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This is where all of culture and all of time are collapsed into one seductive portal and viewed through the panoramic lens of the exotic. Come and embark on an armchair-travel virtual-voyage to the heart of timeless darkness and beyond; embrace the numinous monolith of the exotic immensity. Let us find that place where hybridization meets its destiny as pure fantasy. Let us become observers observing those others who are ourselves. You wear your mask and I'll wear mine.

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Options July 14, 2016: Exotic Forests and Enchanted Tangos

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Martin Denny  Pagan Love Song   Options Quiet Village    1959   
The Andrews Sisters  Pagan Love Song   Options Oh! Ma-Ma! (The Butcher Boy) / Pagan Love Song 10"    1938   
The Mills Brothers  Jungle Fever   Options Four Boys and a Guitar    1934  from the 1934 film, "Operator 13" 
Dick Dale & The Del-Tones  Jungle Fever   Options Jungle Fever / Shake-n-Stomp 7"    196?   
Living Percussion  Jungle Fantasy   Options The Beat Goes On    1969  arranged by Dick Hyman 
DeZurick Sisters  Down in Jungle Town   Options DeZurick Sisters Yodel and Sing Their Greatest Hits    1930s   
Music behind DJ:
Tropical Birds at Sunrise   Options The Paradise Bird Of Endless Melodies       
Little People's Band  Little People's Band in Forestland, pt.1   Options Little People's Band in Forestland    1928   
Heitor Villa-Lobos  Forest of the Amazon (Side one)   Options Forest of the Amazon    1959  Conducted by Heitor Villa-Lobos, performed by The Symphony of the Air & Chorus, with Soprano Bidu Sayao; 1.Deep In The Forest (Em Plena Floresta) 2.Excitement Among The Indians (Excitação Entre Os Indios) 3.Nature's Dance (Dança Da Natureza) 4.Savage War Dance (Dança Selvagem Guerreira) 5.Sails (Veleiros) 6.On The Way To The Hunt (A Caminho Da Caçada) 
Little People's Band  Little People's Band in Forestland, pt.2   Options Little People's Band in Forestland    1928   
Music behind DJ:
The Dead Mauriacs  Hollywood Copacabana   Options Nouvelles Fonctions Exotiques    2015   
The Norman Luboff Choir  Bamboo-Tamboo   Options Calypso Holiday    1957   
Arthur Lyman  Bamboo-Tamboo   Options Yellow Bird    1961   
Herbie Mann  Ain't Necessarily So   Options At the Village Gate    1962   
The Dead Mauriacs  Nuit Mutation   Options Nouvelles Fonctions Exotiques       
The Dead Mauriacs  Samba Narcoleptique   Options Nouvelles Fonctions Exotiques       
The Dead Mauriacs  Scatologie   Options Nouvelles Fonctions Exotiques       
The Dead Mauriacs  Tahiti EVP   Options Nouvelles Fonctions Exotiques       
The Dead Mauriacs  Tension Exotique   Options Nouvelles Fonctions Exotiques       
The Dead Mauriacs  Mambos de Météores   Options Mambos de Météores    2015   
Music behind DJ:
The Latin Jazz Quintet 
  Latin Soul       
Rafael Valdez Orchestra  Irresistible   Options Tangos of the Argentine       
Rafael Valdez Orchestra  Mi Amigo   Options Tangos of the Argentine       
Ricardo Santos & His Cascadian Strings  Honky-Tonk Tango   Options Two Million Strings    1958   
Robert Wyatt  Las Vegas Tango (Part 1)   Options The End Of An Ear    1970   
Paul Dolden  The Melting Voice Through Mazes Running (excerpt)   Options Musical Portrait – Series 5 No. 13 7"  CAPAC     
Bela Sanders and his Orchestra  Luna Rossa   Options Enchanted Tangos       
Music behind DJ:
Bela Sanders and his Orchestra 
  Enchanted Tangos       
Organization  Silver Forest   Options Tone Float    1970   
The Slipstream Group  Forest of Evil   Options Forest of Evil Vol. 1  DeWolfe  1978   
Ariel Kalma  Devil Forest Spirit   Options An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979)       
Alfred Deller  Down In Yon Forest   Options The Three Ravens (Elizabethan Folk & Minstrel Songs)    1955   
Chari Chari  Rainforest Interlude   Options Snaker 002    2013   
Pierre Duclos  Forests   Options Telecineradio Vol. 11  Chappell     
Little People's Band  Little People's Band in Forestland, pt.3   Options Little People's Band in Forestland    1928   
Heitor Villa-Lobos  Forest of the Amazon (Side two)   Options Forest of the Amazon    1959  1.Twilight Song (Cair Da Tarde) 2.Indians In Search Of The Girl (Os Indios À Procura De Moca) 3.Head Hunters (Os Caçadores De Cabeça) 4.Blue Dusk (Tarde Azul) 5.Love Song (Canção De Amor) 6.Forest Fire (O Fôgo Na Floresta) 
Little People's Band  Little People's Band in Forestland, pt.4   Options Little People's Band in Forestland    1928   
Ranil Y Su Conjunto Tropical  Lamento En La Amazonia   Options Ranil's Jungle Party    1970s   
Music behind DJ:
Rafael Valdez Orchestra 
  Tangos of the Argentine       

Listener comments!

