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Playlist for 16 June 2010 Favoriting | Live from the Open Broadcast Radio Village in Basel

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Artist Song Album Approx. start time
Ken  Testing Testing   Favoriting   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Hadas Hinkis  A Song About Ken   Favoriting   0:02:21 (Pop-up)
Ros Bobos  Effective Listening   Favoriting Past Life Liposuction  0:03:41 (Pop-up)
Sudtiler Spitzbaum  Ewalds Jodlergruss   Favoriting   0:07:23 (Pop-up)
Grosee Freiheit  Ein Mann Zuviel   Favoriting Underground NDW  0:09:49 (Pop-up)
Unknown Artist  Unknown Song   Favoriting Unacknowledged Pop-Song Collection Vol. 666 (various artists)  0:13:36 (Pop-up)
2 Many DJs  Radio Queens Speech   Favoriting   0:16:52 (Pop-up)
Okapi  Bud Dub   Favoriting Love Him  0:18:30 (Pop-up)
Moritz  Bohemian Rhapsody   Favoriting   0:41:33 (Pop-up)
Immortal Technique  The Cause of Death   Favoriting   0:40:52 (Pop-up)
Katapulto  Striptease   Favoriting Cock Rock Disco Greatest It  0:59:18 (Pop-up)
Zephyr Nova  Oversized Gadget Laden, Gas etc etc   Favoriting The Box  1:03:31 (Pop-up)
Quadron  Slippin'   Favoriting Qhadron  1:06:11 (Pop-up)
G3RST  The Impossible Son of Bolero   Favoriting Off The Beaten Meter: Mashups Beyond 4/4  1:10:10 (Pop-up)
No Sleep Nigel / Chrome  Abstract Nympho III   Favoriting   1:14:50 (Pop-up)
2 Many DJs / The Cramps  Human Fly   Favoriting   1:16:20 (Pop-up)
Wire  In The Art of Stopping   Favoriting Send  1:17:26 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Run Lola Run   Favoriting Run Lola Run soundtrack  1:20:44 (Pop-up)
Yukon Orange  Sagmir   Favoriting   1:25:04 (Pop-up)
Kleenex  Aint You   Favoriting   1:39:58 (Pop-up)
Don Bartnick  Gefahrlich   Favoriting   1:42:39 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Babar's Tusk   Favoriting Reality is an Accident  1:45:43 (Pop-up)
Wax Audio  Whole Lotta Sabbath   Favoriting   1:49:19 (Pop-up)
The Slew  Its All Over   Favoriting 100%  1:52:24 (Pop-up)
2 Many DJs w/ Hanayo w/ Jurgen Pappe and The Jets  Joe Le Taxi and Crush on You   Favoriting   1:56:26 (Pop-up)
Amnesie  Lapin   Favoriting Cock Rock Disco Greatest It  1:58:07 (Pop-up)
Stark Effect  Wht is My Sister Such a Dumbass?   Favoriting   2:02:28 (Pop-up)
Puffy  Sgt Tosh Remix   Favoriting PRMX - Puffy Remix Project  2:06:06 (Pop-up)
Lee Spoons  Hey Brian   Favoriting Off The Beaten Meter: Mashups Beyond 4/4  2:10:49 (Pop-up)
Zatumba & Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animals   Favoriting   2:38:11 (Pop-up)
QP Crazy  Kuroita! (J-Beeef Penis R&R)   Favoriting   2:38:25 (Pop-up)
sorry!  Lost track of the playlist!   Favoriting   2:55:21 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am Ne-guh-tor:

KEN!! 12. YOWSA!
  9:02am Dickdong UK:

Receiving loud & clear
  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

What are you counting, Ken?
  9:03am AnAnonymousParty:

42. 42!
  9:03am Lizardner Dave:

Good to hear you again, Ken. Nice Conet Project cover to open the set.
  9:04am Ken:

Hi everybody!
  9:05am annie:

KEN!!!!! it's been ages since i've heard the show..
  9:05am Mark:

Hi Ken! & everbody!
  9:06am annie:

dare i mention it's bloomsday???
  9:06am Goyim in the AM:

Hi Ken -- sorry the Basel weather sucks.
  9:07am BSI:

socialist media whatnot!
  9:09am Gil Roitto:

Hello Ken and everybody, happy work time again thanks to excellent music selection
  9:09am Ne-guh-tor:

