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Playlist for 17 October 2012 Favoriting | Program For Ear Muffs

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Artist Song Album Comments New Approx. start time
The Limiñanas  Belmondo   Favoriting Crystal Anis 
  0:00:00 (Pop-up)
John Barry  Bees Knees   Favoriting The EMI Years Vol. 1      0:07:47 (Pop-up)
Messer Chups  The Vazeline Finger   Favoriting The Best: Cocktail Draculina 
  0:06:10 (Pop-up)
Marty Manning & His Orchestra  The Twilight Zone   Favoriting The Twilight Zone 
  0:08:57 (Pop-up)
Bodeco  Casillero Del Diablo   Favoriting Bone, Hair & Hide 
  0:10:43 (Pop-up)
The Players (Kim Fowley)  The Rebel   Favoriting Playlets 

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  0:13:30 (Pop-up)
Billy Ray  The Story of Suzie   Favoriting  
  0:14:51 (Pop-up)
People of Sunset Strip (Sonny Bono)  Sunset Symphony   Favoriting  
  0:21:07 (Pop-up)
Edgar Broughton Band  Old Gopher   Favoriting Picnic: A Breath of Fresh Air (VA) 
  0:24:05 (Pop-up)
Kid Koala  Two Bit Blues   Favoriting 12 Bit Blues 
*   0:27:44 (Pop-up)
Elliot Sharp's Terraplane  S-Boogie   Favoriting Blues for Next 
  0:31:24 (Pop-up)
ZZ Top  Consumption   Favoriting La Futura 
  0:37:42 (Pop-up)
Jonathan Kane  BQE   Favoriting I Looked at the Sun 
  0:41:51 (Pop-up)
Can  Oh Yeah   Favoriting Tago Mago 
  0:46:55 (Pop-up)
John Murphy  Taxi (Ave Maria) Jackknife Lee Remix   Favoriting 28 Days Later Soundtrack 
  0:53:47 (Pop-up)
Okapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra  Tracks 32-40   Favoriting Opera Riparata: A Tribute to Bruno Munari 
*   1:07:53 (Pop-up)
The Night Air  Numbers   Favoriting Best of the Night Air Vol 1 
  1:17:50 (Pop-up)
Sam Ulano  Three Little Bears   Favoriting  
  1:27:42 (Pop-up)
Johnny Preston  Running Bear   Favoriting  
  1:29:54 (Pop-up)
Wire  Lowdown   Favoriting  
  1:38:02 (Pop-up)
Lee Scratch Perry  Train to Doomsville   Favoriting Pay it all Back Vol 2 
  1:39:55 (Pop-up)
Brenda Ray  Moonbeams   Favoriting D'Ya Hear Me!: Naffi Years, 1979-83 
*   1:44:41 (Pop-up)
Young Marble Giants  Cake Walking   Favoriting Nipped in the Bud      1:47:01 (Pop-up)
Electrelane  Bells   Favoriting Axes 
  1:48:52 (Pop-up)
Liliput  Die Matrosen   Favoriting Rough Trade Shops Post Punk Vol. 1 
  1:53:10 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Curd Duca 
  1:57:36 (Pop-up)
Saor Patrol  Duncarron   Favoriting Two Headed Dog / Duncarron Electric 

*   2:01:02 (Pop-up)
Neil Young International Harvesters  Southern Pacific   Favoriting A Treasure 

  2:06:53 (Pop-up)
Music behind DJ:
Jonathan Kane 
        2:14:21 (Pop-up)
ST37  Ghosts of Tempura Nymphs   Favoriting Awkward Moments 
*   2:20:43 (Pop-up)
Kramer  Do Wah Diddy Diddy   Favoriting The Brill Building 
*   2:24:39 (Pop-up)
Sonny Gionatta  The Ballad the Blasted Bugler   Favoriting  
  2:28:14 (Pop-up)
Negativland  Guns - Now   Favoriting  
  2:32:35 (Pop-up)
Obama and Dan Warren  Son of God   Favoriting Son of Strelka, Son of God 
  2:43:21 (Pop-up)
John Cale  Helen of Troy   Favoriting  
  2:55:06 (Pop-up)

Listener comments!

