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Playlist for 04 January 2012 Favoriting | High on Hypotenuse

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
Wiliam Bukovy  Krtek a auticko   Favoriting Krtek - Music for the Mole cartoons of Zdenek Miler (1963-71) 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Michael Nyman  An Eye For Optical Theory   Favoriting Greenaway Revisited 
*   0:13:53 (Pop-up)
The Flying Lizards  Hands 2 Take   Favoriting Fourth Wall 
  0:18:21 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
  0:23:00 (Pop-up)
Keukhot  Aikakauden Loppu   Favoriting Laskeutumisalusastia 
*   0:26:55 (Pop-up)
Motelli Skronkle  Polvi   Favoriting Collection 
  0:28:22 (Pop-up)
Swck  170   Favoriting Unicorn Chasers 
  0:31:26 (Pop-up)
Kambar Kalendarov & Kutman Sultanbekov  Kosh Kairyk   Favoriting Jaw 
*   0:35:03 (Pop-up)
Philemon Arthur and the Dung  Men Va Fanken   Favoriting Self Titled 
  0:37:39 (Pop-up)
Laibach`  Rossiya   Favoriting Volk 
  0:41:15 (Pop-up)
Chryst  I Are You   Favoriting Phantasmachronica 
*   0:45:04 (Pop-up)
Rammstein  Amerika   Favoriting Made in Germany 
*   0:48:57 (Pop-up)
Sudden Infant  Dies Irae   Favoriting Psychotic Einzelkind 
  0:54:00 (Pop-up)
An Horse  Walls   Favoriting Title Track 
  1:06:44 (Pop-up)
The Beets  You Dont Want Kids to Be Dead   Favoriting Let The Poison Out 
  1:09:55 (Pop-up)
Boogieman  Boogieman   Favoriting Dolphin Explosion 
*   1:12:04 (Pop-up)
Fergus & Geronimo  Empire State of Mind   Favoriting All Ages Bop! (djKeili 2011 marathon premium CD) 
*   1:13:19 (Pop-up)
Gary War  Zontag   Favoriting Title Track 
*   1:19:07 (Pop-up)
Twink  Peppermint Bee   Favoriting Itsy Bits and Bubbles 
*   1:21:42 (Pop-up)
Vert  The Ten Thousand Things   Favoriting Small Pieces Loosely Joined 
  1:25:01 (Pop-up)
Plaid  Track 1   Favoriting Scintilli 
*   1:27:09 (Pop-up)
Jim Leonard  Hamabe No Uta   Favoriting Super Saw 
  1:30:48 (Pop-up)
Harvey Matusow's Jews Harp Band  Clootch Hunt   Favoriting The War Between Fats and Thins 
  1:43:40 (Pop-up)
Satanicpornocultshop  Chanson d'Amour   Favoriting Takusan No Ohanasan 
  1:50:01 (Pop-up)
HGich.T  Milchshake   Favoriting       1:54:24 (Pop-up)
The Fall  Totally Wired   Favoriting This Nation's Saving Grace 
  1:58:14 (Pop-up)
Arnold Schwarzenneger & Blue Oyster Cult  Burning For You   Favoriting Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout      2:01:54 (Pop-up)
Porest  Levantine Spirit   Favoriting Tourrorists! 
  2:04:18 (Pop-up)
Rachid Taha  Barra Barra   Favoriting Made in Medina      2:08:29 (Pop-up)
Lou Reed & Metallica  Iced Honey   Favoriting Lulu 
*   2:13:36 (Pop-up)
King Brothers  Go To Hell!   Favoriting Self Titled 

  2:18:11 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Vince Taylor And His Playboys 
Brand New Cadillac   Favoriting  

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  2:22:19 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:

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  2:24:40 (Pop-up)
Bing Selfish  Spanish Dictators   Favoriting Selfish Works 
*   2:33:50 (Pop-up)
Zounds  Demystification   Favoriting The Curse of Zounds 
*   2:36:06 (Pop-up)
I, Ludicrous  We're The Support Band   Favoriting 20 Years in Show Business 
  2:39:34 (Pop-up)
Sunshine  Narcoleptic Feedback   Favoriting New Music From Central & Eastern Europe Vol 2 
  2:42:57 (Pop-up)
Emeralds  Talk About Love   Favoriting Japan Nite 2004 Sampler 
  2:45:45 (Pop-up)
The Friendly Hopefuls  The Friendly Hopefuls Salute the Punks of '76   Favoriting Obey the New Wave (Douglas Wolk's 2001 WFMU marathon premium) 
  2:49:50 (Pop-up)
Luv  Shoes Off (Boots On)   Favoriting Copycats, Imitators, and Soundalikes: Bill Zurat 2005 Marathon Premium 
  2:53:37 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Emile:

first in! John's set was awesome...
  9:01am Ken From Hyde Park:

Happy New Year....welcome back.
  9:01am Fern:

Morning, Ken. Welcome back!
  9:01am listener mark:

First !
  9:02am λɯəɹəɾ:

  9:02am earwax:

Happy New year Ken. Glad to see Krampus didn't take you away.
  9:02am Mark:

Happy New Year to all!
  9:02am listener mark:

Oh djoy !
  9:02am Emile:

Over here Krtek is called Molletje, and we love him... Have the box set...
  9:02am earwax:

Angry Birds.
  9:03am Neg-guh-tor:

Mornin' , Ken!
  9:03am λɯəɹəɾ:

well, he hasn't spoken yet. it could be that krampus has him stashed away and brought in the 45s HE likes
  9:03am Ken:

Morning everybody! I am SO happy to be back.
  9:03am still b/p:

Flappy New Year!
  9:04am Ken:

Emile - Where is Krtek from?
  9:04am Emile:

Czechoslovakia (Prague)...
  9:05am listener mark:

Good morning station manager Ken! Lord and master of the flying monkeys.
  9:05am Looms:

Happy 2012, Mr. Station Manager!
  9:05am fishmonkeystew:

Good morning, Ken and all of my fellow WFMU fiends!!!
  9:06am S:

Krtek! Or Krecik as we call him in Poland :)
Ken, you bring back memories from my youth.
  9:06am moose:

wow what a lot of comments already, here's another
  9:07am ƒoƒo:

Fellow winged monkeys and WM Master! Happy new year to all! \o/
  9:07am jan:

Happy new year. Glad you are back. Most difficult Wednesday mornings have passed, and we look forward to a happier time, now that you have returned to our midst.
  9:07am Ken:

I love this Krtek album - you can download it for free. just search for it and if anybody can, please post the link here.
  9:07am Emile:

Het Molletje is the Dutch translation (they all mean: the little mole).
  9:08am Emile:

This is from the cartoon when he climbs into an empty car and pushes all the buttons....
  9:08am ƒoƒo:
  9:09am Ken From Hyde Park:

Where can I see these Mole cartoons I've been hearing about lately?
  9:09am earwax:

This sounds like the soundtrack to my morning.
  9:09am ƒoƒo:

That's the link to the album. This is a more direct link:

Add ,0,0,0reversecowgirl./,0 at the end.
  9:09am Emile:

Ken, your absence has been like a huge pustule that's grown and grown and now that you've returned it's busting like a fountain...
  9:10am glenn:

  9:11am ƒoƒo:

That's exactly what I felt too, Emile.
  9:12am still b/p:

The mole action:
  9:13am Ken:

Thank you Emile - Im a sucker for festering boil analogies.
  9:14am Dave B:

HNY Ken (and listeners)
  9:14am Emile:

Alas no hot mole on mole action.
  9:15am glenn:

i've never heard of krtek, but the music's fantastic. thanks, ken.
  9:16am Mark:

damn dopplegangers!
  9:17am Bad Ronald:

  9:17am Dave B:

Buying records cheers me up - a life lesson from Schroeder...
  9:19am Ken:

Anybody get any good crapola for the holidays? I got an iPad! And Lyme Disease.
  9:19am trish:

Good radio cheers me up, particularly after bad radio does the opposite. And likewise vice versa.
  9:20am moose:

yay i love this song mightily
  9:20am Michele:

Happy New Year Ken! Welcome back!
  9:21am Emile:

I got a mushroom grow kit -- from my mom!
  9:21am Skirkie:

I'm not attracted to my doppelganger.
  9:22am northguineahills:

clever, Michael Nyman into the Flying Lizards w/ Michael Nyman.
  9:22am Ken:

Emile, she sounds like the best Mom EVER!
  9:23am glenn:

next to sarah palin, that is.
  9:27am Ken From Hyde Park:

The Flying Lizards guitar guy needs to be the icon for images & websites to download. Makes me dizzy staring at that.
  9:29am Tim Serpas:

FMU sent me a Keukhot CD with my premiums one year. Good for annoying my roommate.
  9:29am Chris:

I think this song just made me schizophrenic. In a good way...
  9:31am abby in france:

hi ken! my husband did his doctoral thesis on lyme disease. hope it's not too serious.
  9:32am ƒoƒo:

I see no guitar guy from the Flying Lizards in here. You better be trolling, Ken. RIP to that guy in the dizzy pic. Down with the psychos.
  9:32am Aaron in Jcity:

Happy New Year Ken!
  9:34am BSI:

We bang in others what we see in ourselves. Evidently.
  9:36am Richard from Venezuela:

Happy new Year Ken and all the listeners.
  9:37am ƒoƒo:

Thanks, pana!
  9:37am jan:

Jews harp and drum duet was great!
  9:41am Detroit Mac:

Late to the party again. I got an "Alabama Roto Rooter" for Krampus.
  9:41am Ken From Hyde Park:

I was referring to the guitar_thrash.gif animation in the comments column. In the web browser, you usually get a circle that rotates while data is downloading. I meant to replace the circle with the guitar player.
  9:43am Detroit Mac:

Lyme again? Sorry to hear that Ken. Did you see the Nat Geo where they figured out the Ice Man in northern Italy was murdered? Another thing they discovered was he had Lyme disease!
  9:45am Caryn:

Hello all!
  9:46am Ken:

Yeah Mac, it seems to have returned. I blame Krampus.
  9:46am ƒoƒo:


Oh, yeah, I was suspecting you weren't trolling. But could imagine that. That's a pretty good idea! Actually, we should be able to customise those default graphics appearing in our OS or interwebs.
  9:48am Ken:

fofo , I know not of wtf you talking about.
  9:49am kat330:

Hi all! Is that Rita looking so bored?
  9:49am Richard from Venezuela:

According to this , Chryst track is called "I are You" . Good black metal by the way.
  9:50am Ken:

Thank you Richard! You get the Winged Monkey Badge of Honor!
  9:51am Richard from Venezuela:

  9:52am Ken From Hyde Park:

I think ƒoƒo is referring to the thrash guitar image I mentioned in a couple of posts, not Station Manager Ken.
  9:52am Caryn:

BTW, Ken, Keukhot is actually Keuhkot (of course, since every WFMU DJ seems to spell them Keukhot, I suspect there may be a misprint on what ever CD you use over there...)
  9:53am Cecile:

Every time I hear Rammstein, I want to watch XXX with Vin Diesel again. That movie is everything tastelessly great about America. And yet it's set in Europe. Brilliant.
  9:53am ƒoƒo:

Ken, I was refering to the ability to change the circle that rotates into a dizzy guitar guy. Sounds like a great idea! And we can even change the little hand that appears when you move the cursor over the screen. I would chose the Jonnhy Cash middle finger from that famous photo in Folsom Prison. It would be like pimping out our Windowes or Macs or even the Internet.
  9:54am jtm:

Hi all - Happy New Year! I have chosen to enslave my doppleganger in my spare bedroom, but not kill him. Does anybody think this will create a problem in the future?
  9:54am glenn:

i'm not sure the internet needs more pimping.
  9:54am kat330:

Can no one confirm if that's Rita? Ken?
  9:55am Cecile:

can you pimp what is already pimped? Can you meta-pimp?
  9:55am ƒoƒo:

Chryst, what an I are you an asshole.
  9:56am still b/p:

That's Rita:
  9:56am bbell:

I didn't get an iPad for Christmas, but a forged bracelet my daughter made in art school! And my ailment that popped up this holiday is hip pain around my left bursa.
  9:57am kat330:

Thanks s b/p.
  9:57am Ken:

I can neither confirm or deny her Rita-hood. Thanks fofo, excellent idea.
  9:57am Caryn:

jtm: yes. I would elaborate, but I'm busy dissolving my cut up doppelganger's corpse in the bathtub.
  9:58am glenn:

yes, that's rita hayworth, from gilda.
  9:59am BSI:

"I never gilda before."
-D. Allen
  9:59am northguineahills:

This is quite calm and melodic for Sudden Infant standards.
  9:59am ƒoƒo:

i think yes, Cecile. Meta-pimping would be like applying painting alla Pollock over a over-graffitied wall of a Baroque Castle.
  9:59am bb:

ken, are you hip to the badass gif/meme?
  10:00am Ken:

I understand that Mountain Dew will also dissolve a doppleganger carcass, if you decide to go the traditional route, jtm.
  10:01am Caryn:

Emile: the Molletje movie is in theatres now. Seen it?
  10:02am anne:

good morning all, welcome back Ken!
@Emile, what kind of mushrooms?
  10:02am Vivian:

What about a remix from the album?
  10:02am Mark:

aw go ahead and play Lulu
  10:02am Bad Ronald:

Can you please play "The Only Song" by John Greaves & Peter Blegvad?
  10:05am Richard from Venezuela:

  10:05am Caryn:

I'm loving the "Oh, Rammstein..." from Ken. Like Ricky sighing at another crazy Lucy scheme.
  10:05am ƒoƒo:

That's precisely why some Germans dislike Rammstein. I for one prefer to live in the ignorance of what their lyrics are about.
  10:07am Mark:

I for one prefer to live in ignorance
  10:07am BSI:

Is anything ever "in and of itself"?
  10:09am Mary Tyler Moore:

But you were kidding and knew Ken probably was alluding to me saying, "Ohh, Rob...!"...right?
  10:10am Caryn:

Whenever I listen to Rammstein, I curse my decision to study German. Would do so much better if I could not understand the lyrics.
Speaking of which, Ken, you might wanna know that:
Keuhkot = lungs
Aikakauden loppu = end of an era
Laskeutumisalusastia = landing bedpan (Finnish wordplay, as laskeutumisalusta is "landing platform")
Polvi = knee (although can also be short for sukupolvi = generation)
  10:11am Caryn:

Yeah, Mary, but without the high-pitched, nearly hysterical tone of voice, and the more disappointed tone Ken applies to it, it can apply more generally to several sitcom couplings.
  10:11am ƒoƒo:

Caryn, can you speak the humpa-humpa from Elakaleiset?!
  10:12am Emile:

Oyster mushrooms -- but I'm combining them with another kit...
  10:12am Brian C:

If not Lulu, how about some other awful/awesome Lou track? "Like a Possum" comes to mind… is there a single version?
  10:13am Jeannie:

Ohh, Master!
  10:13am Caryn:

ƒoƒo: oh, you mean the Pensioners? Yep.
  10:14am ƒoƒo:

Brian C, Please, don't rock the boat. I'm about to cross to the love side in the Loutallica territory. But I don't wanna! D:
  10:16am ƒoƒo:

Ooh! o.O Good for you that can understand their humppas! Do the Rammstein dissonance syndrome effect happens too when you listen to them?
  10:16am Caryn:

The Eläkeläiset book is good. The principle behind it is nice: if the truth and the legend contradict each other, print the legend.
  10:16am Brian C:

Or, in the spirit of Lou duets, how about "Soul Man" by Sam & Lou?
  10:18am Cecile:

I gotta bail - have much to do. Catch all ya'll on archives or on Duane's show.
  10:18am kat330:

Caryn, JT told me the other day there's a Finnish act/dude called "paska." One of the few Finnish words I heard a lot in my visit over there. You familiar with the band?
  10:18am λɯəɹəɾ:

  10:18am Ken:

OK Caryn, Elekelaiset coming up and I want a translation!
  10:19am Ken:

Elakelaiset Book?!!!
  10:20am hamburger:

I heard someone say shindig hoedown..
  10:20am pierre:

Bonjour Ken, the comments are going "trop vite" for me
so simply a "BONNE ANNÉE" et "BONNE SANTÉ"
  10:22am Caryn:

@kat330: yep, the guy behind it is my all-time favourite Finnish radio DJ. While a lot of the music I could give or take, all the other stuff associated with Paska is brilliant.
  10:23am Dave B:

If not Lou, how about a Kirk Hammett guest appearance with my old band, from 1986:


Link to the music:
  10:23am Caryn:

@Ken: yep, published in 2003, called "Suuri suomalainen juopottelukirja" or "The Great Finnish Drinking Book".
  10:23am ƒoƒo:

Nooo, Cecile, don't go yet!!! Wait a minute! We need some of your insights in music suggestions!
  10:23am kat330:

JT just emailed from work when I asked him about Keukhot: "I may even have an old 7" single somewhere. Mostly, I recall, unlistenable weird noises and annoying 'singing,' but there were snatches of interestingness in their (his) early releases on the Bad Vugum label (BV is a Beefheart reference)." YMMV :)
  10:24am Mr. Obvious:

Sagan blows.
  10:26am Tim Serpas:

Some of Peppermint Bee is reminding me of StarCon II music.
  10:27am kat330:

Hm, I didn't ask him if I could post that in public, but I'm sure it was okay...
  10:27am ƒoƒo:

Monsieur pierre! Bonne annee to you to!
  10:27am Tim Serpas:

Yay YouTube:
  10:28am Caryn:

@kat330: yep, Keuhkot not exactly my favourite either (3 guys on first EP, from then on, 1 guy). But interesting use of alternative "instruments" and occasionally funny song titles. Too bad the "band" no longer does its gigs out of a giant birdhouse.
  10:29am Dave B:

hey Pierre - do not fear this year, of feed a bear a pear...
  10:31am ƒoƒo:

Paska sounds like eating/listening to Pasta with Ska/Polka.
  10:31am pierre:

@ Fofo : bonne année à vous cher fofo
@ Dave B : i'm still learning…
  10:31am kat330:

@Caryn, a thin segue: "Build a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul" we decided last night was the closest we could come to what would be "our song" when thinking of our 12th anniversary today.
  10:33am pierre:

that's some serious water polo here…
  10:34am weiterso:

Lydia Kavina? no.
  10:34am Emile:

I think I speak for the universe when I say God bless Carl Sagan.
  10:34am yayson:

the show today is EXCELLENT and could not be better unless something started whistling.
  10:34am Caryn:

ƒoƒo: it might sound like it, but actually just means "shit". Or actually, "crap". The stated point behind the act is that "anyone can start a band and do music, even if they're totally crap at it".
  10:36am Caryn:

@kat330: any particular version you prefer of the song?
  10:37am Ken From Hyde Park:

Splendid....Jew's harp mash-up.
  10:38am glenn:

when did jaw's harp become jew's harp?
  10:38am ƒoƒo:

So this is the actual philosophy behind the whole pop music industry!
  10:39am kat330:

@Caryn: Not familiar with any covers, so I suppose the original. Maybe Irwin will play it toward the very end of his show today when JT will be home. Probably not.
  10:39am Jews:

When we sold stuff out of backpacks in rural America.
  10:41am Conspiaracy Theory Weirdo:

Early marathon scheduling is an inside job. Pass it on.
  10:42am fishmonkeystew:

I vote for the puppet show. Hurrah!
  10:42am Caryn:

ƒoƒo: well, the guy behind Paska used to host a hugely popular show on Finnish radio basically called "the most hated records in the world", where listeners could request and vote for songs they loathed to be played and mocked mercilessly by him. An antidote to all the nostalgia-tinger call-in request programmes. My brother still has some of the shows on tape. Our whole family longs for the show to this day.
  10:43am Caryn:

I mean "nostalgia-tingeD", not "-tingeR"! Sheesh...
  10:43am Urologist:

Is this medically necessary?

There was a pee discussion on Kurt's playlist last Friday.
  10:44am kat330:

Aw, Ken, 7SD sounds like a truly golden anniversary gift!
  10:44am trish:

aka Kegel Exercises For Men
  10:44am James Taylor:

Shower the people...
  10:44am BSI:

Urine trouble now...
well somebody had to say it.
  10:45am Tips:

Ken you might want to reconsider the pee-holding contest it's actually very dangerous. A radio station was held liable after a pee-holding contest resulted in the death of a contestant
  10:45am 3rd graders:

Favorite book:
Run to the bathroom by Willie Makeit
Illustrated by Betty Dont
  10:46am BSI:

That 7SD idea is bladder than most.
  10:46am James Taylor:

Don't piss Ken off
  10:46am I went to that school:

Rusty Bedsprings by I. P. Nightly
  10:46am kat330:

The famous Creedence lyric: "There's a bathroom on the right."
  10:47am Ken From Hyde Park:

Oh, gee whiz, Rammstein!
  10:47am Jerry Jeff Walker:

Pissin in the wind
Bettin on a losin friend...
  10:48am BSI:

Urethra done it this time.
  10:48am trish:

It's riskier to get into, say, a car accident with a full bladder.
  10:48am kat330:

Yeah, me, too: Under the Bleachers by Seymour Butts.
  10:49am BSI:

Andy's wanted to do a show like that since he was a wee lad.
  10:49am ƒoƒo:

Sounds like a great concept! Oh, the nostalgia call-in requests shows...They love resucitating our deads!
  10:49am Deep Yellow:

Flush, flush...
I thought I heard her callin' my name now...
  10:50am Van in Dallas:

I'll bet they're not really sorry, either.
  10:50am Tips:
  10:51am G:

In honor of the pee show, we spell it LooLoo for ttoday.
  10:52am Ken From Hyde Park:

Andy and/or Ken might make a big splash on tonight's Seven Second Delay program.
  10:53am The Raritan River:

Aren't I already flood-prone enough?
  10:53am Caryn:

All the peeing and Lulu comments compel me to offer this link: (just for the first short skit)
  10:53am Ken:

I dont intend to die from a pee-based contest.
  10:53am kat330:

Anyone identify that early music piece under her? I used to sing in an early music group (like 14th c. early) and know the piece is something early.
  10:54am Coronoer:

No one expects to.
  10:54am Caryn:

Ken, I don't think anyone intends to die from a pee-based contest. The death is always a bit of a surprise.
  10:54am Emile:

This contest is prostrate-averse.

1. Focus on relaxing your pelvis and abdomen, while at the same time closing the muscles around your urethra. Doing this is much like performing Kegel exercises.
2. Cross you legs to help hold your pee if you are standing. Do not cross your legs if you are sitting. When you are sitting you need to raise one leg to cross them. Raising your leg when in a sitting position puts pressure on your bladder.
3. Sit upright with a straight back to give you bladder maximum space. Press your thighs together, and be careful not to lean forward.
4. Stay in the position that you are in until you can get to a bathroom. If you are sitting, stay sitting; if you are standing, remain standing. Changing positions can make it more difficult to hold your pee.
5. Tell yourself that you do not have to go to the bathroom that badly, and that you are able to hold your pee until a bathroom is available. Say it with conviction and convince yourself it is true.
6. Distract yourself with other thoughts. After telling yourself that you do not have to go, allow your mind to stop thinking about it. Focusing on the need to pee makes it more difficult to hold it. Do not think about anything associated with using the bathroom or anything that reminds you that you have to pee.
  10:55am Emile:

I mean prostate...
  10:55am Request Line:

Fountains of Wayne
  10:56am Ken:

I think I see what you're saying Caryn. So it's not a good show idea?
  10:57am still b/pee:

Will you drink a nice little Pinot?
  10:59am Ground Rules:

No cheating with electrical tape or rubber bands. Verify Andy, Ken, you know he'd cheat.
  10:59am Ken From Hyde Park:

Eat a whole lot of dry saltine crackers this afternoon and you'll be fine.
  11:00am ChrisB.:

Pinot Evil...
  11:00am Neg-guh-tor:

Goddamn I am Totally Wired!
  11:01am robyn:

ah the fall. love this song.
  11:01am Caryn:

All we're saying is that you might want to develop the idea further, Ken. Although a "who can pee the most" contest is not exactly good radio either (kinda lacking in aural interest, unless you broadcast the sound of each other peeing, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend either).
  11:02am Neg-guh-tor:

You don't have to be strange to be strange.
  11:03am POB:

All we are saying, is give pees a chance.
  11:03am kat330:

@kat330: It was NOT a remix of the Chanson d'Amour I know. Sounded more like something played in courtly dances in films like "Lion in Winter." hmmmmm...
  11:03am BSI:

classic tune. This one & Wings = alltime favorite falls.
  11:04am ƒoƒo (:

Don't listen to the opposition! Strategise your pee-holding! I know you can make it!

Tactic 1: Project an image of a W.C. in front of Any. I don't know why but as soon as I see the toilette, I lost control of my pee-holding.
Tactic 2: Connect your penis to an empty plastic bottle (just in case everything fails). Hide it. Just say you like to keep plastic bottles in your pockets.
Tactic 3: Pray.. because I run out of tactic ideas.
  11:04am dale:

this could be ah-nold talking to his cleaning lady.
  11:04am Out of Shape:

Danke, Ahnuld
  11:04am ƒoƒo (:

*Any means Andy by the way.
  11:05am Caryn:

How come I think Arnie has used that "down up down up" line with the ladies? Also, whenever I hear him talk for a long time, I wanna start making "Hans & Franz" quotes.
  11:05am pierre:

today a french website (clothing company) showed a picture of a naked man in the sea, on the second plan of a picture selling t shirt for kids.
  11:05am Carmichael:

I'm burnin' for Ahhnold ...
  11:05am Mark:

@BSI, how about "How I Wrote Elastic Man" or " Fiery Jack" or "Fantastic Life", I could go on.
  11:06am Ahnuld:

Cleaningk ladeez, ah'm gonna PUMP U UP
  11:06am Brian in UK:

Why the picture of Abbey Road? Has someone just run over The Fabs?
  11:07am Caryn:

@Brian: so that's the car he blew his mind out in! Or alternatively, the car that ran Paul over.
  11:07am still b/p:

If Arnold stayed in politics and got the law changed to run for Prez, he could adapt the Obama poster: "Grope!"
  11:07am Ken:

I dont know. I trust Caryn. She owns the Elakelaiset book.
  11:08am Caryn:

Of course, considering the modern make of the car adds a nice scifi/time travel element to the existing bodydouble/secret messages on album sleeves conspiracy theories.
  11:08am ƒoƒo (:


It's a Trap! Ken is setting us a trap! Lulu is Coming!! Run!
  11:09am channeling Lou R.:

No matter how much I abuse Ken and stand him up, he can't help loving me.
  11:09am Brian in UK:

That was someone in the Guinness family probably an old bottle green Bentley, Caryn
  11:11am Caryn:

@Ken: I don't actually own it, Ken. But I worked in a bookstore when it came out, and we got to take books home and read them.
@ƒoƒo: OMG, you're right! Run for your lives!
  11:11am Brian in UK:

Can you see Paul in socks & sandals?
  11:11am BlackHawk Down:

wants his song back
  11:12am Fuzzy:

It's All Too Much For My Mirror...
  11:13am Thins:

djimbe punk?
  11:14am Brian in UK:

It's too much for anybodys mirror, man. Mirror me.
  11:14am Caryn:

And for the record, Ken, I didn't oppose the pee contest too much. I just supported your change of heart. But if you need to use me as a patsy for changing your mind, you are more than welcome to do so to a faithful flying monkey :)
  11:15am Brian in UK:

Ken, you are getting a transplant?
  11:15am Dorothy:

Flying monkey pee is BRUTAL.
  11:15am of course:

Monkey pee, monkey do...(NOT doo!)
  11:16am earwax:

OMG! It's happened. Here they are.
  11:16am Louis Cypher:

  11:17am still b/p:

The first baldfaced betrayal of 2012.
  11:17am Caryn:

Just don't pee on the wicked witch. She melts. And there goes all our job security.
  11:17am channeling Lou R.:

cmon, this is a bazillion times better than the Dylan Xmas release
  11:18am eirikur:

"If you make others feel like jam
Poured on a piece of charbroiled lamb" Lou Reed: a true poet of our time.
  11:18am Caryn:

Yes, Lou, but even Paris Hilton's album was somewhat preferable to the Dylan X-mas album...
  11:19am paul:

i think i said this before but he totally reminds me of jad fair on this song
  11:19am earwax:

Up next - The Metallica, Lou Reed Xmas album.
  11:19am ƒoƒo (:


I'm melting like the wicked witch...Zatumba noises come from my mouth.

I'm reborning in the love territory of LOUTALLICALAND.

  11:19am Carmichael:

This just sucks ass, plain and simple.
  11:20am blip:

The ice will never melt in regards to the reception of that album
  11:20am Caryn:

Well, now I feel like some jam on lamb. To eat, that is.
  11:20am channeling Lou R.:

Andy and Ken try to halt the flow?
See if I ever show up on their show.

I got a million of em!
  11:20am PAS Music:

There are alot of scared birds on this page!
  11:21am Mark:

oooh Paris Hilton released an album?
  11:21am Carmichael:

Caryn, my new pet phrase will be "jam on lamb", kinda like "Bob's your uncle."
  11:22am Playlist Note:

Andy's Theme Song
  11:23am Dirk Pierson:

Is that Carl Sagan forever blowing bubbles?
  11:23am Caryn:

I bet those dancing girls on the gif were thinking: "Man, every other week it's flames, every other week, it's synchronised swimming around Esther Williams..."
@Mark: yes, and just avoid it at all costs.
  11:23am Mark:

okey doke
  11:24am andymorphic:

the fall takes away thepain
  11:25am Mark:

I can't hear Ken
  11:26am Emile:

Hell, Ken, where can you get that King Bros thing??
  11:26am Caryn:

You know, there was an old musical/operetta called "Bob's Your Uncle, Fanny's Your Aunt".
  11:26am xmas Lulu:

"...Left some blood and cookies out for Krampus...smeared razzleberry jam on a nativity lamb..."
  11:27am CP:

Hei Caryn toivoelämä on hyvä Suomessa, ja että teillä on onnellinen uusi vuosi.
  11:28am Caryn:

@CP: How come I suspect that some Google Translator was used? But thanks, the same to you too!
  11:30am Dan Gable:

I hated that damned pegboard in gym class.
  11:32am Carmichael:

Is that Tim the Toolman Taylor in the pic with the loud fashion girls?
  11:32am Lulu:

Funny you mention that, our follow-up is Lou's raps over jews harp mashups
  11:34am Caryn:

I didn't talk you out of it, Ken! Whoever sent that death story talked you out of it! Well, typed you out of it.
  11:34am G:

They should have buried her with her damn Wii
  11:34am flomax:

pee, please!
  11:35am Hugo Chavez:

Thanks, Ken!!!
  11:35am Caryn:

Now I just want to see Matusow play the jew's harp in that clown outfit, Wonder if he hung out with "killer clown" Gacy?
  11:38am Carmichael:

I thought Gacy was in Insane Clown Posse.
  11:39am Juggalo:

Only as a one-off
  11:40am Caryn:

The original insane clown posse: Gacy, Matusow, Pennywise. The Insane Clown Posse band is the "Brat Pack" to their "Rat Pack".
  11:41am jt:

I like the Dylan X-mas album. So there.
  11:42am andymorphic:

i like what i have heard of lulu....its a sleeper
  11:42am G:

it took you awhile to get up the courage to post that, jt! admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery!
  11:43am Bryant:

Who's the lady opening the closet? Anyone know?
  11:43am Caryn:

Or maybe the "Frat Pack" to their "Brat Pack". After all, there have been some nasty jesters, fools and clowns in ancient and medieval history.
  11:44am andymorphic:


she is in the new episode of "sherlock"
  11:45am Mark:

sure to be a Ken favorite
  11:46am Cheri Pi:

That cloud has 3 testicles too many.
  11:47am Caryn:

I think her name is Lara Pulver (the actress, not the Sherlock character).
  11:47am Caryn:

She was also Claudine in True Blood.
  11:50am Ken:

Caryn - Who was Claudine in TB? Which character? The fairy?
  11:50am andymorphic:

that is from a shot from the sherlock adaption of A Scandal in Bohemia....amazing show by the way
  11:51am Caryn:

I think the Blondie, Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan & Beastie Boys kitten covers are my faves.
  11:52am Brian in UK:

@ Bryant here is a link but not sure if it can be viewed outside UK
  11:53am Ken:

Oh man, it's all kitten covers? I was wondering why it was blank in my browser. What's it look like?
  11:53am tim from champaign:

Ha! This is like the sweatin' to the oldies wedding dance mix of punk songs.
  11:54am pierre:

(i'm so psyched about the new Sherlock episode, going to watch it tonight…)
  11:54am blip:

I think we're all overloading the Kitten Covers' server....
  11:54am G:

famous album covers with kittens instead of the musicians, london callling, etc
  11:54am ƒoƒo (:

Ken, thanks for the show!

It was fabulous! I wish all your shows -and I know they will be- this year 2012 be all astounding, amazing, extraordinary, remarkable, incredible, astonishing, legendary, immense, unbelievable, breathtaking, phenomenal, and inconceivable!
  11:55am Roget:

OK, already, fofo!
  11:56am Mark:

and they're so cute! they're kittens!
  11:56am Caryn:

@Ken: yep, Sookie's "fairy godmother", who showed up in season 4 (well, the last ep. of season 3, actually)
  11:56am Carmichael:

This sounds like Buck's Fizz.
  11:56am earwax:

You can't drink shoes!
  11:57am still b/p:

Violent J of Insane Clown Posse responding to inclusion on Unsexiest Men Alive list (check his final couple of comments):
  11:57am Ken:

The one who Eric killed, Caryn? I love you Caryn.
  11:57am Caryn:

Ken, still no Eläkeläiset... Maybe next time? Or later today?
  11:58am Mark:

and what's more clever than calling your kitten website
  11:59am listener mark:

Good bye Ken "I have become death. Destroyer of worlds." See you next week.
  12:00pm Caryn:

Yep, Ken. That's her. And aww, bless, Ken.
  12:00pm LOLcat:

ken i haz albumm parudies LOLZ
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