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This is where all of culture and all of time are collapsed into one seductive portal and viewed through the panoramic lens of the exotic. Come and embark on an armchair-travel virtual-voyage to the heart of timeless darkness and beyond; embrace the numinous monolith of the exotic immensity. Let us find that place where hybridization meets its destiny as pure fantasy. Let us become observers observing those others who are ourselves. You wear your mask and I'll wear mine.

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Options January 28, 2016: Pictures at a Drumhibition: Accent on Avant-Garde Percussion

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Markus Stockhausen, Jasper Van't Hof  Aqua Sansa   Options Aqua Sansa    1980  Kalimba, synthesizer, computer, trumpet, prepared organ 
Music behind DJ:
Swami Kriya Ramananda 
Song of the Golden Lotus   Options Song of the Golden Lotus    1978   
Family of Percussion & Archie Shepp  Ardopetotri   Options Here Comes the Family    1981   
Peter Giger  Patanaxy   Options Family of Percussion    1979  Kontra + grossbasstabe (bass marimba)/ marimba / Chinese cup cymbals / cristales / claves / waldteufel / large darabukka / anklungs / large basket rattles (upper Volta) / small basket rattles (Brasil) / jingle bells / maracas 
Peter Giger  Ora Cinci   Options Family of Percussion    1979  toms / drum set / spanish goatbells / chinese tom + cup cymbals 
Giovanni Cristiani  Eyes's Light   Options Alpha Percussion  Penta Flowers  1985   
Giovanni Cristiani  Fragments of Crystal   Options Alpha Percussion       
Giovanni Cristiani  Dancing for Diletta   Options Alpha Percussion       
Ernst Reijseger & Alan "Gunga" Purves  Honggong   Options Cellotape & Scotchtape    1982  cello, percussion 
Ernst Reijseger & Alan "Gunga" Purves  Gongfetti   Options Cellotape & Scotchtape       
Music behind DJ:
Steve Hillage 
Four Ever Rainbow   Options Rainbow Dome Music    1979   
Babia  Misterio del Entendimiendo   Options Oriente - Occidente    1982   
Phillipe Maté & Daniel Vallancien  Cyclothimie   Options Maté / Vallancien    1972  saxophone, electronics, various percussion? kalimba? 
Phillipe Maté & Daniel Vallancien  Sanza Sallée   Options Maté / Vallancien       
Phillipe Maté & Daniel Vallancien  Sax Hi-Fi   Options Maté / Vallancien       
Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere  Solstice Winter   Options Five Steps    2015  Buchla 200 Synthesizer 
Bidon K  Routades   Options Bidon K    1983  Percussion by Laurent Delebecque, Marc Depond, Pierre Marcault 
Bidon K  Comptine   Options Bidon K       
Olatunji  Masque Dance   Options Zungo! (Afro Percussion)    1961   
Music behind DJ:
Steve Reich 
Six Marimbas   Options        
Joachim Fuchs-Charriere  Jungle Call   Options Pictures at a Drumhibition    1982   
Eitetsu Hayashi  カラビンカ   Messenger of the Wind (風の使者)    1987  marimba, antique cymbal, voice, taiko, thunder sheet 
Max Roach  Kujichaglia   Options M'Boom    1980  bass drum, cowbell, woodblock, vibraphone, 2 marimbas, steel drums, "African" percussion, timpani 
David Moss & Baird Hersey  De Montanas   Options Coessential    1977  percussions and bowed guitar 
Lord Shepherd  The Teachings of Don Juan, Man of Knowledge   Options Evidence for Real    1981   
Codona  Hey Da Ba Doom   Options Codona 3    1983  Don Cherry, Collin Walcott, Nana Vasconcelos 
Music behind DJ:
Steve Roach 
Structures from Silence   Options Structures from Silence    1984   
Craig Kupka  Prepared Piano, Marimba, Triangle And Cymbals   Options Modern Dance Technique Environments    1979   

Listener comments!

Avatar 6:58pm Flash Strap:

Welcome drummers, explorers
Avatar 7:00pm ndbob:

evening Evan and everyone!
Avatar 7:00pm Flash Strap:

hey bob!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:02pm Parq:

Bad news: stuck late at work. Good news: get to listen to Flash.
Avatar 7:04pm Flash Strap:

That is a spot of good-news bad-news, Parq. I'm happy to have you with me, not happy about the reason
Avatar 7:04pm Flash Strap:

let's make it fun for you, or at least weird
Avatar 7:06pm northguineahills:

ahh, Marcus, son of Karlheinz!
Avatar 7:07pm Flash Strap:

jesus this gif at the bottom is not-syncing in some pretty disconcerting ways
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:07pm Carmichael:

I'm still here at work, too. But I'm in CA, where it's only 4:10 PM.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:07pm melinda:

hi flash, bob, ngh, parq, carm!
Avatar 7:08pm Flash Strap:

indeed, NGH! Hello!

