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Playlist for 01 December 2010 Favoriting | Today's Programme

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Lilian Hak  Rebels Outlaws Misfits   Favoriting Old Powder New Guns  Siren 

Anika  Masters of War   Favoriting Anika  Invada    *   0:04:03 (Pop-up)
Stereolab  Silver Sands (Emperor Machine Mix)   Favoriting Not Music  Drag City 

*   0:11:14 (Pop-up)
Blondie Vs Mr Trick  Goodboys (UltraBlonde Stooge Mix)   Favoriting         0:21:36 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Blinkgüertel   Favoriting No Album  Vampire Blues      0:25:23 (Pop-up)
ANBB  One   Favoriting Mimikry  Raster-Norton 

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*   0:32:55 (Pop-up)
Dissimilis  De Frosne Hender   Favoriting No Album  No Label      0:34:25 (Pop-up)
Unknown Artist  Tomorrow Belongs To Me   Favoriting Cabaret OST        0:35:20 (Pop-up)
Marlene Dietrich  Lili Marlene   Favoriting The Essential Marlene Dietrich  Capitol 

  0:38:41 (Pop-up)
Zarah Leander  Ich Weiss Es Wird Einmal Ein Wunder Geschehn   Favoriting    

  0:41:15 (Pop-up)
Nico  Chelsea Girls   Favoriting    

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  0:44:28 (Pop-up)
Die Welttraumforscher  Die Andere Seite Der Nacht   Favoriting 21 Weltraum-Standards  Staubgold      0:51:34 (Pop-up)
Die Welttraumforscher  Kleines Madchen   Favoriting 21 Weltraum Standards  Staubgold 

Click for the full size image
  0:56:20 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
          1:01:36 (Pop-up)
Brigitte Bardot  Le Soleil   Favoriting Initiales BB   

  1:09:20 (Pop-up)
Lushus  Mein Mann   Favoriting Red Blushes  Tocado    *   1:12:38 (Pop-up)
Mochalkin  Blues   Favoriting    

  1:16:41 (Pop-up)
Beaks Plinth  I'll Never Fall In Love Again   Favoriting Organo Saturado      *   1:20:53 (Pop-up)
Isaac Hayes  I'll never Fall In Love Again   Favoriting    

  1:27:25 (Pop-up)
Poj Masta  The Feds Have Feelings, Too   Favoriting    

  1:32:11 (Pop-up)
Braces Tower  Original Cold Scrubs   Favoriting No Album  No Label      1:34:45 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  Jet ear Party Shipping Forecast   Favoriting Jet Ear Party  Table of the Elements      1:41:06 (Pop-up)
Los Punk Rockers  God Save The Queen   Favoriting    

  1:50:31 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
General Strike 
Sea Hunt   Favoriting         1:56:10 (Pop-up)
Rhys Chatham  A Crimson Grail, part II & III   Favoriting A Crimson Grail  Nonesuch 

*   2:05:19 (Pop-up)
Noah Creshevsky  Born Again   Favoriting    

  2:38:53 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Santa Claus is Coming To Town   Favoriting    

  2:44:18 (Pop-up)
Social Skills Center  Away In a Manger   Favoriting         2:44:55 (Pop-up)
Mambo Kurt  You'll Never Walk Alone   Favoriting    

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  2:47:06 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:

  2:52:55 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning!
  9:01am annie:

hey all.. glad i could be here for the mayhem
  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

It's a little weird reading "Bad Ronald Good Morning." Regardless, good morning Ron, Ken and all.
  9:03am annie:

hey dan, have you seen the size of this wind and rain-storm??
  9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

I haven't seen a radar map, but the wind almost knocked me over this morning. That's an impressive feat as I'm a pretty big dude.
  9:05am Ken:

Morning all!
  9:07am annie:

it's massive. the doppler shows the storm all around mid-state and coming in from ohio and penna..
  9:08am Ken:

Good thing I'm not lifting off TODAY!
  9:09am still b/p:

Ken, you go up regardless of wind conditions on 12/8 launch day, yeah? Nice zippy breeze take you to Galway or the Azores, yeah? "Born Freedman, as free as the wind blows..."
  9:10am AManda:

  9:10am annie:

oh, man, ken, you could have moved it to an airplane hangar!
  9:10am Vicki:

"Help Get Ken Down" - 1000 dollars or more
  9:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Yes, I hope the weather is a lot nicer next Wednesday. Glad to see you made it back from, um... space... on your youtube video, Ken.
  9:13am Ken:

b/p - it all depends on wind direction. I'm not gonna float to Secaucus, I can tell you THAT.
  9:14am Josh RVA:

