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" I can't tell when you're telling me the truth."
- I'm not.
"How do I know anything you've told me is..."
- You don't.

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Options January 9, 2012: and a porterhouse for Jim

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Artist Track Album Year Comments Approx. start time
Porterhouse  You Don't Love Me   Options Live in Kansas      0:00:00 (Pop‑up)
with fish & birdies           
Annapurna Illusion  (exc)   Options Fake Tape Serie #17      0:03:08 (Pop‑up)
Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake  I Am Thinking   Options Period      0:10:22 (Pop‑up)
Jean-Claude Vannier  L'Ours Paresseux   Options Electro Rapide      0:13:26 (Pop‑up)
To Rococo Rot  Contacte   Options V/a, An Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music, Vol 3      0:15:46 (Pop‑up)
Loa Loa  tr 7 & 8   Options S/t      0:19:54 (Pop‑up)
Vitor Hublot  La P'tite Gayole   Options 7"      0:22:25 (Pop‑up)
Mika Vainio  It's A Muthang   Options single      0:25:46 (Pop‑up)
Justus Köhncke  Wichita Lineman   Options Spiralen der Erinnerung      0:28:56 (Pop‑up)
ESG  In Town   Options Closure      0:32:21 (Pop‑up)
Pearl Jones  Please Stay   Options V/a, The Sound of Sidra      0:34:44 (Pop‑up)
Don Ellis  Milo's Theme   Options Shock Treatment      0:43:52 (Pop‑up)
The North Sea  Save Yourselves   Options Bloodlines      0:48:13 (Pop‑up)
Psychic Ills  Incense Head   Options Hazed Dream      0:59:45 (Pop‑up)
King Dude  Please Stay (In The Shadow of My Grave)   Options Love      1:03:05 (Pop‑up)
Chrysta Bell  Polish Poem   Options This Train    David Lynch produced, played, written  1:06:34 (Pop‑up)
Sermonizer  Mystery   Options Sibelius Spiders    split w. Cicciolina Holocaust  1:12:19 (Pop‑up)
Traffic Sound  Simple   Options Virgin  1969    1:15:01 (Pop‑up)
Keuhkot  Satakunta Yhdistyy   Options Laskeutumisalusastia      1:27:09 (Pop‑up)
Gong  The Pot Head Pixies   Options Flying Teapot: Radio Gnome Invisible Pt. 1    for Sherman Helmsley  1:30:32 (Pop‑up)
Pampidoo  Ghetto Rock   Options split 7" w/ Tapes      1:33:44 (Pop‑up)
Ahleuchatistas  Do What?   Options V/a, Son of the Transcendental Maggot      1:36:08 (Pop‑up)
Hagar the Womb  One Bright Spark   Options A Brighter Shade of Black      1:40:03 (Pop‑up)
Nick Nicely  49 Cigars   Options Elegant Daze 1979-1986      1:43:53 (Pop‑up)
AKAN  We Fades To Nothing   Options       1:51:01 (Pop‑up)
Pinch & Shackleton  Cracks in the Pleasuredome   Options S/t      1:52:04 (Pop‑up)
Tom Fazzini  Fioriora   Options Neck To Neck  1984    1:58:36 (Pop‑up)
Dive  Human   Options 7"      2:02:29 (Pop‑up)
The Necks  Rum Jungle   Options Mindset      2:11:52 (Pop‑up)
Ney Matogrosso  1964 (II)   Options 7"      2:32:34 (Pop‑up)
Arthur Lyman  Love Dance   Options Taboo Vol 2      2:35:58 (Pop‑up)
Oneohtrix Point Never  Sleep Dealer   Options Replica      2:38:24 (Pop‑up)
The Wake  Scan 45   Options On Our Honeymoon 7"      2:41:20 (Pop‑up)
Chris Imler  Tanzen   Options Vorwärts 7"      2:43:40 (Pop‑up)
ADN Ckrystall  Weissensee Generator   Options Minilab      2:47:17 (Pop‑up)
The Red Crayola  Transparent Radiation   Options V/a, Spacelines: Sonic Sounds for Subterraneans -- A DJ Selection by Sonic Boom      2:51:43 (Pop‑up)

Listener comments!