I've played this track before, on my first show I think, but I was really feeling like playing it today, so damn it all here I am: playing it. LOVE this track
Avatar 7:08pm Flash Strap:

Hey CArmichael, hello Melinda!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:09pm Parq:

Carmichael, and I bet it's nice and warm too. And the air smells nice. Grumble grumble.
Avatar 7:09pm ndbob:

Heya Melinda and everyone! Got knocked offline.
Avatar 7:10pm hyde:

hi everybody. i've seen that bottom gif before. is it from a movie company logo thing? i can't place it.
Avatar 7:11pm hyde:

Universal Pictures, maybe?
Avatar 7:14pm coelacanth:

good evening Flash and Explorers
this may be the first time i've heard explorers room from the start. (i've been here from the start)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:14pm Carmichael:

Parq, it's been raining significantly for the 1st time in 5 years. There's 15 feet of snow in Lake Tahoe. Everyone is delirious.
  7:15pm Dean:

J. Arthur Rank GONGMAN
Avatar 7:19pm Ham:

yeah, hyde, Rank Organization or Rank Films. supposedly the GONGMAN was a heavyweight boxer from england. i forget which movie i saw with the GONGMAN intro.
  7:19pm Doug Schulkind:

Good evening, Prof. Flash von Strappe!
Avatar 7:19pm Flash Strap:

Dean knows the answer! The Rank gongman precedes many (all?) of the Powell-Pressburger "The Archers" films, which are too good for this earth and should be watched immediately and by all as a tribute to the gods of cinema and the pharaohs of technicolor
Avatar 7:19pm hyde:

ah, thank you Dean and Ham. was driving me crazy.
Avatar 7:20pm Flash Strap:

Hello Dean, Doug, Coel, Hyde!
  7:24pm Dean:

The gif was a-l-m-o-s-t in synch there.
  7:25pm Dean:

Folks, Paul Kantner, RIP.
Avatar 7:26pm Flash Strap:

huh! crazy. Paul Kantner.
Avatar 7:27pm Flash Strap:

I guess that means I have to get out Blows Against the Empire again, but I can't promise I'll like it
  7:28pm Dean:

Guilty pleasure: "Ride the Tiger."
Avatar 7:29pm hyde:

aw. i listened to Blows Against the Empire repeatedly in high school. i'll always like it.
  7:30pm Dean:

Is Peter Giger any relation to Paul Giger?
Avatar 7:31pm Flash Strap:

me too, for the first part. As for the second, I think I'll always find it utterly befuddling. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I just think it's a weird kind of ambitious that I'll always be standing on the outside of, scratching my head in a mix of appreciation and critical bewilderment
Avatar 7:33pm Flash Strap:

@ dean: it looks like he is! I mean, they're both Swiss and they look a lot alike. But I don't know
Avatar 7:34pm hyde:

it's a sloppy mess, for sure
Avatar 7:34pm Flash Strap:

and so conceptually ambitious!
Avatar 7:35pm Flash Strap:

maybe even anti-imperialist?
  7:36pm Dean:

Loving these drum noises. Do you know Fritz Hauser's work, Solo Drumming, in particular?
Avatar 7:37pm Flash Strap:

I have a weird relationship with the whole Jefferson camp, I dig where they're at politically–they come on more Weather Underground than a lot of other 60's groups–but I sort of hate them too, particularly musically, but for some reason that I can't put my finger on
Avatar 7:37pm Flash Strap:

I don't think so, Dean! hip me to this thing
  7:39pm Dean:

Hie thee to a record store or library that has it inventory! Actually, it's "Solodrumming": http://www.discogs.com/Fritz-Hauser-Solodrumming/release/1042191 (The cover is the hat reissue.) Notice this from the liner notes: "Recorded in the glass-roofed court of the Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin) during the nights of April 4-7, 1985. No electronic effects or overdubs were used on this 2-track digital recording." It's spellbinding.
Avatar 7:40pm Flash Strap:

look at me, going on, I oughtn't speak ill of the dead here. Apologies to the Kantner spirit
Avatar 7:40pm hyde:

oooh, that sounds promising
Avatar 7:40pm ndbob:

wow Dean
Avatar 7:41pm coelacanth:

r.i.p. ...another one. i almost cannot keep track.
- i liked,and like a lot of the airplane.(despite Grace Slick's singing!)
'absolutely hated the starship!
  7:41pm Dean:

But he has a lengthy discography, solo and ensemble, including this: http://www.allmusic.com/album/quartet-noir-mw0000060154 I attended this concert at Victo, my first there, and the first time I heard Hauser live. Quartet Noire, too, is well worth seeking out, but "Solodrumming" is in a class all its own. Transcendent percussion.
Avatar 7:41pm Flash Strap:

OK I gotta check that out
Avatar 7:45pm northguineahills:

I know Erst Reijseger, but Alan Purves is new to me....
Avatar 7:46pm Ham:

the skeleton last week, banging on the wall, and GONGMAN should be in a band together.
Avatar 7:47pm Flash Strap:

Hey Ham!
Avatar 7:49pm Ham:

Avatar 7:54pm hyde:

according to the Encyclopedia of Percussion: WALDTEUFEL (Ger), friction drum whose sound is produced by a rosined cord or horsehair passing through a parchment membrane and being rotated
  7:55pm Dean:

Pretty exquisite, indeed. Hillage's System 7 also has a pretty exquisite record with Rovo from 2013.
Avatar 7:56pm hyde:

i wonder if it was invented by the guy who wrote Skater's Waltz
Avatar 7:57pm ndbob:

excellent first hour Evan - catch the rest on the archive as usual
Avatar 7:58pm Flash Strap:

see ya bob!
  7:58pm Dean:

OMG, per Wikithing: "The theme song of the 1960s television show, Mister Ed, about a talking horse ('A horse is a horse, of course, of course, but who ever heard of a talking horse? ...') is based on a melody by Émile Waldteufel."
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:59pm Parq:

Okay, my work's done. So, almost, is your show. You did good. I note parenthetically that I did, too.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:01pm Ike:

Hey hello hi.
Avatar 8:01pm Flash Strap:

@Dean: !

@Parq: my show is probably less than halfway, or halfway done, so we'll see if it's any good or isn't in a while yet. You, on the other hand, can rest easy atop a job well done
Avatar 8:02pm Flash Strap:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:03pm Parq:

Oh, right, I'm so used to shows on FMU at this hour being 60-minutes productions. Then I must excuse myself. Thanks so much for the company.
Avatar 8:04pm Flash Strap:

thank you, it was great having you with us. safe travels, happy home to you
Avatar 8:07pm hyde:

@Dean that is some excellent trivia. i'm adding that to the drawer where my anecdote about Ida Lupino directing both Wrongway Feldman episodes of Gilligan's Island is stashed
Avatar 8:08pm Flash Strap:

Has anyone here got this record, or spent any time with it? Pretty weird stuff all through
Avatar 8:08pm Flash Strap:

@Hyde: !!!
Avatar 8:09pm hyde:

don't have it, but this album sounds amazing
Avatar 8:11pm Flash Strap:

pretty cool cover art on it: www.discogs.com...
Avatar 8:11pm Flash Strap:

in that hard boiled synthy way
Avatar 8:13pm hyde:

the back cover is sooooo 70's
Avatar 8:13pm Flash Strap:

yeah yeah! heck yeah!
Avatar 8:15pm coelacanth:

new to me Evan. sounds Great! except that i've been asked to turn my volume down to almost inaudibly accompany the tv.
...i'm going to the store.
in case i'm not back by expedition's end, Thanks! and i''l come back for the archive.
Avatar 8:15pm Flash Strap:

condolences and thanks, C.
Avatar 8:17pm Flash Strap:

The guys at the top of the playlist here are Bidon K
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:18pm melinda:

Enjoying the sounds tonight.
Avatar 8:18pm Flash Strap:

glad to hear it, Melinda! me too, incidentally
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:22pm Alex In Illinois:

Me too.
Avatar 8:23pm Flash Strap:

Hi Alex! Happy to have you in the cohort here
Avatar 8:25pm northguineahills:

Pierre Marcault sounds familiar for some reason....
Avatar 8:26pm Flash Strap:

Yusef Lateef is on this album, not sure about this track specifically
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:26pm Uncle Michael:

Olatunji is one of the many great artists I discovered in my youth as a result of being a Deadhead.
Avatar 8:28pm Flash Strap:

he did something with mickey hart, right?
Avatar 8:29pm Flash Strap:

also, Hello Uncle!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:30pm Uncle Michael:

Yep. And he appeared live with the Dead on several occasions.
Avatar 8:30pm northguineahills:

UM: Me too, I scored a thrift store record of his in college when I was college and fell in love w/ it. He also opened a cultural center in Harlem where Coltrane's funeral took place.
Avatar 8:30pm Flash Strap:

he was such a cool person
Avatar 8:31pm Flash Strap:

i guess i need to get that hart/olatunji collab, eh, Uncle?
Avatar 8:31pm Flash Strap:

by which I mean, how is it?
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:32pm Alex In Illinois:

I discovered Olatunji when I had an African music radio show in college. Then one day after college, I talked to him at a King Sunny Ade concert.
Avatar 8:32pm hyde:

@Flash i was just looking at it (it's called Planet Drum). it's got Zakir Hussain and Airto on it too. might be OK, but i dunno.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:33pm Uncle Michael:

I like it. Planet Drum that is. This might be my favorite Mickey Hart project though:

Avatar 8:34pm Flash Strap:

the 76 or 88 version?
Avatar 8:34pm hyde:

oh, it's got Giovanni Hidalgo on it too. i think it's safe to say the drumming is solid.
Avatar 8:35pm hyde:

@UM huh, i don't think I've ever seen that (Diga). wild.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:37pm Uncle Michael:

That ensemble (Planet Drum) was terrific live, though I didn't see a lineup that included Baba. At one point Zakir walked up to this metal sculpture that looked like flowers and played them. They were actually midi triggers.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:39pm Uncle Michael:

I first heard Zakir either via Mickey Hart or via John McLaughlin..hard to be sure. I love Shakti. I've been lucky to have seen him in many contexts.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:40pm Alex In Illinois:

I recall a Zmbi memorial festival at SOBs in 1988, and Olatunji did the open libation call to Shango.
  8:42pm Dean:

Liner notes have not been given their bibliographic due in research literature. They are artifacts rich in historical, cultural, political economic, and literary detail. Some are downright works of scholarship themselves. I'm thinking of Graham Johnson's notes to his series of Schubert Lieder recordings and Peter Dronke's contributions to the early recordings by Sequentia.
Avatar 8:46pm hyde:

@UM i love Shakti too. i wish i still had my lp's of those three records, but they are gone in the sands of time.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:46pm Uncle Michael:

I can't say that there's anyone I'd have never heard of without the influence of the Grateful Dead. After all, I'm curious and insatiable. But it remains true that via their music, I learned about Olatunji, Elizabeth Cotten, Charles Ives, etc. For some, the Dead a musical cul de sac. For others, it's gateway.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:46pm Doug Schulkind:

Instead of working on my show for tomorrow, I am having my own private oeargy to yours, Flash Strap.
Avatar 8:49pm Flash Strap:

Oh, I am so with you on that one Dean. I've done a lot of liner notes analysis, and even when they're total shit they're full of rich subtext about the norms and attitudes of the culture they were written in/for/about
Avatar 8:49pm Flash Strap:

Glad I could lure you in with these drums sounds, king Drummer! Sorry for the distraction!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:52pm Uncle Michael:

Give the Drummer Video Games (Japan is so cool and weird and wonderful)

  8:54pm Dean:

I wrote a paper in a course about the history of Early Modern material culture about liner notes, specifically those accompanying CDs purporting to present "authentic" reenactments of Early Modern musical ceremonies.
Avatar 8:55pm Flash Strap:

that sounds like essential reading dean
  8:56pm Dean:

By the professor, at least.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:00pm Uncle Michael:

This Max Roach is sublime.
Avatar 9:01pm Flash Strap:

it really is. this whole record is endlessly playable. I can't believe how good it is
Avatar 9:02pm hyde:

when i saw Max Roach play with his quartet at u mass in the 80's, he came out alone and did the encore with just him and a hi-hat, and it was the most amazing percussion thing i have ever seen
Avatar 9:03pm Flash Strap:

oh my god hyde
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08pm Alex In Illinois:

Wow, that Max Roach Number sounded simple at first, but quite enjoyable--it just kind of took me in. I think I needed that.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:08pm Doug Schulkind:

I saw Max perform his hi-hat solo live many times. It was a tribute to the great Jo Jones, longtime drummer for Count Basie's organization. The piece was usually called "Papa Jo" or "For Papa Jo."
Avatar 9:09pm coelacanth:

ah! you're still here! -and no tv!
Avatar 9:09pm Flash Strap:

cover for this Lord Shepherd: 1.bp.blogspot.com...
Avatar 9:09pm Flash Strap:

still a few drops left, C.!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:09pm Doug Schulkind:

It's not so much a hi-hat solo as it is a belief system.
Avatar 9:10pm hyde:

@Doug haha, yes
Avatar 9:11pm coelacanth:

a Dougism!
Avatar 9:11pm coelacanth:

(-or is it a Drummerism?)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:12pm Uncle Michael:

I think my brother took one of Max' courses at UMass.
Avatar 9:12pm Flash Strap:

"It's not so much a hi-hat solo as it is a belief system."

wisdom from the mount
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:13pm Doug Schulkind:

I am going to take a recording of this broadcast and bury it in a time capsule deep within my head.
  9:13pm Dean:

I saw the hi-hat solo--I mean, I heard him preach the system at LA's Jazz Bakery not too long before we lost Roach.
Avatar 9:14pm Flash Strap:

aw shucks doug
Avatar 9:14pm hyde:

@UM UMass had great music faculty in the 80's. i got to take classes taught by Archie Shepp and Marion Brown.
Avatar 9:15pm Flash Strap:

jesus Hyde! you were in a room with Archie Shepp?
Avatar 9:15pm northguineahills:

Hey, I have this Codona album, what do you know!
Avatar 9:16pm Flash Strap:

all 3 codona albums are pretty fuckin nice
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:17pm Doug Schulkind:

The greatest day of my musical life was spent with Max in his Upper West Side apartment. Not knowing me from any of a thousand other pimply faced music nuts, he greeted me at the door to his apartment with this: "Do you like apple pie? I have the best apple pie, come on in." And that was just the first few seconds. It got better.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:17pm Uncle Michael:

When did you attend, hyde?
Avatar 9:17pm hyde:

@Flash yep. he was a pretty haphazard teacher, but it was a great class.
Avatar 9:17pm northguineahills:

Thanks Flash!
Avatar 9:18pm hyde:

@Doug whoa.

@UM i was there from '81 to '85
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:18pm Uncle Michael:

I don't even have dreams that cool, Doug.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:19pm Uncle Michael:

You overlapped with my brother. I think he was class of '87.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:19pm Ike:

Avatar 9:21pm coelacanth:

hyde that's amazing! ...
Doug that's Amazing!...

and Doug i'm going to do something similar to you (@9:13)...i'm starring the episode and listening to it again, and again!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:22pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks Evan.
Avatar 9:22pm hyde:

thanks Flash!
Avatar 9:23pm coelacanth:

Thanks Evan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:23pm Alex In Illinois:

Great Show. I enjoyed getting lost in it.
Avatar 9:24pm Flash Strap:

WOW doug that is, uh, I mean just wow
Avatar 9:24pm Flash Strap:

congratulations on being the coolest guy with the coolest story
Avatar 9:24pm Flash Strap:

@Hyde: was he mean? I picture him sort of mean
Avatar 9:25pm Flash Strap:

Thanks everyone! I enjoyed getting lost in it, myself
Avatar 9:26pm coelacanth:

(i'm Really psyched to hear this in it's entirety at home over the weekend - at a respectable loud volume!)
Avatar 9:30pm northguineahills:

This Craig Kupka is amazing!
Avatar 9:30pm hyde:

@Flash he wasn't too mean in class, but he wasn't all that friendly either. he really liked the final paper i wrote + was pretty generous about that. i saw him get pissed off at a clubowner after a gig once though, and that was kind of scary.
Avatar 9:31pm Flash Strap:

@NGH it is! the whole album is killer
Avatar 9:32pm Flash Strap:

boy, Hyde, that must have felt pretty good–both to have a work be well-received by Archie Shepp, and to get to see him get really mad, but not at you
Avatar 9:32pm hyde:

Craig Kupka is great in general. i love the two things i got off that New Age tape blog of his.
Avatar 9:33pm Flash Strap:

Clouds? That one's great
Avatar 9:34pm Flash Strap:

ok, i'm out, good night me hearties
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:34pm melinda:

Great show, thanks!
Avatar 9:34pm hyde:

yep. i like crystals, too.
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