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Playlist for 10 October 2012 Favoriting | Take the R Train

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
impLOG  On Broadway   Favoriting  
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
Kunihiko Murai  Yajugari M-14 T-1   Favoriting O.S.T.: Strength Through Failure: Fabio's 2012 WFMU Marathon Premium 
  0:06:38 (Pop-up)
The Limiñanas  Cristal Anis   Favoriting Title Track 
*   0:08:52 (Pop-up)
Pierre Henry  Psyche Rock   Favoriting Mess Pour Le Temps Présent 
  0:11:50 (Pop-up)
101 Strings  Flameout   Favoriting  
  0:14:16 (Pop-up)
Okapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra  Carmen Overture / Borodin Prince Igor   Favoriting Opera Riparata: A Tribute to Bruno Munari 
*   0:22:23 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda, Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley  Introduction: Grim Eye   Favoriting       0:26:24 (Pop-up)
DJ Yoda, Heritage Orchestra & Jules Buckley  Voodoo Drums Mix   Favoriting  
  0:27:14 (Pop-up)
Gudrun Gut  Garten   Favoriting Wildlife 
*   0:30:46 (Pop-up)
The Allophon  Mound Magnet Pt 1 Remix   Favoriting Saddle Bomb 
  0:35:50 (Pop-up)
Blanketship  The Sleep Train   Favoriting Pleated Shorts 
*   0:41:21 (Pop-up)
The Allophons  Trecke nit Daue, Trill Remix   Favoriting Saddle Bomb 
  0:42:51 (Pop-up)
Schlammpeitziger  Bassbestie's Blasse   Favoriting Schwingstelle Für Rauschabzug 
  0:48:02 (Pop-up)
David Bowie  Heroes   Favoriting Low 
  0:54:08 (Pop-up)
William Tapley  Take the R Train   Favoriting  
  1:08:39 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  9 Bit Blues   Favoriting 12 Bit Blues 
*   1:11:16 (Pop-up)
Kramer  Spanish Harlem   Favoriting The Brill Building Sound 
*   1:13:34 (Pop-up)
Andre Williams  Blame it on Obama   Favoriting Life 
*   1:17:46 (Pop-up)
Pussy Riot  Mother of God, Putin Put Away   Favoriting  
*   1:22:20 (Pop-up)
Pussy Riot  Deliver Pavement   Favoriting  
*   1:24:16 (Pop-up)
Brenda Ray  Naffi Take Away   Favoriting D'Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years 1979-83 
*   1:26:19 (Pop-up)
Rip Rig and Panic  Storm the Reality Asylum   Favoriting  
  1:28:57 (Pop-up)
Ludus  Breaking The Rules   Favoriting Grlz: Women Ahead of Their Time (V/A) 
  1:33:13 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
David Holmes 
Gritty Shaker   Favoriting Lets Get KIlled 
  1:35:49 (Pop-up)
William Tapley  Zombie Talk   Favoriting  
  1:46:46 (Pop-up)
Theater of Tragedy  And When he Falleth   Favoriting Velvet Darkness They Fear 
  1:52:35 (Pop-up)
Saor Patrol  Laird o' Glencairn   Favoriting Two Headed Dog / Duncarron Electric 
  1:58:50 (Pop-up)
Red Hot Chili Pipers  Voodoo Cile Chilled   Favoriting For Those About to Bagrock 

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  2:04:18 (Pop-up)
ZZ Top  Gotsta Get Paid   Favoriting La Futura 
*   2:12:46 (Pop-up)
Slug Guts  Suckin' Down   Favoriting Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat      2:19:09 (Pop-up)
DNA  Egomaniac's Kiss   Favoriting No New York (V/A) 
  2:19:15 (Pop-up)
Zeigenbock Kopf  I Know Sorry When I See It   Favoriting I.D.M. LP      2:21:15 (Pop-up)
Tonetta  What Are You Worth?   Favoriting 777 Vol. II 
  2:23:41 (Pop-up)
Snatch  Black Market   Favoriting New York Noise Vol 3 (V/A) 
  2:26:34 (Pop-up)
Inflateable Boy Clams  Skeletons   Favoriting  
  2:31:47 (Pop-up)
Dick El Demasiado  Sabada Cultural   Favoriting Sin Pues Nada 
*   2:39:37 (Pop-up)
Kramer  He Hit Me   Favoriting The Brill Building 

