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Artist Title Album Label Year Comments Approx. start time
The Monsters  Wild Thing   Favoriting Masks  Voodoo Rhythm  1989/2013  reissue of first LP from 1989  0:00:00 Pop-up)  
Human Eye  Buzzin' Flies   Favoriting Into Unknown  Goner  2013    0:01:47 Pop-up)  
Heavy Times  Night Manager   Favoriting Fix It Alone  HoZac  2013    0:04:18 Pop-up)  
Superchunk  Low F   Favoriting I Hate Music  Merge  2013    0:07:20 Pop-up)  
The Pearls  Away   Favoriting s/t  Rijapov  2013    0:10:22 Pop-up)  
Figures of Light  Ninety Nine   Favoriting     2013  new track from these legends  0:13:20 Pop-up)  
Figures of Light  Geraldine   Favoriting Lost & Found  FOL   1972/2013  old track from these legends  0:15:41 Pop-up)  
The Blind Shake  Garbage On Glue   Favoriting Key To a False Door  Castle Face  2013  playing live here on the show oct 29!  0:16:54 Pop-up)  
Brimstone Howl  Firewalk   Favoriting We Came In Peace  Alive  2008    0:19:31 Pop-up)  
Brimstome Howl  Heart Attack   Favoriting Guts of Steel  Alive  2007    0:24:10 Pop-up)  
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages  I'm Sad About It   Favoriting Dig Thy Savage Soul  Bloodshot  2013    0:32:03 Pop-up)  
John Paul Keith  True Hard Money   Favoriting Memphis Circa 3 AM  Big Legal Mess  2013    0:35:37 Pop-up)  
The Sprague Brothers  You're Scarce   Favoriting Changing the World, One Chick at a Time  Wichita Falls  2006    0:38:08 Pop-up)  
Billy Merritt  I'll Go Anywhere   Favoriting various - The Complete Motown Singles Vol. 3: 1963  Hip-O Select  1963/2006  can you believe this was recorded at The Snakepit?  0:40:25 Pop-up)  
Chris Isaak  Goin' Nowhere   Favoriting Forever Blue  Reprise  1995    0:42:56 Pop-up)  
Jay Sherman-Godfrey  Chalk It Up   Favoriting Public Address  Simon  2013    0:46:10 Pop-up)  
Richard X. Heyman  Hangman Smiles   Favoriting Turn-Up  2013    0:47:49 Pop-up)  
The Last Conspirators  Somewhere Tonight In America   Favoriting A Celebration of Fury    2013    0:50:11 Pop-up)  
The Bamboo Kids  Assembly Line   Favoriting Safe City Blues  Drug Front Records  2013    0:54:05 Pop-up)  
King Kahn & The Shrines  Yes I Can't   Favoriting Idle No More  Merge  2013    1:04:24 Pop-up)  
Wyldlife  The Right   Favoriting The Time Has Come To Rock and Roll    2013  friday at arlene grocery, oct 3 with Oblivians at Bell House  1:07:29 Pop-up)  
The Back Burners  Your Way   Favoriting s/t ep  Megaplatinum  2013    1:09:34 Pop-up)  
Cosmic Psychos  Pub   Favoriting Fifteen Years, A Million Beers  Dropkick  1989/2001  don't miss these guys!  1:11:38 Pop-up)  
Night Beats  Puppet on a String   Favoriting s/t  Trouble In Mind  2011    1:16:59 Pop-up)  
The Future Primitives  Evil   Favoriting Into the Primitive  Voodoo Rhythm  2013    1:19:29 Pop-up)  
Cyclone 60  The Skinny   Favoriting Smash Hits  Infinity Now  2004    1:21:33 Pop-up)  
The Higher State  You Are What They Want   Favoriting Darker By the Day  13 O'Clock  2013    1:30:24 Pop-up)  
The Primordials  Dancing Down In New Orleans   Favoriting Fourteen Prime Numbers  Screaming Apple  2007    1:34:26 Pop-up)  
The Alarm Clocks  Crazy Things   Favoriting Wake Up!  My Mind's Eye  2013  wow! even the SECOND reunion album is great!  1:36:58 Pop-up)  
Warm Soda  Sour Grapes   Favoriting Someone For You  Castle Face  2013    1:39:07 Pop-up)  
The Wrong Words  The Sting   Favoriting Everything Is Free  Trouble In Mind  2013  NOT from the movie The Sting  1:41:28 Pop-up)  
The Breakup Society  The Way We Weren't   Favoriting So Much Unhappiness, So Little Time  Get Hip  2013    1:43:40 Pop-up)  
The Mantles  Reason's Run   Favoriting Long Enough To Leave  Slumberland  2013    1:46:37 Pop-up)  
The Husbands  Nervous   Favoriting There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead  Swami  2006    1:48:57 Pop-up)  
John Moremen's Flotation Device  One Flight Down Sideways   Favoriting s/t  Mystery Lawn Music  2012    1:55:43 Pop-up)  
Steve Wynn  Second Best   Favoriting Up There: Home Recordings 2000 to 2008  Short Run  2013    1:57:59 Pop-up)  
The Oubliettes  Hot Pool   Favoriting Lil' One-Arm  Flight 13  2012    2:01:55 Pop-up)  
White Fence  Trouble is Trouble Never Seen   Favoriting Cyclops Reap  Castle Face  2013    2:04:35 Pop-up)  
R. Stevie Moore  Sentimental Ties   Favoriting Sentimental Ties    2009    2:07:25 Pop-up)  
Michael Fennelly  Dancing Dandelions   Favoriting Love Can Change Everything: Demos 1967-1972  Sundazed  2013    2:11:06 Pop-up)  
The New Breed  Want Ad Reader   Favoriting various - Love Is the Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970  Rhino  1966/2007  with Timothy B Schmidt  2:13:34 Pop-up)  
The Shags  Don't Press Your Luck   Favoriting various - Don't Press Your Luck: The IN Sound of 60's Connecticut  Sundazed  1966/2008    2:15:50 Pop-up)  
Blokes  All-American Girl   Favoriting various - Scream Loud!!! The Fenton Story  Wayback  1967/2006    2:17:52 Pop-up)  
The Mad Hatters  I'll Come Running   Favoriting various - Garge Beat '66 Vol. 7: That's How It Will Be!  Sundazed  1966/2007    2:21:05 Pop-up)  
Psychotic Turnbuckles  Real Gone Gasser   Favoriting Destroy Dull City  Citadel  1988/2013    2:22:59 Pop-up)  
Mac Curtis  If I Had Me A Woman   Favoriting Rockabilly Uprising  HMG  197?/1997  RIP Mac  2:36:01 Pop-up)  
Hank Haint  Problematic   Favoriting Blackout  Voodoo Rhythm  2013    2:37:47 Pop-up)  
Instant Orange  The Visionary (Reactive)   Favoriting s/t  Shadoks  ?/2010    2:41:21 Pop-up)  
Bud Benderbe  I'll Be Your Mirror   Favoriting The Velvet Underground & Nico & Bud Benderbe  Boo-Hooray  2013    2:43:11 Pop-up)  
Hammered Satin  Sugar Babe   Favoriting Glamorama  Burger  2013    2:46:24 Pop-up)  
Hot Lunch  Love Is All Around Me   Favoriting       new single  2:48:25 Pop-up)  
Lazy  Party City   Favoriting Obsession  Moniker  2013    2:50:50 Pop-up)  
Gospel Truth  Figure 4   Favoriting A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things  12XU  2013    2:53:31 Pop-up)  
The Lincoln Trio  Garden of Eden Pt. II   Favoriting various - Surf-Age Nuggets: Trash & Twang Instrumentals 1959-1966  Rock Beat  1960/2012    2:57:27 Pop-up)  