Just don't forget the pellet gun for altitude control, Ken
  9:14am northguineahills:

Nice the new lab!
  9:16am Pedya:

Silver Bravo !
  9:17am Dan B From Upstate:

I'm prolly gonna' grab the 7SD Premium next week. It was one of the ones I skipped over back in March. Not being rude or wise or anything. Just kind of curious when I can expect to receive it.
  9:19am yayson:

big hollas and dollas to ken on this rainy morn!
  9:21am marq:

let's hope this wind and rain doesn't turn into an ice storm. It kind of has the feel of a potential one right now.
  9:22am still b/p:

As you fly over, I'm imagining Secaucuseros holding up homemade signs, like the guy in Close Encounters: "Stop and Be Friendly!"
  9:22am Drummer Some:

Snowing here in Pittsburgh.
  9:24am cheripi:

Let's talk about outfits, what were you thinking of flying in?
  9:25am Aaron:

Good stormy morning Ken and All!
  9:25am BSI:

will there be snacks?
  9:26am Skirkie:

Being a Secaucusero during the day, I shall prepare a sign. Hope it's not as windy then as it is now.
  9:27am annie:

cheri, i picture ken in a sequined red jumpsuit and a bright yellow helmet
  9:28am cheripi:

I was thinking a lot less clothing actually, maybe a dickie and speedo combo, legwarmers if it's snowing.
  9:29am Parq:

MP3 stream is breaking up badly.
  9:30am trapper:

yes, my mp3 stream also bad, scratchy
  9:30am BSI:

128k mp3 stream via iTunes sounds pretty healthy over here...
  9:31am Vicki:

mine's fine too
  9:31am Vicki:

It's not Aunty Edna! It's Aunty Pat and Aunty Ellen!!!
  9:32am Vicki:

Aunty Edna indeed.... er HEM!
  9:32am trapper:

odd... if location matters i'm in jersey city
  9:33am Ken:

People who are having trouble with the stream - is it the MP3 stream proper or ther flash stream? Are you all Comcast users?
  9:33am Robert:

Well, at least now we know why you were asking those questions a couple weeks back.
  9:34am Parq:

NYC here, was using the PLS stream. Switched to the radio.
  9:34am Skirkie:

I use the 32k stream to keep the computer from exploding. That one is fine.
  9:34am Parq:

And using Time Warner cable.
  9:34am trapper:

i am a comcast user, mp3 128 thru itunes
  9:35am Inside the House:

128k mp3 and flash both fine here
  9:36am powiva:

flash flash flash!
  9:36am Vicki:

128k fine over here captain
  9:37am Bad Ronald:

coming through fine - 128k itunes - marijuana user.
  9:37am glenn:

my favourite scene from cabaret.
  9:37am yayson:

are you going to be wearing lederhosen on the flight?
  9:38am John from Oslo:

John from Oslo would rather be John from the Bahamas right now
  9:38am AManda:

  9:38am annie:

yes, glenn, mine as well... and then there's the casablanca scene with the marseillese
  9:38am John from the Bahamas:

Ah, much better. Waiter!
  9:39am AManda:

Ken's obsession with the Germans is one of his most endearing qualities.
  9:40am bbell:

Das ganz mir gut!
  9:40am dc pat:

happy chanukah everybody. 5 more days till Krampus!
  9:40am Aaron from Minneapolis:

Do you have Marlene Dietrich singing Puff the Magic Dragon in German?
  9:40am wha?:

It's not like me to think curmudgeonly thoughts, but Ken did you factor in the cost of the helium (about $5K if we can believe Yahoo answers) into the fundraising effort?

I'm not saying it's not worth it. Lift Ken in a lawnchair is the first thing I thought of when you said you needed $180K too.

It's just that you might only clear $175K if you actually go through with the stunt. Faking it (for radio) might be cheaper. Just sayin.

Oh, and a disclaimer: no, I don't get all my info. from Yahoo Answers. Just too busy right now to fact check it.
  9:41am Parq:

Stream is okay now.
  9:41am glenn:

gambling? i'm shocked. shocked, i say.
  9:41am Dale from North Dakota:

It is currently -1/-18 here in North Dakota. Brrr. Play some warm music, Ken, please!
  9:42am John from the Bahamas:

Dale, just be Dale from the Bahamas, I'll buy you a drink ;)
  9:42am glenn:

annie, have you seen veronika voss? my favourite movie ever.
  9:43am Dale from the Bahamas:

Hey, that's a lot better! You're right, lol!
  9:43am annie:

i rely upon ken's german fixation to satisfy the half german that i am.. although, search lights still scare the shit out of me.. no glenn, writing it down now!
  9:44am John from the Bahamas:

Hi Dale, is that a USB-stick in your bikini, or are you just...
  9:45am Aaron from Minneapolis:

By the way I was stalking your studios via Google Earth and I didnt realise you were that close to the river. You could take Dunk Andy to Baptise Andy. Pledge Drive 2011!
  9:45am Dale from the Bahamas:

Oh, noes. I'm still wearing about a dozen layers, virtual Bahamas or not!
  9:46am annie:

... and i hate to say it, but i do get slightly nationalistic in my blood when the german songs come up.. i negate it by running the mental images of "the rest of the story' through my head
  9:46am ttrss:

dismal day delight
  9:46am Ken:

Yayson - I like the way you think... Lederhosen is a very very good idea. And I happen to own a pair.
  9:46am Aaron:

hey ken - 128k stream thru itunes sounds 'static-ish' - but the the 32K stream is clear
also you should do the balloon stunt over the lake!
  9:47am John from the Bahamas:

128k stream thru itunes is fine, both in Oslo and the Bahamas
  9:48am Ken:

Thanks everybody, sounds like we might need to restart the 128k stream, so everybody might want to jump over to AAC..
  9:48am glenn:

nico is the female vocalist equivalent of charlton heston. i still like her, though.
  9:49am BSI:

Weird. I've been on that stream this whole time, & nary a flicker.
But then, I live in a world of dreams...
  9:49am annie:

winamp is working fine
  9:49am John from the Bahamas: has a high pitch squeal...
  9:49am Aaron from Minneapolis:

Will the Flash Player be affected by this reboot?
  9:50am marq who used to live in the Bahamas:

When I was in the 3rd grade my family lived in Nassau for a year while my dad's job built a power plant. Loved it so much. But I had to go to a Catholic school.
  9:50am Cecile:

I love you Ken, but I can't support the balloon deal. I already read a friend the riot act when he tried to do that about 15 years ago.

I will be pledging away as usual in March.
  9:51am Cecile:

Worse than cold, worse than snow.
  9:51am annie:

hey, who felt the earthquake anyway?
  9:52am cheripi:

A Dickey would layer nicely with Lederhosen-think about it...
  9:52am dc pat:

annie: My wife doesn't understand why I root for the German nat'l soccer team. What can I do? I'm half german....but so is she for chrissakes!!!
  9:52am ttrss:

'static-ish' -absent in vlc
present in rhythmbox
Same damn stream?
  9:53am jan:

Glenn: Comparing Nico to Heston- what do you mean? does Nico support the NRA in a big way?
  9:53am trapper:

aac stream equally scratchy? switching back to fm
  9:53am Ken:

Cecile, consider our love affair over. It was nice while it lasted. We'll always have Ann Arbor.
  9:53am tim:

For Ken's safety, I suggest foregoing the helium balloons and filling Ken with nitrous oxide instead.
  9:53am listener mark:

hydrogen is a substitute for helium, natural gas provides lift as well, if you wanted to save a few dollars, just saying
  9:54am Lizardner Dave:

Windows 20k is just fine.
  9:54am ttrss:

er - not different. Same same
Refreshed stream, I guess.
  9:55am The Hindenburg:

And of course nothing could possibly go wrong with hydrogen.
  9:55am Ken:

Good idea Mark, except that both are flammable.
  9:55am tim:

Jan, Nico did enjoy shooting things up so I guess she's like Heston in a way.
  9:55am listener mark:

  9:56am Vicki:

Ken's lost the plot
  9:59am Cecile:

Tim: I think that's a great idea.
  9:59am glenn:

jan- she sings flat, he acts flat.
  10:00am listener mark:

think of the publicity, not to mention the widespread panic as a flaming meteor hurtles across the Hudson River towards Manhattan
  10:01am glenn:

not to mention the very limited range.
  10:02am dc pat:

that Humph gif is the best one so far.
  10:02am -max-:

Wind is rocking this building, the whole office is swaying and creaking. I'm on the 17th floor, only 1/2 way to the top. Can't image what it is like for the top floor tenants. I can see Jersey City across the water from here, so I'll keep an eye out for Ken next week.
  10:05am hamburger:

online wii with andy would be AWRSOME! or xbox?
  10:07am Aunty Edna:

  10:07am dc pat:

you can see why he was such a great actor in that 1 second animation
  10:08am Dan B From Upstate:

How will you be streaming the video? UStream?
  10:08am John from St. John:

De Frosne Hender - The Fozen hands
  10:09am tim:

Did she have bed dugs in your dream, Ken?
  10:09am OM:

Lady Gaga? Did you hear about all the bedbugs...?
  10:10am Detroit Mac:

The weather started getting rough,
the tiny ship was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
the Minnow would be lost.
The Minnow would be lost.
  10:11am dc pat:

funny, I had a dream that I got a hair cut and it made me look like a punk rock girl. I thought it looked swell.
  10:17am Cecile:

Ken, I thought our love could stand a relatively minor philsophical disagreement. Hell, you have worse debates with Andy...
  10:20am glenn:

philosophical disagreements are nothing. dreaming about lady gaga is worrisome though.
  10:23am "channeling Ken":

Is it not clear, Cecile, that I am a member of the world's oldest profession? Show me the money. No pay, no play.
  10:24am Cecile:

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.
  10:25am "channeling Ken":

Channeling Wimpy. Nofair.
  10:26am Cecile:

What is this? This is horrifying.
  10:26am still b/p:

Maybe someone can pay Thursday for a Capt. Sullenberger to fly with Ken on Wednesday.
  10:28am Jolly Jerry:

I wasn't expecting to hear anything along the lines of "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" this morning, but I'd say it is a keeper. Boy howdy.
  10:29am Jolly Jerry:

I'm talking about the Beaks Plinth version, of course.
  10:30am dc pat:

it was horrifying.

CLINT!! Greatest actor EVER!
  10:31am Rob:

Why do i suddenly want a tuna melt?
  10:31am glenn:

clint's pretty good, but he's no arch hall jr.
  10:32am dc pat:

  10:32am Clint:

Go ahead, make my day.
  10:34am Cecile:

Glenn, wasn't arch hall jr the kid in the band in eegah!, and arch hall the director? Or was it arch hall III?
  10:35am Arch Hall and Oates:

You may remember "Maneater"...
  10:35am coldplay:

yeah we suck
  10:36am dc pat:

ah, I'm talkin about the spaghetti western Clint.
  10:36am Vicki:

we don't really talk like this you know
  10:36am Clint:

We're all the same guy. Typecasting, dude.
  10:37am Cecile:

Coldplay was a Jeopardy! question that I got.
  10:37am coldplay:

Come on, *someone* had to rip off Radiohead badly.
  10:38am Parq:

Vicki, the UK and NJ are sisters in bad accent stereotypes.
  10:39am Vicki:

we actually talk more like this
  10:39am Cecile:

Is the beta stream messed up? I can't hear...
  10:40am glenn:

i think...... arch hall sr. was the director.
  10:40am Dan B From Upstate:

I'd love to be a BBC Continuity announcer. Seems like a dream job.
  10:40am Cecile:

No. I turned the volume down. der.
  10:40am Dale from North Dakota:

Anyone know where there are live streams of stuff like this? (The shipping forecast). I'm a bit of an anorak.
  10:41am jan:

brilliant show today. Female vocalist sections have me pricking up my ears to listen closely.
  10:42am viking:

good occasionally poor easterly
  10:42am glenn:

so, does anybody know if there is a good album of ennio morricone stuff available?
  10:43am Cecile:

Rhino has a fantastic 2-cd collection. A good start.
  10:44am Ken:

BBC iPlayer puts up all these shipping forecasts. Thanks Vicki!!!! Good.
  10:45am Vicki:

Endless supply! :)
  10:45am northguineahills:

Yeah, these shipping forecasts are sweet.
  10:45am glenn:

thanks, cecile.
  10:45am Aaron:

this sounds great with kane!
  10:45am Vivian:

I saw Jonathan Kane last year. Small bar,probably with 30 folks in attendance. Unbelievable that there was such a small crowd. Fantastic show!
  10:49am Dan B From Upstate:

Sounds a bit like a slowed down Tom Baker...
  10:49am still b/p:

Just you and your idol talking basso profundo 'bout weather weather everywhere.
  10:50am Vicki:

oh god I've got to stand up
  10:50am Dale from North Dakota:

Have they changed iPlayer? The last time I tried to use it, it wouldn't work because I wasn't in the UK
  10:50am Vicki:

it works for audio only
  10:50am dc pat:

ok, gotta go interview some one....why I've been trusted to interview ANYbody, I have no idea...
  10:51am Dan B From Upstate:

Dale, the plan is to make it subscription based around the world. No news on a start date or price yet.
  10:51am hamburger:

you can download some software, sorry I don't know the name, but it's not got adware, you just load it up and can surf region-free!
  10:53am Caisson Nucléaire:

Fuck the world !
  10:57am Lizardner Dave:

@Vivian - was that at the Brooklyn version of Knitting Factory? I was at that show too. Reid Paley played that night too I believe. Fantastic show.
  11:02am OM:

Frangry's tumblr is pretty NSFW.
  11:02am Vivian:

@Lizardner Dave. No, it was at the 529 in Atlanta, GA. Wish I went to the Knitting Factory show though. Bet it was a better crowd.
  11:03am glenn:

  11:04am ye interwebs:

not safe for work
  11:04am Vivian:

Not Safe For Work
  11:05am still b/p:

In this case, Not Sane For World.
  11:05am ye interwebs:

slow typist.
  11:06am JimRyan:

OMG, Ken there was a black Muslim dude who years ago used to pass out these bizarre and damning sexual purity-obsessed xerox handbills on the subway. I swear this is the same guy. Style is identical.
  11:07am Song of the Studio:

My, oh, my, inundation today...
  11:08am Pink Floyd:

There is no drippy part of FMU, really. Matter of fact, it's all drips.
  11:10am Frangry.Tumblr.Com:

From: Amed Sarah <jihad_juzgador@XXXX>
Date: Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 5:22 PM


Virgins whont need Pap Smears, also not Transvaginal Ultrasounds or event Pelvic Exams. Many Uss Women suffer because the agressive prevention system that only whanted to control womens and of course earn money using the dreaded terror about the Cancer. Virgins womens most likely never will get vaginal cancer, or something. That is just a treat for the vicious gynos to rape womens and abuse their bodys and of course, break their hymen and quit hers virginity. They just say “Hymen is not Virginity”. But what the hell, son of…, if we like to married a virgin women with a intact hymen that is my dessire, and i dont like any son of a… gyno manage to rape MY GIRLFRIEND and TEAR they hymen BEFORE ME!.

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This is so injust, is not good, so bad so bad..

Wen you have sex by first time, probable your fiance would say you are “not a virgin” anymore, since your hymen probable is teared apart and you wont blood again. And your vagina is already open, dilated, and the penetration would be easy and you probable event will feel pain. That is a sing you LOSE YOUR VIRGINITY into the GYNO!. He was the one that take the price of your cherry, he was the one with you experienced your first hurt feeling, he was the one that break your precius virginal corone, he was the one that takes away the most importand thing in a life of a woman. Your VIRGINITY… ^_^
  11:11am Madonna:

Like a sturgeon, hooked for the very first time...
  11:15am glenn:

thanx for enlightenment.
  11:17am OM:

all hail our robot overlords... again...
  11:17am Ike:

AAC+ stream is crackly today (and yesterday). Can y'all check that? Ogg sounds better. And wow, this Rhys Chatham is fucking amazing.
  11:17am glenn:

apropos of nothing, i recommend "the oatmeal". funny stuff
  11:17am ttrss:

  11:19am el Vengador de esta Guerra Santa:

There's a whole lot of espanol going on with el JIHAD JUZGADOR
  11:19am Happy Listener:

is celebrating his 10th Anniversary as a WFMU listener!
  11:19am Michelle in Green Bay:

All hail the foolish womens!
  11:19am still b/p:

Missed the intro -- Was it already noted that this shares flavors with the slowed Bieber?
  11:20am Lizardner Dave:

@Vivian - actually it wasn't a better crowd. Probably the same size as the Atlanta crowd. I guess the hipsterati of billyburg don't get good music.
  11:21am Osama:

Carrot Underscore Carrot
  11:21am Jolly Jerry:

  11:21am Hipsterati Sheeple:

Someone has to tell us it's cool first. Then we decide we think it sounds good.
  11:22am Happy Listener:

Thanks for digitizing my announcement, Ken! You, Irwin, and Scott made radio wonderful again.
  11:23am Hoosier Daddy:

C'est moi.
  11:23am Vicki:

pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch
  11:24am listener mark:

WMFU is off the air!!!!!!
  11:24am Cecile:

hoo ha
  11:24am John McCabe in LA:

"Well At Least I Tried"
  11:24am Vicki:

that was me beatboxing
  11:24am John from St. John:

Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken, Love Ken,
  11:25am OM:

WFMU is now a numbers station
  11:25am listener mark:

Oh sorry! Weather alert!!! Flood Warning!!!! Higher ground!!! Higher Ground people!!!
  11:25am Col:

The smoker you drink, the player you get.
  11:25am Vicki:

The General synopsis at 0600

High south Norway 1036 slow moving, declining 1027 by 0600 tomorrow. Low south Fitzroy 1000 losing its identity by same time. New low expected southeast Portland 1002 by that time

The area forecasts for the next 24 hours

Viking, North Utsire

Southeasterly 3 or 4, occasionally 5 in south, and variable at times in north. Slight or moderate. Snow showers. Good, occasionally poor

