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Playlist for 08 December 2010 Favoriting | Today's Balloon Broadcast- pledge at or 800-989-9368 to send me aloft!

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Artist Song Comments Approx. start time
Buffalo Springfield  Expecting to Fly   Favoriting

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0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Cypress Hill  I Wanna Get High   Favoriting   0:07:06 (Pop-up)
Prince  200 Balloons   Favoriting

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0:09:24 (Pop-up)
Lord of the Yum Yum  Flight Of The Bumble Bee   Favoriting   0:15:15 (Pop-up)
Sammy Davis, Jr.  Up, Up and Away   Favoriting

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0:25:25 (Pop-up)
George McCrae  I Get Lifted   Favoriting

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0:29:58 (Pop-up)
The Floaters  Float On   Favoriting

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0:35:44 (Pop-up)
Beatles  Flying   Favoriting   0:42:26 (Pop-up)
Robyn Hitchcock  Balloon Man   Favoriting

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0:49:52 (Pop-up)
Frank Sinatra  Come Fly With Me   Favoriting   0:54:22 (Pop-up)
Angelo & 18  Flight 2   Favoriting

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1:01:52 (Pop-up)
Dr Hook  Levitate   Favoriting   1:02:34 (Pop-up)
Archie Bell & The Drells  My Balloons Going Up   Favoriting

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1:05:59 (Pop-up)
Sly & The Family Stone  I Want To Take You Higher and Teach You to Speak Hawaiian   Favoriting   1:08:01 (Pop-up)
Jigsaw  Skyhigh   Favoriting

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1:23:20 (Pop-up)
Frank Perry  I Can Fly   Favoriting   1:25:26 (Pop-up)
Homer And Jethro  Somewhere Over The Rainbow   Favoriting

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1:27:13 (Pop-up)
The Kossy Sisters  I'll Fly Away   Favoriting   1:29:06 (Pop-up)
Spiritualized  Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space   Favoriting   1:39:24 (Pop-up)
Rod McKuen  The Sky   Favoriting

1:42:41 (Pop-up)
Kate Bush  The Big Sky   Favoriting   1:45:42 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Floating Away   Favoriting   1:50:06 (Pop-up)
John Ashcroft  Let The Eagle Soar   Favoriting

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1:56:00 (Pop-up)
Ivy  Nothing But The Sky   Favoriting

2:10:20 (Pop-up)
Thunderclap Newman  Something In The Air   Favoriting

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2:21:55 (Pop-up)
La Do Dahs  How Is The Air Up There?   Favoriting

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2:36:01 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

  9:02am fishmonkeystew:

On the air, or IN the air?
  9:02am jan:

Damn cold for a lawn chair flight. Unlimited visibility.
  9:03am holland oats:

freezing out. will only get colder as you ascend!
  9:03am Cheri Pi:

I pledged, and it felt like walking on air.
  9:03am annie:

we want video.
  9:03am seang:

got the four loko?
  9:04am Josh RVA:

On the edge of your feather, Ken
  9:04am SmokinJ:

GO-GO Ken!
  9:08am dc pat:

are you sure about this? It's cold out there....
  9:09am Vivian:

Ken, make sure you bundle up! I feel Husker Du's 8 miles high may be in my future..
  9:09am Cheri Pi:

I never noticed that there's a line about roasting a quail in this song-you learn something new every day...
  9:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Are the balloons all luft?
  9:10am Simon:

Ken, will you be speaking on helium the whole show today?
  9:10am dc pat:

I love Cypress Hill
  9:10am glenn:

the more he bundles up, the more balloons required. get nekkid, baby!
  9:12am Frank:

Hello Sw.... Ken!
  9:16am dc pat:

I love the balloon man.
  9:16am trs:

go flyers!
  9:18am BSI:

hooray! Tipsy!
  9:19am Lizardner Dave:

Pledged a few days ago. That counts, right?
  9:19am Thiago:

This is going to be HELIUMSOME!!!
  9:19am praveen:

hai it's good
  9:20am dc pat:

that's something I don't think we considered before--how is the cold going to affect the loft of helium?

