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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Electric Mess  Runaway Daughter   Favoriting Falling Off the Face of the Earth  Groovie Records  2012    0:00:00 Pop-up)  
White Wires  Alright With Me   Favoriting White Wires III  Dirtnap  2012    0:01:26 Pop-up)  
The Attention!  Easy Street   Favoriting Gettin' All The Attention!  Screaming Apple  2012    0:04:17 Pop-up)  
The Above  My Love   Favoriting 7"  Killer Diller  2012  new release  0:06:40 Pop-up)  
Grip Weeds  Every Minute   Favoriting Speed of Live  Ground Up  2012  intro by Jim Babjak, Live at the Court Tavern, Feb. 2, 2008  0:10:20 Pop-up)  
Superchunk  This Summer   Favoriting single  Merge  2012    0:13:33 Pop-up)  
Mighty Fine  Black Train   Favoriting Get Up To Get Down  Drug Front Records  2011  Mighty Fine AND The Electric Mess at BSP Lounge in Kingston NY Sunday Sept 2  0:17:56 Pop-up)  
Bo-Keys featuring Percy Wiggins  Stuck In the Middle With You   Favoriting various - Super Hits of the Seventies: Michael Shelley's 2012 WFMU premium  WFMU  2012    0:23:22 Pop-up)  
Phyllis Diller  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction   Favoriting various - Golden Throats 2: More Celebrity Rock Oddities!  Rhino  1970/1991  RIP  0:26:34 Pop-up)  
101ers  Out of Time   Favoriting Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited  Astralwerks  1976/2005  happy 60th birthday Joe Strummer  0:28:39 Pop-up)  
1-800-Band  Tropical Meds   Favoriting s/t  Slow Gold Zebra  2012  produced by Greg Ashley  0:37:59 Pop-up)  
Mirrors  Patient Flowers   Favoriting 13 Patient Flowers  Birdman  2003/2006  speaking of Greg Ashley  0:44:06 Pop-up)  
Pujol  Keeper of Atlantis   Favoriting United States of Being  Saddle Creek  2012    0:45:26 Pop-up)  
Hives  Midnight Shifter   Favoriting Lex Hives  The Hives Broadcasting Service  2012    0:48:45 Pop-up)  
Klaus Beyer  Wo Ist der Käpt'n?   Favoriting Klaus Beyer Covers Osaka Popstar  Misfits Records  2012    0:52:37 Pop-up)  
Nervebreakers  My Girlfriend Is A Rock   Favoriting Hijack the Radio!  Get Hip  1978/2012    0:54:45 Pop-up)  
The Late Show  Won't Mind Waiting   Favoriting Portable Pop  Trashy Creatures Records  1980/2012    0:57:34 Pop-up)  
Michael Lynch  Gettin' That Feelin'   Favoriting Five Assorted Flavors  self-released, no label  2012    1:00:40 Pop-up)  
The Flashcubes  Forever   Favoriting Sportin' Wood: The Flashcubes Play the Songs of Roy Wood  Northside Records/Air Mail Recordings  2012    1:04:46 Pop-up)  
Hi-Risers  Watch the Monkees   Favoriting Hang Around With You  R & R Inc.  2012    1:15:08 Pop-up)  
Monkees  Someday Man   Favoriting Instant Replay reissue  Rhino  1969/1995  Paul Williams co-write, 1969 single  1:14:52 Pop-up)  
Michael Nesmith  Some of Shelly's Blues   Favoriting The Older Stuff (The Best Of The Early Years)  Rhino  1973/1996    1:16:48 Pop-up)  
Caitlin Cary & Thad Cockrell  Don't Make It Better   Favoriting Begonias  Yep Roc  2005    1:19:23 Pop-up)  
Dwight Yoakam  My Heart Skips a Beat   Favoriting Dwight Sings Buck  New West  2007    1:22:33 Pop-up)  
