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Big Ideas For a Big Show
I've got enough time to play some long sets in this longer show. This is the third time I've filled in for Rich Hazleton. He must really like my show. Wait! He's always out of town when I fill in for him. He's never heard my show!

Let's not waste time.
It Might As Well Be Spring kazoo alert! Elm Street All-Kazoo Band Return of the Elm Street All-Kazoo Band
The Swan
Clara Rockmore The Art of the Theremin
The Day the Surf Stood Still and Looked Back On Its Youth
really like this onePrelude
Outer Space
Bernard Herrmann Movie: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Destination Venus Man ...or Astroman? Destroy All Astromen
really like this oneThe Creatures Brian Dewan Tells the Story
Night and Day Lively Ones Hang Five
Calhoun Surf The Raybeats Guitar Beat
The Red Headed Beatle of 1000 B.C. The Makers The Devil's Nine Questions
Shalako Bent Scepters Blind Date With Destiny
When I Grow Up To Be a Man Beach Boys  
Young & Stupid This Perfect Day C-60
When I Was Young Carnabeats Monster a Go-Go
When I Was Young Super Garage The Self-Titled Debut Album by Super Garage
really like this oneHappy Hunting Ground Sparks Indiscreet
Little Girls Oingo Boingo Only a Lad
No Theme (on purpose)
Brain Damage Smile Girl Crushes Boy
The Rhyme The Strike Boys Selected Funks
I Was Better Off Phantom Planet Is Missing
Peace and Tranquility Messiah Twenty First Century Jesus
Get Gone Al Anderson Pay Before You Pump
No Theme (by accident)
El Choclo The Tango Project  
Weathershow Gentle Waves Green Fields of Foreverland...
Yadino Drumhead Drumhead
Be No Evil Howard Johnson & Gravity Gravity!!!
In Dreams, I Kiss Your Hand, Madame Beau Hunks Saxophone Socette
Mexico Americano DM Bob & the Deficits Bad With Wimen
Make My Life a Prayer Joy Electric Christian Songs
Funk Hunter Headhunters Return of the Headhunters
really like this oneStrawberry Fields Forever Beatles Magical Mystery Tour
Pictures In an Exhibition Death Cab For Cutie Something About Airplanes
Dance Kid Dance Luv'd Ones Truth Gotta Stand
I Thought I Knew You Miles Green The Well Tempered Groove
Hamlet For Now The Family Cat Magic Happens
If I Ever Punchbuggy All Nite Christian Rollerskate
Foam Bob Complex Organism Blues
I Don't Believe You Magnetic Fields  
Would I Lie To You Charles & Eddie Chocolate Milk
Taught Me To Lie The Shines  
I Thought I Knew You Miles Green The Well Tempered Groove
really like this oneSomeone Who Is Cool Odds Nest
Drum Solo (Remember the Sixties?) Dave Savadge The Complete Sav
really like this oneTrue Colors Cyndi Lauper True Colors
Lime Mac McNeilly Collection: Flying Traps
Truth Will Out Science Park Futurama
D.R.U.M. Solo PGB  
really like this oneChange Myself Todd Rundgren 2nd Wind
Olos Murd Dave Savadge The Complete Sav
really like this oneEver She Flows Treble Charger Maybe It's Me
Wannado Chris Butler & the Cranqs  
The Gravity Free Atmosphere of MSA
Lilys Services For the Soon To Be Departed
Hey Joe Common Sense Psychedelic Surf Groove
The Warning Dread Zone 360°
Hey Boy Usuals Collection: Back To Donut
Remember Air Moon Safari
Save Me
What Would It Take Jeff Lynne Armchair Theatre
Damien Save Me Dave Stewart Greetings From the Gutter
Come On and Save Me The Persuasions Right Around the Corner
Set the Controls For the Heart of the Pelvis Barry Adamson Oedipus Schmoedipus
Save Me Subdudes Annunciation
really like this oneShowdown
-Jeff Lynne
Electric Light Orchestra On the Third Day
Seeing Moby Grape  
Super Meryn Cadell Bombazine
Save Me Violinski No Cause For Alarm
Save Me Now Jeff Lynne Armchair Theatre
Bryggar-Antes Polka    

The arrow (really like this one) indicates a particular favorite.

The K (kazoo alert!) indicates the presence of one or more kazoos.

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