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Artist Title Album Label
Small Faces  Grow Your Own   Favoriting various - The Mod Scene  Decca 
Kinks  Around the Dial   Favoriting Give the People What They Want  Koch 
The Jagged Edge  You Can't Keep a Good Man Down   Favoriting 7"  Gallant 
The Breakers  Don't Send Me No Flowers I Ain't Dead Yet   Favoriting various - Pebbles Vol. 3  ESD 
Beach Boys  Do It Again   Favoriting Live In London  Capitol 
Johnnie Allan  Promised Land   Favoriting various - Another Saturday Night: Classic Recordings From the Louisiana Bayous  Ace 
Modern Lovers  Roadrunner   Favoriting s/t  Rhino 
Nick Curran and the Lowlifes  Reel Rock Party   Favoriting Reform School Girl  Eclecto Groove 
Hi-Risers  One Note Joe   Favoriting Rockin' Spree   
Dale Hawkins  Joe   Favoriting L.A., Memphis & Tyler, Texas  Rev-Ola 
The Us Four  The Alligator   Favoriting various - Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive and Harmonize  Teenage Shutdown 
Thee Midniters  Jump, Jive And Harmonize   Favoriting In Thee Midnite Hour!  Norton 
Thee Shams  Rock and Roll   Favoriting Take Off  Orange Recordings 
Ribeye Brothers  What Makes You Tick   Favoriting New Ways To Fail   
at the Brighton Bar, Long Branch NJ, tomorrow night!  
Freddy Cannon  Everybody Monkey   Favoriting Boom Boom Rock 'n' Roll: The Best of Freddy Cannon  Shout Factory 
Gorevette  Baby Let's Rock   Favoriting Lustfully Yours  gorevette.com 
Gruesomes  Cry In the Night   Favoriting Tyrants of Teen Trash  Ricochet 
Dirty Looks  You're Too Old   Favoriting s/t  Stiff 
Troggs  You Can't Beat It   Favoriting Archeology (1966 - 1976)  Fontana 
Jim Jones Revue  Who's Got Mine?   Favoriting s/t  Cargo 
Tremblers  Dad Said   Favoriting Twice Nightly  Cherry Red 
Subway Surfers  Robot Love   Favoriting Three Chords & A Mission  Deep Eddy 
Humpers  3-D Glasses   Favoriting War Is Hell  Devil's Jukebox 
Brian Wilson Shock Treatment  The Warlock   Favoriting Druid Time Lords  Poe/Slutfish 
Rocket Science  Blow Up   Favoriting Eternal Holiday  Modular 
Trashmen  Wild Thing   Favoriting Souvenir of Their Visit To New York  Sundazed 
The Travelers  Cyclon   Favoriting various - Dancehall Stringbusters! 2: Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed 
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  
Engineer: Ernie Indridat; recorded Oct. 1  
Anna - vocals, guitar; Caio Miguel - drums; Krano - lead guitar; Nene - bass  
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Shadow of the Past   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  In the Wood   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Miss My Gun   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Last Day   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  untitled   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Razors   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Mary   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Wake Me When I Die   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Where He Was From   Favoriting    
Vermillion Sands live at WFMU!  Something Wrong   Favoriting    
Flamin' Groovies  Second Cousin   Favoriting Flamingo  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  Have You Seen My Baby?   Favoriting Teenage Head  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  Slow Death   Favoriting In Person!  Norton 
Flamin' Groovies  In the U.S.A.   Favoriting Groovies' Greatest Grooves  Sire 
Flamin' Groovies  Tallahassee Lassie   Favoriting Slow Death: Amazin' High Energy Rock n' Roll 1971-73!  Norton 
Flamin' Groovies  Yesterday's Numbers   Favoriting Teenage Head  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  High Flyin' Baby   Favoriting Teenage Head  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  Jumpin' in the Night   Favoriting Groovies' Greatest Grooves  Sire 
Flamin' Groovies  Headin' For The Texas Border   Favoriting Flamingo  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  Comin' After Me   Favoriting Flamingo  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  Jailbait   Favoriting Flamingo  Buddha 
Flamin' Groovies  Sweet Little Rock and Roller   Favoriting Slow Death: Amazin' High Energy Rock n' Roll 1971-73!  Norton 
Flamin' Groovies  Shake Some Action   Favoriting Slow Death: Amazin' High Energy Rock n' Roll 1971-73!  Norton 
Miss Chain & The Broken Heels  Flamingo   Favoriting    
Jimmy Day & the Knights with the Jesters  What's So Good About Goodbye?   Favoriting Cadillac Men: The Sun Masters  Big Beat 
Volcanoes  Sympathize   Favoriting various - Quagmire Vol. 7  Finest Hour 

Listener comments!

