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Playlist for 13 April 2011 Favoriting | Big Sausage Pizza

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(* = new)
Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Make Out Music For Insects  First Things First   Favoriting Aux (Various Artists from Athens GA)    *   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Zion I & Grouch  Invitation / Leader   Favoriting Heroes in the Healing of the Nartion    *   0:04:05 (Pop-up)
Jason Forrest  Raunchy   Favoriting The Everything 

  0:07:58 (Pop-up)
Clothesline Revival  Down in Arkansas   Favoriting Long Gone      0:12:00 (Pop-up)
Rube Waddell  Metal Circus   Favoriting Hobo Train      0:15:54 (Pop-up)
Doo Rag  Can't Be Satisfied   Favoriting Chuncked and Muddled 

  0:17:30 (Pop-up)
Lorette Velvette  Come on Over   Favoriting Rude Angel 

Click for the full size image
  0:20:24 (Pop-up)
Tom Waits  Goin Out West   Favoriting Glitter and Doom Live 

Click for the full size image
  0:24:00 (Pop-up)
Half Japanese  Firecracker   Favoriting Beautiful Songs The Best of Jad Fair 

Click for the full size image
  0:27:48 (Pop-up)
Motelli Skronkle  8 Polvi   Favoriting Collection 

  0:30:50 (Pop-up)
Die Radierer  Drogen Todt   Favoriting Axis of Evil: Ken's 2002 Marathon Premium 

Click for the full size image
  0:34:19 (Pop-up)
Porn For The Blind  Big Sausage Pizza   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:39:41 (Pop-up)
Alice Cooper  Hello Hooray   Favoriting The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper 

Click for the full size image
  0:47:56 (Pop-up)
Korena Pang  excerpt from Dogbirthed Brother in Aggsack Delirious   Favoriting Aux (Various Artists from Athens GA) 

Click for the full size image
*   0:52:10 (Pop-up)
Melted Men  Butter Roll   Favoriting Fangs a Lot 

  0:54:11 (Pop-up)
Dj Soup  Vertical Expression of a Horizontal Desire   Favoriting Cocktail Shaker (VA) 

  0:58:32 (Pop-up)
A Taste of Honey  Boogie Oogie Oogie   Favoriting Disco Discharge: Disco Ladies (V/A) 
*   1:02:35 (Pop-up)
Flight of the Conchords  Business Time   Favoriting Self Titled 

Click for the full size image
  1:10:44 (Pop-up)
Jonas Fjeld Band  Berre Kvit   Favoriting Unintelligible at Any Speed: Ken's 2004 Marathon Premium 

  1:14:35 (Pop-up)
Workshop  Simply What I Want To Do   Favoriting Welcome Back The Workshop 

Click for the full size image
  1:18:42 (Pop-up)
Station 17  Uh Uh Uh   Favoriting Fieber 

*   1:25:59 (Pop-up)
HGich.T  Der Adler Ist StarKlar   Favoriting  
  1:29:36 (Pop-up)
Harry Merry  Go Go Giddy Gangrene Go   Favoriting Well... Here's Another Nice Mess You've Got Me Into 

  1:32:45 (Pop-up)
Omo  Konig   Favoriting Premix      1:37:30 (Pop-up)
Yukon Orange  Sagmir   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:40:20 (Pop-up)
Velvet Underground  Guess I'm Falling In Love   Favoriting Another View 

  1:54:15 (Pop-up)
Essential Logic  The Captain   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:57:23 (Pop-up)
Wire  Smash   Favoriting Red Barked Tree 

Click for the full size image
*   2:00:43 (Pop-up)
Little Axe  Never Turn Back Parts 1 & 2   Favoriting The Wolf That House Built 

Click for the full size image
  2:04:43 (Pop-up)
Silk Flowers  Chance   Favoriting Ltd. Form 
*   2:11:46 (Pop-up)
W. Cullen Hart  Dimensional Snail and Friend   Favoriting Aux (Various Artists from Athens GA)    *   2:14:58 (Pop-up)
Evolution Control Committee  Like You Use Me   Favoriting All Rights Reserved 

*   2:19:01 (Pop-up)
Okapi  Everything Must Change Part 2   Favoriting Love Him: Okapi Plays the Music of Aldo Kapi (1914-1952)      2:23:00 (Pop-up)
Edward Artemiev  They Go Long   Favoriting Film Noir!      2:25:34 (Pop-up)
Krzysztof Komeda  Vampire Killers, Main Title   Favoriting The Complete Recordings Of KK      2:29:34 (Pop-up)
Sigh  Nietzschean Conspiracy   Favoriting Imaginary Sonicscape      2:31:45 (Pop-up)
Oranj Symphonette  A Man and a Woman   Favoriting The Oranj Album 
  2:36:56 (Pop-up)
Peter Wahlbeck  Baby Animal   Favoriting       2:52:36 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am hamburger / london:

