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This is where all of culture and all of time are collapsed into one seductive portal and viewed through the panoramic lens of the exotic. Come and embark on an armchair-travel virtual-voyage to the heart of timeless darkness and beyond; embrace the numinous monolith of the exotic immensity. Let us find that place where hybridization meets its destiny as pure fantasy. Let us become observers observing those others who are ourselves. You wear your mask and I'll wear mine.

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Options March 22, 2018: Extended Meditations & Seeking Beyond

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Artist Track Album Label Year Comments
Joel Vandroogenbroeck  Meditative Contemplation   Options Meditations, Vol. 2  Coloursound  1980   
Broadcast  Lunch Hour Pops   Options Haha Sound  Warp  2003   
Nick Arkle  Cloud-Henge (Side B)   Options Cloud-Henge  N.A.M.  1983   
Music behind DJ:
Cloud-Henge (Side B)          
High Ceilings  Parka Lounger   Options High Ceilings  Sun Ark  2014   
Broadcast  Test Area   Options Echo's Answer  Warp  1999   
Kelan Phil Cohran   Meditation   Options Meditation  Katalyst Entertainment  1996/2013  Harp, Kalimba, Cornet, Zither – Kelan Phil Cohran; Keyboards, Bass, Guitar – Malik Cohran; Recorded in 1996 by Atiba Johnson at his studio in Chicago. 
Music behind DJ:
Alain Kremski 
Prières Et Méditations Secrètes   Options Musiques Rituelles Pour Cloches et Gongs  Auvidis  1979   
Don Cherry  Meditation   Options Modern Art  Mellotronen  1977/2014  Rec. 1977 at the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art 
Charles Rouse  In His Presence Searching   Options Two Is One  Strata-East   1974   
The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble  The Seeker   Options Three Gentlemen from Chikago  Moers Music  1981   
Eddie Gale  The Gleeker   Options Black Rhythm Happening  Blue Note  1969   
Eddie Gale  Song of Will   Options Black Rhythm Happening  Blue Note  1969   
Ya Ho Wha 13  Journey Thru An Elemental Kingdom   Options Penetration, An Aquarian Symphony.  Higher Key Records  1974   
Moondog  Cosmic Meditation   Options Elpmas  Kopf  1991   
Music behind DJ:
Cosmic Meditation   Options Elpmas       
Duke Ellington  Lost in Meditation   Options        
Ariel Kalma  Musique Pour Le Reve Et L'Amour   Options Musique Pour Le Reve Et L'Amour    1981   

Listener comments!

Avatar 6:39pm Flash Strap:

Ah, hello explorers! Tonight, we'll decompress from marathon madness with a program of psychedelic extended meditations

Juuuust about to get rolling here
Avatar 6:59pm Flash Strap:

ok let's roll
Avatar Swag For Life Member 6:59pm doctorjazz:

Hello, too busy to meditate, HI!
Avatar 7:00pm Flash Strap:

Hi Doc!
Avatar 7:01pm Flash Strap:

That's ok Doc, the Explorers Room meditates for you so you don't have to
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:02pm doctorjazz:

I'm more likely to medicate...
Avatar 7:03pm northguineahills:

Joel Vandroogenbroeck, new to me!

(doctorjazz is full of good ideas)
Avatar 7:04pm Flash Strap:

the truth is, i scarcely ever do anything that would be described as classical meditation, I just like music that's designed to induce or accompany it
Avatar 7:06pm Flash Strap:

Hi NGH! Vandroogenbroeck is perhaps best known for being in Brainticket, but he did a stellar run of Coloursound library LPs, of which two were dedicated to meditation, and this is from the second one
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:06pm doctorjazz:

Joel V..... is a new name to me as well (and not an easy one to say).
My wife meditates-she's had me try it a few times with her, I want to jump out of my skin when I do.
Avatar 7:06pm northguineahills:

y mi tambien, Flash (although it accidentally happens on a rare occasion).

Oh, I know Brainticket (thanks to Bryce)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:06pm listener james from westwood:

In since the start, but just checking in now. How do, all!
Avatar 7:08pm Little Danny:

Hi Flash and all listeners/commenters!
Avatar 7:09pm Flash Strap:

Hi there Listener James!

