU's right to broadcast it.
  12:05pm yayson:

did he really say he'll stick his tongue up my nose? does that come with the double mouse pledge?
  12:05pm Cecile:

you know there's another meaning for scat.
  12:05pm scatman john:

i'm rolling around in my grave.
  12:05pm Shooby Taylor:

Bedibedibedibedibedibedi SQUAW!
  12:05pm Janna:

  12:05pm still b/p:

Ken's own new title: Pain Threshold Calibrator.
  12:05pm Golden Sours:

I hope Irwin plays it during his show
  12:05pm Dan B From Upstate:

That was fantastic! Never do that again, though.
  12:05pm R2D2:

Bleep, boop boop squzint!
  12:06pm gerardo:

john scatman's rising!
  12:06pm Joe Steele:

Bending over backwards just to see you clearer? What does that even mean?
  12:09pm Regional Refridgerator Inspector Bennett4Senate:

my family plea totally worked! thanks sue in sacramento!
~ also, as inspector, I would say that the FMU fridge never has enough easily steal-able snacks in it. you guys need to get working on that
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