Buck Owens  World Famous Paradise Inn   Favoriting The Warner Bros. Recordings  Warner Bros.   1977/2007    1:25:07 Pop-up)  
Arthur Alexander  Love's Where Life Begins   Favoriting various - Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country  Trikont  1968/2006  I hope Doug Sahm recorded this song  1:27:11 Pop-up)  
Neil Young with Crazy Horse  Wayfarin' Stranger   Favoriting Americana  Reprise  2012    1:30:16 Pop-up)  
Kadavar  Black Sun   Favoriting Kadavar  Tee Pee  2012    1:39:59 Pop-up)  
Fu Manchu  Sensei Vs. Sensei   Favoriting We Must Obey  Century Media  2007    1:47:59 Pop-up)  
Timmy's Organism  Cats On the Moon   Favoriting Raw Sewage Roq  In the Red  2012    1:50:37 Pop-up)  
Donovan's Brain  Vanished   Favoriting Fires Which Burnt Brightly  Career Records  2009  Deniz Tek & friends!  1:55:55 Pop-up)  
New Christs  Spit It Out   Favoriting We Got This  Smog Veil  2003  Rob Younger of Radio Birdman  1:56:39 Pop-up)  
The Mess Around  Burn My Eye   Favoriting Boner Time  Drug Front Records  2012  Radio Birdman cover  2:00:58 Pop-up)  
Guitar Lightnin' Lee and his Thunder Band  Human Fly   Favoriting Just an Ol' G  Rhinestone Records  2012  at Local 269 Thursday, Brooklyn Rod & Gun Club Sunday and WFMU next Tuesday!  2:12:22 Pop-up)  
Little Seizures  Can't Seem To Make You Mind   Favoriting 7"  Go Ape  2012    2:14:42 Pop-up)  
John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives  Never Could Say No   Favoriting The Man That Time Forgot  Big Legal Mess    live here on the show next week! Maxwells Wednesday! Grand Victory Friday!  2:17:29 Pop-up)  
Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs  Big City Lights   Favoriting The MGM Singles  Sundazed  1965/2011    2:20:07 Pop-up)  
Los Monstruos  Keep Your Big Mouth Shut   Favoriting Eastbound & Down soundtrack  Fat Possum  196?/2012    2:23:02 Pop-up)  
The Rovin' Flames  How Many Times   Favoriting various - Psychedelic States:Florida in the 60s Vol. 3  Gear Fab  1967/2001  the Pebbles classic!  2:25:19 Pop-up)  
Guantanamo Baywatch  Baby Please   Favoriting Chest Crawl  Dirtnap  2012    2:26:53 Pop-up)  
The Fathoms  Cerveza on Dee Mesa   Favoriting various - Rock Don't Run Vol. 1  Spinout  1996    2:29:57 Pop-up)  
David Marks & The Marksmen  Kustom Kar Show   Favoriting The Ultimate Collector's Edition 1963-65  Reverse Falcon      2:31:56 Pop-up)  
Tiger! Tiger!  Perfume of Despair   Favoriting Cut Them Where They Bleed  Chicken Ranch Records  2012    2:38:50 Pop-up)  
Limiñanas  Salvation   Favoriting Crystal Anis  HoZac  2012    2:42:12 Pop-up)  
Crimson Shadows  The Vampire   Favoriting One Step Beyond Sanity  Groovie Records  1988/2011    2:44:37 Pop-up)  
Zmrzlina  Sweden   Favoriting various - Tunes on Toxic Terrain - Live on WFMU  WFMU  2004  live on Brian's show, Oct.30, 2002. Chris Stubbs, engineer  2:48:14 Pop-up)  
The Intelligence  Dim Limelights   Favoriting Everybody's Got It Easy But Me  In the Red  2012    2:54:12 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