  9:01am Dan B From Upstate:

  9:02am ғoғo:

Hola ken & people ! Good morning to y'all!
  9:03am Caryn:

Hello, all!
  9:04am common:

yes ken.....yes.
  9:06am MD:

yo yo yo....yoyo ma! Good sunny morn to
  9:06am ғoғo:

Messer fur Frau Muller!!!!!! What a way to start my lunch time!!!
  9:06am AAron in Jcity:

Morning Ken - Morning All
  9:11am DCE:

spectacular extravaganza!
  9:14am MD:

This is scarry...are we commin' to that tme of year again???
  9:16am DCE:

"hit" rhymes with "quit" better than "puff" does. but I didn't write the song.
  9:18am DCE:

it's a slippery slope and a perilous fall
  9:19am MD:

  9:20am northguineahills:

So, no songs about a certain character from you can't do that on television?
  9:21am hamburger:

herro - just tuned in, wait what? duane?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:24am Ken:

I kid i kid hamburger
  9:25am ғoғo:

I remember the times when Duane showed up late. Those were good times. Not no more.
  9:25am Caryn:

Listening to this while watching Dick Van Dyke jump on a trampoline. Oh, Rob! Oh, Rammstein!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:27am Ken:

Lets just say that my prep time was interfered with today so I am kinda prone to play more requests than usual especially good songs and long ones.
  9:28am hamburger:

ahhh youuu keeeeed
  9:31am Vivian:

Requests? How about BQE by Jonathan Kane. Going to NYC this weekend. My mind can arrive before my body. Open to any suggestions of great art exhibits, bars, happenings, etc.
  9:33am hamburger:

Some Can would be nice
  9:33am northguineahills:

Curious, for Elliot Sharp....
  9:33am paul:

  9:34am Dan B From Upstate:

Been a while since you played Nettaiya.
  9:34am Bad Ronald:

Good Morning Ken et al. I used to own a pair of Hear Muffs!
  9:35am Caryn:

@Bad Ronald: can you remember which of the 5 colours you had?
  9:36am ғoғo:

I don't know about very good songs nor very long ones but I do know a Very Cellular Song by an incredible string band.
  9:36am Bad Ronald:

Powder Blue!
  9:36am DCE:

did they work OK, Bad Ronald? I'm intrigued
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:37am Ken:

Great requests everybody@!
  9:37am Caryn:

And were they actually comfortable?
  9:38am Bad Ronald:

They were very comfortable but the sound quality was mediocre...
  9:38am ғoғo:

It looks the mouffstache was more comfortable than the muff.
  9:40am dcp@:

Daddy Long Legs, not long but appropriate.
  9:41am northguineahills:

I second ғoғo's request.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:43am Ken:

But I only just played a Very Cellular Song a few weeks ago...
  9:43am Caryn:

Ken, if you want long songs, just go all prog for today's show. When the songs get so long that you only have 2-5 tracks on an album...
  9:45am Bad Ronald:

...or you could play "The Only Song" over and over again...
  9:46am Kurt V:

  9:47am ғoғo:

I agree Ken, it was a bad idea. What I was thinking. Unless you want to play it backwards and add some bat shit crazy bagrock.
  9:47am Kurt V:

Ken! You are slaying the airwaves today.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:47am Ken:

Carym, I did go through a brief Prog Phase in the Fall of 1977 but it didnt stick...all I retain from it is a love of Robert Wyatt and Hatfield & The North.
  9:47am MD:

I know the BQE he is "talking" about in that song...
  9:48am Sergeus:

Ken thanks for Can
  9:48am dcp@:

I'm with Kurt V
  9:49am Chapel Hillian:

Fur Immer by Neu - that goes on forever, right?
  9:49am Caryn:

@ғoғo: Yeah, because Ken never plays the same song several weeks in a row...
  9:49am northguineahills:

I think I'll make deep fried veggie enchiladas w/ my homemade salsa verde this morning.
  9:50am northguineahills:

lultz, Caryn!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:51am Ken:

haha Caryn
  9:51am Bas, NL:

  9:51am ricardo montalban:

This song sounds great backwards
  9:55am ғoғo:

¡M┴Ⅎ sƃuos pɹɐʍʞɔɐq ¡ɥɐǝ⅄
  9:55am Bad Ronald:

How about "The Torture Never Stops", I think it's radio friendly...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:55am Ken:

fofo always showing off!
  9:56am Bad Ronald:

..oh no it's got the word "piss" in it...
  9:56am DCE:

how the hell did he do that?
  9:57am ғoғo:

ฬђคt คгє א๏ย tคlкเภﻮ ค๒๏ยt?
  9:58am Spoiler:
  10:01am Robert:

Got any Slavic kolas?
  10:01am Dan B From Upstate:

The Walking Dead is more of a character drama than a zombie show. It just has a genre setting.
  10:01am ғoғo:

That running man looks like a coward version of Felix Baumgarner running away from the balloon just before the take off.
  10:02am EAS TEST:

Don't forget to send me
  10:02am DCE:

I ees woh uoy did taht won.
  10:04am Webhamster Henry:

The original Kid Koala: Skippy Peanut Butter:
  10:05am Robert:

You think YOU are Walter White? My friend John lent me the 1st season DVDs early this year (please don't spoil the rest), and I told him, "I am soooo that guy!" Seriously, I'm an unemployed biochemist with heart disease, and I have no scruples. I make my own fireworks at home, and I've helped someone else make GHB.

Plus, I tried very hard to find "Malcolm in the Middle" amusing but couldn't, so now I get to see the guy in a role I really enjoy.
  10:05am MD:

The Buck stops at 7sec delay!!!!
  10:07am Susan:

Listening to you on my birthday! Always the best show...and a visual treat (playlist)!
  10:07am Walter White:

I consider myself more Ken than Walter
  10:08am ғoғo:

Happy brithday, Susan!
  10:09am Caryn:

Yay for Susan's b'day!
  10:11am Robert:

The GHB was back when it was still legal, and I couldn't help much because I was sneezing a ton from the cats Linda Twigg had down there, and she died the next year from a heroin OD that wouldn't've killed her had she not gotten off methadone in favor of GHB. NaGHB is silly to make anyway, when the GBL it's made from is slightly more potent, and without all that sodium.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:12am Ken:

I dont know Robert, maybe you do win. I haven't mixed chemicals in a long time. Not since I destroyed the lawns in my neighborhood with hydrochloric gas.
  10:13am Robert:

I also make a great bubble bath, and have gallons of it slowly going bad (getting harder to mix & pour) in a warehouse in Allentown.
  10:14am The GB Kid:

@ Robert / @ Ken - You two should trade meth recipes
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:15am Ken:

OK Robert you win. But not because of the bubble bath. Because of the warehouse in Allentown.
  10:17am Caryn:

And now, Ken, feeling vengeful after being bested, will take revenge by playing Billy Joel's "Allentown" on a loop for the rest of the show...

Please don't.
  10:18am ғoғo:

Okapi is so damn good!
  10:18am Robert:

When "Malcolm in the Middle: came on, it really was in the middle between shows I liked. I gathered that they were trying very hard for the type of humor that's just my taste, so I gave them a good shot, a really good one, and they just couldn't make me laugh. I would see scenes and think, yeah, I see where this is SUPPOSED to be funny to someone like me.

