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Playlist for 13 July 2011 Favoriting | Son of Strelka, Son of God

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power  The Nudist Camp   Favoriting Practice In The Milky Way 
*   0:00:00 (Pop-up)
B.A.L.L.  Favorite Day   Favoriting Period 
  0:03:05 (Pop-up)
Meadowhouse  Laugh   Favoriting Tongue Under A Ton Of Nine Volters 

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  0:07:03 (Pop-up)
Lida Husik  Up   Favoriting Bozo 
  0:09:16 (Pop-up)
The Sonic Youth  Little Trouble Girl   Favoriting Washing Machine 
  0:14:22 (Pop-up)
The real Tuesday Weld  Tear Us Apart   Favoriting The Last Werewolf 
*   0:18:48 (Pop-up)
The Clouds  No, You Can't Take Them!   Favoriting Self Titled 
  0:23:04 (Pop-up)
Clothesline Revival  Satisfied   Favoriting Long Gone 
  0:27:38 (Pop-up)
Soho  Hippie Chicks   Favoriting Goddess 
  0:30:05 (Pop-up)
Les Reines Prochaines  Opfer Dieses Liedes   Favoriting Le Coeur En Beurre-Doublegras 
  0:34:09 (Pop-up)
The Kleptones  Jerk   Favoriting A Night at the Hip Hopera 
  0:44:39 (Pop-up)
Medium Medium  Hungry So Angry   Favoriting The Glitterhouse      0:49:08 (Pop-up)
Ludus  Breaking The Rules   Favoriting Grlz: Women Ahead Of Their Time 
  0:53:13 (Pop-up)
Conway  Lisa's Got Hives   Favoriting  
  0:55:38 (Pop-up)
Salt N Pepa  Shoop   Favoriting  
  0:59:55 (Pop-up)
Alf of Hip Hop Slam  The Triumph Of Scratching (featuring DJ Quest)   Favoriting Vintage 

  1:03:51 (Pop-up)
Barack Obama / Dan Warren  Creation / The Golden Age   Favoriting Son of Strelka, Son of God 
  1:12:26 (Pop-up)
Barack Obama / Dan Warren  Son of Strelka / The Decline   Favoriting Son of Strelka, Son of God 
  1:18:10 (Pop-up)
Barack Obama / Dan Warren  The Fall / The Turtle / The Buddha / Restoration / Son of God (finale)   Favoriting Son of Strelka, Son of God 

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  1:25:29 (Pop-up)
Manorexia  The Perfect Patsy   Favoriting Dinoflagellate Blooms 
*   1:45:38 (Pop-up)
Luger  Monkeys Everywhere   Favoriting Concrete Light (available from the 
  1:50:20 (Pop-up)
Paul McCartney  Front Parlour   Favoriting McCartney II 
  1:55:22 (Pop-up)
Juicy Panic  What Feeling?   Favoriting Billboard Head Soup 
  1:58:53 (Pop-up)
Borut Krzisnik  101 Merry Metronomes   Favoriting Currents of Time 
  2:02:59 (Pop-up)
T Raumschmiere  A Very Loud Lullaby Vox: Sandra Nasic   Favoriting Blitzkrieg Pop 
  2:06:23 (Pop-up)
Laibach  Rossiya   Favoriting Volk 
  2:09:31 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Track 7   Favoriting 1998-2003 
  2:13:21 (Pop-up)
Lonely Kid Quentin  Track 4   Favoriting Le Charme Discret de Lonely Kid Quentin 
  2:16:54 (Pop-up)
Lali Puna  Faking the Books   Favoriting Title Track 

  2:20:44 (Pop-up)
Wildman Fischer  Circle   Favoriting  

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  2:31:06 (Pop-up)
Peter Wyngarde  Hippie and the Skinhead   Favoriting When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head 
  2:33:56 (Pop-up)
Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Rodeo  Circle The Wagons Babe   Favoriting Jon Rauhouse's Steel Guitar Air Show 

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  2:38:29 (Pop-up)
Smith N Hack  To Our Disco Friends   Favoriting Tribute 
  2:40:35 (Pop-up)
Motelli Skronkle  Polvi   Favoriting Collection 
  2:45:10 (Pop-up)
Kletka Red  Just A Glass of Wine   Favoriting Hijacking 

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  2:48:26 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Musta Humpaa   Favoriting       2:51:50 (Pop-up)
Elakelaiset  Vanhamiljonaarihumppa   Favoriting  
  2:54:48 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am Michael:

  9:02am other david:

another gloriously weird start to the show :)

morning Ken & comments board folks
  9:03am Mark:

eating at the Y, this must be innuendo Wednesday
  9:03am Dan B From Upstate:

Hey, all. A nice odd one to start the day, Ken?
  9:03am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Hi Ken, everybody!

