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Playlist for 27 July 2011 Favoriting | Self Inflicted Concussion

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Can  Oh Yeah   Favoriting Tago Mago 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Brainticket  Brainticket Part 1   Favoriting Cottonwoodhill 
  0:08:09 (Pop-up)
Edgar Broughton Band  Out Demons Out!   Favoriting Sing Brother Sing 

  0:15:05 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Swelling, Itching Brain   Favoriting E-Z Listening Disc 

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  0:19:39 (Pop-up)
39 Clocks  Electricity Elects The Rain   Favoriting 39 Clocks 
  0:28:25 (Pop-up)
Larsen  Existential Joe   Favoriting Cool Cruel Mouth 
*   0:32:53 (Pop-up)
Kleenex  Heidi's Head   Favoriting  

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  0:38:44 (Pop-up)
The Cherry Pops  Ohne Kopf   Favoriting Wolken Zucker Himmel 
*   0:40:51 (Pop-up)
Yukon Orange  Zuf? Ilige Reise im Umzugskart...   Favoriting  
  0:43:46 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power  Spanky Spank   Favoriting Practice in the Milky Way 
*   0:46:55 (Pop-up)
Dokaka  Creeping Death   Favoriting FMA 2011 WFMU Marathon Jump Drive Sampler (V/A) 

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*   0:50:24 (Pop-up)
Matias Aguayo  Menta Latte   Favoriting Ay Ay Ay 
  0:56:46 (Pop-up)
Naing Naing  Brosse a Danse   Favoriting Toothbrush Fever 

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  1:02:58 (Pop-up)
Niobe  Up Hill and Down Dale   Favoriting White Hats 
  1:05:57 (Pop-up)
Wayne Butane  Swipes   Favoriting  
  1:16:04 (Pop-up)
The Night Air  It's The Luck of the Game   Favoriting The Best of The Night Air, Vol 1 
  1:35:42 (Pop-up)
DJ Food  Raiding The 20th Century   Favoriting  
  1:46:51 (Pop-up)
Dan Warren & Barack Obama  Son of God (Finale)   Favoriting Son of Strelka, Son of God 
  1:53:53 (Pop-up)
The Talented Losers  Walking The Ridge   Favoriting Hotchicu Blues 
*   2:04:08 (Pop-up)
El Jesus De Magico  Unclean Ghost   Favoriting 
  2:06:17 (Pop-up)
Psychedelic Horseshit  Tropical Vision   Favoriting Laced 
*   2:09:25 (Pop-up)
Mr. Sterile Assembly  I Robert   Favoriting Transit 
*   2:13:09 (Pop-up)
Asger Baden  Hang Ten   Favoriting Umbrelladelika (V/A) 
*   2:19:01 (Pop-up)
Thiaz Itch  Psyko Tyko   Favoriting the Square Carnival 
*   2:26:41 (Pop-up)
Frank Pahl  Lagrange   Favoriting Music For Architecture 
*   2:29:48 (Pop-up)
Manorexia  Self-Inflicted Concussions   Favoriting The Radiolarian Ooze 

There is no cat.
  2:32:44 (Pop-up)
Desmond Briscoe & David Vorhaus  Track One   Favoriting Phase IV Soundtrack 
*   2:39:01 (Pop-up)
Jim Backus  The Office Party   Favoriting  

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  2:44:59 (Pop-up)
Sam and Joe  Save the Children   Favoriting  

  2:49:53 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Do They Know It's G8 Time?   Favoriting  

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  2:53:38 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Hey, Ken. I hope you're feeling less concussed.
  9:02am Bad Ronald:

Morning Ken, hope your feeling better.
  9:02am Detroit Mac:

Hi Ken: Hope the injury has healed.
  9:03am other david:

You were sick, but now you're well again, and there's work to do!