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*   2:43:31 (Pop-up)
Jaap Blonk  Buitenboordspuug (Outboard Saliva)   Favoriting Keynote Dialogues 

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*   2:48:11 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:03am The GB Kid:

Morning Ken and others
  9:03am patradio:

First in?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:03am Ken:

Morning all
  9:04am ŦŐŦŐ:

Good morning Ken, everyone!! Happy pledging!
  9:07am texas scott:

Always enjoy your showz,Ken.
Keep it up.
We're all counting on you.
  9:10am Cheri Pi:

Bonjour Ken, Bonjour Dr. Ernest T. Bootygrabber
  9:11am The GB Kid:

I wish I had slaves
  9:12am hamburger:

  9:12am Cheri Pi:

I have minions, it's not the same but I find them acceptable.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:14am Ken:

Yeah slaves rock.
  9:14am Ken From Hyde Park:

Holy gosh! It's Wednesday already? It's after 9AM already?
  9:15am Robert:

Terre must be on early.
  9:16am The GB Kid:

what's with the cats?
  9:16am Mark:

  9:17am patradio:

I think you finally sold me on this Limiñanas record.
  9:17am groucho:

hello from Durham, England, where I am, drinking orange juice.
  9:20am crystal:

pretty sure that would be anise.
  9:21am The GB Kid:

$10 to win, $30 to place, and $60 to show
  9:22am ŦŐŦŐ:

okapi and cup of tea.
  9:22am groucho:

Life Without Buildings - Sorrow. - 6 minutes 55 seconds. or the version from the Live At The Annandale Hotel album is 7 minutes exactly.
  9:23am dcp@:

man, notdogs for breakfast again...
  9:23am munari:

Bruno Munari was an artist. A book and furniture designer. One of the most important Italian modernists. check here
  9:24am Caryn:

Dammit, missed the start! Oh well...
  9:24am bed intrigue:

what were you talking over there Ken? I liked it
  9:27am The GB Kid:

Enjoying a hearty meal with apple sauce on the side can be very enjoyable and satisfying for any homeowner. Unfortunately, if you accidentally spill some apple sauce on your carpet then it can be cause for concern.
  9:28am ŦŐŦŐ:

bed intrigue,

that would be Rockaby Baby. I think it was a version of a Like a Virgin (?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:29am Ken:

Yes, it was Rockabye Baby. doing Kashmir and then Like a Virgin.
  9:29am jan:

Ken- Ya looking forward to seeing Ted Nugent's Gun Country tonight on Discovery?
"His Discovery Channel show is literally going to be a celebration of life with guns. His wife and children will all be featured with various firearms, reflecting what Nugent says is a "very serious, very sincere relationship all of them share with firearms." His show will cover hunting and shooting for recreation, and will also shine the spotlight on new firearms and firearm products. "
  9:29am bed intrigue:

@ ŦŐŦŐ aah I remember that from last week now
  9:36am G:

Is the scientist in the 101 Strings image getting a Nobel prize this week?
  9:38am hamburger:

they were playin that 'love train' song at the barber shop the other day, and I thought to myself 'good god.. ' thankfully it wasn't on loop :3
  9:38am Cheech:

Looks like I picked the right day to stay home from work and wake and bake. Thanks. Ken!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:39am Ken:

G, yes he got the Nobel Prize for Ceiling Harnesses. His crucial research has allowed an entire generations of scientists to conduct their research on the ceiling instead of lab tables.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:40am Ken:

I stand corrected. He is using a magnetic ceiling. Wrong guy.
  9:40am G:

Raising the roof is almost never a bad thing.
  9:42am Lionel Ritchie:

Oh, what a feeling,
Smarts advancing on the ceiling!
  9:42am ŦŐŦŐ:

The GB Kid,

You know what would happen if you put some apple sauce on a toast on a cat's back and make it fall on a very expensive carpet? An Anti-gravity cat!! And that's because cat's always land on their feet. Buttered (or with apple sauce) toast always lands on the side where the substance is when dropped.
  9:42am Caryn:

I want to see the footage taken after the photo, when the kitten tries to catch the mouse while they're still upside down.
  9:44am still b/p:

Caryn -- will there be a huuuge triumphant national welcome home for Taisto Miettinen and Kristina Haapanen, who won the North American Wife Carrying Championship on Maine's tougher-than-Finland course?
  9:45am Oates & Hall:

good morning everyone.
  9:46am Rammstein:

Helllllooooo German-singing persons! May I please introduce ourself?
  9:46am Caryn:

@ŦŐŦŐ: actually, since the way both cats and buttered toast fall depends on the height from which they are dropped (e.g. 4th floor level is most dangerous to cats), you'd have to calculate things carefully to create an anti-gravity cat.
@sb/p: well, not huge, but I wouldn't be surprised if they turn up on breakfast tv.
  9:46am amEdeo:

zubbie zubbie zubbie.
Good mornings to everyone. I require a banana.
  9:47am 'Mercan:

Someone should really give Ken some money for the silent campaign. Maybe then he could buy sumpin wit English in it.
  9:47am G:

English is expensive.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:49am Ken:

I agree with "Mercan. That 8% is eating me from the inside out.
  9:50am Mark:

is the 8% what Ken has raised because the home page says 14%
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:51am Ken:

Ive raised 8% of my goal and the station has raised 14% of the overall station goal. Both are under where we should be right now. I'll pledge! How about we ALL pledge at the same time?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:52am Ken:

I got Biggie sync'ed!
  9:52am G:

Homepage is the percentage for the whole station all month, and this playlist page is percentage of this show's goal. Ken gives himself a high goal because, well, he's masochistic like that :-)
  9:52am purrpetual motion:

The jammied cat would spin, you could generate power.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:56am Ken:

Im freakin myself out here.. the drill sergeant matches the bowie beat perfectly.
  9:56am Cecile:

  9:57am dcp@:

ok, done.
  9:58am 'Mercan:

That fine military man is telling you to OPEN YER DAM WALLETS YOU PANSY-ASSED HIPPIE TRASH!!
  9:59am The GB Kid:

The Pink Floyd song Echos and the last sequence of 2001 match up perfectly too... little known fact - Kubrick was a huge classic rock fan
  9:59am 'Mercan:

dcp@ is a DAM PATRIOT!!!!
  10:00am Caryn:

Man, peeling a sausage is hard work...
  10:01am seang:

this is awesome
  10:02am dcp@:

man, I'm with you Ken. Just getting into Bowie a little bit now...
  10:02am Sausages:

You think *we* enjoy it?
  10:02am dcp@:

  10:07am The GB Kid:

Alice Cooper 4 Prez
  10:08am 'Mercan:

FUCKIN' A!!!!!!!!!!! (I like you, boy.)
  10:08am Caryn:

Sale at local shop coming up. Apparently, I could get 2 Michael Bublé, Nickelback or Phil Collins records for the price of 1. But why the hell would I want to do that?
  10:08am BSI:

reporting for doodie.
  10:09am Straphangers:

The R train sucks.
  10:09am 'Mercan:

Romney's not quite right, bein' Mormanized and all, but he's better than, well, you know...
  10:09am Goyim in the AM:

Ooh, the R Train! Here comes the most draw jobbing homophobia ever!
  10:10am Sam:

Morning. I like the angry cop.
  10:10am Sam:

Is this William Shatner?
  10:10am Caryn:

The R train is fine, if you can afford to ride 1st class. If not, you're screwed. It's a nightmare in economy class.
  10:10am cw:

Mitt Romney is Not an Amphibian .......
  10:10am Steve A.:

lol Ken. This is great.
  10:10am Goyim in the AM:

I meant jaw dropping, but I kinda like draw jobbing.
  10:11am MD:

  10:11am paul:

ugh, this guy had to go there.
  10:11am Lizardner Dave:

Irwin's voice sounds funny here.
  10:11am cw:

a great campaign song nonetheless, getting the non-amphibious votes...
  10:12am MD:

sorry for yelling guys
  10:12am dcp@:

cw: that is by far the best political tune I've ever heard. Thanks.
  10:12am crystal:

Jay-Z just too the R train to the Barclay Center last weekend to publicize his concerts there. He was surrounded by security and didn't pay his fare. It was all over the news.
  10:14am dcp@:

Ken, can you please play some "black" songs?? Please?
  10:15am Barbie:

Does anyone know; Has anyone done an Obama Song - like that Rainbow one we heard a few years back - BUT to the tune of Hosanna From Jesus Christ Superstar?
  10:15am Caryn:

"Black" songs? Hmm, does that mean "Paint it Black", "Black Magic Woman", something by Rebecca Black? Please, not the last one.
  10:15am amEdeo:

I am convinced. Will be playing R Train for everyone in my office.
  10:16am Goyim in the AM:

R train guy is William Tapley, "also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co-Prophet of the End Times". Millennial preacher/nutburger with a small following and some innaresting youtube videos.
  10:16am Snortley:

Ken, can you please play some "chartreuse" songs? Please?
  10:17am Mr. Dress-Up:

writes one reporter, "Yekaterina Samutsevich, the oldest of the three women at 30, walked free into the arms of her father, after serving six months in a pre-trial detention centre after being found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred in August."
  10:17am Oates & Hall:

Happy ROCKTOBER 10th!
  10:18am Caryn:

Why stop at colours? Play some oak songs? Or mahogany songs, but not "The Theme from 'Mahogany'"?
  10:18am still b/p:

Is that pouring gif from The Days of Wine and Roses?
  10:19am Mr. Dress-Up:

"..after serving six months in a pre-trial detention centre after being found guilty.."
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:19am Ken:

still/bp, you nailed it!
  10:19am amEdeo:

Did anyone see that Yekaterina Samutsevich from Pussy Riot was released from jail earlier?! Trying to find out more.
  10:20am Sam:

For the next debate Obama should talk like a ditz, use "like" every other word and end each sentence like a question? Even if it's, like, not a question?
  10:20am G:

That decapitated Obama seems somehow far more cheerful than the one that showed up in Colorado last Wednesday.
  10:21am Caryn:

@Mr. Dress Up: well, considering the farce the trial was, that's kinda accurate. Guilty before the trial even starts.
  10:22am Mark:

why not blame it on the bossa nova?
  10:22am green mountain man mark:

Hello--I have finally lost it. Wife taking me to the doctor this afternoon. Let us hope things get better. Ken's show is helping things be better. I also did my first stand up comedy act on Friday. Most people said I nailed it. But really it was just me losing it. Pretty, pretty funny though. People in tears and all.
  10:23am Blithe Audience:

That is *hilarious*, mark!
  10:23am MD:

The head is freaking me out!!!
  10:23am Cheri Pi:

It's high time we're hearing Pussy Riot on FMU!
  10:23am cobra dan:

William Tapley talking about the zombie apocalypse.
  10:23am green mountain man mark:

obama should have lost it at the debates. Then he would be a head in the polls.
  10:24am Jeff:

Oh, wow - the R Train Guy is the same guy who was obsessed with the idea that Denver Airport's chock full of phallic symbols:
  10:24am SteveL:

Pussy Riot for President!!
  10:25am MD:

Ken want's us all to "get a head"
Thanks Ken!
  10:25am Sam:

I've actually never heard them before, and wow, they kick ass!
  10:25am still b/p:

GMMM - Hope you regain it to whatever degree you think is best. Good luck.
  10:26am SteveL:

Sam: My thoughts exactly.
  10:26am amEdeo:

@SteveL: Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.
  10:26am Mr. Dress-Up:

Precedents like that..
  10:26am Sam:

Who else here hates Putin? I mean really really hates him? He's such a shit.
  10:27am MD:

The Riot rocks!!!!!!!
  10:27am Jeff:

Brian Turner busted out the Pussy Riot too, on his show yesterday.
  10:28am Caryn:

I love how William Tapley states as proof of how seriously he is being taken by the left the fact that he has been on stuff like Jimmy Kimmel's and Colbert's shows. Yeah, because those two shows take things so seriously all the time.
  10:28am amEdeo:

I'm happy to see the album getting some air time, I shot it over to Brain last week.
  10:31am Jimmy:

Phallic Symbols at Denver International Airport...they're so going to hell.
  10:32am Jeff:

Nice, amEdeo! That's right, it looks as if you gave the Riot their WFMU debut in September.