  12:02pm Cheri Pi:

what it is JB!
  12:05pm SmokinJ:

Mornin' kids..
Avatar 12:08pm Joe B:

Hi Cheri Pi and J! thanks for tuning in!
  12:10pm SteveL:

Workin' music! Good to be here.
Avatar 12:11pm Joe B:

Hi Steve!
  12:13pm herb:

ahhh, Grip Weeds - was it the drummer who plays with the (reformed) Left Banke? dang good show last aug 6 at highline!
  12:14pm Cheri Pi:

Summer!! (please go away!)
Avatar 12:15pm Joe B:

Hi Herb ... it is one of the guitarists in the Grip Weeds who is drumming for Left Banke!
Avatar 12:15pm Joe B:

CP, Noooooooooooooooooooooo!
  12:16pm Cheri Pi:

OK...This song is the only thing making THIS SUMMER bearable..
  12:23pm John L:

That show is gonna be a great way to end the Summer.
  12:31pm BDR:

Thanks for remember Strummer!
  12:37pm Parq:

Thanks also for remembering Phyllis. I find myself really saddened by her death, vaguely like I'd lost an aunt. She was a part of the pop culture firmament my whole life.
  12:49pm Mike Sin:

I wish I was at the beach, but if I've gotta work from home today, it's nice to have the Three Chord Monte show to blast through the house!
  12:55pm Cheri Pi:

I hear the Fall in the mix...
Avatar 12:57pm Joe B:

I Wish at the beach too mike! thanks for tuning in! Hi BDR and Parq!
Avatar 12:58pm Joe B:

Cheri, Fall in the Klaus cut?
  1:04pm Cheri Pi:

yeah, in the klaus..wish I could place the song title...
  1:08pm Belmondo:

Hi Joe!
I'm from Sao Paulo and I produce a podcast-mixtape called "Podcast do Belmondo". This week's episode is dedicated to 3 WFMU DJs: Evan "Funk" Davies, Terre T. and Joe Belock! Listen at podcastdobelmondo.blogspot.com or ITS.
  1:09pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Howdyall! @JohnL- Let's not end the summer just quite yet.
@Cheri Pi- Joe B makes WORKING in the summer bearable.
  1:11pm Woo:

Nothing but summer! I've got 2 weeks booked at the beach in Rhode Island at the end of September. Best time to go swimming.
  1:15pm Cheri Pi:

Oh JB, you're talking my language now.
  1:18pm Don Kirshner:

Please send me a royalty check.
Avatar 1:19pm Joe B:

sorry don, you were long out of the picture by 1969!
  1:20pm Don Kirshner:

wait a sec....I'm dead. nevermind.
  1:20pm KevinWho:

love "Some of Shelly's Blues," a song that isn't covered enough!
  1:20pm Woo:

Monkees tix still available for Chicago Nov. 16.
Avatar 1:21pm Joe B:

Hi Belmondo, wow, thanks, sounds cool! Hi Kevin! Hi Woo!
Avatar 1:21pm Joe B:

And Hi Kevin W.! agreed!
  1:22pm still b/p:

Mike can come punch a hole in your headstone or crypt, Don, like he done to the wall that time after a meeting with you.
  1:23pm geokopp:

Hi Joe, totally hooked on this Cary/Cockrell stuff since you played it last week, just great!
  1:24pm KP:

Monkees tix through roof almost literally on LI.
Avatar 1:26pm Joe B:

ha, good one b/p! George, glad you are digging it. rediscovered this album for no real reason a few weeks ago!
Avatar 1:27pm Joe B:

guess they underestimated the demand to see Nesmith
  1:29pm KP:

Beacon has plenty of reasonably priced tix left (stubhub). I guess on LI, it's last train to Hicksville.
  1:39pm KP:

With computers, Nez doesnt sell as much Liquid Paper as he used to.
Avatar 1:40pm Joe B:

He sold liquid paper to some big company in the late 70s for 20 mil
  1:42pm Woo:

If Nesmith doesn't go through with this can you get a refund?
  1:42pm Cheri Pi:

yeaahhhhhhhhhhh!!! KADAVAR!!
  1:50pm Cheri Pi:

it just got smokey in here.
  1:52pm puredirt:

  2:17pm Crusher:

Got any Nomads? Monomen?
  2:25pm puredirt:

nice version!
  2:32pm tim from champaign:

Joe, I've been meaning to tell your premium cd for this year is fantastic listening. Thanks!
  2:34pm Woo:

about time for David Marks
  2:38pm Carmichael:

Hey Joe, better late than never. Rockin' the Phyllis Diller, I see. Cool!
  2:44pm efd:

The Limiñanas - yet another contender for Album Of The Year!
Avatar 2:46pm Joe B:

Hi carmichael! EFD, tell me about it!

wow, thanks Tim! appreciate it!
Avatar 2:48pm Joe B:

Hi Crusher, sorry, ran out of time for request this week, I agree puredirt!
  2:52pm geokopp:

one more point for Joe in the David Marks battle with Todd!
  2:53pm SHIMMY:

For what it's worth, 'zmrzlina' is Czech for 'ice cream'. Is this YLT under a different name?
Avatar 2:54pm Joe B:

thanks Shimmy! I think they were a bay Area band
  2:56pm puredirt:

ah i love the intelligence, got any sic alps??
  3:04pm rubble:

Great show Mr. B!
  2:26am The Catholic Girls:

Hi Joe, Always try to catch your show on Wednesdays when driving to work. Would love to send you the new Catholic Girls CD "Exposed!". Message us if you're interested and keep on playing great music always- Gail, Roxy, and Doreen.
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