What the heck is going on?

Oh, yes its Ken's Show!
  9:05am still b/p:

Dave sounded a little like Leon Russell...and ain't THAT a nudist vision.
  9:06am Bad Ronald:

Hello Sweden, This is a stalling tape. It's not my fault!
  9:06am Dan B From Upstate:

Just bought Portal 2. I love the "Burn Down their house with Lemons" poster.
  9:07am Dan B From Upstate:

If you have the audio version of that poster, it's great.
  9:08am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Bad Ronald,

Are you the McDonald or the Reagan one?
  9:09am Wish in one hand...:

I wish there was more of this Meadowhouse stuff. Love Love Love this album!
  9:10am report from the heartland:

Wednesdays are the days I find lots to do at my desk until noon... LOVE YOU KEN.
  9:11am Ken:

Hello my friends! So glad to be here.
  9:11am Mark:

that's right there is nothing worse than when some dumbass sceduels a meeting for Wednesday morning
  9:12am Florida Lemon Board:

Thanks. Just thanks. Millions of dollars of lemon marketing dollars just pissed away. Thanks a lot.
  9:12am Bad Ronald:

@FØFØ (not from Oslo): Neither, just the old punk one named after a movie...
  9:12am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Oh, noes! This one (Up) is one of those songs I love I can't find in the interwebz to rip off! :/
  9:12am Parq:

@NF Oslo: he's the Weasley one.
  9:13am Bad Ronald:

That too...
  9:15am Bad Ronald:

Why is Brezhnev laughing?
  9:15am still b/p:

Morgan Freeman on the Electric Company with some attitude, gettin' some altitude with the 'fro.
  9:15am pierre:

Is it Another dream !?

Non it's KEN's SHOW !!!

Bonjour Ken, and all the listeners extraordinaires !
  9:17am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

I think it's a dream because I saw two nude guys over there >
  9:17am lee:

there was a time when I thought Kim Gordon was god. I still do.
  9:17am other david:

Ah, when two Kims combine <3
  9:19am AnAnonymousParty:

Is this a Shaggs cover?
  9:19am listener mark:

We hear and obey, station manager Ken, lord and master of the flying monkeys.
  9:19am pierre:

@FØFØ (not from Oslo) : cool, tell them to come over here, i'm not embarassed by them anymore.
  9:20am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

*winged monkeys
  9:20am Kim Gordon:

Me too.
  9:23am lee:

fake Kim :(
  9:23am Ken:

Thank you Listener Mark. I have been sued over the Winged Monkey thing, but it's the thought that really counts/
  9:24am moose:

is that easy reader? i've always hoped to see him on the street so i could shout out 'easy reader!' (i missed my chance with jennifer of the jungle)
  9:26am Gimli:

And my axe
  9:27am Ken:

Moose, what the HELL you talkin bout?
  9:30am moose:

whence the morgan freeman
  9:31am still b/p:

Yes, that's Easy Reader. Too bad that while kids were gettin' a kick out of it, it was a low and troubled point in Morgan's career.
  9:32am pierre:

hein ?
  9:32am Stevel:

I think the dancing chicken is trying to tell me something.
  9:33am John McCabe in L.A.:

hi Ken!
  9:33am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

I miss the kung fu soundbites! Hi-yAAaAAAaaAaAaAaA Hi-yA! Is it possible to request them? Because I also want "my mommy and my ambulance". Hi-yAAaAAAaaAaAaAa!
  9:34am Ken:

Hello John McCabe. When does Carmageddon start?
  9:35am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Hi-yAAaAAAaaAaAaAaA please, that is.
  9:36am pierre:

(Ha dédicace spéciale to fred of the comment board !)
  9:36am Cecile:

hi, and bye. I will listen, but have got a ton of quarterly reporting shii to get to.
  9:36am John McCabe in L.A.:

this Saturday I'm stockpiling vanilla coke and cheese puffs to set at home and ride it out
  9:37am Aaron in JCity:

bacon rolls
  9:37am Ken:

Cecile. It's high time you got your priorities STRAIGHT. Jesus.
  9:37am bbell:

This is one of those rare occurances when the cover version is more intriguing than the orignial, and I do like Chris Isaak's work muy mucho!
  9:38am Cecile:

Fine. Are you going to pay my health insurance? :D
  9:38am AnAnonymousParty:

Meanwhile, a girl is somewhere, shouting in the dark.
  9:38am Mark:

say no to work on Wednesday morning!
  9:39am Aaron in JCity:

politics =
  9:39am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Oh, Cecile! You and your women's multitasking abilities! I wish I could listen AND do something else! I even need to turn down the music to type this. Geez!
  9:39am still b/p:

I'll give ya priorities: Anybody else go to Goodwill and pick up TWO Rusty Warren albums yesterday like I did? ,,,anybody?
  9:41am pierre:

or you copy that link :
  9:41am Cecile:

i still like that Smiths song. He can be really funny.
  9:42am Morrisey:

I shall be writing a mournful sad song about it.
  9:42am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

still b/p

I went to a Goodwill yesterday and pick up a rash.
  9:43am Mark:

Morrisey was probably singing when the dog bit him, dogs tend to react that way to his singing
  9:43am Listener Bill:

Morrissey fans searched for meat before gig
  9:43am Jesus H. Christ:

hey man, i'm out front, can you buzz me in?
  9:44am pierre:

Morrisey what you want.
  9:44am Stevel:

Please check your meat at the door.
  9:45am moose:

loved dr. katz show
  9:46am Fido:

I did it. I bit him. Bit him hard. And I'd gladly do it again.
  9:46am Michael:

"The Last Werewolf" is a new book, for which some group[s?] have made some tunes.
  9:46am BSI:

Whoa, missed the husik tune. worthless factoid #666: that track = Mr.BSI's first appearance on vinyl. seems like a thousand years ago.
  9:46am Artie McWfmu:

Ailurophobia, Ken?
  9:47am Wish in one hand...:

Ken - Is there anyway we can find updated info about Meadowhouse? Or maybe send some kind words? This is awful news!
  9:49am Ken:

I will find out what I can about Mr. Meadowhouse and report back next week. He used to do a show at Londons Resonance FM.
  9:50am Cecile:

detroit grand pubahs = right answer
  9:50am Wish in one hand...:

Thanks a lot!
  9:52am pierre:

does anybody can read russian?
  9:53am Dimitri:

Da. He says "Change My Diaper, Beeyatch"
  9:57am Sam:

Female + Female + Female
comma zero comma zero comma zero
  9:57am jen v.:

love this set!!
  10:00am other david:

I'm deeply embarrassed to say I never heard Ludus before.
  10:00am Michelle in Green Bay:

Morning, all!
  10:02am Cecile:

Linder (Ludus) was actually a huge influence on Morrissey. Mo used to go see her as a teen.
  10:02am still b/p:

I like to watch the Home Shooping Network.
  10:03am Handsome Harry:

The TURDS of MISERY picture gets me every time.
  10:03am helsingfred:

mighty righteous set
  10:04am other david:

Cecile - yep just reading that now, I thought I was fairly familiar with the UK post punk scene, obviously not!

Linder seems like a pretty brilliant person
  10:06am Itch:

Damn you, scratching! Damn you to Hell!
  10:06am Dan B From Upstate:

So Peppa is referring to herself as Pep. Do you think Salt ever made people refer to her as Salt? Good news, Salt! I got a raise at work! Oh, Salt... You're so sweet.
  10:08am Artie McWfmu:

Feline cleansing..? Did i miss something
  10:08am pierre:

"Salt can you pass me the salt, please"
  10:09am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Morning, Michelle in Green Bay! I can hear you train-whistling from here!
  10:10am Cecile:

mentor/peer - she was making music before Morrissey
  10:11am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