The Riot. Like the Tap. Everybody knows who you mean.
  10:32am Mr. Dress-Up:

Ah, Nuts.

"..guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred in August."
"We don't have and have never had any religious hate," Tolokonnikova said. The band's performance was political and not religious, she argued.
  10:33am Mark:

I think we should all storm the reality asylum
  10:34am robyn:

love when ken plays ludus.
  10:34am green mountain man mark:

It feels like it was just today that Ken's show was on last week. Time does fly. Or is there any such thing as time?
  10:34am Caryn:

@Mr. Dress-Up: yeah, considering the performance asked the Virgin Mary to please take Putin away, I'd consider it pro-religion and anti-Putin, even if there was some criticism of church officials involved.
  10:36am Caryn:

Oh, look, 1920's Pussy Riot. I think the balaclavas are probably a more comfortable choice than the masks.
  10:36am Lucy:

@mr dress up, according to the prosecuter they where also guilty of feminism, a Deadly Sin!
  10:37am Mr. Dress-Up:

"The other two women [..] will now be sent to prison colonies to serve the remainder of their two-year terms."
  10:38am robyn:

i feel like this guy is taking my money over the radio.
  10:41am 'Mercan:

I don't see no more pledges comin' in. Y'all a bunch a pinkos? GIVE KEN SOME MONEY!! 14% is a Socialistic number.
  10:44am robyn:

ken should've mixed himself saying "shut up" into the end of that ludus song.
  10:47am Jeff:

That Ludus lady's vocal affectations sounded a whole bunch like Sandra Bernhard. In fact, that's who I thought it was at first.
  10:47am G:

How can you tell when Tapley is lying?

You can see his apocalips moving.
  10:47am robyn:

that would've gone over well.
  10:48am dcp@:

oops, had to listen to a Pete Townshend interview. back just in time for Tapley, oh BOY!
  10:49am G:

This is hard to "bear*
  10:49am JC via Luke 22:7 - 23:

Eat Me!
  10:49am Mark:

WOW! I'm convinced! Tapley makes complete sense!
  10:49am Caryn:

Medvedev? That pussy? Oh, come on! Yeah, like he's a beast of any kind...
  10:50am G:

Tapley's other name is Nostadumbass
  10:50am AnAnonymousParty:

See, this is what I'VE been saying all along!
  10:50am Mr. Dress-Up:

Ah, Neil deGrasse Tyson "Intelligent Design is Stupid"
  10:51am Caryn:

Considering the only thing Nostradamus got right were his jam recipes, I suspect Tapley has an awesome recipe for apple sauce or something tucked away somewhere.
  10:51am Marmalade Kitty:

  10:52am Caryn:

Hah, my Tapley comment had the math solution 666!
  10:53am amEdeo:

@Caryn: Commence end times!
  10:53am Mark:

So that means everything Tapley is saying is true Caryn! It is a sign!
  10:55am Caryn:

@Mark: or it means Tapley is actually the Antichrist and is doing all this blaming of others to draw attention away from himself...
  10:57am Tapley:

I'm corny, through and through.
  10:59am Caryn:

Currently watching a cooking show with two male strippers preparing scallops... I wonder what Tapley would say?
  10:59am Sam:

Nostradamus had jam recipes? Do you have any of them? I bet he made really freakin good jam!
  10:59am Tapley:

Do they have cute buns?
  11:00am Marmalade Kitty:

It's purely coincidental that all of those beautiful beasts mentioned by Daniel are all facing extinction
  11:01am Caryn:

@Tapley: hidden by the counter, so can't see, but neither one of them is particularly attractive anyway, so who cares? Switched channels already.
  11:01am Mark:

I never considered that possibility Caryn! But now it all makes sense!

