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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
Fleshtones featuring Lenny Kaye  Comin' Home Baby   Options Brooklyn Sound Solution  Yep Roc  0:00:00 Pop‑up)  
The New Dimensions  Avalanche   Options The Best of  Sundazed  0:03:59 Pop‑up)  
Guitar Lightnin'  It's a Sin   Options N.O. Rhythum and Booze    0:06:13 Pop‑up)  
Triple Thick  Once Before   Options s/t    0:09:27 Pop‑up)  
Occult Detective Club  Calling the Detectives   Options Crimes  Alive  0:10:42 Pop‑up)  
Switch Trout  Kushticaw   Options Psycho Action!  Estrus  0:13:18 Pop‑up)  
Knights of the New Crusade  The Whore of Babylon   Options My God Is Alive! Sorry About Yours!  Gabriel's Trumpet  0:14:36 Pop‑up)  
Funstigators  Worse Than You Think   Options live on WPRB 1984    0:16:22 Pop‑up)  
Los Vigilantes  Echame la Culpa   Options s/t  Slovenly  0:24:50 Pop‑up)  
Mujeres  Frantic   Options s/t  Sones  0:27:00 Pop‑up)  
Los Yetis  Cantemos   Options Nadaismo A Go-Go!  Munster  0:28:56 Pop‑up)  
Pan Americans  Americanizada   Options s/t  Flat Fish  0:30:59 Pop‑up)  
Daddy O Grande Con Lost Acapulco  Twist Electrizante   Options En Mexico  Mostrissimo  0:33:14 Pop‑up)  
Daddy O Grande Con Lost Acapulco  Incognito   Options En Mexico  Mostrissimo  0:35:58 Pop‑up)  
Baseball Project  Fair Weather Fans   Options Volume 2: High and Inside  Yep Roc  0:43:43 Pop‑up)  
Bambi Kino  Lend Me Your Comb   Options s/t  Tapete  0:47:59 Pop‑up)  
The Paparazzi  The Rococo Tape   Options Rococo  Serious Business  0:48:58 Pop‑up)  
Volebeats  Empty Streets   Options s/t  Rainbow Quartz  0:50:54 Pop‑up)  
Insomniacs  For the Last Time   Options Just Enjoy It!  Blood Red or Screaming Apple  0:54:30 Pop‑up)  
The Wrong Words  Tonight Tomorrow   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  0:57:04 Pop‑up)  
Fresh & Onlys  Who Needs a Man   Options Play It Strange  In the Red  0:59:53 Pop‑up)  
Obits  Everything Looks Better in the Sun   Options Moody, Standard and Poor  Sub Pop  1:02:11 Pop‑up)  
Black Jaspers  Born in '77   Options 7"  Slovenly  1:10:37 Pop‑up)  
Personal & The Pizzas  Joanie   Options 7"  Total Punk  1:13:20 Pop‑up)  
Tyvek  A Hole In My Mind   Options 7"  Les Disques Steak  1:16:15 Pop‑up)  
Cyclone 60  Don't Know   Options Smash Hits    1:19:26 Pop‑up)  
Richard Hell and the Voidoids  Crack of Dawn   Options Time  Matador  1:22:33 Pop‑up)  
Los Tiki Boys  Barely Legal   Options Kruup 6x4  Jacaranda  1:25:02 Pop‑up)  
Matadors  I Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine   Options Get Down From the Tree!  Munster  1:26:59 Pop‑up)  
Ian & The Aztecs  Any Way You Want It   Options Live From the Troy School of Beauty Culture 10"  Carlton  1:30:04 Pop‑up)  
South Bay Surfers  I Fought the Law   Options Battle of the Bands: King Uszniewicz and his Uszniewicztones vs. South Bay Surfers  Norton  1:37:45 Pop‑up)  
Bloodshot Bill  All the Time   Options Thunder and Lightning  Norton  1:39:29 Pop‑up)  
Long John Hunter  Betty Lou   Options Ooh Wee Pretty Baby!  Norton  1:43:03 Pop‑up)  
T. Valentine  Betty Sue   Options Hello Lucille ... Are You A Lesbian?  Norton  1:45:05 Pop‑up)  
Arch Hall, Jr. And The Archers  Watch Your Step   Options Wild Guitar!  Norton  1:47:28 Pop‑up)  
Jades  Blue Black Hair   Options various - Bloodshot! The Gaity Records Story Vol. 2  Norton  1:51:22 Pop‑up)  
4 Dimensions  I Feel So Well   Options various - Train To Nowhere: Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates Vol. 3  Norton  1:53:49 Pop‑up)  
Renegades  Thirteen Women   Options 7"  Norton  1:55:58 Pop‑up)  
The Limiñanas  Got Nothin' To Say   Options s/t  Trouble In Mind  2:04:46 Pop‑up)  
Feelies  Again Today   Options Here Before  Bar/None  2:08:02 Pop‑up)  
Yung Wu  Into the Valley   Options     2:13:00 Pop‑up)  
Brausepöter  Keiner Kann Uns Ab   Options 7"  Wild Isle  2:14:55 Pop‑up)  
Menthols  Fire Fire Fire   Options Michigan Works  UFO Dictator  2:18:17 Pop‑up)  
Leigh Stephens  Red Weather   Options Red Weather  Philips  2:23:26 Pop‑up)  
Thee Oops  Shave and Quit   Options Taste of Zimbabwe  Slovenly  2:27:15 Pop‑up)  
Bundle of Fags  Glue   Options 7"  Lemon Session  2:27:20 Pop‑up)  
Redondo Beat  My Baby (Knows How To Have a Good Time)   Options Meet Redondo Beat  Dionysus  2:38:08 Pop‑up)  
Goodees  Condition Red   Options Condition Red! The Complete Goodees  Ace  2:40:35 Pop‑up)  
Sonny & Cher  Crying Time   Options The Wondrous World of Sonny & Cher  Sundazed  2:44:16 Pop‑up)  
Dale Watson  He Thought He'd Die Laughing   Options The Little Darlin' Sessions  Koch  2:47:03 Pop‑up)  
Sixty-Niners  Back To the Country   Options Too Drunk To Truck  Voodoo Rhythm  2:50:35 Pop‑up)  
Neil Young  Hitchhiker   Options Le Noise  Reprise  2:53:17 Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

