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Artist Title Album Label Approx. start time
The Tormentos  Contact   Options Go!  Scatter  0:00:00 )  
Kinks  Around the Dial   Options Give the People What They Want  Koch  0:02:17 )  
Mr. Airplane Man  C'mon DJ   Options live on WFMU 2004    0:08:18 )  
Jet  Rollover DJ   Options Get Born  Elektra  0:09:36 )  
Jack Nitzsche  The Lonely Surfer   Options various - Cowabunga!  Rhino  0:12:14 )  
Muck and the Mires live in the studio  
Engineer - Ernie Indradat Assistant engineer David Van Dokkum  
Muck - vocals, guitar; Brian Mire - guitar, vocals; Jessie Best - drums, vocals; John Quincy Mire IV - bass  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Creep You Out   Options     0:17:14 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Poor Little Girl   Options     0:18:55 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  King of the Beat   Options     0:21:25 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  You Better Write Your Number Down   Options     0:25:43 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Do It All Over Again   Options     0:26:05 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Tired of Losing Sleep   Options     0:28:55 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Hypnotic   Options     0:33:16 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Today You Love Me   Options     0:35:02 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Gotta Get You Thinking   Options     0:37:08 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Break It All   Options     0:39:25 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Hamburg Time   Options     0:57:32 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  One of These Days   Options     0:58:30 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  You Shouldn't Have let Her Go   Options     0:59:04 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Love Hates Me   Options     0:59:29 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  I'm Down With That   Options     0:59:41 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Last Time   Options     0:59:55 )  
Muck and the Mires live on WFMU!  Doreen   Options     1:00:07 )  
Subway Surfers  Crash Test Dummy   Options Three Chords and a mission  Deep Eddy  1:03:55 )  
Wheels on Fire live in the studio!  
Engineer: Ernie Inradat Assistant engineer - David Van Dokkum  
Mike Chaney - guitar, vocals; John Garris - guitar, vocals; Matt Chaney- drums; Susan Musser - organ  
Debut albut out now on Big legal Mess label. new album coming later this year on Alien Snatch  
Wheels on Fire live on WFMU!  Sarah   Options     1:08:13 )  
  Bad Lie        
  Cherry Bomb        
  Black Wave Blues        
  Land of the Haunted Houses        
  Hit You With a Kiss        
  Go Give Yer Love Away        
  Come On Judy        
  I Wanna Know        
  Broken Up        
  Metal Mandy        
  Turning Into You        
Last Conspirators  History   Options When It All Comes Down    1:42:55 )  
The Easy Outs  Come On Come On   Options cd single    1:47:04 )  
Kentucky Knife Fight  West 19   Options The Wolf Crept, the Children Slept    1:49:18 )  
Jim Jones Revue  Burning Your house down   Options Here to Save Your Soul: Singles Volume One  Cargo  1:52:17 )  
Prisoners  Ain't No Telling   Options Rare and Unissued  Big Beat  1:55:57 )  
Mullens  Boilermaker   Options It's Hard To Imagine  Get Hip  1:57:19 )  
Jesters  Strange As It Seems   Options Cadillac Men  Big Beat  2:00:40 )  
Freddy Cannon  Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It   Options Boom Boom Rock 'n' Roll: The Best of Freddy Cannon  Shout Factory  2:12:40 )  
Bobby Fuller  Thunder   Options El Paso Rock: Early Recordings Volume 3  Norton  2:12:59 )  
Bobby Fuller  You Made Me Cry   Options El Paso Rock: Early Recordings Volume 3  Norton  2:14:18 )  
Myrchents  Indefinite Inhibition   Options     2:17:25 )  
Gnats  That's All Right   Options various - Quagmire Vol. 7  Finest Hour  2:21:25 )  
Rationals  Gave My Love   Options     2:22:52 )  
Freddy Cannon  Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It   Options Boom Boom Rock 'n' Roll: The Best of Freddy Cannon  Shout Factory  2:30:21 )  
Young Men  A Thought For You   Options     2:30:31 )  
Mondo Topless  Get Me To The World On Time   Options Freaking Out  Get Hip  2:34:26 )  
Kimberley Rew  Nothing's Going To Change   Options The Bible Of Bop  CGB  2:35:57 )  
Andre Williams  America   Options That's All I Need  Bloodshot  2:36:49 )  
Alejandro Escovedo  Faith   Options Street Songs of Love  Fantasy  2:42:26 )  
Young Fresh Fellows  Fair Exchange   Options various - Through a Faraway Window: A Tribute To Jimmy Silva  Steady Boy  2:45:44 )  
Reducers w/ Mark Mulcahy  My Problem   Options Guitars, Bass & Drums  Rave On  2:49:43 )  
Sadies  10 More Songs   Options Darker Circles  Yep Roc  2:51:52 )  

Listener comments!

