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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
Denise James  Just Like That   Options It's Not Enough To Love  Rainbow Quartz  2004    0:00:00 Pop‑up)  
Dusty Springfield  Summer Is Over   Options Dusty  Mercury  1964/1999    0:06:53 Pop‑up)  
The Bamboo Kids  My Way is Down   Options Safe City Blues  Drug Front Records  2013    0:10:56 Pop‑up)  
Cyanide Pills  Formica   Options Still Bored  Damaged Goods  2013    0:14:13 Pop‑up)  
Micragirls  Let's Go!   Options Feeling Dizzy Honey?  Bone Voyage  2006    0:15:51 Pop‑up)  
Dead Kennedys  Life Sentence   Options Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death  Manifesto  1982/2001  originally b-side of Bleed For Me  0:18:22 Pop‑up)  
Glen Campbell  Country Boy   Options The Capitol Years  Zonophone   1975/1998    0:20:52 Pop‑up)  
Cheater Slicks  Jesus Christ   Options Reality Is A Grape  Columbus Discount  2012    0:24:00 Pop‑up)  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  Hangman's Token   Options Dig Thy Savage Soul  Bloodshot  2013    0:33:49 Pop‑up)  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  My Baby Didn't Come Home   Options Dig Thy Savage Soul  Bloodshot  2013    0:37:00 Pop‑up)  
The Alarm Clocks  I Want You   Options Wake Up!  My Mind's Eye  2013    0:40:07 Pop‑up)  
The Higher State  And In Time   Options Darker By the Day  13 O'Clock  2013    0:43:20 Pop‑up)  
Richard X. Heyman  Firing Line   Options Turn-Up  2013    0:44:59 Pop‑up)  
Original Sins  Find Out For Yourself   Options Sins '88  no label  1988/2007    0:48:39 Pop‑up)  
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds  Loud & Proud   Options Huanted Head  In the Red  2013    0:50:56 Pop‑up)  
The Daybreakers  Psychedelic Siren   Options various - Garage Beat 66 Vol. 6: Speak of the Devil  Sundazed  1967/2007    0:53:28 Pop‑up)  
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin  Bikini Babes   Options Reverse Shark Attack  In the Red  2009/2013    0:55:45 Pop‑up)  
Hank Haint  Nothing For Nothing   Options Blackout  Voodoo Rhythm  2013    0:57:03 Pop‑up)  
Figures of Light  It's Lame (live at the Bell House   Options Lost and Found  Figues of Light  2011/2013    1:00:39 Pop‑up)  
Figures of Light  Ninety Nine   Options     2013  brand new track  1:03:49 Pop‑up)  
John Paul Keith  Everything's Different   Options Memphis Circa 3 AM  Big Legal Mess  2013    1:14:20 Pop‑up)  
Kelly Willis  The More That I'm Around You   Options Translated From Love  Ryko  2007    1:16:28 Pop‑up)  
Earl Gaines  You Are My Sunshine   Options various - Dirty Laundry: The Soul of Black Country  Trikont  1963/2006    1:19:46 Pop‑up)  
R. Stevie Moore  Oh Donna   Options Sentimental Ties  cdr  2009    1:22:15 Pop‑up)  
Heavy Times  Might Not   Options Fix It Alone  HoZac  2013    1:26:21 Pop‑up)  
Buiilt to Spill  Conventional Wisdom   Options You In Reverse  Warner Bros.  2006    1:28:44 Pop‑up)  
The Nomads  The Way You Let Me Down   Options Solna  Career  2013    1:37:24 Pop‑up)  