Avatar 6:57pm Flash Strap:

Good evening explorers. Let's really do this
Avatar 6:59pm ndbob:

evening Evan and everyone!
Avatar 7:00pm Flash Strap:

  7:01pm Ed:

Greetings Evan and Bob!
Avatar 7:05pm Flash Strap:

Hi Ed! Great to see you
  7:07pm Ed:

Great to be here, really into tonight's theme!
Avatar 7:10pm hyde:

Avatar 7:11pm Flash Strap:

me too. I love this stuff

Oh hi Hyde!!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:13pm Doug Schulkind:

Hello, Admiral von Strap!
Avatar 7:15pm Flash Strap:

Hello Doug!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:16pm Carmichael:

Heya Flashie and fans.
Avatar 7:23pm Flash Strap:

Heya heya Carmichael!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:25pm Carmichael:

I haven't taken enough drugs to fully appreciate this.
Avatar 7:26pm Little Danny:

Great to have you back, Flash - lovin' the show thusfar. You're not making it easy to focus on prepping for my deal, though!
Avatar 7:30pm Flash Strap:

Hey LD! glad to be back. yeah, I'm lucky to be able to hear your show without having any homework to do
Avatar 7:34pm Flash Strap:

anybody seen the flick? ilarge.lisimg.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:34pm Doug Schulkind:

Heitor's gonna heit.
Avatar 7:35pm Flash Strap:

@Carm: not with that attitude you haven't
Avatar 7:35pm ndbob:

@Evan no - but read the book ina reading group in high school
Avatar 7:36pm Flash Strap:

@Doug: thanks for filling in for me filling in for you
Avatar 7:36pm Flash Strap:

how was it bob?
Avatar 7:37pm ndbob:

I liked it at the time - so long ago I barely remember anything about it
Avatar 7:39pm hyde:

i'm pretty sure that i've watched parts of Green Mansions on Turner Classic. it seemed ok, but not great. But it's got Lee J. Cobb *and* Henry Silva!
Avatar 7:42pm Flash Strap:

has the look of an interesting premise done in a very uninteresting way, but you can never be sure
Avatar 7:43pm Flash Strap:

This music is pretty wild at times though, could really elevate material
Avatar 7:45pm hyde:

i don't think Mel Ferrer was really director material
Avatar 7:46pm Flash Strap:

oh god how true that must be
Avatar 7:51pm hyde:

wow, Indiana U has a fairly extensive Heitor Villa-Lobos website: villalobos.iu.edu
Avatar 7:57pm hyde:

the 85% humidity in my cabin is really helping me feel this show tonight
Avatar 7:58pm ndbob:

excellent first hour Evan - catch the rest on the archive
Avatar 8:00pm Flash Strap:

Avatar 8:02pm Flash Strap:

see ya buddy bob
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:02pm doctorjazz:

Been enjoying the show, gotta run now, thanks
Avatar 8:03pm Flash Strap:

thanks Doc. Have a great night
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:03pm melinda:

hi Evan & everyone!
Avatar 8:04pm hyde:

yay, melinda!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:07pm doctorjazz:

Have always stayed away from Herbie Mann, but I think I have to get this Live at the Village Gate disc
(really going now, really...)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:07pm melinda:

yo, hyde!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:08pm doctorjazz:

or maybe Live at the Whiskey (with Sonny Sharrock)
OK, really going now...
Avatar 8:11pm Flash Strap:

Melinda! What a treat!

