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Playlist for 09 February 2011 Favoriting | It Is Hard Work

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Approx. start time
Evolution Control Committee  Listener License Agreement   Favoriting All Rights Reserved  Seeland 

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*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Bedful of Metaphysicians  For Cash   Favoriting Self Titled  Digitek      0:01:49 (Pop-up)
Lee Edwards (The Christian Con Man)  Track Two   Favoriting The Christian Con Man  Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God 

  0:05:48 (Pop-up)
Evolution Control Committee  What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune   Favoriting All Rights Reserved      *   0:10:02 (Pop-up)
People Like Us  The Sound Of The End Of Music   Favoriting Welcome Abroad  Illegal Art    *   0:12:49 (Pop-up)
Christian Marclay  His Master's Voice (edit)   Favoriting Sliced, Diced & Spliced: Fabio's 2010 WFMU Marathon Premium  No Label 

  0:15:50 (Pop-up)
Blue Sausage Infant  Why You Hate Salamanders   Favoriting Flight of the Solstice Queens  Zeromoon 

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*   0:19:09 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
Sin Swing   Favoriting Easy Listening  303094      0:24:26 (Pop-up)
John Schnall  McMurphy Has Escaped   Favoriting One Flu Shot Over the Cuckoo's Nest  No Label 

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  0:31:16 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Excerpt from Left Side   Favoriting Your Mom's Favorite DJ  Ninja Tune      0:34:53 (Pop-up)
Eric B & Rakim  Paid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness: Cold Cut Remix)   Favoriting The Best Of Erik B & Rakim  Miro / Universal 

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  0:42:56 (Pop-up)
Steinski  The Big Man Laughs   Favoriting What Does It All Mean? 1983-2006 Retrospective  Illegal Art      0:49:15 (Pop-up)
Evolution Control Committee  Hillbilly Beatboxing   Favoriting All Rights Reserved  Seeland Records 

*   0:53:20 (Pop-up)
Sudden Infant  Nag Nag Nag   Favoriting Invocation Of The Aural Slave Gods  Blossoming Noise      0:57:26 (Pop-up)
Einstürzende Neubauten  Perpetuum Mobile (single version)   Favoriting Strategies Against Architecture IV  Mute 

  1:00:30 (Pop-up)
Vogel  Arschloch   Favoriting No Album  Recommended Records      1:04:54 (Pop-up)
Roky Erickson  Don't Slander Me   Favoriting I Have Always Been Here Before: The Roky Erickson Anthology  Shout Factory      1:08:05 (Pop-up)
Neu            1:13:53 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  Picking On Lennon   Favoriting 777 Vol II  Black Tent 

*   1:19:11 (Pop-up)
LCD Soundsystem  All I Want   Favoriting This is Happening  DFA      1:23:47 (Pop-up)
DJ Female Convict Scorpion  Led Zeppelin   Favoriting Clash-Ups  No Label 

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  1:28:17 (Pop-up)
Wire  Bad Worn Thing   Favoriting Red Barked Tree  Pink Flag    *   1:32:35 (Pop-up)
Television Personalities  Look Back in Anger   Favoriting Rough Trade Shops: Indie Pop Vol. 1  Mute / Rough Trade 

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  1:36:04 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
I Looked At The Sun   Favoriting No Album, Beeyatch  Radium      1:39:00 (Pop-up)
Jamaladeen Tacuma  Solar System Blues   Favoriting Jukebox  Gramavision      1:52:21 (Pop-up)
Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa  Iblis Atas Iblis   Favoriting Suara Naga  K 

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*   1:57:12 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  Just Like That   Favoriting 777 Vol II  Black Tent    *   2:00:52 (Pop-up)
D.N.A.  Egotmaniac's Kiss   Favoriting No New York  Antilles 

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  2:03:57 (Pop-up)
impLOG  On Broadway   Favoriting Hollan Tunnel Drive  Lust / Unlust      2:06:38 (Pop-up)
Blue Sausage Infant  Flight of the Solstice Queens   Favoriting Title Track  Zeromoon  more MONEY for B.S.I !!    2:14:01 (Pop-up)
Huun Huur Tu  Kozhamyk   Favoriting Ancestor's Call  World Village 

