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Playlist for 14 December 2011 Favoriting | Gruss Vom Krampus 2011 A.D.

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
The Glass Duo  Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies   Favoriting  
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
The Jingle Cats  Ave Maria   Favoriting  
  0:04:08 (Pop-up)
Wing  It Came Upon The Midnight Clear   Favoriting       0:07:40 (Pop-up)
Lou Reed & Metallica  Pumping Blood   Favoriting Lulu 
*   0:12:18 (Pop-up)
Bob Dylan  Hark The Herald Angels Sing   Favoriting Christmas In The Heart 
  0:19:32 (Pop-up)
Kids of CPH  O Come All Ye Faithful   Favoriting       0:21:16 (Pop-up)
Kids of CPH  White Christmas   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:23:35 (Pop-up)
Patton Oswalt  My Christmas Memory   Favoriting       0:24:58 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:27:55 (Pop-up)
Brian Harris  Ukrainian Bell Carol   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:42:14 (Pop-up)
Krzysztof Penderecki  Utrenja   Favoriting       0:43:55 (Pop-up)
The Boston Pops  Carol of the Bells   Favoriting       0:46:12 (Pop-up)
The Caretaker  An Empty Bliss Beyond This World   Favoriting  
  0:50:13 (Pop-up)
Unknown  Jesus and I Go To Hell   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  0:53:52 (Pop-up)
Dan Fuller  Jesus Impregnante Me Lord   Favoriting       1:01:15 (Pop-up)
Special Ed  The Story Of The Naivete, Part 4   Favoriting       1:05:53 (Pop-up)
Jingle Dogs  Carol of the Bells   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:12:13 (Pop-up)
DJ Brokenwindow  Slay Bells   Favoriting  

  1:17:38 (Pop-up)
People Like us  Holy Shit   Favoriting  
  1:18:33 (Pop-up)
Sonic Youth  Santa Doesnt Cop Out on Dope   Favoriting  
  1:25:42 (Pop-up)
  Taxi Ave Maria jACKNIFE lEE rEMIX   28 Days Later Beeyatch 
  1:31:06 (Pop-up)
Dean Martin  Jingle Bells (Dan the Automator Remix)   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:35:01 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
Little Drummer Boy   Favoriting       1:37:47 (Pop-up)
People Like Us  Fa La La La La La   Favoriting       1:51:25 (Pop-up)
Wayne Butane  A Wayne Butane Christmas   Favoriting  
  1:51:47 (Pop-up)
Anthony Bourdain  A Krampus Karol   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  1:58:20 (Pop-up)
Gyorgi Ligeti  Lontano   Favoriting       2:01:51 (Pop-up)
Kammerchor Michaelstein  Schedryk - Carol of the Bells   Favoriting  

  2:13:04 (Pop-up)
Woody Philips  Joy to The World   Favoriting       2:18:23 (Pop-up)
Culturcide  Depressed Christmas   Favoriting  
  2:26:10 (Pop-up)
Ol Pal Irwin  Santa Claus is Gonna Be Pissed   Favoriting  
  2:30:57 (Pop-up)
Jimmy  White Christmas   Favoriting       2:32:12 (Pop-up)
Dinah Shore  You'll Never Walk Alone   Favoriting  

Click for the full size image
  2:38:07 (Pop-up)
Roy Hamilton  You'll Never Walk Alone   Favoriting       2:40:42 (Pop-up)
Barnabas Collins  I'll be With You Always   Favoriting       2:43:50 (Pop-up)
Krzysztof Komeda  Koukol Laughs   Favoriting Vampire Killers      2:45:59 (Pop-up)
National Lampoon  Deteriorata   Favoriting       2:48:30 (Pop-up)
Monty Python  Christmas in Heaven   Favoriting       2:53:10 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Detroit Mac:

Happy Krampus all!
  9:01am Rob (from Mt Hope):

Oh, welcome Krampus
  9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh, Krampus. Welcome back to my life. To our lives.
  9:02am Neg-guh-tor:

Krampus show!
  9:03am GB Joe:

Happy Krampus everyone! Hope you've all been bad little boys and girls this year
  9:03am Bad Ronald:

Krampus? They nearly killed us!!!
  9:03am Dave B:

Gruss vom Krampus. (and thanks for the scotcheroos!)
  9:03am Roberto:

Krampus freakin' OWNS
  9:04am ted:

Occupy Krampus!
  9:04am Terry is cooking:

Krampus pants are so on!
  9:04am Mark:

I think Krampus might be done it has been discovered by NPR:
  9:04am pgw in mntclr:

i was having Krampus-esque dreams about an hour ago
  9:06am Bad Ronald:

The Jingle Cats sound just like Dylan.
  9:08am Lizardner Dave:

So since I'm on Ken's cat-free Internet I'm not hearing anything right now.
  9:08am Dave B:

  9:09am Maurice Sindark:

Let the wild Krampus begin!
  9:09am ted:

Lucky you.
  9:10am ted:

Occupy WFMU! No more Christmas songs!
  9:11am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:

Yeah! I took the day off from work just so I could listen to one of my favorite shows of the year. Thanks Ken! Did you try the beer yet?
  9:12am ted:

Tool of the 1%
  9:12am F0F0 (^o^):

Muchos Krampus to you all! And hello Ken and fellow commenters!
  9:12am Dan B From Upstate:

I wonder if this is the first time Wing has ever been mixed with the sound of gunfire.
  9:13am Lizardner Dave:

Thanks for the Scotcheroos Ken. Just one question, are they stil edible or are they better hung on the tree as decoration? (Yes, I am serious)...
  9:14am ted:

Street Hassle was better.
  9:14am Cheri Pi:

Loureed IS Krampus. That's the real name of Loutallica.
  9:14am Ken:

Edible Dave, Edible! It's Nature's Perfect Food! WTF?! Would Nature Make Something That Went Bad So Quick?!!!!! JESUS!!!
  9:14am Stevel:

  9:14am Dan B From Upstate:

Oh my god. I think I might be starting to unironically like Lulu. What is WRONG with me?
  9:15am Lizardner Dave:

Just checking...and thanks again.
  9:15am Cheri Pi:

Jinx! Buy me a coke
  9:15am Roberto:

Lulu definitely grows on ya.
  9:16am Mark:

ok everyone raise their hands if they were going to make a Lou Reed = Krampus reference
  9:16am Cheri Pi:

...come on James
  9:16am Lizardner Dave:

Loutallica is the "Manos, The Hands Of Fate" of rock and roll.
  9:16am Naughty child:

  9:17am Neg-guh-tor:

Did you download that mix I sent you , Ken with that Rosko song? Hope so! If not here is the link:
  9:17am ted:

I was once at a Christmas party that Lou showed up at. He was a black hole of fun.
  9:18am Bad Ronald:

Lou Reed is Mok:
  9:18am earwax:

Lou is Krampus
  9:18am Jack:

Yes lou this really is not good
  9:19am Lizardner Dave:

Kramploutallica. Loutallicus?
  9:19am glenn:

dear sweet benevolent jesus, make it stop.
  9:19am still b/p:

I wish Andy Williams still did TV Christmas specials so he could have Lou and Metallica on and join them for a holiday medley.
  9:20am Lizardner Dave:

I would love to hear this remixed with "Lightning Set My Butt On Fire" by Amanda.
  9:20am Aaron in Jcity:

Andy Breckman should do a christmas special
  9:20am hamburger:

best xmas set evers!
  9:20am Stevel:

Ken, you are a cruel, cruel man.
  9:20am pgw in mntclr:

Mark Knopfler sounds like he has a cold
  9:20am Handsome Harry:

Merry Krampus Everyone!! HAIL SATAN!!
  9:21am ted:

Ack! I was about to say that at least it's not a Christmas song.
  9:21am ?:

  9:21am Neg-guh-tor:

Hail Satan!
  9:21am glenn:

watch it harry. lowes will pull its advertising from ken's show.
  9:21am Naughty child:

Please Loutalikrampus. Eat me now. Start with my ears.
  9:22am trrs:

  9:22am Julian:

spermless like a girl
  9:22am F0F0 [:

hahahahaha...that is what I was thinking of. Dylan needs some Metallica background music: Dyltallica.
  9:22am Roberto:

Oh, Ken...only you could instill this cold, dead heart of mine with the true spirit of Krampus.
  9:23am Dave B:

  9:23am Cheri Pi:

"a colored man's dick" -Loutallykramus
  9:26am revealed!:

If Lou Reed is currently an ass bag, well, Krampus = rump sak. Ergo, Lou = Krampus
  9:26am K.:

*aside to Ken*
Did you get the Krampus Ale I sent?
  9:28am Mark:

  9:29am Van in Dallas:

Let me guess: there's a local kindergarten school class tour of WFMU today, and Ken is wearing his horns. And hooves. Am I right?
  9:32am Aaron in Jcity:

new WFMU app - Ken's Evil Voice-a-ma-Tron
  9:32am Skirkie:

Do your worst.
  9:33am Aaron in Jcity:

Ken you sound like Tonetta
  9:34am Vivian:

NOOOOOOO!!! Lou Reed postponed his 7SD visit???NOOOOOO!
  9:36am anne:

do you need some Krampus gifs, Ken?
  9:39am Ken:

Thanks Anne. Too late for this year but there's always next Krampus.
  9:39am F0F0 [:

To the USA people: So if you write Santa Claus to get you some gifts, what do you write to Krampus? A wish-list of punishments? Can I do this on behalf of someone else? Me no entender.
  9:39am Van in Dallas:

That's quite a tongue lashing going on there
  9:41am Little Girl:

Dear Krampus,

I have been very, very bad, and I seriously need some memorable discipline. txbye
  9:42am JoeChrisMorris:

any secret Santa this year for 7SD Ken?
  9:43am Lizardner Dave:

  9:43am lee:

love on the beat
  9:45am Dave B:

when Krampus jumps the shark, there's always Zwarte Piet...
  9:47am mike noble on a bus:

this bus to new york (for ssd) is terrified.
  9:50am Lee:

Oh. Hello Krampus Show. Missed you.
  9:50am St. Panicholas:

Krambus is coming!
  9:52am Cecile:

You know, Ken, this one brewery had its 12/12/12 celebration for the Krampus holidays for its "Darkness" beer and the accompanying holiday music was Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss album.
  9:54am trrs:

"Darkness" is a good name for a thick winter beer.
  9:54am F0F0 [:

Oh, Cecile, the last great metal album.
  9:56am Neg-guh-tor:

I love this woman's LSD inspired Jesus story. This is why crazy people should be recorded.
  9:57am glenn:

i think informed more than inspired.
  9:57am Terry is cooking:

Agreed. I always forget how awesome this is. The best Krampus gift ever.
  9:58am Cecile:

metal as we know it, fofo.
I like Mastodon, Enslaved and the ilk, but yeah, kind of the end of an era.
  9:58am BSI:

Just got in. Viva Evil!
I must now change my krampus pampers!
Lets go to HAIL!
  9:59am Luke:

Good Day Ken.
  9:59am Cecile:

I think the poisonous vipers from the morning service must have given her a good sharp bite.
  10:00am still b/p:

Is she reading from her family's Christmas newsletter?
  10:00am glenn:

was satan roasting marshmallows on his horns?
  10:00am trrs:

Hey Cecile, a recipe is found, under the star of browse/search:
"peanut butter-chocolate chip-bacon cookies"
  10:00am F0F0 [:

Yeah, it was the end of a such an era: Painkiller, Season in the Abyss, Cowboys from Hell, Metallica's Black Album ( I know you disagree on that one ;) , Necroticism – Descanting the Insalubrious, Rust In Peace...
  10:01am Bruce F:

Sounds like Sissy Spacek
  10:02am Van in Dallas:

@Bruce F - ha! I was thinking the exact same thing!
  10:02am BSI:

I loves me the shouty god guys.
  10:02am F0F0 [:

Hmmm....chip bacon cookies.
  10:02am Luke:

Am I at church again? I have been to these type of services, so its weird to hear them played on the radio.
  10:03am Blood, Sweat and Xmas:

Don't want to go by the devil.
Don't want to go by demon.
Don't want to go by Satan,
Don't want to die uneasy.
Just let me go naturally.
  10:03am nice one:

Impregnante - is this Italian?
  10:03am Cecile:

Yeah, fofo, I don't like all those records, but I certainly get why people do. And Rust in Peace, man. Marty Friedman's finest hour.
  10:04am dc pat:

Ah it's Krampus time again....I'll be listening but my boss is sitting right behind me today instead of in NC so....
  10:04am glenn:

reach around! excellent.
  10:06am F0F0 [:

nice one,

Impregnante is Italian. But can also be Spanish, or Portuguese.
  10:07am FCC:

Get your fingers out of my icing, indeed.
  10:08am glenn:

jesus should have joined the carpenter's union. better pay, benefits, steady work.
  10:08am nice one:

I recognise the voices in The Story of The Naivite from Dinosaur graveyard porn 8 track am I right or am I right?
  10:08am TonguesTooShortToFelchWithGod:

Oswalt's Chipmonk remix.
  10:09am Cecile:

special ed! man, I remember his shows back in the day.
He taught me how to attach a tape loop to a hook in the ceiling and keep it going through the whole show.
  10:12am chris m:

krampus is just alright with me
  10:12am JJJ:

please mix into the fantomas version!
  10:14am still b/p:

  10:17am Lizardner Dave:

Oh Spider Man!
  10:17am Karen in Sleepy Hollow:
Krampus cartoon for you all
  10:18am Dan B From Upstate:

The Santa fun run picture is awesome!
  10:18am Dave B:

If you do some whippits, then run your voice thru that processor only the blue whale would be able to hear it....
  10:20am hamburger:

comma zero, comma zero, reverse kramupus...
  10:22am Dave B:

I predict Krampus jumps the shark by 2013.