@Doc- I meditate in other ways, listening to music, making art (particularly when giving over to the automatic processes), zoning out in the woods or at the shore... but sit me cross legged on the floor and I'm on fire, I fucking hate it
Avatar 7:09pm Flash Strap:

Hi Brother LD
Avatar 7:10pm Little Danny:

Nice segue into Broadcast
Avatar 7:10pm northguineahills:

Avatar 7:11pm Flash Strap:

Love this song of theirs in particular, extremely partial to the writing
Avatar 7:12pm Flash Strap:

it's a good mental health song
  7:15pm ike:

Avatar 7:16pm Flash Strap:

Hi Ike!
Avatar 7:20pm Flash Strap:

I played side A of this cassette last time I did an "extended meditations" show, it's a great tape
Avatar 7:22pm Flash Strap:

can be found here, at the always highly recommended Sounds of the Dawn: soundsofthedawn.com...
Avatar 7:22pm hyde:

aw crap. i missed Broadcast. i love that record
Avatar 7:23pm Flash Strap:

I'll play another Broadcast just for you pal
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:25pm listener james from westwood:

I sit for 10 min each morning after the shower and meditate. No mantra or focus other than my breathing, just do my best to let thoughts pass. When they don't, it shows me I have something to address further. So for me it's a good tool for surfacing issues.
Avatar 7:25pm Flash Strap:

that sounds extremely wise, James
Avatar 7:26pm hyde:

haha, can always count on you. luckily, i also like this Nick Arkle (i think i got this off Sounds of the New Dawn)
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:26pm Scraps bink bonk:

h’lo ho h’rm
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:30pm Scraps bink bonk:

I can’t believe this, but three hours ago I played Joel Vandroogenbroeck Meditations Vol 2!
Avatar 7:31pm Little Danny:

Carolyn in Alpine is the best. She's one town over from me out here in west Tejas.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:33pm Scraps bink bonk:

I was putting that on my mp3 player. Have several Vandroogenbroeck.
Avatar 7:35pm Flash Strap:

That's crazy Scraps! what are the odds?
Avatar 7:36pm Flash Strap:

also, Hello Scraps! warm welcome
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:39pm Scraps bink bonk:

Even better than the Meditations albums are =Biomechanoïd= and =Industrial Retrospect=, I think
Avatar 7:39pm βrian:

Good evening, Monsieur Strap. Settling into the waves.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:40pm Scraps bink bonk:

And hi Flash Strap!
Avatar 7:42pm Flash Strap:

Hi Brian!

@Scraps: I'm extremely partial to Lost Continents & Birth of Earth, some of my fave library records ever. Also quite like South East Asia
Avatar 7:43pm Flash Strap:

Biomechanoid is super intense and good tho I agree
Avatar 7:49pm northguineahills:

huh, I don't have this Broadcast album. WHY!!!!?????
Avatar Swag For Life Member 7:49pm Scraps bink bonk:

And =Computer Blossom=!

I like the better of his Library stuff much more than Brainticket.
Avatar 7:49pm Flash Strap:

Broadcast doesn't get enough credit for always having insanely good drums
Avatar 7:50pm Flash Strap:

I agree Scraps!
Avatar 7:50pm Flash Strap:

it's a single, more often found on the comp Future Crayon
Avatar 7:51pm Little Danny:

Totally agree re: Broadcast drums!
Avatar 7:51pm Flash Strap:

which I wouldn't be surprised if you did have, NGH
Avatar 7:54pm Flash Strap:

This is such an amazing performance
  7:55pm zonk ludlow:

Hi Flash & fellow explorers. Great to see the love for Broadcast. For anyone interested there a couple of lovely mixtapes put together by Trish Keenan easy to find on the web
Avatar 7:55pm βrian:

@Flash: You really should consider redesigning your playlist. The color scheme is very appealing, but the readability is in the gutter.
Avatar 7:56pm Flash Strap:

Hi Zonk! Those playlists are very good
Avatar 7:57pm Flash Strap:

duly noted Brian. hate to be at gutter-level in anything
Avatar 7:58pm βrian:

(Exquisite noise, of course.)
Avatar 8:01pm Flash Strap:

Yeah Cohran has that magic, everytime
Avatar 8:03pm northguineahills:

I believe I've only read about Cohran, never heard him.
Avatar 8:06pm hyde:

love this
Avatar Swag For Life Member 8:07pm melinda:

howdy explorers!
Avatar 8:07pm Flash Strap:

Every thing Cohran has done is excellent. Sometimes I wonder if I play him too much on the show. Other times I think I should try to play every last thing he's ever done.
Avatar 8:07pm Flash Strap:

Howdy Melinda!
Avatar 8:08pm hyde:

and, i will also go to bat for Broadcast drums
Avatar 8:08pm hyde:

hi melinda!
Avatar 8:08pm northguineahills:

yeah, the drums on Haha Sound are superb.
Avatar 8:10pm Flash Strap:

especially so
  8:13pm Gilly:

Cheers from rainy Los Angeles
Avatar 8:15pm northguineahills:

I used to see Broadcast vinyl at record stores that were usually techno/house only.
Avatar 8:16pm Flash Strap:

Hi Gilly! I heard you were having bad weather over there
  8:16pm Gilly:

Yeah it's pretty bad. I'm in a relatively safe area for now. Hopefully no landslides
  8:17pm Gilly:

Show tonight is perfect with this weather
Avatar 8:17pm Flash Strap:

I didn't know landslides were even on the menu!
Avatar 8:20pm Flash Strap:

this is probably the longest single track I've ever played
Avatar 8:20pm hyde:

searching for the Trish Keenan mix, i saw there was a link on Root Blog so i went and nostalgically clicked it, but alas, it was dead
Avatar 8:21pm Flash Strap:

damn, I think that's where I heard it too
  8:21pm spookcity:

this song is superb my man!