Listener comments!

Avatar 12:03pm Droll:

Not sure what to say about Wild Thing, except it's better than the original.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:03pm tim from champaign:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:04pm Stevel:

Let the great Belock begin!!
Avatar 12:06pm SmokinJ:

Now we're cookin' w/gas!
Avatar 12:08pm Malcolm:

I think I love that version of Wild Thing, but i wanna know 4 sure
Avatar 12:20pm KP:

Shakes alive!
Avatar 12:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...ah hell - ☆ 'em all...
...'Geraldine' sounds like Daniel Johnston washed his prescription down w/ a *really good* cuppa espresso (☆)...
Avatar 12:25pm Cheri Pi:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:35pm Brian in UK:

Joe I was away two weeks ago totally shocked to miss Barrence. Saved by the archives. 'Stop twisting my arm I already love you'!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:36pm tim from champaign:

JPK's obviously doing something right in Memphis.
Avatar 12:44pm Nanker de Tucson:

trying to recall the Billy Merritt tune which Black Sabbath covered . . .
  12:45pm Sliver:

Great pick from FOREVER BLUE
Avatar Swag For Life Member 12:45pm tim from champaign:

Which direction is it, Joe? Anywhere or nowhere?
Avatar 12:46pm Joe B:

black sabbath really covered one of his tunes? wow.
Avatar 12:46pm KP:

Awesome stringbender on this Chris Isaak.
Avatar 12:46pm Joe B:

Hi everybody! thanks for tuning in and commenting! sorry for the late check-in. working out of studio B on the 4th floor, unfamiliar confines, due to work in studio a.
Avatar 12:49pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