@DR.: Herbie is a real mixed bag, but there's a lot of killer in there too, this being near the top, along with the Whiskey
Avatar 8:12pm Flash Strap:

i mean, the lineup on this is insane: www.discogs.com...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:16pm melinda:

I love the cover of that Herbie Mann album.
Avatar 8:16pm northguineahills:

I'm so glad Herbie Mann collaborated w/ Stereolab before he died (they did "One Note Samba" + "Surfboard".
Avatar 8:17pm Flash Strap:

it's so jazz, that cover
Avatar 8:17pm Flash Strap:

Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:18pm melinda:

Old jazz covers are some of the best.
Avatar 8:29pm Flash Strap:

This stuff is so, uh, stimulating
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:34pm melinda:

What is bad about bad Herbie Mann?
Avatar 8:39pm Flash Strap:

Nothing, necessarily. I feel like people put him down a lot and there's some cornier or just unimaginative stuff of his that helps me to understand why, but I have a bunch of Herbie Mann LPs that I love to death
Avatar 8:41pm Flash Strap:

the sound isn't too great on this, but the music is so charming
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:43pm melinda:

I like the scratchiness.
Avatar 8:43pm Flash Strap:

me too
Avatar 8:50pm Flash Strap:

I love this record. I like it better than Soft Machine or Matching Mole, even
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:02pm Uncle Michael:

Must I choose?
Avatar 9:03pm Flash Strap:

you mustn't of course. it's insane that i would, but such is my conviction

and hello Uncle! wonderful to see you
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:04pm Uncle Michael:

Wonderful to be listening.
Avatar 9:06pm coelacanth:

greetings Evan and Explorers
Avatar 9:10pm Flash Strap:

Coelacanth! hello friend
Avatar 9:11pm hyde:

this is a cool record. never heard this.
Avatar 9:24pm Little Danny:

Oh god that Alfred Deller selection was just gorgeous.
Avatar 9:25pm Flash Strap:

what a voice. that whole LP just cuts like a diamond
Avatar 9:29pm Flash Strap:

Such weird little details all through this stuff. Great percussion in particular, and the vocals are so in line with the exotica-woman motif
Avatar 9:30pm coelacanth:

this is all quite beautiful.
...and strangely and Thankfully my niece is not complaining or turning on the tv.
Avatar 9:33pm Ham:

so many forests!
Avatar 9:34pm Flash Strap:

that is strange. this is not what I would think of as music to sooth the savage niece, exactly. But I'm glad to hear it!
Avatar 9:34pm Flash Strap:

So little Ham! Hello friend
Avatar 9:38pm Ham:

hello, sounds great. makes me want to open the windows but still a bit too warm out.
Avatar 9:40pm Flash Strap:

SO humid
Avatar 9:42pm hyde:

i'm just sitting here sweating, myself
Avatar 9:44pm coelacanth:

i was outside until just before 9 and it was like a sauna. i wish there was a cool brook here i could jump into.
Avatar 9:45pm coelacanth:

Flash@9:34 yeah it's strange! -still no peep. she's right here.
Avatar 9:46pm coelacanth:

(and she's not looking for pokemon!)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:47pm Uncle Michael:

I love Sonovox silliness.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:50pm melinda:

I like the Little People's Band. It's as fun as Kiddie Conga.
Avatar 9:51pm Flash Strap:

That's so great C.!

Me too UM!

I don't know, Kiddie Konga was REALLY fun
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:52pm melinda:

It was pretty special.
Avatar 9:52pm Ham:

i'm glad there's a band for the little people in forestland.
Avatar 9:55pm Little Danny:

Funny, I'd never cared much for Villa-Lobos before but whether it was you playing it or my more receptive ears or both, it reached me in a serious way.
Avatar 9:57pm hyde:

thanks for the show!
Avatar 9:57pm Little Danny:

Thanks Evan!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:57pm Uncle Michael:

Thanks Flash!
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:57pm Doug Schulkind:

Exquisite wanderings, Flash Strap!
Avatar 9:57pm Little Danny:

Forest turns to desert and desert turns to: wfmu.org... See y'all over there!
  9:58pm Dean:

Dang, missed Villa-Lobos. @Little Danny, I assume you know the Stravinsky slight to V-L? I for one don't like much music from Brazil, frankly. V-L redeems the country!
Avatar 9:58pm Flash Strap:

Yeah, I'm two ways on him as well, Danny, but that piece hardwires right into my, your, our shared sensibility, I think
  9:59pm Dean:

And Badi Assad.
Avatar 9:59pm Flash Strap:

Thanks to all of YOU

what;s the slight, Dean? (Also, I think Brazilian music is brilliant, for the record)
  9:59pm Dean:

"Why is it that whenever I hear a piece of music I don't like, it's always by Villa Lobos?"
Avatar 10:00pm coelacanth:

Thanks Evan! Excelente!

tchau explorers
Avatar 10:00pm Flash Strap:

reminds me of Nick Cave on the Red Hot Chili Peppers

OK goodnight, all!
  10:01pm Dean:


I've always assumed that RHCP were wittingly cribbing from Igor.
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