(Welcome back, Ken!)
  9:03am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Oi, Ken! Are you feeling better?!
  9:03am Cheri Pi:

backwards Can!
  9:03am Sam:

Hi Ken. How's that old mind doing?
  9:04am GB_Joe:

Morning Ken. Morning everybody.
  9:04am Request:

Can you play a track from "Music for Swingin' Head Injuury Patients"?
  9:04am Dan B From Upstate:

Another one of those, and we'll have to start calling them... Ken-cussions... Ah ha... ah ha... Oh. Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.
  9:05am Sam:

Whenever they play Can over here in France everybody yells "Yes! Oui! Can!"
  9:05am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Glad to see you back Mr. F. Dan you are banned from this forum for ten minutres
  9:06am Andy in Berlin:

Welcome back! Go ahead and blow that train whistle so we all know you're ok!
  9:06am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

I think Ken's back to normal! He hasn't played Mariah Carey yet! :)
  9:07am Amy W.:

Ken's in fine fettle. I'm so jealous!!!
  9:08am Aaron in Minneapolis:

Fofo careful there, you may inspire him
  9:08am Michelle in Green Bay:

Welcome back, Ken!
  9:08am Sam:

Serious question - I know they have porn for the blind. Do they have porn for the insane?
  9:08am other david:

Too soon!
  9:08am Ken:

Hello everybody. My name is Ken.
  9:09am Sam:

That's Ken alright!!
  9:09am hamburger / london:

what is FoFo in english?
  9:09am ER:

What day is it, Ken?

Who's the president?
  9:10am Bad Ronald:

Hey Ken, remember you said you were gonna take us all out for drinks when you got better?
  9:10am R I S K Y!:

  9:10am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

hamburger/ london,

flabby, podgy, pudgy (EEUU).
  9:11am Michael:

Ken: Best wishes.
Sam: As far as I can tell, _all_ of it is for the insane.
  9:11am hamburger / london:

google translate says 'chinese provisional' o.O
  9:13am Ken:

The three questions I was asked by the doctor at the ER after I had my concussion:
1) What day is it?
2) What's your birthday?
3) What did you eat for lunch?

I scored 67%. But I crammed for the test so it wasnt really fair.
  9:14am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):


In case you don't remember: you are an awesome DJ.

A hell of a DJ!

My effing almighty music shaman!
  9:14am Doc:

We gave Ken a brain ticket anyway, even though 67 is a D.
  9:15am Sam:

Yeah, you're effing ineffable!
  9:16am Curious:

Which one did you miss?
  9:17am still b/p:

Tell us the story, Dances With Wakes!! Tell the story of the dramatic impact moment, over some music. ("The sea/lake was angry that day, my friends...")
  9:18am other david:

The year is 1965 and you and I are undercover detectives on the hot rod circuit, now lets burn rubber baby!
  9:18am ?:

sounds like it's 1971 in Ken's world today
  9:20am Michael:

WFMU: If The Collier Brothers had been a musical act.
  9:20am thelma Blitz:

The Fugs were singing "Out Demons Out" for the Exorcism of the Pentagon in 19 67. The demons are still here.
  9:21am Collier Bros.:

We're actually jealous of their record library.
  9:23am Listenership:

He sounds as goofy as ever. 100% recovery.
  9:23am Larry:

Hello, Ken.
  9:23am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Ken sounds like Larry.
  9:23am Common Deer Tick:

Ken! Where ya been man? Missed you.
  9:24am Prescription:

You put de lyme in de bloodstream, knock ya head on water...
  9:25am Wild Neil:

Glad you are ok! I was BORN at Newton Memorial back in 67, they are good!!
  9:25am Jim:

Welcome back Ken! So happy to hear your voice again.
  9:26am tras:

Oh yeah.
  9:28am BSI:

I still can't remember why I can't feel your legs. What?
  9:28am Trepannation:

Ken just had SOOOOOOOO much in his head. We got rid of the excess.
  9:30am Robert:

I'm so relieved, but there's one permanent side effect: I no longer feel so bad about dangerous stunts you might do to raise funds, now that I know YOU DO THE SAME FOR YOUR OWN AMUSEMENT!
  9:30am still b/p:

Anything siphoned/exorcised from Ken's head = 2012 DJ premium.
  9:30am Sam:

I think with a score of 67 they should have forced you to stay in the hospital for another week! They were very very lenient with you.
  9:31am WFMU's Insurers:

No more dumbass wakeboarding, or whatever you younguns call it.
  9:32am Sam:

In some countries if the authorities ask you what you had for lunch and you can't answer, they put you in a gulag!
  9:32am bw:

More things should be graded on a CURVE!!!
  9:32am Gilligan:

For future reference: If you get hit with a coconut it cures your amnesia.
  9:33am bw:

did he at least give you extra credit for trying to do a flip while wakeboading while SICK???
  9:34am WFMU's Insurers:

Sounds more like whackboarding to us.
  9:34am Dan B From Upstate:

(Unrelated to Ken): @bw, the Three Parter Man Without a Country was absolutely phenomenal!
  9:34am AnAnonymousParty:

We got us one of these at our house:
We call it 'the spinning tube of death'.
Dislocates you shoulder, while you wait!
  9:35am Linklater:

I'm thinking "Waking Life II."
  9:35am Irene:

Holy Shit Ken.
  9:36am Wild Neil:

So, are you ever going wakeboarding again?
  9:36am Detroit Mac:

Lyme disease! It is not surprising that Lyme Connecticut, for which the disease is named, is directly across Long Island Sound from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. One of their modified bugs got loose and now you (and I) and thousands of under-reoported others, have this nasty bug.
  9:37am Andy in Berlin:

I was going to say that when you played Swelling, Itching Brain, it reminds me of the time when my brain got bruised. But I forgot.
  9:38am Skirkie:

I got dropped on my head as a kid. (or rolled off a changing table, depending on who you ask)

For serious. Don't remember it though. They say I fractured my skull.
  9:39am Ken:

I am definitely going wakeboarding again. But I bought a water helmet.
  9:40am Cecile:

Detroit Mac. Bummer. In comic book world, you'd be a superhero. With the powers of a tick!

Ken, I am so sorry. I hope your noggin is back to abnormal.

iPod/Phone people, you have to download the Radio Soulwax app, if only for this week's show. They do hardcore punk remixed, and the accompanying graphics are a cross between the movie American Hardcore, Terry Gilliam and a Town Called Panic. Hysterical.
  9:40am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

If the helmet is made of water...Well. Who's replacing you next week?
  9:40am WFMU's Insurers:

Ken is a crazed thrill seeker. You can tell by the programming alone.
  9:41am Dan B From Upstate:

I tried leaping down a (small) flight of stairs and wacked my head on the concrete overhang at the bottom. A friend watched the whole thing go down. He thought the twitching and jerking motions I was making while lying in a heap on the bottom of the stairs was the funniest thing he'd ever seen. He thought I was goofing around. No. I couldn't control my body.
  9:42am Sam:

Another sport where you risk serious head injury -
Russian roulette
  9:42am bw:

@detroit mac - hahaha I didn't know about that one!!
@danb - thanks
@ken - oh yeah, the water helmet - will that help when you land on your FACE?
  9:43am Cecile:

I fell next to a pool when we were in Fiji returning from Australia. I think my dad told me to stay in a dark room, and they all went out sightseeing and I think I even went to sleep normally that night. Ah, the 70s and the genial parental neglect.
  9:43am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Dan B From Upstairs to DownStairs.
  9:44am Cecile:

bw, he need a full-on deep sea diver's helmet. That won't stand out.
  9:44am Deutschland Uber Alles:

Ohne Kopf = Without Head
  9:44am Maggie in Rock Tavern:

jebus, Ken. If you're going to go wake boarding again, next time tie it in with the marathon. The balloon thing seems like child's play now. (seriously, we need you Ken!)
  9:45am Cecile:

I love that B&W GIF from That Thing You Do!
I had my usual talk with my husband in the car about "why doesn't Tom Hanks stop with the star stuff and just make some small, funny movies like that one.
  9:45am Andy in Berlin:

When I was in college, I had to jump off of a falling cherry-picker and hit my head on the floor and had to get 20 stitches. The big thrill was being carried on a stretcher through the student union cafeteria at lunch hour with blood all over my face.
  9:45am Dan B From Upstairs:

@fofo Nice.
@Maggie, Wakeboarding for funds in March sounds like an excellent idea!
  9:47am G:

@Andy: Did that get you a lot of dates?
  9:47am Maggie in Rock Tavern:

thanks, Dan. If someone has to die, it might as well be for a good cause.
  9:47am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

I'm just going to fly above my boss to save him in case a big wave comes over...As I'm a winged monkey defender!
  9:48am Andy in Berlin:

@G: Funny, I can't remember
  9:49am G:

Who knew. Maybe the dates have forgotten, too. :-)
  9:49am Cecile:

This must be Tonetta's minister.
  9:50am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Andy, next time carry a coconut with you.
  9:50am Ken:

Yeah, I couldnt control my body after the fall either... I was trying to raise my arm to signal that I was OK and I couldnt do it. And agreed on the Radio Soulwax app - it is amazing!
  9:51am Andy in Berlin:

@ FoFo: Ok, will do
  9:51am Gary Busey:

Head injuries are no laughing matter. Look what happened to Christopher Reeve.
  9:52am Cecile:

I love it loads. I don't recall anything recently that has captivated me so much.

YAY! Creeping Death!!!!
  9:54am Christopher Reeve:

Look what happened to Gary Busey. Look! There! Now!
  9:55am General Populace:

It really depends on whether you use your head much or not. Many of us are not worried about head injury risk, because our heads are not mission-critical.
  9:56am Maria:

Hello from new Orleans Mr Ken!!
  9:56am Cecile:

Besides, Chris Reeve had a spinal cord injury. Close, but not the same. His noggin was still working a-OK til the end.
  9:58am Cecile:

  9:58am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

That's the best Creeping Death version I ever heard!! Actually that's the only one I ever heard. But I bet it's the best.
  9:59am northguineahills:

Perfect transition from Dokaka into Matias Aguayo
  9:59am Gary Busey:

Whattabout JFK?
  9:59am Cecile:

It's close FoFo. The original is pretty damn choice.
  10:00am Maria:

heyyyya Finally checking in o a wed morn! feels like being home. so great to hear the inspirational sounds of the Ken Freedman musical extravaganza. With Aguayyyyo~!!
  10:00am Zombie:

It's not the head, it's the brains.
  10:02am Ken:

Hi Maria!! awwww so great to hear from you! I miss you!
  10:02am Lorena Bobbitt:

John was never the same after his head injury.
  10:03am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

*small head
  10:06am maja:

he now i hear that toothbrush!
  10:09am Maria:

aw man! miss you too- sorry to miss you when I was at the staysh last mo. (sry cldnt hep mysf) maybe seeya in sept. nothin like wfmu anywhere else in the cosmos
  10:12am Speech Therapist:

You'd never know that 15% of Ken's skull contents went out through the burr hole. He's been working so hard the last ten days!
  10:15am Speech Therapist:

without Head
  10:17am Robert:

You used to need a medium to interview Dennis Hopper even when he was alive.
  10:18am Cecile:

Just run Son of Strelka again.
  10:18am Cobra-Dan:

What is Hopper's favorite photographer.
  10:19am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

I remember an old Ken's show where his head was in a bucket. He had no body. Perhaps we need a new show with no head.
  10:21am Cecile:

Speaking of that, you can get the Futurama head in a jar iPod app for free. My husband and I have been going nuts making heads of friends and celebs.
  10:23am Ken:

I actually did do a show with my head in a bucket, for two minutes and 45 seconds actually. It was a Seven Second Delay marathon show. I can really hold my breath, boy. Been practicing for YEARS.
  10:24am Speech Therapist:

Enough wakeboarding head injuries, and you'll be holding your breath permanently.
  10:25am BSI:

this is effing brilliant.
  10:26am Wild Neil:

So, are you ever going wakeboarding again?
  10:26am Handsome Harry:

Wayne Butane is making this morning infinitely better than it otherwise would have been sans Wayne Butane.
  10:28am Ken:

No, I shall never wakeboard again.
  10:28am Ken:

From here on in, it's KiteSurfing all the way.
  10:28am Dan B From Upstairs:

Serious question: How do you tell a bad montage like this from a good one?
  10:29am It's A Beautiful Dent:

In a midlife rage,
On a mishap day,
With some pain...
  10:30am Ken:

Oh Dan B, get out of my yard.
  10:30am Listenership:

OK, we get it, Ken, you are not really a fifty-something fuddy-duddy but a vibrantly youthful man. But I bet you can show us without risk of life and brain function.
  10:31am Dan B From Upstairs:

I mean... I'm enjoying it. I just wonder what makes a good one, and what makes a bad one?
  10:31am Rick Wakeboard:

My insane organ solo is coming up.
  10:32am Ken:

I blame the Lake Ow*ssa Civic Association. They put a 50 horsepower limit on the lake, which is why I HAVE to wakeboard, instead of slalom skiing which is way safer.
  10:32am paul:

if you're enjoying it, then it isn't bad.
  10:32am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):


just kidding.
  10:33am Nobby:

If you enjoy it. It's a good one. If you don't. It sucks!
  10:33am efd:

Dan B., I'd say the (paraphrased) Potter Stewart test applies in this case: you know a good one when you hear one.
  10:33am Lake O. Civ. Ass.:

Big government is always right, you rebellious peon.
  10:33am PMD:

I'm so happy to be able to catch 1.5 hours of the show!!!
  10:34am Detroit Mac:

That's not enough horsepower to bare-foot!
  10:34am HotRod:

DNA upgrade in progress...
  10:34am Dan B From Upstairs:

Good point, I guess. The simplest explanation is probably the best one.
  10:36am bright allusive butterfly:

Hey, Rick Wakeboard! 'bout something from your album, The Nine Lives of Kenny the Ache?
  10:37am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

I'm actually counting the farts.
  10:37am Ken:

Detroit Mac, not even close! I cant even get up on one ski! That's why I gotta wakeboard.
  10:37am Lake O. Civ. Ass.:

We are using the "Bossy, Officious, Pointless Regulations Guidelines" long used by the TSA, IRS, and other successful governmental entities.
  10:38am Matt from Springfield:

@Harry: Agree! This Wayne Butane has made a great morning out of a not-great morning!
  10:40am Roberto:

Is this not Butane anymore? I completely missed the transition.
  10:42am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

It looks some NYT readers use the website as a dictionary.
  10:42am Hobo Ken:

Ken, if you run straight out of SSD tonight and go to City Hall in HOBOKEN, you too can comment on late-night carousers:
  10:43am Detroit Mac:

I would also guess that that lake is full of boats pulling tubes full of screaming kids. Real relaxing for the lakeside homeowners!
  10:44am Robert:

Lake Owa*sa, huh? Here I am telling you about attractions in that area like Luna Parc, and you know them better than I do.
  10:45am hamburger / london:

  10:45am Cecile:

David K's The Beautiful Ones is going really well with this montage.
  10:45am Matt from Springfield:

@Roberto: I caught the transition, but it's subtle--this was a great transition.

