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Everything I do is gonna be funky.

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Options January 18, 2012

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Artist Track Album Label
Electronic  getting away with it (Greg Wilson edit)   Options    
CSLSX  Keep On shining   Options   self released 
Gloria Scott  Love me Love Love me Love Me or Leave me Leave me Leave me   Options What Am I gonna Do?  Casablanca 
Los Nombre  Listen People   Options S/T  Numero Group 
Jimmy Castor Bunch  Troglodyte (Boogie re-edit)   Options It's Just Begun  RCA 
Jimmy Castor Bunch  It's Just Begun (Larry Levan Remix/Disco Tech Re edit)   Options   unreleased 
Jimmy Castor  Supersound (Busta & Some DJ remix)   Options   unreleased 
JImmy Castor   U better be good or the devil's gonna getcha!   Options It's just begun   
Teen Daze  Together   Options   cultus vibes 
Pedro  Fear resilience (Prefuse 73 remix)   Options   unreleased 
Delphic  Doubt (Collarbones remix)   Options    
Freez  Alone   Options Best of...  Beggars banquet 
Jimmy Castor Bunch  Hey Leroy (Live 1973)   Options    
Eric Burden & War  Love's all around (Live in COpenhagen 1971)   Options    
Atlantic Starr  DOnt abuse my love   Options 12"  A & M 
Belle Farm Estates  Puddin   Options Puddin  Parker 
BN  Touch of class (re edit)   Options    
MUhammed Ali interview 1971       
Stevie Wonder   Black Man (Underdog edit)   Options    
America   Tin Man (re edit)   Options    
Ghoul  M-O-O-N   Options Mouthful of Gold  self released 
Leons Creation  We the People( Re edit)   Options    
Harry Shearer/Bilily Crystal  Tom Snyder Interviews Ali (7/11/77)   Options    
Barbara Mason  You Better stop it   Options single  arctic 
Don Covay  Rumble in the Jungle   Options Hot Blood  Mercury 
EWF  Boogie Wonderland (dubstep remix)   Options    
Swv  Rain (Chopped & Screwed)   Options   RCA 
Prof Genius  Venus Pop   Options    
Vagrants  Respect   Options I cant make a friend 1965-1968  Light inthe attic 
Mau  Clanet Paravan   Options 12"  Rimini 
Hollins and Starr  Cry Baby Cry   Options Sidewalks Talking (1970)  Ovation 

Listener comments!

  12:06pm Mike East:

is there some "Love My Way" in there?
  12:07pm Cecile:

hola, Duane!
Gonna honor Jimmy Castor today?

Also, I saw the Atlantic Starr Unsung. Their ballad era bores me, but the early records seemed really interesting.

Unfortunately, they are out of print in this country. :(
  12:07pm Cecile:

Yeah, more than a little, Mike East.
  12:08pm still b/p:

Love My Way -- Exactly what my ears noticed, too.
  12:08pm Ken From Hyde Park:

What if it turns out this song was pirated? Are we supposed to un-listen it somehow?
  12:08pm duane:

Hi Mike! Yes there is a bit of that melody in there huh? Yeah Cecile, that was a great unsung. I. LOve. Early. Atlantic Starr. We will here some of both today..count on it!
  12:10pm duane:

Ken from Hyde park: You have to "report" all of the media you encounter every week? You haven't been writing down every song and image you encounter and where?. I'm sorry Ken I'm gonna have to make a phone call!!!
  12:10pm Cecile:

thanks, Duane.
That Unsung was so tactful about the discord. Pretty much if you weren't totally into selling out, you left or were kicked out of Atlantic Starr. Pretty sad.
  12:11pm Neg-guh-tor:

Who was in Electronic? Can't Wiki
  12:12pm Cecile:

Johnny Marr and some New Order dude.
  12:12pm paul:

bernard sumner + johnny marr, and the pet shop boys guy on this song
  12:13pm Cecile:

Neil Tennant.
  12:13pm Neg-guh-tor:

It sounds just like that combo.
  12:15pm Ken From Hyde Park:

http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_(band) Just hang a ".m" in there to access.
  12:16pm robyn:

morning all! enjoying the show duane. sounds like the web protests are having an impact. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/19/technology/web-protests-piracy-bill-and-2-key-senators-change-course.html?hp
  12:26pm Cecile:

  12:27pm Eli:

Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me
  12:27pm Bertha Butt:

I'll sock it to ya baby!
  12:28pm Cecile:

I'll sock it to you, Eli.
I'll sock it to you, Eli.
  12:28pm Bathsheba Butt:

We were the original Kardashians.
  12:30pm Eli:

Are you one of the famous Butt sisters, capable of doing the Bertha Butt Boogie???
  12:30pm Cecile:

God, when we were kids, we loved this song.
  12:31pm Bathsheba Butt:

Right on.
  12:33pm still b/p:

"Gotta find a woman!" The Delegates had to -- HAD to! -- use it in Convention '72, in Kissinger's mouth.
  12:34pm Cecile:

I saw it on American Bandstand as a wee one. It started me on a strange and different path.
  12:36pm Eli:

  12:40pm Cecile:

Great remix.
  12:41pm Cecile:

what is the synth making that kind of thick and wobbly noise?
  12:41pm Cecile:

I call it the dubstep wobble noise.
  12:45pm DrekHater:

Heading over to Pandora until 3pm I guess...just not my thang - wasn't keen the 1st time around in the 70's...
  12:47pm paul:

yes, we get it. you post the same damn thing every week.
  12:48pm Mike East:

@DrekHater, there is an alternate stream going by Amanda Nazario. You should check that out. At least its a human being spinning the records.
  12:49pm Jan Audun Uretsky:

Hi Duane!
  12:49pm Cecile:

Human beings answer Pandora's Twitter feed, and they are quite nice.
  12:50pm Eli:

Uhhh, pretty sure my friend Duane is spinning these records. Wait?! DUANE IS A ROBOT??!! Shit, I hope he's a friendly robot...
  12:51pm listener jimbo:

Pandora's algorithm is questionable.
  12:51pm Jan Audun Uretsky:

Knock'in it out as usual
  12:52pm Cecile:

it's slowly getting better.

Duane is the Funky Cyborg of Funk.
  12:52pm Mike East:

Al Gore's rhythm is questionable.
  12:52pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Eli, I think Mike meant for DrekHater to head on over to Amanda's show instead of Pandora because PANDORA is the robot, not Duane. Wait, Duane, you aren't a robot, right? If you are, you are a totally kickass DJ of a robot. :-)
  12:53pm Cecile:

Wendy, I had some killer blue-collar white cheddar from Wisconsin over the holidays. Aged 6 years. A dream.
  12:53pm Eli:

Ahhh, thanks Wendy. TOo much coffee today...
  12:54pm duane:

No robots here:) And if Drekhater ain't feelin' it, he definitely should check my mate Amanda's excellent stream on the other side of the 'FMU pond! What's the word ELi!!!!!
  12:54pm Cecile:

Held its own with the Cheeses of the World sampler from Zingerman's my sister sent me.
  12:55pm robyn:

something about prefuse 73. i always find myself recognizing their/his songs even when i don't know them.
  12:55pm Cecile:

Duane, Cyborg just means you are like the 6 Million Dollar Man, ck ck ck ck ck
  12:55pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, 6 years is a crazy long time to age cheddar! I've never had a 6-year cheddar. it's going on the list :-)
Ahh, Zingermans. JEALOUS!

Eli, no problem! Happy to help. Have some cheese to calm your nerves.
  12:56pm Eli:

DUANE!! My homie...
  1:01pm Cecile:

It is like Milwaukee Reggiano.
It's crumbly, not as sharp as you think and just melts in your mouth. I think it's made by Nick's Dairy. If you look online, there are folks who are aging them up to 15 years now! Wow!
  1:02pm Cecile:

The only thing bad was there was bread. I love Zingerman's bread, but if you don't get it into the freezer or oven immediately, you have to chisel slices off the loaves.
  1:06pm Cecile:

I found a clip on YouTube of a Salvadoran band doing Bertha Butt Boogie in English. It sounds like Agador from the movie The Birdcage.
  1:07pm Eli:

Drink that coffee... Woah this sounds cool.
  1:08pm Cecile:

  1:09pm duane:

it ain't that cool Eli, but it is hilarious in retrospect
  1:14pm Cheri Pi:

Am I the only one interested in the PORN???
  1:14pm Cecile:

Eli is too.
  1:14pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, if the cheddar is aged right, at 6 years it should not be as sharp as one would expect. That nasty acrid taste in super-aged cheese comes from being aged poorly. Grafton (VT) recently reworked their 3- and 4-year cheddars and the 4-year is remarkably sweet. Isn't it incredible that you can EAT milk (more or less) that's SIX years old?
  1:15pm Eli:

The creature from the black lagoon is NOT my father. My dad's name is Andy.
  1:16pm duane:

Hold tight guys..the caffeine's gotta kick in just right!
  1:16pm Cecile:

I know, Wendy. It is miraculous to me!
  1:17pm Cecile:

it even has old-school black wax on it.
  1:18pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Somehow, all my life I've missed this "Hey Leroy" track. Such a shame! Thanks for fixing that, Duane. So great, so much fun.
  1:18pm Cecile:

There has to be an Unsung about War. Maybe the most underrated band of the 70s?
  1:18pm seang:

bring it!
  1:19pm Eli:

Wendy is dropping serious cheese knowledge. I love cheese.
  1:21pm Cecile:

I get misty about it. We didn't do fast food as kids on trips. We'd roll into Wisconsin cheese shops and get great cheese and pickles and crackers and meats and eat in parks.
  1:21pm duane:

Cecille: Well you know that War is basically the Hatfields and Mccoys of funk?
  1:22pm Cheri Pi:

Cecile, I believe it was you who said "after the nuclear holocaust, if I'm going to have to fight rats for cheese, there had better be some War LPs in my bunker to come home to" or something like that.
  1:24pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Eli, ha ha, thanks! it's what I do for a living. If you want some shameless self-promotion, check me on cheesesnob.com
  1:24pm Cecile:

that's right.

Duane, yes.
it's the lead singer vs everyone else. We were walking around downtown Mpls, and we could have seen that version, but the staff at the Dakota bar and grill subtlely conveyed to us that it might not be all that great an idea.
  1:25pm Cecile:

I guess Lee Oskar teaches in the Northwest and once or twice a year he does his reunion up there.
  1:26pm Wendy del Formaggio:

Cecile, cheese and meats and pickles and crackers are THE BEST picnic foods. It's basically Ploughman's Lunch, what kept miners and field hands full and sturdy for centuries.
  1:26pm Cecile:

the Dakota is a great jazz/soul bar, and the staff must have not been thrilled with the soundcheck.
  1:26pm Cecile:

that's right, Wendy! and it ends up being our regular dinner a few times a month.
  1:27pm Cecile:

this is great stuff, Duane. 6 year old cheddar to the Velveeta of Secret Lovers.
  1:28pm duane:

Cecille: I'm telling you..Atlantic Starr's "When Love Calls" and "Tuch a 4 leaf clover" will make you misty"
  1:29pm duane:

  1:29pm Cecile:

And the harmonies of Circles, which I hear for the first time on the show - wow.

Hey, Millie Jackson is going to be on Unsung! That's a must watch.
  1:32pm Jan Audun Uretsky:

Yeah I think "Touche, a four leaf clover" would be another medium altogether...
  1:36pm JT:

Hey Duane can you play this Puddin song twice? Just because.
  1:39pm duane:

JT :) Hahaha..I should huh? That's such a sexy song!
  1:49pm seang:

the Louisville Lip!
  1:49pm Caryn:

Was that ol' Parky interviewing Ali?
  1:50pm kat330:

They had a big bash for Ali across the river Saturday night.
  1:53pm duane:

Caryn: Yup! Those interviews are some of the most intense interviews ever. I loved the fact that these conversations kept evolving over the years and they were so open with each other about their beliefs.
  1:56pm ?:

Duane, duane, duane, where can we get ahold of this Stevie edit? insane!
  1:56pm slugluv1313:

hi Duane! excellent show . . . RIP, Jimmy Castor -- yes we loved "Troglodyte" when we were kids too -- even my Dad would totally crack up over that song! RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1:57pm duane:

Glad you enjoy the stevie edit. Underdog did it. He gave it to me, but I do believe it's on 12"
  1:58pm duane:

thanks slugluv1313!
  1:58pm bb:

this IS pretty hot, duanne
  2:00pm anne:

you're rockin' it Duane, sounds fabulous!
  2:02pm Eli:

That ALi interview was amazing
  2:02pm Ryan:

Can I hear some Taio Cruz?
  2:03pm Caryn:

Parkinson is a great interviewer and a lovely person. And that sweet Yorkshire accent...
  2:06pm Kenzo:

@Cecile: Hooray for eats in parks
  2:08pm Eli:

man. This story is hectic!
  2:10pm Cecile:

That's almost as creepy as when the guy from the Forensic Center (jail for the criminally insane) in Ypsi, MIchigan wrote me when I was DJing at WCBN.
  2:11pm Cecile:

exactly, Kenzo. Nice way to get to know the states around you.
  2:11pm duane:

Oh really Cecille? Yikes! Did you keep any of the letters?
  2:13pm Cecile:

it was just one letter. I don't remember if I kept it or not. He enjoyed my "end of the world" show I did randomly in '85 or '86. At the end, I told people to sit down, get out of their shoes and have a hamburger with lots of mustard and enjoy the show. Then I did 3 minutes of dead air before the next show.
  2:13pm Bob:

Just wash your hands after handling the correspondence and feel pleased that you were able to give without receiving! :)
  2:13pm Cecile:

his letter was very nice and he enjoyed the last bit. it had the neat, compulsive handwriting of certain personality disorders.
  2:15pm duane:

  2:16pm Cecile:

  2:16pm Jan Audun Uretsky:

Edit saves America!
  2:17pm Jan Audun Uretsky:

Bob, total LOL!
  2:22pm Otis:

Sly Soul!
  2:22pm Bob:

Sorry! Maybe a new tagline for Valentines day .... nothing say's it like semen .......
  2:29pm Caryn:

I'm guessing SNL?
  2:29pm duane:

Caryn: Tonight Show actually!
  2:30pm Cecile:

That makes sense. Crystal wasn't a SNL cast member until the early 80s.
  2:31pm Jennique:

Bilily? I like that better than Billy.
Saw the Muhammed Ali documentary on PBS the other day. Loved seeing all the old footage of him.
  2:32pm Kenzo:

I enjoyed not realizing it wasn't really them. Glad I didn't look at the playlist until after.
  2:38pm robyn:

did i miss the porn story?
  2:38pm Cecile:

this is cute, but I miss the Emotions and Phillip Bailey trying to outshout each other.
  2:39pm duane:

yeah robyn..don't know if I can quite get up the stomach to retell it agian..haha
  2:40pm Kat in Chicago:

not sure the world needed a dubstep remix of Boogie Wonderland
  2:41pm Cecile:

My kidneys hate this remix.
  2:41pm Mr El Donutsu:

You call this hippie music?
  2:42pm Cecile:

sounds like SWV had a few testoterone pills in their coffee on the day of this session.
  2:43pm Cecile:

or tostadarone or whatever the hell dude hormones are called.
  2:45pm vanessa:

chopped/screwed swv is better than unchopped/unscrewed swv. hola duane!
  2:45pm Hell Dude Hormones:

Thanks for the new band name!
  2:49pm Cecile:

you're welcome!
  2:49pm Cap'n Dyslexia:

Rexdctv, find out what it means to me!
  2:50pm Ozzy:

Fut da Wug?
  2:53pm robyn:

haha, no need to revisit, duane. i missed about an hour of the show so i'm sure i'll catch it on the archives.
  3:46pm robyn:

i see i made myself look like a pervert. nice!
  8:04pm Adam:

Duane, fantastic show as usual...I always hear something that you play that I need to go and find. It turns out that remixed Electronic song is a free download! Thank you!
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