South Utsire, Forties

Easterly 5 to 7, decreasing 3 or 4 in north. Moderate or rough. Snow or squally wintry showers. Good, occasionally very poor


East 5 or 6, becoming variable 3 or 4 later. Moderate or rough. Wintry showers. Good, occasionally poor

Forth, Tyne, Dogger, Fisher

Northeasterly 5 to 7, occasionally gale 8 in Dogger. Moderate or rough, occasionally very rough, except in Fisher. Snow or squally wintry showers. Good, occasionally very poor

German Bight, Humber, Thames

Northeasterly 6 to gale 8, occasionally severe gale 9. Rough or very rough. Snow or squally wintry showers. Moderate, occasionally very poor

Dover, Wight, Portland, Plymouth

Northeast 5 to 7, occasionally gale 8. Moderate or rough. Snow or squally wintry showers. Moderate or good, occasionally very poor


Northerly, backing northwesterly 5 to 7, becoming variable 4 for a time in south. Moderate or rough. Squally wintry showers. Good, occasionally poor

Trafalgar (Issued 0015 UTC Wed 01 Dec)

Mainly westerly in south, otherwise northerly or northwesterly, 5 to 7, occasionally gale 8 at first. Moderate or rough in northeast, rough or very rough in southwest. Squally showers. Good, occasionally poor

FitzRoy, Sole, Lundy

North or northeast 5 to 7, occasionally gale 8. Moderate or rough. Squally wintry showers. Good, occasionally poor

Fastnet, Irish Sea, Shannon

Northeast 5 to 7. Moderate or rough. Squally wintry showers. Good, occasionally poor

Rockall, Malin

Variable, mainly easterly or southeasterly 3 or 4, occasionally 5, veering southwesterly 5 or 6 in north Rockall later. Slight or moderate. Wintry showers. Moderate or good

Hebrides, Bailey

Mainly south or southeast, 3 or 4, occasionally 5, veering south or southwest 5 to 7 later. Slight or moderate in Hebrides at first, otherwise moderate or rough. Wintry showers, then occasional rain. Good, occasionally poor

Fair Isle

Southeasterly, veering southerly 4 or 5, occasionally 6 in north later. Slight or moderate. Wintry showers. Good, occasionally poor

Faeroes, South-east Iceland

Southerly or southwesterly 5 to 7, perhaps gale 8 later in north, veering northerly in northern Southeast Iceland later. Moderate or rough. Occasional rain or showers. Moderate or good
  11:25am Opthalmologist:

Read the letters, please.
  11:26am Detroit Mac:

Was that the music they played in Gonzilla when the scientist with the eye patch released his oxygen destroyer in Tokyo Harbor?
  11:27am PMD:

What did I miss?
  11:27am Listener:

What didn't you miss?
  11:27am bennett4senate:|de|pv%20zk%20pv%20pv%20zk%20pv%20zk%20kz%20zk%20pv%20pv%20pv%20zk%20pv%20zk%20zk%20pzk%20pzk%20pvzkpkzvpvzk%20kkkkkk%20bsch%0A%0A

& make your own:
  11:27am paul:

i think kens trying to fix the station
  11:28am WFMU:

How could anyone tell I am "fixed"?
  11:29am listener mark:

Sorry!!!! Just a national weather service report, something about a flood, or floods, or flooding.
  11:29am John from St. John:

FZ: Couldn't say where she's comin' from,
But I just met a lady named Dinah-Moe Humm
Stroll on over, said
Look here, bum, I got a forty dollar bill says
You can't make me come. No way!
You just can't do it.
She made a bet with her sister, who's a little bit dumb
She could prove it any time all men was scum
I don't mind that she called me a bum
But I knew right away she was really gonna come
So I got down to it
Whipped off her bloomers and stiffened my thumb
And applied rotation on her sugar plum
I poked & stroked till my wrist got numb
Still didn't hear no Dinah-Moe Humm
Dinah-Moe Humm

FZ & Band: Dinah-Moe Humm
Dinah-Moe Humm
Where's this Dinah-Moe
Comin' from
I done spent three hours
And I ain't got a crumb
From the Dinah-Moe
Dinah-Moe, Dinah-Moe
From the Dinah-Moe Humm
FZ: Got a spot that gets me hot
FZ & Band: But you ain't been to it
FZ: Got a spot that gets me hot
FZ & Band: You ain't been to it
Got a spot that gets me hot
You ain't been to it
Got a spot that gets me hot
You ain't been to it
And I can't get into it unless I get out of it
And I gotta be out of it before I get into it
And I can't get into it unless I get out of it
And I gotta be out of it before I get into it
FZ: She looked over at me with a glazed eye
And some bovine perspiration on her upper lip area
And she said, And I quote: Just get
Audient: Me wasted
And you're half-way there
'Cause if my mind's tore up
Then my body don't care
FZ: I rubbed my chinny-chin-chin and said
My-my-my! What sort of thing
Might this lady get high upon?
The forty dollar bill didn't matter no more
When her sister got nekkid and laid on the floor
She said Dinah-Moe might win the bet
But she could use a little
Band: OW!
FZ: If I wasn't done yet
I told her:
FZ & Band: Just because the sun
Want a place in the sky
No reason to assume
I wouldn't give her a try
FZ: So I pulled on her hair
Got her legs in the air
And asked her if she had any cooties in there