Btw, the zero is the devil's number--therefore any preacher worth his stuff should insist on multiplying with Roman numerals. Calculators should have Roman numerals too.
  10:45am Ken:

Yeah Robert, I've been up that way for 11 years now.
  10:45am HotRod:

Do you see the numbers? Have you received the signals?
  10:46am Giselle:

argh I HATE the sound of Australians talking
  10:47am Cecile:

But isn't Rome the home of the Antichrist?
  10:47am Robert:

My friends have been there slightly longer, since 1996, when I helped them move from Morristown.
  10:48am hamburger / london:

  10:48am OM:

oh yeah, here we go
  10:48am Detroit Mac:

Cecile... it is MISTER AntiChrist to you!
  10:48am PMD:

Mm... big tasty sausage.
  10:48am PMD:

Oops, didn't mean it THAT way
  10:48am Matt from Springfield:

These Porn for the Blind readers, on the other hand, are doing God's work...
  10:49am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Rome <3 Okapi <3
  10:49am jbm:

Giselle: I was just about to say the same sort of thing. Fingernails on a blackboard.
  10:49am Robert:

Giselle, I thought that was Alan Watts about the coin toss.
  10:49am Cecile:

I like how Australians talk.
  10:51am Robert:

Shouldn't there be a comma before "under God"?
  10:51am lee:

the new zealander accent is nicer
  10:52am Cecile:

If all I had to hear was Aus or NZ accents for the rest of my life I'd be thrilled. That would mean I'm not in MN.
  10:52am jbm:

Oh no, would that be an Oxford comma?
  10:55am Robert:

No, that would be a comma after "America".
  10:55am Matt from Springfield:

LOVED the breakbeats on "Because", and of course the ska track under "We Will Rock You".
  10:56am hamburger / london:

Space Obama!
  10:56am other david:

oh dear god that's a creepy gif
  10:57am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Nice baby is nice.
  10:57am lee:

that's the splice baby
  10:59am Luke:

Good morning Ken.
  11:00am PMD:

Ken, speak in tongues!
  11:00am Handsome Harry:

I love Son of Strelka, Son of God. What a project.
  11:01am seang:

totally, I can't stand Lee Ann Hansen--that voice
  11:01am Cecile:

He did bring sudoku to America. But I can thank him without listening to him.
  11:02am Dan B From Upstairs:

Okay, Ken. I'm going to give you a word, the first two letters are the first two letters of a state capital. The last two letters are the state that that capital is in. Are you ready?
  11:04am jbm:

Yeah, the completely horrific part of Schortz's appearances has always been Liane Hansen.

I still don't understand anything about Sudoku - either how it works, or WHY.
  11:05am Gregory:

Ken, to thank you for your comments on Weekend Edition, you will receive a Weekend Edition Puzzle tie pin, a copy of the 39th edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an NPR eco-friendly tote bag, and copies of volumes 27 and 28 of Will Shortz's Best Sudokus. Congratulations!
  11:06am still b/p:

Maybe after the head injury, Ken will have sudden super problem/puzzle solving abilities and will love Will's Sunday appearances.

Lianne Hansen would always speak to puzzle players as if they were infants or pupppies.
  11:06am jbm:

"Narcoleptic Korean babies are the new animated cat GIFs."

-Xeni Jardin
  11:06am Detroit Mac:

My wife had to change the pronunciation of her name, as she grew up with an italian name that we, in USA, pronounce wrong. Now she teaches Italian, and she has to follow the rules of italian letter pronunciation in order to not look like an idiot to her students.
  11:07am PMD:

@Gregory, don't forget Carl Kastle's voice on his home answering machine.
  11:07am Cecile:

sudoku is that you just have a series of numbers 1-10 that you have to make sure you don't repeat any of the number horizontally or vertically.