  Fri. 7/16/10 3:04pm BillyJam:

thanks for doing show today Joe - looking forward to the next Three hours of Three Chord Monte
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:04pm Tipsy Hussle:

With a little hair of the dog, I'm lookin for a snog!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:06pm Kaiser Katfish:

Hey Joe,
What a pleasant surprise to click on the stream and find you here!!
Greetings from Bama.
Hot catfish summer doldrums---I'm ready for this drudgery to end.
See you in October.
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:06pm Maggie B.:

Yay, Joe's back!!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:07pm north guinea hills:

why i-dose, when you can, dose!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:08pm Frank:

Yeah Joe! It's been too long!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:09pm Glenn L:

C'mon DJ!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:10pm Cheri Pi:

A JB show! What a treat.
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:12pm Peteski:

what day is it?
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:12pm Rubble!:

  Fri. 7/16/10 3:18pm Cheri Pi:

Billy Jam?!? Are you multitasking?
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:18pm ?:

Surfer Joe were you wrestling sharks off in Seaside Park!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:19pm Bad Ronald:

The People's Champion is back!!! Rock it Joe!!!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:20pm BillyJam:

@ Cheri PI --yes always. So good to hear Joe Belock on the airwaves again.....
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:23pm Spankyflop:

Welcome Back Joe!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:28pm BTH:

Woohoo! Bringing back the Belock!
Hey Joe, are you returning on the fall schedule?
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:30pm Joe B:

Hi everyone! thanks for tuning in, and for the kind words and emails over the last 5 or 6 weeks. Appreciate it.

@ BTH - I hope so. Not up to me!

@ Billy Jam - Thanks for the call to fill in!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:33pm Anna Anabolic:

Yay Muck!!!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:42pm Cheri Pi:

Wow is this a MOPS cover??!!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:47pm ken in denver:

Belock's back, baby!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:50pm hans:

I love that 1 2 3 go esthetic!
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:53pm paul b.:

Dogfish Head Brewery (I've been there - for the tour, and the 90 min. India Pale Ale) is in Milton Delaware. Two towns up from Rehobeth, Lewes De. is in between. The Cape Henlopen area is pretty (like southern New Jersey) It is not the big city though.
  Fri. 7/16/10 3:55pm Mike East:

I've been looking forward to Joe B all week and now I can't even listen because I'm running around like a maniac at work. Thank the FMU Gods for Archives!
  Fri. 7/16/10 4:17pm paul b.:

Looking further into it I see that Muck and the Mires are playing at the
Dogfish Head Brew Pub which is indeed in downtown Rehoboth :
http://www.dogfish.com/restaurant/music-schedule.htm. Sorry for any confusion.
  Fri. 7/16/10 4:24pm Me:

Wheels on Fire sound great too!
  Fri. 7/16/10 4:26pm Marti:

They rock!
  Fri. 7/16/10 4:36pm Marti:

Love this song!
  Fri. 7/16/10 4:46pm Jon:

I think they need to be on the radio more often!
  Fri. 7/16/10 4:54pm Joe B:

They would be if I had a show!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:05pm Ray:

Where is the strata bowling theme??
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:05pm Michael K.:

GReaT to HeaR YoU JoE!!
Been miSSing you!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:09pm Bad Ronald:

Joe B. is crafty!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:09pm efd:

Hmm, I wonder if that explains the tickets I got in the mail to an upcoming Wednesday night Red Sox game...
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:12pm Rubble:

On this we can agree, not unlike how Ben Vaugh and Alex Chilton agreed: Freddie Cannon's still got it!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:25pm Tipsy Hussle:

Joe B is the king of the teenage scream scene. Bringing the baddest beats that make us jump out of our seats and really move our feets.
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:29pm Tipsy Hussle:

Yow yow yow, watch him go now. Burning this city down and you won’t see a single frown cause these songs gonna let you slide right into your girl’s home base mound! Home run! We’re gonna have some fun until the sun is done and the night time comes!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:29pm Rubble:

And to the wind he'll be later three sheets!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:30pm Mike H:

  Fri. 7/16/10 5:31pm Rubble:

Tipsy you cockblocked my rhyme! :D
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:36pm moparlarry:

Great to have a Friday afternoon with Joe Belock, king of rock! Great show, miss those Tuesday afternoons show.
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:38pm Tipsy Hussle:

Rubble, I didn’t mean to rabble on your rhyme time. I’m sure it was a sublime line. But once the music grabs ahold, there is no stoppin’ I’ve been told.
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:38pm moparlarry:

BTW, Muck is playing at the Tritone in Philly tonight with the Brimstones, great venue, great show, you want to go to there.
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:41pm Rubble:

S'awright Tipsy.. didn't mean to scold!
Mopar, I think Philly is tomorrow night. Peeps can check muckandthemiresdotcom
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:52pm Rubble:

Thanks for a great show!
  Fri. 7/16/10 5:58pm brian:

Loved hearing Mark Mulcahy's voice. Kudos.
  Fri. 7/16/10 6:01pm Listener Jumpy:

Great to have you back on the air Joe!
  Fri. 7/16/10 7:13pm G:

Shoot, I missed this, having not checked the fill-in schedule. Archive time.
  Fri. 7/16/10 10:27pm Silent Vocalist:

It's the game of the nineties, the hottest craze
Bowl with a trackball, everyone plays
You wanna go bowling? We'll show you how!
  Fri. 7/16/10 10:48pm G:

Time to crack a couple of the leftover Dogfish beers I still have in the fridge from a family reunion in Maryland over July 4th. My uncle lives in Milton, DE...
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