December 10, 1999
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Cannonball Adderley Quintet

The Sleeper

In Chicago

(Mercury '59)
Composers Workshop Ensemble Lament (What Does It All Mean?) Composers Workshop Ensemble
(Strata-East '72)
Frank Lowe Dues and Don'ts Decision in Paradise
(Soul Note '84)

Marie Dubas Le Fanion de la Legion Colonies
(Chansons Actualités '36)
Irving Kaufman Pagan Love Song The Original Sounds of the '20s
(Columbia '29)
Lavaida Carter Jo-Jo the Cannibal Kid Harlem Comes to London
(Disques Swing '36)
West African Instrumental Quaret Tin Ka Tin Ka 1929
(Heritage '29)
Shortbuckle Roark & Family I Truly Understand That You Love
Another Man
The Rose Grew Round the Briar
(Yazoo '28)

Ernest V. Stoneman There'll Come a Time Edison Recordings
(County '28)
Maria Silva Fado Fadista Fados de Lisboa
(Heritage '29)

Boris Karlov Orchestra
(vocal: Zah. Atanasova)


Songs of the
Crooked Dance:
Early Bulgarian
Traditional Music

Udi Hrant Kenkulian Mahur Saz Semai Udi Hrant
(Traditional Crossroads '50)

Sticks Herman Give Me Your Love Goldband Blues Collection, Part 1
(Collectables '61)


Ain't This Cold, Baby

I Want a Little Girl
(Delmark '73)
Eugene Jefferson A Pretty Girl Dressed in Brown Stompin' 13
(Stompin' early '60s)
Tony Clarke Landslide Sweeter Than the Day Before
(Chess '65)
The Village Soul Choir Life Is a Puzzle Sound of Funk 6
(Goldmine / Soul Supply)

Kaloum Star Maliba Discotheque 74
(Syllart '74)

Eric "Show Boy" Akaeze


Azagas & Archibogs:
The Sixties Sound
of Lagos Highlife

(Original '60s)
La "Mus" Africa Atanazaudo Kombo Nangai Zaire
(Sacodis '60s)
Unidentified Mpundu At the Court of the Mwami, Rwanda
(Sharp Wood '52)
Milford Graves Nothing Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble
With Sunny Murray
(ESP '65)

Jimmy C. Newman

Night Time is
Cry Time

Bop A Hula

(Bear Family '54)
Hoyt & Jo Webb Don't Wake Me I'm Dreaming Boppin' Country Billies
Eddie Cash Doin' Alright The Last Great Saturday Night Rockabilly
(Stomper Time)
Rudy Sooter Easy Payment Blues Swinging West: 1940s Western Swing
From Southern California

(Krazy Kat '40s)

Ronnie Self

Ugly Stick

(Bear Family '60)

Sally Timms

Cancion Para Mi Padre

Cowboy Sally's
Lost Buckaroos

(Bloodshot '99)
La Lupe Moforivale That Genius Called the Queen
(Tico '70)
Dolly Parton A Few Old Memories The Grass is Blue
(Sugar Hill '99)

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