But as desperate as I've been lately for money, I can really get into the Walter White character.
  10:20am Susan:

Aw thanks FOFO and Caryn! You're swell!
BTW, I've been to warehouses in Allentown. They are less depressing than Billy Joel.
Please don't.
  10:20am Sam:

I'm feeling number and number
  10:21am 80085:

  10:22am KP:

Enjoying from West Coast today, adds a certain tilt to it.
  10:23am ғoғo:

  10:23am Robert:

The warehouse is that of FMI--Fragrance Mfg. Inc., although there's no fragrance in my bubble mixture, it's supremely non-irritating. Meth I've never made, although I did have some KClO4 a friend had left over from a failed meth-making attempt that I turned into firework material. I've also tried making an analog of my friend's U4Euh. Unfortunately my organic synthesis skill is less like Walter White and more like that of his student to whom he said, "Your shit IS shit!"
  10:23am giselle:

intelligent sounding Aussies? I don't believe it!
  10:24am Maria D:

God, that hand never fails to freak me out Poor guy.
  10:26am ғoғo:

...And the eye! that eye! That's an amazing photo composition.
  10:26am dcp@:

the cards woman is a Kiwi.
  10:26am Robert:

I did actually make a little money years ago after they banned L-tryptophan as a dietary supplement, so I sold L-trp powder in a "chiral crystal growing kit" that consisted of a baggie of trp, a thread, and a sheet of info.
  10:26am Sam:

That was cool - the guy explaining how to predict heads or tails.
  10:27am dcp@:

..I think..
  10:28am Caryn:

The photo is obviously a WFMU intern stuck in the elevator of death, trying to open up the hatch at the top of the elevator.
  10:28am Sam:

Aussies are soooo sexy! Any girl with that accent, oh my!
  10:28am giselle:

That was cool - the guy explaining how to predict heads or tails.- yeah, never thought of it that way
  10:28am Michael:

He didn't mention a very practical objection they had to Indo-Arabic numerals: they were more easily changed to greater effect than Roman or written-out numbers (think '3'-->'8', '1'-->'7' before they figured out ways to make them more different, or '0'-->anything back when '0' was written as a dot.... The Chinese traditionally have used different forms for numbers in legal documents because their standard such also could too easily be changed ('1'-->'2' or '3', '2'-->'3').
  10:29am Cat Poop Coffee:
  10:30am Caryn:

Hey, a lot of the bear gif's mouth movements coincide with the track! Nice!
  10:30am Robert:

Although I've seen only season 1 so far (no spoilers, please), another thing apparently I have in common with Walter White was that I got fired from the R&D dept. of a medical device co. for not getting with their crooked program. A yr. later they were under a grand jury probe, and the year after that they were acquired by their supplier and broken up.
  10:32am ғoғo:


It's not that I like to show off but I had breakfast with my aussie flatmate and listened to her aussome accent!
  10:33am Caryn:

To bring together two topics: it is illegal to bring civet coffee to Australia. Against quarantine regulations.
  10:33am dcp@:

whoa, wire really sped up there...interesting loop.
  10:33am Cecile:

Hi all!

Hey, Ken, do you have Johnny Horton's "the battle of new orleans" floating around there?
  10:34am dcp@:

..dang, Australian after all. Oh well.
  10:34am Robert:

Now the bear is mouthing Ken's words.
  10:36am Cecile:

Robert, Cranston was wonderful in that role, but the kids were such brats and the great Jane Kaczmarek was given such a shrill, unlikeable part to play. I still dont' want to see Breaking Bad. My extended family has had some horrible fallout from meth.
  10:41am Robert:

Yeah, Cecile, that's about the same as my complaints about that show. Mr. Cranston was good, but then I was trying to figure out how we were supposed to sympathize with a mother who seemed disrespectful to everyone for no good reason, and the kids just weren't funny. The guy who soliloquized to the audience was not the guy I wanted to hear from.

What kind of horrible fallout, Cecile?
  10:41am giselle:

  10:41am MD:

In the end....Mr White is going to have to spend all his money for he don't get "buggered" in jail...sorry to be a spoiler,,,
  10:45am Robert:

I forgot to mention that I'd also been a teacher like Mr. White -- an underpaid college adjunct, similar feel to his role.
  10:46am Cecile:

Hub's cousin's ex-husband was a dealer and also illegally sold weapons and went to jail(he was scum, but the cousin was really nice and didn't deserve it).

Another of his cousins accepted a package of shall we say components for a friend who was under surveillance, but didn't know what was in it. State tried to get him to turn in his friend, but he wouldn't. So his friend lied and cousin did jail time.

