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A weekly meditation on Who did it, What it is, Where is it at, When it is going down, Why is it not working and How it should be. Add your comments to the playlists in real time or post game.

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Options July 27, 2009: Even for New Jersey

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...even for New Jersey

Artist Track Album Label Comments Approx. start time
Blues Control  Tangier   Options Local Flavor  Siltbreeze    0:00:00 ()
Color Rabbit  Wondering Wandering   Options Space Placement  Little Fury Things    0:08:23 ()
Juana Molina  El Pastor mentiroso   Options Segundo      0:11:36 ()
leila  Little Acorns   Options trouble WFMU 2009      0:16:42 ()
Ceu  Cangote   Options Vagarosa      0:30:18 ()
Spherical Objects  Walk Away   Options Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol. 27: Eternal Spring Edition  Darla    0:30:54 ()
Tonstartssbandht  Black Country   Options An When  Does Are    0:35:52 ()
YACHT  Summer Song   Options see mystery lights  dfa    0:40:49 ()
Science Fiction Corporation  The End Of A Robot   Options Science Fiction Dance Party  Finders Keepers    0:51:49 ()
central line  walking into sunshine   Options Kenny Dope roller boogie      0:53:27 ()
Arling & Cameron  dirty robot   Options we are  Emporer Norton    0:59:22 ()
Cold Cave  love comes close   Options love comes close  Heartworm Press    1:02:55 ()
fairmount  olive oil   Options paper stars      1:07:05 ()
Julie Tippetts & Martin Archer  the bear that walks at night   Options Ghosts Of Gold  Discus    1:10:40 ()
El Perro Del Mar  Inner Island   Options From The Valley To The Stars      1:14:12 ()
subjects of desire  thinking of you   Options subjects of desire  edgetone    1:25:33 ()
lisa o pie  when this was the future   Options when this was the future  Subliminal Sounds    1:28:03 ()
pisces  say good bye to jon   Options a lovely sight  numero    1:32:11 ()
Maria Teresa Vera  el solado   Options Revival  kubany    1:37:28 ()
wooden shijps  Contact   Options contact  Mexican Summer    1:47:30 ()
Shepherds  revenge   Options loco hills      1:54:20 ()
Human League  dominion advert   Options       1:59:25 ()
Justin Lieberman & C. Spencer Yeh  circle of frens   Options object lesons  what the ? records    2:02:27 ()
Purple Rhinestone Eagle  walk with the wizard   Options Amorum Tali  Eolian    2:04:51 ()
matthew sweet & susanna hoffs  all the young dudes   Options under the covers 2  shout factory    2:08:55 ()
talk normal  Grinnin in your Face   Options secret cog  no label    2:16:28 ()
microphonies  cut your fins and learn to swim   Options time kills      2:20:28 ()
Suki Suki Switch  タイミング   you may forget it      2:21:24 ()
girls at our best  fast boyfriends   Options Pleasure  Cherry Red    2:24:58 ()
Hoodoo Gurus  mars needs guitars   Options Mars Needs Guitars      2:26:28 ()
love is all  from your corner   Options last choice      2:41:59 ()
kinks  animal farm   Options       2:42:17 ()
reigning sound  Banker and a Liar   Options love and curses  in the red    2:44:37 ()
the spits  eyesore city   Options st IV  recess    2:49:12 ()
the terminals  ministry of lies   Options Little Things  Last Visible Dog    2:50:13 ()
the phermoans  revamper   Options Revamper 7''      2:52:21 ()
Music behind DJ:
Davie Allan and the Arrows 
13th harley   Options       2:56:46 ()
Jonathan Richman  Affection   Options       2:57:02 ()

Listener comments!

  Mon. 7/27/09 9:07am annie:

goodness!! good morning bw!!
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:08am Joe Steele:

Guido beach, I saw that one before...
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:09am bw:

good morning all!
yes that beach vid is a classic!
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:17am AnAnonymousParty:

Who knew playing disco bingo could make you immortal?
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:19am bw:

  Mon. 7/27/09 9:23am Ike:

Hey everybody! Amazing first set, as usual! Always a killer show. The competition is giving away tickets to APW, but screw that, I'm staying tuned right here.
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:27am Joe Steele:

I don't care how funky the music is, how can they guarantee you won't be in a fatal accident?
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:31am krebstar:

LOVE the video. could you provide a permalink for it? As list keeps refreshing and restarting video...
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:34am bw:

krebstar - I got it on youtube.. guido beach
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:34am AnAnonymousParty:

That's right, be immortalized or be corrected.
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:35am krebstar:

brilliant thanks!
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:39am bw:

glad you are stickin around Ike
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:39am Alice Cooper:

We're all gonna rock to the rules that you make,
I wanna be corrected, corrected, corrected.
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:50am Cecile:

You know if you eat wintergreen certs in the dark, and bite down hard, you see green sparks. I've done it.
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:54am bw:

I cant believe I never tried that!
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:54am AnAnonymousParty:

Hey, it's a singing dalek!
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:56am Wally:

Im a dirty robot
  Mon. 7/27/09 9:56am Cecile:

We did it in the 70s. We heard the rumors, and when Scientific American confirmed it, we had to find the nearest darkroom and try it.