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*   2:33:29 (Pop-up)
Francis Bebey  Pygmy Divorce   Favoriting Pygmy Love Songs  Makossa International      2:37:37 (Pop-up)
Pigbag  Papa's Got a Brand New Pig Bag   Favoriting Vol 1  Fire 

Click for the full size image
  2:41:30 (Pop-up)
Madison  Man on the Moon   Favoriting Porn to rock  cm      2:48:44 (Pop-up)
East River Pipe  Hell Is An Open Door   Favoriting The Gasoline Age  Merge      2:51:33 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:00am jeremy:

good day.
  9:00am Ken:

Good Day Jeremy!
  9:01am Bad Ronald:

Morning Ken, are you gonna play any of the MP3s you solicited last week?
  9:01am postmanpaul:

Pump it up Ken 'caus the weekend starts here.
  9:02am hamburger:

  9:03am amanda nyc:

this is what I live for
  9:04am annie:

whew! wednesday!
  9:07am Mark:

good morning, perhaps one of the new music releases of note is by Akron/Family: "S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT"
  9:09am czkluk:

hurray for crazed radio programme!
  9:10am Vicki:

ha ha
  9:10am JJZ:

Ah, that new ECC CD is out. That's good news.
  9:11am Ken:

Morning everybody! I want to apologize to Elisa for my fucked up, paranoid outburst in this space last week. I
m sorry Elisa and I hope you come back.
  9:11am Vicki:

this is great (this song, not your outbursts)
  9:12am Swami:

This ECC makes hurt in head in best way possible.
  9:13am Irene:

OMG Ken. With a Little Help from My Friends-- I'm laughing so hard it hurts!!
  9:13am still b/p:

That critter in the first pic, with the earnest student inside ("now with more earnest filling!") that a furry calf with a bit of hyena or Newfoundland in the bloodline?
  9:18am Vicki:

NY people - you need to go and see this Christian Marclay exhibit while it is still on - - it ends in 10 days time!
  9:18am Handsome Harry:

It sure-as-shootin' isn't a Holstein. (Which, coincidentally, is my preferred animal disguise/means of conveyance.)
  9:19am tr:sh:

Good morning music!
  9:24am Cecile:

BSI, I missed your magnum opus.
  9:24am maja:

yeah! these wednesdays! i agree best place to be
  9:24am Cecile:

hello Ken!
  9:26am listener mark:

Good morning, Ken.
  9:26am Detroit Mac:

NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples… Now "it" is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather. Forget about global warming—man-made or natural—what drives planetary weather patterns is the climate and what drives the climate is the sun's magnetosphere and its electromagnetic interaction with a planet's own magnetic field. When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.
  9:26am Rob W:

Katie is banking on those novelty checks from her rock star violin career to underwrite her participation on my Hoof and Mouth train wreck this year!
  9:28am Cecile:

Someone needs to play a Run On/Special Pillow block, stat! LOL! What are you gonna do for Hoof and Mouth this year, Rob?
  9:28am Vicki:

it's a 24 hour long movie - all featuring clocks
  9:28am listener mark:

WFMU - the home of ambiguous sexuality
  9:28am BSI:

Wheee! Keep the $0.36 check, just send the pervert clown!
  9:29am Vicki:

someone did turn up in pyjamas for the London screening!
  9:29am Cecile:

Gotta listen to the archives.
  9:30am postmanpaul:

I'll be straight over BSI.
  9:30am jɘrɘmy:

oprah's got nothing on this show. "You get .36!" "You get .36!" "You get .36!"
  9:32am Parq:

So you're going to be careful to make sure that ECC's stuff doesn't get used without them getting their royalty. Savor the irony.
  9:33am Rob W:

@ Cecile - "Mesecina" from the film "Underground" ( The band wants to kill me...
  9:33am jan:

The Marclay work is essential viewing. It's the ultimate sample piece.
It was so impressive, I wrote about it o

Do not miss this show!
  9:34am sébastien dilettante mais courtois:

Hi Ken.
Paris is listening live.
SONIC PROTEST FESTIVAL 2011 from 2 to 10 of april.
  9:38am Ken:

Hi Sebastian, Cecile, Jan, Rob, everybody else! Sebastian, is Bimbo Tower still involved in the Festival?
  9:39am dc pat:

hey, where's BSI? He missed him.
  9:40am BSI:

tuned in just in time to hear those golden drunken slurring words...... Now waiting for pervert clown with bigass check. Baby's gotta EAT.
  9:40am Ken:

I played BSI! Talked about him on the air! Please. I still feel so guilty about Elise last week. I am such an asshole.
  9:41am Cecile:

That is going to be amazing, Rob. The band needs to put on their grown-up pants and make it work.
  9:44am ted:

You can hear the whole Evolution Control Committee album here
  9:44am Bad Ronald:

@ Ken

Your birthday will be in 9 days!!! Do you have any plans?

Kurt Cobain's b-day is on the 20th of Feb. RIP Kurt!!!!
  9:45am Vicki:

I can understand it when things come across creepy, don't give yourself a hard time about it!
  9:45am sébastien dilettante mais courtois:

Bombo Tower is more than ever involved in the festival.This year program is really great. Organising the festival not being enough Bimbo Tower is still the best record store in the world. Ask Ken.
The last co-release from Bimbo Tower Records is a LP by KRAUS called Faster than the speed of time.
FYI: a french Sébastien comes with E not A.
  9:46am Swami:

today is my little boy's 4th birthday! Happy birthday Jack! And Tom Scharpling!
  9:47am Ken:

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Bad Ronald! Is that really when Kurt died? :( RIP Kurt.
  9:47am JJZ:

The 18th is also "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" on my calendar here. Today is "Read in the Bathtub Day".
  9:47am sébastien dilettante mais courtois:

A or E who cares. Same goes for the O or I to make a bimbo. Sorry
  9:48am Ken:

See how this thread is like Group Therapy? I learned my lesson last week and now I'm trying to be better.
  9:48am Lizardner Dave:

Andy's birthday is in about a month which means he's due for another blog post, right?
  9:49am Vicki:

that's one word for it
  9:49am Marat:

"Read in the Bathtub Day"....?
No, thanks.
  9:49am Bad Ronald:

I am very proud of you Ken. Now are you gonna play any of the MP3s that you asked for last week?
  9:49am AnAnonymousParty:

When the the act of turning off my computer become the equivalent of putting a three year old child to bed? Shutdown: "But I'm still running this program, I don't wanna! I wanna install an upgrade now!" "I said, GO TO BED!"
  9:50am BSI:

oh christ. Now I need a cheezy Bollywood fix.
  9:50am Bad Ronald:

That's "bleed" in the bathtub for you Marat!
  9:51am listener mark:

Let's go back to the clock thing. The Paula Cooper Gallery is directly across from 11th Street Hoboken. Now if we had a conveyance of some sort to cross the river.
  9:51am Ken:

Which MP3s are you referring to, Bad Ronald? I forget a lot usually after ECT.
  9:52am Vicki:

It's in Chelsea, but never mind
  9:53am dc pat:

I missed last week what'd Ken do? or are we moving on?...
  9:53am Bad Ronald:

You asked folks to send in MP3s on Irwin's show for a 7SD "Idol" bit that you aborted. I figured you might try to get some mileage from them on your show...
  9:53am Rob W:

Re: Ken@9:48: I think I better keep seeing my shrink too. Also re: listener mark @ 9:51: the Marclay thing looks great - I'm working on arranging for an amphibious vehicle to take us across from Hoboken. Will keep you posted.
  9:53am Marat:

Send some of those scratchin' DJs over to do my skin condition a solid, yeaux.
  9:54am listener mark:

Chelsea London? or Chelsea Manhattan?
  9:54am dc pat:

Chelsea FC
  9:55am still b/p:

Hee Hop!
  9:55am listener mark:

@ Rob W If the Hudson is frozen we could just walk across.
  9:55am Bad Ronald:
  9:55am A listener:

  9:56am jan:

Marclay is at Paula Cooper Gallery, 534 W. 21st Street
Tuesdays - Thursdays, 10am - 6pm
Fridays 10am - Saturdays 6pm
  9:57am Rob W:

@ listener mark re: Frozen Hudson: we can only hope...
  9:58am glenn:

hudson bay is prolly frozen.
  9:58am Cecile:

Just take a core sample of the ice. If it's 8" or more, you're good to walk.
  9:59am listener mark:

@ dc pat Manchester United here. We lost to Wolverhampton 2-1 this past Saturday.
  9:59am BSI:

best nagnagnag evah.
  9:59am dc pat:

man thisi s probably thee most abrasive piece I've heard on FMU. Right on Ken.
  10:00am dc pat:

mark: yeah, what happened there?? well doesn't really hurt them much.
  10:08am Cheri Pi:

  10:13am Joe:

that's all it is with this show

blah blah gay sex
blah blah congress
  10:14am listener mark:

Wolves had more at stake, they needed this win. Arsenal lost at Newcastle., but Wigan's win over Blackburn, well that just put pressure on the Wolves.
  10:15am tr:sh:

'boring a hole'?
  10:15am ted:

Joe, what about gay congress?
  10:16am listener mark:

@trish ice core we are crossing the Hudson!
  10:16am Neg-guh-tor:

'scuse me while I ream out this doughnut.
  10:17am -max-:

R. Stevie Moore has a Kickstarter project going on here:
  10:18am marq:

drill would be to make a hole where one wasn't. I have a unibit reamer that is pointed at the tip and has gradual stages of holes sizes to build up to. You can use it on metal. It is for making a bigger hole in electrical boxes, etc. but you need a small hole to begin with. usually made by drilling a hole.
  10:20am -max-:

Yay! A 'Vanilla Bean' shout-out! The Bean is dead. Long live The Bean! We miss you Frank.
  10:20am Listener Jack Chekijian:

Gosh, if you air a track from Best of LCD today, do I qualify for an FMU check? If so, I would treasure it for always; I would scan it, get a website, and make it the sole thing on the website. Cover art being sent to Liz today, also.
  10:23am Ken:

I contend that drilling is one way of creating a hole, if you use a FUCKING DRILL. But if Christian Aguilera were to plunge a zucchini into a rotten honeydew melon for example, she would be creating a new hole but she wouldn't be drilling it, or boring it. How could she? How could Xtina do it to that poor melon?
  10:24am BSI:

These are very deep questions.
Meditate on Cupcake Dog and all will become clear.
  10:24am still b/p:

Any interaction she has with anything....she can only bore it.
  10:27am glenn:

i feel i must defend xtina solely on the basis of her mother being canadian. consider yourself defended, xtina.
  10:27am Michelle in Green Bay:

Drive-by greetings to all! My teaching schedule this semester keeps me from listening to much more than a few minutes of Ken's show. Sadness.
  10:29am glenn:

i have no defense for justin bieber, though. or celine.
  10:29am Ken:

I blame your students Michelle. Knock 'em down a grade or two for me.
  10:31am pierre:

Bonjour Ken, et merci pour le show !
  10:32am lee:

Make listening to Ken an in class assignment each week.
  10:32am Detroit Mac:

Michelle in GB: Have your students listen to the show with you. It'll be a REAL education!
  10:33am bennett4senate:

hey Ken, have you ever tried sorting your Traktor playlist by song length and then just layering up two or more tracks of the same length and seeing what happens?
  10:39am Carmichael:

Hiya Kenneth and listeners/viewers/commenters. I've been semi-lurking, trying to read all the posts you prolific bastards have been creating.
  10:40am Michelle in Green Bay:

It's totally their fault. Damn them for wanting lessons at times that don't conflict with their other classes!
They will get their WFMU education, though. I heard the Autotune song at the beginning of the show and will totally use that in class! (I teach music. It's actually relevant.)
  10:42am Cecile:

Drugs drugs drugs by Tonetta pls!
  10:42am βrian:

Michelle, yo from Madison. We're holding up our listening commitment down here. (Hard, I know.)
  10:43am MONTREAL:

um. how early do we need to arrive at ucb before 6pm? like 2 hours?

yes, drugs, drugs, drugs please.
  10:43am Cecile:

Sonic Youth should beat him up for that 0 rating for NY Ghosts and FLowers. It's one of my favorites of theirs.
  10:43am hamburger:

"andy wrestled to the ground" - yay!
  10:43am Michelle in Green Bay:

Wisconsin REPRESENT!
  10:44am Cecile:

Ken, Doron, the stream has been awful today. Very glitchy.