And my B-I-L is on SSI because he self-medicated with meth to control his bipolar disorder before people took it seriously.
  10:47am jojo:

i prefer peter pan, the inna jungle is always playing
  10:50am FBI:

Hi Gang!
  10:50am Dave B:

hey there!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 10:51am Ken:

Hi Dave, hi FBI!
  10:52am Robert:

Interesting & sad, Cecile. Looks like all those stories concern meth not so much in its pharmacologic effects but its legal status -- that the people in the biz are crooks and legal investig'ns embroil them, and that your BIL couldn't have a free choice in self-medic'n (probably would've used something other than meth).
  10:52am Cecile:

hi, FBI!
  10:53am northguineahills:

Damn, how much do I love Electrelane!

Lehrer gif, laughters all around....
  10:54am dcp@:

yay, Kleenex.
  10:55am Cecile:

Well, my hub's cousin is definitely an innocent victim. My BiL would have done better if he had better access to medical care, true.
But the arms/drug dealer was a real dirtball. He sold to middle school kids! I hope he is still rotting in jail. Sorry.
  10:57am Robert:

What I meant was the the legal investig'ns embroil "them" meaning innocents who get sacrificed like that.
  10:58am northguineahills:

daggnabbit, the flour is missing, how am I going to deep fry my enchiladas now! (w/o walking to the store to buy some more).
  10:59am Cecile:

yup. BiL and cousin were definitely embroiled. I completely agree!

"Cousin Squid" however, was just kind of evil.
  11:00am Robert:

I've heard my libertarian friend Allen L. Rickman has/had a part in "Boardwalk Empire"
  11:00am dcp@:

ngh: you coat your enchiladas in batter and fry 'em?? INTeresting...
  11:00am Andrew Waterloo:

Binder full of women
  11:00am dcp@:

binder of women
  11:00am lee:

Binders full of women was funny, and possibly pornographic.
  11:01am DCE:

ah now I have to picture Ken as this crazy bird with a red hat
  11:01am Dan B From Upstate:

A binder. I've started assembling my personal binder of women. No. I'm not sharing.
  11:01am Mark:

Romney's "binders full of women" comment may have been funny, but it turns out to be bogus too
  11:01am northguineahills:

"a binder of women..."
  11:01am Caryn:

@ngh: well, you don't have to deep fry them?
  11:01am Sam:

I agree, why doesn't Obama loosen up a little and crack a few jokes? Seriously! The guy is so painful to watch.
  11:01am Cecile:

"shore" patrol, I'm told.

Ken, my husband loved it when you played this so guess what he's getting for his birthday?
  11:02am Dan B From Upstate:

Actually, if you want your own binder of women, there's always chickipedia. It's exactly what it says on the tin.
  11:02am Andrew Waterloo:

he also said that we can reduce gun violence by having people get married before having kids
  11:03am Caryn:

That bird has a bit of a Phil Silvers vibe to it... I blame the hat.
  11:03am dcp@:

Cecile: highland pipes??? Man if my wife got me some of those...
  11:03am Michael:

My politics probably bias me, but I find Romney hilarious..._I_ do a better simulation of an human being.
'Binders on the Soles of My Shoes'
  11:03am northguineahills:

Yes, sometimes I batter and deep fry my enchildas. After heating up the tortillas, put in the filling, use toothpicks to keep them together, put on the batter, and deep fry them....

Yeah, I usually don't deep fry them, but I had a hankering for some when I woke up.....
  11:04am Sam:

Romney is just like Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places.
  11:04am dcp@:

that sounds aresome. I gotta try it.
  11:04am Cecile:

2 saor patrrol CDs
I bought him a bagpipe chanter for Christmas one year, but he never used it. I might have to because it would be so cool to be able to play the solo from "it's a long way to the top"
  11:04am Sam:

Obama, however, is not much like Eddie Murphy unfortunately.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:04am Ken:

ah Yes, Binder of women! That's a good start but I need more like that! a Pocket Protector full of Gays? A Rolodex of Blacks? Cmon Mitt, bring the funny!!!
  11:04am ғoғo:

binders full of enchiladas. mmmm...
  11:05am Cecile:

aren't deep fried enchiladas chimichangas?
  11:05am northguineahills:

I thought Romney was more like Tom Hanks in "Big".
  11:06am Cecile:

dcp, get a chanter, it makes just a little noise, and you get the feeling of playing. Then you can take lessons with the bag. That's my dream was for my hubby.
  11:06am dcp@:

My daughter plays the oboe which sounds a bit like a chanter I think.
  11:06am northguineahills:

I suppose chimichangas are more like deep fried burritos (not the gigantic Cali ones), but my gf had to ask me what a chimichanga was when we went to a gringo-mexi restaurant.
  11:07am MD:

If Mitt get's elected I think REAGAN YOUTH should get back together!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:08am Ken:

Mitt's got some comedy potential. Way more than Obama anyway.
  11:08am Sam:

I think W was like Tom Hanks in Big. He was definitely a 13 year old boy trapped in a President's body.
  11:08am Vivian:

Ken, is Southern Pacific off of International Harvester?
  11:08am Dave B:

Bring Dave Rubinstein back from the dead.
  11:09am Sam:

I like the parralel politics and Mexican food discussions. That's so FMU.
  11:09am Vivian:

Um...never mind...carry on...
  11:09am Cecile:

he rode the eyeball?
  11:10am lee:

"Ronnie talk to Russia" sounds better than "Mitt talk to Iran" as a song title
  11:10am SteveL:

Saw Neil and Crazy Horse last week in Chicago. Just plain good show.
  11:10am MD:

Sam...yeah a 13 year old who stole the Presidents body!!!
  11:10am Cecile:

this is actually really good Neil. I like it a lot.
and the GIF kills me
  11:11am ғoғo:

Obama humour tastes like a taco without cilantro. And Mitt looks like a burrito without frijoles.
  11:13am MD:

Someone's hungry!!!
  11:15am northguineahills:

My salsa verde definitely has cilantro....
  11:15am Walter White:

Ride some real old steam Trains in NJ
  11:16am Cecile:

cool. My husband loves model trains.
  11:17am other david:

Note to Michele: next time, say "Ken, please don't play the EAS test".
  11:18am Billy Jam:

Late getting here but just in time for the EAS test
  11:18am MD:

Wait I thought WFMU was a test!?!?!
  11:18am Michael:

Binders are a Girl's Best Friend
  11:19am northguineahills:

Clay's 1+ minutes of the EAS w/o announcing it last thursday was oodles of fun!
  11:19am Andrew Waterloo:

Romney is like Dan Akroid in the Great Outdoors
  11:19am Cecile:

hey, Billy!
  11:20am Billy Jam:

hey Cecile!
  11:20am MD:

Now Mitt's in a binder...
  11:20am Billy Jam:

the WFMU playlist comments need a LIKE button
  11:21am Robert:

I think I'll take a bath with my bubble mixture now. It's made of lauryl and laureth sulfosuccinates and lauramidopropyl betaine. If I'd been able to afford it I would've liked a little palmitamidopropyl betaine in the mix too, experimental samples with that were creamier, but I'm sure it would've separated faster.

I invented this stuff for people who couldn't use other bubble baths because of urogenital irrit'n, and it turned out my formulas also made denser foam, more like soap lather in consistency, hence more fun for kids to play with. See US pat. 5,336,446.

The foam laying on top of the water is also excellent to masturbate with, as I discovered while trying to think of another test vs. urinary or genital irrit'n.
  11:21am Cecile:

hope all is cool! Did your Eire show go well?
  11:21am amEdeo:

I live for the EAS test. If only it could be conducted more than ONCE a week. Or just stuff Mashed Potatoes into the machine. I am equally open to either idea.
  11:23am fred von helsing:

dig it toot toot
  11:23am Billy Jam:

yes it did thanks Cecile. I LIKE when EFD does an EAS test with mashed potatoes (and pop-punk records) on his playlist
  11:26am Mark:

Kramer has been using the same samples for years and years
  11:27am cubicle carl:

Please keep the WFMU listener comments a LIKE button free zone, and if you're itching to click on something, make a donation to the shhhhh! silent marathon.
  11:28am paul:

this almost sounds like the Old Codger in disguise
  11:28am Dave B:


Gin and Tonic Bath Salts!