  3:02pm Robert:

I used to listen to Jim Price's program in the 1980s. I'm trying to figure out the joke. Contractual oblig'n?
  3:03pm 12539:

"Playlist for Scott Williams?"
  3:03pm Robert:

And the last bit is to prove he's live? Or Alive?
  3:03pm Greg from Detroit:

conceptual radio.
  3:04pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

consensual, pre-conceptual radio
  3:06pm Carmichael:

Hiya Scott. Robert, maybe you can find out something useful in the archives.
  3:06pm Robert:

Is it a weeks-long teaser campaign to promote Jim Price on the ichi-ban or Schulkind stream?
  3:09pm BSI:

can the world be a sandwich it seems?
  3:11pm kat330:

Is this what we can expect on the "Safe as Banana Suicide" premium?
  3:16pm Scott:

Howdydo, all! @kat330, that premium was covers of every song from the debut albums of Beefheart, VU & Suicide
  3:18pm kat330:

Ah, thanks and excellent! That explains why J.T. selected it. Can't wait to spin it tonight.
  3:19pm R. THornton:

liked the Yonkers track - pretty fierce guitar!
  3:21pm Scott:

who's J.T.? cool, where you spinning it tonight?
Yeah, that Yonkers & Shakes!! it's what the Loutallica thing should've been
  3:26pm Cecile:

I ran into Michael today in the skyway in St. Paul.
He's such a cool guy.
  3:26pm kat330:

J.T. (aka Jasperodus, but not jt or JT) is my husband. We just received our Mouse pledge swag today. I will respectfully wait for him to get home to spin all the goodies. :)
  3:28pm Scott:

ahhh, got it, sweeet!
  3:29pm Looms:

Haven't found the time to ckeck out Safe As Banana's disk two yet but disk one is kick ass.
  3:30pm Scott:

thanks a lot Looms! I had a lotta fun with that one, got a lotta folks to contribute exclusive stuff!
  3:30pm kat330:

And J.T. stands for Juha Tapio, hard for 'Merkans to pronounce, so J.T. seemed the easier route.
  3:31pm breughelesque:

Hey Cecile. Fellow Twin Cities resident here.
  3:33pm kat330:

[We just told the locals around these parts his name is Yahoo Tapioca. (new keyboard giving me typing fits....)]
  3:34pm Cecile:

hey breughelesque!
  3:34pm Cecile:

I knew some Tapios growing up...
  3:34pm breughelesque:

Good way to spend the workday, eh?
  3:35pm kat330:

Wow, Justus is Kreeping me out a bit. Klaus Kinskiesque.
  3:35pm kat330:

@Cecile: If you're from the Twin Cities as I read, that explains it. Lots of Finns up your way, eh?
  3:37pm Cecile:

I live in the Twin Cities. I grew up in Upper Michigan, which has aven more Finns!
  3:37pm breughelesque:

More like Scando Cities.
  3:39pm kat330:

@breughelesque: Love your work. We have a print of the Wedding Party (or similar) on our dining room wall. Action filled next to a Sargent print of a flamenco dancer. :)
  3:41pm Cecile:

Actually, Finna are techincally not Scandinavian. Only Sweden-Denmake-Norway are Scandinavia.
  3:42pm kat330:

Flamenco dancer, castanet around my heart...
  3:42pm Carmichael:

Ar Ar Ar .... I would love to go to Holland, wooden shoe?
  3:44pm kat330:

@Cecile: Yeah, lots of folks don't know that. Of course they don't know much geography at all around here, so it's easier to lump Finland with a region they have some vague notion of.
  3:45pm brian:

hey scott, what was the name of the russian band who did an in-studio set a few weeks ago that gave you guys all the cool music?

those loa loa tracks were great!
  3:45pm Cecile:

I didn't actually know that until after I got out of school. But it makes sense.
  3:45pm kat330:

@Car ar ar ar: Thought it was "a kid'll eat ivy, too, wooden shoe?"
  3:49pm Sticky vonStickler:

Mares eat oats
and does eat oats
and little lambs eat ivy.
A kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?
Sing it fast, and it's "Mairzy Doats"
  3:53pm Carmichael:

Who was playing that friggin' song last week? Irwin??
  3:53pm kat330:

When Mom sang that to me as a kid, appropriately enough, I thought it had something to do with square dancing.
  3:53pm kat330:

Yes, this is like a deja vu convo.
  3:54pm paul:

north sea! digitalis in the haus!!!
  3:55pm Mike East:

Sticky vonStickler, you just blew my mind.
  3:55pm Ken From Hyde Park:

Iceland is often considered Scandinavia, too, right?
  3:56pm kat330:

@Ken: I believe so.
  3:57pm Cecile:

it is, Ken, but it's not.
  3:58pm Carmichael:

This is some melodramatic stuff, Scott. People dying on a boat, perhaps?
  3:59pm 12539:

Is the North Sea Scandinavia?
  3:59pm kat330:

The Finns were always between a rock and a hard place, battling both Sweden and Russia for independence over the centuries, so I don't think they'd like to be lumped in with Scandinavia.
  4:00pm Cecile:

yeah, in interviews the Finnish hummpa metal band Korpiklaani goes "we were VIkings. We were forest people. But we got conquered by the Vikings!"
  4:00pm R. THornton:

I like this North Sea track as well. Brad Rose, right?
  4:02pm Mike East:

I have Finnish blood, but Norway and Denmark are in there, too. I guess somebody got along at some point.
  4:02pm Cecile:

The sea, the North Sea borders a lot of Northern Europe, incl Scandinavia. The band the North Sea, I dunno.
  4:03pm Cecile:

Oh, sure, Mike East. The hardtack wants what it wants.
  4:03pm R. THornton:

But does anyone want hardtack? o_0
  4:04pm Cecile:

Scott, can you play an excerpt of that great new Necks album? They are not from Scandinavia, but are still good.

Sure! Throw some sour crean and herring roe on it and that's eating.
  4:07pm kat330:

@Mike: The language is what separates Finland from the other countries there. I told J.T. I thought Finland had been connected to Hawaii at some point in history. I cannot fathom the number of "a's" in a Finnish Scrabble game. He says the closest to Finnish is Hungarian.
  4:09pm Ike:

And Korean. Yes, really.
  4:10pm Cecile:

That's right, kat330. Also I'm told Turkish.

Ha ha ha! One time I was on a board talking about Maori film director Taika Waititi. Someone said, "I like her films." But Taika is a dude and in Maori, Taika means tiger. In Finnish, it's a girl's name and means magic.
  4:10pm Scott:

I actually have the Necks disc pulled for today, we can hit that for sure
  4:10pm Mike East:

The other half of my blood is fully Hungarian. I wish I could speak either language other than counting to ten.
  4:10pm R. THornton:

Yes, both Finnish and Hungarian are classified as in the Finno-Urgic family and they seem to have no relationship to any other language family. Dunno about Korean tho.
  4:10pm Cecile:

We both learned something that day....:D

awesome, scott.
  4:12pm R. THornton:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finno-Ugric_languages (pardon the misspelling)
  4:12pm kat330:

Still see the FMU online degree program is going strong. :)
  4:12pm Cecile:

I am a WFMU!
  4:13pm R. THornton:

  4:16pm kat330:

Apparently the Mongol hordes connect the Hungarian with the Finnish. Mongolia's next to Korea, um, right?, so maybe that connects all the dots. Finns are likely to have occipital buns, btw, and J.T. has one.
  4:16pm kat330:

Scott, this is a lovely tune...
  4:17pm kat330:

Sibelius, ha!
  4:17pm Cecile:

Oh, that's what an occipital bun is.
I thought it was something else....:D
  4:19pm kat330:

@Cecile: Well, that, too.
  4:20pm Ike:

Or maybe not after all, though nobody's really sure:
  4:21pm Cecile:

  4:24pm Carmichael:

My next release will be titled Occipital Bun.
  4:25pm kat330:

And back to your comment, Cecile, about Finn male/female: No way a westerner can tell the difference in a name. When I first wrote to J.T. (way back on the OLD Internet, Fidonet,to a sci-fi lit board), I didn't know which "Juha" was. Progressively, Finns don't have male/female pronouns either.
  4:26pm Baker:

One a penny, two a penny! Occipital Buns!
  4:26pm kat330:

@Carmichael: Heh!
  4:27pm Cecile:

I didn't know that about the pronouns.
  4:28pm BSI:

Gak. Wish there was time to get in on the Minotaurs / Monk fun. Will definitely tune in, though....
  4:29pm Cecile:

And up where I grew up, most of the first names were Anglicized or just flat out English. People started shortening last names, too.
  4:29pm Bun E. Scott:

My next release will be titled "Going to Carmichael's to Drink All His Beer"
It'll be a live recording.
  4:31pm Cecile:

it's really easy once you get it.
Remember BAH-bah-bah-bah.
  4:31pm 12539:

@BSI, I think Kurt said there are 3 Friday the 13ths this year, so you still have time.
  4:31pm Carmichael:

Make sure you show tomorrow, Bun. It's $2.50 pint day at the local micro boozer!
  4:31pm jk:

Finnish, without a doubt.
  4:32pm kat330:

Cecile, didn't you indicate you were submitting a Monk rendition? Gee, I hope J.T. gets home in time to hear some of Scott's deference to the comments. Maybe Scott can play some Jim Pembroke later on?
  4:33pm Cecile:

I was thinking of doing it, but I might be too beat.
Also, I'm so rusty at cut-ups that it takes me like 8 hours to do a minute or two of final product.
  4:33pm Bun E. Scott:

Some Cheap Trick would be gnarly, dude.
  4:34pm Cecile:

and it sounds like crap. Ken was kind to put my corn weenie cut-up on the premium disc, but I can't listen to it without cringnig.
  4:34pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

this is just plain wacky
  4:35pm kat330:

Gong! J.T's first mix tape had "Oily Way" on it.
  4:36pm Dead Corporate Eyes:

tying back into Irene's discussion of Sherman Helmsley, right...!
  4:36pm Carmichael:

Cecile, you were responsible for "really, really!"? You're a cultural icon ...
  4:37pm BSI:

Good to hear this Gong track on vinyl. The CD somehow ended up sounding like total crap. Very muddy. (another long black shadow on the Charly catalog, methinks). Good old vinyl = so much clearer.
  4:37pm php:

"Love is how you make it!"
  4:37pm Scott:

veddy good ear bsi!
  4:37pm kat330:

I got as far as getting the main riff down on my melodica and then picking it out on the guitar, but won't get anything up to snuff to submit.
  4:38pm Cecile:

No, I just did a bass and drum remix with Mr. Weenie, Spike Jones and FOTC. A better idea in concept than actuality..
  4:38pm jmr3:

I like me some, Gong, that's for sure, but mainly when they jam and get spacy and get a groove going, when Hillage lets it rip
  4:40pm Cecile:

He hung out with Can too, right?
that's so cool.
  4:42pm BSI:

Camebert Electrique has always been the favorite over here. Still blows my tonsils clear across the room.
  4:42pm jmr3:

spike jones hung out with can? That is so trippin!
  4:42pm Cecile:

Speaking of cross-cultural tweaking, I was watching an autobiography of Darius "Hootie and the Blowfish" Rucker who's now a country star.

His first demo was rejected for being too shit-kicking. Too country! He had to pop it up. I want to hear that demo. LOL!
  4:43pm Cecile:

No, George Jefferson. LOL!
  4:43pm jdelz:

This is the best stuff I've heard from Ahleuchatistas. The stuff of theirs I've heard has all been pretty clean heady prog. Do they have more material in this vein?
  4:44pm Scott:

this is on a comp of mostly pretty lughead metal stuff, don't know their other stuff
  4:47pm Cecile:

were Hagar on the Crass label? Or related somehow, Scott?
  4:48pm J.T.:

Hey everybody, belatedly here. Looks like a great show so far (can't go wrong with early Gong or Keuhkot).
  4:49pm don:

been lurkin it, but that hagar was so much appreciated i had to stop and type hello
  4:50pm jmr3:

always thought Crass were the angry version of Gong, but everyone else probably already knew that
  4:50pm kat330:

@J.T.: you should correct any errors I've made in the Finn stuff. Want the FMUniversity students to get the facts right.
  4:50pm Scott:

not sure if theres a direct relation to crass, but the anarcho label fit, and they did early shows w/ zounds
  4:52pm Scott:

hey don!
  4:52pm Cecile:

that's where I must know them from - those gig ads in the 80s NMEs.
  4:55pm J.T.:

@Kat330 just handed me the Safe as Banana Suicide -- it looks like it'll be in-cre-dib-le. Great bands and you can't argue with any of the cuts!
  4:56pm Scott:

hope you dig it J.T.! I'm really proud of it
  4:57pm InBrkly:

I recently noticed that crass remastered/reissued their catalog but in really expensive packaging. It made me wonder who their current audience is.
  4:58pm glenn:

they're aiming for irwin.
  5:00pm J.T.:

@Scott -- I can't imagine it being anything but. I love every single song on it, so even if I don't like a performance it'll still be at least interesting.
  5:02pm kat330:

@glenn: I've been waiting for the opportunity, so I'll take it now you're here: I, too, absolutely eschew Facebook. Will not, shall not, etc...
  5:02pm J.T.:

And it was CLEARLY the first pick out of DJ premiums for me. I'm sure the rest will be fine, too, but those three albums....
  5:06pm kat330:

Scott, do you offhand know who did the artwork for the Sun Ra premium, "Interplanetary Remixes"? I truly love it, colors and designs.
  5:07pm Scott:

@kat330, offhand I don't recall, but I think Liz Berg will be able to tell you. drop her a line
  5:08pm kat330:

Guess I'll just open it up, she said sheepishly...
  5:09pm Bridget:

Guess who doesn't work on Mondays anymore!
  5:09pm bob:

something reminds me
  5:10pm glenn:

ummmm. bridget?
  5:10pm Scott:

Oh, I wish that Opal song was called "Bridget on Monday"!
  5:11pm Bridget:

  5:12pm Wendy del Formaggio:

LOVING today's show, Scott. I tuned in right around Don Ellis. Who knew about Sherman Helmsley? That's awesome. When I was a kid, I thought my dad was George Jefferson -- they look remarkably alike. Same disposition, too.
  5:12pm glenn:

what do i win?
  5:12pm J.T.:

So whatever happened to Kendra Smith?
  5:12pm kat330:

Hell, guess I need to write Liz since there's no art credit that I can spot (bad eyes, though). Unless Brian Turner did it all?
  5:15pm Carmichael:

And that's how they came up with the name "Wheezy". Look it up!
  5:15pm kat330:

My eyes, J.T., found it: Niall McCormack did the Sun Ra disc art.
  5:17pm kat330:

Wendy as in breezy as in wheezy?
  5:18pm Scott:

Has anyone heard that band Blind Weezy Jefferson?
Last I heard Kendra Smith had moved off the grid in a log cabin or something
  5:19pm BSI:

dang, I hate to leave a good NECK.
Considering a godforsaken "smart phone" and the FMU app might be the thing that kicks me over to the dark side....... Later on, pixel brothers & sisters.
  5:23pm kat330:

  5:26pm glenn:

are there enough bands named after body parts to do a festival thingy?
  5:27pm kat330:

Once Car releases Occipital Bun there will be.
  5:27pm bob:

please dont let elbow play
  5:28pm kat330:

And my idea for a band has long been Ear Juice.
  5:29pm J.T.:

Did Legs McNeil ever do any music? Heart.
  5:29pm Cecile:

Sonic Tooth.
  5:29pm glenn:

the faces
the necks
the shins
the glands ( i don't know about this one)
  5:30pm glenn:

ohhhhhh boy. sonic tooth, my eye.
  5:30pm J.T.:

  5:31pm J.T.:

Yamantaka Eye
  5:31pm bob:

the supreme dicks should set it off nicely though
  5:31pm Cecile:

Public Foot the Roman.
Spooky Tooth
Glass Eye
  5:32pm glenn:

the bad livers.
  5:33pm Ike:

Speaking of "smart phones," I wonder if old 3G Kindles will play Internet radio? (The major appeal is that there is no monthly fee and they have both 3G and wi-fi built in. If this is possible, then why pay $50+/month for data?)
  5:35pm kat330:

@Ike: I've got an "old" 3G Kindle. Guess we'll try that out.
  5:35pm Flipper:

If it's sponsored by the thalidomide people, we could be on the bill.
  5:35pm Carmichael:

Head, Hands and Feet.

