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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Hives  Come On!   Favoriting Lex Hives  The Hives Broadcasting Service  2012    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Redd Kross  Stay Away From Downtown   Favoriting Researching the Blues  Merge  2012  another song of the year!  0:01:24 Pop-up)  
White Wires  The Magic   Favoriting White Wires III  Dirtnap  2012    0:03:58 Pop-up)  
The Late Show  Look Who's Laughing Now   Favoriting Portable Pop  Trashy Creatures  1980/2012    0:06:00 Pop-up)  
The Mishaps  Under My Thumb   Favoriting various - Psychedelic States:Alabama in the 60s Vol. 2  Gear Fab  1968/2003    0:08:15 Pop-up)  
Demolition Doll Rods  The Thump   Favoriting On  Swami  2005    0:11:59 Pop-up)  
Creme Soda  (I'm) Chewin' Gum   Favoriting Tricky Zingers  Radioactive  1974/2005    0:15:56 Pop-up)  
The Embarrassment  Can't Forget   Favoriting Heyday 1979-1983  Bar/None  1981/1995  recorded live  0:19:13 Pop-up)  
Timmy's Organism  Raw Sewage Roq!   Favoriting Raw Sewage Roq  In the Red  2012  for all the Ironmen!  0:26:06 Pop-up)  
Manganzoides  fuzztomano piedricola   Favoriting Sobredosis De Horror  No Fun  2002  from Lima, Peru  0:29:26 Pop-up)  
Electric Mess  Don't Take Your Bad Trip Out On Me   Favoriting Falling Off the Face of the Earth  Groovie Records  2012  in Somerville, Mass. Friday with Paul Collins Beat and Muck and the Mires!  0:31:43 Pop-up)  
The Unrequited Loves  These Are the Unrequited Loves   Favoriting These Are the Unrequited Loves  Face First  2005    0:34:55 Pop-up)  
The Funstigators  Debby   Favoriting live at WPRB  no label  1984    0:37:40 Pop-up)  
The Attention!  Dandy Groove   Favoriting Gettin' All The Attention!  Screaming Apple  2012    0:40:22 Pop-up)  
Mickey Finn and the Blue Men  I Still Want You   Favoriting various - The Beat Merchants  United Artists      0:43:00 Pop-up)  
Nervebreakers  Strange Movies   Favoriting Hijack the Radio!  Get Hip  1979/2012    0:49:42 Pop-up)  
The Time Flys  Offin' the Chief   Favoriting Fly  Birdman  2005    0:52:18 Pop-up)  
The Shirks  Cry Cry Cry   Favoriting 7"  Grave Mistake      0:54:01 Pop-up)  
Lovesores  Red Alert   Favoriting 7"  Tiger  2012    0:55:49 Pop-up)  
Little Seizures  Got Me Scared   Favoriting 7"  Go Ape!  2012    1:00:26 Pop-up)  
Rayon Beach  Some Fun Before We Die   Favoriting This Looks Serious  HoZac  2012    1:01:15 Pop-up)  
Tiger! Tiger!  Circle the Drain   Favoriting Cut Them Where They Bleed  Chicken Ranch Records  2012    1:08:35 Pop-up)  
Pujol  Providence   Favoriting United States of Being  Saddle Creek  2012    1:10:35 Pop-up)  
King Tuff  Swamp of Love   Favoriting s/t  Sub Pop  2012    1:13:29 Pop-up)  
The Sights  Left Over Right   Favoriting Left Over Right  HRM  2012    1:17:35 Pop-up)  
1-800-Band  Would You Believe It   Favoriting s/t  Slow Gold Zebra  2012    1:20:36 Pop-up)  
The McCoys  Everyday I Have To Cry   Favoriting Hang On Sloopy: The Best of The McCoys  Legacy  1965/1995    1:23:21 Pop-up)  
Dennis Diken with Bell Sound  Love Grows (Where my Rosemary Goes)   Favoriting various - Super Hits of the Seventies: Michael Shelley's 2012 WFMU premium  no label  2012    1:26:45 Pop-up)  
Gar Francis  Back in 1985   Favoriting Shine On  Bongo Boy      1:27:50 Pop-up)  
Neil Young with Crazy Horse  God Save the Queen   Favoriting Americana  Reprise  2012    1:38:08 Pop-up)  
Kinks  I Gotta Move   Favoriting s/t  Castle  1964/1998  A Dis-Respected Man  1:38:40 Pop-up)  
Teddy and the Rough Riders  Money and Gold (Part 2)   Favoriting various - Dancehall Stringbusters! Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed  1961/2004  from Ohio  1:40:57 Pop-up)  
Luna  Star-Spangled Man   Favoriting Rendezvous  Jetset  2004    1:43:21 Pop-up)  
The Intelligence  Hippy Provider   Favoriting Everybody's Got It Easy But Me  In the Red  2012    1:48:11 Pop-up)  
Superchunk  Cruel Summer   Favoriting single  Merge  2012  summer made cruel by the Olympics!  1:50:27 Pop-up)  
Knyghts of Fuzz  Fleshtones Saved My Life   Favoriting split 7"  Carlton  2012    1:58:01 Pop-up)  
Fleshtones  Ruby's Olde Time   Favoriting Take a Good Look!  Yep Roc  2008    2:00:56 Pop-up)  
Billy Swan  Three Chord Rock and Roll   Favoriting 7"  Mercury  the I Can Help guy  2:02:31 Pop-up)  
Radio Exiles  Walk Away   Favoriting 7"  Psychic Volt  2010?    2:05:13 Pop-up)  
The Thunderbeats  I'll Say Hello   Favoriting 4-Way Split  Chickpea Records  2012  from Russia  2:09:43 Pop-up)  
Klaus Beyer  Monster   Favoriting Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar  Misfits Records  2012    2:12:17 Pop-up)  
Crimson Shadows  Blues' Theme   Favoriting One Step Beyond Sanity  Groovie Records  1988/2011    2:14:30 Pop-up)  
Davie Allan & the Arrows  Dance the Freddie   Favoriting Devil's Rumble: Anthology '64-'68  Sundazed  1965/2004    2:16:27 Pop-up)  
David Marks & The Marksmen  Travelin'   Favoriting The Ultimate Collector's Edition 1963-65  davidleemakrs.com  1963/?  The Lost Beach Boy!  2:18:10 Pop-up)  
Thee Phantom 5ive  Bustin Suds   Favoriting various - Rock Don't Run Vol. 1  Spinout  1996    2:20:53 Pop-up)  
Los Straitjackets  New Siberia   Favoriting Jet Set  Yep Roc  2012    2:23:01 Pop-up)  
Guantanamo Baywatch  Frizzella   Favoriting Chest Crawl  Dirtnap      2:26:32 Pop-up)  
The Association  Come On In   Favoriting various - Come To the Sunshine: Soft Pop Nuggets from the WEA Vaults  Rhino Handmade  1968/2004    2:37:10 Pop-up)  
Del Shannon  Liar   Favoriting Drop Down and Get Me  Inidisc  1981  with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers  2:40:42 Pop-up)  
Green Pajamas  Mike Brown   Favoriting Summer of Lust  Green Monkey  1984/2012    2:43:49 Pop-up)  
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell  Second Option   Favoriting Begonias  Yep Roc  2005    2:46:18 Pop-up)  
John Doe & Exene Cervenka  Never Enough   Favoriting Singing and Playing  Moonlight Graham  2010/2012    2:49:38 Pop-up)  
Deep Time  Clouds   Favoriting s/t  Hardly Art  2012    2:51:50 Pop-up)  
The Space Heaters  New Electric Train   Favoriting Warming Up  Detroit Vinyl      2:55:34 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:04pm SmokinJ:

Totally rockin' tune..
  12:04pm John L.:

Love this Redd Kross tune. Sounds like Summer.
  12:08pm Cecile:

they keep digging up amazing power pop.
  12:10pm Mike Sin:

Good afternoon, Joe.

Well all right -- The Late Show get a proper reissue!
  12:12pm Woo:

Almost forgot it was Tuesday. Actually I did forget. Then I remembered. I like my rock in roll in real time.
Avatar 12:13pm Joe B:

Hi J! Hi John, thanks for the heads up on this one! Hi Cecile, yes amazing, and there is a new comp on Numero on Illinois power pop, I only heard of 2 bands!

Hi Mike! wow, you had heard of these guys before? I never did till I came across this Cd! Woo! Hoo!
  12:16pm Bad Ronald:

Hello rockers, just droppin' by to wish you a good show Joe. - Peace
PS - Did Dean give you the new Stags 45?
  12:28pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello Mr B &et al...Good to be rockin' back in the USA!
  12:29pm Chapel Hillian:

Saw the Demolition Doll Rods at Sleazefest ca. 2005. Talk about a perfect match of band and setting
  12:32pm Ace from Al Ain:

The Guardian cryptic crossword has been put down and the volume turned up. I am in boogie mode, now!
  12:40pm Cheri Pi:

Hey hey JB, & good friends!
  12:44pm KevinWho:

i'm excited to learn the Guardian has a cryptic crossword. i only knew about the FT's
  12:58pm jljl:

Anyone else lose the stream? I can't get it on Real Audio or itunes.
  1:00pm KevinWho:

lo-fi 24K represent, works fine
  1:02pm Cheri Pi:

jljl I've got it using the FLASH choice
  1:03pm Cheri Pi:

I like these Rayon Beach'es
Avatar 1:04pm Joe B:

Hi BR! not sure, I don't think so

Hi Kevin, welcome back!
Avatar 1:04pm Joe B:

Hi Chapel Hillman, wish I had made it to Sleazefest. never did. Hi Ace!
  1:05pm Woo:

Loud and clear here with Windows Media Player. Windows. When you have media you want to play.
Avatar 1:05pm Joe B:

Hi Cheri Pi! and Kevin W. and jljl and any lurkers out there.

jl I will pass along stream issues to the powers that be thanks for the heads up
  1:05pm KevinKarg:

@Joe B: thanks!
  1:06pm Cecile:

Is a cryptic crossword like a word search puzzle?
  1:07pm Kelly Taylor:

I choose me.
  1:07pm Jenny Garth:

I choose jeans.
  1:10pm Ace from Al Ain:

The G has great live streams (new Ariel Pink was up today) and a challenging cryptic.

No, Cecile. 75% of all comedians working in 1989 would, hilariously, refer to a cryptic as "a crossword on acid." See: guardian.co.uk
  1:13pm Cecile:

ah, I looked. A crossword with even more opaque clues than the Times...might be fun...
  1:15pm KevinWho:

don't often hear "Robespierre" in songs ....
@Ace from Al Ain: love the cryptics!
  1:17pm KP:

Im wondering who this and just realized i have it in that big pile over there. Tuff stuff.
Avatar 1:19pm Joe B:

usually I realize it is in the big pile after I buy it a second time!
  1:23pm Cecile:

I think 1-800-Band is the best band name of all time
  1:28pm KevinWho:

Diken sings?!?
  1:28pm Cecile:

Great cover.
I remember the Replacements would pull this one out for shows back in the day.
  1:28pm KP:

Hahaa. cant wait to get this.
I did see the Replacements do this, maybe not quite as faithfully.
  1:29pm Cecile:

not anywhere near as faithfully! LOL! but fun anyway.
  1:29pm KP:

Oh, Cecile, i didnt realize you already covered the Replacements cover angle.
Avatar 1:30pm Joe B:

Diken has a whole great album of him singing. I recommend it!
  1:32pm KevinWho:

@Joe B: he's like a superhero! is there nothing Diken can't do?!?
  1:33pm Cecile:

hey, that's cool. Great minds, KP!
  1:42pm KP:

Who did the Yardbirds style rave up first. them or the kinks?
  2:19pm Woo:

Same Freddie dance as Freddie and the Dreamers? I'm still working on learning it.
  2:20pm geokopp:

Are you and Todd-o-phonic still sluggin it out over who can play the most David Marks trax?
Avatar 2:22pm Joe B:

I vow to win!
  2:23pm geokopp:

Go Three Chord Joe! He's in it to win it.
  2:24pm geokopp:

checkin out Wanda Jackson on friday!!
  2:29pm Jex:

this music makes me feel like I'm in LA driving along the coast with my windows down...
  2:29pm Cecile:

back! nothing like a good depth charge coffee and a Vietnamese cold spring roll to get your mind back on track.
  2:30pm Nanker de Tucson:

Great show today, JoeB!
  2:31pm Cecile:

aw, RIP Horshak.
  2:33pm Not the Bluesman:

That ain't the Phantom Five, pal!
  2:41pm John L.:

Andrew Sandoval is also involved in the new Kinks BBC box that comes out next week. It looks great; 5 discs of music and a DVD of live stuff.
  2:41pm KP:

Sandoval has a real release out? He's the guy who tipped me about the Peter Asher concert. He also did a Byrds/Gene Clark show that was mindbogglingly wonderful, rare and intense. Oh and i subscribe!
  2:42pm Cecile:

ahhhhhhhhh....john L tell me moooore about the Kinks box!
Avatar 2:47pm Joe B:

Andrew also put together the amazing backing montage of clips and photos from last year;s great Monkees tour. assume he's involved again this year.
  2:49pm KevinWho:

love this Cary & Cockrell
  2:49pm geokopp:

great cut!
Avatar 2:50pm Joe B:

wish they would do a second album together!
  2:51pm John L.:

Cecile, the DVD has over 50 live tracks and some period period interviews. Looks a little pricey; it's an import. I think it will be worth ir for Kinks fans.Comes with a book, too.
  2:52pm John L.:

Oops, I stuttered.
  2:53pm Mike East:

I wish my internet would work consistently so I could listen to the show today. Alas, all I caught was the first hour when I was in my car. Looks like I missed alot. Have a great afternoon, Joe and all.
  2:53pm Cecile:

hmmmm, if it's not limited edition, it might get on my Christmas list.
  2:56pm Parq:

Another fine, fun, thoroughy likable Joe B show. Onward to Martha. Man, is this gonna be some segue.
  2:58pm Cecile:

Great show, Joe!
  11:32am Jim Leslie:

Thanks for playing 3 chord rock and roll, billy swan and I wrote this in 1986, great show!
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