I haven't heard walking in the sunshine in FOREVER...
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:01am bw:

thanks Wally!
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:03am Cecile:

ok, it's obvious but Robots (The Humans are Dead) by FotC is still a good robot song. Just saying.

or cosmic cars. that would be good.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:04am AnAnonymousParty:

Sorry, but I can't help thinking that imposed mandatory immortality is just a cheap ploy by the government to make you pay more taxes.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:06am Joe Steele:

It was the government's solution to Social Security running out.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:07am Ghost of Billy Mays:

See how dirty that robot is? Wait til you see the unbelieveable difference RobOxi-clean is gonna make!
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:08am AnAnonymousParty:

Yep, kills two birds with one stone, being immortal means you never reach retirement age, and you pay taxes forever. It's win-win.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:14am AnAnonymousParty:

I knew it, Jon and Sue are gonna be tax exiles.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:15am Cecile:

I like Missus Clark's dress. Very fashion forward.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:15am Cecile:

Jon and Sue - Just Two
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:16am annie:

they could easily give kal-el a lift?
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:18am AnAnonymousParty:

And the entire way Sue keeps telling Jon to slow down and asking him if they are lost, Jon refuses to stop and ask for directions and they plow straight into a black hole.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:19am Cecile:

He's already here. Haven't you heard the Obama origin story? ;D

And then Jon finds a hottie in the eternal void, and he and Sue get a divorce.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:27am Cecile:

This piece feels to me like a 50s comic book version of beatnik music.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:28am Carmichael:

Good morning BW and listeners.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:29am Dr Graffenberg:

Yes, give her all the G you can.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:30am Pink Floyd:

set your controls for the heart of the sun
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:31am AnAnonymousParty:

See, they haven't even left the solar system and Sue is already nagging Jon about his driving, now wonder he doesn't want to be immortal.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:35am Cecile:

I see where this is going...they're not going to be immortal, are they? I mean, really not going to be immortal...
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:35am Joe Steele:

The Sun's radiation will cancel out their detecto-radar! Nevermind what else it will do...
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:35am Cecile:

Could you play some Gary Higgins?
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:36am Highlander:

There can be only one.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:40am Carmichael:

I try to use the sun's gravity whenever I drive.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:41am Officer issuing citation to Carm:

That's fine. But you were still driving above the speed limit.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:46am bw:

speaking of speed limits! whoopjs on the shijps
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:48am Cecile:

the shijps are giving it all the Gs they got.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:49am Carmichael:

Wooden shijps,
On the water, very free .....
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:50am annie:

did they remember food?
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:51am annie:

sorry i'm not so pro-active in the comments... i found a go-server on facebook.. brain food!! yumm.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:52am AnAnonymousParty:

Now they slingshot around the sun and go back in time and save the whales or something.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:55am Cecile:

they blow up Romulus by accident
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:56am annie:

i think they might end up rescuing khan..
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:56am Sue:

I told Jon to slow down ,but noooo...
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:57am Whales:

Leave us alone, we're at the beach.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:59am Joe Steele:

Maybe death he says. Yes Jon, definitely death.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:59am AnAnonymousParty:

Sue enjoys a Vlassic pickle as she speeds by Uranus.
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:59am Little Anthony:

By the way, that "How Can I Be Sure" line? You gotta pay to play, know what I mean Jon?
  Mon. 7/27/09 10:59am Ren Hoek:

Delegate her to guard the big candy apple red button.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:05am Kelly:

Hey Ben, it's kelly, malin's friend! nice show. got a new song from my band MCQ, check it out! xo
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:06am Freaked Out Radio Announcer:

They're gonna crash! Oh, the inhumanity! I've never seen anything this awful!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:07am Script Doctor:

Watch out for the convenient contrivances, they're bad for credibility.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:07am AnAnonymousParty:

Not even 4 billion miles from Earth and Jon manages to run into the only spaceship within 3 light years, he shoulda listened to Sue.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:08am Carmichael:

  Mon. 7/27/09 11:09am Kids In the Back:

Are we THERE yet?????
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:10am Jon:

Space-eaten, thats a technical term.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:10am OnStar:

Jon, this is Becky at OnStar, we've detected you've been in a collision, help is on the way.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:11am Mr. Blackwell's Ghost:

I like her black lipstick, is that a secret goth message or something?
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:14am Asimov:

For one magic moment there, it was like Dukes of Hazzard in Space!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:15am Carmichael:

I was right about immortality, Sue. I'm about to kill you, so you can see the difference for yourself.