FZ: She was buns-up kneelin'
Band: BUNS UP!
FZ: I was wheelin' and dealin'
Band: Wheelin' and dealin' and OOOOOH!
FZ: She surrendered to the feelin'
Band: She sweetly surrendered
FZ: She started in to squealin'
Audient: wooooo (straight up)!
FZ: Dinah-Moe watched from the edge of the bed
With her lips just twitchin' an' her face gone red
Some drool rollin' down from the edge of her chin
While she saw the condition her sister was in
She quivered and quaked and clutched at herself
Her sister made a joke about her mental health until
Dinah-Moe finally did give in. But I told her
All she really needed was some discipline!
So I said,
Very succinctly, I said:
Kiss my aura, Dora .
Well, come on, you can do better than that, I mean, hey!
And the reason I said that was because, you see, it's Real Angora
Now. Would you all like some more-a?
Right here on the floor-a?
And how about you, Fauna?
Do you wanna?
Awright. Now we're going back to the beginning of the song.
This time, clap your hands please
And sing along with it if you know the words. Awright?
Okay? One, two, three, four,
You can dance if you want
Couldn't say where she's comin' from,
But I just met a lady named Dinah-Moe Humm
She stroll on over, said
Look here, bum, I got a forty dollar bill says
You can't make me come. No way!
You just can't do it.
She made a bet with her sister, who's a little bit dumb
She could prove it any time all men was scum
I don't mind that she called me a bum
But I knew right away she was really gonna come
So I got down to it
I whipped off her bloomers and stiffened my thumb
And applied rotation on her sugar plum
I poked & stroked till my wrist got numb
And you know I heard some Dinah-Moe Humm
Dinah-Moe Humm
The dynamic Butch from Tinsel Town Rebellion: Dinah-Moe!
FZ: Dinah-Moe
Awright, awright, awright, ahargh-a!
Ok, this
Thank you very much for assisting me with it.
Awright. Now look.
Th, that, that song has, uh transcended from the realm of the music
Musical into the realm of folklore, you know. It's almost
A ritualistic experience at this particular hall.
The name of this song is Camarillo Brillo.
One, two, three, four...
  11:29am PMD:

@WFMU, because you don't replicate.
  11:30am Comments Board:

Gee, thanks for sharing.
  11:31am Ambient:

I do too replicate. So there.
  11:31am Happy Listener:

I wish WFMU would bear offspring that would run away to Toronto and broadcast here.
  11:31am Ken:

That will be enough cutting and pasting, thank you.
  11:32am listener mark:

Update! Looked outside no flood at all. Just some animals. Two by two walking down the road to Mr. Noah's houseboat.
  11:33am Bob Barker:

Please have your dogs, cats and free-form radio stations fixed.
  11:36am glenn:

happy listener, you know rob ford wouldn't allow that. immigration laws and all that.
  11:37am Dan B From Upstate:

Delicious cutting and past-ah.
  11:37am PMD:

How about futuring?
  11:38am OM:

I've got a friend who calls pasta "past-ah". He's done it for so long that I'm not sure if my pronunciation is right or wrong.
  11:38am still b/p:

Pass Sting only on the left when it is safe to do so.
  11:39am Please:

May we have more goulash, please?
  11:39am Happy Listener:

@glenn: God, he just took office the other day and I can't wait to get him out. We're sure to have another CUPE meltdown this summer, another Christie Pits.
  11:40am Happy Listener:

People from Ontario (Torontoland at least)pronounce pasta "pass-ta".
  11:40am ttrss:

not piss-tah
  11:41am ALF of Hip Hop Slam:

Hey what's up everybody?! Hope you all are having a great day thus far!
  11:41am Happy Listener:

and produce is pronounced "prod-use" - prod as in prong, and use as in useful.
  11:41am Detroit Mac:

and the whole wheat stuff is NOT pasta.
  11:42am Sidewalks:

We're WAY WET!
  11:42am marq who used to live in the Bahamas:

an-tah pas-tah
  11:42am Happy Listener:

@DMac: Neither is the Kamut, Spelt, or other pasta analogues.
  11:42am Potato:

Let's call the whole thing off.
  11:42am glenn:

don't get me started about spelt. or freakin' quinoa.
  11:43am Drains:

Stop! No More!
  11:43am marq who used to live in the Bahamas:

we should probably move pasta this now
  11:43am still b/p:

Praise the linguine and pasta ammunition.
  11:44am ttrss:

where's a wetland when you need one?
  11:44am glenn:

vegans. kill 'em all. let pamela anderson sort 'em out.
  11:44am Detroit Mac:

  11:45am paul:

this is what all xmas music sounds like to me.
  11:45am Vicki:

ahhhh, Ken - avant retard
  11:45am bbell:

good day for tomato soup
  11:45am Happy Listener:

@paul: indeed
  11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

Still a million times better than Bob Dylan.
  11:46am Detroit Mac:

You better not shout,
You better not squirm...
That dirty old pervert is holding you firm.
Santa Claus is going to town.
  11:46am yayson:

wait this isnt bob dylan?
  11:46am Gurt:

This is what the inside of my brain sounds like
  11:46am Happy Listener:

@DMac: Santa's rapin' errbody up in here!
  11:46am AnAnonymousParty:

"I saw daddy kissing Santa Claus..."
  11:47am Santa:

You'll shoot your eye out, kid.
  11:48am OM:

@ Happy Listener: that explains it, he's a Torontonian.
  11:48am MAC:

U dere Kin?
  11:49am Dan B From Upstate:

I think the flash stream may have died.
  11:49am Happy Listener:

Explains... ???
  11:50am glenn:

and what's wrong with torontonians, he asks defiantly?
  11:50am Ike:

Same here, Paul @11:45. I hereby award you with this week's trophy for Comment I Can Most Relate To. Enjoy it. (And don't ask why it's covered in relish.)
  11:51am Happy Listener:

Not being a native, I only feel slightly slighted.
  11:51am marq who used to live in the Bahamas:

flash did die.
  11:51am Jolly Jerry:

I second Ike's sentiments. Kudos, Paul. Kudos.
  11:51am OM:

@Happy Listener: my musings on why so many people call Pa-sta Pass-ta!
@glenn: I like the Torontonians I know. I also like the demonym for Toronto.
  11:51am Detroit Mac:

I'm off to the Wednesday Church Lunch (pay what you can).
Santa is dishing out the pasta salads today.
Buon appetito
  11:52am PMD:

My beauty bubble blower beats Belgian bubble blowers.
  11:52am glenn:

  11:52am Happy Listener:

@OM: I see now.
  11:52am Belgium:

We are proud of our superior bubble blower technology.
  11:52am Happy Listener:

Lock up your wives, lock up your kids! He really wants his bubble blower fixed!
  11:53am annie:

NOW they can call the cops
  11:54am Bubble:

You can blow me, white trash biatch. Go back to your double wide and cook some meth.
  11:54am PMD:

I thought it was a woman.
  11:54am Happy Listener:

The Rhys Chatham was really soothing. This was a great way to kick off my 10th Anniversary of listenership!
  11:55am Happy Listener:

Oh, yeah, I can't wait for the fundraising stunt. The trailer was awesome.
  11:55am OM:

@glenn: it's what you call the residents of a place. Toronto -> Torontonians, Italy -> Italians, etc.
  11:56am Bridge on the Kwai theme:

I'm not good enough for you?
  11:56am jojo:

beware of the nasty french boys with slingshots
  11:56am Happy Listener:

I'm technically a Vancouverite.
  11:56am PMD:

Ken, isn't there some way you can avoid paying money for postage/mailings? Or so much?
  11:56am FAA:

Yor are going to do WHAT?
  11:58am The Board:

You'll learn me someday, dude.
  11:58am OM:

Ken: best luck with the balloons, and great show!
  11:58am listener mark:

Thank you Ken And should anything happen to you. Remember -- You were loved. Best of Luck.
  11:58am Knights who say 'nee':

  11:59am Andy's Avatar:

  11:59am still b/p:

re: customer service beyond bubble pipes --
Check this guy with a glasses/contacts biz online who gives awful service, then deliberately abuses & bullies complainers, so they mention him in various online posts & complaint sites, which HELPS his general Google visibility and thus his business!
  11:59am PMD:

Wear lots of bubble wrap!
  12:00pm Hot Air:

I always help out with radio stunts
  12:00pm Skirkie:

If Vincent lives anywhere near the parking garage on 2nd and Hudson I'll honk and wave.
  1:01pm Marie:

I'm tired of Stereolab, anyone else?
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