Have to take off, everyone. Have a happy.
  5:36pm kat330:

S'long, Car!
  5:36pm Cecile:

later, Carm!
  5:41pm J.T.:

@Ike Testing the Kindle 3G on wfmu... no luck with flash or mp3 streams...
  5:43pm Robert:

I like this CD skip number.
  5:45pm j.t. kindle:

cant listen but can read and write n playlist. yay.
  5:46pm kat330:

  5:46pm Robert:

kat330, I wouldn't call Fidonet the old Internet. My understanding is that the Internet is actually older, but a lot of us had Fidonet access at a time when few had Internet access.
  5:47pm moose:

hey, the wake! i just got here
  5:47pm kat330:

But I believe I need as big a screen and keyboard as I can have. And pointless without the sound.
  5:49pm kat330:

@Robert: I stand corrected. I was doing online social media back in '85 but wasn't aware of the Internet. And then doing abstracts of Internet content in '95 for the first time, but Fido and Wildnet I was doing before that.
  5:49pm Robert:

Did you ever use RIME or other BBS networks?
  5:51pm moose:

did anybody else here see Kendra Smith at the Fez years ago?
  5:51pm kat330:

My first experience was a Manhattan BBS called Ailanthus Tree. I was calling a Watts line from Los Angeles to hook in. Truly wonderful initiation into online life.
  5:52pm Robert:

Heh...pun intentional, "Watts"/WATS?
  5:52pm Caryn:

Aw man, turn up way late (yay, got a job to do, though a quick one!) only to find I've missed a cool show and a long Finland discussion. That's two days in a row!
  5:53pm Robert:

I actually got into the Internet and BBSs at the same time.
  5:53pm kat330:

Hey, Caryn! We missed you in the body parts and puns!
  5:53pm Caryn:

Oh, and Scott, the Keuhkot track is "Satakunta yhdistyy", you're missing an h in there.
  5:53pm kat330:

Ooooh, yeah, WATS....eeesh....old age...
  5:54pm Caryn:

Aw, kat, wish I'd been there. But been working away all day, and fear that if I got stuck listening and reading the comments board, I'd never get any work done.
  5:54pm Scott:

oh man.... fixed Caryn!
  5:54pm Ike:

I don't know if it would work, but I stumbled across this: re: radio on jailbroken Kindles:
  5:55pm Robert:

OK, now that the show's almost over, anyone want to give me any further clues on the weekly Jim Price gag?
  5:56pm Cecile:

I got my hubby a Nook for Christmas. He wanted as few features as possible because "That's why my iPod is for."
  5:56pm Caryn:

Yay, Scott! Hate to be a nitpicker, so sorry. But it's a tough language, so I tend to advise people (it's the teacher in me).
  5:56pm kat330:

The "Swap Shop" dingus I heard is weirdly reminiscent of a longstanding "program" on WSLM in Salem, Indiana. (My deceased father's station)
  5:57pm Scott:

:) it's cool Caryn!
  5:59pm Marmalade Kitty:

I always thought the Spacemen3 had written that song..
  6:00pm J.T.:

FOund my old Keuhkot ep "Musiikkia Konduktoorivaunuihin" from Stigma records, handwritten labels, next to Deep Turtle and Riivattu Kissa eps.
  6:00pm Looms:

Thx Scott!
  6:00pm moose:

me too, MK
  6:01pm J.T.:

@Ike -- thanks, I'll have to spend some time reading this!
  6:01pm kat330:

Yes, thanks for your music and your patience (and the CD we will be enjoying shortly)!
  6:02pm Marmalade Kitty:

Great show Scott!!
  6:05pm Ike:

@J.T. no problem, but I just noticed somebody said it doesn't work via 3G so I'm not sure what the point is unless you have lots of wifi in your neighborhood. I was hoping for 3G utility for my friends who want to listen in their cars or on the bus in D.C., etc. ...

Anyway, good show Scott!
  12:16am sadlo:

i enjoy tempered cacophonous bliss most every week. thx xo
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