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Playlist for 19 May 2010 Favoriting | Dann ist Liebe Ein Teuelskreis

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Yukon Orange  Sagmir   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image. Thanks Janet H!!
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Veronika FIscher  Dann ist Liebe Ein Teuelskreis (Love WIll Tear Us Apart)   Favoriting       0:03:38 (Pop-up)
Joy Division  Interzone   Favoriting Herat and Soul 
  0:07:04 (Pop-up)
Amnesie  Lapin NUmero Un   Favoriting Greatest It (Cockrock Disco V.A. Comp)    *   0:09:46 (Pop-up)
Solex vs Cristina Martinez & Jon Spencer  The Uppercut   Favoriting Amsterdam Showdown King Street Throwdown 

Click for the full size image
*   0:13:58 (Pop-up)
Okapi  Aldo Kapi   Favoriting Love Him    *   0:16:28 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  MRI 1-33   Favoriting Cyclic Bits: The Raymond Scott Variations 

Click for the full size image
*   0:20:21 (Pop-up)
Sam and Joe  Save the Children   Favoriting Fear of Smell compilation      0:35:50 (Pop-up)
Del Nillepiz & Corrie Caulfield and Michael Fish  Yawriats Ot Nevaeh / Showers Good. Fair   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:43:20 (Pop-up)
John Murphy  Taxi (Ave Maria) Jackknife Lee Remix   Favoriting 28 Days Later Soundtrack      0:53:06 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Y.F.O.C. / Slippy Floor   Favoriting Your Future Our Clutter    *   0:57:43 (Pop-up)
Collage  Suur Tamm   Favoriting Forty Seven Minutes Four Seconds 

Click for the full size image. Photo via This Isn't Happiness
*   1:14:27 (Pop-up)
Serge Gainsbourg  Cargo Culte   Favoriting Histoire De Melody Nelson      1:17:54 (Pop-up)
Quiero Club  Quiero Que Me Quieras   Favoriting Rudo y Cursi Soundtrack      1:27:26 (Pop-up)
Nina Simone  Gimmee Some (Mike Magini Remix)   Favoriting Verve Remixed Four 
  1:29:17 (Pop-up)
Fourtet  Sing   Favoriting There Is Love In You 

Click for the full size image. To see full video this pic came from, click here
*   1:41:19 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Summer Quest   Favoriting Catholic Sunspot Apron    *   1:47:28 (Pop-up)
Messer Fur Frau Muller  Gppdbye Sea!   Favoriting Triangle, Dot & Devil 
  1:51:03 (Pop-up)
Rally  Jag Kan Inte Saga R   Favoriting Greatest Hits      1:54:26 (Pop-up)
Immortal Technique  Peruvian Cocaine   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:57:20 (Pop-up)
Cuca & Youth Brigade  El Son Del Dolor   Favoriting Red Hot & Latin - Silencio = Muerte      2:02:27 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud  Take You Slow   Favoriting Dave Cloud Does Sexton Ming      2:05:39 (Pop-up)
Iggy and The Stooges  Doojiman   Favoriting Raw Power (Legacy Edition) 

Click for the full size image. Photo via This Isn't Happiness
  2:08:19 (Pop-up)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes  I Write The Song   Favoriting Have Another Ball      2:18:30 (Pop-up)
Satan's Boyfriend  Close To You   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:21:01 (Pop-up)
Sonic Youth  Superstar   Favoriting If I Were A Carpenter 
  2:25:52 (Pop-up)
Larry  Larry Cries   Favoriting       2:29:35 (Pop-up)
Genghis Jung  Are You His Volunteer?   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:31:58 (Pop-up)
Wondermong  Wonderwall   Favoriting       2:37:37 (Pop-up)
Delphi Financial  Poppet   Favoriting       2:40:18 (Pop-up)
Mona  Gråt Inga Tårar   Favoriting       2:40:41 (Pop-up)
Eläkeläiset  Humppaasaeteilyae   Favoriting  
  2:42:53 (Pop-up)
Herpes  Keine Experimente   Favoriting Das Kommt Vom Kussen    *   2:44:49 (Pop-up)
Wire  I Am The Fly   Favoriting Chairs Missing 

Click for the full size image
  2:47:03 (Pop-up)
Notekillers  Eyelash   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
*   2:49:56 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:04am The Midwest:

Good morning, East.
  9:04am texas scott:

howdy,new jersey!
  9:04am Robert:

Is that Andy B. smiling in the picture?
  9:05am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:06am Dan B From Upstate:

Good morning, all!
  9:06am anne:

  9:07am mick:

a good day to you ken and all.....
i hate to complain but this joy div cover is horrible. i can`t even laugh about it.
  9:08am Bad Ronald:

  9:09am Ken:

You are correct Mick. I regret Veronika.
  9:09am mick:

thanks ken !!!!
  9:11am still b/p:

Is that a close-up survey of Ken's sagittal crest?
  9:11am CheriPi:

  9:12am Michelle in Green Bay:

Good morning!
  9:16am Dan B From Upstate:

It's a shame that solex/martinez/spencer track that started last week's show was purged from the archive.
  9:18am Ken:

I dont know what you're talking about Dan B.
  9:19am Dan B From Upstate:

When I listened to the archive for last week's show, it jumps right into the Dave Cloud Spartacus song.
  9:20am Ken:

Surely you jest.
  9:21am Dan B From Upstate:

LOL. At least there are... alternate means of listening to it.
  9:23am Ghengis Jung:

  9:23am Keilidh:

I liked the Joy Division cover...
  9:23am Ken:

Genghis!! Welcome.
  9:24am Ken:

Now that us DJs dont have to answer the MATH PROBLEM ANYMORE, I can greet every commenter individually.
  9:24am Spankyflop:

Good Morning Ken, I liked in the goldmine documentary, you said that the record library is the one thing that is indispensable at WFMU.......... other than the DJs
  9:24am Spankyflop:

It reminded me of when Martha Stewart got out of jail and someone asked her what she missed most and she said "LEMONS! ...........oh, and my family."
  9:24am Ghengis Jung:

Thank you Mr. Ken.
  9:25am Ken:

If everything at WFMU were as big as WFMU itself, there wouldnt be room or need for people.
  9:25am Ghengis Jung:

Ken what is 34+19?
  9:26am Ne-guh-tor:

  9:29am Ne-guh-tor:

What if your computer's broken?
  9:29am Ne-guh-tor:

Hey listen!
  9:31am Richard C:

Breaking news: The WFMU group on Last.Fm is looking for a new leader!
Your chance to boss 739 people around and see what it's like to have Ken's power... (Contact the current leader to apply)
  9:32am -max-:

Good morning Ken, and all you other Wednesdayites. Great job on the devil-Ken pic.
  9:33am Keilidh:

You have contributed much more to my life than my biological father, Ken.
  9:34am Ne-guh-tor:

Raymond Scott would think, "They're playin' it ALL wrong!"
  9:34am Michelle in Green Bay:

Kirkistani. I just wanted to spell Kirkistani.
  9:34am anne:

From NYT, Olivia Judson's blog,

"this coming Saturday is International Day for Biological Diversity, a day of celebrations and parties to appreciate the other occupants of the planet. So if you do nothing else this weekend, drink a toast to “Other Life-forms!”"

What other life-forms would you drink a toast to?
  9:35am -max-:

Stream report: 128k mp3 stream is stuttering and buffering, 32k stream is smooth.
  9:36am mike cooper:

OKAPI !!! Rome's favourite d.j.....hi from Rome
  9:36am Richard C:

128K smooth here....
  9:37am Merv:

Also having trouble with the 128K, AND the playlist keeps kicking me to the bottom when I'm trying to read all those priceless comments from the beginning...

AH!!! I love this track!!! Haven't heard it in years!!! From the Fear of Smell Comp!!
  9:39am DF:

I, too demand the right to throw up in the curtains!
  9:39am bb:

i so hope cake is up next
  9:40am Lizardner Dave:

I had to take a work phone call during Ken's first mic break . Can anyone summarize it for me? Thanks.
  9:41am mick:

merv i have the same issue with the comments. i thought it was normal but annoying...
  9:44am Vicki:

comments is the "old" format again
  9:45am The Midwest:

Ken said some stuff. We listened.
  9:46am postmanpaul:

ah, the medium wave UK radio 4 shipping forecast, good.
  9:49am dw:

Showers, good...morning Sweden!
  9:49am Dickdong:

It's on Long Wave and FM these days. Pity it's not Charlotte Green, nice all the same.
Ah - that's Charlotte Green!
  9:50am Listener Dave from NH:

Moderate or good.
Make up your mind, lady!
  9:50am still b/p:

mick & merv: go to the top, click pause-itive helper

Reverb setting wants photo reference
Low on music
Veronika nix
  9:54am postmanpaul:

you're becoming incongruous again ken, but i like it. good
  9:56am Dickdong:

Brit Announcers were in fact Corrie Caulfield and Michael Fish
  9:58am Math Problem:

DJ rejection! To be hated is no fun.
  9:58am mick:

hey still b/p
  9:58am Michelle in Green Bay:

Hate to leave the party, but I have to go out...meaning someone else will have to rise to the occasion, if you catch my meaning...
  9:58am Merv:

Oh, fancy, thanks b/p...
  10:00am Ken:

Bye Michelle! Somebody else better catch your meaning! Just sayin...
  10:01am postmanpaul:

dickdong - ever been dogging on malin head!
  10:03am mick:

man, mark e smith is still one of the most exciting singers on the planet
  10:06am Dan B From Upstate:

Ah, the secret weapon. Sounds so sinister. "Secret Weapon", I mean. Not Zebra Trucks. That sounds fun!
  10:07am Bill W:

I hope Mayor Menino rescheduled Twelfth Night for that angry woman.
  10:08am Ken:

What part of Zebra Trucks dont you understand?!
  10:08am dei xhrist:

I am sorely tempted, but as there's only one phone and two people in the office, it would be rather obvious.
  10:08am poutWest:

Isn't someone going to call and take over Michelle's duties?
  10:09am Hint:

  10:09am Dan B From Upstate:

Can't believe no one wants it... I mean... I want it, but I'm at work.
  10:10am poutWest:

I want it tooo... skype not working this mornin'
  10:11am Ken:

  10:11am Lizardner Dave:

I'm on a work conference call, goddammit. Not even listening right now, just have the commetns scrolling....
  10:11am Ne-guh-tor:

Want to call but at work! I will though....
  10:11am Brian:

Wednesday Thursday Friday?
  10:14am Ken:

Jesus. You suck.
  10:14am Jesus:

Do not!
  10:15am Cecile:

Good morning. Can't do Zebra Trucks today. Am actually working at home...
  10:15am Jesus:

Hey man don't drag me into this...
  10:15am -max-:

Trying, but it's just ringing! Not getting a pick-up.
  10:16am Ken:

No problem. I'll just have to borrow listeners from another program.
  10:18am poutWest:

Aw Kenny, don't be hurt
  10:18am Jesus:

I can text. Can't call right now. Girlfriend's around.
  10:18am Lizardner Dave:

Still on a conference call...did nobody call in?
  10:19am Lawman:

Ken, don't bug us if you won't answer the phone.
  10:19am Ψ-Ns:

no answer for me either
  10:20am Ken:

I gave it almost ten minutes! Jeez.
  10:21am Mo:

Yeah Serge!
  10:21am PMD:

Darn, missed it. Though I'm intimidated by Michele...
  10:22am "Chronically impatient":

No kidding :-P
  10:23am Larry:

R & B at Mercury
  10:24am paul:

what happened to the other PSA... "not even if you were all 3 jonas brothers"
  10:26am tttts:

Did we all have a phone appointment? Conference call?
Who's on first?
  10:28am Larry:

show's half over. pick 6.
  10:29am Økapi:

Thank you Ken!!! :)
  10:29am Ken:

yeah, we did have a conference call. But no worries. I'll find somebody in Bangalore who wants to do my back announcing.
  10:30am Ken:

Youre welcome Okapi! Great CD!
  10:32am tttts:

One of these days. I was planting another round of parsley
  10:37am Bad Ronald:

Does anybody else want one of these?
  10:38am Denise in Washington, DC:

WFMU discriminates against those of us who are mathematically challenged. We do not have an equal opportunity to post comments.
  10:38am Dickdong:

I'm not sure quite what you mean.
  10:39am Denise in Washington, DC:

Ronald, that monkey looks too sad. If I'm going to drink with a monkey, I want her to be cheerful.
  10:41am Bad Ronald:

She might just be hungover...
  10:42am Denise in Washington, DC:

Good point.
  10:42am Denise in Washington, DC:

However, for Biodiversity Day, I would prefer to drink with a slug.
  10:43am Denise in Washington, DC:

BTW, I may have missed this info, but what is that delightful video clip in the Nina Simone track listing?
  10:43am Bad Ronald:

Understood but absolutely no salt with your margaritas!
  10:45am dw:

whoa that Nina gif is in sync to Fourtet
  10:46am Carmichael:

A big post-donut *hello* to everyone.
  10:49am dw:

I like the ladies in the balcony
  10:52am Ken:

Denise, I think that gif is from a Bollywood movie.
  10:54am postmanpaul:

dickdong - haha! I was merely mulling over malling head.
  10:57am Denise in Washington, DC:

Thanks, Ken. Anybody have any tips on saving the whole clip to my PC? All I can manage to do is capture a single frame.
  10:58am paul:

even if it''s in another language this damn spice girls cover is gonna haunt me all day
  10:58am drongo:

ha ha ha ha - die Spice Mädchen !
  10:58am Duke of Earl Grey:

Hey, where's the brilliant new comments system? Didn't the tests work OK for 99% of users? I didn't see any fatal flaw. Are y'all doing endless tests to make sure it works for the one person who is running Obscure Red Hat Variation on Wireless Chinese Device #193718A? ;)
  10:59am Carmichael:

@Denise: I right-clicked Save Picture As .... It worked fine for me.
  11:00am still b/p:

Who's doggin' on Malin Head? I been there, top of the isle, top of Donegal, when relatives lived in thatch-roof home.
  11:00am Denise in Washington, DC:

Personally, I'm hypnotized by that clip of the cat and the heads.
  11:00am Ken:

Duke of Earl, the new comment system is going to be rolled out real soon.
  11:01am Denise in Washington, DC:

Carmichael, that's what I tried, but it didn't work. I'm using Firefox, though -- will try it in IE. Thanks.
  11:01am Billy Jam:

good show Ken. Thanks for playing Immortal Technique. Hey, can WFMU staffers/volunteers also call in to talk when you play that Young Marble Giants instrumental track?
  11:02am Ken:

Anybody know how I can hire a radio announcer or two in Bangalore?
  11:02am Ken:

Hi Billy = Yeah, ANYBODY can call in when I play Zebra Trucks.
  11:04am Ken From Hyde Park:

My son asked me a question the other day. He was watching a Simpsons episode (CABF09) where they opened a door and a guy with a muted trumpet played the whah-whah-waah-waah tune (a mocking "You lose" kind of tune). Anyway, he asked me what's the name of that song. Does it have a name?
  11:05am Denise in Washington, DC:

Carmichael, it didn't work in IE either. Guess I'll just wait till I get home and try it on my Mac. Thanks again.
  11:05am Billy Jam:

Cool....Maybe after Red Square remote yuo can do a WFMU remote from Bangalore, make some contacts, and then leave the TieLine with them along with the top of the hour legal ID info and outsource the rest of the summer schedule to the Bangalore Peeps FMU Show
  11:05am Denise in Washington, DC:

Ken: try Craigslist Bangalore.
  11:07am Duke of Earl Grey:

Thanks Ken.

My cat would definitely do that if there were such heads available for jumping into. Entrancing!
  11:11am The Midwest:

This is the worst aucioneer ever.
  11:12am dc pat:

that's a solid set list.
  11:12am Ken:

Ooh Denise, great idea! ALthough I love the Mechanical Turk idea where I pay somebody a quarter per announcment, or a quarter per joke (For Seven Sec Delay).
  11:16am Bad Ronald:

Had I known there was compensation involved I would've been on the horn in a heartbeat!
  11:19am Jelly D.:

T ploo
  11:20am dw:

I always enjoy hearing John Cale phrase "Bangalore" on that one track off, Church Of Anthrax, but I can't remember the specific track name now.
  11:21am Bad Ronald:

The Soul of Patrick Lee?
  11:28am postmanpaul:

bad ronald - i should have known, you are not bad for nothing!
  11:29am Denise in Washington, DC:

Ooh! Ooh! Sonic Youth doing Karen Carpenter! I've always wondered why they have such an obsession with her.
  11:29am Keilidh:

HEY PDAP! xoxoxo
  11:30am dw:

I'm an idiot, it's Adam Miller singing not Cale and he says Bangor, not Bangalore, but yeah Soul Of Patrick Lee, should I smoke less, nah!
  11:31am Keilidh:

Because she's tragic and awesome in a way Courtney Love only wishes she was.
  11:32am don:

i've always felt SY did the best version of 'superstar'. like, luther vandross? be serious. sounds like he never listened to the words he was singing.
  11:32am Denise in Washington, DC:

Wait. I missed a version of Close to You? How did I manage that?

