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Playlist for 12 May 2010 Favoriting | Hands Across The Playlist

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Solex vs. Christina Martinez & Jon Spencer  R is For Ring-A-Ding   Favoriting Amsterdam Throwdown, Kinstreet Showdown 

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*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud  Spartacus   Favoriting Dave Cloud Does Sexton Ming    *   0:00:51 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Mexico Wax Solvent   Favoriting Your Future Our Clutter 

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*   0:05:41 (Pop-up)
Lame Gold  Heartbreak Hotel   Favoriting Deutscher Funk 2      0:10:34 (Pop-up)
John Cale  Heartbreak Hotel   Favoriting Slow Dazzle 

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  0:13:33 (Pop-up)
Name  Carney Hild and Kramer   Favoriting Happiness Finall Came to Them      0:17:42 (Pop-up)
George Clinton  Atomic Dog   Favoriting  
  0:24:00 (Pop-up)
The Move  Brontosaurus   Favoriting Best of The Move      0:28:53 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Down At Mississippi   Favoriting Foolklegs - Folkloric Mashups 

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  0:31:59 (Pop-up)
Immortal Technique  The Message and The Money   Favoriting       0:38:29 (Pop-up)
Runaways UK  Reflections   Favoriting Classic Tales 
  0:43:20 (Pop-up)
Ethan Persoff  Introduction   Favoriting Spree: An Escape from Reality 

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  0:54:34 (Pop-up)
People Like Us and Wobbly  Okay / Giant Love Ball   Favoriting Music for the Fire    *   0:56:09 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Mosra   Favoriting Catholic Sunspot Apron 

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*   1:00:12 (Pop-up)
Gorillaz  To Binge   Favoriting Plastic Beach    *   1:03:20 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Young Marble Giants 
Zebra Trucks (loop)   Favoriting Colossal Youth      1:06:55 (Pop-up)
Websiite  Tracky Birthday feat Dragsn   Favoriting Greatest It (Outstanding Cockrock Disco V.A. Comp) 

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  1:13:23 (Pop-up)
Pamela Z  Geekspeak   Favoriting BitStreams: Sound Works From The Exhibition at the Whitney (various artists)      1:16:45 (Pop-up)
Joe Ferrari  AOL Cancels the Account   Favoriting  

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  1:24:43 (Pop-up)
Kenny Graham and His Satellites  Sunbeam   Favoriting Moondog and Suncat Suites    *   1:29:07 (Pop-up)
Collage  Suur Tamm   Favoriting Forty Seven Minutes Four Seconds 

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*   1:31:39 (Pop-up)
Yukon Orange  Ernie Bachmann   Favoriting     *   1:38:56 (Pop-up)
Clothesline Revival  Cootie Catcher   Favoriting     *   1:39:10 (Pop-up)
Adolf Wolfli / Baudoin de Jaer  Cahier Geographique no 11, Page 837   Favoriting Musik Obik: Musics in the Margins 2 

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*   1:42:01 (Pop-up)
Xiao He  Smooth-Tha-Tune   Favoriting The Performance of Identity    *   1:43:09 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Le Coq Megalo   Favoriting Toothbrush Fever 

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  1:47:26 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Brosse a Danse   Favoriting Toothbrush Fever      1:48:16 (Pop-up)
Striptease  Katapulto   Favoriting Greatest It (Outstanding Cockrock Disco V.A. Comp)      1:51:34 (Pop-up)
King of Good  Part One   Favoriting  

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  2:05:52 (Pop-up)
Grandmaster Gareth  Grandmasters of the Universe   Favoriting The Party Sounds of Grandmaster Gareth      2:09:57 (Pop-up)
Grandmaster Gareth  Ignition   Favoriting The Party Sounds of Grandmaster Gareth      2:11:16 (Pop-up)
Ethan Persoff  Dear Mr Depieu   Favoriting Spree: An Escape from Reality 

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*   2:12:12 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Michelle - Psychosexual Poem   Favoriting  
  2:17:42 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud  Sad is the Airoplane   Favoriting Dave Cloud Does Sexton Ming    *   2:20:53 (Pop-up)
Ivor Kallin and John Bisset  Traktor Remix   Favoriting       2:25:17 (Pop-up)
Mexican Institute Of Sound  Te Quiero Mucho   Favoriting       2:30:37 (Pop-up)
Leon Thomas  The Creator Has a Master Plan   Favoriting       2:33:25 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  Satin Doll   Favoriting  

