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Playlist for 03 August 2011 Favoriting | Pronunciation Lethons

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Phew  Signal   Favoriting Self Titled 
Matmos  Solo Buttons For Joe Meek   Favoriting The Rose Has Teeth In The Mouth of A Beast 
  0:04:04 (Pop-up)
Velvet Monkies  Everything is Right   Favoriting Title Track 
*   0:07:28 (Pop-up)
Cults  Abducted   Favoriting Self Titled 
*   0:10:03 (Pop-up)
Schwabbingrad Ballet  Geliebte Viecher in the Night   Favoriting Self Titled 
  0:13:03 (Pop-up)
Z-Rock Hawaii  Tuchus   Favoriting Self Titled 
  0:16:38 (Pop-up)
Brian Eno with Rick Holland  Pour It Out (vocal by Laura Spagnuolo)   Favoriting Drums Between The Bells 
*   0:24:44 (Pop-up)
3Puen  Sugar Cookie   Favoriting  
  0:28:12 (Pop-up)
Raincoats  No One's Little Girl   Favoriting Odyshape 
  0:32:11 (Pop-up)
Christian Astronauts  Loosenut Tells How To Take a Space Trip   Favoriting       0:37:29 (Pop-up)
Helge Schneider & The Firefuckers  Nights in White Satin   Favoriting Eiersalat In Rock 
  0:39:14 (Pop-up)
DJ Polymorphic  Song of Songs   Favoriting  
Today's Photoshop Challenge. Grab it and Go!!!
  0:42:54 (Pop-up)
DJ Snax & TJ Free  No Es Ese Tipo De Fiesta   Favoriting Fast Cars Fast Women 
  0:48:20 (Pop-up)
Go Home Productions  Smells Like Rockin' Robin   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:52:19 (Pop-up)
Wevie Ston  Lady's Leg Licked   Favoriting Umbrelladelika (V/A) 
*   1:04:34 (Pop-up)
Devo  Swelling Itching Brain   Favoriting       1:07:26 (Pop-up)
Samuel Beckett  Rule Number One   Favoriting       1:17:15 (Pop-up)
  Nascar Prayer         1:17:39 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  Polyvox Box & Garage   Favoriting 
*   1:19:07 (Pop-up)
TMI  Howl in the Typewriter   Favoriting Godspunk Vol 10 
*   1:22:13 (Pop-up)
Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power  The Nudist Camp   Favoriting Practice In The Milky Way 
*   1:25:46 (Pop-up)
Brown Whornet  Sweaty Freddy   Favoriting Radio Ablum (sic) 

Click for the full size image
  1:29:03 (Pop-up)
Aguaturbia  Erotica   Favoriting Love to Love You Baby: Joe McGasko's 2011 Premium 

  1:32:23 (Pop-up)
Frankie Howard with June Whitfield  Up Je T'Aime   Favoriting Your Are Awful... But We Like You 
  1:35:53 (Pop-up)
John Zorn  Makahaa   Favoriting The Gift 
The font that wouldnt die..
  1:40:25 (Pop-up)
Ophire State Marching Band  Hooray for Hollywood   Favoriting  
  1:45:32 (Pop-up)
Girls Glee Club, New Palestine High School, Indiana  Midnight Cowboy Theme   Favoriting       1:49:28 (Pop-up)
Old Time Relijun  Veleno Mortale   Favoriting Catharsis in Crisis 
  2:02:22 (Pop-up)
Audio Sports  Eat and Buy and Eat   Favoriting       2:11:16 (Pop-up)
The Dirtbombs  Sharevari   Favoriting Scion A/V Remix 
*   2:12:05 (Pop-up)
Yoko Ono  Ask The Dragon (Ween Remix)   Favoriting Rising Mixes 
  2:17:27 (Pop-up)
          2:19:57 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  I Looked at the Sun   Favoriting  
  2:26:47 (Pop-up)
James Brown  Further On Up The Road   Favoriting Messing With The Blues 

  2:35:28 (Pop-up)
RIAA  Down At Mississippi   Favoriting Foolklegs - Folkloric Mashups 
  2:39:05 (Pop-up)
Ludacris  Get Back FCC Remix   Favoriting  

  2:43:13 (Pop-up)
Immortal technique  The Message and The Money   Favoriting  
  2:47:49 (Pop-up)
King Missile  America Kicks Ass (FCC Edit)   Favoriting  
  2:51:35 (Pop-up)
Johnny Sea  Day for Decision   Favoriting  

remix courtesy of Cribley!
  2:54:40 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:02am stingy d:

keep it realer, ken boogie!
  9:02am GB_Joe:

Morning Ken
  9:02am Sam:

Great show! I'm laughing and laughing, and then suddenly I find myself wiping away a little tear.
  9:03am jan:

These days- what is a good clock radio, any way?
  9:04am Detroit Mac:

Haven't even turned on the station itunes while starting up the Technicolor Toaster... in order to wish you good morning Ken!
  9:08am still b/p:

So the story showing up here and there yesterday in major media outlets with easy attitude and yuks about lower IQs among Internet Explorer users seems to have been a hoax. Who's lookin' not so sharp nowwwwwww?
  9:09am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

hey, good morning fellow commenters, Ken!
  9:09am Elizabeth of Hudson Street:

Everything IS right.
  9:10am Luke:

Hey, its Ken. How is your head?
  9:12am Ken:

Hi everybodies!

Luke, I am at 78% which is a big improvement. Last week I was operating at 42%.
  9:12am Lizardner Dave:

@still b/p: People who fetishize software (e.g. Apple loyalists) make me laugh because they're no different than that guy at the NASCAR race who says "Whoooo go Ford! Chevy sucks!"
  9:13am Luke:

Last week's opening talk sounded like 20% or less. You need to wear bubble wrap and stay indoors.
  9:14am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

Wooo-hooooo! Go Ken! The Rush Limbaugh Show sucks!
  9:14am russ:

Cults!!! just woke me up and made my morning a little better
  9:16am Calvin:

*pisses on software fetishists*
  9:16am Elizabeth of Hudson Street:

I was out of radio/internet reach last week. What happened to Ken? Worried.
  9:17am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

  9:20am love by proxy:

Ken, I was listening to an archived 7 second delay the other day (from January 1, 2003) and it turns out you correctly predicted the death of Bob Hope during that show. FYI
  9:21am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

Elizabeth, he had a ken-cussion. But he seems all right now. At least he hasn't played Vision of Love yet.
  9:24am Sam:

Hey Pierre, are you there, or are you on vacation?
  9:25am Listener Bill:

I'm happy because I eat lard.
  9:25am Luke:

did I just hear a real DJ?
  9:26am Homer Simpson:

Mmmmm ..... Lard .........
  9:26am Sam:

What's the phrase that pays???
  9:27am In the News:

Love, Your Insurance Carrier
  9:27am Van in Dallas:

Hi Ken and listeners
  9:28am still b/p:

Track Battle: Tuchus v. Tarkus!
  9:28am Vicki:

is this Uri Geller?
  9:28am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

I miss Pierre! Je te'manque moi non plus!
  9:29am Sam:

What is wakeboarding?? Is it water skiing?
  9:30am In the News:
  9:30am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):


I'm planning to go this week to the Vitrine Gallery!

Everybody in London, move your arses over there!
  9:30am Sam:

I want an answer, not a f-ing website!
  9:31am In the News:

Learn to read. Jeez, our educational system...
  9:31am Vicki:

I was just there this morning, FOFO. Hope you like it
  9:31am Ken:

Holy shit, In The news! That's not a wakeboarding death! Jesus. What a nightmare. Sam - wakeboarding is like waterskiing but on something shaped like a snowboard.
  9:32am Ken:

yeah, I'm sure Pierre is at the beach till September. The French are civilized in that way..
  9:33am In the News:

The station needs you. Perhaps consider make-believe danger instead. :-)
  9:34am Maria D:

The hand coming out of cell #5 is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. Thanks, Ken!
  9:34am Sam:

I really hope Pierre isn't wakeboarding.
  9:35am Cecile:

Ken, got my fundraiser swag this weekend. I am completely amazed by the quantity and quality of the items.
  9:36am Van in Dallas:

The hand from cell 5 just wants a cookie. A sugar cookie.
  9:36am seang:

just inflated my FMU beach ball
  9:37am Sam:

There was that song "I want a cookie" Ken used to play
  9:37am In the News:

Cell 5's bumper sticker says "I'd rather be wakeboarding."
  9:37am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

Vicki, Of course, the concept is great!
  9:39am Sam:

Inner space! Inner space! Inner space! Inner space! All of our problems are purely musical ones.
  9:40am Detroit Mac:

This born again child of god just poop'd in his pampers
  9:40am BSI:

That's one stout goddamned bagel.
  9:40am AnAnonymousParty:

'Loosenut' - another great band name.
  9:40am Sam:

You don't have to have any money to get into Heaven. But you do have to have all your internal organs!
  9:41am hamburger:

  9:41am Heaven:

Our Co-op Board is fussy.
  9:41am Commander Jesus:

Take and eat these Spacefood Sticks. Take this Tang and drink. Do this in memory of me.
  9:41am T-Zero:

Is Pierre on vacation or is his new job keeping him away?
  9:42am Meghan:

That space thing was messed up! This is why I am agnostic!
  9:42am Meghan:

That space thing was messed up! This is why I am agnostic!
  9:42am Heaven:

Great set! I'm seeing double!
  9:43am Nate in Detroit:

Haha, the gif is dancing along perfectly to this song :)
  9:43am Sam:

Maybe god exists, but he's billions of light-years away, so there's no way we can detect him. Ever thought of that?
  9:44am Vicki:

all the oldies but the goodies
  9:44am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

Perhaps Pierre is now a non-commenter listener. First, the headphones, now the keyboard.
  9:45am Sam:

Maybe he just wants to see what we'll say about him when he's not here. He's probably reading all this.
  9:45am Igor:

Why? Oh yes, the brain trauma.
  9:46am Sam:

This is the ultimate mashup. Wonderful.
  9:46am Ken:

Hey Photoshoppers! Grab that Dream Date image and have your way with it. And email me the results... ken at wfm,u dot org. I'll post them next week.
  9:46am Joy of Cooking:

Mashed quotatoes.
  9:47am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

But the Dream Date guy looks already like Ken. What to do?
  9:51am Elizabeth of Hudson Street:

George Clooney has not been the same/looked the same since his concussion. Worried about Ken.
  9:52am Sam:

  9:55am Lemuel:

Wait, something's not right.
  9:56am Parq:

Ken, that Nirvana mash-up made me smile broadly and even laugh out loud before my first cup of coffee, no mean feat.
  9:57am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

Elizabeth, well, let's think positive! Besides our Winged Monkey Master DJ seems pretty indestructible for me.
  9:59am Elizabeth of Hudson Street:

You're right FOFO. Think of all the highschool football players who have survived to... wait...
  10:00am Vicki:

ha haha
  10:01am lee:

great presidential stump speech.
  10:01am BSI:

  10:01am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO):

Elizabeth, you just have to listen to him now to learn he's totally sound and sane. No worries.
  10:07am Cecile:

I wroted this!
  10:10am Cecile:

No, PBS did!
  10:13am MD:

  10:13am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

Elizabeth, quoting Cecile:

"if you take the right steps and think happy thoughts, rewards will stick to you like steel filings on a magnet".
  10:16am Tow Line:

  10:17am Samuel Beckett:

Been there, done that.
  10:19am Listener Bill:

Damn. Where did I put that note?
  10:19am Billy Bob:

Thank you for lettin' me cut that other bastard off, Lord!
  10:20am seang:

never read Beckett before writing a timed essay--writer's block for sure
  10:21am Cecile:

That reminds me of Ricky Bobby's prayer in Talladega Nights.
  10:32am Barry White:

This guy is a LOVE MAESTRO.
  10:33am Barry White:

(sic) [sick]
  10:38am Frankie Howard:

No sex, please, we're British.
  10:39am Parq:

The GIF accompanying the sexy track is making my brain hurt.
  10:39am Matt from Springfield:

June Whitfield is a funny lady...she was the grandma from "AbFab".
  10:40am Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: Wow, you DID write that! That's pretty cool.

But your last name comes from Not-America!
  10:44am Frankie Howerd:

My name is actually rather oddly spelt, don't you think?
  10:44am Cecile:

I married into my not-American last name. My husband's family came from Quebec years and years ago.
  10:46am still b/p:

When I saw that nice headline the other day for the Faust piece, I thought about sharing it here, without realizing the here connection. Good goin', Cecile.
  10:47am Frankie Howerd:

This marching band is Herb Alpert on acid
  10:48am Cecile:

aw, thanks sbp. I have one more piece for them, and then I'm taking a break, but they are pretty cool about letting me review just about anything I pitch.
  10:48am Cecile:

A lot of readers like what I write up, too. I try to go off the beaten path a little.
  10:49am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

Love this song soooo muuuuuuch!
  10:49am Matt from Springfield:

@Cecile: I'm pleased though that there are still reviews being written for experimental music.
  10:49am still b/p:

...and you get a little coffee money, or just bupkes cake?
  10:50am Sam B.:

Stones taste better.
  10:51am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

...but wait...Where are the chorus ladies?