Kellidh: You are so right. I am going to quote you. (Because Karen Carpenter frequently comes up in my conversations.)
  11:32am Brian C.:

Just noticed the Joy Div & SY animated gifs. Very nice.
  11:33am Denise in Washington, DC:

Aw, don, I liked Luther's version too.
  11:33am PMD:

Is Larry crying? or, um, very excited?
  11:34am Denise in Washington, DC:

Plus we have to cut him some slack because: (1) he's dead too and (2) he also had Issues With Weight And Body Image.
  11:35am B Angor:

Roo pees ?
  11:36am Aaron:

  11:36am don:

SY expresses the loneliness of the obsessed fan who has never met the star who is the object of their love, whom they think is speaking to them via their lyrics. Luther just sounds like he's in love with himself. IMHO.
  11:37am Brian:

Has Larry met Chauncey Gardener?
  11:37am What Time Is It?:

  11:37am Denise in Washington, DC:

Well, there is that.
  11:38am don:

ken's got an airfx?
  11:38am Dan B From Upstate:

Thought you weren't a fan of chiptunes, Ken. Then again, I might be mistaken.
  11:38am still b/p:

Cancer and my name is Larry, huh
And I like a woman that loves everything and everybody
And you know what ladies, if you feel that this is you
Then this is what I want you to do

Ooh, yeah, take my hand
Let me take you to Love Land
Let me show you how sweet it could be
Sharing your love with Larry, listen

Float, float on (You better float with me now)
  11:38am Denise in Washington, DC:

BTW, I have no idea what that German poster is about, but when I first saw it, I thought the guy in the white shirt was a barber who had just cut the hair of the guy sitting down. What does this say about my mental state?
  11:41am BSI:

i see i've missed much lovely ear cheez this morning.
Meetings are for chumps when it's KEN TIME.
  11:42am Toni de Finlande:

Man, the first time I listened to Wonderwall that those sounds weren't only playing inside my head!
  11:42am Listener Dave from NH:

Sweet fancy Moses - where did you dredge up that Wondermong track? It's brilliant.
  11:44am Lizardner Dave:

I'm a chump, but Ken gets a chunk of my chump change come marathon time. So while I may have been unable to Zebra Truck it this week he'll be happier that I was in a meeting when the next monthly installment of my pledge arrives.
  11:45am Denise in Washington, DC:

Speaking of singers who are in love with themselves: yesterday I heard Tevin Campbell's cover of "One Hand, One Heart" from WEST SIDE STORY. The song's supposed to be a duet between Tony and Maria. Tevin sings it as a duet . . . with himself.
  11:46am Laura L:

That German poster is a propaganda poster for a monthly mag on racial hygiene and politics. The seated guy's headed for worse than a haircut....
  11:47am paul:

i need to revisit daffy duck cartoons sometime. that duck was crazy in ways that i don't think even us 21st century dwellers could possibly be able to understand.
  11:48am Denise in Washington, DC:

Laura L: chilling. Thanks for the info.
  11:50am dc pat:

daffy duck rules. But if you want really crazy, go with Betty Boop and all the other Max Fleischer stuff.
  11:52am Carmichael:

Wasn't there also a different Bugs Bunny that was really wierd and goofy, before he became that cool, snide rabbit?
  11:52am N.O.:

and there is always Duck Amuck too. i believe it's showing in Light Industry next week.
  11:54am N.O.:

voila. plenty of negation
  11:54am Laura L:

Have read that Bugs Bunny was modeled on Groucho Marx.
  11:58am Denise in Washington, DC:

I really want to know what's going on in that rat pic.
  11:58am bb:

  11:59am dw:

Duck Amok is genius animation!
  12:00pm Jelly D.:

I guess it makes sense that Ken knows his prescription medications so well...
  12:00pm Billy Jam:

thanks Ken
  12:00pm Cecile:

Listening and working! Great show Ken.
  12:00pm dc pat:

the early Buggs was much like Daffy--really zany and surreal at times.
  12:00pm dei xhrist:

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