  10:44am ?:

hey Ken - just tuning in now. Unfortunately am unable to attend UCB tonight......sounds like it's gonna be another a fun one...THanks for the plug Ken
  10:45am -max-:

R. Stevie Moore has a review up on Pitchfork, he received an 8.0 rating for his Conscientious Objector album in 2004.
  10:46am tr:sh:

Puncture, pierce, rip, thrust. 'Plunge'
  10:47am John McCabe in LA:

hi ken
  10:50am Ken:

Can anybody look up some legendary albums and see what the Pitchfork rating number is???
  10:51am Cecile:

Most of the legendary albums i was around for they weren't.
  10:51am Ken:

New legendary albums!!
  10:53am Ken:

ANY great well known album that they gave some pissant low rating to..
  10:53am John McCabe in LA:

Clouds 7.5
  10:53am Laurie:

Dear Ken,

Please do not fill that archivist position until I graduate next Fall.

  10:53am -max-:

Deerhoof's new album only received a 6.2.
  10:55am Cecile:

they gave Flight of the Concohrds 1st a 7.2 and their 2nd a 6.7. Both are pretty classic, i think.
  10:55am BSI:

6.8 for the Dylan christmas record. And 550 words to explain it...
  10:56am Ken:

Great!!!! Keep it coming!!!
  10:56am fishmonkeystew:

Whoa. Jamaaladeen Tacuma. I saw him play in 1991 at the Knitting Factory in NYC. I had never heard of him before and it was a kick ass show. I was 18 and able to buy booze without even being carded. Bizarre, cuz at 18 I looked about 14.
  10:57am Mark:

is the new Deerhoof album really already legendary?
  10:58am Carmichael:

Revolver: 10
Disraeli Gears: Not found
Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions: 8.9
Iggy & the Stooges Fun House: 8.9
  10:58am Joe:

didn't pitchfork say that the best song of the past 10 years was "Bombs over Baghdad" by Outkast?
  10:58am Ken:

No Mark, I lowered the bar. Or raised it, de4pending on which metaphor you're employing.
  10:59am -max-:

You can do an advanced search on the Pitchfork site based on ratings.
  10:59am Mark:

  11:00am glenn:

i don't consider myself a hipster, so pitchfork's take on things is meaningless to me.
  11:00am BSI:

I confess to never seeing the pitchfork site until today. ew.
  11:00am Cecile:

Ha! Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, only a 6.4. I've listened to that at least once a week since I got it.
  11:01am Cecile:

and they gave the new Ratatat album a really weak review, when I thought it was a good new direction for them. And one of my faves of last year.
  11:02am Elisa:

Hello Ken!
How are you?
I'm listening to your wonderful show!
  11:02am dc pat:

all I hear about is how shit Pitchfork is so I never go there. People like to get pissed I guess.
  11:02am Ken:

  11:03am listener mark:

  11:04am paul:

"bombs over baghdad" is a legit choice for best song of the decade..... way more appropriate than saying a pavement song is the best song of the '90s
  11:04am Aaron:

Move it :
  11:04am Elisa:

Yes, I came back "JUST LIKE THAT"!

  11:05am Cecile:

I think Crazy Frog doing Axel F is the best song of the decade.
  11:05am tomasz.:

paul: too right.
  11:06am mark:

D.N.A and Tacuma ... nice!
  11:07am Stain:

Sorry Ken, we'll make sure we clean up after ourselves next time.
  11:08am Carmichael:

It is actually the appropriate sign for DNA.
  11:08am elevator:

i feel so violated.
  11:08am PMD:

Someone look up Don McLean's albums or POCO.
  11:09am BSI:

  11:09am maja:

hey ken elisa is back!
  11:09am Stain:

I feel so....pregnant?
  11:09am PMD:

Or even James Taylor
  11:10am Mark:

holland tunnel drive came out originally on Lust/Unlust
  11:11am Ken:

Thanks Mark! TYou're my third favorite listener!
  11:11am Detroit Mac:

Certainly sounds like a "lite" version of the Stranglers.
  11:11am Ken:

Thanks for the reminder Maja! you ROCK!!!!
  11:12am Mark:

gee thanks, you're my most favoritest DJ
  11:13am Ken:

But you dont rock as hard as Mark. But dont feel bad about that because Mark REALLY ROCKS!!
  11:13am jɘrɘmy:

i call dibs on sufficiently mediocre listener
  11:13am Carmichael:

PMD. no hits for any of those artists.
  11:14am Need to know:

Nice photo of Effy. Do you watch that show?
  11:14am Mark:

though as we can see there is some dispute as to if the title is "Holland Tunnel Drive" or "Holland Tunnel Dive"
  11:15am loggins and messina:

pitchfork loves us. secretly.
  11:15am Mark:

oh yeah, I rock
  11:16am dc pat:

DC in the haus.
  11:17am Ken:

I dont watch that show. What is it?
  11:17am maja:

yes i rock too! think we all do right now
  11:17am BSI:

I can retire to the mountains now with my hoarde of gold-plated ocelots!
  11:17am Ken:

BSI, great track!!!
  11:17am hamburger:

sounds like a shopping list being recited through a nose flute :)
  11:18am zeromoon:

I approve of this track. See the Sausage live Feb 25
Super Coda
Cafe Orwell
...247 Varet St., Brooklyn, NY
  11:18am Ken:

Can you tell me some known artists whop rated either ZERO or TEN on Pitchfork? Gotta look at the extremes
  11:18am Cecile:

whooo! BSI!
  11:19am dc pat:

clearly BSI rocks
  11:19am Cecile:

Sonic Youth did it back to back with NY Ghosts (0) and Sonic Nurse (10). My rating would have been Ghosts (8) and Nurse (5). If I were into rating.
  11:20am Cecile:

Kid A got a 10. Kiss's Music from the Elder got a 0
  11:20am Mark:

pitchfork 10 and zeros
  11:20am Look at ...:

this ,,,
  11:21am jɘrɘmy:

liz phair's liz phair got 0.0
  11:21am Carmichael:

BSI?!?! Dude, that was tasty!
  11:22am frenchee:

I am frightened by scary-voice
  11:23am Tom:

I blame Christgau.
  11:23am -max-:

Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers [2000] received an 0.0, and this is the first paragraph of the review:
No, I have not forgotten to put the numbers into the rating spaces above. In over two years of writing for Pitchfork, I've waited for the one album that would warrant a 0.0-- perhaps even covet the lesser o.o. In my five years of reading Pitchfork, I can only remember a couple of 0.0s, likely spouting from the scalding keyboard of Jason Josephes. Now, finally, my generation has its Metal Machine Music-- an unfathomable album which will be heard in the squash courts and open mic nights of deepest hell. At least Lou Reed had the good grace to keep his mouth shut on his grinding hallmark of pretentious ejaculation.
  11:24am paul:

  11:25am Detroit Mac:

Is this a creepy version of Romper Room's Magic Mirror?
  11:25am BSI:

thankies carmichael/dcp/cecile!
"sound exchange," eh? sounds like one of those doomsday cults...
  11:26am glenn:

didn't some orchestra somewhere do a symphonic version of metal machine music a few years back?
  11:26am Need to know:

The British show Skins. It is primarily for teens, but full of mayhem that every parent should be aware of. Effy plays the chronically disengaged, sometime self-mute, distructive, angsty, sexy, teen enaged in thoughtless, random sex acts that hurt herself and her friends. MTV is remaking the show for the U.S. people who think and hear British english is a foreign language.
  11:27am Cecile:

Pinkerton reisssue a 10? Really? Oy. Exile on Main Street? Maybe not - it's a appeal is not that it's a perfect album.

That review of NY Ghosts is garbage.
  11:27am tomasz.:

i'd take Metal Machine Music over Pinkerton any day
  11:28am Cecile:

I must be the only one who liked the meanderings of mid-90s SY from Washing Machine to 1000 Leaves.