The Wrong Words  The Other End of the Line   Options Everything Is Free  Trouble In Mind  2013    1:44:58 Pop‑up)  
Neighbours  No Car   Options Prime Numbers  get Hip  2013    1:48:11 Pop‑up)  
Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty 6  A Girl As Sweet As You   Options So ... You Want Action  Dionysus  1998    1:49:46 Pop‑up)  
Warm Soda  Strange As It Seems   Options Someone For You  castle Face  2013    1:52:17 Pop‑up)  
Robert Pollard  I Surround You Naked   Options From a Compound Eye  Merge  2006    1:55:12 Pop‑up)  
The Husbands  Just Like That   Options There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead  Swami  2006    1:57:19 Pop‑up)  
The Mantles  Shadow of Your Step   Options Long Enough To Leave  Slumberland  2013    1:59:48 Pop‑up)  
Metalleg  Demon Head   Options s/t  no label  2012  playing here live on the show Oct. 8!  2:03:42 Pop‑up)  
The Four Slicks  Brand New Chevy   Options Four On the Floor  Slick  2012    2:05:32 Pop‑up)  
Nude Beach  Ridin' Easy   Options     2011  friday at Mercury Lounge  2:08:03 Pop‑up)  
Hammered Satin  Glamorama   Options Glamorama  Burger  2013    2:09:59 Pop‑up)  
The No Tomorrow Boys  I Go Ape   Options     2012  tonight at the Cake Shop!  2:20:00 Pop‑up)  
The Ogres  Don't Tell Me No Lies   Options The Acrid & Misanthropic Sounds Of...  Hillsdale  2013    2:21:45 Pop‑up)  
Pat Todd & the Rank Outsiders  Small Town Rock Ain't Dead   Options free ep at soundcloud    2012    2:23:31 Pop‑up)  
Scott H. Biram  Blood Sweat & Murder   Options various - For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records  Bloodshot  2005    2:27:18 Pop‑up)  
Wayne Hancock & Hank Williams III  Juke Joint Jumping   Options various - For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records  Bloodshot  2005    2:30:16 Pop‑up)  
Golden Boys  La La Birdie   Options Whiskey Flower  Emperor Jones  2007    2:33:27 Pop‑up)  
White Fence  Beat   Options Cyclops Reap  Castle Face  2013    2:36:32 Pop‑up)  
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon & The Gears  Move It On Over   Options 7"    2013  happy birthday to Hank Sr.!  2:42:02 Pop‑up)  
The Scouts  Mr. Custer Stomp   Options various - Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966  Rock Beat  1962/2012  originally on same label as b bumble and the stingers, rendezvous records  2:44:15 Pop‑up)  
Roy Buchanon  Pretty Please   Options various - Dancehall Stringbusters! 2: Crunchy Guitar Instros from the 60s  Sundazed  1961/2005  the man who turned down The Stones!  2:46:34 Pop‑up)  
Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers  Undercurrent   Options The Rising Surf  Sundazed  1963/2006  aka hit record producer Richie Podolor  2:48:52 Pop‑up)  
Paul Messis  Goodbye   Options Case Closed  State  2013    2:51:56 Pop‑up)  
Michael Fennelly  I Couldn't Find the Words   Options Love Can Change Everything: Demos 1967-1972  Sundazed  2013    2:55:44 Pop‑up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm tim from champaign:

Hey Joe! New Dirtbombs record is out today!!!!!! Did the station get a copy yet?
Avatar 12:06pm Joe B:

Hi Tim. I don't know if it is here, didn't have time to look today
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:09pm Adrian in London:

Woah, I haven't heard this Dusty song before. It's fantastic.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:09pm tim from champaign:

Cool. Great start, Joe.
Avatar 12:09pm Cecile:

Avatar 12:11pm KP:

That was awesome (and new to me) song but it's an Endless Summer!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:20pm Stevel:

How in the HELL am I supposed to get anything done with this racket!?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:21pm tim from champaign:

East Bay Ray is such a good guitarist. How could Jello think he couldn't pay these guys?
  12:23pm KevinWho:

(checking wikipedia for Glen's obit ....)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:23pm Stevel:

OK, that was one of the strangest (best) segues ever.

Marry me, Joe B!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:26pm tim from champaign:

Glen Campbell and Cheater Slicks is a good combination.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:28pm common:

this cheater slicks tune is quite strange
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:30pm Ken From Hyde Park:

It seems that Glen Campbell is just a bit older than my dear mother (Glen born April 22, 1936).
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:35pm Ken From Hyde Park:

@KevinWho - Yeah, me too. When I saw Joe played him, I thought "Glen Campbell - alive or dead?" As of today, he is alive. For some reason, I was thinking of "Rhinestone Cowboy" yesterday.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:35pm tim from champaign:

That was a good interview with Barrence last week. I can just imagine how smokin his set was.
Avatar 12:36pm Joe B:

thanks Tim!
Avatar 12:37pm Joe B:

Hi everybody! thanks for listening/commenting! appreciate it!
  12:43pm KevinWho:

Glen's Alezheimer's diagnosis is tragic, but then again, he's done plenty of forgettable stuff
  12:44pm KevinWho:

too soon, i know
Avatar 12:47pm MissV:

Hello 3 chord Joe!
Avatar 12:49pm Joe B:

Hi Miss V!
  1:03pm John L.:

Brother JT, of the Original Sins, is playing BSP Lounge in Kingston NY on Sept 28. He is opening for Sean Lennon. Great show, Joe!!! I can't believe how much great music came out this year.
  1:07pm Michael Downey:

Thanks for playing our new one!
Avatar 1:24pm Dominick:

Oh Stevie!
  1:26pm Belock Disciple:

That Kelly Willis tune is another in a long line of covers of Jules Shear songs ... sung by females.
Avatar 1:29pm Joe B:

thanks, she also covers Iggy on there!
  1:30pm KevinWho:

naming yourself "Belock Disciple" here is like being in The Price Is Right audience and wearing an "Marry Me Drew" t-shirt
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:30pm Mike East:

nice guitar riff and tone!
Avatar 1:30pm Cheri Pi:

Heya late JB and JayBeings!
  1:31pm KevinWho:

say ... there's a promo idea for you Joe B.!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:33pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...been listening! - in tub - *hopefully* not built to spill...
Avatar 1:34pm KP:

Awesome Built to Spillness.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:35pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...the tub of course - the track is bitchin'...
  1:35pm Figures of Light:

Hey -- here at the office, and Michael told me you played Stu's version of NINETY-NINE -- hope you will play the new, minimalist version too!! Thanks much!! FOL FOREVER!!
Avatar 1:36pm Joe B:

hey Wheeler! yeah, got mixed up and played the first one. next week!
  1:37pm Figures of Light:

Coolness -- many thanks!! Three Chord Monte Forever!!!
Avatar 1:40pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:42pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

  1:42pm Marmalade Kitty:

Roooockin bed music!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:44pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- yeah MK
...okay - I forgot the name of that instrumental...hey! - 20thCentury's starting to be a long time ago...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:45pm efd:

Wrong Words at Shea Stadium Saturday (with Lame Drivers and the Beets) and at Cake Shop Sunday!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:45pm efd:

if it weren't for the stream delay you would have seen that sooner!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:47pm Mike Sin:

Hey Joe, just checking in and saying "hello"... "Yay!" for new Wrong Words' album.
Avatar 1:47pm Joe B:

thanks efd! better ... early? than never? confused by the time differences!
Avatar 1:47pm Joe B:

bed music is ventures version of night train!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:48pm tim from champaign:

Wow, this Wrong Words is killer. It's like the best of 80s jangle pop and the good parts of the Paisley Underwear sound.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:48pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- Night Train!
...the humiliation...
  1:49pm Marmalade Kitty:

wot, no 8bit night train?? :)
  1:51pm KevinWho:

saw Neighbours w/ Paul Collins Sunday night
Avatar 1:55pm Joe B:

how was it?
  1:57pm KevinWho:

Paul looks positively svelte, and he and the band were even tighter than usual. very funnny stage banter too. his voice stared hoarse, and by the end of the night it was full-on Sling Blade, but he still hits/approximates the notes
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:58pm tim from champaign:

How does Bob Pollard do it?
  1:59pm KevinWho:

Neighbours played last. they are so young!!! they don't have the power/confidence of the record yet, but they were good---I stayed the whole night. Josh from MOIP opened the show, and he is/was stellar, did a remarkable cover from "Ernest Goes To Camp"
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:59pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Hello Joe & all Belockers ( Disciples et al). First time I saw Pollard was at CP Summerstage in '96. My daughter first rock show. Very impressed by his lobbing of beer cans into the audience!
Avatar 2:26pm Cecile:

Pat Todd!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:27pm tim from champaign:

I like Pat Todd's small town sentiments better than John Cougar's.
Avatar 2:28pm Cecile:

they're from the same neck of the woods...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:32pm tim from champaign:

Yeah? Bloomington, IN? If so, I thought I heard some Gizmos in the Pat Todd song.
Avatar 2:32pm Cecile:

Avatar 2:33pm Cecile:

Pat Todd didn't grow up a rich kid like Mellencamp did, though.
  2:33pm John L.:

It's the birthday of Hank Sr., by the way.
Avatar 2:34pm Joe B:

thanks John didn't know that
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:34pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Happy B-Day Hank Sr.
Avatar 2:34pm Cecile:

this is the first Hank III song I haven't hated outright. Pretty good.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:35pm tim from champaign:

Even though Champaign is the birthplace of REO, it's more of a John Cougar type of town.
Avatar 2:35pm MissV:

JB you are missing Cap'n Crunch up in the offices
Avatar 2:35pm Cecile:

Was it also a Shoes kind of town?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Williams Wiki :
- nice KuntrySwing Git-tar on that Hank III.
Avatar 2:37pm Joe B:

what???????? if the crunchberry beast is there too I'm gonna be pissed!
Avatar 2:39pm MissV:

Apparently, we live in a world were a cereal mascot gets to have his own talk show.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:41pm tim from champaign:

Back in the late 70s/early 80s it was. The Vertebrats and The Rave hailed from here. John Cougar is more of a provincial rock hero for the masses more so than hometown clods REO.
Avatar 2:44pm Cecile:

He probably played there as much if not more than they did.
  2:44pm John L.:

What, no George Thorogood?
Avatar 2:45pm Joe B:

I like the first 2 Thorogood LPs. good version of cocaine blues
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:45pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...'Vertebrats' - hehe - like that...
Avatar 2:46pm Cecile:

Me too Joe! He also did a great Move it On Over. And back in the day, he was the live show to beat.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:46pm tim from champaign:

Vertebrats and The Rave are no strangers on the 3 Chord Monte.
Avatar 2:47pm Cecile:

he used to not tour in the summer cause it would cut into his softball playing time
  2:47pm John L.:

I did security at a Thorogood show once. His audience left a bad taste in my mouth.
Avatar 2:47pm Cecile:

Vertebrats birthed Ric Menck!
  2:48pm KevinWho:

@Cecile: that i did not know. good info!
Avatar 2:48pm Cecile:

RIP Roy.
Avatar 2:49pm Cecile:

which factoid, Kevin? :D
Avatar 2:50pm Joe B:

menck was in the Vertebrats?
Avatar 2:52pm Nanker de Tucson:

Another excellent show today, JoeB!
Avatar 2:52pm Cecile:

I seem to remember something about him drumming for them when he was underage, but I might not be remembering that Big Takeover interview rightly.
Avatar 2:53pm Joe B:

thanks Naker! thanks everybody for listening and commenting!
Avatar 2:54pm Cecile:

I will have to look that up. great show, joe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Thx As Ever Joe.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55pm dinatekno:

Fantastic show - as usual. Thank you for keeping this cubicle drone sane. This Paul Messis song is sad & beautiful.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:56pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...Gheez - if I just heard this Messis & was told it was 1965 - I'd be totally snookered...
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