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  2:37:19 (Pop-up)
Quadron  Herfra Hvor Vi Star   Favoriting Self Titled 
*   2:50:09 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am Vicki:

good day from Tory Britain
  9:05am Ken:

Hi Vicki! Just you and me today! We're testing a new listener comment thingy today - in theory you should only have to add your name the first time or something like that... also this column will refresh differently.. let me know how it goes.
  9:06am Bad Ronald:

Morning all!
  9:06am Vicki:

oh I came somewhere else! followed FB
  9:06am Dan B From Upstate:

Neat. Watching Ken's comment come in was pretty cool!
  9:06am Vicki:

oh let's see if it works...
  9:07am Bad Ronald:

wow pretty nifty!
  9:07am Laura L:

And good morning from NYC with rather British weather this morning.
  9:07am TubaRuba:

Good morning all! The new comment thing is pretty cool - although the comment box frame is still too small, so scrollbars show up :(
  9:07am Vicki:

it still asked me for the maths but i see the comments coming up all slidy, in a sicky sort of rising way
  9:08am Bad Ronald:

Will we break it if we all comment at once?
  9:08am Kenzo:

TubaRuba: What browser/version and OS are you using? (Hi Ken and Vicki...and the unexpected guests...)
  9:08am Jeffersonic (DSK):

Hello everyone!
  9:08am Vicki:

google chrome, Kenzo - mac osx 10.5.8
  9:08am Dan B From Upstate:

Cool. I didn't have to enter my name again. I like it. I hope this sticks around, Kenzo!
  9:09am Vicki:

I feel left out :)
  9:09am paul:

test comment. good morning everyone!
  9:09am TubaRuba:

Firefox 3.6.3 on Ubuntu Linux
  9:10am Vicki:

yes it definitely doesn't know who the hell i am
  9:10am Vicki:

going to go and try it on firefox
  9:10am Ken:

I have no music prepared and it's working anyway!
  9:10am Kenzo:

Anyone previously bashful about scrolling back to read old braver today! It should be easier than before.
  9:10am Vicki:

testing on firefox...
  9:11am Vicki:

sorry - just testing it on firefox again for kenzo's enjoyment...
  9:11am Dan B From Upstate:

Just curious what deleted comments look like. Ken or Kenzo, feel free to delete this comment, if only so we can see what it looks like.
  9:12am Vicki:

kenzo - it asks me the maths on firefox too, but the scrolling works as does the nice refresh
  9:12am still b/p:

I heard HAL 9000 say, "Let me scroll that for optimized comment visualization, Dave.."
  9:13am Vicki:

testing on safari now...
  9:13am Kenzo:

Dan B: Great question! Boring answer, though: Deleted comments look like they were never there. Behind the scenes it was a lot less boring to make that happen.
Vicki: Yeah, nobody's taking anyone's maths away! We all must keep our single-digit non-carry adding skills sharp.
  9:13am Laura L:

I like the sicky sliding way of the comments. But it asks me for the maths again too. On Safari. Mac 10.5.6
  9:14am Vicki:

yes it is asking who i am on safari too. is it meant to keep asking the maths? i guess not
  9:14am Vicki:

looks like it doesn't work on mac
  9:15am Bad Ronald:

Maths mandate the human element.
  9:15am Vicki:

so there are deleting comments options? I don't see them either
  9:15am Swami:

Got nothing to say. Just feel like doing some arithmetic.
  9:16am TubaRuba:

@Kenzo I checked Chrome and Opera on Linux and everything looks as expected (or at least as I expect you expected ;) but on Firefox the textarea is wider than the frame width.
  9:16am paul:

two plus two is four. two plus two is four,
i can see why this show is so popular!
  9:16am Parq:

Firefox 3.5 on Mac OS 10.5 here. The magic arrow and the slow roll-down work fine. Anything else supposed to happen?
  9:16am BSI:

sleepily testing the socialist whatnot!
  9:17am Parq:

Ah yes, now my name stays entered
  9:18am Kenzo:

Scroll back and read old comments, and you won't lose your place when new comments come in. You can scroll back down at your leisure, or press the big down arrow if it's there.
  9:18am Ken:

New rule: for every comment on the New Socialist Media Whatnot, comment on something else too.
  9:18am lo-t:

morning, great fun this new comment thing
  9:19am Vicki:

yes, my name stays entered on all three mac browsers btw -
Ken, we are back in the 1980s in Great Britain as of this morning
  9:19am Bad Ronald:

John Cale is xtra slooow todayyyy!
  9:19am Dan B From Upstate:

@Kenzo, I just noticed that now, the no-scroll-until-you're-ready feature. I love it!
  9:20am Parq:

Ken, you put up the Cale title a little quickly. I was listening to the Lame Gold version, thinking "This is John Cale?" And thank you, BSI, for yet another potential autobiography title.
  9:21am Kenzo:

Dan B: Just for you, I'm gonna delete the next comment I post. (Vicki: Listeners can't delete their own comments.) It's raining.
  9:22am Michelle in Green Bay:

Good morning! A rare treat - I get to listen all morning today!
  9:24am ratbone:

this reminds me of buzzy linhart.. thanks
  9:24am Lizardner Dave:

This is a comment to test the new comments. Good morning Ken and everyone.
  9:26am BSI:

Parq, I got a million of 'em.
  9:27am Swami:

Playin PFunk on 31 rpm?
  9:28am Swami:

Sorry. George Clinton. on 31 rpm.
  9:28am Ken:

That would be 36rpm/
  9:29am still b/p:

The Snoop Draggy Drag chorus was fun.
  9:29am Bad Ronald:

Shouldn't it be faster at 36rpm???
  9:29am Ken:

Where the hell is the new Satanicpornocultshop?!
  9:30am LizGig:

Hi all. Just trying the new comments thing.
  9:31am Dan B From Upstate:

Okay, so when a comment is deleted, the comment list resets, and scrolls all the way back to the top. So... if all of a sudden we see the top of the comments, we know someone was bad.
  9:31am still b/p:

Temporary GIF/music sync was naughty fun, too!
  9:31am LizGig:

There's something freaky about that hand on that mouse.
  9:32am Testman:

  9:33am Dan B From Upstate:

Kenzo, I know it's something that can't happen right away, but what are the chances that some time in the future the math screen comes up in the comment box, frame, leaving the playlist and posted comments frame up on the screen?
  9:34am Kenzo:

Dan B: Well, it's >supposed< to scroll all the way back to the bottom. What browser/version/OS?

Hey, cool thing you can do now: If you're going to "be away" for a moment or a while, and you don't want to lose your place with comments: Just scroll the comments up a little bit right before you go. When you come back, you'll still be right there and you can start to scroll down to catch up on the new comments.
  9:34am Dan B From Upstate:

Using IE 7 on Win XP (I'm at work)
  9:35am Kenzo:

Dan B: I've been working on that very thing but may not go through with it (right away). It's still raining.
  9:35am Vicki:

Dan B from Upstate - good question - I know as a fmu DJ that when even I am having to do the maths question while doing my own show it can be time consuming going to that second page.
Hi Ken, we're all doomed in the UK
  9:35am BSI:

Kenzo, this is all so damned Utopian.... I'm just not READY to be this happy.
  9:36am dw:

Do links execute from comments?
  9:36am dw:

seems nope
  9:37am Vicki:

Ken - that RIAA blooper there, just made me remember last night's dream - I was doing my show live from a suspended perch high above the dj console and the CD said the f-word and then the track went into a loop. I knew I was going to get really told off, Kenny G amount
  9:39am Kenzo:

In the future: 1) Math question will go away for registered users, 2) Links will link, 3) Left frame will smooth scroll/placehold like the comments frame, 4) Other things, 5) I can't believe nobody has commented on the Devil/Ken picture
  9:39am New York City:

Gerald Ford - Drop Dead
  9:39am Dan B From Upstate:

Gotta admit, I've been having so much fun with the comments, that I haven't really noticed much of the music this morning. I'm gonna' have to listen to this show again in the future!
  9:40am fishmonkeystew:

I dig it.

The music and the comments, that is.

Happy Kensday.
  9:41am don:

Devil/Ken picture=self portrait? nice
  9:42am dw:

@Kenzo the future looks sweet!
@Vicki the future looks bleak (Tory-wise)
  9:43am Cecile:

So, did you see who's the new Solicitor General?
A RIAA stooge who closed down Grokster.
  9:43am Cecile:

You can find a market for pet psychologists!
  9:44am zach:

it's hard to listen to music in which half the words are scrambled
  9:45am BSI:

jeezus, a hawkwind sample snuck in there...
  9:47am Ken:

I need someone to photoshop me into the devil picture please.... but subltle... subtle
  9:48am Bad Ronald:

But Ken the devil already looks like you.
  9:48am Cecile:

sorry, my copy of Gimp is at home.
But I get a 2T hard drive today. The world is warned.
  9:52am Kenzo:

I just squashed more comments vertically into the frame, hope it helps.
Seriously: Anyone who hasn't tried scrolling back and then waiting for the arrow to appear...try it out and let me know if it's working OK for you. (No auto-scroll until you scroll manually to the bottom or press the big arrow, and then arrow goes away.) Save future DJ's the trouble of having us chatter about this again.
Anyone using IE, v7, v8, Mac? Anyone on a mobile?
  9:54am Michelle in Green Bay:

I moved off of the browser page, and when I came back, the arrow was works great!
I'm on a Mac, using Firefox 3.6.3
  9:54am Dan B From Upstate:

Alternately, when I scroll to the bottom of the page, the arrow goes away on it's own, and it starts auto-scrolling again. I don't have to actually click on the arrow.
  9:54am Cecile:

IE is moving nicely
  9:55am Jack:

just checking it out....
  9:55am Bad Ronald:

Firefox 3.6.3 on a Mac down arrow intermittent...
  9:58am JimRyan:

Ahoy-hoy Ken!
  9:58am Skirkie:

OMG. I have so many jogging questions for Steve.

Also I ♥ Redheads.
  9:58am Laura L:

So Vicki, the "new era" of coalition is a "historic" day in the sense of a throwback, eh? Though it's no consolation, we've all been doomed in the US in my entire memory.
  10:00am Vicki:

we'll have to see what happens with the coalition - it's just not an ideal combination of parties, having remembered Thatcher's Britain. But we will see - plenty of countries do nicely with a coalition.
  10:01am strd:

Er. Lost comments on opera mini on a mobile.

1) Lost edited comment
2) Lost comment when changed 'name' and not email address.
  10:02am Vicki:

Kenzo, my IE doesn't even WORK anymore on my Intel Mac so I've forget about that one in that respect
  10:02am jan:

can you review our conditioning from last week. When the music plays are we supposed to salivate or call the radio station?
  10:02am Chris - Bristol:

  10:03am still b/p:

On Spree website: "Dedicated to Alger Hiss and Ernie Kovacs"
  10:03am srtd:

Or not 2?
  10:04am fishmonkeystew:

  10:04am Kenzo:

strd: Lost how? You mean on the confirmation page? Did you press "Apply these changes" button? If so, what happened when you did? (In order to make changes, you have to 1) press Apply these changes, and 2) then answer math question and press Post It.)
  10:05am DetroitMac:

I remember when dinosaurs ruled the earth... and FMU's signal was so poor that it barely reach Manhattan (when IT was still covered with dinosaurs) so I know your memory reaches back past 15 years, Ken.
  10:07am Thomas:

Testing on Firefox on Ubuntu 6.06.
  10:07am srtd:

Edited this. So neither 1) nor 2) on attempts subsequent to first-time-through
  10:09am dw:

In Canada there are 3 parties (in power?) trying to do the politics shuffle, it's a mess...
  10:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Michelle! It's your song!
  10:11am dw:

but our "main dude" is a Conservative as well, may he fall on his stupid face.
  10:11am Michelle in Green Bay:

On it.
  10:12am Lizardner Dave:

Oh crap, I forgot the phone number.
  10:12am DetroitMac:

Michelle you are not getting paid enough!
  10:12am Kenzo:

TubaRuba: Please email me...I want to make your comment box fit into the frame...
  10:12am Cecile:

  10:12am Ken:

51 seconds before a call came in... not bad. Thanks Michelle in Green Bay.
  10:12am srtd:

Yeah yeah. Did that the first time. No math confirmation and was sent to general playlists page.
Maybe a thumb slipped and I took a ride elkswhere.
  10:14am Dan B From Upstate:

Valley Lodge was on EFD's show last night. Every time I see that band's name I think of that episode of MST3K. Valley Loogie?
  10:15am stil b/p:

Yo' Hands Brahms?
  10:18am fishmonkeystew:

For some reason, Webslite's voice reminds me of Billy Jam. Anyone else?
  10:18am Ken:

Excellent job Michelle, as usual! Next time somebody else do it!
  10:19am paul:

this song reminds me of this:
  10:19am Cecile:

Ken. Email me - I might be able to next week. I just have to have a time.
  10:19am Michelle in Green Bay:

Thanks Ken! It's way fun for me...but I don't want people to get sick of me!
  10:21am Ken:

Cecile - Im not going to pre-arrange the Zebra Trucks. When you hear it, call 201-209-9368. First call gets it.
  10:21am -max-:

Late to the party, still recovering from a flood in my office. Had to set up new computer, real pain the in the you-know-where. Intel Firefox 3.5.9 version working well so far. Thanks Kenzo! In other news, been reading up on Pythagorean theory. Still trying to wrap my brain around the differences between the arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means. Can anyone suggest a good "Pythagorean Theory for Dummies" book?
  10:22am Ken:

And remember, the number t6o beat for the next Zebra Truck is 51 seconds.
  10:22am Skirkie:

As soon as the music started I had the boss at my desk asking me something or other.
  10:23am Dan B From Upstate:

Yeah... I'm at work. Wouldn't want to risk it. I am on vacation in a few weeks, though. I'll give it a try, then!
  10:23am Michelle in Green Bay:

Oo, nice...a challenge!
  10:24am Cecile:

Sounds good, Ken. I'll keep my ears open!!!!
  10:25am Skirkie:

Yeah also I don't know how well back announcing songs and doing legal ID in my cubicle would go down.
  10:27am Michelle in Green Bay:

I'm lucky...I'm in an office with the door closed. Sooner or later, though, a student is going to knock on the door while I'm doing this and HILARITY will ensue. Perhaps I will just hand the phone over.
  10:29am -max-:

Testing second comment. Scroll arrow works well here.
  10:31am lo-t:

this websiiite song, website of the artist:
real fun
  10:34am chrizzi:

hello from berlin! nice shooooe!
  10:38am Cecile:

Is this Finnish Collage are singing, Ken?
  10:39am Ken:

Hi Chrizzi - Saying hello by playing your band!
  10:39am chrizzi:

that'S cute!!!
  10:39am PMD:

I'll be able to do it in June. Job ending May 31..
  10:42am PMD:

Huh, neat. Back reading and learning. Seems to be working well on Firefox for me.
  10:42am PMD:

Huh, neat. Back reading and learning. Seems to be working well on Firefox for me.
  10:43am PMD:

OK, my comment appeared twice. I missed the math the first time around, did NOT hit the back button as instructed. Hit Try again, did it correctly that time. but it still showed up twice.
  10:45am fishmonkeystew:

Michelle, I think that's EXACTLY what you should do. Heck, you should leave your door open and hand the phone to the first person who inquires.
  10:45am Ken:

Kenzo, system is SLOoooowwwwww right now - not sure if its related or not.. i commented out a few gifs just in case
  10:47am Ken From Hyde Park:

Does anyone think the guy in this article resembles Station Manager Ken Freedman?
  10:47am chrizzi:

apart from his first name adolf wolfli is great as my boyfriend who said he is going grocery shopping, but in his language it says: "i am going to have a cigarette".. whooo, i forgot.. it is my busband. i always forgettheat we are already married..
  10:47am Vicki:

it may be me but I am also finding that it is taking a long time to visit this page from another.
  10:48am Cecile:

Wow, the piano playing kitty on YouTube learned to sing. He's awesome!
  10:48am Michelle in Green Bay:

Maybe I will, fishmonkeystew! That experiment will have to wait until fall,'s finals week, so the students will be scattering by the end of this week.
  10:49am Vicki:

definitely some loading problems going on within comments
  10:54am Ken:

Commented out ALL gifs to help page load better... will uncomment them after the show.
  10:56am John from Oslo:

My kid has a new WFMU toddler T-shirt - thank you Ken ;)
  10:58am pat:

That Spartacus song you played early in the set was pretty bad ass.
  11:00am Carmichael:

Where is the comments board?
  11:02am PMD:

Whew. The connection timed out for a while. Now it's back, but slow to connect.
  11:03am Bad Ronald:

  11:04am Vicki:

ha ha ha - ascap fees
  11:06am Cecile:

my friends in a band gave up their monthly gig because they didn't want to burden their friend who was a restaurant owner with the fees - which have been jacked consistently and outrageously for the last several years.