& @hyde ~ i think i may have that one, yr talking about her motor mix or whatever it's called? i forget at the moment
Avatar 8:22pm Flash Strap:

Hi there Spook!
Avatar 8:22pm Little Danny:

@NGH: that mighta been because Broadcast was on Warp Records, a dance-oriented label
Avatar 8:23pm hyde:

@spook yeah, that's the one
Avatar 8:23pm hyde:

@spook motorway mix, to be clear
Avatar 8:25pm northguineahills:

True LD!

@Gilly: I suppose Flash shouldn't play a certain Thin Lizzy song. Stay safe!
Avatar 8:28pm Flash Strap:

it just keeps unspooling, this one
  8:29pm spookcity:

https://mega.nz/#!pI5iVKTA!Ww2fjwVDDG8lycALhFvuXB302WjVQ1mSlIyr3klOHrM there ya go
  8:29pm spookcity:

hey ole chum! how are ya?!
Avatar 8:30pm Flash Strap:

pretty good pal, nice to have you in the room
  8:31pm spookcity:

been too long, always know yr gonna deliver the goods
Avatar 8:34pm northguineahills:

Ok, jumping ship, leaving work at a sanish hour yet again. I hit the double 21 at midnight, so I'm off for a drink (actually, it seem most thursday evenings I go for a drink after listening to Evan. Cheers-y-OOOs todos!
Avatar 8:35pm Flash Strap:

hate to see ya go, love to know your work day has come to an end
Avatar 8:35pm hyde:

thanx for that mix, spook. somehow i never had it.
  8:36pm spookcity:

no prob hyde, anytime ;) it's a great mix. rip to a great
Avatar 8:37pm hyde:

@spook i also love that Steve Hiett record you posted!
Avatar 8:43pm Flash Strap:

Don Cherry is so cool
Avatar 8:46pm hyde:

Avatar 8:47pm Flash Strap:

always been a big fan of the cover of this wild Rouse joint: img.discogs.com...
Avatar 8:49pm hyde:

@Flash it uses my favorite 70's font for the title
Avatar 8:51pm Flash Strap:

yeah that Rollerball font! I was just looking at a really cool Onibaba film poster that, unlikely enough, uses about the same font: plakatfiu.com...
Avatar 8:52pm Flash Strap:

what a cool track, damn
Avatar 8:53pm Flash Strap:

the great Calo Scott on Cello
Avatar 8:55pm Little Danny:

"Rollerball font" nails it, hyde
Avatar 8:57pm Flash Strap:

I played a great Malcolm X tribute track from this album a few shows back, but this is the best cut on the record imo
Avatar 8:59pm Little Danny:

This is great and totally new to me. This must be Cohran-connected somehow, right?
Avatar 9:02pm hyde:

the Moers record catalog in the early eighties is just crazy good
Avatar 9:03pm Flash Strap:

as far as i know, the only connection is the Chicago scene, actually. None of the personnel seems to have played with Cohran, though they did play on that Infinite Spirit Music ‎– Live Without Fear LP that got reissued a little while back. Among a lot of other stuff, inc. quite a few Ethnic Heritage Ensemble releases, none of which I've heard besides this
Avatar 9:04pm Little Danny:

Thanks for the intel, Evan!
Avatar 9:05pm Flash Strap:

no prob. realizing I need to dig a little deeper on these gentlemen myself
Avatar 9:05pm Flash Strap:

the minimal kalimba is SO cohran tho
Avatar 9:10pm Flash Strap:

this is just one of the greatest records ever
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:13pm doctorjazz:

Cool hearing the "meditative" jazz recordings! (interesting to hear Rouse described as "wild", he was very button down in the Thelonius Monk Quartet (Maybe Monk laid claim to all the wildness...)

Gotta go now, thanks Evan!
Avatar 9:16pm Flash Strap:

That particular Rouse LP is weird enough to be wild, anyway!