And yeah Lord of Yum Yum rules
  9:20am money makin' manhattan:

when does the video feed go luft?
  9:21am Amanda:

lotta balloons needed--180? My math is bad.
  9:22am Aaron from Minneapolis:

I just pledged a Mouse of Today pledge. If you die its probably my fault
  9:22am Cheri Pi:

I'm having palpitations...
  9:23am trs:

More helium is required to fill the balloons in the cold relative to the warm indoors. Does that translate to more loft?
  9:25am Kevin:

it should. more cold != more gravity
  9:26am MD:

  9:27am Aaron from Minneapolis:

I pledge to you, yet not KFAI, am I a bad person?
  9:27am praveen:

  9:27am still b/p:

Pleeease Photoshoppers -- select a suitable Assumption of the Virgin image (let's get these putti started!) to sweeten up and share in the playlist pics, celebrating the Feast 'n Frost of the Assumption of St. Ken.
  9:27am marq:

this amount seems pretty doable. even if half of dedicated listeners did a minimum pledge. aren't there about 26,000 consistent pledging listeners I think I heard?
  9:28am jaw:

I left a lighter on top of the sears over there, can you grab it?
  9:31am Ground Control:

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
  9:31am dc pat:

where are the physicists this morning? I think we need help with the cold + helium question. I specifically remember buying balloons for my kids, stepping out into the cold and having the balloons contract and start sinking
  9:32am Vivian:

Who needs jet packs when we have helium!
  9:32am Facebook:

  9:33am trs:

That's because in the cold, atoms squish together. If you inflate in the warm it takes this much. If you inflate in the cold, it takes this much more. Another form of shrinkage..
  9:34am annie:

dc pat...there's a metaphor there somewhere ;)
  9:34am bbell:

Bon Voyage, Ken!
  9:35am dc pat:

annie! This is serious....

trs: ah, got it. So it just requires more helium.
  9:35am Facebook Fadtaculous:

"Like, Oh my God!"
  9:35am WebHamster Henry:

Make sure your tray table is in the upright locked position!
  9:36am annie:

yep, pat it is. and i have my doubts about this whole thing anyway.. so.. i feel your pain. i think he's tethered down anyway, though
  9:37am Lou:

I'm a libra
  9:37am Debbie:

Sagittarius and my name is Debbie. I like a man that can FLY!
  9:38am glenn:

how about balloon man by robin hitchcock and the egyptians? annie, there's live video happening.
  9:38am Charlie:

Do you get a meal on this flight?
  9:38am dc pat:

Yep, if anything happens to Ken, we're screwed.
  9:39am money makin' manhattan:

this video feed is more riveting than "ice truckers."
  9:39am marq:

I don't watch TV but this sort of thing seems like the morning news shows would have a bit about it. Especially if he flew.
  9:39am annie:

yeah, glenn i have it now.. thx. i give the crew alot of credit, it's not exactly warm today
  9:39am dc pat:

I was just kidding anyway. Ken wouldn't do anything that might endanger the future of WFMU, right.......I said RIGHT??
  9:39am BSI:

I thought this WAS ice truckers.
  9:40am holland oats:

@bsi heh
  9:41am Lou:

ha...nice...cinder block as mouse pad stand
  9:41am annie:

no sound here
  9:41am annie:

ok, but no audio from ken..
  9:42am marq:

Is Liz Berg anxiously waiting to take over as manager?
  9:42am Thiago:

How many Celsius degrees have you got in Jersey City today?
  9:43am BSI:

trying to figure out if the audio from the video feed is ahead of the mp3 stream, or vice-versa....... interesting to mix the two...
  9:44am annie:

i had to turn one off, it was confusing me.. so.. won't ken tip forward and spill out if the balloons are behind him like that? lessen' he's buckled up for safety
  9:44am Steven Gugel:

Tell me you're NOT tethered Ken. That would be cheating.
  9:45am Parasitic Paul:

Frickin' cold out there. Good flyin' weather, though.
  9:45am Vivian:

Ken, you'll never lift up into the air if you keep hitting the helium!
  9:45am Laura L:

Helium huffing!
  9:45am Cecile:

I will give you money if you don't go up. If not, please make sure your parachute works.
  9:45am OM:

BSI: the video feed is faster than the MP3 stream, it seems.
  9:45am Julie:

Hi Mary!
  9:46am still b/p:

If he gets irked, will Ken tell us to f off as he grabs a beer, deploys the emergency escape slide and flings himself down?
  9:46am dc pat:

so it probably takes more helium to fill Ken up in the cold too...
  9:47am Thiago:

Now that was a big suck of helium. HAHAHA.
  9:48am Dickdong:

Ken looks ever so slightly uncomfortable
  9:49am paul:

request to have ken scream "I'M A WHORE!!!" while on helium
  9:49am Madi Horstman:

I recommend you get Bronwyn to give you back the ass warmer.
  9:50am glenn:

if he looks uncomfortable it's prolly 'cause he has to pee.
  9:50am Robert:

I see the cinder blocks in the background, so others must've had the same idea as me. Only THEY had money!
  9:50am annie:

will you be identifying your cohorts?
  9:50am Cecile:

Okay, Sly and the Family Stone's "I Want To Take You Higher."
  9:52am dc pat:

..but please not 99 Luft Balloons or whatever it's called.
  9:53am Julie:

why is everyone so anti-Nena haha
  9:53am MD:

  9:55am Cheri Pi:

Watching the video and listening to the stream=mashup action.
  9:55am Madi Horstman:

Good call Glenn
8 miles high
sitting on a star - S. Alarm clock
keep watching the skies - Dickies
  9:56am dc pat:

I'm not anti, it's just overplayed. I liked it when it came out.
  9:56am glenn:

pink floyd - inter stellar overdrive. maybe not technically a "moon" song, but still.
  9:58am Vicki:

someone get Ken a coffee!
  9:58am glenn:

or balloon. thanks for the correction, david niven
  9:58am Sea Donkey:

How soon they forget!
  9:58am dc pat:

I never heard, is there a particular reason you're trying to raise 180,000?
  9:59am Madi Horstman:

get up nilsson
  9:59am dc pat:

  10:00am glenn:

coffee + cold = mega pee.
  10:01am Cheri Pi:

Im outta here, see you on the live video channel my damies.
  10:01am Vicki:

oh yes.
  10:01am Cecile:

dcp, shortfall
  10:01am Robert:

I wish Ken wouldn't use the throat-cutting gesture while in his precarious position.
  10:02am Sea Donkey:

robert, you noticed that too!!
  10:02am matheus:

Whats the song playing when Ken speaks?
  10:02am dc pat:

oh yeah. hanx.
  10:03am Cecile:

Flying - Sultan and the Greek Remix.
  10:04am glenn:

hey, get back in your chair, ken!
  10:04am Rod King:

Can't we all just get aloft?
  10:05am thelma:

Song suggestion: Tim Hardin---Red Balloon
Good luck Ken, with your best take-off yet. Street vendors who work out in the cold salute you.
  10:05am Sunshine Girl:

So, has anyone factored in, uh, 'growage' ?
  10:05am listener james from westwood:

the inflation of the 3rd balloon looked like the birth of rover from "the prisoner"
  10:05am still b/p:

EB & Animals -- Sky Pilot.
  10:07am Spankyflop:

I Got Levitation - 13th Floor Elevators?
  10:08am Cecile:

spanky! Yes!
  10:09am BSI:

Spanky/Cecile: hell yes!
  10:09am Robert:

Just don't play "Falling" from "Twin Peaks", or "Free Falling" or stuff like that.
  10:10am annie:

who's the dude in the bear hat? stutz?
  10:10am Cheri Pi:

5th Dimension-Up, Up and Away
  10:11am glenn:

stevie wonder - too high.
  10:11am Robert:

I hope that's the low-temperature electric tape.
  10:12am Cecile:

Jackie Wilson - Your Love Has Lifted Me (Higher and Higher)
  10:13am Madi Horstman:

Please don't tell me Ken just said "wheelchair".
  10:15am annie:

yes, he did
  10:18am Robert:

Seriously, regular electric tape's glue loses its grip in winter air. I don't want to have to be like Richard Feynman demonstrating after the space shuttle blew up. Whatever black tape they're wrapping around the necks of those balloons, apparently as backup to the plastic ties, had better hold.
  10:18am glenn:

wilco - sky blue sky.
  10:19am Archive Listener Frank:

Muskets are legal in NJ?
  10:20am trs:

I remember when my California-made frisbee broke the first time I played with it in the winter's snow. Snap!
  10:20am Madi Horstman:

I hope it's Gorilla tape.
  10:24am jan:

I am so glad that Ken is trying to fly using balloons. Much more reliable than wings made with wax and feathers.
  10:25am george h in JC:

ken its too windy please be careful
  10:26am Julie:

Someone needs to give the video a status update
  10:26am glenn:

hmmmm. is there such a thing as the icarus complex?
  10:27am still b/p:

There's an Icarus song by The Hours, but be's described as power POP.
  10:27am Madi Horstman:

your love has lifted me higher.
  10:28am Dickdong:

Have you got Airman, Airman, Don't Put The Wind Up Me! by Jack Payne (1930) UK
  10:28am paul:

wait... this song has lyrics that aren't "obama"?
  10:29am Cheri Pi:

"Flight of Icarus " by Anton Maiden (R.I.P.)
  10:30am PMD:

I have to be on a conference call but I'll watch the exciting video feed to see him be lifted higher. (your love is lifting me higher, than I've ever been lifted before...)
  10:31am glenn:

blue rodeo -sky.
  10:31am annie:

will ken get lighter or heavier as his body temperature lowers?
  10:31am trs:

"Loony Balloon" by the Kinks
  10:31am Madi Horstman:

  10:32am Steve L:

Gettin' a bit breezy I see.
  10:32am chris:

you need a better helmet
  10:33am glenn:

magazine - the great beautician in the sky
  10:34am jk:
  10:36am Lee:

I pledged, but with the incorrect Eno song. Definately time for "Wrong Way Up"!!
  10:36am PMD:

I gave prior to the show since I wasn't sure I'd be able to watch. Alas, that meant no witty comment attached.

BTW, if they aren't attaching any balloons to the foot of his chair, doesn't that mean he'll slide off? And it'll be only Ken? That would be a sight. Ken dangling an inch off the ground.
  10:37am Jack:

Best Line of This Whole Debacle = Vicki: "Ken, you poor bugger."
  10:39am wikileaks:

justice takes it up the rear from donald rumsfeld
  10:39am doug in dc:

Speaking about Icarus, what about Lou Reed's song "Fly Into the Sun" off of New Sensations?
  10:39am Tonya:

Wait, how is Ken going to get down?
  10:40am george h in JC:

you might have some lateral load issues very soon
  10:40am aaron in chicago:

conference call minutes are gonna be mighty sparse this week
  10:41am Robert:

I'm trying to see how they attach the line to the balloon. AFAICT it ultimately depends on the glue on the tape around the balloon neck, which I've already written that I'm concerned about in cold air. Is the attachment more secure than that?
  10:42am βrian:

I hope that's gaffer's tape, not duct tape.
  10:42am Jillian S.:

Excellent morning entertainment. I hope you make it, Ken!
  10:42am Michelle in Green Bay:

Fly, Ken! Fly!
  10:42am matheus:

Mcdonald & Giles - Flight of the Ibis

Beautiful song.
  10:42am Vicki:

poor Ken
  10:43am BSI:

Kenny the Pooh.... and the Blustery Day.....
  10:45am dc pat:

ok, you've had your fun, it was a good laugh, now cut the balloons free and get out of that chair. Seriously.
  10:45am Mindy:

Did any of you see that article in the Times about bedbugs and lawnchairs?
  10:46am Robert:

This really has the feel of coverage of a space shot in the 1960s. At least it does for a geek like me.
  10:46am jaw:

The stray dogs of J.C. are meeting to see who gets what.
  10:46am Peter K.:

How about "Up! Up! Up!" by Dan Hicks? And hey, Ken, don't look so nervous -- you're freaking me out.
  10:46am Ed McGlynn, Jr.:

Ken is moving dangerously close, maybe far too close to a "morning zoo" stunt. Remember, you can always turn back and we will still love you all the same; well maybe we may have to deduct some points for the attempt. We'll have to think about it.
  10:46am annie:

hope that laptop is secured or it'll slip when you tip forward.
  10:46am dan:

Please don't die, Ken.
  10:46am Matt from Springfield:

I'm going to pledge when I get a free min, but I'm UPPING what I was originally going to give--any station that plays Kate Bush deserves it!
  10:47am dc pat:

Hey! Big Sky by the Kinks, forgot about that one.
  10:47am glenn:

he's not going to tip forward, all the weight is at the back of the chair.
  10:47am βrian:

Already, I'm having to add weight to the base of my monitor.
  10:48am annie:

will there be funny texting when your fingers get too cold.. ... lv u wfe
  10:48am annie:

we taking bets glenn?
  10:49am still b/p:

Maybe you can beat the Macy's parade in the Injured Bystander competition.
  10:49am Dickdong:

Why all the balloons Ken? Rapture, you know you can do it. Rapture - NOW!
  10:49am glenn:

actually, i'm wrong. if ther was a line going from the front of the chair to the back, then maybe.
  10:49am dc pat:

he's tethered to the dumpster!! funny!
  10:51am BSI:

Arthur Dent: "ooh, what's that?"
Ford Prefect: "Ken meat..."
  10:51am glenn:

or at least from the front of the chair to the ring holding the balloons.
  10:52am Listener Julian:

Where is Andy Breckman???
  10:52am Thiago:

These balloons look like giant helium-filled condoms.
  10:53am Cecile:

I can pledge for a cinder block?
  10:55am Happy Listener:

Great start, Ken. "Expecting to Fly" was perfect.
Magnetic Fields' "I Looked All Over Town" is another one with a balloon reference.
As soon as I get the pledge page to load, I'll pledge. I'm excited, and a little worried, to see how this turns out.
  10:56am Michelle in Green Bay:

The page took a couple of minutes to load for me, too, but it seems to have gone through.
  10:56am holland oats:

i'm liking the mousepad on cinderblock look
  10:56am Matt from Springfield:

Go Ashcroft! Funky Johnny A!
  10:57am Happy Listener:

"connection was reset"... I'll try again...
  10:57am BSI:

John Ashcroft is a Rock God.
  10:57am northguineahills:

Getting some nice audio echoes...., I have the normal audio stream, the video audio stream from the wfmu home page, and also the audio from the video on ustream. All spaced out by about 12 seconds.
  10:57am Big A:

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHH!! It doesn't get any better than Ashcroft singing this classic American Hymn.
  10:58am Aaron from Minneapolis:

*holds up a lighter*
  10:58am βrian:

John Ashcroft is a rock, God.
  10:58am SiHV:

Ooh, i'm glad i left the sharp knives in our sad little work kitchen.
  10:59am BSI:

yeh, the multiple time-lag streams are really improving ashcroft...
  10:59am Cheri Pi:

Oh WOW, Ashcroft!
  11:00am Matt from Springfield:

Even as a supporter, I gotta admit the Obama White House has done little to advance 70s/80s incorrect music (thus far--you can do it, guys!)
  11:00am PMD:

Ken, don't forget Andy's pledge to add $1,000 (a balloon) if you are even minimally aloft.
  11:00am crowe:

i feel somehow more complete as a person
  11:00am Drummer Some:

We've got spotters on the ground here in Pittsburgh if you drift that far, Ken.
  11:01am jan:

Can I pledge a cinderblock to destroy the Ashcroft recording?
  11:01am Robert:

Eagle...bitchin' band!
  11:01am hp:

The online pledge site won't load for me. This seems like it could be problematic.
  11:01am annie:

bronwyn, i love your voice!
  11:02am emmagineering:

OMG the eagle wow go john ashcroft! go ken! go the eagle!
  11:02am Vicki:

pledge page isn't loading
  11:02am Stanley:

Guys - the online pledge form aint loading. We need it out here!
  11:03am wha?:

Overheard at nearby Liberty Science Center: "This guys gonna kill himself."
  11:04am hp:

So it's not just me then.
  11:04am annie:

vimeo viewers are reaching 750, i think you should add a balloon when it reaches 1,000
  11:05am Woody:

Ken, may want to mention the pledge form is slow and/or not loading. Keep trying folks!
  11:05am Lizardner Dave:

Next dumb stunt idea: Since Ken looks so uncomfortable in the cold, how about he has to stand in a freezer in a bathing suit and he gets to put on one article of clothing for every $1000 spent?
  11:06am Mort Gage:

This is dangerous people! I've been burned more than once by balloon payments.
  11:06am Madi Horstman:

Bronwyn looks beautiful and her hat is way cute.
  11:06am Michelle in Green Bay:

Yes, Green Bay, WI. Represent.
  11:06am Robert:

Dingman's Ferry is where American Fireworks News is published. Aren't you glad it's He balloons and not black powder rockets? Or whistle rockets?
  11:06am PMD:

WFMU web is getting overloaded...
  11:07am OM:

the web pledges are definitely very slow...
  11:08am dc pat:

the number of viewers of the video was around 700 at 11, and is steadily rising, currently 780 or so
  11:08am PMD:

@annie, but they need money, not views...
  11:08am Corn Weinie:

  11:08am glenn:

speaking of balloon payments, has the gravity mafia received its bribe?
  11:08am John Badger:

Badger State REPRESENT. Forward!!
  11:09am Lloyd:

Can not donate online!
  11:09am annie:

well... i know.. but.. well... ok, then, fine!! ; p
  11:09am Robert:

Bronwyn looks just like Walter Cronkite holding the earphone to her ear with one hand. Adds to the space shot feeling.
  11:10am Maggie in Rock Tavern:

I'm having a major trouble on the web - guess I'll have to pick up the phone!!
  11:10am Mike D:

If you can, please use the 800 number to pledge. Leave the webpledge option to those who are at work or abroad and really need it
  11:11am Julie:

I agree with Robert, that's a cool touch
  11:11am efd:

You can call 800-989-9368 if the pledge form isn't loading. Volunteers are standing by!
  11:12am Vicki:

at present people aren't able to pledge from abroad - you need to give out the non-800 number - 201-then I don't know the number...
  11:13am βrian:

It took me about 10 minutes to pledge online, but it finally went through.
  11:13am Robert:

OK, looks like a metal eye hook attached to one of the plastic tieson the balloon's neck. But that's still relying (?) on the tape for friction to hold together.
  11:13am Ike:

If the 800 number doesn't work from abroad, try 201-413-9368.
  11:14am Cecile:

Who is the cutie with the long black hair fastening the balloons?
  11:14am trs:

'60 min and 90, 000 ft, the balloon escapes the thermal winds and is now 18 ft across, one foot short of its burst diameter'
  11:14am Vicki:

is that it, Ike? Ken needs to read it out
  11:15am Julie:

thanks Ike I posted that on the ustream page
  11:15am GS:

Try not to think about that priest in Brazil who was taken off into the Atlantic and disappeared when he did this.

This Ivy song rules, btw.
  11:15am Stanley:

People from abroad - the 800 number worked for me. Just dial 00 1 then the number
  11:15am annie:

i still want to know who the dude is in the bear hat
  11:16am Ike:

Yes Vicki, I just tested it. 201-413-9368 works!
  11:16am Jillian S.:

Calls from overseas 1-201-413-9368
  11:16am glenn:

grizzly adams?
  11:17am Liz B.:

Our geeks are on the scene fixing the web pledge problems, hang tight or call 800-989-9368.
  11:17am efd:

The number Ike posted is corret (thanks, Ike!) - 201-413-9368 will work if you can't use the 800 number.
  11:17am efd:

... and it's also correCt.
  11:17am Vicki:

well done - now someone needs to put that on the frontpage and read it out cos we're maybe missing some pledges
  11:17am Aaron from Minneapolis:

I think we may be able to do this!
  11:17am Vicki:

thanks Ken!!!
  11:18am Andy Breckman:

Call our new number: 800-989-9368. That's different from our old number!
  11:19am Meghan:

I have a feeling he'll be off the ground with a backlog of pledges....
  11:19am annie:

i think he's getting nervous
  11:20am Julie:

Whoever is manning the Ustream page should stick the phone numbers on the "status" above the video screen
  11:20am Happy Listener: happy to have pledged!
  11:20am still b/p:

Balloonatic Fringe....I know you're out there.
  11:20am c0NZ:

Just managed to pledge online. Up, up and away.
  11:20am bb:

bronwyn looks a little terrified.
  11:21am Aaron from Minneapolis:

Andy why arnt you doing this instead of Ken? You are his stunt double usually
  11:21am Cecile:

I pledged to keep his carcass on the ground
  11:21am Madi Horstman:

Rocky's theme
  11:22am crowe:

hey somebody ask hank if kens policy is current and up to date
  11:22am Julie:

I think if Ken succeeds, Andy is next
  11:22am Rob W:

Wonder if Hank and the kids signed off on this...
  11:23am annie:

950 viewers!
  11:23am Schmuger:

Major chutzpah. Landsman! Respect!!!
  11:25am annie:

1,000 !
  11:25am Vicki:

if anyone watching hasn't pledged then GET ON WITH IT!
  11:26am Aaron from Minneapolis:

First Andy needs to get baptized in the River so he has some help from forces abobe.
  11:26am annie:

cecile, you caved.
  11:27am Dan B:

Everyone, please send our station manager into orbit. We're hoping for a little break from him and plan to untether him once he's up there.
  11:27am Cheri Pi:

  11:28am glenn:

by the way, does ken have a seatbelt?
  11:29am Adler:

web pledges are back. why not a pledge?
  11:29am PMD:

Ken can create a golden shower!
  11:29am Archive Listener Frank:

Ken could use a Texas catheter.
  11:30am Cecile:

Cinderblock lovers unite!
  11:30am Cheri Pi:

What's a Texas Catheter?
  11:30am maestroso:

Luckily I pledged before the web problems started.. now I'm watching it on my Droid phone.
  11:31am Cecile:

a mason jar?
  11:33am Archive Listener Frank:

Let's just say it goes on the outside rather than on the inside (has nothing to do with Ken's *ahem* size requirements).
  11:33am annie:

1100 viewers.
  11:33am glenn:

a shotgun with a plastic bag attached?
  11:35am Lloyd:

who is that asshole in short sleeves?
  11:35am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh no! Video has stalled!
  11:35am PMD:

too much excitement!
  11:35am Lloyd:

wfmu broke the internet.
  11:35am Matt from Springfield:

You too, Dan B?
  11:36am Cheri Pi:

We've lost Ken!
  11:36am Maggie in Rock Tavern:

video feed is out! dang!
  11:36am wiki-wha?:

It's all part of a plot!
  11:37am Robert:

It's like that radio bloackout period during re-entry.
  11:37am Bas, NL:

Video went up in smoke?
  11:37am Meghan:

awwww... no more video.... We killed it!
  11:37am SiHV:

Even the internet packets don't want ken to do it.
  11:38am still b/p:

The Stuntly-On-The-Brinkley Report blacked out!
  11:38am Lizardner Dave:

"Channel is offline". Hmmmm.....
  11:38am Julie:

(hears Meghan running over to the station)
  11:39am Meghan:

He could totally lie and say he's been lifted off ground and then when back say he got shot down....
  11:39am Jennifer:

Ken probably had to pee
  11:39am PMD:

Ken, call Andy!!!
  11:39am annie:

he planned it this way...
  11:40am tarz:

conspiracy... CONSPIRACY!!!
  11:40am annie:

..."off air" yeah, right..
  11:40am Anniversary:

Ken's gonna snuff it 30 years to the day after John Lennon? Takes starfucking to a whole new level.
  11:40am Kenzo:

Yeah, watch, the video's going to come back online just as he's landing! He's not in the parking lot, he's on a Hollywood soundstage! Look at the shadows!!
  11:41am Matt from Springfield:

The Vice President can even kill a Treasury Secretary in Jersey City if he likes...
  11:41am OM:

Ok, I'm back... how many balloons are we up to?
  11:42am Dan B From Upstate:

Ken's putting hotties in his pants? Maybe it's best that the video is off.
  11:42am Fate:

Let me take you down, 'cuz I'm going to..
  11:42am Julie:

this is excruciating :(
  11:42am Matt from Springfield:

Also thanks for name checking me!
I wonder how many comments are going to be on this playlist? We're approaching a record here!
  11:42am Vicki:

the pledges broke though - extend the show!
  11:43am Julie:

Hi Matt!
  11:43am Musikoff:

waaaa...i wanna see!!!
  11:43am PMD:

13 foot balloon??
  11:43am Julie:

I agree with Vicki!
  11:43am annie:

no video... this totally sucks
  11:43am Wind:

I really blow.
  11:43am Lloyd:

all lies, i think they went back inside.
  11:43am PMD:

Seriously, I agree with Vicki. Kurt! Let it happen!
  11:43am Jennifer:

Time to get a six pack during this station break
  11:44am ::::

They're going to fake this, just like the moon landing!
  11:44am OM:

Video is back! Click the refresh button to the left, below the video!
  11:45am Dan B From Upstate:

Video back up, ~350 viewers.
  11:45am Matt from Springfield:

Hi Julie! Bronwyn's hat is a good reason to up your pledge! I upped what I intended to because of Kate Bush (Hounds of Love! I recommend to you!)
  11:45am ?:

Dis donc. Ou est le flux ?
  11:45am Ken's Laptop:

Leave me on the ground. This is freakin' NUTS!
  11:46am trs:

'Miss-iss-saw-gah' !
  11:46am rosh:

ack! only 15 mns to pledge to Ken's death...err,i mean childhood dream come true! Pledge,ppl!
  11:46am ::::

That video "break" allowed them to substitute the prerecorded fake flying footage!
  11:47am Munchkin:

You're the new Susan Boyle, Kenny!
  11:47am PMD:

I have the two audio streams now. trippy!
  11:47am Lloyd:

What does it say about the state of television that this is the most entertaining thing that I've seen in months? What does it say about me?
  11:48am Dedalus:

Ken's "Ick R Us" wings!
  11:48am Vicki:

ok, who's not pledged?
  11:48am Minnesota Jeff:

How many balloons/donations? Updates on numbers of viewers doesn't really mean anything unless it equates to donations.
  11:49am Barney:

World helium is running out--hold on to the extra for 30 years and it should be worth millions.
  11:50am Oracle at Delphi:

anticlimax upcoming
  11:50am Ken From Hyde Park:

Does he have some WFMU leaflets he can drop?
  11:50am Justice:

These are the most pertinent facts. Plaintiff and two companions were sitting in a rowboat on Lake Owassa on July 4, 2003, while fireworks were being set off along the lake shore. At the time, plaintiff was a guest of defendant, who had invited plaintiff to his rented lake house for the purpose of viewing the fireworks displays on the lake. There is no dispute that many people were setting off fireworks along the lake. There is no question that Freedman's firework display was illegal; he had acquired the fireworks out of State and did not have a permit to set them off. While Gaeta sat in the rowboat, he was hit in the eye by a firework and lost vision in that eye.
  11:50am Archive Listener Frank:

Does WFMU have a succession plan? Exactly who suggested this "stunt"?
  11:51am Musikoff:

i wonder if Robyn Hitchcock has a relevant song about all this?
  11:51am Thiago:

On Air!!!
  11:52am Langley Kids:

You dragged our innocent asses into this mess????
  11:52am glenn:

hey justice - fuck off.
  11:52am rosh:

@vikki: me!i haven't but i'm about to right now. pledge with me fellow fmu commenting deadbeats!
  11:52am PMD:

I can't comment on the video end... but I just wanted to say it's funny that people walk by on the street and either don't notice or don't stop.
  11:53am dc pat:

y'know this really isn't a bad cover
  11:54am ?:

@PMD -- Jerseycityites are probably long since inured to wack goings on in and about FMU studios.
  11:54am Kenzo:

1170 video viewers, for the record
  11:55am glenn:

e.t.d. - five minutes
  11:56am Marshall Stacks:

Can I pledge NOT to have Ken do this thing?
Do I have to pledge negadollars or something?
  11:56am Cecile:

Pledge a cinderblock. I did.
  11:58am annie:

  11:59am Jerry Lewis:

How's the tote board already?
  11:59am Julie:

  12:00pm Oracle at Delphi:

I'm *always* right...
  12:01pm orville and wilbur:

we really don't see what the big deal is.
  12:01pm Matt from Springfield:

We have to send Ken up! Kurt, pre-empt your show until Ken goes sky high!
  12:01pm marq:

nice to hear people from vermont pledging
  12:01pm SiHV:

  12:03pm Archive Listener Frank:

Why does it have to be all or nothing, can't Ken just hover 50 feet over the parking lot on a guy line for an hour instead?
  12:05pm tarz:

we can still SEE you... this is pretty amusing. Jump Ken, Jump!
  12:07pm Robert:

Yay! Ken dodged a bullet!
  12:10pm Robert: mike!
  12:15pm Robert:

The fire escape ascent looked routine after all that!
  12:25pm Patrick:

anyone know who the Artist is on the track that is on the homepage video right now??
  12:37pm Danne D:

*sigh* forgot it was Wednesday. But I still got my pledge in today - never too late to pledge for those who are checking this on the archives :D
  7:21pm Bunchy:

What is that great synth tune played at the first DJ speaks of the show? @ 0:18:00 to be exact
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