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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options January 2, 2012: if there's squirrels, a hundred bats

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Artist Track Album Comments Approx. start time
Prolapse  Planned Obsolecence   Options Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes     
Bappi Lahiri  College Girl I Love You   Options College Girl    0:05:55 (Pop‑up)
The Past Tense  Shattered   Options V/a, Keep Off The Grass  cover: The Good Feelin's  0:11:22 (Pop‑up)
Mitchell Froom  "Fruto Prohibido"   Options The Key of Cool  source music from the film "Cafe Flesh"  0:15:24 (Pop‑up)
Dalek I  Happy   Options Compass Kum'pəs,    0:18:58 (Pop‑up)
Buzzcocks  I Love You, You Big Dummy   Options Time's Up    0:20:49 (Pop‑up)
Nova Express  A 2000 a l'Heure   Options Untitled split LP    0:22:42 (Pop‑up)
Estelle  The Year 2000   Options single  Estelle Bennett of the Ronettes  0:25:00 (Pop‑up)
Isaac Hayes  I Love You, That's All   Options Joy    0:27:30 (Pop‑up)
Les Baxter  Sensual Hallucinations   Options The Dunwich Horror OST    0:33:15 (Pop‑up)
Jandek  Babe I Love You   Options Lost Cause    0:35:41 (Pop‑up)
Vashti Bunyan  Winter Is Blue   Options Just Another Diamond Day    0:46:40 (Pop‑up)
Mudboy  Solitron Waves   Options Volume IV: This is Folk Music    0:48:23 (Pop‑up)
King Midas Sound  Earth A Kill Ya (Gang Gang Dance rework)   Options Without You    0:54:08 (Pop‑up)
Isomer  Poison the Well   Options Face Toward The Sun    1:00:03 (Pop‑up)
Cellophane Spill  Ebruul Eztetzen   Options s/t cassette    1:04:14 (Pop‑up)
Gary War  Don't Go Out Tonight   Options Zontag single    1:06:24 (Pop‑up)
Lucas Santtana  Recado Para Pio Lobato   Options Sem Nostalgia    1:09:05 (Pop‑up)
Lefty Frizzell  I Love You A Thousand Ways   Options     1:12:18 (Pop‑up)
Maestros & Dipsos  Backslide   Options mp3, Australia 1984    1:15:03 (Pop‑up)
The Lighthouse Keepers  Ode to Nothing   Options Ode To Nothing  Australia '85  1:18:16 (Pop‑up)
Booker T & The MGs  Oo Wee Baby, I Love You   Options Play The Hip Hits    1:21:28 (Pop‑up)
Dan Melchior  Red Nylon Valance   Options 7"    1:32:23 (Pop‑up)
Matta Gawa  Navagraha   Options Tambora    1:36:43 (Pop‑up)
All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors  Exploded View   Options That Familiar Look to You 7"    1:43:07 (Pop‑up)
Horseback  Thee Cult of Henry Flynt   Options A Throne Without a King  split CD w/ Pyramids  1:48:22 (Pop‑up)
Fondation  Horizon   Options Sans Etiquette cassette (1978)    1:55:50 (Pop‑up)
Saint Etienne  Like The Swallow   Options Fox Base Alpha    2:01:34 (Pop‑up)
Uladat  Purgatory   Options S/t    2:08:19 (Pop‑up)
w/ Leif Elggren / Paul Pignon  Talking to a Dead Queen (excerpt)   Options Talking to A Dead Queen    2:11:19 (Pop‑up)
The Soft Moon  Repetition   Options Total Decay    2:25:30 (Pop‑up)
Nothing People  Cathode Ray Tube   Options Smells Like Metal    2:28:04 (Pop‑up)
Dead Gaze  Fishing with Robert   Options Somewhere Else 7"    2:30:18 (Pop‑up)
Jennifer Gentle  Locoweed   Options Funny Creatures Lane    2:33:22 (Pop‑up)
Chuck Bettis  End Ov All Wars   Options Urgency Renewal    2:36:51 (Pop‑up)
Bing Selfish  Spanish Dictators   Options Selfish Works    2:40:11 (Pop‑up)
El Polen  El Mundo Revivido   Options Musical Original de la Banda de Sonido Cholo    2:42:40 (Pop‑up)
Roy Harper  All You Need Is   Options Songs of Love and Loss    2:45:56 (Pop‑up)
The Ink Spots  We'll Meet Again   Options Best of...    2:51:27 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  3:03pm pierre:

Annndd yeah !