They are going to come back strong with Creative Commons and public domain stuff in their arsenal.
  11:07am anne:

morning! i still think i have the math. that's okay, i need math now and then. keeps me on my toes.
  11:08am Vicki:

Ken - you should contact Messer Fur Frau Muller's label Solnze Records - and ask him concerning Moscow possibilities
  11:09am Goyim in the AM:

Good morning from Basel. Are you going to be broadcasting from the studios of Radio X? Or do you just not know?
  11:09am Kenzo:

Ken: Things any faster now?
  11:09am Cecile:

I like redheads very much. I cut Megadeth a lot more slack than I should have because of my um, fascination with Dave Mustaine's hair.
  11:09am Kenzo:

(I doubt the animated GIF's were the problem.)
  11:10am Ken:

Yeah, things are faster now
  11:10am Cecile:

But of late, Dave has been so stupid that even being a redhead can't salvage his standing in my eyes.
  11:11am Carmichael:

Finally! Hello everyone. Thanks, Kenzo!
  11:13am Cecile:

I somehow need to go visit Hulu and watch the "what's up with that?" SNL sketch again.
  11:15am Vicki:

these samples sound strangely familiar - ie they've sampled me!
  11:17am Vicki:

it's nice but a bit sad to sample a sampling artist (if I am correct)
  11:17am Cecile:

Vicki, I was looking at the comment board to see if it was a People Like Us tune!
  11:18am Vicki:

when I started noticing I can identify two samples of tracks where I has sampled it initially
  11:18am Bad Ronald:

All's fair in this postmodern world...
  11:19am Vicki:

it's fair, yes. but a little lazy to not be transformative which is my golden rule to justify sampling
  11:21am Bad Ronald:

  11:21am Skirkie:

My Great Granduncle Otto was in WWI. True story.
  11:22am Cecile:

YES. A Tony Coulter special. I love this.
It's so creepy with a guy reading it.
  11:23am Michelle in Green Bay:

So THAT'S where my journal went!
  11:24am still b/p:

Now you sample it from there again, Vicki! A Mobius media strip/Russian doll.
  11:25am Vicki:

what's funny is whenever this happen they end up being way more successful than I ever was
ha ha
  11:26am dw:

Vicki, do you remember when I sampled "you" from your Brave New Waves interview in the late 90s? It wasn't meant to insult of course. I miss BNW, thankfully there's FMU!
  11:29am Vicki:

oh that was you, was it? ha ha - yes I remember
I sampled Patti from BNW by their invitation, a surprise to her, and they played it to her on the air and she was completely silenced and shocked
  11:31am FOTC:

You're getting into a whole Russian doll situation there.
  11:31am Vicki:

yes, a sad little world isn't it :)
  11:32am holland oats:

  11:33am -max-:

After getting a message that Firefox was keeping the page from being refreshed, and the button to allow it had no effect, I found the Firefox setting to stop the warning when a site re-directs you or tries to reload a page. Now it seems that the comments are refreshing themselves, but the not the playlist itself.
Oh, and it is prompting me to do the math to post. At least there isn't any geometry involved.
Hi Larry! It's good to hear from you. That's a good question...How did Ken avoid scurvy?
  11:34am FOTC:

margaritas, I'd expect. Plenty of Vitamin C in those.
  11:37am Dan B From Upstate:

Holy crap. I used to play this song every week on my college radio show. The station manager ended up yelling at me for playing it so much. I could never remember what the song was called. Thanks for playing it, Ken!
  11:38am Merv:

The beginning sounded like "The Creater Has a Master Plan", but I don't remember those vocals... Oh, it's not the Pharoah Sanders version... Thanks Ken...
  11:38am dw:

Vicki, I'm happy we can laugh about it today! I think I did hear your Patti track at the time, but it's all hazy by now, I would have to hear the track again to know for sure.
  11:39am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh. The Pharoah Sander version. That's the one I was thinking of. Thanks, Merv, too!
  11:46am poutWest:

Since you're station manager and all - can you extend your show for a couple of hours?
  11:49am postmanpaul:

....another wickedly curated undertaking ken. you rule.
  11:53am Merv:

I've heard there's a new Drunken History w\ Crispin Glover coming out... I think it's about Edison and Tesla...
  11:53am poutWest:

hot tub timemachine?
  11:55am Kenzo:

Thanks everyone for participating and helping in the new playlist comments thingy test!
Feel free to email me any detailed specifics, ideas, etc....
  11:57am Lizardner Dave:

Thank you Kenzo for making the already great WFMU even better for the listeners.

And thank you Ken for doing another great show.
  12:01pm Dan B From Upstate:

So... I wonder if comments posted after the playlist is closed look any different.
  3:09pm Kenzo:

Another good question, Dan B. It's on my list to do similar magic on a closed playlist, but it's pretty low priority so it won't happen soon. It would be useful, though, to help any last few comments just after the show ends get noticed.
  11:38am Kendall!:

I meant to comment yesterday morning. I didn't know Ken played good music on his show I'm pleasantly surprised.
  12:35pm Ne-guh-tor:

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