Too much "Serial Killer Fest" on NatGeo TV last night ....
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:17am gumby:

You'd think that by the 30th century women would have revolted against keeping those silly seams in the back of their stockings straight.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:18am Jon:

... I'd've just sat back and laughed.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:21am AnAnonymousParty:

In the 30th century stocking technology has advanced such that the seams automatically keep themselves straight.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:23am Sue:

Let's do it on the console. Don't spooge the controls, though! Have some self-control, please.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:27am AnAnonymousParty:

And deep in the throes of passion, Sue'a knee bumps the eject button and the two are shot into the cold vacuum of space.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:30am AnAnonymousParty:

A planet inhabited entirely by hot women, Jon thinks to himself, "Damn, I could have been immortal."
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:34am Tech Perspective:

Jon has Astro Radar on his console. The RoboEnforcers have Detecto Radar. Apparently Radar was the new high tech thing when this strip was written.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:35am Cecile:

what about a YMCA or YWCA or something?
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:35am Amar:

or head to coney island beach, where the really gross sh*t happens.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:35am trouble:

hey there is a great cool old style pool in JC at pershing field...chek into it!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:35am Joe Steele:

Get a wal-mart pool, put it in the parking lot in JC
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:36am Joe Steele:

Even better! Just turn on a fire hydrant!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:37am doug from dc:

The dumpster pool gives a whole new meaning to dumpster diving.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:40am annie:

11:30 monday morning just makes my whole day!!!!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:40am Hank:

You have kidney stealers, in chicago we have graverobbers
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:41am Joe Steele:

For the record, they don't steal the kidneys, they buy them from us and then give them a HUGE markup.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:42am Joe Steele:

I was all set to sell when I heard about this. Now I'm cutting out the middleman and getting my moneys worth.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:43am Sneaky Kidney Seller:

Psst. Psst. Over here. I can get it for you wholesale.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:43am AnAnonymousParty:

Until WalMart gets involved, then anyone can get a kidney for $23.79.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:44am Walmart:

After all, we have plenty of good connections in China! Nod, wink, say no more.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:44am Cecile:

they land back on Earth in the age of the dinosaurs. Then they step on a butterfly and Bush becomes president. That's how I'd end it. har.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:45am Lloyd Bridges:

By this time my lungs we're bursting for air ...
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:46am Carmichael:

Those plants look straight out of Dr. Seuss.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:49am Dr Seuss:

And to think that I saw it on Benjamin Street
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:50am still b/p:

John and Sue bring the profitable technology to this world that can apply or remove stars on the bellies of sneetches.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:50am Jon:

We could make chicken with honking mushrooms in that volcano. If we had chicken, I mean.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:50am Carmichael:

He he ... a voice from behind the marijuana windmill!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:51am Marijuana leaves:

Obviously I beat them to this planet, and grow on palmtrees now.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:51am Jon:

You damn near killed us with you're oxygen hogging, jerks!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:52am Cecile:

Dude. Key party in SPACE!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:52am Spicolli:

Glad you could join us, my bodacious friends!
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:52am Other Couple:

We saw what you two did on the console, you sly dogs.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:53am annie:

cecile, i was just thinking the same thing...
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:53am AnAnonymousParty:

Well, what were you doing in the baggage compartment that whole time? Oh, uh, heh-heh.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:54am Demography is Destiny:

After all, we got a planet to populate here! :-P
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:54am Joe Steele:

Then Jon gets swine flu, the end.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:55am AnAnonymousParty:

Stoned out of there gourds on alien 'shrooms, the four finally become temporarily immortal.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:55am Carmichael:

They have some righteous blue shrooms in the lower left-hand corner.
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:55am Sue:

You can heat a weenie with me any old time
  Mon. 7/27/09 11:57am Carmichael:

Thanks for the comix and music BW.
  Mon. 7/27/09 12:40pm G:

didn't see the guido beach youtube vid (above the playlist) till after the show

anyone appreciating that vid may appreciate this, too:

  Tue. 7/28/09 9:21am Sara:

Loved your playlist. Speaking of robots, I recommend the song "Grey" by Oucho Sparks. (http://www.ouchosparks.com).
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