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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
The New Dimensions  Bongo Surf   Favoriting The Best of  Sundazed  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Blues Magoos  Gotta Get Away   Favoriting Kaleidoscopic Compendium: The Best of the Blues Magoos  Mercury  0:02:03 Pop-up)  
Dictators  Stay With Me   Favoriting Bloodbrothers  Asylum  0:04:37 Pop-up)  
Delmonas  You Can't Sit Down   Favoriting Dangerous Charms  Vinyl Japan  0:09:20 Pop-up)  
Guitar Lightnin'  Amsterdam   Favoriting Rare Traks (N.O.L.A. Rhythum and Booze    0:13:23 Pop-up)  
Flamin' Groovies  Carol   Favoriting 7"  Norton  0:15:37 Pop-up)  
Kinks  Cadillac   Favoriting s/t  Castle  0:19:24 Pop-up)  
Little Killers  Annie   Favoriting A Real Good One  Gern Blandsten  0:21:47 Pop-up)  
Urban Junior  das Leben   Favoriting Two Headed Demon  Voodoo Rhythm  0:23:34 Pop-up)  
Bloody Hollies  Let's Do It   Favoriting Who To Trust Who To Kill Who To Love  Alive  0:26:24 Pop-up)  
Wooden Tit  Return To Cinder/Was It Just a Dream?   Favoriting Return To Cinder    0:31:33 Pop-up)  
Overnight Lows  Dirty Looks   Favoriting City of Rotten Eyes  Goner  0:37:33 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live in the studio!  
Engineer: David Mambach  
Alx - guitar/vox, Andy - guitar; Chris- druns; Tyler - bass  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  In Another Life   Favoriting     0:40:18 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Running From the Red Squad   Favoriting     0:41:23 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  C'mon Levi   Favoriting     0:44:18 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Up From the Underground   Favoriting     0:46:43 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Calling the Detectives   Favoriting     0:48:44 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Crimes   Favoriting     0:50:58 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Their Walls Around Us   Favoriting     0:55:03 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Sad Kids   Favoriting     0:55:30 Pop-up)  
Occult Detective Club live at WFMU!  Young Lovers   Favoriting     1:04:42 Pop-up)  
Cyclone 60  Dream Lover   Favoriting Instant Classic    1:05:35 Pop-up)  
Yo La Tengo  And the Glitter Is Gone   Favoriting Popular Songs  Matador  1:07:56 Pop-up)  
Greazy Tony  Mr. Jaws   Favoriting     1:25:36 Pop-up)  
Triple Thick  Intromental   Favoriting s/t    1:25:59 Pop-up)  
Memphis Nomads  I Wanna Be   Favoriting various - A History of Garage and Frat Bands in Memphis 1960-75 Vol. 2  Shangri-La  1:27:23 Pop-up)  
Thee Smokin' Pets  Dog Tired   Favoriting Cement Roasters    1:29:32 Pop-up)  
Box Tops  Every Time   Favoriting Cry Like a Baby  Sundazed  1:35:13 Pop-up)  
Box Tops  You Keep Tightening Up On Me   Favoriting Cry Like a Baby  Sundazed  1:38:06 Pop-up)  
Alex Chilton  Never Found a Girl   Favoriting Set  Bar None  1:41:53 Pop-up)  
Big Star  Dony   Favoriting In Space  Rykodisc  1:44:18 Pop-up)  
Replacements  Nowhere Is My Home   Favoriting Tim reissue  Rhino  1:46:38 Pop-up)  
Big Star  Thank You Friends   Favoriting Columbia  Zoo  1:51:02 Pop-up)  
Big Star  A Whole New Thing   Favoriting In Space  Rykodisc  1:54:12 Pop-up)  
Alex Chilton  Something Deep Inside   Favoriting 1970  Ardent  1:59:03 Pop-up)  
Alex Chilton  The EMI Song (Smile For Me)   Favoriting 1970  Ardent  1:59:37 Pop-up)  
DM3  Second Floor   Favoriting One Time Two Times Three Times More: An Anthology  Invisible  2:10:20 Pop-up)  
DM3  TV Sound   Favoriting One Time Two Times Three Times More: An Anthology  Invisible  2:16:01 Pop-up)  
DM3  1x2x devastated   Favoriting One Time Two Times Three Times More: An Anthology  Invisible  2:16:18 Pop-up)  
Insomniacs  Just Enjoy It   Favoriting Just Enjoy It  Blood Red  2:20:31 Pop-up)  
Insomniacs  She Brings   Favoriting Just Enjoy It  Blood Red  2:24:55 Pop-up)  
Bambi Kino  A Shot of Rhythm and Blues   Favoriting s/t  Tapete  2:27:01 Pop-up)  
Renegades  Thirteen Women   Favoriting 7"  Norton  2:28:08 Pop-up)  
Billy Eckstine  I Wonder Why (Nobody Loves Me)   Favoriting 7"  Motown  2:38:38 Pop-up)  
Bad Ronald  Three Chord Joe   Favoriting     2:41:00 Pop-up)  
The New Original Sonic Sound  Maintaining My Cool   Favoriting s/t  Jackpot  2:42:12 Pop-up)  
Baseball Project  1976   Favoriting Volume 2: High and Inside  Yep Roc  2:44:30 Pop-up)  
Feelies  Way Down   Favoriting Here Before  Bar None  2:52:05 Pop-up)  
Feelies  Time Is Right   Favoriting Here Before  Bar None  2:55:31 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:04pm Parq:

Yes, Gotta fecking Get Away!
  12:05pm SmokinJ:

I'm gettin' away with a shitload of cold beer and corned beef! Happy St. Paddy's day jb & fans worldwide!
  12:06pm dc pat:

indeed, a group I was in covered this
  12:06pm SmokinJ:

A true classic...
  12:08pm Amanda:

Hi Joe! Your show is important in my life.
  12:11pm Joe B:

Hi all! thanks for checking in!

Thanks Amanda!

great band coming up about 1 or so - Occult Detective Club from Texas! Punk rawk!
  12:16pm Amanda:

I'm excited to hear more about them... internet said good things.
  12:17pm listener mark:

Hey Joe! Where you going with that gun in your hand?
Ha! Couldn't resist, the hoof and mouth sinfonia was great. Really cool hearing the DJ's perform. And you were great as the master of ceremonies. It was an awesome time.
  12:20pm dc pat:

YES. Great Kinks tune.
  12:21pm SmokinJ:

Speaking of 'Carol', it's Carol Kaye's 76th birthday next Thursday and she's Still Rockin'!
  12:23pm Das:

I just read this headline on Yahoo, God help us. "thanks to Casey Abrams, I got to witness the first-ever Nirvana song on "Idol." That's a memory I'll keep in my heart-shaped box forever. "
  12:26pm Cecile:

hey, hey, I got a new complaint.
  12:26pm Interwebs:

@quoted Yahoo poster: You can keep your box to yourself!
  12:27pm Kurt:

Is it possible to kill yourself twice? Yes, I *do* have a gun.
  12:29pm Anna Anabolic:

Bloody Hollies - hell yeah!
  12:29pm Das:

  12:31pm dc pat:

do tell Cecile..or did you already?
  12:31pm Joe B:

Anna Good luck Saturday with the first show! Can you post the details here - I know it is hank's right?
  12:34pm dc pat:

hmmm...."Wooden Tit" may just be the best name ever....or the worst...can't decide.
  12:35pm Handsome Harry:

I love the Wooden Tit. Great stuff.
  12:37pm dc pat:

can Joe say "tit"?
  12:40pm Cecile:

dcp, it's a lyric from Heart-Shaped Box...
  12:41pm Amanda:

I will be at that show at Hank's this Saturday and everyone else should go too.
  12:41pm dc pat:

ah, knew I was missing something. I only ever listen to the first album..I'M A NEGATIVE CREEP!!!
  12:48pm WinstonSmith:

mommy why can't we say tit? Why not mommy? Will the govt take us away in the night mommy or should we just walk with our heads down and submit?
  12:51pm dc pat:

ho boy. Anyways, ODC is kickin it!
  12:52pm ODC fan:

new LP just out on Alive records! bomp.com
  12:57pm WinstonSmith:

There has not been a single fine levied, The very few that were issued during the height of the anti thought hysteria in the USA were thrown out by the courts. Don't take my word for it, search, read and dispel the popular myth, while killing the cop in your head. You can start at the FCC's web site. All the details are there.
  12:59pm Joe B:

so are you saying we should start cursing on the air and take our chances?
  12:59pm dc pat:

well, I'm not sure but I really don't think FMU needs that headache--going to court just so Joe can say "tit"? It makes good strategic sense to just avoid cussin' for now don't you think?
  1:01pm steve:

good stuff, this
  1:01pm Parq:

Winston, you've got to understand that, unlike the major media, FMU could not hire legal talent for a dispute without breaking its bank. It may seem like over-caution, but I really don't think they've got a viable choice.
  1:01pm dc pat:

[by the way folks, @12:59 is my new, quieter, gentler way of discussing shit]
  1:02pm SmokinJ:

Nice mixin' Dave...
  1:03pm Carmichael:

Well, I think there's a significant difference if you're announcing the name of a band called Wooden Tit, or if you're talking about some broad with big tits. Those FCC rubes were really going after the shock jocks, not the small independent alternative music stations.

The next thing you know, we'll not be able to say The Lords of Bukkake. How long, O Lord, how long?!?
  1:03pm shit:

Are we that interesting? O:-)
  1:04pm bukkake:

what he said
  1:06pm USA Network:

Andy B. did an OCD-theme show. Joe's doing an ODC-theme show.
  1:08pm WinstonSmith:

No, I'm not suggesting that you curse on the radio all day (although you can still legally do that all you like during the so-called "safe harbor" hours at night.) but the censorship has gone way too far. It has has had a profound chilling effect on our culture to the point where there is virtually nothing sexual or even political presented these days on stations like FMU. Listen to non commerical, community media from around there world and you can start to get a feeling for what the culture sounds like without the terrible restraints of the thought police imposed upon it. You'll start to get a sense of just what we've lost in the US.
  1:11pm WinstonSmith:

GREAT Yo La Tengo tune by the way!
  1:13pm IRS:

@WS: Under its 501(c)(3) charter, technically WFMU cannot electioneer without endagering its essential taxfree status. Just sayin.

  1:14pm WinstonSmith:

Yo La Tengo's answer to Third Stone From the Sun.
  1:16pm WinstonSmith:

There's a tremendous difference between "electioneering" and presenting a spoken work piece by John Giorno or Allen Ginsberg.
  1:18pm Carmichael:

These guys are loud.
  1:19pm FM-notyou:

Is this Yo La Tengo piece available anywhere? (it is great!)
  1:20pm Robert Moskal:

Si, que cancion de "Yo La Tengo" es esta.
  1:20pm Reality Check:

Gee, Kenny G and others do somewhat dicey spoken word pieces all the time.

They just have to be FCC-unimpeachable owing to potentially budget-ruining legal cost issues already mentioned above.
My guess would be that FCC-unsafe FMU content will show up more and more on the streams, just as FCC-dicey performers such as Stern have gone to non-broadcast outlets.