  9:05am Dan B From Upstate:

Morning, Ken. Morning, Hamburger. Well, good afternoon, Hamburger.
  9:08am Rizbeth NYC:

KEN IS MY HERO but that math is getting harder on the posting page... how much longer will I be able to heap my praises upon Ken as my calculating abilities leak away?
  9:08am Garrison Keillor:

This show is hokey and fake.
  9:11am Roger:

Hi Ken, I enjoyed your interview yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for keeping WFMU alive and vital.
  9:12am listener mark:

We (the flying monkeys) hear and obey station manager Ken, lord and master of the flying monkeys*.
* This statement does not infer or imply any cooperation from trish.
  9:16am Cheri Pi:

Hello Ken, and e'r'body else
  9:17am hamburger / london:
  9:18am Cecile:

I love you, Ken.

Hi, everyone else who I am fond of to a sligthtly lesser extent.
  9:18am Ken:

Hi everybody - Struggling with new picture code that aint working!!! ackkk
  9:19am Cecile:

Ken, I'm in the mood for "Baby Animal" if you have it.
  9:19am Роберт:

Hey Ken, I'm going to Moscow on Friday. Any suggestions for must-sees or must-not-sees?
  9:20am Cecile:

Ooh, if you see figure skater Johnny Weir there, get a pic with him! He's great. And he's always over there.
  9:21am the world:

i'm fucked, people.
  9:21am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

Hello Ken and everyone.
  9:21am Cecile:

But I love the way you wear your trees.
  9:22am Ken:

If you're in Moscow, see St Petersburg. A much cooler city.
  9:22am listener mark:

@the world- no you aren't
@Yair Yona- boker tov
  9:24am Cecile:

Johnny likes it there as well. It is a hotbed of Russian figure skating.
  9:24am Ken:

Hi everybody!! Baby Animal coming up... is everybody in the mood for a Big Sausage Pizza?
  9:26am Yair Yona (Tel Aviv, Earth):

i'm always fooled by the intro of Goin Out West. Marc Bolan says hi, and apologize for not joining the party
  9:26am the world:

let's see - the u.s. is up to it's anal orifice in debt, for which there doesn't seem to be a solution, and which affects everything. the middle east is a nightmare. and people are stabbing the eyes out of kittens and leaving them in dumpsters to die. humans are assholes.
  9:27am Ken:

Nothing new there, the world. Shut up now.
  9:27am Steve L:

Hitler on a sled would look better without a shirt as well.
  9:27am Unclear on the concept:

Shouldn't this guy just clear his throat?
  9:27am Роберт:

I will be seeing St. Petersburg as well. Spasiba KeH!
  9:28am seang:

I look good without a shirt
  9:31am Ken:

I hate having to repeat myself. Who is in for a Big Sausage Pizza?
  9:32am Skirkie:

Yes yes, sausage pizza. Order it already.
  9:32am Brian in UK:

Toothbrush mooshtash has to be the most unfortunate use of facial hair. But why?
Ken, I'm in for the pizza. Delivery???
  9:32am Dominick:

I'm good for a couple of slices
  9:33am Rizbeth NYC:

world, the GOP has framed US debt as a big problem but it behooves y'all to look into that topic a bit closer. Never take what the GOP sez at face value.
  9:33am Cecile:

Is Big Sausage Pizza code for something?
  9:34am Skirkie:

Oh Ken, did you hear about Judgment Day?
  9:34am Ken:

That's more like it. I will order one large Big Sausage Pizza, for now. Let me know if anybody else wants some.
  9:34am Brian in UK:

Ken as station manager and I believe programme director, you surely expect to have to repeat yourself.
  9:37am Steve L:

I believe I have your Big Sausage Pizza right here.
  9:38am bbell:

can we start with a cold antipasto salad?
  9:38am Ken:

Brian =- Of course I expect it for the bad and complex things, but not for BIG SAUSAGE PIZZA!
  9:38am ?:

I'll have some of your Big Sausage
  9:38am Cecile:

ooh, bbell, yes. And some nice pizza crust foccacia with rosemary oil
  9:39am Skirkie:

I don't think that guy is tied off correctly at all.
  9:41am Skirkie:

wait start again, h-t-t-p...
  9:42am bbell:

Cecile, can I sit next to you at the lunch table?
  9:42am ?:


Vanessa Lee Is Disappointed That Her Regular Delivery Guy Quit, But The New Guy Quickly Makes Her Change Her Mind. One Sausage Lover's Pizza Coming Right Up.
  9:42am Cheri Pi:

Oooooo I do declare!
  9:43am Cecile:

Sure, bbell!
  9:44am hamburger / london:

w t f !
  9:44am AnAnonymousParty:

Hey Irwin, can you play this again? I missed the URL.
  9:48am BSI:

fraggin' hell, missed doo rag.
  9:50am Michael:

It needs more cowgirl! More cowgirl!!
  9:50am Ken:

Yes, Anonymous, on behalf of Irwin, I will be happy to play it again. How many more times would you like to hear it?
  9:52am Michael:

But Jim Carroll never mentioned that it's _never_ too late to _fall_ in love with Sharon Tate...though he might have appreciated that a fine film like "Dance of the Vampires" could be made by a foul man, or (being charitable) one who became foul due to an overdose of murder and 70s.
  9:56am Ken:

Michael - WTF you talking about?
  9:57am Cecile:

someone let me know when the burping ends. I had to mute. Too much like real life.
  9:58am monica:

now yer talkin'!! love this melted men.
  9:58am Mariano:

Hey Ken... remember that song "Exactly What I Want to Do?" I forget who did it, and I'm too lazy to look it up... anyway, still have it? Wanna play it?
  9:59am listener mark:

how flexible and tenuous our grip on reality actually is
  10:00am Peanut Gallery:

Burp out Cecile.
  10:00am Ken:

Mariano - Great suggestion! "Simply What I Want To Do" by Workshop.
  10:00am Cecile:

  10:03am Michael:

Isn't that, at the top of the page, an animated gif taken from "Dance of the Vampires" (a.k.a. "The Fearless Vampire Killers") of Sharon Tate's character (an innkeeper's daughter who loves bathing) just as a vampire (Ferdy Mayne[sp?]) is about to enter through the roof (and that's not a euphemism)?

I'm pretty sure it is, as I once had a house-mate who had a pinup from that scene on his wall.
  10:05am Mariano:

Yes, Mr Ken! Thanks for remembering!
  10:07am AnAnonymousParty:

Doh! I'm an idiot. Got so flustered by all the images of Pizza I plum forgot who/what I was listening too. Sorry Ken. Porn truly does destroy lives.
  10:08am Michael:

Anyone who likes "porn for the Blind" should really pick up the Meese Commission on Pornography's final report: the appendices contain detailed, deadpan, descriptions of porn movie scenes...and the voice of the man describing "Big Sausage Pizza" would do just fine for them.
  10:08am Dan B From Upstate:

Comma zero... the new hello sweeden!
  10:11am Cecile:

comma zero remix contest?
  10:12am Cecile:

LOL! I was just talking about the vid to this on Twitter.
  10:12am Cecile:

*thoughts drift to Jemaine Clement in naught but socks and glasses*
  10:20am Mariano:

Thank you Ken!!!
  10:20am Ken:

Thanks Michael! I didnt remember where that gif at the top of the page came from!
  10:21am Emile:

Good stuff, Ken!
  10:22am bennett4senate:

mornin' Ken - just tracing back the Big Sausage Pizza thread here, I'm shocked none of the regular board denizens knew your reference off the bat. I'm deeper in the gutter than I presumed
  10:27am jan:

Is that sheet what Levar Burton passes around these days in lieu of a head shot and resume? I googled his ass, because I did not know the man.
  10:32am BSI:

Evidently, he's hotter than my bitch ass... which isn't too difficult to achieve, I must say.
  10:40am Cecile:

No, it's a GQ "Fuck Yeah" meme.

LeVar is awesome. And looking great these days
  10:42am Dan B From Upstate:

The recent episode of Community with LeVar was one of the funniest things I've seen in some time.
  10:42am Ken:

BSI, dont be hating on your bitch ass. It's not a problem that a few hundred swiss ball glute presses a day wouldn't fix.
  10:42am Cecile:

He also had a great, tiny cameo on Big Band Theory.
  10:43am Cecile:

I sent you some GIFs, Ken.
  10:47am Peanut Gallery:

The Other Matt!
  10:47am moose:

that episode of family guy with the cast of TNG was really great
  10:52am Charlie:

It's Sharon! Get her, girls!!!
  10:53am Cecile:

Just play the Osmonds.
  10:54am LS:

Oh, believe me, the SDA stuff could be very very interesting. Play it!
  10:54am Brett:

Hey ken, are you going to be taking calls tonight on SSD? i've been waiting to call for weeks!
  10:54am Mike Fun:

The Branch Davidians were an offshoot of 7th Day Adventism, so they can give the Mormons a run for the money in the crazy dept.
  10:55am Kurt:

I always listened to the left end of the dial in SLC when there. Very entertaining for sure.
  10:55am Reno:

Saw Book of Mormon last night. Hilllarious. Very Ken Freedman.
  10:56am Peanut Gallery:

With all of the Reverse Cowgirl, don't forget (regular) Cowgirl...
  10:56am Stephin:

The Book of Mormon is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
  10:56am Peanut Gallery:

  10:57am WaukenSays:

More cowgirl!
  10:57am Greg G:

The Velvets make the coffee finally kick in Ken, geez, all we need now is some Stooges and I think I will actually be able to get some work done toady.
  10:58am Reno:

Grr, Maggie Fileds uber alles.
  10:58am Toady:

Whatever you say, Greg, sir.
  10:59am whee:

  10:59am Greg G:

Today is totally Toady ... indeed!
  11:00am marq:

the sun...achooo!
  11:08am Greg G:

Hey, I just accomplished something while simultaneously listening to your show Ken, mhhhh, the Captain worked, no Stooges needed, and toady actually became today in the process, yes sir, you may be a Time Lord after all.
  11:17am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth, flying monkeys, reverse cowgirls and Time Lords. I'm hanging tough, despite an inherited head cold.
  11:18am Head Cold:

We control the horizontal. We control the vertical.
  11:19am Carmichael:

If that's the case, then please change my vision from a dim blur, and sharpen it to crystal clarity.
  11:29am Greg G:

Since I've started to listen to this show this morning, I've accomplished one thing, but am feeling extremely itchy, not sure what it is, hope I'm not getting an allergic reaction to the show, or maybe, just maybe ... I'm allergic to accomplishment?
  11:32am Warning Label for Ken's Show:

Discontinue use if rash persists.
  11:32am Detroit Mac:

Pardon me, But your fangs are in my Neck!
  11:34am Wendy del Formaggio:

Oy! Have you got the wrong vampire!
  11:36am Greg G:

Hey Detroit Mac, meet me at Lafayette Coney Island at noon and we can discuss the legacy of Fred Sonic Smith.
  11:38am Detroit Mac:

How about the Tearing down of Cass Tech?
  11:39am Cecile:

No, really? Cass Tech is gone?
  11:41am Greg G:

There is a new one across the street, though the old building had character and potential for something else.
  11:41am Cecile:

Nice Neil Young cop.
  11:45am Vito S. Brevis:

By the way, that porn for the blind really worked. Thanks! And I'm having pizza for lunch.
  11:46am Ike:

Anybody who missed Ken chatting w/Clay Pigeon during Clay's fill-in for Irene on Monday should check that out in the archives. That was loads of fun. The Pidge asked Ken about drugs and depression, etc.
  11:47am Cecile:

I'll have to check it.
  11:48am Kurt:

Clay Pigeon's stuff during the marathon was hillarious.
  11:48am SSRI's:

And I got free promotion! W00t!!!
  11:50am Carmichael:

Does a corn weenie qualify as a "big sausage"?
  11:50am Cecile:

I think Clay and I share chunks of the same mind.
  11:51am Mindchunks:

  11:52am Mark:

Looks like The Blue Lamp
  11:54am Cecile:

  11:55am Meliss:

I like baby animals, I don't blame him for stopping.
  11:56am Dan Quayle:

That Patty Scialfa movie with the slow snow and the eye movement is scary.
  11:58am Dan B From Upstate:

Any one else's flash player misbehaving, or should I consider my work computer a piece of grarbage? Figures this would happen during baby animal time. Harumph.
  11:58am crowe:

ken your creeping me out i want ot wake up in a place thats filled with happiness and fluffy multi colored easter chicks...
  11:58am anne:

yay loons!
  11:58am Wendy del Formaggio:

Dan, that's Sharon Tate.
  11:59am Big Stevie Van Zandt:

Where's my burgundy do-rag?
  11:59am Ike:

Crowe, you gonna do more fill-ins soon or what? MORE. DEMAND MORE.
  12:00pm Mark:

Baby animal time was needed today
  12:00pm Dan Quayle:

Thanks Wendy. Oh gosh. Now I feel bad.
  12:01pm Freedom Williams:

  12:01pm Peanut Gallery:

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