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Guest Shot #2
Frank O'Toole let me take over the middle of his show. Again.

Bus to Beelzebub Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom
Oven Noise Negativland The Willsaphone Stupid Show II
really like this oneChanging Opinion Philip Glass/Paul Simon Songs From Liquid Days
Shuckin' the Corn John McEuen String Wizards
It's the start of summer.
Summer Delight Puppies Collection: Time to Taste Bass
Everybody Limbo Mark Suozzo and Lou Christie Soundtrack: Barcellona (1994)
Cherry Red
Cherry Pie Professor Longhair  
Long Hair Music The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Impossible Dream
Kanon In D kazoo alert!
Elm Street All-Kazoo Band Return of the Elm Street All-Kazoo Band
St. Valentine's Day Dave Stewart Greetings From the Gutter
Les Girls
Everybody Loves Somebody (Sometime) Dean Martin Everybody Loves Somebody (Sometime)
I Love Every Girl The Interesting Guys While You're Down There
When the Girls Get Here Young Fresh Fellows Men Who Loved Music
GirlsTown Super Cat The Struggle Continues
Never Call Your Sweetheart By His Name Christine Lavin Future Fossils
Patty Hsieh handed this tune to me in Mrs. Flanders' freshman English class. The rest is recording history.
Choral #2
-T. F. Patty Hsieh
Battery Acid Ben Vaughn  
Get Your Mind Together Beautiful People If 60s Were 90s
Cow-cow Boogie Ella Mae Morse and Freddie Slack  
Real Down Town Vigilantes of Love Killing Floor
USA: Milkiest Theme Chocolate USA  
Cow/Caped Crusader Violinski No Cause For Alarm
Are violin strings really made from cat gut?
Die Katz
Shepherd's Love Song F. L. Chinese Orchestra  
The Sweet Smell of Lilacs Artists  
-Roy Wood
The Move Collection: You Can Dance That Rock 'n' Roll: The Roy Wood Years, 1971-73
Palm Tree and Moon Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks Orange Crate Art
Forever Roy Wood Collection: You Can Dance That Rock 'n' Roll: The Roy Wood Years, 1971-73
Finish with the Sav.
In Heaven, Everything Is Fine Dave Savadge The Complete Sav

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The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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