Yes! Here they are!
  10:53am other david:

a voice comes to one in the dark...

Ghee Club...where, can I...?
  10:57am Cecile:

I get a nice little "thank you" check for each one.
  10:57am Hick:

Ghee wiz!!!!!!!!!!!
  11:00am Matt from Springfield:

In the original German, Boehner means "beaner".
  11:01am annie:

i had an employer whose last name was goeller-he pronounced it go-ler
  11:02am Webhamster Henry:

Lyme Congress!
  11:02am Nilsson:

Ya put de fault in de budget and you mix 'em both togedder.

I love John Boner!
  11:03am Van in Dallas:

@Cecil - pretty cool. So the last sentence of the review, I guess that's what the smaller dog is doing there with the bush.
  11:03am Robert:

isn't that like Matt Groening?
  11:03am Michael:

  11:04am annie:

i think he pronounces it green-ing?
  11:04am Mike Doughty:

OK, Ken, brief facts about German pronunciation. In German, umlauts replace an e. So, it would be properly spelled Böhner. Now, in terms or pronunciation, in German, Böhner would sound more like Bayner than Boner. So he's got some linguistic cred to his preferrd pronunciation. But, it's slightly more nuanced--it would really be like Buueeeeenner. Basically, make an "e" shape with your mouth, but say an "o" instead. Slightly acrobatic. But fun--way more fun and weird than "Bayner".
  11:06am Wide Stance:

John Boner works for us.
  11:06am coelacanth:

well,Ken. I'm sure Barack will fix this,as soon as he hears this show's archive.
  11:06am other david:

you mean he isn't even bothering to listen live?
  11:07am Barry White:

I'm on the sixteenth hole now. Gimme a few more minutes.
  11:07am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

This is funny. Yesterday I downloaded loads videos of English pronunciation guides.There are 26 letters in the alphabet yet produce more than 40 sounds!

And I thought the only word that I needed to master the British English pronunciation was "Theatre".
  11:08am Matt from Springfield:

@Mike: Yeah, the umlaut sound is hard to describe properly. Say "Bayn" with a bit of surprise and from the bottom of your tongue.
  11:09am Cecile:

exactly Van! LOL!
  11:10am annie:


  11:10am Matt from Springfield:

Apparently Mötley Crüe (who added their umlauts for style, much like Spinal Tap's umlaut over their 'n') were playing a show in Germany, and were wondering why the fans were screaming "Muuetly Crueue!"
  11:10am Ken:

OK. I see your Matt Groening and I raise you an onomatopoeic.
  11:11am Cecile:

  11:11am annie:

i soe you
  11:12am Mike Doughty:

Pardon me, Ken, but that's actually "onomatopuuueeeic".
  11:12am Cecile:

  11:13am bbell:

ö = "air" but compressed in the mouth, with the upper and lower jaws apart, but not too much, and lips in a horizontal slit. At least that how it looked and felt in my German class.
  11:13am Cecile:

YAY! Techno-garage!
  11:14am Ken:

So Mike, it should be pronounced like an umlaut? That ALMOST sounds like Boner. I am sassified. And Matt Groening is a Fox TV lapdog so of course he has a conveniently pro-GOP pronounciation .
  11:14am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

If Mötley Crüe sounded like Muuetly Crueue they would be featured in Ken's show under Kraut Rock
  11:15am still b/p:

But then you got the coelacanth wild card, too.
  11:16am Mike Doughty:

Ken, I believe so. Though it's not totally unthinkable that, at the start of his congressional career, John Boehner hired a team of linguists to figure out a plausible way to justify not having the last name "Boner".
  11:17am don:

google translate computer voice knows the truth --|es|john%20boehner
  11:18am Matt from Springfield:

@FOFO: If they sang and talked with German accents (or at least adding umlauts to English words with an American accent), then that would be acceptable for a Kraut episode.
  11:18am coelacanth:

but my name comes from latin.
  11:19am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

I, for one waiting for the next Weiner-Boehner law to pass.
  11:21am Sam:

Isn't the oe or Ö like an euh sound, like "le" in French, or saying Burner with a british accent?
  11:22am Milhouse:

I'm DOING it! I'm DOING it!