Tapley would love the male strippers cooking, my guess his issue is repressed homosexual feelings
  11:01am dcp@:

I like Saor Patrol but the guit player is kind of superfluous. Can't he play something more interesting? He's really just mirroring the drones on the pipes..
  11:02am Caryn:

@MK: maybe that's why some conservatives are so anti-environmental protection. They're hoping to eradicate the 4 beasts that way.
  11:03am Caryn:

@dcp: actually, Saor Patrol has one piper and, like, 3 guitarists, so the deck is stacked pretty unevenly.
  11:03am Emile:

This Soar Patrol thing is awesome
  11:03am Sam:

Seriously though, where can I get the jam recipes?
  11:04am Caryn:

@Sam: hmm, not sure where you can get them, but supposedly the cherry jam is the best recipe. Kinda want to try them myself.
  11:04am dcp@:

sheeesh, they should get an Irish piper and sack 2 of the guit players...
  11:05am G:

@Sam: for example,

google "nostradamus jam recipe" or similar
  11:06am Mark:

Ha! Red Hot Chili Pipers! It's like a pun!
  11:08am pierre:

merde, i've missed the show…

But Bonjour Ken and listeners !
  11:08am Dave B:

Better late than never.
  11:10am Caryn:

"Bagrock" sounds like it's a term from "The Flintstones" or "Fraggle Rock".
  11:10am dcp@:

maybe that's what bugs me about Scottish pipes--they're so over-used at boring festivals. If you ever get a chance to see someone play uilleann pipes, go. It's amazing.
  11:11am AnAnonymousParty:

Again, just when I begin to think nothing good can come out of bag pipes . . .
  11:11am Sam:

Great, thanks a lot. There's a recipe for "quince jelly of superb beauty, goodness, flavour and excellence fit to set before a King". But Kings are bastards. Quince jam for the masses!
  11:11am Caryn:

They don't need guns, they'll just toss a caber at you and crush you with it.
  11:12am Lucy:

Speaking of extinction, the black rhino is officially extinct. Last one was shot by poachers for its horn, said to cure cancer... Must have been real lonely being the last rhino.
  11:12am Jeff:

The Saor Patrol guys don't need guns - they've got SWORDS!

Big ones.
  11:14am still b/p:

Speaking of fundraising and methods:
A guy stops me and a friend in the Harvard Square area last Friday night as we're walking along eating some grub in the hand we'd just picked up. He says he's out with ten other recently returned veterans collecting for the USO. He's got some kind of around-the-neck USO info, a camo cap, a sports-type jacket that says Army on it, and a small red, white and blue collection can, but who knows if this is official or legit.
I say, "Maybe we'll check it out later."
He steps away and says with some scorn, "Yeah, sure you will, sir." And then a little more angrily, "Y'know, we're DYING for you."
Startled a bit, I say, "You don't have to bust my balls about anything."
He says, with even more challenge and anger, "We're just back from over there. You better be careful what you say to us."
We walk away. My companion says, "That was weird."
  11:14am Caryn:

Oh look, a leopard! Hi, Obama!
  11:15am Mark:

this is pretty close to minstrel territory
  11:15am dcp@:

I like this new ZZ Top....gotta admit
  11:16am Dave B:

Some Estonian pipes and chainmail = METAL
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:16am Ken:

still/bp, sounds like a scam to me, not the real USO.
  11:16am green mountain man mark:

I got a $25 dollar gift certificate for being at my job for 5 years. $25 dollars, yes, sir. Ah hmm how how. The only logical thing to do is give it to wfmu.
  11:16am Mr. Dress-Up:

@Lucy Extinction is forever.
I learned recently that rhinos are the animal equivalent of the automobile. I imagined a short film of cyclists and peds amongst herds. Guess that's not going to happen.
  11:17am Mark:

I wish a guy I know who is a Vietnam Vet had encountered that guy still b/p
  11:19am G:

Maybe he had Post Traumatic Asshole Syndrome.
  11:20am Cheri Pi:

  11:21am tim from champaign:

Slug Guts have a serious Birthday Party fixation. Their bass player wears leather pants and has a mustache. Plus their guitarist is all skinny and plays a Jaguar. I dig the Slug Guts though.
  11:21am green mountain man mark:

ok. It didn't go through. maybe because it is a gift card.
  11:23am Lucy:

Theres still the white rhino, though there is a 24 hr security force surrounding the last remaining ones so i don't think they'll let any bikes near them.
  11:23am Sam:

Anybody asking for donations who insults or threatens you is very likely a fake.
  11:23am Mark:

Uh oh that means the bass player is going to die young tim from champaign
  11:24am Sam:

"What are you worth?" should be Romney's official campaign song.
  11:25am saucey:

Tonetta has some saucey nude stuff on vimeo nowdays ;)
  11:25am Caryn:

"Breakfast Club" dance! I soooo want to see the original cut of that film. The one kept in a safe. And John Cusack's audition for Bender.
  11:26am Blacktooth:

Tonetta is the best!
  11:26am quinn:

  11:27am Mark:

I kind of wish I hadn't checked out Tonetta on vimeo saucey
  11:36am green mountain man mark:

For some reason those people that use veterans scams never really expect to encounter an actual veteran. Even though we are all over the place. And crazy. that happened to me one time and I lost it on the guy.
  11:37am Mark:

you ain't kidding Ken
  11:40am Oates & Hall:

tonetta is better seen than heard
  11:41am Caryn:

Oh look, it's the Stalinist cheerleaders again!
  11:41am louis:

silent auctions to fund give away ipads?
  11:45am green mountain man mark:

I had an out of wfmu t-shirt experience one time. Because I am always wearing some kind of wfmu t-shirt. I have dozens of them. I realized that I was floating around naked in bed and I look over and see one of my wfmu t-shirts lying on the chair next to our bed.
  11:46am Scott Mpls:

Kramer makes me want to fall between the bed and the wall, and press my nose against the wainscotting.
Did I hear mention of an iPad?
  11:46am Cheri Pi:

Flesheaters lyric alert!
  11:48am Sam:

P'tain, c quoice bordel??
  11:49am BSI:

[suddenly the dog bursts into the room, all alert, as if to say FINALLY! A TUNE I CAN RELATE TO!]
  11:49am dcp@:

please play the burping guy after Jaap.
  11:49am Oates & Hall:

this sounds like my daughter's morning bathroom experience
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:49am Ken:

No Louis, the iPad prize for the video contest was supplied by a grant that is funding the whole contest.
  11:51am green mountain man mark:

My daughter holds it in all day at school. And when she finally gets home from school and off the bus she heads straight for the bathroom. Lets it go. Kids I think are embarrassed to poop at school. think other kids will make fun of them. Ha, Ha!!
  11:52am dcp@:

I'm such an idiot...sitting here laughing to myself over Jaap....the wife is listening to NPR...
  11:53am Oates & Hall:

Everyone Poops.
  11:53am Sam:

I do the same, I absolutely hate taking a dump at work. I'll wait till I get home if at all possible.
  11:53am Chinchilla:

It's ok, Ken. I won't be needing any further information on that release as I hope to never have to hear it again.
  11:53am The GB Kid:

  11:54am lewis:

Ahh, the recitation of the bar code - new frontiers in Radio!
  11:55am Oates & Hall:

Chinchilla: knowing Ken's song repeat policy, we will be hearing it every week for the next 8 months.
  11:56am green mountain man mark:

Thanks, Ken for a great show again. I will be off to the hospital now. Got my three hours of sanity today.
  11:56am The GB Kid:

Knowing Ken, he will name his next cat, "pppphhhhhffft"
  11:57am Mark:

I never had a problem pooping at school
  11:57am Ricardo Montalbanitis:

Glad to see Kramer's been able to put that whole disastrous night club incident behind him.
  11:59am Mark:

it took me a second to get that Ricardo
  11:59am Mr. Dress-Up:

'Casey, Finnegan.'
  12:00pm Ricardo Montalbanitis:

Although I still think M. Richards is more well-liked than M. Kramer.
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