But color sudoku is even more hardcore. ten colors in sequence. Love that app.
  11:08am Cecile:

awwwwwwww. Love that pic of cassette spines. I did enough of those myself.
  11:08am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Cecile, how many (hundreds) apps you have?
  11:09am Mark:

there's an easy way to avoid Will Shortz, don't listen!
  11:10am Cecile:

about 90. I got into iPod gaming and whatnot as self medication for other addictions. Now I have to wean myself off that...:/
  11:11am Cecile:

Ah, but if you do the NY times x-word puzzle, his inky fingers are all over that.
  11:12am Ken:

Can anybody tell me what animal that is, next to Psychedelic Horseshit? Is it a baby bear?
  11:13am Mark:

well the name of the gif is "yawning bear"
  11:13am Ken:

Mark - Even if I dont listen, other people might, which is why I need the government to shut down and finally get that boring shithead off the air.
  11:14am Brian C:

Pretty sure it's a baby sloth
  11:14am Cecile:

looks like a baby mole. or playtypus.

  11:14am Anulka:

Baby sloth!
  11:14am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

It's one of those lazy animals. Sloth.
  11:14am Skirkie:

That's a sloth. People think they're cute for some reason.

They're really just evolutionary mistakes.
  11:14am Cecile:

but baby bear have ears!
  11:14am Lizardner Dave:

Could be a baby panda. They don't get the black and white thing going until they're a few months old.
  11:15am KENKEN:

Shortz also has his hand in MY pot.
  11:15am Brian C:

Yeah sloth, see
  11:15am Ken:

YOURE an evolutionary mistake Joe Skirkie!! Take it back!!
  11:16am Cecile:

baby bears and panda have adorable little ears if they are that furry already.

now I want to see a baby hedgehog.
  11:16am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Yeah, Skirkies are on the way of the Dodo.
  11:17am OM:

baby two toed sloth
  11:18am Mark:

Ken - I ain't listened to weekend edition in years, but consider this, what if there are people who enjoy Will Shortz?
  11:18am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

awwe....Cecile! My favourite cute little animal!

I'm not talking about Cecilie, but the baby hedgehog.
  11:18am sloth in REM sleep:

I've got mold in my fur and I know it,
I've got mold in my fur and I know it,
I've got mold in my fur and I know it,
And I feel fiiiiiiiiiine!
  11:18am -max-:

<---Now operating in "safe" mode. I hate MS Windows...
  11:19am Dan B From Upstairs:

What is they replace Will Schortz with Moose A Moose from Nick Jr? Dun dun da da! It's Puzzle Time!
  11:19am Skirkie:

Pfft whatever, you ever see a sloth try to cross a road? It aint right.
  11:20am The Music Man:

we've got puzzles! right here in River City!
  11:21am Ken:

Mark, if there are people who enjoy Will Schortz, A) These people are known as "Skirkies," and B) They should enjoy the hell out of Will Schortz on their own dime, not on MY tax dollars!
  11:22am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

I have seen Sloths crossing the road at a faster pace than Chickens. Actually at a faster death rate.
  11:22am HotRod:

yeahhhhhhh...asger baden is nice...
  11:23am Ken:

Skirkie, Sloths are meant to live on power lines, not on ROADS. Sheesh!
  11:23am more from Meredith:

There was starch in my Shortz,
But I never felt them chafing,
No I never felt them at all,
'Til there was you...
  11:23am The Music Man:

that would make a great iPod game: Sloth Migration. Hit as many Sloths as you can with your car. Then the Sloth ghosts wreak their vengeance, and you have to use your powerups.
  11:24am The Music Man:

I would pay 99 cents for that.
  11:24am Mark:

Ken, is Will Shortz the only NPR personality you object to so strongly? The car talk guys are pretty bad too.
  11:24am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

We can call it Angry Sloths.
  11:24am Skirkie:

Tell the SLOTHS that. I didn't put them there.
  11:25am Cecile:

Nice, FoFo!
  11:25am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

And I bet Cecile will have that game App.
  11:25am Robert:

No stalling record?
  11:26am hamburger / london:

  11:27am Cecile:

I wish. Someone should make it so. I do have one where I kill flying brains with my claymore.

the teens!
  11:27am other david:

Ken <3
  11:27am hamburger / london:

the teenies!
  11:27am chart:

Occasional gaps in memory, cognition and responsiveness still evident, along with mood swings.
  11:27am Candy collored clown:

Frank Chickens
  11:28am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

oh little slothy teenies.
  11:29am hamburger / london:

I think that moment of silliness spared me a summons to anger management... thanks Ken!
  11:36am Dan B From Upstairs:

I'm aware of what the text says, but unless my eyes deceive me, I see a cat...
  11:37am hamburger / london:

(been asked to do something, and undo the same thing 8 times today / work delirium... )
  11:39am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

hamburger / london,
It's called Penelope work.
  11:39am Rene Magritte:

Oui, Dan B., c'est si bon.
  11:39am bbell:

Looks like Ken was surfing YouTube for kitty videos.
  11:39am Wild Neil:

Dan B:See wikipedia for This is Not a Pipe, it supposed to a critique of what a painting is...thats just one interpretation....
  11:40am Hell's Kitten:

I'm frightened
  11:41am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

I don't think so. Ken doesn't like cats. :/
  11:41am Meowloaf:

Like A Cat out of Hell!
  11:45am lee:

does this mean I should crawl under my desk?
  11:46am HotRod:

Best EAS test EVER!
  11:46am Brass Knuckles:

Is this Bryce's show? I don't hear any music.
  11:46am Dan B From Upstairs:

@Rene and Neil. Deep. I like it.
  11:46am Mark:

ah, Magoo
  11:47am HotRod:

Boob McNut?
  11:48am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Brass Knuckles,

Are you a listener and you are feed up with the talk and you politely ask MUSIC PLEASE?
  11:48am Detroit Mac:

I wish Mr. Magoo was on Gilligan's Island
  11:48am lee:

Lovey > Mary Ann
  11:49am Wild Neil:

Music? Please??
  11:50am Dr. Gonzo:

Whenever I'm recovering from a concussion, I scrape the resin from my pipe and smoke it up. I think if you did that, maybe while listening to Corn Weenie remixes, that would do the trick
  11:50am chris:

what movie/show/performance was that christmas party monologue from please!?
  11:51am Mark:
  11:54am Brass Knuckles:

I can dance to this.
  11:55am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Dr Gonzo,

Really really?
  11:56am t.quirk:

So much angst today Ken
  11:56am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

That's by Galaxia (G8 Time)
  11:57am t.quirk:

play something happy and fun dammmit
  11:57am Handsome Harry:

This set is crushin' it.
  11:57am BSI:

Put it on the pizza.
  11:58am 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):


You seem you are asking for sum good Boyd Rice or Blood Axis.
  11:59am Roberto:

Damn, who knew brain damage Ken would be even better than regular Ken?
  11:59am Lizardner Dave:

I just commented on the next show before this one was over.
  11:59am Dan B From Upstairs:

Jeepers. Awesome show this week. I'm glad you're back, Ken.
  11:59am Brass Knuckles:

Mr. Magoooooo
  12:01pm 漢字仮 (that's FoFo in japanese):

Ken, thanks again for another good show and glad to have you back!

Bye bye you sweet commenters, sloths and teenies! See ya next episode!
  12:01pm still b/p:

Play the angry Backus and then blame the injury for the judgment error.
  12:01pm Robert:

I'd like to hear Jim Backus losing it just so I could hear his regular voice. I'll be very disappointed if hsi regular voice turned out to be the same as the little old wine maker, etc.
  12:01pm Brass Knuckles:

David Wain and John Sayles. What a combo.
  12:52pm Jim Backus:

  7:13pm sue:

trepination? is that the spelling? can't find that word
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