Double Plus Good!
  11:29am MD:

EAS TEST ROCKS...they are playing tonight at Irving...get there on time...their set is really short...
  11:29am Robert:

I'd prefer frontal or saggital to coronal brain sections.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:31am Ken:

Funny you should mention "like" buttons here on the playlist.. in the very near future, we are lanching the WFMU Friendship Society and members will be able to like songs, shows and episodes but initially anyway, not comments.
  11:32am it:

was " binders full of women" .
  11:32am Sam:

Noooooo!! You're not serious! No liking anything, ever, please!
  11:32am PMD:

Do we have to drink Kool-aid to join the Friendship Society?
  11:33am Sam:

Will there be a "Trainwreck" button?
  11:33am Billy Jam:

Good one Ken but hope it won't offend the Luddites out there....Yay Negativland!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:34am Ken:

Funny you should mention Kool-Aid, PMD. There IS a small amount of Kool-Aid involved. What a coincidence.
  11:34am Mike East:

change "like" to "dig" and I might be on board.
  11:34am MD:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:34am Ken:

Ooh Sam, Im serious. It's OK though. You can "like" all comments about Tom Hanks and Big.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:35am Ken:

Good idea Mike!
  11:35am ғoғo:

I heart Sam comment.
  11:36am Robert:

I love these guys' Pepsi song, which I 1st heard on WFMU around 1999 while driving home from an exhibition fireworks competition held in Jersey City. It's called "Drink It Up", and consists mostly of puns about beverage names.
  11:37am MD:

This gun tape is soooo Hot...the heck with DR this more...PLEASE!!!!!!!
  11:37am Carmichael:

Hi Ken. Just a quickie between meetings to check the playlist and make sure there's no awful music. Heading off to another meeting.
  11:37am Sam:

There shouldn't be a like button, this is WFMU. It should be "hate" or "hate less".
  11:37am jan:

Guns- Yeah, I watched the new gun show with Ted Nugent. The people sampled in Negativeland, I have learned, are far more populous than I would have ever imagined. It's the American way. Love this Negativeland piece.
  11:38am aka:

Luddite? Or former 'big data' worker ?
  11:39am Caryn:

I agree, a "dig" button would be better.
  11:39am northguineahills:

Did Steinski use this sample first?
  11:39am Guns:

walter white
  11:39am PMD:

Well, my favorite flavor is green, so I'll drink that with no questions asked.
  11:39am ғoғo:

What is REALLY DESPERATELY NEEDED is a way to login in with our Facebook account to the wfmu site.
  11:41am Caryn:

BTW, forget "binders full of women", my fave was the "we need employers who are so anxious to get good workers, they're going to be anxious to hire women" line. Really, Mitt? We need employers who are so desperate they'll even deign to hire some women? How feminist of you. Oy.
  11:41am Sam:

I agree FOFO, but not if we have to borrow money from China to pay for it.
  11:41am Sam:

Dolphins are delicious
  11:41am Mark:

I don't have a facebook account and never will
  11:43am Ken From Hyde Park:

The government ditched the color-coded threat scheme, so that's available now. Green can be "like it a lot" and red can be "don't like it at all" and other colors to match the likelihoods in between.
  11:43am aka:

be like fb!
bait and switch! bait and switch!
  11:44am dollar pizza:

ah... such a soothing voice...
  11:44am Ike:

Oh no, not this incomprehensible gibberish again.
  11:44am lee:

Clare & the Reasons
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:44am Ken:

I too like the idea of a DIG button. And by the way, logging in will free you from the math problem.
  11:45am jan:

I haven't watched Breaking Bad- Do I have to? I was a late comer to Mad Men only got the satellite dish in 2008, so I ended up watching reruns 3 at a time from the DVR and then watching the show devotedly every week. I
also watched AMC's the killing. I remained ignorant of Breaking Bad just so I would not have another habit forming tv show to watch. But if it is talked about in this forum, I may have to.
  11:45am MD:

Good man Mark...May we meet in person one day!!!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:45am Ken:

Yeah, sorry Jan. You have to watch it. Get started.
  11:45am Robert:

The color coded threat scheme confused me because I kept thinking Amber Alerts were part of it. And now they've got Silver Alerts too.
  11:46am Dan B From Upstate:

I can't help but think it'll affect what DJs play.
Glad to see the math problem go away, though!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:46am Ken:

Yes Ike, dont turn it off! Turn it up Ike! He is speaking to YOU!
  11:47am blip:

is this from the debate last night?
  11:48am ғoғo:

I want an Ike button.
  11:48am Sam:

We'll be able to rate every one of Andy's zingers in real time.
  11:48am Mark:

I missed partl of the discussion how would one log in?
  11:48am Ken From Hyde Park:

The math problems are helping me keep Parkinson's away.
  11:49am aka:

I like the idea of using psychological techniques to target and hook children. Then you can torture them. And make money.
  11:50am Robert:

Yes, Dan B, I wouldn't want to mess up the station that works in practice though not in theory. I once posed Ken a hypothetic about that. Suppose WFMU DJs, in something like a joint venture with the Foundation, started streaming on a pay service on the side...would he worry that that would affect their programming choices? Ken didn't even like THINKING about that hypothetic.
  11:50am Caryn:

"Binder? I just met her!" Ba-dum-pum. Thank you, tip your waiters. Try the veal.
  11:51am Michael:

Do I detect a little Lyme Disease in that brain?
  11:51am dollar pizza:

nice background riff, ken... please annotate
  11:52am dollar pizza:

I'm feeling myself being lifted... upwards...
  11:52am Ike:

@ғoғo, best idea I've heard all hour.

@Ken, I dislike the failure to narrative-ize audio book re-scrambling.
  11:52am Robert:

Actually the way I first posed it was, what if the foundation acquired another station with a commercial license and they started using it that way?
  11:53am dollar pizza: that break in the clouds.... with the rays of light piercing through...
  11:53am ғoғo:

Thanks for the show Ken, it was a binder full of great audiovisual experiences!
  11:53am dollar pizza:

@ike: doesn't need it- it's self-narrating (if you listen in the right way)
  11:54am chris:

I missed it; what is the music behind DJ?
  11:55am jan:

I will watch Breaking Bad, Ken; I follow all your dictums. Do I just pick it up at the next episode, or wait for the reruns from the beginning? Sounds like a lot of TV watching. I might have to Triage and watch less gun programs.
  11:55am dollar pizza:

so was that the Zach Lieberman STH? Or the Soquel HS Band?
  11:56am northguineahills:

Whaaaa? it's noon already???? Crap, gotta get busy. Sweet ass-show (hehe), Ken....
  11:56am dollar pizza:

we're all twirling in our chairs, ken... waiting to KNOW...
  11:56am MD:

Ken...You should play the sexy gun tape under would be so hot....
  11:58am Robert:

Actually the full hypothetic was, what if the foundation started simulcasting on a station somewhere that put in commercial breaks, and the DJs might be tempted to alter their programming to fit the commercial breaks, i.e. putting on less interesting stuff during times when that station would be in commercials? Would Ken try to put counter-pressure against that?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:58am Ken:

No Jan - You MUST start at the beginning and sooN!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:58am Ken:

Thanks for the comments everybody! I dig all of you a LOT!
  11:59am amEdeo:

Oh No! My phone battery is d-i-e dying! Have a good rest of the--
Avatar Swag For Life Member 11:59am Ken:

Bye all
  12:03pm MD:

  5:40pm emdee:

Ken is dao bom!
  4:10am Rachael:

@Robert I have so many questions about Linda Twigg. This thread is ancient so maybe this is going into the void, but I have questions...
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