  9:09am anne:

wow it's been awhile, we missed you Ken
  9:11am Skirkie:

I was trudging to my car this morning thinking, "If Ken's not on the radio this morning, so help me I'll..." and not finishing the thought.
  9:13am david comberg:

At least Ken is still in his old time slot - Wednesday mornings are still special
  9:13am Gil Roitto:

Hello World from Sweden!
  9:14am Ken:

Anybody know the name of this song? My MP3s are nekkid!
  9:19am World:

Howdy Sweden. Say Hi to Finland.
  9:21am seang:

yeah, I think Joyce ended up in Zurich--"Stately, plump......
  9:26am Goyim in the AM:

Hopping on my bike now.
  9:29am Aaron:

rowing the rowboat from owassa right now - be there in 1/2 hour!
  9:31am still b/p:

Participated last night in a public beating/ribbing/cliff-noting of Ulysses. As close as I'll likely get to reading it.
  9:31am Ken From Hyde Park:

That sounds complicated. I have VLC media player, which I believe is open sourced. Is that helpful?
  9:33am Aaron:

this sounds like the flying shelsons :
  9:35am hamburger:

whaaaaaaat the helicopter?
  9:35am north guinea hills:

Found Utengasse, Basle, Switzerland. Thanks google earth.
  9:36am Swami:

How'd you get my last Karaoke effort?
  9:37am still b/p:

This is just how I sounded singing it in the car in '75.
  9:37am Ken Defeudis:

I coulda done better.
  9:38am Mark:

yeah but not funnier
  9:38am Lizardner Dave:

Good foreshadowing of the return of Kenny G.
  9:40am listener scott:

Vuvuzelas: yea or nay?
  9:42am Michelle in Green Bay:

That was the best cover of Bohemian Rhapsody since it was rendered by one Constantine Maroulis on American Idol. Yeah, I watched it. Wanna make something of it?
  9:42am north guinea hills:

I like the drone of the vuvuzelas, but not the volume.
  9:42am Ken:

got booted offline there... back now!
  9:42am Michelle in Green Bay:

I like the word vuvuzela.
  9:43am BillyJam:

good music!
  9:43am Aaron:
them basel people do great covers of the 'sound of silence'
  9:45am cosili:

here some pictures of the studio at utengasse.

  9:45am cosili:
  9:46am em:

nothing signals the return of ken more than eine kleine jew's harp
  9:47am Alice D.:

  9:48am Ne-guh-tor:

What is that 'Truther' business that Immortal Technique was talking about?
  9:49am Ken From Hyde Park:

Switzerland plays Spain in World Cup soccer later today. Ken, do you have plans to watch the match with the locals? Your guest's voice is a little quiet. Was hard to hear his responses. I vote yea for vuvuzelas.
  9:51am Dan B From Upstate:

God bless europeans for knowing so many languages. I wish I knew at least two, and it seems most europeans can know up to 4 or 5. Geniuses, they are!
  9:52am Doc:

How's your basel metabolism?
  9:54am Bad Ronald:

I like vuvuzelas if they are properly groomed.
  9:54am Mommy:

Don't play with your vuvuzela in public , sweetie
  9:55am Dickdong:

@em. It's one of the Albrechtsberger Concerti for Jews Harp
It is rarely performed. I saw it in Oxford UK two or three years ago played by Michael Wright
  9:56am Mark:

I'm drifting here
  9:57am Jpyce Stiftung, Zurich:

We always celebrate Bloomsday. Augustinergasse, 3rd Floor.
  9:58am -max-:

Hello Switzerland! Greetings Ken. Will 7SD be a repeat tonight?
  9:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Can you post some pictures from Basel?
  9:59am Lizardner Dave:

I'm pro-vuvwhatsis. Any athlete who can't deal with crowd noise should go play golf or tennis.
  9:59am Miriam:

Can you post pictures of the radio village? Or a link to a site with photos? Sounds like a great place and I wanna see it.
  10:01am postmanpaul:

cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo
  10:01am cosili:

here some pictures:
  10:04am Ken:

Thanks Cosili, sorry I couldnt get pics together for this week...
  10:04am cosili:

sadly there's no english version yet.
  10:06am north guinea hills:

Spain & Switzerland game is on.
  10:07am Wendy del Formaggio:

The studios at Open Broadcast are lovely. I love the colors.
  10:07am cosili:

it's cosy here, yes.
  10:08am Ken From Hyde Park:

I spent a week in Switzerland about 17 years ago. I rented a bike from a train station and rode from Chur up to Arosa and then coasted back down the mountain on a chilly Easter Sunday morning. Took me an hour or more to get warmed up again.
  10:08am trs:

hey look, er listen - it's Ken. Are you on a rowboat, Ken? Great un-Wednesday fill-ins
  10:09am Wendy del Formaggio:

Cosili, it looks like a wonderful place. Some day when I get to Europe for a cheese tour, I'd love to come visit!
  10:10am bbell:

That's funny you say that, I started craving cheese while listening to the broadcast!
  10:11am Media Expert:

What, no pictures on a radio show?
  10:12am bbell:

I just checked out the photos of the open broadcast studios, the walls are painted the colors of gelato. I love that European sense of style.
  10:12am Wendy del Formaggio:

Bbell, no surprise there! Ken *IS* broadcasting from Switzerland, home to a great number of delicious cheeses! :-)
  10:13am Ken:

I know, I know, it's not REALLY a radio show without pictures, but I'm jetlagged beyond belief and I just couldnt get it together. my apologies. next week, it'll be a REAL Radio show.
  10:13am paul:

woah, Future Sound Of London circa ISDN. nice!
  10:13am bbell:

He should sample some raclette tonight.
  10:17am Wendy del Formaggio:

Or Forsterkase! (sorry about my lack of umlauts...)
  10:18am Lizardner Dave:

  10:18am Cecile:

HAH! I was hoping to hear some Wire.
Happy Wednesday, Ken.

Wendy, I have an amusing cheese story for you if you'd like to hear it.
  10:19am Swami:

Jetlagged? Whatever! Loving the show; great to have you back lil buddy!
  10:19am cosili:

more cheese please
  10:22am postmanpaul:

Switzerland are looking reasonably composed against a continuous attacking barrage from the Spanish Armada. The score is 0-0 as I comment.
  10:22am Cecile:

We were at a farmer's marker and stopped by a goat cheese booth. Now in WI and MN you can't sell fresh cheese with raw milk for domestic animal or human consumption until it's been aged 60 days. So the guy was marketing it as "fish bait!"
It was yummy but I went with the 5-year old cave-aged stuff. You can only eat a few shreds at a time, but it's amazing.
  10:22am bbell:

Better together, ümlauts and cheese! (if you have a mac, hit option and u together, then let go and type your letter that will go under the ümlaut.)
  10:25am Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, it's not just a WI and MN law, it's an FDA thing. Phooey to that, I say! Anyway, that's a funny idea from the goat cheese guy :-)
5-year cave-aged goat cheese?!? What's the name of the farm/cheesemaker. Do you know?
  10:25am Wendy del Formaggio:

Bbell, I have a PC, so no umlauts for me :-(
  10:25am Tour guide:

Not sure if you have time or if it's anywhere near Basel but I've always wanted to visit this place:
  10:25am Ken:

Cheese Songs are on the way...
  10:25am Bad Ronald:

A cashier at a grocery shop said she couldn't sell me a chunk of Stilton that I wanted because it was bad. I told her it's supposed to be bad...
  10:27am Cecile:

not off the top of my head, but I'll be going back. I might be able to find it by looking at the Farmer's Market page, too!
  10:28am fishmonkeystew:

Welcome back, Ken!
  10:30am Wendy del Formaggio:

Bad Ronald, that's right! You tell her! Stilton does get too old, but at which point is in the eye -- or mouth -- of the beholder :-)
  10:31am Bad Ronald:

  10:32am Cecile:

Agh, website is being silly.
Yes, it's amazing cheese - flinty and spicy and minerally with no cream taste at all. Very complex and you only need a couple of shreds to get great flavor. It's good on pasta, or mix in a little to your cheese mix for pizza.
  10:33am bbell:

@Cecile, what's the name of that cheese, I must find some!
  10:33am jojo:

hey, anybody know if an internet radio will access WFMU? what about the other streams
  10:33am Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, if you figure it out, would you contact me via my Website?
Thanks! :-)
  10:34am Bill Bruford:

4/4 is NOT an unusual time signature?
  10:35am Bill Bruford fan:

It is for you, dude.
  10:36am still b/p:

Baaaaarely hear him. Mike up or music down.
  10:37am bbell:

@Wendy del Formaggio, I just looked up Fosterkäse, mmmmmmm!!! You have inspired a quest!
  10:38am Shecky Cheese:

It's the vuvuzela of cheeses.
  10:39am Scott W:

talkover's really loud, can hardly hear Colin. tho Ken's mic is loud and clear
  10:40am Cecile:

Kristin Schaal! Yay!
  10:40am Wendy del Formaggio:

Bbell: Hooray! It's not easy to find, but it'll be in better cheese shops, especially those in or near metropolitan areas.
  10:40am Wow!:

hardly hear? There's a radio show that goes with this page???
  10:40am Cecile:

wendy, I sure will!
  10:41am Cecile:

@bbell, "5-year cave aged goat cheese"
  10:41am Skirkie:

Goats... that's where it's at.
  10:42am Goat:

  10:44am Wendy del Formaggio:

I wonder if Ken has any music about goats. Or performed by goats...
  10:45am bbell:

@Cecile and all the milk goats: Thank you!
  10:45am The Mountain Goats:

We already had enough trouble with drunk Ken. Thanks but no thanks.
  10:46am drewo:

Scoreless at the half between Switzerland and Spain in World Cup play. Should the Swiss lose, be careful Ken of the riotous hurling of chocolate and cheese in the streets of Basel.
  10:47am Crazed Announcer:


  10:51am Wendy del Formaggio:

Uh oh, time for me to get going to work. It was nice chatting with you all today. Have a great time in Basel, Ken!
  10:54am Spice Girl:

Have a great thyme and basil.
  10:55am Rosemary:

  10:57am Parsley and Sage:

Hey, what are we, chopped greens?
  10:58am Herb:

Y'all have B.O.
  11:00am Whos in Whoville:

Please send us our vuvuzelas back when y'all are done with them.
  11:01am Rack 'n Roll:

Can't help it....I'm only cumin.
  11:01am Vanilla Spice:

spice spice baby
  11:06am Slosh Spice:

Is whuzzz? Hoos' awf fssssss....
  11:09am north guinea hills:

goal Switzerland!
  11:12am Crazed Announcer:

O right! Oops! My bad!

  11:16am cosili:

  11:17am Stephen Hawking:

  11:17am Spain:

Those cheese-eating Swiss pussies can't beat us. I'm gonna riot, I tell ya, RIOT!!!!!
  11:27am bbell:

Yummy show, Ken, on many levels. Out to my garden now with a transistor radio. Great cheese suggestions today, too, a big thank you to the cheese loving ladies! Will try to find some of their suggestions at Fairway.
  11:27am Carmichael:

Good morning Ken and people who live in places, from Northern California.
  11:29am cosili:

we love it here at openbroadcast. great show
  11:31am Switzerland:

That was damn close to two-nil. It's all that healthy fondue we eat.
  11:37am la la lepus:

Amazing show Ken. Big shout from Nottingham England. Keep it strange!
  11:38am Tuffz McGruff:

For Crying out loud, what the hell is wrong with people nowadays
  11:39am Better Question:

What isn't?
  11:39am north guinea hills:

hop suisse!
  11:42am la la lepus:

cough and drop the lot.
  11:43am Spain:

I don't f---ing believe this.

"We were the champions, my friend,
But we got our butts kicked in the end..."
  11:45am cosili:

cheese, football and a great radio show
  11:46am Carmichael:

I'm eating a falafel, which somehow makes everything better.
  11:48am Spain:

I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me.
  11:52am Tuffz McGruff:

the BEEP is a lie.
  11:53am wilhelm tell:

1:0 !
  11:53am Honduras:

You are a loser, Spain baby.
  11:53am north guinea hills:

  11:55am Dan B From Upstate:

Portal reference, Tuffz?
  11:57am Tuffz McGruff:

  11:58am BZ:

Switzerland Wins!
  11:59am Playlist:

You can't find me, neener neener.
  12:01pm Lizardner Dave:

Is anyone keeping the World Cup death toll this time around? Ken? Someone on Beware of the Blog?
  12:37pm Goyim in the AM (Colin):

I wasn't quiet, the mike was lame. Ken was a gracious radio host in someone else's home. Wiped my bike out on the way home (hit some wet trolley tracks) but remained injured. I enjoyed being part of the Wednesday experience.
  12:38pm Goyim in the AM (Colin):

remained uninjured, I meant to say. Perhaps I have brain damage.
  1:31pm Oly Brando:

hi, from Portugal!!! who's playin?
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