Bonjour Scott,
bonjour wfmuers !
  3:04pm T-Zero:

Hi pierre, Scott.
  3:04pm pierre:

Salutations Mr T-Zero
  3:07pm Francophone:

Scott Williams: les heures heureuses
  3:09pm pierre:

@francophone : agreed, Les heures du sublime.
  3:09pm nihiles:

who was just on the air prior to 3? i know that wasnt irene's voice... i am trying to find the playlist.
  3:09pm Francophone:

@pierre: vachement!
  3:10pm Francophone:

brad l. bonte
  3:10pm pierre:

@ nihiles : it was Brad LaBonte filling in for Irene
  3:10pm Looms:

Happy 2012 Scott and everyone!
  3:11pm T-Zero:


  3:12pm nihiles:

thank you pierre. i wasnt able to tell because my fmu app was playing a different program than the broadcast for some reason.
  3:16pm T-Zero:

Afternoon, Looms!
  3:17pm Looms:

Howdy TZ!
  3:17pm T-Zero:

Apropos of nothing: The weather here is crazy. It went from 14C yesterday to -13C today with our first snow flurry.
  3:24pm Looms:

Does it mean that Scott had to ski to the station today?
  3:25pm Big Dummy:

Aw. I love you too, Howard. And you, Scott.
  3:25pm MT:

My iPhone app does not show anything on the streams tab. Hasn't for long time. It used to list all the possible streams like drummer some and the rest.
  3:27pm T-Zero:

@Looms: Don't know. He's about 8 or 9 hours east of me.
  3:29pm T-Zero:

Wouldn't need to ski here, though. It's cold but the snow hasn't stuck.
  3:30pm Scott W:

I Love You, Happy New Year all of you!
  3:32pm T-Zero:

Happy New Year to you, Scott.
  3:33pm Terry is cooking:

Oh the sounds of creaking sofa leather, what they do to a lady
  3:34pm glenn:

i'm kinda creeped out by the isaac hayes "sexy" time thing going on here.
  3:37pm glenn:

man, i'm gonna need a shower after that.
  3:38pm kat330:

Yeah, kinda creepy. Inspiration for Meadows' "Ladies Man" maybe.
  3:39pm Ike:

Agreed 111%, Glenn.
  3:40pm Ike:

...and that's exactly why Scott liked it, I'm betting. :)
  3:41pm Looms:

@TZ: Oops! Where are you from?
  3:41pm kat330:

Quite a lovely theme going on here. I'm betting someone had a really nice holiday.
  3:44pm King penguin:

Thanks for playing the Past Tense off Keep Off the Grass! Third time I've heard something from it live.
  3:44pm T-Zero:

@Looms: I'm in Columbus, Ohio.
  3:45pm King penguin:

Bon jour, Pierre.
  3:45pm King penguin:

Bon jour, Pierre.
  3:46pm kat330:

@TZ: We had our first flurries here in southern Indiana today, too.
  3:46pm glenn:

actually, i can see that isaac song as inspiring the entire flight of the conchords songbook, which may be one of the reasons i dislike them so much.
  3:47pm MT:

Has anyone seen these Japanese commercials for miso noodles with James Brown singing in Japanese about noodles?
  3:48pm pierre:

Bonjour King Penguin !

(^ >^)
  3:49pm Caryn:

Oh Glenn. Love Flight of the Conchords, but that may be partly because their Lord of the Rings and Muppet connections make it impossible for a little geek like me to dislike them...
@MT: no, but that sounds fabulous
  3:49pm pierre:

6pm… or 9pm50, it is all the same :)
  3:50pm pierre:

@MT and Caryn : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzJMnl085yI
  3:51pm glenn:

i loathe f.o.t.c.. and little britain, for that matter.
  3:53pm Richard from Venezuela:

Happy new year Scott and all the listeners.
  3:55pm Caryn:

@pierre: thanks for the link. Oh dear. But gotta say, even James Brown is not gonna make me believe that cup noodles are any good...
  3:55pm pierre:

2012 resolution : try to listen to S. Williams show with headphones more.
  3:59pm MT:

Was it Scott that played this thing a lot about people sharing a set of head phones and take a photograph? Anyone remember that? I seem to think it was Scott W but maybe not.
  4:03pm MT:

No I think it was Ken that had the series of photographs with headphones sharing.
  4:06pm King penguin:

Pierre, we ate playing in city saturday as part of a Keep Off the grass festival. Can you make it.
  4:09pm pierre:

@King Penguin, well i'm in France, so althought i'd really really love to come across the Atlantic (which is in my plans anyway), i unfortunately, can't. Terribly sorry.
  4:12pm T-Zero:

@kat330: It's stopped now, and nothing stuck. Probably the same tomorrow, though I wish it would accumulate and hide all the dead stuff.
  4:13pm Ranks:

listening to music to stay out of snow in quebec city....
  4:15pm pierre:

I love this right now.
  4:15pm Jasperodus:

@TZ: Kat stepped into the kitchen. Glad of modern tech so we can at least pipe WFMU (or Radio Helsinki for that matter) into the stereo.
  4:15pm T-Zero:

Nice mash of Brazilian guitar
  4:16pm T-Zero:

@Jasperodus: Indeed!
  4:19pm Looms:

@TZ: just committed the Wiki page for Columbus to memory so that I remember. I sometimes forget how huge your country is.
  4:21pm Jasperodus:

This sounds an awful lot like Raincoats.
  4:22pm T-Zero:

@Looms: Yes, I used to live in San Diego, and when I moved here it took about five days of steady day-time driving. My parents live in Indiana and that's a 3 hour drive for them to here.
  4:24pm Bruce:

half my fucking papers have disappeared.
  4:26pm kat330:

OK, dinner's baking in the oven. @TZ: Where in Indiana are your parents? I believe Columbus is maybe a 3-4 hour drive for us.
  4:27pm Jasperodus:

Did your dog eat 'em?
  4:28pm kat330:

@Bruce: I didn't know papers were required for that.
  4:28pm kat330:

Catch the Wind, heh! One of the earliest sheet music pieces I played on the piano.
  4:30pm kat330:

I mean, crap NOT "catch the wind" eeeesh, cast my fate to the wind...arrrrgh..
  4:34pm T-Zero:

@Looms: btw... On the wiki page... just for an idea... the Lane Avenue Bridge is "A" on this map and I'm at "B" in the Olde Towne Columbus historic district.

@Kat330: They're in Albany.
  4:37pm kat330:

@TZ: Really? Huh. North of Indianapolis I presume? We're in New Albany (Knob Knee) next to Louisville KY (Lullville). Small world.
  4:38pm T-Zero:

@Kat: yes, about 13 miles ne of Muncie
  4:39pm Bruce:

Happy new year to you and yours, Scott.
  4:40pm kat330:

I sure hope you had a very good reason to leave San Diego for Ohio. I already escaped this place as a teen and hoping once again to escape.
  4:41pm T-Zero:

@Kat: I miss it and did *really* hate to leave, but couldn't afford it any more
  4:43pm kat330:

@TZ:Yeah, that's why I didn't return to L.A. when I got dumped back in the Midwest after a dozen years out there.
  4:44pm Scott W:

thanks Bruce! to you too - I hope your fucking papers turn up. Hello Pittsburgh!
  4:44pm Looms:

@TZ: here's a (soundless) video about my hometown by night. Looks a bit different now, tramway lines are in progress.
  4:45pm Looms:

Oh, there's sound on it, sorry.
  4:46pm T-Zero:

@Looms: I can mute the sound, but need the link ;)
  4:48pm T-Zero:

@Looms: Jay (in London) and I were sharing photos one day and came to the conclusion his area in London and mine here looked very similar... it is, indeed, a small world.
  4:49pm pierre:

is it ok to play internet video games w/ the sound of this show?
  4:51pm anne:

Scott Williams, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  4:53pm Looms:

@TZ: sorry Sir! ;)
  4:54pm pierre:

you lived in Brest Looms.?
  4:56pm Scott W:

Hi Anne!! Happy new year to you, and thanks for the card!
  4:57pm kat330:

"Brest is a city on the west Atlantic coast of France. It has a long history of navigation. There are very large tides here."
  4:58pm kat330:

@Looms: Surfing, too?
  5:01pm Looms:

@Pierre: I am living in Brest.
@Kat: nope but sailing sometimes.
  5:03pm T-Zero:

@Looms. Thanks for the ride :) Unfortunately we're terribly land-locked except for the the two rivers. One of which is just a block west of me though, which makes for nice summer walks on the wooded trails.
  5:03pm kat330:

Funny thing about searching for that Brest quote. Despite my correct spelling, Bing gave me back all top results for "breast."
  5:03pm Ike:

@Pierre@4:49, I say yes. I recommend Snailiad for a great Metroid homage... with snails. Seriously.
  5:04pm Looms:

@Kat: we all know what rules the world :D
  5:04pm pierre:

@ Scott : is it one of the T. Coutler cassettes?
@Looms : sailing must be great sometimes.
@ kat330 : sounds exactly the same :)
  5:06pm Jasperodus:

@Looms -- what @TZ said. Reminded me a lot of Helsinki, too -- same variety of stone buildings, cranes, neon, harbor, brick and wood.
  5:06pm pierre:

@ Ike : many thanks, at the moment i played Ice Bite (on Nitrome), now i'm drawing, but totally check this snails story right after, the christmas holidays are not that far yet, snails will still do the trick.