(confidence rapidly crushed)
  11:23am coelacanth:

Yeah the Weiner thing is even more absurd. "Winer"? ...Nobody likes a winer...At least Some people like a weiner.
  11:23am Sam:

Well, in German weiner would be pronounced winer. Wiener is pronounced weener, as in something from Vienna.
  11:24am other david:

Ken; get Professor Dum Dum in to settle this once and for all
  11:25am Sam:

In Dutch "oe" is pronounced like "oo" in English.
  11:25am Matt from Springfield:

@coelacanth: Although, I think we say your name with the English pronunciation. In Latin, I believe you would say your name "Kay-la-kaanth", with a hard 'c'.
  11:25am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::


Haus süß Haus
  11:25am Sam:

But Matt Groening is extremely ignorant
  11:26am Matt from Springfield:

As for "Weiner" (winer), that would mean either "Wine-er", or "Cryer" auf Deutsch.
  11:27am Sam:

Do you pronounce Freedman as FREEDman, or as FreedMAN?
  11:27am Sam:

Weiner relates to wine
Wiener relates to Vienna
  11:28am don:

did you notice that when you translate john boehner from german to english it says the translation is "ips" --|en|john%20boehner
  11:28am Ken:

Excellent question Sam - I prefer it to be pronounced freedMAN.
  11:28am Matt from Springfield:

Or to crying, "weinen", to cry/to whine/to weep.
  11:29am Sam:

Because you are a freed man. When did they let you out?
  11:29am coelacanth:

i stand corrected...never even noticed the 2 different spellings.
  11:29am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

Sam, Ken,

I don't get it. What would be the difference?
  11:30am Sam:

You know what you call taking young kids to a fancy restaurant?
Whining and dining
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
  11:31am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

I'm FOFO Freedwingedmonkey.
  11:32am annie:

oh wow, love the peekaboo mickey!!
  11:32am Ken:

Sam, laughing at your own playlist comment is like liking your own status on Facebook.
  11:32am Matt from Springfield:

@FOFO: Good one!

"Haus" means a house, "zu Hause" means a home. "Zu Hause Süß zu Hause" doesn't flow at all so that's one alternative.
  11:33am Sam:

Yeah Disney sticks their fingers everywhere!
  11:33am coelacanth:

Matt from Springfield. Maybe i've been pronouncing my own name wrong all along...I think i even like "kay-la-kaanth" better!
  11:34am Nomenclature:

That's because FREED is The MAN.

"Fried" in German (pronounced "freed") means peace. Peace-Man. Wow, like, cool, dude.
  11:34am Sam:

Laughing at your own comment is a bit like putting canned laughter in a sitcom
  11:34am Zappa:

Now those are dancin' fools.
  11:35am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::


We need Moritz to karaoke out Mötley Crüe then.
  11:35am Sam:

Kentucky Peace Chicken
That was a great 60's band
  11:35am Matt from Springfield:

@coelacanth: At least in scientific fora! Go for it!
  11:36am Click & Clack:

What's wrong with laughing at your own stuff, even if Harry Shearer HATES you for it? Heh hyah hah ha ha!
  11:36am J J:

This song sounds like s segue to something that never happens.
  11:36am Nomenclature:

The segue IS the thing that happens. Be in the moment.
  11:37am Matt from Springfield:

@FOFO: Mötley Crüe should be karaoked by Germans!
  11:38am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::


I believe Moritz is (a drunken) german.
  11:38am Mike Doughty:

Ken, you nailed ö in eight miinutes; German teacher is probably, after years of lessons, still weeping in anguish that I defiled his language.
  11:39am Ike:

Wait, DOES Harry Shearer hate Click & Clack's cackling? I find their voices and laughter oddly soothing. Probably a nostalgia thing.
  11:42am ricardo montalban:

RIAA is amazing. Every mashup sounds like a dare and often he pulls it off, leaving your jaw to hit the table
  11:42am Mashups:

@RIAA: It takes a budget of millions to hold us back
  11:43am Cecile:

wow, another thing we agree on, Ike.
  11:43am ricardo montalban:

I liked his Madnight comp. Very very weird.
  11:43am Click & Clack:

Harry refuses to tease/promo our show when we're on after his because he hates us and our show, and the laughing really irks him. Ehhh-hah-hah-HA!
  11:43am Matt from Springfield:

@ricardo: Agree completely. I've loved RIAA for years!