  12:04pm SmokinJ:

Hombre Jose! Happy Cinco baby!
  12:06pm pierre:

a set that starts with a Fleshtones track, is a good set to come, Bonjour Joe Belock.

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.
  12:06pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello Joe...good show last Sunday!
  12:10pm Joe B:

Hi Kevin, yes, a great show! Hi Pierre and J! Thanks for tunin in
  12:20pm Nanker de Tucson:

feliz cinco de mayo!
  12:23pm Peanut Gallery:

Cinco? No....Joe!
  12:29pm KevinfromBayRidge:

No shower! Ah... the wonder of radio. The audience just has to hear about it!
  12:31pm Hackensack Slim:

Hey Joe,
Where can one purchase the Guitar" Lightnin CD? Keep on rockin".
  12:38pm dc pat:

I think Cinco de Mayo is like St. Patty's day--just another excuse for Republicans to come down and puke all over the place in my neighborhood. I still like havin' a Mexican beer but I'll be enjoying it in my kitchen.
  12:40pm SmokinJ:

SO true dc pat. I'm about to attack Mexican beer #6 in my kitchen :)
  12:40pm Mike East:

What's your choice of Mexican Beer?
  12:40pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hell then... I'm havin' Chinese tonight!
  12:41pm Joe B:

modelo especial!
  12:42pm SmokinJ:

Joe King Carrasco would be proud.
  12:47pm Joe B:

Hackensack Slim,
Not sure. try the Louisiana Music factory website. If not, email me off the board and I will send you more info
  12:49pm Nanker de Tucson:

Tune reminds me of the KC Athletics then Royals, Seattle Pilots
  12:50pm dc pat:

hmm. Pacifico is kind of wimpy but I like it, or Negra Modelo. Bohemia is good and Steinbeck wrote about it.
  12:51pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Don't forget Philadelphia Athletics.
  12:52pm Mudcat:

Leon Negra, which I've only seen in the Yucatan, is my favorite Mexican beer. But if that's not available, Superior will do
  12:52pm Parq:

Cinco de Mayo does seem to have become for Mexican food and beer what Valentine's Day has long been for roses. Still, we went into a Mex place in the Village a year ago on a whim, and I scored an autograph for my daughtetr from one of her fave TV actors, so I think the holiday is okay.
  12:53pm dc pat:

Parq: Do you guys listen to Julieta Venegas at home?
  12:54pm Mike East:

I like the Pacifico myself, as well. Refreshing especially when its hot....which it isn't, but I'll drink one today for the summer to come.
  1:04pm dc pat:

My kids are in a spanish immersion program and they adore Julieta. I couldn't stand her at first but I gotta admit she writes a decent pop tune and her singing is so sweet. She plays accordion too. So listen to Julieta in honor of Cinco de Mayo.
  1:05pm el rubblo:

Modelo Especial....con sal (salted). Preferably imbibed in Mexico!
  1:10pm Parq:

Pat, no la conosco. I will check her stuff out, thanks.
  1:13pm dc pat:

she sings in very clear Spanish so it's good for the kids' learnin'
  1:21pm dc pat:

Nice Tyvek!
  1:34pm Bad Ronald:

No disrespect to the Cinco de Mayoers but I'll be drinking Narragansett Bock...
  1:37pm Dale:

Holy crap, that was great. Ian & The Aztecs- never heard of those guys before but I'll definitely be checking them out. Thanks WFMU ... again!
  1:40pm el rubblo:

Modelo Especial....con sal (salted). Preferably imbibed in Mexico!
  1:42pm Allen:

  1:44pm Cheri Pi:

Bloodshot Bill! 1/2 of Tandoori Knights.
  1:44pm dc pat:

YES, Bloodshot BIll. Can't wait till he comes back to US.
  1:49pm dc pat:

T. Valentine = new fave group.
  1:50pm Eddie Wilson:

Got Betty Lou by Long Tall Sally Amato? Or any Beaver Brown?!
  1:59pm Cheri Pi:

  1:59pm Das:

  1:59pm Bad Ronald:

Woo Hoo!
  1:59pm efd:

Aaah, my delayed lunch rewarded! :)
  2:01pm Eddie Wilson:

didn't Toddaphonic comp this a million years ago?
  2:01pm dc pat:

the 13 women guy sounds a bit like Kim Fowley
  2:02pm stevel:

Just sat down. Life is perfect! 13 times perfect!
  2:09pm tuwhitt:

that Thirteen Woman 7" is totally awesome. Great song.
  2:20pm Das:

I agree, I used to think "why is he playing this damn song so much?" Now I think, "Why does he ever stop playing that damn song?"
  2:23pm Cheri Pi:

13 Women podcast.
  2:23pm David Shortell:

I recommend Federico Fellini's "White Nights" just for Marcello Mastroanni's clumsy dance to Bill Haley's version of the song!
  2:27pm dc pat:

it's ice cream day, isn't it? I think it is....yeah, ice cream day...
  2:27pm Joe B:

Doesn't that soundtrack also have My Love Is Chemical by Lou Reed? or is that a different movie?
  2:29pm Handsome Harry:

Leigh Stephens kicks incredible amounts of ass.
  2:31pm efd:

Joe, I have to give you a tip of the hat for your attention to including tildes and umlauts in the playlist! Oh, and also for the general awesomeness of the show.
  2:33pm Joe B:

thanks efd! i have to give credit to the kenzo database for putting them there!
  2:35pm dc pat:

bundle of bundle of sticks?
  2:35pm David Shortell:

I meant the 1957 film "Le Notti Bianche", based on the Dostoevsky novella. And I goofed: it was directed by Luchino Visconti, not Fellini.
  2:42pm Das:

It must be hard not to sound pretentious saying that
  2:43pm David Shortell:

Hey, look! A video link!

  2:44pm Joe B:

saying what?
  2:45pm dc pat:

I love Mastroianni
  2:45pm Das:

Those big words DS said.
  2:47pm Parq:

I hope the Goodees singer's boyfriend changed his underwear. I'm sure his mom must have told him, "if you get hit by a car, I wouldn't want the surgeon to think ..."
  2:49pm dc pat:

So if you like Russian Literature and Italian film, you're pretentious?? jeezus...
  2:50pm Das:

Naw, I always forget my sense of humour doesn't translate outside of my head.
  2:59pm jt:

Le Noise c'est bon , non?
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