Here's proof:
  10:26am Mark:

I posted the proof that Krampus has jumped the shark:
  10:28am Dave B:

@Mark - I stand corrected.
  10:29am dc pat:

Mark, DaveB: crap. It was fun while it lasted...
  10:29am Mark:

@Dave B I wasn't correcting you
  10:30am don:

WHAT'S THIS???? first Sonic Youth track I've wanted to get in a long time.
  10:31am Dave B:

heheh... its all good Mark!
  10:33am william english:

Listening in London, great show!!
  10:36am mike noble on the krampbus:

tell ken I ran into Lew Reede on the krampbus. says he can't make the shoe.
  10:36am Mark:

Krampus was a featured story on Saturday Morning Edition,
and the story was introduced by that buttrag Scott Simon
  10:40am Carmichael:

Hi Kenneth! Hi listeners. It's beginning to look a lot like FMU Christmas.
  10:40am Luke:

Jimmy had is coming Ken.
  10:40am Dave B:

Well, we could always go to Belgium or Holland and party with Zwarte Piet!
  10:47am mike noble on the krampbus:

I am afraid of seleucids.
  10:48am hamburger:

Zwarte Piet is defintiely the wikipedia entry lookup of the day
  10:51am Jenniqua:

Saw lots of photos of Zwarte Piet walking around Amsterdam in a daze. Not good.
  10:57am dc pat:

why do the throw up sounds always crack me up?
  10:58am Goyim in the AM:

One of the Krampii in the Krampus Run in Niedernsill in Austria broke a 13-year-old girl's leg and then took off. The cops found him later -- a twenty-year-old local kid -- he said it was an accident. You'd think someone would have published this story in English, but no.
  11:00am zach in philly:

so good
  11:00am Dave B:

I think, like octopus, the plural would be Krampode
  11:01am dc pat:

man, I canNOT get any work done...
  11:01am bbell:

Early happy winter solstice everyone! xoxo to Ken for the melodic three hours and all the lovely Krampus cards.
  11:02am Goyim in the AM:

It's actually Krampusse, but that sounds dirty.
  11:02am Youtube info alert:

A 1 minute video introduction to Zwarte Piet:
  11:03am Tom Hanks:

Jerry Sandusky is the new Krampus
  11:04am Cecile:

Even Zwarte Piet hates Jerry Sandusky.
  11:06am Krampus:

yeah, I'm not down with this Sandusky guy, know that I mean?
  11:08am Dave B:

That sounds like an affliction
  11:10am Dan B From Upstate:

Sandusky = Evil Leslie Nielson?
  11:13am Cecile:

No, Evil Peter Graves.
  11:13am Zwarte Piet:

I'm Zwarte Piet and I approve that message
  11:16am Dan B From Upstate:

You're right, Cecile.
  11:17am Zwarte Piet:

"are you suffering from Yuletide Krampusse?"
  11:19am Brian in UK:

Guess you have seen this, station manager.
  11:19am trrs:

Hark! I like to listen to the tools sing.
  11:27am paul:

the other side of jimmy's "spin the bottle" has a version of "white christmas". it's not as good as "depressed christmas" tho
  11:30am Brian in UK:

In these troubled times 'may all your Christmases be white'?
  11:30am Cheri Pi:

No Blowfly this year Ken? We don't mind the non-stop dump button.
  11:30am Some Guy:

  11:30am Anne Elk:

Is that Bob Sinatra?
  11:31am Detroit Mac:

You better not shout, you better not squirm, that dirty old pervert is holding you firm... Santa Claus is going to town.
  11:31am F0F0 [:

I think I heard this is Kenny G.
  11:31am ?:

Black Christmas! best christmas movie
  11:31am BSI:

  11:32am Jenniqua:

This Culturecide song should be played non stop in ALL THE MALLS OF THE WORLD!!
  11:32am Jiminy Crockett:

Dude, i so love this stuff. Dude. Dude!
  11:32am F0F0 [:

Oh, Irwin. I still confuse Irwin with Kenny! ;P
  11:33am Jenniqua:

Woops, I mean the Ol Pal Irwin song!
  11:34am paul:

good ol' Jimmy
  11:36am Jiminy Crockett:

Jimmy sure does love whites
  11:36am other david:

Jimmy never really got the success his talents deserved
  11:39am Tim Curry:

Nothing like the smell of stuffing.
  11:39am Michelle in Green Bay:

Drive-by listening and greetings. My pesky job has gotten in the way of listening to Ken's show. Sadness. But I'd like to state for the record that I received scotcheroos in the mail the other day and they are, in fact, nature's perfect food.
  11:40am Dave B:

"Rare Exports Inc. - A Christmas Tale" is a must watch...
  11:40am make believe ballroom:

dinah shore! now yer talkin'.
  11:41am Krampus Cook:

Make sure to roast your stuffed kiddie all the way through. Partially raw child blood in your body cavity stuffing can cause indigestion or worse.
  11:42am Krampus Cook:

That's a hint from "The Joy of Cooking Children"
  11:42am Dave B:

It's the eve of Christmas in northern Finland, and an 'archeological' dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn't the one you want coming to town. When the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father Rauno, a reindeer hunter by trade, capture the mythological being and attempt to sell Santa to the misguided leader of the multinational corporation sponsoring the dig. Santa's elves, however, will stop at nothing to free their fearless leader from captivity. What ensues is a wildly humorous nightmare – a fantastically bizarre polemic on modern day morality.
  11:42am BSI:

Too distracted to comment in a timely manner, but... May I forcibly demand a 24-hour Wayne Butane-athon, at some point? ... Krampus be with you, bsi.
  11:43am william b. williams:

Roy Hamilton! now there's a singer.
  11:44am Jiminy Crockett:

is that Ben Stern?
  11:44am G:

@Roy H.: You may *sing* alone, though. If that's singing.
  11:44am Van in Dallas:

This just makes my Krampus.
  11:45am greg baron:

ken, just when i thought you couldn't get any scarier, you got dinah shore all up in our faces. "jeez krampus, it's like a car accident: you know you should look away, but you can't help staring..." greg peace & scotcharoooooos
  11:45am northguineahills:

@Dave B: probably not on Netflix, but I'll find a way to watch it anyways.
  11:46am Anne Elk:

Sounds like Roscoe
  11:46am Brian in UK:

You'll never walk again.
  11:47am still b/p:

I wish Hannibal Lecter still did TV Christmas specials so Barnabas Collins could join him for a holiday medley duet.
  11:47am Krampus:

Barnabas should have covered "Desiderata" in that voice.
  11:49am Krampus:

There ya go.
  11:49am F0F0 [:

Dave B,

That film seems great! Well, at least the argument.
  11:51am still b/p:

For some reason, I always liked the line about your dog finally getting enough cheese -- from the days of Gaines Burgers with cheese.
  11:52am Dave B:

@northguineahills / F0F0[: -
I remember getting the announcement from Oscilloscope Labs last year, but failed to act on it. Just placed an order. Hope it gets here in time.

I kinda wish Fred von Hellsig were here to comment on it.
  11:53am other david:

I'm sure Fred is here in spirit, down there, screaming up at us
  11:54am F0F0 [:

See ya everybody! Ken, thanks for yet another great Krampa-ton show!! An awesome way to end the year! Hail to Ken! m(_ _)m
  11:54am Family Dynamics:

Ken's oneupping observant brother secretly loves the hyperblasphemy shows.
  11:54am Listener Craig:

It's frightening that Western Civilization has fallen so far that this drivel might qualify as genius, but goddammit dude, these last three hours have been stellar. Good work and thanks...
  11:54am other david:

cya fofo
  11:55am Danimal:

Best Krampus show ever thanks Ken even though I was hoping for some Krampus Cornweenie
  11:55am dc pat:

who sings Christmas in Heaven? is it Graham?
  11:56am other david:

Thanks Ken, you've really put me in the Krampus spirit
  11:56am Weev:

Krampus is a lie forced upon us by a shadowy cabal of international bankers. Bankers with big noses. If you know what I mean. nudge nudge.
  11:56am Jogger:

I gotta krampus in my damn leg.
  11:57am Rob (from Mt Hope):

thank Krampus for archives
  11:57am Jogger:

Nothing left to lose, huh weev?
  11:57am trrs:

Kramphonic holiday wishes
  11:58am Lizardner Dave:

@Weev - Italians?
  11:58am Dan B From Upstate:

Good year, Ken.
  11:58am Dave B:

Kramptacular show!

Thanks Ken!
  11:58am jamesie:

depressed now!
  12:07pm Burglar:

Hey, it looks the door isn't locked!
  7:43pm PMD:

I love Krampus
  10:24pm Krampus in the US:

Awesome show! Occupy Xmas Krampus!
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