With this song, the graphic for Jonathan Kane goes with the rhythm better.
  11:44am Jackie Martling:

The elephant says to the camel, "Why are your breasts on your back?"
The camel says, "To tell you the truth, I wouldn't expect a question like that from somebody whose dick is on his face." HEHEHEHEHEEEEHHEE
  11:45am Cecile:

can you play Ratatat's Eminem mashup Lose Your Loud Pipes? It's pretty great.
  11:46am Mike Doughty:

Also, it's probably indicative of the nobility of the Democrats that Weiner has a genuine linguistic mandate to say Winer, but chooses Weener--as opposed to linguistic loophoole-seeking Buueeener.
  11:46am BSI:

These rap type persons certainly have a lot to say, don't they?
  11:47am Cecile:

Luda kind of panders, but he still has some great lines. No accident he still hits the charts.
  11:47am Mashups:

@Mike D. -- Try to avoid sounding desperate. It's not good PR.
  11:47am Brew:

  11:47am Ken:

Hush your mouth BSI. Dont hate on Ludacris! I relate to this song/
  11:49am BZ:

More hip hop, all the time! (or lots of the time)
  11:49am Lizardner Dave:

Did someone do the Homer Simpson "Nobody who speaks German could be an evil man" joke yet? No?
  11:49am Ike:

I don't know @BSI -- Luda is talking a lot but not saying much. The flow works though.
  11:50am Ludacris:

Yo I passt the 3d grade.
  11:51am Ken:

Ludacris is saying a LOT: Get outta my face and STFU!! What more is there to say sometimes?!
  11:51am Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

I like Ludacris, chicken, and beer.
  11:51am Lizardner Dave:

Is it too late to request Bags Of Money? The artist, not the items, though the items would be nice.
  11:52am Sam:

Sometimes you also need to say Move bitch, get out da way!
  11:52am Cecile:

"MOVE! GET OUT TH WAY" should be stitched on a sampler.
  11:52am GG:

Immortal Technique needs an attitude adjustment. He is not a team player
  11:53am BSI:

HA! I have this talk with the mrs. sometimes: She's into music with "words," & me, not so much. It's how you focus, I guess. Usually about 3 minutes into being exposed to a hiphop tune, it strikes me: :hell, this cat has been talking this whole time...!?! He certainly sounds upset about something..."
  11:54am Luke:

@BSI "He certainly sounds upset about something..."

That is the best description of hiphop, ever.
  11:55am Wrappurr:

i'm in the house. uh. uh. yeah. yeah. uh. and you don't stop. uh. turn it up yo. uh. yeah.
  11:56am Lizardner Dave:

In terms of 21st century hip-hop, I like that song where the guy goes "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, yeah".
  11:56am David Growl:

  11:57am ricardo montalban:

@BSI: I remember watching MTV once at my parents house and hearing my mom opine that "no one looks happy anymore. They all look angry". Her idea of music was the 5th Dimension and 1940s musicals.
  11:58am Handsome Harry:

Johnny Sea!! What a moron.
  11:58am Ken:

Jesus, you people sound like Bill O'fuckingReilly bitching about Hip Hop. Fuck y'all. Alla y'all.
  11:58am Sam:

Getting it on
Till the break of dawn
Da ill nigga
With the finger on the trigga
Sucka MC's
On their knees
Gonna make 'em pay
With my crazy ass clichés
  11:59am Federal Dept. of Prettier Girl Distribution:

Send Johnny his entitlement.
  11:59am GG:

what's with the chopstick music? is it the red menace?
  11:59am BZ:

Hmmm... 'this cat'? Sounds like 1940s and musicals, indeed.

Hip hop forever!
  11:59am wait..wha?:

Is it time for Irwin's show already?
  12:00pm Lizardner Dave:

I like 20th century hip hop. PE, Tribe Called Quest, NWA, De La Soul, 3rd Bass, etc etc. I think the genre has just become ossified.
  12:00pm Nathan:

I'm welling up. *sniff
  12:00pm J J:

Shit. I'm standing up. I'm tearing up.
  12:00pm Dan B From Upstate:

Great show today.
  12:00pm Luke:

  12:01pm Lizardner Dave:

WFMU. Love it or leave it.
  12:01pm Das:

Golly, I wish'd I were a american
  12:01pm Find Out For Oneself (FOFO)::

Thanks Ken for the show! Another great one! :)
  12:01pm 21st Century Hiphop:

Y'all a buncha boozhie pussyass racists from the suburbs.
  12:01pm Cecile:

Off to lunch. Great show, Ken.
  12:03pm Luke:

good bye.
  12:03pm Sam:

I prefer Andy breckMAN
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