  12:05pm efd:

Todd-o-phonic Todd is the best hype man ever. Welcome back, Joe!
  12:05pm Gary Mitchell:

This is like a twisted live at the Apollo opening.
  12:06pm SmokinJ:

Welcome back to the sweet spot jb. Life is normal again!
  12:06pm JR:

Hooray!!! Welcome back Joe where you belong!
  12:07pm binky:

Mmm, shouty
  12:07pm Lizardner Dave:

Fucking excellent. Welcome back.
  12:07pm Parq:

Gary, yeah, good one! Todd should run for office. Joe, mwah (but in a manly way).
  12:07pm El Piranha:

Welcome back Joe!!
  12:07pm Alex:

Here's to not being hassled by the Man!
  12:07pm Cecile:

*peeks around the corner* Is Joe here yet?
  12:07pm jim v:

I never thought I would see this day!!
  12:07pm Rubble:

and we wanna get loaded!
  12:08pm WCJS:

Happy days are here again!
  12:08pm SmokinJ:

Already in progress!
  12:09pm philthy:

Joe had left?
  12:09pm Cecile:

Tell Joe I said hi. Be back later.
  12:09pm Skirkie:

Finally, Joe Belock, HAS COME BACK, to WFMU.
  12:11pm Maggie B.:

Joe! Joe! Joe!
  12:12pm Parq:

Turning up the live Beachmen.
  12:13pm Amanda:

Welcome back, Joe!!!! Excited to hear Vermillion Sands' set...
  12:14pm Skurfty:

Does Joe always talk over the songs? Or will he stop when he gets over the "excitement" of returning.
  12:14pm KP:

I'm as happy as a little girly.
  12:15pm Skirkie:

Joe NEVER talks over the songs. Todd however...
  12:15pm Not Fuzzco:

Todd O Phonic Todd is the Flava Flav to Joe's Chuck D.
  12:15pm Rubble:

That is Todd o Phonic Todd Skurfty... apparently there to whip up the welcome wagon for Joe's return!
  12:16pm chris :: toronto:

  12:16pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Welcome back, Joe!!! Yay, The Modern Lovers! xoxo
  12:16pm still b/p:

This is the version I liiiiiiike.
  12:17pm Parq:

For better or worse, Skurfty, no, this sort of thing will not be happening every week.
  12:18pm Ben:

screaming over songs sounds good to you?
  12:19pm philthy:

Suggestion: Joe stays & Todd hits the bricks
  12:19pm Wendy del Formaggio:

I also like what Not Fuzzco said. Too true! :-D
  12:19pm still b/p:

This song has always been far more cool and fun and energizing than an actual drive on Route 128....believe me.
  12:21pm go phils!:

Roy Halladay - no hits! Joe Belock - all the hits !!!!!
  12:22pm RZ:

Joe hasn't been on on Thursdays for awhile. The unordained will soon realize they're in for a good time...
  12:22pm Lost Aussie:

I am speechless Joe isn't
  12:22pm andymorphic:

please stop shouting or margaret will make me change the station.
  12:23pm Dr. Jonathan Zizmor:

You will hurt your voice yelling over music like that.
  12:23pm Maggie B.:

Todd's not shouting!
  12:23pm Lenape:

Poor Margaret sounds like a bore
  12:23pm Skurfty:

OK. I was worried that everyone was excited about the return of someone who referred to themselves in the 3rd person. Todd is not my cuppa, but that's what makes FMU great, doesn't it? Sometimes I love it, sometimes I have to listen to something else. No ill feelings toward Todd.
  12:24pm tj:

lots of Rochester NY bands coming on air lately! the hi-risers are rockin' awesome and rockin' awesome dudes!
  12:24pm Gary Mitchell:

If the Hi-Risers didn't write this about Belock, they should have.
  12:24pm still b/p:

They do some traditional hollerin' in the back woods of Appalachia, but not like the hollerin' in the studios of Jersey.
  12:24pm Skirkie:

Joe is there, right?
  12:25pm Armine:

  12:26pm JR:

Hey! how about a little love for Todd? Great screamin' Todd!
  12:27pm Cynnkitty:

Yeah! Get rid of the dross..the Todd-o-Phonic cleanse! Only good rockin' energy here for Joe's return to the airwaves! No one's happier than me to have you back Joe. Except maybe Todd!
  12:27pm Gary Mitchell:

Joe's probably warming up in his "Peoples' Champ" robe.
  12:29pm Seven-Note Sven:

Välkomnande rygg Joe!!!
  12:30pm RZ:

Did the Alligator in New Orleans a couple weeks ago at the Stomp!
  12:30pm annie:

see, i was in the middle of a reading job, and in the back of my mind i said: hhmmm.. this is not joe's voice.. i was hoping this was not going to be the norm..... this is just the happiness factor..i hope... todd..:i'm almost ready to turn off the show.
  12:32pm ted:

i have to switch over to WKCR, too calm down, sadly, will check in later once screaming stops. welcome back Joe
  12:33pm Charles Murnt:

My Feen-A-Mint™ isn't working.
  12:33pm Lizardner Dave:

I for one enjoy Todd's yelling.
  12:34pm RZ:

  12:34pm Alex:

  12:35pm Belock Appreciation Society:

  12:36pm ken in denver:

  12:39pm dc pat:

Welcome back Joe. rock.
  12:40pm Parq:

I respectfully dissent from all the negative comments from fellow listeners concerning Todd's MCing. To this middle-aged crank's ears, that was the greatest opening set in the history of this show. Yes, Todd's screaming over Joe's selectons sounded *great* to me.
  12:42pm Gary Mitchell:

todd is hilarious
  12:42pm ken in denver:

Todd is THE MAN! (In the good way!)
  12:42pm dc pat:

I too dig the yelling. and the Todd's stream on the iPhone app is phen-freakin-nomenal
  12:42pm christopher:

weehawken is rockin once again. thanks joe and todd for getting me out of bed!
  12:43pm disastrogirl:

Missed ya, Joe. Glad you are back!
  12:43pm David Shortell:

Ribeye Brothers play the Brighton Bar tomorrow!
  12:44pm David Shortell:

Oh. You knew.
  12:46pm RZ:

I'm with you Parq! Sayanara to the curmudgeons... let's have some fun!
  12:47pm Mr. Boogaloo:

Joe is back!! All is right with the world once more.
  12:48pm annie:

i admit i'm a curmudgeon, my choice of listening pleasure does not include todd's show... way too frenetic for me; for others it's great.
  12:50pm andymorphic:

ok margaret went to lunch...scream your head off...i just cranked it up....great show.....one on the best.
  12:53pm Rubble:

Okay Opinionators... I'll have fun with or without ya ;)
Love that Ribeye's tune!
  12:57pm Champ's Champ:

So is anyone here new to the Three Chord Monte? It's a great show, gems galore...old gems, new gems, rock, soul, garage, twang, and much more.... check out the archives!
  12:57pm Joe B:

Hi all! Thanks for the warm welcome back! appreciate it! vermillion Sands on at 1:30 pm, they are awesome!
  1:00pm dc pat:

that Jim Jones tune was rippin!
  1:03pm Cynnkitty:

Jim Jonmes Revue really DID break two snares in NOLA too... real rock n roll! They put on a high energy kick ass show.. check em if you can
  1:07pm Lenape:

woah...Noone? mind blown!
  1:08pm SmokinJ:

I for one am fucking rocking! I guess it's like riding a bicycle eh joe?
  1:09pm Ian:

This sounds just like Wildflower by The Cult
  1:10pm Joe B:

That's why I like it!
  1:14pm Rob from Mount Hope:

so glad you're back Joe, awesome start for the fall
  1:15pm tim from Champaign:

I'm pro Joe and pro Todd-o-phonic testimonials. In fact, I suggest more pro-wrestling style diatribes.
  1:18pm efd:

tim is one of the Champaign peoples of rock n roll.
  1:20pm Not Fuzzco:

Sorry Joe. Too much work to do. I'll catch you on the archive tomorrow.
  1:32pm Gene:

These guys were great at Maxwell's. Happy to hear them again!
  1:34pm Parq:

Like 'em!
  1:37pm Cheri Pi:

Love them!
  1:41pm dc pat:

hmm, it always seems like European garage-y groups or groups in general seem more serious and less like they have an entitlement to be fuck ups than American groups.....and I'm speaking from experience...
  1:42pm Bad Ronald:

Hey Joe welcome back! And with a live set to boot, rockin!
  1:43pm Franz:

Nene fai il bravo nè !
Dite a Joe di portarvi da Flamingo!!!!!
  1:44pm Joe B:

Thanks BR!
  1:48pm Franz:

oh damn...i didn't realized they aren't actually ON AIR...mmm...
hey Joe, have you brang them to Flamingo?!

great show, great live set!
  1:49pm Joe B:

Hi Franz! Flamingo is closed for renovations! I was stunned! Hope they don't ruin in!
  1:57pm Parq:

Yeah, Joe, cancha just see it? "Flamingo, now featuring mocha lattes and organic roasted beet salad!"
  1:58pm Joe B:

  1:59pm Franz:

could be the end of a dream...
  2:03pm Derek B:

"All I've got is a red guitar, three chords and the truth" ~ Bono, eejit
  2:04pm Derek B:

Hahaha, dig it dig it - 13 for Thursdays. Doooode I'm gonna need to work from home every Thursday now, this show ROCKS!!!
  2:11pm dc pat:

yes. I've been waiting my whole life for somebody to do 13 for Thursday. Thank you Joe.
  2:15pm Derek B:

Mainstream radio's got "Five for Fighting", the freaks go "13 for Thursday". Couldn't be any fairer'n that.
  2:23pm Steve L:

Yeah, well Flamin' Groovies are nice but I could hear them anywhere, right? Thirteen must be my lucky number.
  2:24pm Nate in Detroit:

Did I miss something? Is there some significance behind the Groovies set...no one died, did they?
  2:25pm RZ:

Nate,they ( Roy and Cyril) just played a couple of great shows in NOLA ...very much ALIVE!
  2:25pm Joe B:

alive and welll - just felt like celebrating their entire catalog!
  2:27pm Nate in Detroit:

Nice...great set, btw. You've played all my favorites so far.
  2:29pm Nate in Detroit:

Oh yeah, and great to have you back, Joe!
  2:38pm Mr. Boogaloo:

All these Flamin' Groovies!! What a way to make a return splash, Joe!!
  2:39pm Chris in Hackensack:

Welcome Back Joe!!!! A Triumphant Return.
  2:42pm james g:

welcome back joe! flammin' groovies set is rockin'! cheers!
  2:43pm Derek B:

I have read about the Groovies but never heard their music before, life is complete I think, thanks Mr. B. :D
  2:43pm ted:

This Flaming Groovies set has been friggin awesome!
Thanks Joe!
  2:49pm dc pat:

shake some action has to be one of the greatest rock tunes of all time.
  2:52pm annie:

hole caboley, i just got close to three hours of indexing work done to the tunes of joe belock!
  2:52pm Inside Radio:

"Belock's Thirteen for Thursdays is bloody brilliant!"
  2:57pm ?:

should have saved this one for the next time you get kicked off the schedule
  3:35pm Rubble:

There ain't gonna be a next time, Q. At least that's what I'm hoping! Great show Joe!
  7:15pm michael:

THe Warlock! Insane!!! Belock Rulz!
  6:39pm MonkeyBeat:

You said that The Swingin' Neckbreakers are playing this weekend!?! Where?
  7:33pm JTKMDNY:

Listening after the fact as I was traveling on business while you were live. What a great session of R&R. Thanks so much Joe.
  5:42pm B.Junk:

Vermillion Sands are the le beez kneez
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