Cool ylt track...
  1:21pm TJ:

Love the YLT tune.
  1:22pm Handsome Harry:

Wooden Tits or nay, this track is killin' it.
  1:23pm FM-notyou:

Thanks - Can't believe I missed that CD!
  1:24pm 12539:

Therese played this track right after the Hoof N Mouth Finale. Perfect comedown from the marathon.
  1:26pm WinstonSmith:

I saw YLT perform that tune at Maxwell's one year and they just blew our fucking heads off.
  1:28pm Parq:

I have never heard one of those things re-cut with non-mainstream music before. Great!
  1:43pm SmokinJ:

RIP Alex... So sad...:(
  1:43pm newspaper joe:

Thanks for playing some Chilton! Almost forgot with all the stupid St. Pats frenzying today.
  1:44pm rubble:

What a talent he was. RIP Alex.
  1:53pm EzSezz:

Nice op-ed piece by Paul Westerberg remembering Alex Chilton: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/21/opinion/21westerberg.html
  1:53pm SmokinJ:

Great Chilton set jojo!
  1:57pm Bad Ronald:

Great show Joe.

Anyone in NYC - Big Star @ Baruch PA Center 3/26
  1:58pm Bad Ronald:

..actually a tribute to "Third/Sister Lovers"
  2:05pm hank:

good vibes....
  2:18pm listener mark:

Thank you Joe B. for a good show.
  2:21pm JCJ:

Had to go out for a meeting, so just checking in now... and looking at this playlist, I'll be revisiting this show once it's archived. Looks like a classic in the making!
  2:21pm Times Piece:

The Times thing about chilton is from March 21st. Are you sure it is available yet to ordinary websurfers? The link didn't work for me, and a Times site search for "chilton wetsreberg" brought up nothing. Maybe subscribers get advance versions of some articles.
  2:22pm SmokinJ:

When you're 'on' you're 'on' jojo!
  2:24pm Mike East:

Times piece worked for me. Dated March 20, 2010.
Great show Joe!
  2:28pm JCJ:

Times link worked for me too. If you do that search, you have to go "advanced" because otherwise you're just searching the past 30 days. If you do that (and spell westerberg correctly, but I'm guessing that was just a typo here) it'll be the first link.
  2:28pm Random Aussie:

Play some Travis Caudle!
  2:30pm Times Piece:

It doesn't show up via searches for "past x days" or "today" because it is from a future edition. Search "All results since 1851" and up it comes. Of course there is no search limiter called button "future articles only". -- Sheesh! Research skillz...
  2:30pm JCJ:

It's not from a future edition, it's from a year ago. March 20,2010.
  2:31pm Mike East:

Times Piece needs a new time piece.
  2:32pm Sheesh:

@TimesPiece, it is from last year, 2010, not this year, 2011. I copied and pasted the full link in my browser and it worked fine.
  2:32pm Bad Ronald:

give this a shot for the article:

  2:34pm Dominick:

twice as good!
  2:34pm Bad Ronald:

Ha Joe, I do that with Bill Haley's 78!
  2:34pm SmokinJ:

  2:34pm Joe:

Seriously? A repeat...?!
  2:35pm calzone!:

Make The Renegades - Thirteen Women #1 on FMU! Yippee!
  2:35pm SmokinJ:

Fuckin' A! Great sounding record!
  2:43pm dc pat:

YEAH, Bad Ron!!
  2:43pm Parq:

<spit take> Ron??
  2:44pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks Joe - you rule!!!
  2:47pm SmokinJ:

Nice BR! :)
  2:49pm Bad Ronald:

Thanks guys. Couldn't have happened without the inspiration from the man himself...
  2:49pm SmokinJ:

I heard that!
  2:52pm Bad Ronald:

  2:56pm _aL:

Is the new Feelies out Yet? Never thought I'd ask that.
  2:58pm Random Aussie:

Play some Spiral Jetty!
  2:59pm SmokinJ:

Nicest show in a while IMHO. THX jb! 8-)
  3:01pm Bad Ronald:

Most Excellent Show Joe!!!
  4:24pm rubble:

Great job! Thanks for remembering Alex today.
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