Tomascz, you and me both. For a minute I tried to make myself like Weezer, and then was all "WHAT AM I DOING?' they're an ok band, but there are so many bands I like better.
  11:28am Vicki:

I have to fill a FORM in to get my 36 cents? That's work!
  11:29am Tom:

The Pitchfork features are special. Recent sample, and no, putting this in context doesn't make it better ... just the opposite in fact:

But it's hard not to figure that when you're feeling optimistic, and you've got a nice job to get to in the morning, "lightly spacy" does the trick. And if you're doing terrible part-time work, drowning in debt, or living in someone's basement, then surgical-grade confusion, noise, and catharsis might sound more appealing, a better escape.
  11:29am -max-:

I just love that phrase "pretentious ejaculation."
  11:30am david niven:

blow this.
  11:31am tr:sh:

Speaking of changing/bait'switch policy:
Hot graph. Nov 09!
  11:31am Detroit Mac:

"pretentious ejaculation." Can I get some Yogurt with that?
  11:32am βrian:

Is that Ivor Cutler?
  11:32am Cecile:

I mean, they dont' know from pretentious. I mean, they like Wilco's crap.
  11:33am Carmichael:

Great name for a band.
  11:33am Mark:

anyone shelling out $175 for the "Holland Tunnel Dive" 12"?
  11:34am maja:

my playlist always jumps back to the top, which is irritating, Comments do not, they are fine.What to do?
  11:34am Lightly Spacy:

I do the trick yo
  11:34am david niven:

wilco's okay, and nels cline is a truly gifted guitarist.
  11:35am tomasz.:

Huun-Huur-Tu are so ace!
  11:35am βrian:

The playlist has always had that problem. It really ought to read from the bottom up.
  11:36am bbell:

masters of throat singing
  11:36am Ken:

Need to Know, I dont watch the UK Skins but my kids LOOVE it. Oh, Spiderman.
  11:37am Cecile:

I love Nels Cline. I'm just not a Wilco fan. But if I were, I'd even have to admit they have moments that are far more over-reaching than poor NY Ghosts and Flowers.
  11:37am glenn:

i agree with maja.
  11:37am jan:

the Pygmy love song- So sad, but I love this song
  11:38am Vivian:

Wilco is a great band.
  11:38am bbell:

he says it so simply. Where else would "you become big fat woman" be a compliment?
  11:38am Vivian:

In fact,I love Wilco and Sonic Youth, especially Evol & Full Moon Rising
  11:39am hamburger:

what's a good introductory album for wilco?
  11:39am glenn:

i like the geraldine fibbers a lot. carla bozulich's remake of red headed stranger is fantastic.
  11:39am still b/p:

Mebbe that London surgeon up there in the playlist pics could be a recording artist then -- issuing something "prescriptive" if not "pretentious."

(and Mozilla stays at the bottom for me; IE don't)
  11:40am maja:

oh it's not just me? thougt i could not find a button and wanted some advise.
  11:40am Cecile:

I'm not trying to put down Wilco. I'm trying to say that the Sonic Youth review really smacked of someone trying to put a smackdown on a popular band. You know, being edgy.
  11:40am Carmichael:

bbell, on Glee last night.
  11:42am glenn:

maybe it's a safari problem.
  11:42am -max-:

I just want to know, who is going to pay him back his elephant tusks?! Come on, people, have some compassion.
  11:42am Cecile:

I mean, castigate the record for failing on some level. Pick apart what you don't like. But to pan it for being pretentious when it's hardly the most pretentious thing on there smacks of an outside agenda.
  11:42am Cecile:

Oh, hey Pigbag. I like them.
  11:42am Mark:

I don't know somehow the name Wilco seems to go with the phrase "blows chunks" for me
  11:43am Mike East:

I don't really understand bad reviews. I realize that its where most criticism finds their readership. But I feel like - if you don't like something, why are you wasting your time talking about it...just don't listen to it again.
  11:44am Cheri Pi:

I detect a hint of ESG in here...
  11:44am Cecile:

I think they are parallel evolutions, Cheri.
  11:45am -max-:

Cheri: Do you have a lot of hobo friends? I understand that they like pi.
  11:45am Ken:

Well put Cecile.
  11:45am tr:sh:

I don't think I've heard this song in its entirety since the 80s.. It holds up well.
  11:45am glenn:

if you have a limited budget for buying music, or, really, anything, reviews are helpful.
  11:46am βrian:

Extra-sensory gestation?
  11:46am Vivian:

@hamburger-Yankee Foxtrot Hotel takes a few listens but is an exceptional album. If you're into more quiet music, sky blue sky is good. A.M. is good if you lean towards americana.
@Cecile-thanks for the clarification. I just find it hard for someone to dislike Wilco, except my brother who is pro-Son Volt/Jay Farrar.
  11:46am BSI:

Egg Salad Grenade?
  11:47am Ken:

Agreed Vivian. Even I like WIlco/
  11:47am still b/p:

Eno Sodium Glutamate?
  11:47am Ken:

They;re kind of like Creedence Clearwater. Hiow can you not like them?
  11:48am Vivian:

@ Mark, who do you like?
  11:48am bbell:

egg salad . . . making me hungry
  11:49am Cecile:

I don't like Son Volt either. LOL!

Hey, I tried to like WIlco. It didn't take. Oh, I like Casino Queen, which every Wilco fan I know hates. It's a funny song, though. I like CCR. But I know people who don't like them.

Emeralds, Satin and Gold I think...?
  11:50am Cheri Pi:

@max-Everyone likes Pi, right???
  11:50am Vivian:

Reason I ask is that if you're into like, say electronic music, you may not like Wilco. Not valid enough to associate them with blowing chunks.
  11:50am listener monica:

If I were in my car right now i would be listening to the show and i would know that today is wednesday but i'm home at my computer and have no idea what day it is.
  11:51am Elisa:

Darn it, there are only a few minutes before Ken's show ends. Time pun intended LOL!!!!☺
  11:51am Mark:

I like everybody, except Jeff Tweedy
  11:51am Cheri Pi:

Mr. Cheri Piis trying to get me to like CCR by saying that they were the Minutemen fave band-but I still don't like them.
  11:52am Cheri Pi:

Eunuchs in Satin Gowns
  11:52am Need to know:

They'll be happy you posted Effy's picture, then, solidarity for the youth! I think you should watch an episode or two... it is pretty much a how-to manual on everything that is out there for kids these days.
  11:52am listener monica:

fortunate son is the best song ever writ
  11:53am Cecile:

My friend is the same. I don't understand it, but I respect his opinion. He likes a lot of crap, I mean bands I don't like. It's all cool.
  11:53am Tom:

Love CCR, but Wilco zzzzzzzzz. CCR's "Ramble Tamble" is like Endless Boogie before EB.
  11:53am Elisa:

You know in Italy we have this strong drink called Sanbuca and they put coffee bean inside the drink and it's called a "mosca" (FLY).
  11:53am still b/p:

Escher Staircase Guide
  11:54am Elisa:

Ciao Ken, will listen to you again next week!
  11:54am Mike East:

still b/p wins!
  11:54am βrian:

En boca cerrada, no entran moscas.
  11:54am Cecile:

That's cool, Elisa. How do you say "fly in the ointment" in Italian?
  11:55am Lizardner Dave:

Re: Wilco - "Spiders" is an excellent rip-off of Neu and would make fine bed music for Ken.
  11:56am dc pat:

CCR and Blue Oyster Cult were minutemen faves. I like CCR a lot but.....BOC? eh.
  11:56am wire:

anyone saying fly in the ointment in any language will be hearing from our lawyers
  11:56am hamburger:

Belated Thanks Vivian
  11:57am dc pat:

boom everyone.
  11:57am βrian:

God bless the internet kitties.
  11:57am Elisa:



unguento , pomata

he's the fly in the ~ è lui che mette i bastoni fra le ruote;
there's one fly in the ~ c'è una difficoltà.

Listen to you two weeks from now Ken!
  11:57am statman:

Being There by Wilco - early, not bad
  11:58am Cecile:

I love BOC, and the minutemen did a great version of the Red and the Black. Minutement also loved Van Halen.

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