Thanks Doc, catch ya later!
Avatar 9:19pm quinn:

This is perfect. I'm doing very repetitive, detailed drawing right now for work. Takes it from tedious to transportive.
  9:21pm Gilly:

Nice to get some Source today :)
  9:21pm spookcity:

that hiett is the bees knees, as is this father yod cut. some of those folks live just a coupla hours away from me.
  9:22pm Gilly:

@quinn funny I'm doing the same
Avatar 9:22pm Flash Strap:

Hi Quinn! I can relate to that, I listen to this stuff when I draw all the time, helps me hold concentration. I think drawing is the closest I come to a true meditative state
Avatar 9:23pm Flash Strap:

@ Gilly: that is so good to hear
Avatar 9:24pm Flash Strap:

that's cool, Spook. makes sense. weird to think of those people still walkin' around. what's Sky Saxon up to these days i wonder?
Avatar 9:24pm Flash Strap:

whoops, he passed away in 2009
Avatar 9:24pm quinn:

Gilly, what are you drawing? I'm working on an ikat-style print for a client... drawing all those little lines by hand. There's gotta be a better way.
Avatar 9:25pm Flash Strap:

sounds cool though
Avatar 9:26pm Flash Strap:

man, this makes me wish we had geezerette with us, she's always drawing during the show too
  9:27pm spookcity:

don't think i had heard this particular moondog gem before this, what a lovely number. they live out in yelm along with the ramtha folks, who include salma hayek amongst their esteemed number
Avatar 9:28pm Flash Strap:

i did not know that
  9:29pm Gilly:

@quinn I'm working on CAD drawings for a client, so very schematic. Lots of tedious pointing dragging and clicking :(
Avatar 9:30pm Flash Strap:

Elpmas is definitely one of the best,most unique, overlooked Moondog records. Absolutely genius album from start to finish
  9:30pm Gilly:

Resisting the urge to make a beer run haha. This rain may prevent it
  9:33pm Gilly:

I love this but this isn't *that* Moondog right?
Avatar 9:34pm Flash Strap:

if you mean the Viking of Street Minimalism, it is indeed
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:34pm melinda:

  9:35pm Gilly:

Ah ok. I'm only barely slightly familiar. Thanks.
Avatar 9:35pm Flash Strap:

seriously, this is a must-have record - once you hear what all it contains (inc. extensive use of sampler!), you will know why. Highest imaginable recommendation.
  9:37pm Gilly:

Thank you!

Random thought. WFMU is a far better place to hang out than Facebook. So if you're deleting, it's no loss at all.
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:42pm melinda:

Good doc about the Source Family.
  9:42pm Gilly:

I'm friends with the other Djin from the Source Family. Not Skye, who I didn't know was also called that in the family
Avatar 9:45pm Flash Strap:

I was wrong about that, he went by Sunflower in the Source Family
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:46pm Andrew Waterloo:

good evening
  9:46pm zonk ludlow:

Moondog, a true force of nature. Loved the show Evan, state of bliss right now in Australia. Until next week take care one and all.
Avatar 9:47pm Flash Strap:

I always make that mistake because I think of him on guitar... Djin plays guitar on that album. Amazed you know him! genuinely some of my favorite psychedelic guitar on record
Avatar 9:47pm Flash Strap:

Hello Mr. Waterloo! Thanks and see you next week Zonk
  9:48pm Gilly:

Oh that makes sense. I havent heard that one in a really long time and think I should probably revisit
  9:48pm Gilly:

Yeah, Djin is up in Mount Shasta these days. Still playing music
  9:50pm Gilly:

Funny, this particular Ariel Kalma record gets a lot of play in my home but was having trouble placing the drone until the playlist updated
Avatar 9:50pm Flash Strap:

cool, really glad to know that he's still playing
Avatar 9:52pm Flash Strap:

maybe the first Ariel Kalma record I ever heard, and still one of my faves
Avatar 9:53pm quinn:

I also enjoy playing the "I love this album! Wait... what is it?" game w/ WFMU
Avatar 9:53pm Little Danny:

Stellar show, Evan! Always very inspiring over here
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:53pm melinda:

Avatar 9:53pm Flash Strap:

@Quinn; haha, i do that all the time
Avatar 9:54pm Flash Strap:

thanks LD!
Avatar 9:55pm hyde:

Avatar 9:55pm Little Danny:

"Sunflower" is a perfect pseudonym for Sky Saxon
Avatar 9:56pm Little Danny:

C'mon along my friends! wfmu.org...
Avatar Swag For Life Member 9:56pm melinda:

Thanks Evan! Nice post-marathon relaxer.
Avatar 9:57pm Flash Strap:

I'm glad you think so Melinda! exactly what i had in mind so i'm pleased to hear it
Avatar 9:57pm Flash Strap:

thank YOU hyde! have a good one
Avatar 9:58pm quinn:

thank you again
Avatar 9:59pm Flash Strap:

my great pleasure Quinn. best of luck with that drawing!
  7:27pm stray kat:

high ceilings...what a track...where can it be found? no cassettes anywhere
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