If I were from the Turds of Misery I'd refer myself as Turds. I'd let the other guy to be Misery....No, hold on.
  10:11am pierre:

it is difficult to hear about wfmu meet ups when you live in Europe… it makes me sad…
  10:11am other david:

Hi - as proven by not knowing of Ludus before Ken played it, I'm a moron, so here's a moronic question; Is Dan B, Dan Bodah?
  10:12am Cecile:

pierre, no reason you FMUers can't meet.
  10:13am pierre:

yeah i'm meeting some french FMUers (two actually - fred & Lucas), but never any fmu djs… :(
  10:13am Michelle in Green Bay:

FØFØ, I am whistling in your honor (?)
  10:14am Jeff:

Morning Ken, any vacation remote shows coming up this summer? Most welcome to come broadcast from the screened porch in central nj!
  10:14am hamburger / london:

  10:16am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

pierre, come to London! Vicki can head our 1st European meeting :)
  10:16am BInky:

Obama thing is AWESOME
  10:16am Dollar Van Demos:

Son of Strelka is genius
  10:16am Michelle in Green Bay:

I'd heard about this, but it's better than I'd dared to hope.
  10:16am tomasz.:

dear lord, this is amazing
  10:17am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Michelle in Green Bay,

I'd prefer if you whistle in my ear.
  10:17am Sean:

For all interested in Son of Strelka , here's the accompanying video:
  10:17am Mark:

downloading this now
  10:18am Dan B From Upstate:

@other david: No, Just a fan.
  10:18am Michelle in Green Bay:

Mr. Michelle in Green Bay would probably not approve...
  10:18am pierre:

@fofo : that's a great idea !
  10:20am other david:

Dan B roger that :)

I'd be game for a Woof Moo London meet
  10:22am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, there needs to be an Obama Text To Voice program really soon. This is wonderful!
  10:25am other david:

I am in awe of this
  10:26am Handsome Harry:

This is a definite winner. Great material and execution.
  10:26am BInky:

Damn, he does voices. Amazing.
  10:29am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Dear fellow europeans WooF Moos and members of the comment parliament,
Do we agree now on the London meeting or do we wait till the Greek debt crisis is resolved?
  10:31am other david:

Isn't Billy Jam doing a live show from London in September?
  10:31am Robert:

Any chance we could get a capture of the scene thru your "peephole" camera of the inflated Jesus? What's that like, an inflated rat? Like Jesus is on strike? Or they're striking against Jesus?
  10:31am pierre:

@ fofo : can we wait for this fall ? it a money related problem that i'll might have (a trip to london is not cheap)
  10:32am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

I can hear now Obama saying: "Free guolash for all of my friends".
  10:32am Ken:

Billy is doing a show from the Isle of Jersey in September, off the coast of France.
  10:32am other david:

Argh blargh, thanks Ken
  10:34am Ken:

Uh Oh, I've had to dump The President twice! One more and I gotta pull the plug on this potty mouth before it's over. Can someone post the download link to this?
  10:34am Richard:

Wow, great sequence of songs here right now!
  10:35am other david:
  10:36am other david:

apologies for messy link^
  10:36am Mark:

Son of Strelka:
  10:37am Scott:

Also here, with great praise in the comments, and description of how he made it:
  10:38am Eric:

This is very random
  10:40am Ken:

Simpler URL:
  10:40am other david:

This is wonderful
  10:41am Carmichael:

Good morning Kenneth and those who are others.
  10:42am Jeff:

Oh, was hoping you were doing another live from the canoe episode.
  10:44am Handsome Harry:

This just keeps getting better.
  10:44am Ken:

I would like to do another water-bound remote but I have tech issues with the station's new 4G card to work out.
  10:46am Jeff:

God speed getting a resolution. Damn u 4g! Damn you to hell!
  10:47am Ray L:

Seems like you ought to be allowed to air curses uttered by the president
  10:48am Ken:

Ray - You sound like a European when you utter nonsense like that.
  10:50am Dan B From Upstate:

I love the JG Thirwell. Play as much Manorexia as you like, Ken.
  10:51am Cecile:

I enjoyed Strelka. I think he needs to work on his dialog in his next science fiction book. Too much exposition. :D
  10:53am T.P Cat:

I have been disinvited from this show indefinitely.
  10:54am Mark:

that Obama what a motherfucker
  10:54am pierre:

European ? Nonsense ?
  10:54am JFK:

Ask not what blue words you can use, but what blue deeds you can do.
  10:55am listener mark:

Just had a telemarketer (selling the NY Post) call at the same time Obama was speaking . I said,"The President is on the radio, here, listen for yourself."
  10:57am Bad Ronald:

@ Ken - Bad enough that you've badmouthed Elisa. Now an entire continent?
  10:57am Ken:

Pierre, I meant only to suggest that Europeans perhaps naively think that Americans enjoy freedom of speech.
  10:59am Paul McC.:

You'd think that people would have had enought of silly Ken songs.
I look around me and I see it isn't so.
  11:02am Ken:

Bad Ronald, if I was bad-mouthing any continent, it was the North American one.
  11:03am Bad Ronald:

Thank you for setting me straight sir. I'll pipe down...
  11:04am hamburger / london:

this track is sweet
  11:05am Ken's inner dialogue:

Station ID!
  11:06am FCC:

The big guy said we should check especially closely on troublemakers like you.
  11:08am other david:

  11:08am Carmichael:

I don't know which is better: McCartney's dancing babe, or a monkey with a gun.
  11:08am Marmalade Kitty:

The Chihuahua that bit Morrisseys finger was reportedly offended by Morrisseys anti-meat stance at a local meat festival
  11:09am Ken:

Carmichael - The correct answer is (B) A Monkey With A Gun.
  11:10am Heartworm Ad:

Ken's playing with fire, now.
  11:11am other david:

I can't put my finger on it... but there's something a little disturbing about an eyeball swimming in noodles
  11:11am ?:

a little?
  11:12am BSI:

For the love of god, don't put your finger on it.
  11:12am Warren Z.:

Lawyers, Guns and Monkey!
  11:13am Brian C.:

Tuning into the show in my car, part way through the Dan Warren thing, I recognized the voice, and thought, I've got to read some of BO's books! Slightly disappointed to hear that it was a collage. But DAMN!
  11:14am fleep:

Only one eyeball? How cheap. In a good restaurant you get at least four or five.
  11:15am paul:

that radio static intro made me think Skee-Lo's "I Wish" was coming on. damn.
  11:15am other david:

oh my... we have a winner.

genocidal dog.
  11:16am pierre:

infinite water glass !
  11:17am Michael:

IS that the False maria from Metropolis hocchy-cooching?
  11:17am NYPD:

Enforcement here in NYC has eliminated this white trash sport of dachshund demolition derby.
  11:19am Ken:

I hate it when there are no track listings! Can anybody use the google to help me out with the Messer Chups or Lonely Kid Quentin track titles?
  11:19am Ken:

Michael - Yes, it probally is.
  11:20am Mark:

I don't know the dog running with the roman candle might be better than the monkey with the gun, at least funnier.
  11:21am pierre:

i'll try to help with LKQ
  11:22am other david:

Lali Puna <3
  11:23am other david:

Blergh, I had no luck digging up the song titles on google
  11:27am other david:

Ken what's the music behind you, by the by?
  11:27am Richard:

I think the track name of LKQ is really Track 4, I have the album here also with the title Track.
  11:27am Google:

LKQ album title search yields half a dozen FMU playlist that all say "Track" followed by an arabic number :-) You're welcome!
  11:27am Marmalade Kitty:

  11:27am Carmichael:

Maybe that chewing cow is a Nazi.
  11:30am Google:

@other david: That's from Sinatra's version of "Under My Skin" maybe the Nelson Riddle arrangement???
  11:31am pierre:

i've just wrote a mail to "supercagouille" who seem to know Lonely Kid Quentin, i'm wiating for their answer. So it'll probably not be right now, but i'll get there… i've purchased the album.
  11:33am Ψ-Ns:

Did you say chimpanzee with a gun?
  11:33am other david:

The WFMU detective agency, InterMoo is go! Nice work pierre
  11:33am Marmalade Kitty:

Pierre, cagouille is a coat or a "Parker"..?
  11:33am R I S K Y!:

  11:33am Julie:

see & hear radio!
  11:34am Richard:

Jad Fair´s vocals always remembers me Wildman Fischer´s. I didn´t know he died, it´s a pity.
  11:35am ?:

I'm trying to make up a story that explains what's going on at the center of the bike circle gif.
  11:36am ?:

So nice, he giffed it twice.
  11:37am AnAnonymousParty:

Is that dog with the Roman Candle the same one that bit Morrissey?
  11:38am pierre:

@ Marmelade Kitty : what is a "Parker" ? From what i've searched, i think "cagouille" is french southern slang for a … SNAIL ! (how i love them…)
  11:38am Marmalade Kitty:

I believe they know each other..
  11:42am Marmalade Kitty:

Parker coat is like a hooded coat, sometimes with fur around the hood usually green or blue
  11:42am FØFØ (not from Oslo):


Yes, we can wait September, or what about when Bill comes to play here? :)
  11:42am Aaron in JCity:

computer blows up
  11:43am Marmalade Kitty:

but we called them cagouille..?
Snail coat!! haha
  11:43am pierre:

cool, learning here !

@ FOFO : sounds good to me ! :)
  11:44am other david:

An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as "religious headgear". -BBC
  11:45am hopey:

Marmalade Kitty: Parker, like a Parka?
  11:45am Marmalade Kitty:

pronounced CA-GOOL... ...???
  11:47am Marmalade Kitty:

hopey, indeed
  11:49am other david:

My dreams tonight will feature, in no particular oder... a disembodied robotic mouth, an eyeball swimming in noodles and a dog running around shooting fireworks, with the story narrated by Barack Obama
  11:49am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

other david, hamburber,

Are you in for the London meeting? September is just around the corner! ;) No, wait..When's Bill coming to play? o.O
  11:49am Listener John:

In the photo that accompanies the Peter Wyngarde song "Hippie & the Skinhead, " is the skinhead in the lower left of the photo Britney Spears?
  11:50am pierre:

@ Ken, is that A.L.I.C.E. ?
@ Marmalade Kitty, yeah kind of, pronounced : KUH-GOOEï, something like that i'd say.
  11:50am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

  11:51am other david:

If you mean Billy Jam - he's in Jersey, the island... off France.. I got it wrong. Ken corrected my messed up memory!

But visiting London around September sounds doable
  11:51am helsingfred:

onpa selvä, että tiskijukkamme on suomimusan paras kaveri täällä asemalla
  11:52am Marmalade Kitty:

cagoule coat.. not cagouille? CONFUSION!!
La cagoule - French Right wing org.. Hmm
  11:52am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Listener John,

Yes, I think so. I saw the article about the Nazi Britney in the News of the World. So it must be true.
  11:53am hamburger / london:

huh what meet? I don't mind

I'd just be doing an impression of that felix cat clock tho - eyes looking left and right :)
  11:54am AnAnonymousParty:

The 'oom-pah' quality of this is what makes it really special for me.
  11:54am hamburger / london:

the huuumpa peoples!!
  11:54am helsingfred:

you know it, baby
  11:54am pierre:

oh ok, then a cagoule is that :
  11:55am Listener John:

FOFO (not from Oslo): Well, they couldn't print it if it isn't true . . . or else somebody's got Photoshop . . .
  11:57am fred:

I could only hear the last 30' or so of your show, for the first time in months, and here are two great humppa tracks from Elakelaiset. Thank you Ken!
  11:57am FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Hamburger, other david,

Oh shi- I got myself confused. So Billy Jam is playing in ANOTHER Island. Anyway, September is good for London. I'd also like to hear what our leader says about this. Vicki?

Listener John,
You better be trolling.
  11:58am Julie:

I am pro London in the fall. I am pro London anytime!
  11:59am Listener John:

FOFO (not from Oslo): I don't even know what trolling means, so I'm probably not doing it . . .
  12:00pm helsingfred:

ken we will give you some pronunciation lessons
  12:00pm pierre:

Jersay + Billy Jam = weird place to dj.
  12:01pm helsingfred:

alcohol helps, ya gotta trust me on this
  12:01pm hopey:

Hummpa Calling?
  12:02pm Cecile:

hummpa power!
  12:02pm Ken:

By everybody!
  12:02pm FØFØ (not from Oslo):

Ken, thanks again for another stupendous show! See you in the next episode everybody! Take care!
  12:02pm Ken:

and of course by by i mean bye
  12:43pm OR:

The comment board is "by everybody"
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