@Scott : great show.
  5:07pm Julie:

Saint Etienne? Wow so different
  5:07pm Scott W:

Pierre, it is not - can't remember what blog I found it on, but I nabbed all 3 (4?) of their cassettes (this was their 1st). Husband/wife duo - Italian? Swiss? Can't remember -- all well worth seeking out!
  5:08pm Julie:

or maybe I was hearing the last thing, the instrumental?
  5:10pm Scott W:

probably the Saint Etienne Julie, this one's a bit atypical.
  5:10pm Joe D.:

hey Scott, great show today!
  5:11pm kat330:

@Looms: Well, we know what rules Bing's world anyway. :)
  5:11pm Scott W:

oh, hey, danke joe d!
  5:11pm Looms:

@TZ: the seashore is the reason why I decided to settle here for good. I just need the smell of the ocean.
@Jasperodus: Indeed, except for the temperature I guess. I've never been to Helsinki though.
  5:12pm kat330:

Yes, Scott, thanks for the sounds!
  5:13pm kat330:

This is like a theme song for Knob Knee.
  5:15pm JT:

I need to stop using that cumbersome name (Jasperodus).
  5:16pm T-Zero:

I'm still trying to figure out the significance of "if there's squirrels, a hundred bats "...
  5:16pm kat330:

Yes, JT, easier for the good people.
  5:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Happy new year, Scott! I just tuned in a few minutes ago. Good stuff, as usual!
  5:18pm other david:

Is this the sequel to "The Gift"?
  5:19pm MT:

this is from the heart
  5:20pm Looms:

This Ravel's Bolero version always makes me look stupid when I dance to it :(
  5:20pm pierre:

@ Scott : i've found it (the fondation horizon sans étiquette) merci, it's totally worth it. It says "Uncompromising space music from French duo Ivan Coaquette and Annanka Raghel"
  5:20pm Scott W:

T-Zero, I must reveal since I ended up playing a different St Etienne track -- there's a loop in "she's the one" that goes "in this world of love gone bad". my 6-yr old daughter mis-heard it much better
  5:21pm kat330:

@JT: And if there weren't so many posters with "kat" as some part of their name already, I'd lose the "330."
@TZ: Moi, aussi. Some connection between being squirrelly and being batty?
  5:22pm Scott W:

glad you found it pierre! why didn't i remember they were french? always missing the obvious or something
  5:22pm kat330:

@Scott W: Aha, and there's a bathroom on the right.
  5:23pm George of Troy:

@ other david: It was reminding me of "The Gift" as well. The narrator's elocution was also similar to that of Cale.
  5:27pm T-Zero:

@Scott: Thanks for clearing that up. I forget the song Julie was playing on 20 December, but I kept hearing them say "I love potatoes"...
  5:27pm pierre:

well i guess obvious n'est pas toujours évident.
  5:30pm R I S K Y:

  5:30pm T-Zero:

I think the song was Klein & Doof by Ede Und Die Zimmermaenner ... but not sure
  5:32pm T-Zero:

No no no! That wasn't it....
  5:36pm chris m.:

great scott, show! happy new year
  5:40pm T-Zero:

Got it! "Spectators of Life" by the Names. "Spectators of love" turned into "I love potatoes"...
  5:42pm T-Zero:

Unfortunately I don't have the excuse of being a six-year-old girl lol
  5:42pm Scott W:

Thanks Chris M! Happiest new year on yr show pal - what a fuckin love fest, can we do that every week?
  5:46pm Ike:

Good stuff today, Mr. Scott. Later!
  5:47pm Scott W:

danke ike
  5:51pm felipe:

All you need is WFMU
  5:52pm other david:

really enjoyed the show, thanks :)
  5:53pm Wendy del Formaggio:

This Roy Harper track provides the perfect ambience for this time of day, during this time of year. Just after dusk, on the first really cold day of winter. That's pretty magical.
  5:54pm Jonny F:

Great set. Killed by Roy Harper.
  5:55pm Looms:

Mellow and lovely ending. Thank you!
  5:56pm Jonny F:

Uhhhh...I don't mean the set was killed by Roy Harper. I was killed...in a good way. Happy New Year!
  5:56pm kat330:

Yes, very sweet dessert to end with. Thanks!
  5:56pm Scott W:

thanks much all o'ye! (Jonny F, got it); stay tuned for Michele...
  5:57pm T-Zero:

Enjoyed the show, Scott. Thanks!
  5:57pm JT:

Great show, good comments too, thanks all!
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