?? : www.bing.com...
Avatar 12:49pm SmokinJ:

White Hot R & R !
Avatar 12:51pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

- stringbender - like Clarence White's ?
Avatar 12:52pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

'Hangman Smiles' =s ...happy Wh♂fan...
Avatar 1:04pm KP:

Re: Stringbender, RR, i was pretty sure I heard a bender there. Ive seen Isaak though and his guitar player did not use one. Need research. Yes. Like Clarence White. Brad Paisley uses it. Keith Urban. Stones, Zep have.
Avatar 1:05pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

Avatar 1:12pm jljl:

Joe do you know what time Wyldlife will play? I'm actually in town and had planned on seeing something in Brooklyn but I think this show will be better and like that CD.
Avatar 1:14pm Joe B:

They list 10 pm on the facebook event for this gig, with 2 bands I don't know playing before them. haven't been to this venue in years and years so not sure how accurate that 10 pm is!
Avatar 1:15pm Joe B:

also the Bamboo Kids playing last that same night at hank's in brooklyn! maybe you can do both!
Avatar 1:15pm Joe B:

and also the sadies at mercury lounge
Avatar 1:16pm jljl:

shoot there are two shows in Brooklyn that friends are telling me to go to, Trash Bar and Don Pedro. We'll see.
Avatar 1:17pm KP:

Cosmic Psychos. Most excellent.
Avatar 1:17pm jljl:

Arlene's actually lists 11:00 for Wyldlife.
  1:17pm John L.:

Do you have the new Sadies there? Or The Dirtbombs?
Avatar 1:18pm KP:

jljl, where is Don PEdro? Thanks.
Avatar 1:18pm Joe B:

nope, neither sorry. they are probably here, just takes awhile for stuff to work its way into the bins!
Avatar 1:19pm KP:

meanwhile i should be looking for a suit to wear to opera tomorrow. FAT chance i wold get one by then.
Avatar 1:20pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

...holycrow! NightBeats sounds like SkySaxon! Love it!
Avatar 1:22pm jljl:

Don Pedro is at 90 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn.
  1:23pm John L.:

New Night Beats came out today!!!
Avatar 1:24pm Joe B:

shit, gotta get on that!
  1:24pm Marmalade Kitty:

Baargh Baagh bam!
  1:31pm John L.:

I just found out myself. I should't listen to your show while I am placing an order. I am adding Night Beats and King Khan when I should be ordering more Jack Johnson and Gov't Mule.
  1:31pm Figures of Light:

Hey Joe -- killer set as usual, and thanks for your support of FOL!! We gave you a shout out on our YouTube page -- 2.3 million hits and counting, largely thanks to you. Three Chord Monte forever!!
  1:34pm Figures of Light:

PS: Love that Revolution Rabbit!!
Avatar 1:36pm KP:

THanks, jljl
Avatar 1:37pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

FoL: ...whew!...that's a relief...
Avatar 1:50pm Joe B:

Thanks Wheeler! looking forward to hearing the rest of the new FoL stuff!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 1:59pm Mike Sin:

Hey Joe! Fun show so far! So, I'm composing my own lyrics to this John Moremen's Flotation Device instrumental.
Avatar 2:00pm Joe B:

Hey Mike! I think of that when I play this album also!
  2:22pm Marmalade Kitty:

Great set/show even, joe!
Avatar 2:23pm Joe B:

thanks MK!
  2:23pm Marmalade Kitty:

What was the name of the cartoon cat who use to say "even.." at the end of every sentence?
Avatar 2:24pm Joe B:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:24pm KevinfromBayRidge:

Late Hello to Joe & Belockers, one and all. Hellish day in the "mines". 3CM making it a whole lot better!
  2:25pm Marmalade Kitty:

  2:30pm Dean:

And TBS marked time for Poco, too, pre-Eagles.
Avatar 2:32pm KP:

Did not know that about Timothy Schmidt. Cool. Yeah he sort of led Poco for while after Furay left. i saw that lineup.
  2:38pm Dean:

And I didn't realize he'd tried out for the band early on, but was sidelined for Meisner.
Avatar 2:44pm KP:

Schmidt may be only guy who replaced the same guy in a band twice. Well it's probably happened.
  2:46pm Knuckles:

Best - version - ever.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 2:55pm Mike East:

cool show, Joe. Love that version of I'll Come Running
Avatar 2:56pm Nanker de Tucson:

last 3 hours really flew by; thanks for another great show, JoeB!
Avatar 2:57pm KP:

See ya, joe. great time.
  2:58pm Joe B:

thanks everybody!
Avatar 2:59pm Revolution Rabbit Nov63:

☆ - flawless, really.
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